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Belle Wheeler (Lucas Oil Junior Dragster)
Latest news:

5th February: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 6.

4th February: Pro Modified converter update.
SFI Tour Sweden details.
Swift snippets.

3rd February: SFI Tour venues confirmed.
Oscar's annual Hospice help.
Swift snippets.
Santa Pod extend VP contingency.
Slyfield honoured.

2nd February: Attention Pro Modified racers.
APIRA / SCR Trophy Evening reminder.

1st February: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 5.
The award for ingenuity and service...
Swift snippets.
A word to our sponsors.

30th January: Repeat backing for Vegter.

29th January: Jarmo Pulkkinen.
APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 4.
Swift snippets.
Classic reading.

27th January: Swift snippets.

25th January: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 3.
Web site updates.

23rd January: 2016 UK Riders' and Drivers' meeting.
2016 SFI Tour calendar.
Loveridge joins BDRHoF board.

22nd January: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 2.
Swift snippets.
Flamholc on 2015 and 2016.

21st January: 2016 SFI Tour UK date.
Attention UK Junior Dragster/FC teams.
Swift snippets.

19th January: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 1.
Swift snippets.

18th January: CIRC complete move.
Swift snippets.
Too fast and a bit furious.

17th January: Autosport International report.

14th January: Approaching closing dates.
Swift snippets.
You too can do it...

13th January: The return of the Fuel Altereds.
Harteveld goes Pro Mod.
SPR/DFDS ferry discount continues.
Swift snippets.
Habermann in Award vote.

12th January: Santa Pod's 50th starts here.
Swift snippets.
Speedgroup announce new CEO.

11th January: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 5.

10th January: SPRC Dinner Dance reminder.
Swift snippets.
BDRHoF Gala moves house.
Web site updates.

9th January: Autosport International give-away.

7th January: In the picture with WaspCam.
Autosport International line-up.

6th January: 2016 FIA rules released.
SPR seek static display vehicles.
APIRA, Outlaws Trophy Night reminder.

5th January: Interview: Arthur Christy.
All invited to Drachten...
...VWs invited to Clastres.
LucasOilRacing.TV's UK launch.

4th January: Chris Wicks.
SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 4.

3rd January: Picture purchase thanks.
Swift snippets.

1st January: Webcast replays now showing.

News in
The Foundation at the Gala.
Drag Racing Unplugged XVII.
2015 Champions' Champions.
The Perfect Scheme works.
Buy Racepak, get free stuff.
BTC Moto's stellar year.
Pro Mod for sale.
2015 Zeon TV DVDs review.
VWDRC do the honours.
Heezen steps off the Twin.
Pop goes the Bantam.
Pettersson expands upon Malta 2016.
ACU Affiliation Codes for APIRA.
Super Pro ET party time.
One for the Nostalgia buffs.
Malta to host 2016 FIA round.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.