Robinson Race Cars build gallery - Steve Hall's 55 Chevy
Pictures and description by Bob Roberts

See below for photo gallery.

Bob Roberts has kindly sent a gallery of pictures taken by him whilst the build of Steve Hall's '55 Chevy took place at sponsor Robinson Race Cars, together with a summary of the key points in the build:

This car was built at pretty much the same time as what we now know as the Anger Management V1.0 Camaro and shares many of its constructional details.

New on these two cars was the carbon composite spine supporting the rear of the car rather than the typical tubular framework. There was also the double adjustable top mount for the front strut to allow a change of ride height while keeping full suspension travel. Although the basic body was fibreglass there was extensive use of carbon fibre on interior panels such as wheel tubs, plus sheet titanium elsewhere such as the firewall. All in pursuit of lightness.

After basic paint all the detail was laid on by the skilled hands of Neil Melliard.

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