1970s Mantorp Park by Allan Iversen
All pictures scanned by Lars-Petter S. Kolkind

Two years after the ‘First Go’ drag meeting in Anderstorp, Swedish drag racing found another venue, Mantorp Park. The first race there was in May 1970 and it grew quickly to become Sweden’s largest drag racing venue. International events were held in May and July; in 1978 the July event was named the Sko Uno Drag Festival and it kept this name until 2003 when it became the Veidec Nitro Festival.

This collection of photos came to our attention when looking at the excellent Svensk Street & Dragracing 1968–1979 Facebook Group. The owner of the pictures, Lars-Petter Kolkind, had originally bought the collection from the estate of the original photographer Allan Iversen from Oslo and scanned them to a gallery. We are grateful to Lars-Petter for supplying permission to place many of them into a gallery, to which we have added captions. Also thanks go to the members of the Svensk Street & Dragracing 1968–1979 Facebook Group for posting copies of programmes for events in the 1970s to help us identify the vehicles and details of their history.

There will be many vehicles familiar to readers from the UK and Scandinavia. There are also some surprises, such as ‘before they were famous’ racers and sportsman rank UK cars visiting as well. Also one or two photos are from other venues used in the period, notably Bulltofta (Malmö) and Vårgårda Raceway. If any readers wish to comment, please e-mail editor@eurodragster.com.

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