Super Series 1
Sunday (race day)

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Here are the top two qualifier in each class at the end of qualifying for Super Series 1:

Fuel Funny Car: 1. John Spuffard 6.278/154.64, 2. Gordon Smith 6.428/161.29
Top Methanol: 1. Dave Wilson 5.897/235.60, 2. Rob Turner 6.114/201.79
Super Pro ET (own dial-in): 1. Fay Fischer +0.002 (7.972/167.91), 2. Martyn Jones +0.005 (7.615/173.08)
Pro ET (own dial-in): 1. Simon Farmer +0.000 (9.870/136.78), 2. Malcolm Motler +0.013 (11.043/117.49)
Sportsman ET (own dial-in): 1. Rock Denny +0.014 (13.564/97.83), 2. Richard Davies +0.017 (12.867/102.27)
Super Comp (8.90): 1. Tim Adam 9.087/147.06, 2. Shaun Lathan 9.106/147.54
Super Gas (9.90): 1. Dave Townsend 9.935/135.14, 2. Frank Mason 9.948/136.36
Super Street (10.90): 1. Bob Doignie 10.901/119.05, 2. Dave Cherrett 10.904/112.50
Super Street Rover (11.00): 1. Adie Thorpe 12.151/119.68, 2. Steve Law 13.211/111.94
Junior Dragster (reaction time): 1. Joe Bond 0.511, 2. Katie Gibbs 0.549
Custom Car Street Eliminator: 1. Steve Pateman 8.868/166.67, 2. Jeff Meads 9.185/151.52
Wild Bunch (own dial-in): Colin Aldred +0.053 (10.953/120.32), 2. Peter Yates +0.059 (10.539/125.35)

Top Fuel Bike: 1. Steve Woollatt 7.163/193.97, 2. Ian King 17.868/29.18
Funny Bike: 1. Ken Cooper 7.551/165.44, 2. Chris Hannam 7.647/165.44
Competition Bike: 1. Helen Curran 8.427/147.06, 2. Andy Newcombe 8.877/164.64
Pro Stock Bike: 1. Dave Beck 7.654/167.29, 2. Martin Bishop 8.049/165.44
Super Street Bike: 1. Tony Clark 8.533/170.45, 2. Dave Bailey 8.533/164.23
9.90 Bike: 1. Craig Mallabone 9.963/121.29, 2. Paul Watson 9.968/135.95
10.90 Bike: 1. Ian Jack 10.903/119.68, 2. Dave Stanley 10.910/121.29
Supertwin Fuel: 1. John Williamson 9.848/104.90, 2. Dave Witts 10.397/134.33
Supertwin Gas: 1. Jerry Collier 9.874/128.94, 2. Rick Davis 10.107/124.65
Supertwin Modified: 1. Dave Bartz 10.299/137.20, 2. Simon Hodgson 10.887/127.48
Supertwin Street: 1. Les Harris 11.352/121.95, 2. Brian Udall 11.505/117.80

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That's all from us today; tune back tomorrow and we'll bring you all the news from eliminations.


We're all done for the day here now. We went a little way over the curfew; we were right about on time or ahead of it when we had a little drama in the second round of Fuel Funny Car qualifying.

Smax Smith was first out in the session. Running in the left hand lane he pulled a burnout to about eighty feet, sounding good and strong. On the green Smax was hard on it, when suddenly at sixty feet there was a loud bang and Smax's car erupted into a ball of flame. Smax really had a job on getting the car stopped as the flames licked around but he managed to get stopped at 900 feet and was very quickly out of the car to the acclaim of the crowd.

We then had a problem since with only thirty minutes left, three quarters of the left lane was covered in oil. The track crew went headlong into the clean-up, getting the oil off the track in record time, and the decision was made to complete qualifying using just the right hand lane. This meant going over the curfew but track owner Anthony Hodges gave permission since there were only a few cars left to run.

Next up was John Spuffard, who put in a very strong burnout and then put in what looked like a planned short pass. He hooked up very well indeed, no sign of shake or any other problems, 0.93 to sixty feet. Spuff clocked 8.015/98.68 but the team will be very happy that they've got the launch pad sorted out.

Gordon Smith went third, another solid launch, a brief pedal, and then off it at half track to clock 6.428/161.29.

Alan Bates was last up, and we had another drama. The car was heading to the right during Al's long burnout, which presaged what happened next. As soon as Al hit the throttle on the green, the car headed right but Al stayed on the throttle as the car got closer and closer to the right-hand guardrail. Your reporter Tog was standing 150 feet out on the right-hand guardrail and watched fascinated through his camera's viewfinder as Al came straight towards him. Al went past Tog at a distance of about two feet, still under full throttle, and then tagged the guardrail at about 200 feet, at which point he got off the throttle. Al recorded 11.080/69.23, it's a moot point whether the time counts as Al actually made contact with the rail. For the record, Tog took the picture first and then stepped back, at which point Al was already a few yards past and had tagged the guardrail.

So the final standings in Fuel FC are as follows: 1. John Spuffard 6.278/154.64, 2. Gordon Smith 6.428/161.29, 3. Smax Smith 17.805/70.75, 4. Al Bates 11.080/69.23.

After FC came Top Methanol. First was Darryl Bradford with a pass which had him approved for competition tomorrow. A straight pass, off a touch early with the engine sounding a little rough, Darryl recorded 7.575/137.61 and the Race Director nodded his head, so Darryl takes his place in the ladder.

Rob Turner started up next, but as he pulled towards stage he had to be shut off since Darryl was stuck right at the bottom of the shutdown area. The team made their displeasure felt, but luckily Rob was able to restart very quickly and put in a brief burnout and then his run. Rob seems to have had problems further down the track than usual this weekend, again skating about towards the top end, pedalling and off it at 1000 feet to record 6.114/201.79.

When Rob didn't take over the number one spot, Team Nemesis decided not to run, which left Doug Bond and Wendy Baker. Doug Bond took it easy on the burnout after his problem earlier on, and then put in a solid, straight pass at 6.344/210.28. No chutes came out, but the consensus was that Doug had done this deliberately since the shutdown area here is very long, and it reduced the chances of Doug stopping on the shutdown area and delaying the following cars with the over-curfew clock running. Wendy Baker pulled a nice burnout but was then shut off with a fuel leak.

So at the end of qualifying, Top Methanol is as follows: 1. Dave Wilson 5.897/235.60, 2. Rob Turner 6.114/201.79, 3. Doug Bond 6.344/210.28, 4. Lyndsay Deuchar 7.199/115.68, 5. Darryl Bradford 7.575/137.61

To close the show, Roger Goring put in a half-track checkout pass in the Firestorm Jet FC. Given the lateness of the hour, Roger's flame show was abbreviated, but the afterburner kicked in off the start line just as advertised and Roger recorded 8.017/121.62, appearing very happy indeed as he was towed back up the track.

We are just getting together today's pictures and the final qualifying standings in all classes; stay tuned.


The second of today's three rounds of Top Methanol changed the standings. It was another dramatic and action-filled session, here's how it went. First up were Dave Wilson and Doug Bond; Dave pulled a long burnout followed by Doug whose engine popped and went silent as he rolled to a halt, it later transpired that a valve had bent. Dave left the line and accelerated like a shot out of a bullet, no sign of shake as he came past your reporter at the Tree, straight as you like to clock 5.897/236.60. We couldn't see if from the start line but it turned out that the car was shaking at the top end and in fact pulled the reverser out stranding Dave on the shutdown area.

Rob Turner was next on a solo. A great burnout was followed by tyre shake and more frightening weaving, Rob got off it at about 330 feet to record 7.871/109.22. Darryl Bradford was last up with another observed run, burning out like an old hand and then straight and solid to about 200 feet, clocking 12.396/58.98. Championship co-ordinator Dave Alexander tells us that Darryl hit the gear shift for second and nothing happened. Darryl has another chance shortly, and he is certainly settling into his new role.

In CCSE, Steve Pateman backed up his earlier 8.868 with an 8.923, and set a new speed record at 167.29. Congratulations to Steve.

A highlight in Funny Bike was Ken Cooper's return to form on his newly-repaired bike with a great pass of 7.552, the front wheel was aloft a long way along the track.

Qualifying has now finished and the first rounds of classes over eight vehicles are taking place. We'll bring you the final qualifying standings at the end of the day, stay tuned.


The first qualifying session of Fuel FC has just taken place and we had some drama. The first was a match-up between John Spuffard and Gordon Smith. Spuff pulled the usual huge burnout and Gordon likewise although Gordon appeared a have a cylinder out on the burnout. When the lights ran Spuff shot off the line, moving slightly to the right and then hitting tyre shake at about 250 feet before making a hard move towards the centre line. Spuff wrecnhed the car to the left and promptly headed for the guardrail, missing it by a couple of feet and getting off the throttle to clock 6.278/154.64. Meanwhile Gordon had his hands full with a small explosion under the body; it turns out to have been a thrown blower belt. Gordon went through in 14.976/51.37.

Al Bates was next on a single, a great burnout to eighty feet or so and then all the fun started on the run. Al was hard on the throttle to about three hundred feet when suddenly the car headed right and crossed into the right hand lane just past the 330-foot marker. Al let it roll down the track as there wasn't anyone in the other lane, and so didn't record a time.

Smax Smith was last up, also on a single. Smax pulled a terrific burnout but then seemed to have problems in pre-stage, on the green he blipped the throttle and then idled down the track, recording 17.805/70.75.

So after round one, Fuel FC qualifying stands as follows: 1. John Spuffard 6.278/154.64, 2. Gordon Smith 14.976/51.37, 3. Smax Smith 17.805/70.75, Al Bates NTR.

We're now a little way into today's qualifying cycle, stay tuned.


Rob Turner was next up in Top Methanol qualifying. A long burnout over the concrete/asphalt interface and then on the green Rob was accelerating hard to about 250 feet when the tyres started to change shape and he was into shake. Rob drove thtrough it but then the car started to weave left and right, the weaving getting quite serious as the front end tried to overtake the rear end. Rob clocked 178 mph at half-track even though he was pedalling. Eventually he got off the throttle, recording 6.574/170.45.

Darryl Bradford's observed run went very well, a solid burnout followed by a shakey but very healthy-sounding squirt to about eighty feet, 11.414/62.67.

So Top Methanol Dragster qualifying is now as follows (Wendy's and Darryl's times do not go into qualifying until their licences are signed). 1. Rob Turner 6.333/190.68, 2. Doug Bond 6.381/209.30, 3. Lyndsay Deuchar 7.199/115.68, 4. Dave Wilson 9.056/66.37

More soon.


We've just had history made in Custom Car Street Eliminator as Steve Pateman became the first into the eights with a great pass of 8.868/166.67. It was a stupendous run which had "on a good one" written all over it from the moment Steve left the line. Hardly any wheelspin off the line and straight as you like. Jeff Meads also stepped up with a new personal best of 9.185/151.52 which was by no means a straight pass so there is more to come from Jeff.

Wendy Baker has just put in her full-pass observed run, a nice straight pass which was going well until one side of the engine started to spew vapour. Wendy got off it to record an 8.958/98.90 but then word came back: oil on the track. We're currently down for clean-up, stay tuned.


Good morning and welcome back to Shakespeare County Raceway on day two of qualifying for Super Series 1. It's overcast but the cloud is showing signs of breaking up, the track crew are out putting the finishing touches to the prep and we'll be ready for the scheduled 11:00 start.

We will be seeing the Top Methanol racers three times today since their second session yesterday fell victim to the curfew. They are meant to be one of the first classes out this morning. We also have two sessions of qualifying for the first round of the British Fuel Funny Car Championship; the first round is scheduled for 12:30.

The plan today is to finish yesterday's curtailed classes and then to have another complete cycle of qualifying. We'll also be seeing Roger Goring and the Firestorm Jet FC on at least one occasion.

Before I start, thanks are due to the above-mentioned Roger Goring and the Firestorm Jet FC team for hospitality last night; especially for the Chateau Rusling, a cheeky little number whose equally cheeky and unique method of delivery knocked "out-of-the-box" into a cocked hat. Thanks are also due from Sharkman to our friends and sponsors at Talbot Racing who provided him with a fine cooked breakfast.

As we mentioned yesterday we had a fair amount of attrition, one of which was in Top Methanol. Lyndsay Deuchar's first pass ended at half-track with a bang and a cloud of smoke which we described as "ominous". And indeed it was since on getting back tot he pits Lyndsay and the team discovered damage to the block and both heads. Lyndsay is packed up and going home, and doesn't expect to make the Main Event at the end of the month.

Pro ET racer Dave Potter and team had the thrash to end all thrashes yesterday. Dave broke a gearbox on a qualifier and his spare was back in Ipswich. Whilst one half of the team worked to remove the broken gearbox and prepare the patient for theatre, the other half drove to Ipswich and back, a six-hour round trip. They put in the spare gearbox and then went to slide the prop in and discovered that it wouldn't fit. So they have had extra work dragging the four-link back; the team are very grateful for the help they received from Steve 'Splinter' Nash. They're now ready to go and even have a new carb to try out.

Super Street Bike racer Mark Pointer has had to change engines after smudging a piston - I must say that this description is a new one on me! Funny Bike racer Dave Holland has had a similar thrash after damaging a piston. "My spare engine is in Martin Peck's garage - and he is on holiday!", said Dave, "I had a crash course in engine work. Roger Upperton did all the work, he even machined a piston on site". The spare piston came from Ken Cooper, to whom the team are grateful. The bike has been stripped and rewired by crewman Brian Jolley over the winter, and Dave told us that the only bits which aren't working are the bits on which Brain didn't do any work! He has the boss of sponsor Titanium International coming along today to get his first taste of drag racing, whilst TI's Nigel Hoskinsons has already been involved with the wheelie bars, bolts and other parts on the bike.

Pro Stock Bike racer Dave Beck is not as happy as you'd expect with his number one position. "It would have been a 7.52 or 7.53 on the eighth-mile times", said Dave, "but when I hit top gear the rear slick started to spin. We'll out a bit more fuel in it today to soften it, that should help in the second eighth."

Fuel FC racer Smax Smith has a new blower, fuel system and injection system to test out and so will be making a half pass in the first qualifying session. "Because the car has been repaired after a crash I have got to put in an observed run anyway", said Smax. "I was meant to do it last night but I missed the call by about twenty minutes. Smax has tuner Alan Jackson with him today.

Top Methanol racer Darryl Bradford was at the front of the Top Methanol queue in the fire-up road last night when qualifying had to be stopped. "I've experienced everything except actually running down the track", he said. The Canto Consultancy dragster has had some chassis work done at the rear end and is now good to go; Jon Wright is again providing tuning advice to the team. Jon told us that the car is still buttoned up and ready to go from last night, nothing had to be done this morning.

Rob Turner's crew chief Steve Turner was happy enough with yesterday's pass. "Our 330 foot time was quicker than when we ran 5.93 at Easter", he said. "We've made some changes to the clutch, and we think we have a handle on it. It's a five-second track". Steve told us that Rob clicked off 5.5 seconds into yesterday's wild qualifying pass. "Everything was fine with the engine after the run", he said.

Not far down the pits, the Nemesis team had a small amount of work to do after their shake-plagued qualifier yesterday. "The clutch wasn't quite right, but we can sort that out" said crew chief Andy Bissett. "We also broke a head stud and a couple of push rods. It could have wrecked the cam, but it didn't. We also heard an amusing story from the Nemesis pit. They have a large oil jug which is kept on a high shelf in their trailer; driver Dave Wilson asked where the jug was and then went to get it. The team heard an agonised "Oh..." (we leave the rest to your imagination) and then Dave appeared covered in the oil which was already in the jug.

Fuel FC racer John Spuffard tells us that the Showtime team have every intention of putting in a quick one in the first round of qualifying. "We only get two rounds, so if we mess up then there's only one session left! If we can calm it down for the track and weather conditions then we'll get a result."

Supertwin Gas number one qualifier Jerry Collier told us that he never gets bored with being top qualifier. "I've got number one tattooed on my arm!" he said. "I've got the sixty-foot times down, I've gone a tenth quicker to sixty feet than I have for two years". Jerry's team-mates Barrie Gregory and Ric Davis have both had work to do overnight, having had their engines out of the bikes.

Qualifying has now started, three Top Methanol cars are in the collection area, stay tuned and we'll bring you all the latest news.

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