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Christophe Janssens (VW Action)
Latest news:

24th April: SPRC notice to racers.
Swift snippets.

23rd April: Webb's European bests.
Easter joy.
A successful outing.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

22nd April: Event entry update.

21st April: Festival of Power rained out.
King gains Club membership.
Swift snippets.
Introducing Comanche Race Cars.
Web site updates.

20th April: Swift snippets.

17th April: What a mug of tea can lead to...
Dopey: The Next Generation.
Pryzybyl, P avoids the head's study.
Spark out.
Swift snippets.
At speed in Estonia.

16th April: Event entry update.
Phoenix from the ashes.
Easter goodies on offer.
Super Pro ET Challenge is go!
Wild Bunch 2014 calendar.
Grumps' perfect test.
Back, blown and rebuilt.
Swift snippets.
K&N and Simpson back Hausers.
Festival of Power Perfect Awards.
Web site updates.

15th April: Festival of Power racer update.

14th April: Big Bang results.
Look away now...
Brad set for Super Pro début.
CG Composites back BA Racing.
Toy story.
Gough tests positive.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

12th April: Europeans abroad.
Merriman's mixed feelings.

11th April: Swift snippets.
Spring Madness at SCR.
With a lot of help from our friends...

10th April: Big Bang racer notice.
Event entry update.
Hauser holds Open Evening.
Diary of a dragsterholic.
Team Gridlock well-oiled.
Swift snippets.

9th April: Speedgroup launch Bike Championship.
£2000 for the quickest shifter.
Stutz outlines season plans.
Swift snippets.
Brown's dragster for sale.
A world-beating season.

8th April: Slyfield makes Easter.
A Bonkers trio.
Swift snippets.
Minis target another Beetle bash.
Nitro Nation for Android.

7th April: Big Bang racer update.
Krivan recovering from stroke.
Big Bang Perfect Awards.

6th April: PMR welcome The Predator.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

4th April: 2014 Estonian calendar.
Bomber damage assessment.
Swift snippets.
Motor Sport lunches with Force.

3rd April: Testing start for VWDRC.
FWD and fuel at Santa Pod.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

2nd April: Flamholc's season starts here.
Swift snippets.

1st April: Malmö Raceway's first decade.
Swift snippets.
Yuasa Batteries back ACAG.

31st March: Welcome back John Woolfe Racing.
Hall of Fame backs Junior Dragsters.
Swift snippets.
Spruced Bruce.
Web site updates.

30th March: The Spinner's return is set.
Swift snippets.
Old Skool Ford Round 1.

28th March: It's academic...
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

27th March: Gamble away your Sunday...
...Dial In your Saturday.
Swift snippets.

26th March: Reloaded for 2014.
Swift snippets.
Old Hall Performance backs SCR.

25th March: Big Bang, Festival of Power entry.
Swift snippets.
Sands Season Opener.

23rd March: Birthday Girl turns the wrenches.
Allard Awards entry open.
Swift snippets.
Taqi's ten years.
Web site updates.

22nd March: Attention SPRC members.
Warren Classic seeks race cars.
Fast Show audiocast.

21st March: Big Bang, Festival of Power entry.
...and Tyler makes three.
Street Eliminator 2014 sponsor roll.

20th March: Big Bang, Festival of Power entry.
SPR seek old slicks.

19th March: Tierp Arena sold.
Swift snippets.

18th March: Big Bang, Festival of Power entry.
Feature: Lee Cohen's Zephyr.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

17th March: Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

16th March: Welcome Vehvac.
Team Gridlock sign up Six B.
Swift snippets.

14th March: Big Bang, Festival of Power entry.
Hansen Racing press release.
Swift snippets.
CPC deadline approaching.

12th March: Testing available at Big Bang.
SFI Tour numbers up.
Swift snippets.

11th March: DFDS renew racer ferry deal.
Hall of Fame backs Junior Bikers.
Swift snippets.
UKTA offer the Yorkshire Mile.

10th March: Feature: March Meet Sunday.
Big Bang, Festival of Power entry.
Sheavills rides out at Easter.

9th March: Welcome Hulland Homes Ltd.
Feature: March Meet Saturday.
Raw Nitro!
NSCC ring the changes for 2014.
March Meet webcast.

8th March: Feature: March Meet Friday.
PiPPi's FIM rôle.
Swift snippets.
March Meet webcast.

7th March: Feature: March Meet Thursday.
Swift snippets.
Holland's track trio.

6th March: Feature: March Meet Test and Tune.
Big Bang entry update.
Swift snippets.

5th March: Kuno to drive both cars?
2014 NAST calendar.
Serck backing the Bennetts.

4th March: Flamholc unveils busy schedule.
King to race Stateside.
Old Skool Ford 2014 calendar.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

3rd March: Welcome back Jackson's MoT.
2014 Euro Top Gas calendar.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

1st March: Bikes to the fore at Race Retro.

News in
8.50 and 9.50 Bike no longer pointless.
UK bike tail light update.
Straightliners add classes.
BDRHoF alters structure.
Up for a challenge...
FIM Championship registration.
Take the long haul for charity.
Outlaws reveal 2014 plans.
What has three holes and beats yours?
Joe joins Lucas Oil.
Stutz under new management.
AA/FAs v N/FCs: Bring it on.
Wicktor sees the Wizard.
UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting report.
A Commuter in Pall Mall.
Attention FIA Pro Mod / Pro Stock.
Hall of Fame's gala evening.
Mister Whippy returns in 2014.
Loaring's Nostalgia Funny Car Blog.
Ellis trio and teams waiting.
Carey: Time to move on.
Precision Turbo renew with RV3.
The B17 returns to Podington.
ACAG's thanks for Iris honour.
Direct Plastics Top Sportsman II.
UK Champions, Perpetual winners honoured.
£5,000 on offer to FWD Outlaws.
Cutting remarks from ARRC.
The Brains Trust grows.
Ålund's top speed test.
US Fuel Altereds hit Dragstalgia.
Wicktor's new arrival.
Racers invited to charity show.
Take the Kunmaradas Challenge.
Superstockers' Dragstalgia date.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.