Mantorp Park Veidec Festival 2008
Pictures by Markus Ek

See below for photo gallery.

The 2008 Veidec Festival at Mantorp Park was memorable for many reasons. The weather was scorching. Track records galore were set, Top Fuel 4.049/294.11mph by Andy Carter, Top Methanol Dragster 263.16mph by Dave Wilson, Pro Stock 202.75 by Richard Sundblom, Pro Modified 6.121/237.97mph by Mats Eriksson and Top Fuel Bike (to the eighth) 4.063/190.64 by Peter Svensson. And the meeting was completed (the two following years sadly weren't, and they were the last two FIA events at the facility).

You can check out the winners at our coverage using the link below. There were British winners in Top Fuel as Andy Carter teamed up with Carsten Andersen and Per Andersen with Jim Brisette as adviser, and in Top Methanol Dragster where Rob Turner overcame a six car field separated by less than three tenths. The total number of entries exceeded 330. was represented by a sizeable team with Tog going as an advance party to stay with announcer Christer Abrahamsson and cover the previous weekend's Borlange Street Open, and Kirstie, Ed and Simon being kindly collected from the airport by Erik Zettervall, who helped us with the results gathering and hospitality. We had a great outing before the event to Vadstena Castle and, at the track, our food was supplied by the Leanders Bros' awesome pizza facilities.

Our photography department was expanded by ace Swedish photographer Marcus Ek, who took photos of all the main Scandinavian events for several years. With Marcus's kind permission, we are hosting a gallery of 140 of his images from the 2008 Veidec Festival - with captions on each.

Link: Original coverage and pit notes.

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