Super Series 5
Sunday (eliminations)

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Here are the results in each class at the end of racing here at Super Series 5:

Super Modified: Danny Cockerill 7.965/172.41 def. Rob Smallworth 8.183/167.29
Super Pro ET (own dial-in): 1. Martyn Jones (7.58) 7.636/173.08 def. Steve Green redlight
Pro ET (own dial-in): Dave Potter (10.16) 10.274/120.31 def. Rick McCann 10.856/126.41
Sportsman ET (own dial-in): Chevy Llewellyn (13.37) 13.467/91.84 def. Ian Jackson (14.49) 14.566/89.28
Super Comp (8.90): Tim Adam 8.948/138.89 def. Phil Bennett 8.997/131.57
Super Gas (9.90): Dave Gadney 10.106/126.04 def. Will Furness 10.032/137.20
Super Street (10.90): Anne Peck 11.091/119.37 def. Lee Huxley redlight
Super Street Rover (11.00): Paul Brackley 11.245/119.68 def. Stephen Richards 12.045/118.41
Junior Dragster (own dial-in): Phil Cook (8.45) 8.482/75.63 def. Nicholas Mugridge (15.60) 15.453/38.26
Custom Car Street Eliminator: Alan Simms 13.986/82.27 was unopposed
Outlaw Anglia: Cliff Griffin 11.004/119.68 def. Gary Malin 11.473/119.37
Wild Bunch (own dial-in): Chris Hartnell (9.30) 9.457/131.97 def. Mark Cousell (10.80) 11.069/114.21

Funny Bike: Tim Blakemore 7.641/170.45 def. Steve French broke
Pro Stock Bike: Dave Beck 7.571/174.41 def. Chris Hope 7.748/166.67
Competition Bike: Helen Curran 8.100/147.06 def. Lee Baxendale broke
Super Street Bike: Graham Dance 8.720/164.23 def. Matt Nixon 8.804/155.18
9.90 Bike: Pete Cameron 9.940/138.04 def. Paul Valentine redlight
10.90 Bike: Dave Stanley 10.915/113.06 def. Fred Furlong 10.998/123.63
Supertwin Fuel: Dave Witts 10.423/119.37 def. Ian Carruthers 12.404/115.67
Supertwin Gas: Jerry Collier 9.702/10.861 def. Dave Hirst 10.861 119.36
Supertwin Modified: Lynn Mason-Roe 10.513/136.78 def. Simon Hodgson 10.755/133.90
Supertwin Street: Les Harris 10.886/124.99 def. Brian Udall 11.424/117.19

Well despite being heavily overcast here all day the weather played ball and we got through eliminations without any weather interruptions. We started the day with a two minute silence in honour of our American friends at 11:00am and then moved through eliminations at a brisk pace, the last of the finals being run around 4:00pm.

We had one nasty incident during eliminations when young David Warren came out the back door of his 9-90 bike just past the 60 foot beams. The bike was quite badly damaged and David is battered and bruised but basically ok. We look forward to seeing David back out next year.

Without doubt the stars of today has been the Super Modified class. Once again today its been a story of long smokey burnouts, wild wheels up launches and side by side racing from these wild doorslammers. Numerous racers recorded new personal bests with Graham Ellis and Rob Smallworth getting down into the 8.10's but Danny Cockerill once again stealing the show as he recorded the classes first 7 second runs.

Pictures from all three days of this race will be posted either later on tonight or during tomorrow.

Thanks for their help this weekend to: Wayne, Simon and Ozzy of the tech crew; Richard Warburton; all the APIRA officials; Bruno, Sophie and the FAST team; APIRA Press Officer Jerry Cookson; Terry and Tina Gibbs; track announcer John Price; Martyn Jones and finally Big Lorne.

Thats the end of Eurodragster's live coverage from Shakespeare County Raceway this year. Your reporter and photographer this weekend has been Sharkman. Eurodragster's final live event coverage of the year will be from the National Finals at Santa Pod over the weekend of October 6th/7th, join us then.

Welcome back to Shakespeare County Raceway for race day here at Super Series 5. Sharkman took a stroll round the pits after he finished last nights report and although by the time he got there most people were either safely ensconced in their motor homes or in the bar (and disastrously the pizza wagon had already shut!) he did manage to track down some people to talk to.

Firstly to two European racers who chose to stay on for Super Series 5 after the European finals, Eric Angeloni and Patrick Dubious. Both racers had entered Super Comp here this weekend, but unfortunately neither of them are likely to make eliminations today. Eric damaged the block in his dragster on his final qualifying pass yesterday and it doesn't look like it can be repaired in time and Patrick has got chassis problems and again it is unlikely they can be sorted in time for todays eliminations. A special thanks from Sharkman to 10-90 bike rider Sandra Chaplain for acting as interpreter.

Another racer definitely out of eliminations today is Rob Faulkner. Rob spent all day Thursday fitting a new back axle to his Crossfire camaro, only to have it let go on his first qualifying run today! According to Rob "I came out the burnout, went into stage, only brought the rpm's up to about 3000 as I was conscious of the new rear axle, launched and it just let go." Rob was busy in the pits trying to source new parts but its a major job and even if the parts can be found, he won't be running today.

Sharkman did manage to track down Steve Pateman to find out a bit more about what happened to the 8 second street legal Calibra. Steve takes up the story "With this motor the oil needs to be warm before you start it and although we warmed it before we left the pits, because of down time it was nearly two hours later that we actually made the startline. When I fired the motor a roll pin in the oil pump sheared and with only 40 minutes between qualifying rounds we didn't have time to fix it.". Steve also observed that he was expecting problems at the start of the year after installing a new and bigger engine in the Calibra but its worked out the opposite, the start of the year being hassle free and the last two meetings resulting in DNQ's. Although this is the final round of the Custom Car championship this won't be the last time race fans see Steve and the Calibra this year as he is planning to run in Super Pro ET at the National finals at Santa Pod in two weeks time. "I'll be running in full street trim and Jeff Meads is possibly going to enter as well so we'll try and pair up during qualifying for a bit of grudge racing" said Steve.

Although Jeff might also be running in Super Pro at the National finals, we unfortunately won't be seeing him again this weekend as the Pop didn't complete the cruise and so can't take part in todays eliminations, virtually guaranteeing Steve Pateman the championship and John Sleath the runner up spot. Another casualty in Custom Car is Allen Curtis who melted a piston on his final qualifier.

Onto two wheels now and Sharkman had a chat with Chris Hannam to get the low down on what happened to Neil Midgley. "On the first pass the bike was just making too much power. It smoked the tyre hard and thats what put the bike out of shape." said Chris. It turns out that the problem that prevented the second run was a defective ignition retard unit which has now been replaced. The team are hoping to be allowed to tag onto the end of Funny bike eliminations today to get Neil some more track time on the bike and allow Cannon and the team to "start tuning the bike in to Neil a bit more".

Finally Sharkman caught up with Jerry Collier and the Jade Racing gang to get their reaction to (unofficially) resetting their own World record. The team were happy but have their sights set even higher. The track record here at Shakespeare County stands at 9.52 (it was not backed up for an official record) and that is what is in Jerry's sights next. He reckons there is more in the bike and that they have put the settings from the 9.57 pass back in after making some changes to the clutch for the second run which didn't quite pay off. Meanwhile the third member of Jade Racing, Barrie Gregory revealed the secret of how he had got the bike to run a lot straighter, he's fitted a spirit level to the handlebars so as he goes into stage he can make sure the bike is vertical and not leaning to one side or the other on the launch which is what he thinks was causing him to worry the christmas tree from time to time!

Sharkman is now off to his position at the top end for the days eliminations, a summary of the days action and results will be posted this evening and due to phone line problems both Saturday and Sundays pictures will be available around midday on Monday.

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