Mats Eriksson's workshop and the Rättvik Cruise

Photos ©Simon Groves

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Mats' spacious shop is located in Borlänge, about 225km from Stockholm.

In the reception area, a mural shows the metalworking that is the core part of a business that employs eight workers.

Mats works sheet metal for a variety of applications. This shows part of his stock

Computer-controlled machines such as this enhance the precision of the process of transforming sheet metal into components.

An example of the output is this light bracket for Dodge Ram trucks as an after-market part.

The car fabrication part of the business is at the far end. This '33 Ford Coupe was constructed out of a pair of bodies. A part of the roof is from a Volvo Amazon and fits amazingly well.

A junior dragster chassis sits atop a Top Fuel chassis jig, divided into three parts for storage.

This is probably the largest stock of chrome moly tubing in Scandinavia...

...and, as Mats' son L-G shows, there is more chrome moly around the corner.

Mats has a 1970 302 Boss Mustang. This car is being rebuilt in its original style.

In the meantime a Mach 1 is being prepped for L-G to drive in the bracket class at the drags.

Mats' wife Lena Perés shows the Green Goblin already disassembled only a day after returning from Mantorp Park.

The old Green Goblin chassis alongside Ludwig Perés' Junior Dragster.

As the family home is only a few minutes from the shop, Mats had a special bike made up for the commute, with matching paint.

One naked Pro Modified. Mats was pleased to have got past Tami Brander with a 6.26 and Patrik Wikström with a 6.33, before losing to Andy Robinson by 0.017s at the Veidec Nitro Nationals.

Lena stands in front of the '66 Ford Fairlane that has been resprayed by ace auto artist Ray Hill in a 'distressed' mid-60s Super Stock theme.

The car is a tribute to Carl Ruth as well as the far-from-grumpy Lena.

It was quite a surprise to see the 'plugs' for Carl Ruth's '56 Crown Victoria Funny Car residing in the grounds of the ME Racing shop. As the F/C was stretched for a 125" chassis, Mats had to reduce the length at the scuttle for the Pro Mod chassis of 115".

The story of the building of the Green Goblin is told in this fascinating photo montage.

Photos on the wall also document Mats' first race car and Leif Helander's Starkotter.

A selection of Mats' trophies and a model of friend Victor Bray's Australian T/D championship-winning car.

Mats still has his '62 Ford Falcon in his storage facility 40km from Borläge.

Also in storage are the moulds Mats made for the '56 Crown Victoria Pro Mod.

A spare front has been constructed from the moulds.

Well-known for his devotion to Fords, here's another example waiting for attention.

We picked up the '56 Ford Station Wagon that Mats used as a pit vehicle. He's owned this since 1992 having imported it from Portland, Oregon and the colour was the inspiration for the Green Goblin.

Mats took us to the cruise at the Classic Car Week at Rättvik, which is attended by over 1,000 vehicles. Here's an original '56 Crown Victoria Coupe...

...and a '58 Ford. Many U.S. cars were imported to Sweden in the 1950s and examples can be seen frequently. Storage and maintenance have resulted in many being immaculate.

If you thought one original '56 Crown Victoria was an rarity, here's a second.

The cruise lasted most of the evening and was rammed. For more shots of the events in the Classic Car week, go to

Another '56 Ford resting from the cruise.

After the cruise, Mats and Lena caught up with some friends and then we headed back to Stockholm.