Super Series 2
Sunday (race day)

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Well thats the end of the days racing here at Shakespeare County Raceway with all the finals successfully completed ahead of schedule. The weather here has been very hot all day, with the track temperature at one point measured at 130 degrees, but it hasn't interferred with the racing and several riders and drivers are leaving here with new personal bests. There was one incident this afternoon when Richard Gipp's Pro Stock bike drifted onto the grass in the shutdown area and bike and rider took a tumble, but Richard escaped basically unhurt, if a little shaken.

The results of all the finals were as follows:

Super Pro ET: Dave Moore 8.35/161 def. John Parkinson no time recorded
Super Comp: Tim Adam 8.948/146 def. Alex Nichol 8.964/151
Super Gas: Andy Kirk 9.91/136 def. Kev Moore 9.89/138
Super Street: Dave Billadeau 11.03/122 def. Neil Grant 11.09/122
Pro ET: Chris Johnson 9.67/128 def. Malcom Motler 11.06/118
Sportsman ET: Chris Hodgkins 16.19/74 def. Derek Annable 17.31/82
Custom Car: Jeff Meads 9.49/148 def. John Sleath 9.77/149
Junior Dragster: Paul Lindley-Allen 9.41/67 def. Katie Gibbs 9.67/74
Super Street Rover: Steve Law 11.36/107 def. Steve Good 11.19/122
Outlaw Anglia: Rob Stone 9.92/134 def. Bob Hancox 9.79/134
Wild Bunch: Chris Hartnell 9.59/121.29 def. Angie Wilding 11.992/91.28
Top Fuel Bike: Steve Woollat 6.73/200 def. Ian King 8.21/128
Pro Stock Bike: Paul Willis 7.65/175 def. Chris Hope 7.69/171
Funny Bike: Chris Hannan 7.57/123 def. Paul Knapp 7.84/178
Comp Bike: Barry Holland 9.96/141 was unopposed
Super Street Bike: Mark Watkins 8.53/168 def. Graham Dance did not show
9.90 Bike: Jamie Sneddon 9.93/137 def. Paul Ellingham 9.86/127
10.90 Bike: Mark Pointer 11.02/93 def. Paul Hambridge 10.81/115
Super Twin Fuel: John Williamson 9.03/151 def. Ian Carruthers 9.49/145
Super Twin Gas: Ric Davis 10.59/125 def. Andrew Smith 10.66/123
Super Twin Modified: Lyn Mason-Roe 11.17/127 def. John Combe 11.50/129
Super Twin Street: Steven Piper 10.46/124 def. Quinton Macmorland 11.47/116

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Your reporter and photographer was Sharkman of Thanks for their help this weekend to: Wayne, Simon and Ozzy of the tech crew; the APIRA officials; Bruno and the FAST team; APIRA Press Officer Jerry Cookson and John Andrews in the SCR Press Office; to Terry and Tina Gibbs; and to Pat Talbot for the cold drinks and waiting around for the return of the laptop.
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