2007 Auto Club NHRA Winternationals Photo Extra

Photos ©Roger Gorringe

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Tony Schumacher in the US Army team Fueller ran a top qualifier of 4.472/331 but suffered tyre smoke in round one going out to Joe Hartley's pedalling 5.252/257.

Rod Fuller ran some of his best numbers which included a number two qualifier of 4.481/327. 'Hot Rod' Fuller managed to last until the semis before losing in a close race to event runner up Brandon Bernstein, 4.496/236 win to 4.515/325 lose.

Brandon Bernstein also performed some great times managing a 4.494/331 number three qualifier and lasting until the finals, gaining the runner-up place against JR Todd, 4.482/324 win to the tyre shaking 11.397/71.

Doug Kalitta took the fourth place in the qualifying table with his 4.495/323 but succumbed to the better numbers by Todd in round two, a 4.479/322 beat the holeshot 4.520/323.

JR Todd was on a roll all weekend, getting a number five qualifier with a 4.500/325 and going on to beat everyone for the Winternationals title.

Gary Scelzi reached pole position with his 4.692/333 lap then went on to win the Winternationals trophy in a bout with Robert Hight. Scelzi won with a 4.716/332 as Hight was disqualified for crossing the centre line.

Robert Hight put down the number two qualifier with a 4.693/326 but disqualified himself in the final crossing the centre line in front of Scelzi.

Ron Capps made it to number three with his 4.709/331 time but was surprisingly taken out by Jeff Arend in round two, a 4.765/320 lost to Arend's 4.768/324, all won on the start line.

John Force finally managed a last-ditch qualifier to get into the field at number four with a 4.709/326 but stunned everyone by losing to Cruz Pedregon in round one, a 4.736/321 beat the troubled 5.055/225.

Tim Wilkerson managed to run a great 4.723/326 to enter the field at number five. It was all lost in round one as he got crossed up slowing to a 5.993/158 as Mike Ashley advanced with a 4.755/328.

Greg Anderson found his form again with a 6.634/209 to head the cast of the Factory Hot Rods then going on to take the event trophy with a 6.651/207 defeat of Greg Stanfield's 7.001/163.

Allen Johnson sat at the number two slot in qualifying, a 6.640/207 being the time ticket, his luck went away in round one as he was beaten by V Gaines 6.726/206 to the lifted 18.835/45.

Jason Line the Champion managed number three with a 6.641/208 but his passage was stopped in the semi final when he redlit away his chances against eventual runner up Greg Stanfield.

David Connolly recorded a 6.656/207 to gain the number four spot then took it all the way to the semi final where he lost to event winner Anderson in a 6.651/207 to a 6.670/207 lose.

Kenny Koretsky took his colorful machine to the number five place with a 6.659/207 but was stopped by newcomer Rodger Brogdon in round one, a 7.353/171 won against a red light time of 6.716/205.

Brett Harris in the 'Nitro Thunder' Nostalgia Top Fuel car ran demonstration passes.

Mike Savage in his 1970 Barracuda Nostalgia Funny Car put down a demo for the fans. Sunday morning's rain pushed more Nostalgia action out of the schedule.    

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