Andy Carter's Emirates Motorplex photo diary

Photos ©Carter Motorsport

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The view from our hotel rooms.

We were assigned garages 4 and 5. Note the TV in each garage, the track action was broadcast right into each garage.

The container arrived at the track 8:00 am Tuesday morning, here it's being hooked up ready to be lifted off the lorry so we can unload.

Starting to lift off the container. Ali on top supervising, but not as much as The King on the ground.

The lorry was then driven clear and the container set right outside our garages.

The container down, Knut was eager for us to get unloading as soon as possible.

The first Top Fuel Dragsters in the United Arab Emirates. My Lucas Oil dragster on the left, Harlan Thompson's Budweiser Dragster on the right.

Aka, Kenneth, Thomas and Johnny installing the rebuilt axle in my car.

The Lucas Oil car serviced, stickered and ready to roll in front of the tower.

Lucas Oil and associate sponsor stickers.

Lucas Oil, A1 Motor Stores and Autotel Race Radio stickers on the rear wing.

My car near the start line ready for its first PR pictures.

Posing with the Lucas Oil Top Fuel Dragster in front of the tower.

The Lucas Oil car almost ready to warm up.

Harlan's car being serviced, Kenneth looks on.

Rob, The Animal, Per, AJ and Mack hard at work as the King looks on.

This is the sand drag strip at the Emirates Motorplex. I just had to give the Quad a couple of runs!

Another view of the sand drag strip, they also have a Motocross track which looked good.

The entrance to the Emirates Motorplex, a day before the race was due to start.

The Emirates Motorplex offices.

The guard at the Motorplex. We saluted him on the way in and out, he soon caught on and started returning it.

Three spectators check out some of the electronics on the Lucas Oil car.

The view from our garages, across the pits towards the track, on the Test and Tune day.

Another view across the pits toward the start line.

A thoughtful AJ considering the tune-up. Mack, Johnny and Thomas working.

The view from the return road, just desert and camels...

...and more camels...

...and more camels.

Another view from the return road.

The view back down the track, the blue boxes about halfway down are the huge TV screens.

The King "Doing the business" finalising the shipping of CBD injectors to John Force Racing.

View across the pits toward the tower.