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Christian Jäger (Supertwin)
Latest news:

27th November: Joosten's legacy.
Web site updates.

25th November: Street Car Super Nats boutique notes.
Phelps' thanks.
UK Top Sportsman solos in 2016.
Swift snippets.

24th November: Honouring the 426 Hemi.

23rd November: A little bench racing.
Web site updates.

22nd November: Feature: Street Car Super Nats gallery.

21st November: Street Car Super Nats pit notes.
2016 ACU Affiliation Codes.
Web site updates.
Another Lindberg #1 plate.

19th November: Swift snippets.

18th November: A great excuse for a Ruby!

16th November: Lindberg's historic NHRA title.

14th November: Pomona Friday pit notes.

12th November: Webb's world best.
Lindberg's title shot.
Top Sportsman rumour central.
Web site updates.

11th November: Feature: LODRS LVMS gallery.
Cannon's angry new ride.

9th November: Dakota's last call for 2015.
UK Season Review DVDs released.

8th November: LVMS LODRS pit notes III.

7th November: LVMS LODRS pit notes II.
Swift snippets.
The Chevy-driving Ford specialist.

6th November: Matti Hämäläinen.
LVMS LODRS pit notes I.
APIRA, Outlaws Trophy Night.
2016 UK Top Sportsman I set.
Swift snippets.
Showing the Modified crowd.
Never to be forgotten.

4th November: Steve Blyth.
Feature: SEMA Show gallery.
Swift snippets.
When 6.91 isn't enough...
Web site updates.

1st November: Noisy cars sought for Rob.
Drive eO's electrifying rail.
Swift snippets.
UK Top Sportsman TV.

News in
Wright goes Super Pro.
Syko's last ride.
Jordan's new sponsor.
Read adds to the Thunder.
Popular Pop.
Never too old for 555 ci...
Are you sitting comfortably?
Dos Palmas restoration complete.
Smax enters NHRA fray.
Stutz heads for Vegas.
EDRS Series pays out.
Fake harness warning.
2015 UK Bike Champions.
Speedgroup's launch plan.
Grand(s) victory arises from defeat.
SPR Nostalgia FC Series calendar.
EDRA hosts EDRS.
From Robert Joosten's family.
Ehrismann's double and triple.
2015 APIRA Champions.
Tributes to Robert Joosten.
2016 SPRC Dinner Dance.
A rebuild for Santa Pod.
Dakota's Autumn promise.
Bloodlines 2015.
IDRHoF confirm 2016 intake.
Second a first for Lindau.
Holmberg's season.
Small hopes, big win.
Bayntons' bests.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.