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Bob Hawkins (Wild Bunch)
Latest news:

29th July: Mopar EuroNationals coverage.
Two weeks to enter Junior Fun Day.
Swift snippets.
European Top Gas Round 4 review.
Web site updates.

28th July: Mopar EuroNats Perfect Award.
Swift snippets.
DFDS ferry discount continues.
Sprinting for George.

27th July: FAO NitrOlympX Super Pro racers.
NitrOlympX tickets to be won!
SPR seeking sub 10-second demos.
Vegter's Bear hug.
SCR weekend bike report.

26th July: Event entry update.
Swift snippets. the T-Shirt.
Web site updates.

25th July: Bug Jam 30 results.

24th July: Swift snippets.

23rd July: Hot-foot from Letsby Avenue.
European Top Gas Round 3 review.

22nd July: An invitation to Madness.
Dragstalgia two-wheel highlights.
Swift snippets.
Promising weekend cut short.
Should you have six eyes...
Web site updates.

21st July: Havoc's Dragstalgia.
The highlights just kept coming!
170 years on track.
Friends reunited.
Swift snippets.
Bug Jam Perfect Awards.
Bug Jam 30 coverage.
Web site updates.

20th July: On Pegasus' brief flight.
Blood on the Beach.
She who must be obeyed.
Two days in history.
Smith shocks at Dragstalgia.
Old guys rule!
Happy 75th Arthur!

19th July: Bug Jam racer update.
Dragstalgia results.
Swift snippets.

17th July: Dragstalgia coverage.
Swift snippets.

16th July: Pat Johnson's funeral.
British Drag Racing Hall of Fame 2016.

15th July: More tributes to Pat Johnson.
Swift snippets.
Rain-shortened racing.

14th July: The Fugitive breaks cover.
NitrOlympX: Important racer notice.
All-star autographs.
Fellow Travellers.

13th July: The Empire strikes back.
Dragstalgia: The Ever-Presents.
A Perfect bonus for Dragstalgia.
Russia's EDRS début.
Boot the Street Racer Champion.
Smax scores a win.
Web site updates.

12th July: Pat Johnson.
Introducing the Fiat...
Swift snippets.
Extra cash for UK Top Sportsman.

11th July: Dragstalgia racer update.
Message of Hope.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

10th July: FHRA Nitro Nationals rained out.
Dragstalgia's two-wheel stars.
2016 Russian Championship kicks off.
Swift snippets.
Priddle presented again at HoF Gala.
Smax hits the beach.
Web site updates.

9th July: Drags on a summer's day.

8th July: Event entry update.
Ålund at Alastaro.
The HoF and half a thousand Astons.

7th July: Announcing the Spirit of 76.
Dragstalgia build-up underway.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

6th July: Event entry update.

5th July: Now with added Nitro!
Swift snippets.
Flamholc goes east.

4th July: Banzai!
Stripduster qualifies #1 at Dragstalgia.
Vegter: A lot to feel good about.
One more off PMR's bucket list.
Swift snippets.
Fifty Shades of Summernationals.
Flaming June!
Web site updates.

3rd July: Balchin's world record.
Swift snippets.

1st July: Swift snippets.

30th June: Dave Warne's funeral.

29th June: Scottie's All Day Fundraiser.
Event entry update.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
The return of Waterbed Fred.

28th June: A celebration for Scottie.

27th June: SPRC Summernationals results.
Swift snippets.

25th June: Take it to the Street at York.
Swift snippets.
Ålund and the dismal weekend.
Tierp Internationals wrap-up.
One bullet too many...
75% Fives.
Web site updates.

24th June: Dave Warne.

23rd June: Event entry update.
SPRC Summernationals Perfect Awards.
SPRC Summernationals coverage.

21st June: SPRC Summernationals racer update.

20th June: Tierp Internationals results.

19th June: The tale of Nigel's truck.

18th June: Tributes to Scottie Durrant.
Smithies gains EFR backing.
An explosive weekend.
Just to clarify: It is theft.

17th June: Scottie Durrant.

15th June: Race demos sought for BMW Show.
Lump and a half.
Swift snippets.

14th June: Supertwins test at Alastaro.
All welcome to PMP Open House.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

13th June: Weather beats the bike round.
Gasser Circus Round 1 review.

12th June: Street Racing.
Swift snippets.
Vegter's Main Event lacks spark.
European Top Gas Round 2 review.
Smax misses the party.
Hot Rod legend attends BDRHoF Gala.

11th June: SPR seeking slicks for sleds.

10th June: Ashdown's unreal weekend.
Junior Fun Day reminder.
Swift snippets.
Need Clevite bearings for Tierp?
Web site updates.

9th June: Kenneth Throndsen.
Help urgently sought for Pegasus return.

8th June: Dutch Championship entry open.
Swift snippets.
Jordan's six-day weekend.

7th June: Funny Car Summer adjourned.
Swift snippets.

6th June: Vacancy at Chris Isaacs Race Cars.
Swift snippets.
Support for Scottie.

4th June: All welcome at North Weald tomorrow.
Jade Race gains NEAFP status.
Bring me my chariot...
Swift snippets.
Shaky success.
Nervously to number one.
Early to bed, early to rise.
Erbacher: Space for rent.
Hudson's thanks.
Ålund's dominant start.
A close thing in Super Pro ET.
Web site updates.
Cool it with VP.

2nd June: Event entry update.
FIA/FIM Main Event wrap-up.
Swift snippets.
Editor's note.

31st May: FIA/FIM Main Event results.

29th May: Swift snippets.

27th May: Swift snippets.
Smax does Kansas.

26th May: Beech sponsors Rat Trap 50th.

25th May: FIA/FIM Main Event Wednesday gallery.
Automaxx Spring Edition cancelled.
Ålund aims for 10/14.
Swift snippets.
With a little help from our friends...

24th May: Women invited to Main Event photo call.
Gunnarsson sticks to Top Fuel.
Gulf Oil extend King Racing deal.
Team SDR double up.
FIA/FIM Main Event Perfect Awards.

23rd May: Lucas Oil Main Event give-away.
Promising starts in Supertwin.
Olstad: Back at work.
Adding spice to Junior Dragster...

22nd May: Race, Rock'n'Ride galleries.
Swift snippets.

21st May: Event entry update.
A Picnic for the BHO slingshot.
Swift snippets.

20th May: Racer VIP deal closing soon.
Gullqvist: Bring it on!
Crane's innovative ride.
The Main Event, live.
Swift snippets.
European Top Gas Round 1 report.

19th May: Racers sought for Aston Martin Show.
Mopar: The Next Generation.
Ernryd steps up.
Ljungdahl means business.
Swift snippets.
Racepak, MSD trackside support 2016.
Super Pro ET Challenge is go!

18th May: FIA/FIM Main Event racer update.
Swift snippets.

17th May: Event entry update.
SPRC test class calls by smartphone.
Linn takes the TMFC tiller.

16th May: Grounds for optimism.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

15th May: The start line beckons...
Packing an extra bullet.
Swift snippets.
Racer VIP going fast.

14th May: Jäger to field own bike.
Fredlund set for title defence.
Cancelled TMFC transforms to Altered.
Swift snippets.

13th May: Isaacs and Tramm: It's twins.
Cannon's European return.
Swift snippets.
Shakey Spring Madness.

12th May: Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

10th May: Huxleys seek help I and II.
Fans to choose Havoc's rival.
Crowded out of a grudge race.

9th May: From asterisks to light-hunting.
Wheeler joins BDRHoF Board.

7th May: Main Event racer VIP offer.
Juniors to have Fun for Harry.
Swift snippets.
Ready to roar...

6th May: Vegter's new sponsor, tuner.

5th May: Event entry update.
An invitation to test.
Swift snippets.
Season-opening grudge match.
Web site updates.

4th May: Attention FIA Nitrous Pro Mod racers.
Al Shammari: Main Event and more.
Holmberg to the rescue of Holmberg.
Three weeks to RV3's return.
Swift snippets.

3rd May: Springspeed Nats rained out.

1st May: NHRA's happiest loser.
Web site updates.

News in
SFI 16.1 driver restraint recall.
Simple: We can't stay away.
Sagelv's new ride.
Burgess Ties up a sponsor.
View from a Bridge.
Rat Trap, Thacker and Friends.
50 Shades of Big Bang.
First round Fudder.
Preparing Havoc to reign.
Hope for Nimbus Motorsport.
The Mob turns Psycho.
Ashdown: It's the nuts!
Brown's Vegas tale.
The UK's coolest quarter mile?
Draper Tools on their trolley.
BDRHoF honour the Juniors.
Post en Dros racer offer.
Going west with the Turners.
The PT Bruiser fuelled for its return.
LAS Aerospace back Allard Chrysler.
York Raceway offers fuel outlet.
NHRA's BDRHoF Award.
Like father, like daughter.
Read's record aims.
The return of the Duo of Destruction.
The Outlaws' early outing.
Europeans and more in Las Vegas.
Some you win, some you lose.
Lindberg to drive The Old 51.
The Baltic States join the fold.
See LA for Holley and more.
H's Scary tribute.
A Split weekend.
Gearhead Garage UK Top Sportsman.
The plan comes together I.
The plan comes together II.
Festival of Power awards roll over.
More welcome returnees.
Grødem announces retirement.
Business as usual!
Easter Street Eliminator review.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.