Super Series Mid-Summer Nationals
Sunday (eliminations)

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Today's pictures have now been posted; you can get to them from the event update index. Again today there are only top end pictures, the start line pictures will return at the next race.

That's the end of our Mid-Summer Nationals event coverage, thank you for tuning in. Thanks for their help this weekend to: Wayne, Simon and Ozzy of the tech crew; Race Director Tina Gibbs; Chief Starter Scott Talbot; all the APIRA race officials; Bruno and the FAST team; Terry Gibbs; APIRA Press Officer Jerry Cookson; track announcer John Price; Angela Wittenzellner; and Tracy in the media centre.

Eurodragster's next event coverage will be from the Summernationals at Santa Pod Raceway on 29th-30th June; our next coverage from Shakespeare County Raceway will be the Super Series Fallnationals on the August Bank Holiday.

This weekend's coverage was brought to you in association with American Car Imports.

Final results

Super Modified: Danny Cockerill 7.760/177.87 def. Rob Smallworth 7.882/175.78
Super Pro ET: Mick Cheley (8.60) 8.712/141/07 def. Paul Marston (8.60) 8.748/160.14
Pro ET: Brian Huxley (10.90) 10.929/119.36 def. Ian Brown (10.80) 10.865/122.28
Sportsman ET: Al Platt (13.30) 13.378/104.90 def. Mark Anderson (13.60) 13.545/103.45 breakout
Super Comp: Mark Flavell 8.968/140.62 def. Paul Marston 9.154/164.23
Super Gas: Frank Mason 10.075/130.81 def. Paul Hudson 11.227/119.36
Super Street: Leigh Morris 10.931/124.65 def. Bob Lees 10.868/119.36 breakout
Junior Dragster: Ricky Emms (8.90) 9.988/72.35 def. Nick Mugridge (13.10) 13.257/48.39
Custom Car Street Eliminator: Steve Pateman 8.747/170.45 def. Jeff Meads 10.054/149.50
Wild Bunch: Tom Coe (11.23) 11.235/116.88 def. Pete Yates (10.00) 10.267/129.31
Outlaw Anglia: Rob Stone 9.875/131.20 def. Cliff Griffin 10.253/131.58

European Top Gas: Gunther Sohn 8.432/144.69 def. Peter Weimar 9.675/141.51
Funny Bike: Dave Holland 7.492/171.76 def. Shaun Branch 7.571/176.47 red light
Pro Stock Bike: Nick Pepper 7.608/176.41 def. Dave Beck 7.747/175.10
Comp Bike: Jerry Collier 8.280/156.25 def. Andy Newcombe 8.969/136.36
Super Street Bike: Tony Clark 8.206/177.17 def. Karl Larcombe 8.494/170.45
9.90 Bike: Paul Morris 9.973/132.35 def. Jamie Sneddon 9.893/134.33 breakout
10.90 Bike: TJ O'Brien 10.927/108.17 def. Glenn Randles 11.252/85.88
Supertwin Fuel: Ian Carruthers 9.415/137.20 def. Jamie Millership 9.279/155.71
Supertwin Gas: Ric Davis 9.611/131.96 def. Sefton Whitlock 9.880/131.96
Supertwin Modified: Dave Bartz 10.278/139.32 def. TJ O'Brien 10.492/131.20
Supertwin Street: Les Harris 10.933/130.06 def. Mark Earrey 11.170/131.20

Stay tuned as we are now working on today's pictures.


Comp Bike round 2

Jerry Collier 8.306/156.79 def. Sarah Jane Head 9.116/146.10
Andy Newcombe 8.704/143.77 def. Klaus Brinkmann 8.966/116.58

Super Comp round 2

Paul Marston 9.282/163.64 def. Martin Curbishley 8.952/150.00 red light
Mark Flavell 8.886/151.01 def. Ian Tubb 8.854/142.86

Pro Stock Bike round 2

Nick Pepper 7.581/177.87 bye
Dave Beck 7.506/175.10 def. Martin Bishop 8.024/174.42

Super Street Bike round 3

Tony Clark 8.290/177.17 def. Steve Venables 8.861/148.02
Karl Larcombe 8.602/170.45 def. Graham Dance 8.700/171.10

Funny Bike round 2

Dave Holland 7.360/165.44 def. Neil Midgley 11.274/62.33
Shaun Branch 8.104/152.03 bye


Super Modified round 2

Danny Cockerill 7.754/178.57 def. Jon Hogarth broke off line
Rob Smallworth 8.014/171.76 def. Ian Marshall 8.450/162.45

Super Gas round 2

Frank Mason 9.993/143.31 def. Martin Curbishley 9.927/145.62
Paul Hudson 9.893/138.04 bye

Outlaw Anglia final

Rob Stone 9.875/131.20 def. Cliff Griffin 10.253/131.58


European Top Gas round 2

Gunther Sohn 8.509/130.81 def. Cord Albers 8.809/125.69 red light
Peter Weimar 9.444/136.36, Riccardo Giliberto no show

Super Street Bike round 2

Karl Larcombe 8.652/166.67 def. Dave Smith 9.255/163.04
Steve Venables 8.886/171.75 def. Matt Nixon 9.486/115.39
Tony Clark 8.189/175.10 def. Dave Bailey 8.774/162.45
Graham Dance 8.392/172.41 def. Pete Bellenie 8.596/170.45

After a quick check with the ACU UK records on we are pretty sure that Tony has now backed up both a new ACU UK ET record of 8.146 and speed record of 179.28 - subject to official ratification of course.

Custom Car Street Eliminator round 2

Steve Pateman 8.916/169.81 def. Steve Neimantas 9.277/157.90
Jeff Meads 9.207/156.25 def. Al Simms 10.387/128.94


Super Gas round 1

Martin Curbishley 10.349/142.41 bye
Frank Mason 9.945/140.62 def. Rob Long 9.894/132.74
Paul Hudson 9.901/133.93 def. Sarah Day 9.708/151.52

Custom Car Street Eliminator round 1

Steve Pateman 8.749/169.81 bye
Steve Neimantas 9.425/156.25 def. Tony Hill 11.649/121.30
Jeff Meads 9.400/151.52 def. Moose Hollingworth 11.038/126.76
Al Simms 10.712/126.76 def. Mark Bracking 11.952/116.27

Super Modified round 1

Danny Cockerill 7.761/177.87, Tim Garlick no show
Jon Hogarth 7.984/171.76 def. Andy Hone 8.256/166.05
Rob Smallworth 8.097/175.10 def. Steve Rawlings 8.450/160.71
Ian Marshall 8.448/162.45 def. Graham Ellis left before lights ran

Jon Hogarth joins the seven-second club on his fortieth birthday weekend. Graham Ellis has a new nickname, "Blakey" as in On The Buses. Graham's car had "I hate you Cockerill" shoe-whited on the back of his car whilst Danny Cockerill's car carried the legend "Blakey's car sales", as Graham was last night talking about selling his Oldsmobile.

Comp Bike round 1

Jerry Collier 8.283/158.45 def. Rich Fielding 12.203/68.18
Sarah Jane Head 9.319/148.02 def. Lucy Thorn 9.334/145.16
Klaus Brinkmann 8.519/153.58 def. Tim Whetton 9.656/148.51
Andy Newcombe 9.021/131.20 def. Phil Leamon 9.248/153.59

Supertwin Fuel round 1

Jamie Millership 9.226/150.50 def. Dave Witts 9.841/149.50
Ian Carruthers 8.894/143.31 bye

Super Comp round 1

Martin Curbishley 8.929/150.00 bye Paul Marston 9.502/152.03 def. Dave Day 9.458/145.64
Mark Flavell 8.973/151.52 def. Zane Llewellyn 9.014/153.06 red light
Ian Tubb 8.877/144.23 def. Paul Knight 9.1663/148.51 red light

Pro Stock Bike round 1

Nick Pepper 7.575/177.17 bye
Dave Beck 7.772/175.10 def. Al Cook 8.870/167.29 red light
Martin Bishop 7.742/174.42 def. Chris Hope 7.713/148.03

Funny Bike round 1

Dave Holland 7.894/146.10 def. Stu Chamberlain 17.660/40.83
Neil Midgley 7.572/167.29 bye
Neil Diggens broke, Mike Chislett broke
Shaun Branch 7.597/170.45 def. Paul Knapp 7.446/180.73

Super Pro ET round 1

Mick Cheley (8.60) 8.623/159.01 bye
Paul Marston (8.50) 9.159/144.69 def. Wayne Nicholson (8.98) 9.707/145.64


European Top Gas round 1

Gunther Sohn 8.428/151.01 def. Jorg Sussdorf 13.099/67.67
Cord Albers 8.550/150.00 def. Axel Seifert 8.861/149.01
Riccardo Giliberto 8.099/162.45 def. Harry Sckie 9.577/139.32
Peter Weimar 9.173/142.41 def. Gerd Caspari broke

A new track record for Riccardo Giliberto and a shock as Cord Albers takes out Axel Seifert.


Good morning and welcome again from Shakespeare County Raceway. It's race day and we're here to bring you all the news from the Mid-Summer Nationals in association with American Car Imports. After yesterday's outstanding action we have very high hopes for today, the track is just being finished off.

A big raceday Hello to our US correspondents Ed O'Connell and Kathy Hileman in Rye, NH, and to Steve and Jacky Young who are doubtless tuned in...which country this week Steve?

When we left Race Control last night we spent a jolly hour or so at Super Mod racer Jon Hogarth's fortieth birthday party. A very happy birthday for yesterday to Jon and many more of them, and thanks for the invite to the party.

A very welcome sight yesterday was Super Series organiser Terry Gibbs elbow deep in start line organisation, as you probably know Terry wasn't too well awhile back and it was great to see him out there. One suspects that being able to get out on to the track and get involved was one of the best aids to recovery that Terry could have wanted. Another welcome participant was Super Comp racer Rob Faulkner who in the absence of a race car came and worked with the start line crew yesterday. It gave Rob an insight into the other side of racing and everyone here was very grateful for his efforts.

We managed to coincide this morning's pit walk with a riders' and drivers' meeting so this morning's pit notes are embarrassingly brief, but here's what we got.

If you were tuned in yesterday you will remember that Super Pro ET racer Martyn Jones damaged his converter yesterday. Martyn said that he would be back for the Summernationals at Santa Pod, but he and Crew Chief Crunch asked us to thank everyone who helped them to get here at all this weekend.

Funny Bike #1 qualifier Dave Holland told us the secret of his 7.2-second run on the Team Titanium International Limited bike. "Never use new bits", he said. "The old crap works best. We changed everything - it turned out to be the nitrous solenoid. But now we're in the race to the sixes and we don't care what we break!". Sponsor Nigel Hoskison tells us that Dave broke that news to him last night.

Pro ET racer Malcolm Motler was one of several racers who were happy to have broken out in qualifying yesterday. "Its our quickest ever run without nitrous", he said. "Every time I set a dial-in, I went quicker. I think I'm bottom qualifier!". Malcolm has Brian Huxley in today's first round, both cars on a 10.90 dial-in so it's first to the finish line and no breakouts please. "We're going to kick his arse" said Malcolm's wife Marcia. As it happens the race has just taken place and Brian won, although it was very close indeed at the finish line.

Super Street Bike racer Karl Larcombe said that the new Krazy Kat III bike is very easy to ride. "The old bike never went where I wanted it to", he said. "This one is so smooth that when I got near the finish line yesterday I was able to look at the scoreboard and see my reaction time!".

Fellow SSB racer Tony Clark was overjoyed with his new speed record and is hoping to take the ET record today. "Karl was running so well that I thought I had to do something", he said. "I thought that was a big speed to back up, but everyone here wanted me to do it. They were all lending me their starters yesterday but I think I burnt two of them out!". Tony put his performance yesterday down to his team, and to the track crew. "it's all teamwork", he said. "Everyone did their bit. And the track was awesome!". Fellow SSB racer Peter Bellenie agreed. "The track is the best I've ever known it", he said. "Not just the start line but all the way down".

At time of writing, Funny Bike racer Paul Knapp is still the fastest racer on the facility on however many wheels. "It's always been there", said his crew chief. "It's just a case of clutch settings. Unfortunately we did the clutch yesterday but Dave Branch has fixed it for us".

Eliminations are now well underway. Today's coverage plan is to bring you round-by-round reports of certain classes, including European Top Gas, and highlights from the rest. Tune back soon and we'll bring you the first of those updates.

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