Robinson Race Cars build gallery - Shelby Daytona Cobra
Pictures and text by Bob Roberts

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Bob Roberts has kindly sent a gallery of pictures taken by him whilst the build of a customer's Shelby Daytona Cobra replica took place at sponsor Robinson Race Cars.

Bob says ‘There comes a time in the life of a race car when it has been so hard used, so crashed and repaired, so potentially fragile that it needs a major rebuild. The alternative is to have a copy made and that was the brief to RRC from the owner of this Daytona – build me a copy chassis. To make life easy the original was in the workshop for the majority of the build.

Dimensionally accurate, this new build would have the benefit of higher material quality than the original – even mild steel is more consistent now than in the 60’s- and it won’t have suffered some indifferent and hasty repairs. In the pictures the bare metal is the new and the painted black is the original'.

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