Eurodragster's April Fool

Racer hit by electronic bug.
1st April: UK Super Comp racer Zane Llewellyn has contacted us with news which will be of concern to racers using electronic devices.

"During the mad rush of the off season, building engines and freshening up equipment, I ran through my throttle stop and delay box checks and have found that the microprocessor in the control box will no longer recognise the decimal place. Therefore the smallest amount of delay possible is now one second. The throttle stop has exactly the same problem, with the minimum adjustments being in increments of one second. I had my suspicions that this problem may be Y2K related, so after checking out those Bristol cars with the same make of box as mine, with the same results, I have been in contact with the manufacturer. It seems that the problem is with boxes manufactured before 1st January 1999, which was when the problem was suspected. I cannot reveal which make of box that we are using at this point in time, but I suggest that anyone using electronic devices of this type should test them soon to ensure that they do not have problems at their first race meeting."

We will keep you informed of developments.

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