2007 SFI Tour

Photos courtesy and ©Remco Scheelings (Holland), Jöran Persåker (Sweden) and Tog (UK)

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Murf McKinney and Tim Hyatt working on clutches in Holland.

Andy Robinson checking out a bellhousing.

Lex Joon brought along a bellhousing.

Tagged and ready to race.

Andy, Murf and Tim at work.

SFI Foundation President Arnie Kuhns in conversation with Gerda Joon.

Marking another clutch as inspected.

Andy with his sticker collection.

Lex in conversation with Murf.

On to Sweden, and we have no idea what this is, you tell us...

Breakfasting on semlor supplied by Stefan Boman.

Plenty of work for the SFI team.

Per Gillbrand had a lot of questions.

Murf with Andy and Mats Eriksson checking out a brand new catalogue from the USA. He knew a lot of the cars on the cover.

An attentive audience...

...for Per Gillbrand's talk about engines.

Per spoke about the history of engines - you could see, hear and smell.

Jöran says that he is going to stand Per next to a Top Fuel engine at the Veidec Festival.

The team then moved to the UK and found Pro Mod racer Ray White's clutch in swaddling clothes.

Pro ET racer Matt Eley brought along a Dedenbear transmission.

If you ever wondered what the inside of a bellhousing looks like...

UK Tech Inspector Mark Norton checked out a chassis but its owner asked us not to say any more for now.

Meanwhile back in the Media Centre Tim and Murf were hard at work inspecting clutches...

...whilst Andy checked out Pro Mod racer Bill Weston's bellhousing.

Arnie took in the money, did the paperwork and handed out the stickers.

Hmm, now which Top Methanol Dragster Champion's clutch is this?

The inspection team, from left: Arnie Kuhns, Tim Hyatt, Murf McKinney, Andy Robinson, Graham Motler, Mark Norton and Geoff Martin.

We saw this label and thought of Super Street Bike racer Nigel Barker.

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