2010 Bilsportgalan
pictures by Stefan Boman and Christer Abrahamson

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Ulf Leanders questioned on stage by Bilsport magazine editor Mikael Johansson.

Ulf Ögge on stage.

Micke Kågered was on site.

The Green Goblin crew were there to party.

Kjell Pettersson with Josse Persson who managed the prizegiving ceremony in previous years.

Marcus Ericsson is one of the most talented young drivers around and will race in the British Super Nova Racing Ltd team in GP2 during 2010. We would not be surprised to see him in Formula 1 in the future.

Magnus Hansson, third place finisher in Pro Stock, has a dance.

Hmm, I wonder if people would notice if I changed that number two to a one...

Dance floor action.

The band played a tribute to Queen as well as many decent songs.

Ian King receiving the applause of the audience.

Almost six hundred guests were at the event which was a joint effort between the Swedish Automobile Sport Federation and Bilsport magazine honouring the winners of all Swedish car racing.

A nice line-up of European Champions on stage receiving the cheers of the audience.

Now, where was this guy 'Grumpy' who was supposed to be there? We did not see him all weekend but this cheery fellow took his place.

Andy Carter could not make it to Sweden so Pelle Lindelöw stood in.

A happy Ulf Ögge on stage.

Jimmy Ålund explaining that he needs to extend his bookshelf to make room for all the trophies.

Mats Eriksson receiving the applause of the audience.

We get the impression that Mats Eriksson is quite happy about being FIA European Pro Modified Champion.

Karin and Ulf Leanders in the lobby before entering the ballroom.

Mr and Mrs Bentec - Christina and Per Bengtsson enjoying a welcome drink before the dinner.

Full speed on the dance floor.

Lena Perés, sitting opposite the next Mrs Tog, getting some white wine with her starter.

Our good buddy Christer Abrahamson had some handling problems with three nice-looking ladies who all wanted to dance.

Ian King explaining the riding technique of a Top Fuel Bike to Bilsport Editor Mikael Johansson who laughed hysterically just thinking about it.

Mats Eriksson was also presented with the special Bilsport Dragracer of the Year award.

Mats Eriksson hardly ever takes alcohol but considered his first FIA Championship a suitable excuse to have a drink. From this perspective, one cider is really Party On.

We cannot tell who is the more proud person in this picture: Matias Edvinsson, who was named Junior Dragracer of the Year, or his dad.

Have you noticed that my trophy looks bigger than yours?

Leif Andréasson receiving his third place trophy.

Michael Gullqvist, Ian King and Ulf Leanders at the dinner table.

You can tell by the way they held them who had just got his first trophy and who was picking up his sixth.

Magnus Andersson/Ling, who represented Optima Batteries when Peter Lantz raced Top Fuel in their colours, was also at the party.

Live music and stand-up comedy formed the entertainment between the different trophy presentations.

Swedish singer Linda Bengtzing was one of those performing.

Per Bengtsson ascending for his trophy presentation.

Jimmy Ålund explaining how you win six Championships in a row.

Ulf Ögge and team won the unofficial Most Party Spirit title of the night, and this is how they looked for seven hours straight.

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