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2013 saw the return of Comp Eliminator to Santa Pod Raceway. Why? In order to provide a class that allows those with a desire to develop their combination and to go faster within a heads up (No Breakout) style class for most if not all types of cars.

Comp Eliminator covers a wide spectrum of cars including all body styles and chassis options, most engine combinations are also catered for with classes for normally aspirated, supercharged, turbo charged and nitrous combinations.

Super Modified has also been added as a Comp Eliminator class, with its current regulations being carried over verbatim in to Comp Eliminator, the class will run off an 8.00 index with the class prefix of SM and will run as one class for the time being, the rules for differing combinations (within the Super Modified class) will be as the current Super Modified regulations as found in the Current White book (UK Drag Racing Rule Book).

Additional classes are also being considered for inclusion in the UK Comp Eliminator class with relevant indexes to suit being established, look out in 2015 for further details.

Once you have gone through the process outlined below to ascertain your class you will then need to see what European index you will run against, however please note these are European indexes and not to be confused with the American indexes as they are in most cases different.

Click here to view class indexes


Click here to download excel class guide

On the Excel 2010 file linked above there are three seperate tabs at the bottom of the workbook, one with instructions, one for Dragsters and one for Altered’s (this covers all other body styles apart from Dragsters) this has been created by Andy Marrs of TSI Timers to ease the process of finding which class your vehicle will fit into and works as follows:-

Please note the new classes within UK comp Eliminator being considered for 2015 and beyond are not catered for in the excel system, (FWD, JDS & VW)

Box 1   Vehicle weight
Type in your vehicle weight (race ready including the driver) in KG, to convert from pounds to kilo’s divide the pounds weight by 2.20458 to calculate the KG weight
Please also see notes below referring to weight breaks for automatic transmissions

Automatic transmissions weight adjustments
If you are running an Automatic transmission you should also check the following weight breaks, the classes listed below have additional weight reductions permitted, the weight breaks are the maximum weight that may be removed from the total weight of the vehicle
Please note no vehicle may fall below the class minimum weight. 

Dragsters  Regulation (D2.4.1)
A/D 45KG
B/D 65KG
C/D 85KG
D/D 100KG
E/D  F/D  G/D  45KG

Altereds (inc all body styles) Regulation A.2.4.1
A/A 45KG
B/A 90KG
C/A 113KG
D/A  E/A  F/A  G/A  H/A  I/A with V8 113KG, with maximum 6 cylinder 68KG , with maximum 4 cylinder 45KG

Box 2   Engine size
Add your current or proposed engine size in litres, to calculate cubic inch to litres multiply you cubic inch size by 16.387 then add you engine size with a decimal point after the thousandth digit or digits (9.000 /10.000 etc. )

Box 3   Power Adders
Use the drop down box to choose from the following options.
Normally Aspirated
Supercharged -Roots High Helix
Supercharged- Standard Roots
Nitrous Oxide

Box 4   Engine size Cubic Inch
This box is purely used for Pro Modified classes.

Box 5  Body style
Select your body style from the drop down box.

Once you have completed your selection, the lowest box will now show the options available to you, if however there are no options shown, it may be that your current combination doesn’t quite fit a particular class, this may be that your vehicle is a little too heavy or slightly under weight for a class.


What to do next
You know your engine size and your vehicle weight so simply divide the weight by the engine size as follows:- Vehicle weight 1066 kg engine size 9.094 ltr, 1066 divided by 9.094 = 107.63

 If you now go to the class regulations and find the nearest weight to your combination, including all of the options as used in the drop down boxes you have used, this will give you an indication of how close your vehicle is to fitting into a particular class, it may be that you could add just a small amount of weight in order to drop into an index.

Click here to download the class regulations



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