Robinson Race Cars build gallery - Thomas Stiefel Pro Modified
Pictures by Bob Roberts

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Bob Roberts has kindly sent a gallery of pictures taken by him whilst the build of Swiss racer Thomas Stiefel's Pro Modified 'Hawaiin Tropic' 1957 Chevy took place at sponsor Robinson Race Cars during September and October 2010.

The build started with the fireglass body placed on a chassis jig with the engine located (pics 1 to 4). Front suspension followed (pic 5) and then the Lenco gearbox was located. Frame rails were added and the car began to take shape (pics 7 to 14)

The steering rack was next (pic 15) and then the cage was created (pic 18). Front body panels were located (pic 20) and then the chassis was connected up to the underbody panels (pic 24 to 30). The rear end underbody was fitted before the seat was added (pics 31 to 33).

The following month the pedals were installed (pic 37) and fire extinguishers located. The rolling chassis is at pic 41 and after paint was applied the car was at Santa Pod at the 2011 Main Event. The car started its racing life in Competition Eliminator as a AA/A or A/BA, running in the high sixes at the 2011 NitrOlympX and 2012 Sweden Internationals.

Thomas then went into Pro Modified in 2015, running two races, qualifying fifth in his second race in the class with a 6.1355. In 2016 he ran five of the six races and the car qualified with times of 6.20 or quicker at all five races. His best time came in eliminations at the NitrOlympX, a 6.086/234.46mph.

In 2017 business commitments prevented Thomas from competing in the FIA Championship and the car didn't appear again until we learned that it will be back on the track soon with a new driver and new crew with long time team member and good friend of Thomas Christian Schneebeli is starting his racing career in Super Pro ET with the car.

See Thomas run a 6.19 at the 2015 Euro Finals here.

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