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Editor's Diary FAQ

MSA Junior Seminar at Big Bang.
17th April: Junior Dragster racers at next week's Big Bang are asked to attend an Anti-Doping Seminar to be given by the MSA on the Saturday of the event (25th April).

The seminar, which will last about forty minutes, will be given by Adam Gould of the MSA Academy and will take place at 12:00 midday in Bankside VIP (spectator side). Subjects to be covered include Anti-Doping Rule Violations, the testing procedure, advice on over the counter and prescribed medicines and supplements as well as where to get further information. The presentation is for educational purposes only and no testing will be carried out. Refreshments will be available at the Seminar.

All Junior Dragster racers and at least one parent or guardian per racer are asked to attend. The Seminar will not, of course, have any impact upon the timing or number of Junior Dragster qualifying sessions.

For more information about the Seminar (PDF format)
click here. If you have any queries then please call Ian Marshall at Santa Pod Racers Club on 01933 313625 or E-Mail

SPR seek display car.
17th April: Santa Pod Raceway are seeking a Wild Bunch or Supercharged Outlaw race car for display at the Vintage Nostalgia Show at Stockton Park in Wiltshire on 29th-31st May. If you are interested then please get in touch with Phil at Santa Pod at and he will give you details.

An Anthem for the Allard Chrysler.
17th April: Allard Chrysler Action Group Chair Brian "DJ ACAG" Taylor writes from a thumping dance floor of a new fund-raising download for the restoration project:

A few years ago Canadian rock / blues artist Ked Dieter and American drag racing enthiusiast Sam Eidy created an excellent tribute song for download to raise funds for the Allard Chrysler Dragster. Called Ally Blue, it is straight from the rock and blues music box featuring lyrics by Ked and Sam with all music, main vocals and wild guitar from Ked and backing vocals from Mack Sanders. There is even the sound of the Allard Chrysler plus sound bites from Sydney Allard and Tommy Ivo recorded in 1964, the final year that the dragster was run in anger.

But times move on along with tastes in music so what next? As I travelled on Saturday afternoons to work on the Allard Chrysler I found myself listening to Danny Howard’s Dance Anthem programme on Radio One. Not the sort of thing a respectable 73-year-old should be doing and don’t tell anyone or Danny’s credibility will be completely destroyed and his show moved to Radio Two. I started to think it would be great to have a Dance Anthem Allard track as a companion to Ked’s original rock song. Thanks to a musical collaboration between Essex-based Hipnotic Jazz and Ked in Canada, we now have the Anthem ready for download at

The brief was to create music which reflects the sound of a Chrysler Hemi on idle, and an early fire-up of the recreated 354 Chrysler Hemi engine in Europe’s first dragster features on the track. As well as pointers to modern Dance Anthems, I gave Glen at Hipnotic Jazz samples from late '70s disco music and Tangerine Dream (Good boy - Ed). The final seven-minute Dance Anthem mix – Hemi Fusion - features Glen’s remixed anthem track with its constant pulsating and sometimes hypnotic electro rhythm, plus the Allard Chrysler Hemi and Ked’s screaming guitar. Is it a true Dance Anthem? I don’t know. But it is pretty close and certainly, to my ears, is a modern musical reflection of a Hemi. A mix was used at the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala Dinner last November and you can hear it on YouTube at

Ked Dieter said "I just sprinkled a shaker full of guitar on this already fantastic track created by Hipnotic Jazz. Just to be given the opportunity to contribute to another song for a great cause – the restoration of Europe’s first dragster - and have my name attached to the project, is payment enough."

Glen, aka Hipnotic Jazz, said "I think Ked understates his contribution, but like him I approached the idea of working on the track as helping the ACAG promote the project and raise funds, plus I enjoy making music. It has been something quite different to my normal album tracks. If we can gather money from downloads all the better."

The download is available from Bandcap on the above link on a "Pay what you think it's worth" basis. All proceeds will go towards the restoration and maintenance costs of the Allard Chrysler Dragster.

Main Event update.
16th April: Ian Marshall has been in touch with a reminder that entry closes on Friday of next week (24th April) for the Main Event, the first round of the FIA and FIM European Championships and a round of the UK National Drag Racing Championships for selected classes, which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on 22nd-25th May. Entry after Friday 24th, if accepted, may be sunject to a Late Entry penalty.

You can download entry forms from the Santa Pod Racers Club web site at

You can check out the Version 2 of the official Main Event entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.

If you have any queries about Main Event entry then please contact Ian Marshall at SPRC on 01933 313625 (outside the UK +44 1933 313625) or E-Mail

Daft Scotsman Flyin' west.
16th April: Outlaw Anglia racer Colin Millar has one of the longest tows to most tracks in the UK and so his latest plan, to race in the USA, will likely seem relatively easy. Colin writes:

Last season was a great year with lots of fun as always with exciting close racing great rivalry and great banter from everyone in Outlaw Anglia camp (come on "The Cooper Race B*nders"), the Championship looked good as continual improvement was being made with a fastest ET of 7.58 which was very exciting for everyone concerned, but as always when you're moving forward there are always obstacles which just pop up and a big offering to the aluminium god in the sky put an end to it.

We still managed to smile on at the Open Sport Nationals after the engine let go but I'm sure that most of the smiling was due to releasing 20 lbs of NOS within the confines of our awning on Saturday night (Craig Wright is still laughing). The theory behind this was that had we raced the weekend we would have used it all up anyway so it wasn't really classed as a waste.

The season ended and within one week I had become a grandad, turned fifty, and got my first tattoo. Mid-life crisis, never! I received a special fiftieth present from Lynn which was a long weekend away at the California Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield which was fantastic. We had a ball and spent time with some great people, you all know who you are. There was however a big problem, a plan was being hatched.

I saved my pennies and returned for another whistlestop tour for the March Meet, Scott Crookston, Jedd Guy and left on the Thursday and went back home again on the Monday, phew! But we saw and did loads, it's amazing how much you get done when you don't sleep and just enjoy yourself. We were again were joined by many good friends and spent some quality time with fellow Outlaw Anglia racers "The Cooper Race B*nders" who went on to enjoy two full weeks of pure enjoyment (I'm not jealous at all!).

I came home with my NHRA license and I am now in the process of trying to make my dream a reality. We are focusing our activities again on running the Outlaw Anglia series albeit a shortened series with another visit to Stornoway to support the Lewis Car Club who have raised more than £100,000 for charity since 2011. Anyone is more than welcome to come along for a wee holiday, the event date is Saturday 6 June and I can tell you first hand these chaps really look after you.

We are again heading to Hockenheim (if we are allowed back) and really looking forward to it, with the added bonus of the lack of any F1 activity we can enjoy a quality well-prepared track on this the thirtieth anniversary, good luck Jerry Lackey see you there.

But on my return I will lose The Flyin' Fyfer as hopefully it will be getting shipped to LA for what I hope will be five weekends of racing and living the dream before returning home. I promised myself a treat when I turned fifty and most probably I will never do it again, I have a lot still to do but I am working towards it now. I didn't expect it to take two months to get there but these are the surprises when you start looking into it, the shipping is double price out and half price back as no one ships anything out there, unless you're a daft Scotsman!

The dream is the ANRA on 16th-18th October then the CHRR 23rd-25th, both at Famoso, then off to Vegas for the Nationals 29th to 1st November, then 5th-8th November a grass roots NSRA Lucas Oil Series again in Vegas, then down to Pomona for the NHRA Finals on 12th to 15th, nothing yet finalised but this is the plan.

If any person or organisation would like their name on the car for this special trip then please get in touch at

Other than that I'm looking forward so much to catching up with all my friends at both Shakey and the Pod. See you all soon at Big Bang, be fast and be safe.

Swift snippets.
16th April: The latest spy picture to arrive at the offices of came with the words "No it's not an SBC". If you know more, or if you would like to send your own spy picture, then drop us a line at

Outlaw Anglia racer Phil 'Ginner' Middleton and friends have asked us to wish a very Happy 60th birthday to Bob Sargent. " Bob is a very familiar face to spectators and racers alike", they say, "and since attending Santa Pod's very first meeting in April 1966, Bob has not missed a major race meeting since that date forty nine years ago and has attended in excess of five hundred race days. Wow, what an accolade". Nice one Bob! Have a great day.

Many thanks to Andy Marrs of TSI Timers Europe for forwarding us the official timing data from last week's Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway. You can check out the Festival of Power timing data by clicking here or by clicking on the Timing Data link on the left-hand side of any page.

Thanks also to Andy Marrs for forwarding us a table of UK bests including Mark Todd's Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator ET record set at the Festival of Power. You can check out the table by clicking here or by clicking on the European Bests link on the left-hand side of any page.

Back in the hot seat.
16th April: Crew member Tom Margesson had a run out in Andy Williams' Super Comp rail in 2013 but whilst working on the car during the off-season the question of who would drive in 2015 never occurred to him. Tom takes up the tale:

After last year's engine damage it took longer than expected to sort the motor out, lots of trips back and forth to Andy's all of a sudden became worth it as eventually all was good: the drivetrain was back in and it was all running and working! Then it was Easter, the Festival of Power, Andy Williams the owner of the car asked me  "Tom, are you driving at Easter?". I was still trying to figure out why he's letting someone else have that much fun and how I could not take up this offer - we all know what the answer was! The little thing stopping us was that we had to get me a licence.

Weather conditions delayed the first chance so all we had left was the Test and Tune on Maundy Thursday. After meeting at the gates of Santa Pod at eight we got the car ready and tracked down Ian Marshall, who gave us clear instructions of exactly what was needed from me. Then away we went. Still wary of the car, as it had a lot of new parts and changes made, I took it as it came and completed the sixty foot and eighth with chute. It was then time for my full pass and it felt fast, faster than when I previously ran the car but I didn't know how much. I had to wait like a kid at Christmas to see the ticket, 8.93/150. I was beyond happy as my goals had been ticked off, I was signed off by Ian so could now compete over the weekend and I had hit 150mph!

In to Q1 running 8.43/157 the commentary says it all: "Huge breakout by Tom Margesson in Andy Williams' rail, feigned concern from the crew then they cracked up laughing". If you know them, you will understand. Beating my PB in ET and speed wasn't strictly the plan but I'll accept it! Slowed the car down for Q2 and ran 8.81/157, d'oh! Not slow enough, but I was still smiling!

We paired up for eliminations on the Sunday with Richie Webb in that bonkers Beetle! My first proper drag race, anything could happen, and it did. I got away first but up at the top end it got close, Richie on the brakes trying to stay over 8.90, me wondering where he was. We had a chat at the top end and we were both unsure but knew it was close. I knew it was close across the line, 0.0041 of a second or 10.28 inches, Richie had me fair and square but it was so much fun. Well done Richie!

That weekend was a massive learning curve for me, learning about the track, new things on the car and respecting the car itself and what it's capable of. I am back out at the Main Event, still learning. Huge thanks to my crew, I cannot put the car down the track without you, and its made a massive dream of mine come true: Andy, Maggie, Sandy, my dad Pete and girlfriend Amy for dealing with the annoying version of me approaching the event. Have a safe year.

The girl with the slow dad.
16th April: After Laura Baynton's first competitive outing in Pro ET at the Festival of Power, dad Paul compiled a check list:
  • Observed Runs ✔
  • Beat Dad's speed ✔
  • Beat Dad's ET... not yet girlie!
After an eventful day on Wednesday we finally arrived at Santa Pod and set up ready for Thursday's Test Day with the target of three licencing runs.

The first sixty footrun didn't go as planned as Laura lifted too soon and Ian Marshall indicated that we needed another attempt. No problems on the second run as a thumbs-up was given. Next the eighth mile run, we also got the thumbs up on that one. So the final full pass and Laura ran an 11.0491/124.19 receiving the final approval from Ian. After a brief break Laura went to try one run in the left hand lane. The Capri seemed a bit loose at the top end but it was an 11.0119/124.44.

After that we got the car scrutineered ready for qualifying. Friday was unfortunately spoilt by the weather, qualifying on Saturday and Laura already knew she was only six miles per hour off my best speed. We dialled in 10.85 and Laura ran 11.0351/129.48, very close to my 130.77 best in the Capri. So to the final qualifier, we dialled in 10.95 and Laura was off on a mission. I knew it was her quickest run and up popped a 10.4894 at 130.97! She had beaten my speed on only her third fully licensed run. The rest of the weekend was of course all about taking the mickey out of me for being slow.

Race day dawned and Laura was due to race Mark Bailey. Unfortunately Mark had head gasket woes and Laura had a bye into the second round. This time she was up against Lee Huxley. Laura was too keen and left a red light on the tree but ran a good 10.6390/130.13. An excellent result for a first meeting in the car (Damn straight - Ed).

It's Dad's go next at Shakey, but Laura will return for the Main Event. Thanks to the Santa Pod Raceway crew and all the racers for their help and support.

Grumpy's back.
16th April: UK Super Comp racer Paul Watson and team started to prepare his Camaro soon after the 2014 season ended, and the car was ready for 2015 nice and early with help from Gary Springford at Drag Race Engineering and all of Paul's other sponsors. The old saying about best-laid plans then came into play:

Before we went testing I tore a back muscle at work, putting me out for a couple of weeks but with the help of Gary and my team we tested at a Saturday Night Special. The track was still cold and it was hard to dial in the new set up, still it all worked so we came home happy.

Unfortunately, a week before Easter I overdid it again with the back and by Thursday I couldn't move. It was so frustrating with the crew all there ready and the race car loaded. We waited all day to see if it would ease off but sadly no. In fact on Friday, after being harrassed by my loving crew, I was taken to A&E - those who know me know that that is something I would never do. With very strong drugs and lots of rest the situation has resolved itself.

A big thank you to everyone for their response and offers of help. We will hopefully be at the Main Event, however my racing future is in the balance at the moment with other things beyond my control. Fingers crossed they can be sorted out (Hell yes - Ed), if not then everything may be up for sale later in the year. I would like to thank all of my sponsors who have helped me over the years - Farm Fresh Speed Shop, Gary at Drag Race Engineering, Image Worx and Brad at BTC - and my fantastic crew Kim, Jose and Andy.

Merriman's bad run.
16th April: It has not been the easiest start to the season for VW Pro and Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator racer Richard Merriman:

After sitting out the whole of last year waiting for parts and rebuilding the engine I thought things were finally on the way to coming together and a plan was hatched for the season. I intended to double enter a few events with both the VWDRC and Street Eliminator.

The engine was completed and back in the car, the whole fuel and oil system was refreshed with new lines. The engine fired up first time and the whole system was checked and was leak free, success! This is where the car decided it was going to start being awkward. After the initial leak check and warm up I let the car cool down check fluids and double check fuel and oil lines were tight. So I then fired the car up only to notice it wasn’t running on all four. After checking all the usual I whipped the rocker covers off to find all the studs were now loose and one had lost a nut. It appears that when the heads were freshened up the studs were only nipped back in. Lesson learnt and problem solved. Car now running happily.

Next stop MOT, the week before Easter. It failed on a number of small jobs but to my disbelief one was a crushed fuel line! Yes one of the new lines I had run got damaged and required replacement, once again my own fault but I hadn’t noticed it. Oh and I lost a Porsche wheel centre cap on the way.

Things had to improve, right? It was race week and the car was off to the dyno for some last minute tuning and hopefully a bit more power. So we drove the forty five miles to Advanced Motorsport in Silverstone with no dramas on the way and it was good to be back behind the wheel. The car was put on the hub dyno and the baseline checks were done, time to get it rolling. Dan engaged first gear and  let it idle only for the car to begin bobbing up and down like a clown's car! We stopped pulled the car off the dyno and noticed the rear hub appeared to be bent. So that was that, no more dyno I was now on the hunt for a VW Fastback rear hub and get it re-drilled to Porsche pattern all within a couple of days.

Right, finally at the track, and with a misfire issue also resolved we got the call for the first run with the VWDRC. Having not raced since the end of 2013 I thought the best thing was to just go for it! Nice launch and into second, all felt good until I went for third and was met with a bang! Dipped the clutch very quickly and tried again, no drama and drove through with no other issues. Next up the call for Street Eliminator. Fired up the car and tried pulling out only to find that first gear wasn’t there! Despite much waggling that was it, no first and decided to call it a day in case something serious was rattling around in the ‘box. So we enjoyed the rest of the weekend but travelled back with a black cloud over our heads wondering what was up with the gearbox and more importantly how much it was going to cost to fix.

Our train of thought was interrupted however when the camper jumped out of fourth gear, strange it’s never done that before, it then proceeded to carry on jumping out of fourth and required a bit of teamwork to hold it in and get it home.

So there we are, two broken gearboxes over a weekend along with all the other issues. However I am determined not to give in just yet, I know how to build engines so a gearbox can’t be that hard right?

Just want to say a huge thanks to my long-suffering partner Claire who has been very supportive and patient with the time spent on the cars. Thanks also to Andy Cowen at C&C Race engineering, Matt Attwood, and Jason Anslow. Without you guys I wouldn’t have even made to the track.

Festival of Power JDB review.
16th April: Thanks to Lizz McCarthy for passing on the Junior Drag Bike racers' accounts of the Festival of Power:

Jasmine Cordelle: It was the first meeting of the season, and as usual it was freezing cold and raining. We arrived Thursday to get set up and scrutineer, all went well.

Friday we didn't get any racing done as it was raining all day, but the Santa Pod crew didn't stop trying to dry it for us so we could try and race, but unfortunately the rain wouldn't go away so they called it for that day. Saturday, the weather was looking better so we could qualify. We got out at about 4 o'clock I was still getting used to my new 400cc engine, so I dialled in 8.50 and ran 9.19, we had one more qualifier in the dark which wasn't my favourite thing to do, as Jordan had an accident just before my run. I'm glad your okay Patch and not too hurt! I dialled in 8.95 and ran 8.93.

Sunday morning race day! I had Blade in the first round so I dialled in 8.75 and Blade dialled in 9.60. The bike gripped a bit too much on the start line and gave me a little shake so I had a more pressure to catch him up! Sadly I ran 8.73 which means I broke out, but it was a personal best so its fine!

Well done to Louis who won the meeting and Blade who came runner up.

Stacey Reed: What an amazing first meeting back! Luckily the weather managed to hold off for two qualifiers on the Saturday. On the first run I stuck with my last dial in from last year which was a 9.74 and ran a 9.78. This got me to 1st qualifier! Woohoo! Next run I dialled the same and broke out with a 9.53.

Elims came around too quickly but luckily I had a bye in the first round. I dialled a 9.64 and broke out with a 9.45. Next round I met Liam. I dialled a 9.44 and ran a 9.89 but got to the line first so took the win. Next round was against Louis. I dialled a 9.44, but stupidly forgot to pump up my air shifter so did the race in third and only got a 10.93. Well done Louis!

I'm pretty proud of my first meeting back and it's made me want to step out of my revision in May and pop off to Shakey only two weeks before my GCSEs haha.

Thanks to everyone for a good weekend and can't wait to see you all next meeting. P.S. Hope you feel better soon Patch!

Jordan Kenway: Well we arrived at Santa Pod with some amazing weather and high hopes. Friday morning we unfortunately woke up to rain, this meant racing would be delayed. Due to really bad weather we didn't get down the track which was rather annoying.

Saturday we woke up to cloudy conditions but I didn't really care as long as it was dry. We got the call and headed down to the pairing lanes. After completing my burnout the bike cut out due to the air shifter wire earthing the frame, we couldn't get it started again on the track so had to be pushed back meaning I wasn't able to get a run in. Hours passed till I was next able to have a chance to qualify. However, this meant night racing, we dialled in a 9 flat, completed my burnout and everything was amazing... The bike launched the best it ever had and was zooming through the gears, just before the eighth mile the bike went into a massive wobble / tank slapper, it was so violent that I couldn't hold on and got thrown off the back of the bike and hit the deck with some force. Unfortunately I was referred to hospital complaining of neck pains.

After five hours on a back board and in a neck brace I got the all clear to leave. Just want to say a massive thanks to everyone involved, this is from the medical staff at Santa Pod and at Bedford Hospital, to Kerryanne driving us back from the hospital and everyone giving kind words. We have already started to repair the bike ready for round 2. See you all there.

Jack Shook: Arrived at Santa Pod Thursday afternoon, managed to get my bike scrutineered straight away, all ok. We then set up for the weekend.

Friday's racing was called off due to weather conditions. Saturday Q1 dialled in a 9.60 ran a 10.24. Q2 Called to pairing lanes around 8:00 pm so clear visors were required. Dialled in a 10.20 ran a 10.15.

Sunday - Eliminations Round 1 against Louis Davies. Dialled in a 10.10 ran a 10.17. Great run but lost by 0.0905. Well Done Louis.

I really enjoyed my first competition. Thanks to all the Junior Drag Bike Club for making me feel part of the team. I was also glad to hear that after Jordan Kenway’s crash, he is recovering well.

Blade Dummer: Well what a start to the season. Dad worked really hard with his friend Herm to build me a new bike from scratch but couldn't sort out the MSD ignition in time. Thanks Simon and Jerry for sorting it but the biggest thanks go to the Davies family for loaning me the Tigger bike for the weekend it was much appreciated thank you.

We arrived on Thursday morning so had a day to get used to a different bike and engine size it went well and when we got some qualifying runs, we ended up Q3 so I was really happy with that.

We drew Jasmine as first round of eliminations this was going to be a tough round as Jasmine is real good but we took the win! Round 2 we had Charlotte and her new bike is a flyer so this was going to be another hard race unlucky for Charlotte she broke out handing us the win but set herself a new PB so congrats on that. Round 3 we had a bye run so nice and steady there.

Round 4, the final, was against Louis this was going to be hard as Louis runs so well and he dialled his time just right and beat us well done Louis was a great race. Runner up for first event on a new bike I'm well pleased.

Jordan I hope you feel better soon we will see you at the next event. Well done to Jack at his first event as well. Santa Pod and their staff as normal do a great job keeping the track race ready.

I was so glad to be back at the track racing and next will be on my bike so learning again. Can't wait to see you all again.

I would like to thank a few people who have helped us just to get ready My Dad for all his time he's put in haymen #hermfab for building my new frame / bike, Vizman for the wiring, FBM Turbos, Magic Bullet Fuel Additives for their continued support and after the weekend and meeting Mark we have new support from On the Bottle. Thank you guys it's going to be another great season for all the Juniors!

Alfie Udall: What a great weekend at Santa Pod! This was my first weekend riding on the new RD chassis. Unfortunately the first day of qualifying was a washout so I didn't manage to get a run down the track. On the second day I managed to get two runs. On my first ever run I was quite nervous. It was also my first time riding with a slick tyre. I slipped the clutch and ran a 9.6 second pass. The bike was missing so wasn't running properly. On the second qualifier we was racing in the dark. I was extra nervous as I just saw my friend Jordan come off his bike. I just hoped he was alright. Despite this I dropped the clutch on this run feeling a bit more comfortable while on the two step. The bike was missing again but I ran a 9.4 second run.

After this we attempted to fix the bike but unfortunately in the first round of eliminations the bike was still missing and not running properly. We thought it was going to be better so we dialled in 8.0 seconds and I ran 9.0 seconds giving Charlotte the win. This weekend I wasn't bothered if I won or lost I had so much fun and can't wait to get back out on the bike in May! I would like to say a big thank you to the Colliers for letting me ride the RD.

Charlotte Hales: An interesting weekend on many levels for me at the Festival of Power... Dad and Martin Dust were building a 500cc twin sprinter over the winter when the new capacity rules were announced. The restricted AR125 was sold and the sprinter measured for my legs. Thursday was my first ever ride - and crash. The Dyna 2 step caught me out, the back wheel spun and I took a trip down the left wall. The Santa Pod medics did an awesome job taking care of me and Les Harris and Ian Marshall said if the bike was ok, I could carry on.

A quick trip into Rushden for parts got the airshifter repaired and within a few hours I was back on the track... The two step was taken off for the time being and I went out for a very soft launch. A 13 second pass to set me up. Then it was PB after PB ending the day with a 9.9.

Friday was a day of wet from the sky. Saturday was dry but cold with a tailwind. With the crash in my mind I went out with a dial in of 9.85 and promptly broke out with a 9.501/79.55 another PB. We got another run late in the evening. Jordan Kenway fell off and my nerves came back. After a delay (Jordan was ok if a bit battered) I went onto a dark track. Dad dialled in a 9.35 and after another soft start I ran a 9.64/76.31, moving me from ninth to fifth qualifier.

Sunday was a mild, warm day and I was full of confidence for eliminations. Round 1 was against Alfie. Alfie sold me my first bike and is an "old pro" so I knew he would be tough to beat. Dad dialed in 9.35 and yet again I put in another pair of PBs running 9.48/80.22 beating Alfie. Next up was Blade, and we all know Blade doesn't do "slow." Dad tried to play safe and dialed in 9.73 and told me to let Blade stage first. Unfortunately, Ollie told Blade to do the same so we sat in pre stage psyching each other out until I went in. Now it gets bad but good. I did a very soft start and Blade was a scalded cat. But as expected, mid track, the big Suzuki raced past Blade and I broke out giving Blade the win.

The good part was another PB of 8.95/76.83. That's a four second gain over one weekend which made all of us really happy. This meeting we pitted with the Juniors as Dad wasn't racing 9.50 Bike and I had a fantastic time hanging out with the Junior "crew" during down time in the rain and dark. A nice and friendly crowd. I'd like to thank Dad for giving up racing for a while so I can race more and for building a great bike with chassis builder Martin Dust. Thanks to Mum and my sister Emily for your support and the Ashby family for cheering me on. And a final thanks to the Junior Drag Bike Club for making this class great!

Liam Holgate: We got to the Pod on Thursday but it was too late to get the bike scrutineered. Friday first thing we signed on and got the bike scrutineered, it was a boring day as we did not get any runs in as it was raining all day. On Saturday the weather was better but was still very cold. First run off the line I struggled for grip and did a massive wheelspin and ran a 10.02 good enough for number three qualifier. Second run we were running quite late and it was dark and still cold, I set off and did another massive wheelspin and almost went over the centre line but managed to keep it on my side of the track but still managed to run a 10.62 but didn't better my qualifying position.

On Sunday things were slow again but the weather was a lot warmer. First elimination I had a bye run so we set a low ET so I didn't break out, I ran a 9.37 with no wheel spin because the track was warmer. Second elimination I was against Stacey this was going to be a hard race as she was very close to her times this weekend. I set a 9.35 ET and ran a 9.99 with loads of wheelspin again. Stacey beat me but I wasn't unhappy as I had such a good weekend catching up with all of my friends.

Louis Davies: After a long winter it was good to be back at the track, over winter we had made some mods to the barrel and head and the bike needed some setup time but due to the weather I didn’t get much in. Q1: I dialled in a 9.65 and with a 0.032 reaction time I ran a 9.76 which put me into the number two spot for qualifying which was a great start. Q2: After long waits I finally got to run but in the dark and raised the dial in to 9.70 I had a red light off the line but I ran a 9.83 which left me in the number two spot behind Stacey, well done to Stacey. Unfortunately Jordan came off his bike but is ok, hope to see you back on it soon.

E1: first round of the year and I was against Jack Shook and I dialled in a 9.70 and won the round with a 9.75 going through to have a bye run in the next round. E2: with a bye run I dialled in a 9.70 and took it flat out all the way to set a Dial In for the next round, I ran a 10.35 but red lit by rolling out of stage and then lost 0.5 seconds due to not going straight away, we worked out the time would have been approx. 9.80. In the semis I was against Stacey the number one qualifier so it was going to be close I dialled in a 9.70 and then after Stacey having air shifter problems went on to win the round with a 9.73 So I was into the final against Blade who was riding my old bike , the pressure was high I knew I couldn’t let my old bike beat me so I Dialled In as usual a 9.70 because I had been running 9.7-9.8 all day and then ran a 9.75 winning the final but it was really close.

Thank you to everybody that has helped me this weekend also Rene van den Berg and Eurol for sponsoring me again this year, Grandad for building the bike, Mum and Dad and all at Gipp Racing.

Thanks as always go to the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame,, (You're welcome - Ed) and Ian at King Racing, plus all the photographers who kindly allow us to use their pictures.

Festival of Power SE review.
16th April: The Festival of Power has always been a struggle for many teams as although there are six months following the UK National Finals everything seems to come down to a two week scramble before the event. Ben Barnwell writes that this year was no different for the Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator racers:

A collection of sixteen cars entered and turned up for what was set to be a stunning weekend of racing. This is the best turnout the class has had since 2009 and a sign of how far the class is progressing. Unfortunately we lost Rich Merriman in his beetle before he could get a qualifying run in due to breaking his gearbox running in VWDRC, we’re hopeful that Rich and crew will be back out with us soon. With fifteen cars all ready to qualify we had to wait until Saturday afternoon to get out for round one qualifying. The weather had played havoc with Friday’s plans although two cars made a test pass each at the Pro Peak Performance Test Day on Thursday: Jon Webster making good use of his winter upgrades running an 8.3/173 whilst Mark Todd had a few issues which needed tweaking after his twenty three-second run. Under the impression this would be a one shot qualifier it was as important as ever to run under the class cut off of 13.5 seconds. In the first round fourteen cars took to the track as Martin Smith had issues on the line and was pushed back leaving a trail of fluid underneath the GTR. Martin was left praying there was time for a second qualifier. Stu Williams started back pretty much where he left off last year picking up number 1 qualifier on his first run, an 8.07/175. Mark Todd was straight in at number two following his year out and despite suffering tyre shake and numerous peddles put in an 8.53/182, the speed clearly showing lots more to come from the GTO. Our number three qualifier Matt Smith back after a chassis upgrade in the off season by Jon Webster after his tag smashing runs last year, the Escort ran 8.75/160. Davey Murdoch in the ever improving '33 Willys was straight into number four with an 8.95 at a slowing 136 mph, still running on the same tune from last year’s European Finals. Newcomer to the class and a member of the growing Team Extreme Gary Gooding put down a stout 9.06/144 in his first run with Street Eliminator. Alex McIntosh back out for the first event on the back of running his first set of seven-second runs last time out, a few upgrades at Webster Race Engineering and the car lost some weight and gained aero work, unfortunately a lack of grip for Alex meant a 9.15/179, which was a new PB in mph and this was good enough for number six spot. Qualifiers seven and eight were the two Alans, Al McSweeney fresh out in the stunning blown Volvo put down a 9.42/143 and Al Williamson a 10.02/161 with a lot of wheelspin, top end power showing what the truck will be capable of. Andy Bond back out to defend his block tread title for another year, a 10.30/157 shows that Andy and crew are on top of the Mustang much earlier in the season than last year. 10.83/126 was good enough for number ten with Nick Hale at the wheel of his Pro Street Mercedes, a well sorted car and when he turns the gas on a sniff of a nine maybe? Up for number eleven was last year’s newcomer Anthony “Butch” Wilkins in his one of a kind Hillman van, Butch made the switch from block treads to drag radials but unfortunately still couldn’t find grip of the line resulting in a 10.92/125. Another new driver to street eliminator Nigel Hale brother of Nick in his Procharged 1500 hp truck, put down a clean 12.03 PB in his first run in the class. Slightly down the order from where he is normally found was Jon Webster in at thirteen with a 12.56/148, the Comet struggled for grip off the line and just couldn’t get the power in quick enough. Back out for the first time in a couple of years was Mats Andersson in his stunning Volvo sporting some very cool technology, Mats simply driving down the track after a long few weeks finishing the build a 12.57/109 was enough to get qualified and put a big smile on his face.

After a short discussion with the Race Director it was announced we would get a second qualifier, much to the delight of Team Extreme's Martin Smith who just needed to get a time on the board. Into the second round of qualifying and Al Williamson made a move up to number sixwith a 9.07/169mph, a new PB mph for Al. Jon Webster with a big move up to number two, a smooth 8.16/176 got him in the region of where he likes to be. Stu Williams laid down the first seven-second run of the season with a steady 7.73 to consolidate his number one spot. Gary Gooding next up to number three with 8.17/166 clearly getting the car sorted quickly. Mats Andersson again another checkout pass improved but stayed at number fifteen. Martin Smith finally getting to run took number nine qualifier with a 9.37/169, turbo issues plaguing Martin again but still enough to see him qualified. Andy Bond with a great driving job to keep the sideways Mustang in his lane, and pulled over to make sure no fluid had leaked onto the track. Nigel Hale in the last pair got his first run in the elevens whilst Butch recorded a new PB 10.43/132.

After the second round of qualifying an hour’s notice was given for the cruise, a nice twenty six mile spring cruise in the cool evening air. Mats Andersson elected not to take part in the cruise as a few worries needed sorting before he could use the car again, a superb weekend overall though and a great debut for the Volvo. Other than that the remaining fourteen cars met at the gate at 8.15 pm ready for a bit of night time cruising. Most people arrived at the petrol stop with cars all intact and no issues however Mark Todd had a problem that he was struggling to trace, the car cut out multiple times and Mark dropped back a long way, he made it to the fuel stop with only two minutes to spare. Everyone fuelled up and headed for the hot start. On arrival at the hot start the fourteen cars grabbed a lot of attention with a big crowd gathering to have a look around some of Europe’s fastest street cars. Unfortunately the two minute deadline to get the cars started after all the heat had soaked in to the engine was too much for Nick Hale, whose battery had unfortunately died, an issue out of his control. Al Williamson got his truck started but did not wish to continue with the truck as it was running extremely hot at over 245 degrees. There is a five minute deadline set for each car as it arrives at each destination, this means that the last car has to get into the gates within five minutes of the car in front. Twelve cars headed back for the track and with more issues the GTO continued cutting out, Mark just made it back into the track gates within the five minute deadline set by the car in front but only just, never the less, he qualified. Last into the gates was Andy Bond who also only just made the five minute cut off as he had kindly waited with Al to see if the truck cooled down, racers on the track but friendships are strong off it. This meant we had twelve cars ready for competition, the race was on to get the cars ready for first thing Sunday morning.

  Ahead of eliminations we had an opportunity to show off our new class sponsor On The Bottle. On The Bottle are the place to visit for your nitrous solutions as well as refill service and the ordering of VP Race Fuels. Mark from On the Bottle is providing a cash prize at each event, all of the competitors who qualified are entered into the hat with a winner drawn at random by Mark. On this occasion it was Davey Murdoch with the purple Willys who took the cash prize but a big thanks to On The Bottle for their support and we look forward to working with them over the course of the year.

Onto the first round of racing which saw a bye for newcomer Al Mac, who was clearly not taking it easy with a number that equalled his qualifying time. Alex McIntosh took on Martin Smith in what was going to be the closest race of the first round, both left with instant wheel spin but Alex the first to leave and with less spin meant he progressed to the next round with an 8.60/178 to Martin’s slowing 10.43/131. Gary Gooding took on Nigel Hale in the Procharged truck which weighs three times Gary’s Supra! Gary away first and never looked back with an effortless 8.25 at 169 to Nigel’s 11.01/121, another PB for Nigel and despite being put on the trailer he was extremely pleased with the truck's performance. Butch Wilkins and Matt Smith was set to be a good race, unfortunately for Butch a red light meant Matt automatically progressed with an 8.56/166. Jon Webster on a bye and clearly wanted lane choice as he went 8.07/179, a PB speed for Jon. Andy Bond had the hard task of taking on the Willys of Davey Murdoch who had been getting quicker all weekend, Andy with one of his standard 0.03 lights did everything he could but Davey drove around him and moved into round two with a 8.13/167 to Andy’s 9.02/160. Mark Todd on a bye and would obviously take it easy after the problems on the cruise, or not as it would seem, a 7.48/190 set him up for lane choice and a new ET record if he could back it up. Stu Williams had a bye and went through with a 7.65/182 doing everything he could to try and match Mark’s run but a great ET nevertheless.

In round 2 Jon Webster took on Al Mac, an interesting race as the two have raced in previous years and Jon had never managed to beat Al. This time though the Comet really was moving with a 7.84/178 to Al’s 9.44/142, Al running within 0.04 of his best time all weekend. David Murdoch and Gary Gooding were next out and another close race was set to take place as the pair were only separated by four thousandths of a second from the previous round. Gary away first but Davey finding some serious power to drive around the Supra and run his first seven, Davey taking the win with a 7.91/175 to Gary’s 8.17/169. Next up Matt Smith alongside Mark Todd, Matt with everything to do after Mark's previous pass however Mark was away first with a very nice 0.038 light and followed through with a 7.473/192 to take the win and set a new class ET record! Well done Mark and team great effort. Last pair out reigning champion Stu Williams against the ever improving Alex McIntosh, Alex with a 0.05 light, but Stu a 0.03 light, Stu took the win with a 7.63 to Alex’s slowing 12.1.

  After a small wait for the semi-finals we had two very interesting match ups. First up Mark Todd in the new record holding GTO, taking on 2014 Champion Stu Williams, Mark away first but unfortunately too early handing the win to Stu despite Mark running 7.60/190mph pedalling to Stu’s 8.52, Stu knowing he’d already won and booked his place in the final. Mark only found out after getting out of the car in the pits that he had red lit! Next up Jon Webster and Davey Murdoch, Davey with the work to do as Jon a consistent on the tree and the Comet on song, this time though Jon struggling to build boost it was Davey with the 0.0 light and Jon left hunting him down. Jon did everything he could but losing with a 7.83/180 to Davey’s 7.95/171. Jon’s first run over 180 and just 0.0206 difference between them at the stripe.

The final was set to be interesting with Stu a regular finalist and Davey’s first in five years. Both asleep at the lights but Stu away first and not looking back, Stu’s 7.62 defeating Davey’s 9.54/106mph suffering from tyre shake. A huge congratulations to all participants this weekend and a warm welcome to all the newcomers. We look forward to seeing you all at the next round at Shakespeare County Raceway in just a couple of weeks' time.

On behalf of the class I would like to say a big thank you to our class sponsors to whom we are very grateful: Topspeed Automotive, Custom Car magazine, RPM magazine, Webster Race Engineering, Serck Motorsport, Insane Creations, AW Upholstery, Quartermile High / Zeon TV, Matt Woods Photography, On The Bottle and, all of whom can be found on our web site at

Web site updates.
16th April: Thanks to Robin Jackson for letting us know that the MSA British Drag Racing Championship report from the Festival Of Power is now available at

Remco Scheelings writes that the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship is loaded with young, and in some cases extremely young, talent. In Pro Stock Motorcycle three of the top four riders in the 2014 Championship were under thirty and two were not even twenty years old whilst in Super Street Bike the runner-up was only twenty six years old. Young talent has a fair chance in the series and they can race against the best, at the greatest events and in front of a big crowd. You can read more on the Series' web site at

Thanks to Markus Münch for letting us know that the German on-line magazine Der Beschleuniger will from now on work together with the German site News, team and race reports will now be available at this address although Markus tells us that they will continue to contribute news to as they have for the last five years. Thanks very much guys.

VP fuel the Classic.
16th April: Leading UK fuel brand and Official Fuel Partner of Silverstone Classic 2015, JET, has chosen sponsor VP Racing Fuels to provide on-site race fuel service for this year's Silverstone Classic. This year's event is scheduled for 24th-26th July at Silverstone Circuit, site of the 2015 Formula 1 British Grand Prix and numerous other high profile events.

Following a very successful Silverstone Classic 2014 where VP fuelled many cars to flawless performances and drivers set personal best lap times on a variety of VP products, it was a natural progression for VP to participate formally in 2015. Pete George, Managing Director at JET, comments "2015 marks JET's second year as Official Fuel Partner of Silverstone Classic. Last year was a fantastic event but we wanted our involvement to be even bigger and better for 2015. VP Racing Fuels is well-established and has a strong track record in large motorsport events, so we're delighted to work in partnership with them to supply on-site race fuel for competitors at this year's event."

"Being selected by JET to provide on-site race fuel service at the world's biggest classic motor racing festival, with more than 1100 entries and many capacity fifty eight-car grids, is an exceptional accomplishment for us", said Jim Kelly, VP's Regional Manager for Europe. "Silverstone has an incredible racing heritage and we are honoured to have been chosen by JET. We look forward to working with those great racers and classic car enthusiasts this summer."

With 2015 marking VP's 40th Anniversary, its race season began in Daytona where VP fuelled the Rolex 24 Hours, followed by the Pirelli World Challenge at Circuit of the Americas in Texas and the 12 Hours of Sebring. In addition, VP will provide season-long control fuel service for IMSA, Rally America, Indy Lights and Trans Am as well as trackside sales at the Isle of Man TT and Classic TT and the SVRA vintage race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In addition to Silverstone, VP has been selected as fuel provider by several other high profile tracks including Watkins Glen, Lime Rock, Laguna Seca, Sebring and Road Atlanta in the U.S. and Santa Pod Raceway in England.

For technical information, fuel recommendations, tuning tips and a complete menu of unleaded and leaded fuel options including detailed spec sheets and a discount pre-order form participants can E-Mail or phone 07771 590176. For additional information visit, and

Editor's note.
15th April: We have had pretty much a perfect storm in the last week or so with illness within the team and a loss of internet service at HQ on Sunday - all updates and other communication since then have been via a 4G mobile broadband stick or smartphone.

We have of course given priority to tributes to Brian Johnson but we are pleased to report that internet access has now been restored at Headquarters. We will work to clear the news backlog this evening (Wednesday) and health permitting will get it all done in one sitting. Thanks to almost everyone for their patience since Sunday.

Brian Johnson.
14th April: We were very sorry to hear of the sudden death of legendary bike racer and British Drag Racing Hall of Fame member Brian Johnson. Brian was particularly renowned as one of the small number of European racers who raced with huge success in the USA.

Brian's racing career started in Street Bike on a 750 cc Honda, found drag racing to his liking and quickly moved to Pro Stock Bike, becoming the first European Pro Stock Bike racer to record an eight-second pass in 1981. After three PSB Championships Brian moved to Top Fuel Bike on the first of the Imperial Wizard bikes with which he set records and won a Championship in the USA. The second Imperial Wizard was the first TFB outside the USA to run a six-second pass, and in 1991 took the world best of 6.61 seconds. More USA success came in 1999 when he won Top Fuel Bike at the AMA/Prostar World Finals in Gainesville.

Brian set best marks of 6.101 seconds and 234.11 mph before retiring in 2001 at which point he was presented with keys to Santa Pod Raceway.

Brian's engineering skills and innovative spirit were in the finest British tradition. He and his ever-supportive wife Ann were inseparable at the track and away from it. We always found Brian to be friendly and approachable, hospitable, informative, no-nonsense and on occasion very funny; he once famously said of his Top Fuel Bike that "After you've spent the off-season riding a push bike and stroking the cats it's a bit unreal getting back on these things!". We were privileged to sit with Brian and Ann at last year's British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala Dinner and the years rolled back.

Our deepest sympathies to Ann, to Brian's brother Chris, and to all of Brian's family and friends.

We have set up a tribute page for Brian which you can check out by
clicking here or by clicking on the Features, Interviews, Tributes link on the left-hand side of any page. If you would like to send your own tribute then please E-Mail or send it to Ian King via

Done and busted.
12th April: UK Pro ET racer Rick Denny returned to racing this year after taking 2014 out to finance a trip to the US Nationals, a pair of rear wings and a new paint job on the Firebird. Unfortunately Rick's comeback season lasted 3¼ runs.

"The first three runs were great and it was running quick in the good air", Rick told "On the fourth run I made it to sixty feet when it cut out. What looked to be a distributor and oil pump problem turned out to be a broken crank and some block damage, so that's me done for this year.

"I'd like to say Thank You to Dan Williams for help trying to diagnose what had gone wrong and to the Innes family for food, support and towing. Thanks also to Yvonne Tramm for returning my race licence which I was unaware I had left at signing on."

Already bouncing back.
12th April: Although UK Pro Modified racer Wayne Nicholson's Festival of Power ended on a bad note there was good news on the way in as he welcomed four new sponsors:

EMA Computer Solutions: EMACS is a West Yorkshire based company who are making a big impact in the Bodyshop industry with their award-winning software, supplying anyone from ted in a shed up to the likes of TrustFord and many more big body shop groups.

Marshall Body Repair and Restoration: Based in Mansfield, family-run Marshall Body Repair pride themselves in the work they do; from minor bumps and scrapes to a full restoration anything is possible. 

Martin's Auto Centre: Martin's Auto Centre is a locally-based MoT and repair centre providing MOTs for classes 1, 2 and 4 and a recovery service so you know help is going to be at hand.

Engine Data Analysis: EDA is a fairly well-known company through out the drag racing scene in England but, if you haven't heard of them before, EDA is based in castleford and has been running for more than twenty five years. They specialise in competitive engines for all forms of motorsport. Ever in need of a bit of advice? Or maybe a few spare parts? EDA is what you need. 

"If you would like to know more visit their web sites, or even ours at" says Wayne.

Of his crash in Pro Modified qualifying last weekend, Wayne says "I have had a few people say "We thought you had saved it".... so did I. Looking at the footage it could easily have been far worse, I think I got away lightly. I am not the first person it happened to and maybe not the last.

"Always looking for the positive, some of the early numbers on the run were very encouraging, all the work and changes over the winter are working. I just need to repay everyone in the team, sponsors and family with some good numbers now.

"It's been very humbling , the amount of people offering help in many ways, thank you all. Thank you to all the safety crew who appeared almost from nowhere, you guys rock! Regarding the car, it was round at Webster Race Engineering before Sunday evening, and Andy Marshall at Marshall's Restoration and Body are taking care of the fibreglass. Allyfab have stepped up to remake the tanks that were damaged and many others are involved with various other aspects. The Main Event is the goal for a few reasons.

"A big Thank You to my wonderful wife Belinda for putting up with it all, and sorry for scaring you , Gareth and Joe."

The Package returns.
12th April: Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that one of the unthinkables occurred over the off-season as UK Super Pro ET racer Simon Gough put his operation up for sale on our Jeff Bull Race Engines-sponsored Swap Meet. Simon says that this was the result of a very bad couple of months but that a week into the New Year circumstances changed for the better with the help of a couple of special people, business advice from a successful team being the best advice he had ever taken. Even so, his attendance at the Festival of Power was in doubt until quite late on:

The race got nearer and nearer and with my current work commitments a day off is a bit of a nightmare due to the amount of input I have day in and day out. But we worked it out that we could do it, and we then needed to get the car ready. I put a call out to Jon Giles asking if he would give me a hand for the day. Finny, Jon's crewman, came with him and took the lorry to Northampton for some work. Two weeks later we were at the Festival of Power.

Day one was testing which didn't go to plan. After changing the starter motor three times all we could do was put it down to electrical fault... until we thought about checking the batteries. Problem found, furring on the terminals wasn't giving us full power.

Starting qualifying the next day we dialled in 8.29 knowing full well we weren't going to hit that but it would give us a indication of where the car wanted to be on the next run, knowing only too well that the track would get better over the course of the day when others would be laying plenty of rubber down. When we arrived in the pairing lanes for Q2 our weather system was telling us a very low 8.55. With the track coming round I called a 8.54, bang on yet again with another number one qualifier. Happy team once again. The Package was back.

In eliminations we were up against Mark Flavell. After waiting in the pairing lanes for a while I was told that he had broken and wouldn't be racing today so I had a trial run for the next round. Round two was against my mate Jack Brewster. I dialled an 8.45 but ran an 8.48, stood a bit on the brakes to make sure not to breakout. Nice win and a bye in round 3, dialled 8.43 as the track was looking better but the air took a bit of a knock so I ran 8.47. Just before the run Sharron gave me an 8.46 but I changed it as I didn't think about the air quality. So into round 4 up against Paul Przybyl. He was on it the weekend and we put on an 8.46 not knowing that I was going to pull my best light in the last twelve months of 0.0023, a solid good light and knowing full well that Paul had been carving the tree all weekend we knew it was now or never. When I we got to the gantry I could see that Paul wasn't there so I jumped on the brakes and ran an 8.48 which gave me the win.

Into the final against Scott Hauser, twice Super Pro ET Champion and no mug on the dial-in and Tree. Our reactions were 0.0023 apart with the advantage to Scott. Again we dialed in 8.46 but broke out with an 8.4467 - I looked for Scott and couldn't see him and scrubbed off five miles per hour over the stripe but too late. Scott put a 7.54 on the board and ran a 7.55. Well done to Scott on the win and a big well done to my team.

We're now getting prepared for the Main Event knowing that we're just behind Scott in the SPRC Championship. A great start to the season and hopefully be a bit better at the Main Event. Big thanks to all my crew and sponsors: Sharron Gough, Dan Devlin, Jon Giles, Chris Wing, Jim Massey, LAS Motorhomes and Service, Opie Oils, K&N Filters, NGK, The Awning Company and our suppliers who make us consistent: Woody Mays Race Cars USA, Jeff Bull Race Engines, BLP Carbs USA and Chris Isaacs Race Cars.

The fairy tale of new Yorker.
12th April: Many thanks to Connor Holt for sending us a report of Sportsman ET at the Festival of Power:

As the European drag racing season sprung back into life after what seemed an eternal winter, the girls and boys of drag racing's entry-level adult-class lined up for their first round with some new talent on display. One of the biggest stories in Sportsman racing over the past few years has been Santa Pod Raceway's increasingly successful Dial-in-Days, and after three years several graduates of the taster days have now made their way into Sportsman ET. This year's DiD winner Gillian Medley received an additional prize on top of the trophy, a paid entry into Sportsman ET at the Festival of Power. Not to be outdone, Gillian's husband Alan also entered the event, continuing a tradition of racers from York Raceway's hugely popular American Super Stock series entering SP/ET. What no one knew was just how incredibly Gillian's weekend was going to unfold…

After Saturday's rain-delayed first qualifying session, it was Matt Moxon sat on top of the pile, his very pretty Mustang running 13.25 on a 13.20 dial in. In second place was Gillian in the Hemi-powered Jeep 0.10 seconds off her 15.20 dial-in, and last year's debutante Felicity Gibb in third running 17.13 on a 17.10 prediction. Unfortunately, Gillian's Jeep had developed an oil leak and, as it seemed unlikely that the class would get a second qualifier, Gillian and Alan left the track to try to effect repairs. So when the racers were called for Q2 late of Saturday evening, it seemed that Alan and Gillian would miss out. Then at half past eight when Dave Nelson's weekend went horribly wrong (commiserations Dave, hope to see Dorris back soon), the second session was rescheduled for race-day morning, and the racers all returned to the pits.

Come Sunday morning, when Gillian and Alan returned to the track they were greeted with the news that there would be a second session. At that point, they were about to report the Jeep as a mechanical casualty and withdraw from the event, the oil leak proving to be a trickier fix than first thought. However, some of Gillian's fellow racers in the class pointed out the Eddie Hill rule, which allows a racer to substitute a different vehicle, as long as the car used in eliminations has been used in qualifying. The Race Director confirmed this to be the case, and Gillian's workhorse Passat was hurriedly emptied of suitcases and scrutineered. A committee of fellow racers came up with a guesstimate dial-in, and Gillian and the rest of the class headed down the pairing lanes for Q2. Here Matt Moxon cemented his number one place with a +0.003 over index run. Ricky Hales showed why he is the defending National Champion with a +0.02 pass. Gillian broke out big time in the Passat, but crucially had a qualifying run in the car and would be able to take part in eliminations. It is fair to say that her weekend was about to get a whole lot better.

In the first round of eliminations, Alan Medley broke out by 0.1 seconds handing the win to Stephen Cherrett. Ricky Hale took the / Bad Habit Racing Perfect Light award in his race against Jon Crawford, but Jon ran close enough to his index to force Ricky into breaking out. Gillian Medley and newcomer (and fellow Dial-in-Day alumnus) Holly Sanders had the closest race of the round, both running within 0.02 of their dial-in, with Gillian keeping twenty five inches ahead of a rapidly catching Holly. Reigning SPRC Champion Craig Wright reminded us why he is a multiple Champion by leaving a tenth of a second before Felicity Gibb, forcing South London's finest to break out by a hundredth of a second. Finally, Matt Moxon took advantage of his Number One Qualifier bye with another consistent pass just 0.03 away from his dial in.

In the second round, rising star Gillian Medley lined up against former champion Stephen Cherrett. In a rare (and very close) 0.004 red-light, Stephen handed the win to Gillian. Number one qualifier Matt Moxon came up against Craig Wright and it was a Battle of the Breakouts (Price, J. 2001) which resulted in Craig taking the win whilst Jon Crawford's reward for beating Ricky in the first round was a bye through to the semis.

There Jon would meet Craig, and after an even start Craig was reeling Jon in. The Black Sharan was still in front as they crossed the line, but a massive two-tenths breakout meant that it would not be an all-Volkswagen final, as Gillian lined up to take her bye. However, she sent a very powerful message to her opponent, laying down the class's second 0.000 reaction time of the day.

So, as the two finalists rolled round for their last run of the day, would Craig be able to end the fairy-tale, or would Gillian and Alan continue their 100% record of trophy collection at Santa Pod? The question was settled early as Craig left before the green light came on, meaning that Gillian Medley was the hugely popular winner of Sportsman ET at the Festival of Power. She now takes an early points lead over Craig into the next round, with Jon Crawford in third and Matt Moxon very close behind in fourth place.

A fairy tale end to a great elimination, and as the racers headed for home it was clear that if Ricky and Craig are going to retain their titles this year they are going to have some tough opposition standing in their way.

Meanwhile at York Raceway...
12th April: PDRC and Ash Digital write that York Raceway's first event of the year took place last weekend in good weather and dry conditions:

All classes were well supported and respectable times were posted by all competitors with the excellent race conditions.The venue was well supported with good attendances as trackside and grandstand spectators watched the action throughout the day. On Sunday the Drag Racers' Test and Tune gave an insight to Monday's Nationals. By mid morning on Sunday Mini drivers were posting respectable qualifying times setting the benchmark for the day's racing. Run What You Brung was in full swing between qualifying and eliminations rounds to keep everyone entertained throughout the day.

Carl Austin (above left) posted 111.66 mph to take the Mini Showdown with James / Gavin Bowers in a creditable second place. Stuart Thompson (above right) took the honours in American Super Stock at 127.79 mph with Lee Chiles in second place. The good weather and great racing ensured that everyone was catered for.

Swift snippets.
12th April: A reminder that UK Super Pro ET racer Phil Toppin will be appearing on Racers Reunion Radio overnight tomorrow (Monday-Tuesday). You will be able to tune in at 01:00 UK / 02:00 European Tuesday at

Reduced price entry closes soon for the 20th Drag Power Show at Chambley, France on 1st-3rd May. The event includes a round of the ATD Championship, appearance by Swiss Top Fuel Dragster racer and sponsor Urs Erbacher, jet vehicles, wheelstanders, Night Show and much more. You can find out more (French-language PDF) by clicking here or via the Duckteam web site at

Kazimierz Suszniak writes that Automaster are organising three drag races at Kamień Śląski in Poland. The Automaster Speed Cup takes place on 26th April, 27th-28th June and 27th September. You can find out more at

Flamholc's team grows.
12th April: Sweden's Adam Flamholc says that another car has been added to the Flamholc Racing operation this year:

One of my best friends, Mats Lusth, bought a Rick Jones built Pontiac GTO, and will compete in Pro Street in Sweden this year. Mats been a professional hockey player for over twenty years, and is now head coach for Malmo Redhawks. 2014 was his first year as a driver in a bracket car, and he turned out to do an excellent job. I'm sure that Mats will do well and win races in his first year in the new car. I have a feeling that this is just the start of something really good.

I will compete with the Viper in Europe and the Corvette in US, Mattias Flamholc and Lucas Karlsson will run their updated Junior Dragsters in Europe - both are aiming for the Swedish Championship! Malmo Motor-Renovering and I will assist ME Racing in FIA Pro Mod, Team TeeCee Racing in Top Doorslammer, and of course Mats Lusth in Pro Street. I will work as a tuner / consultant and MMR will provide parts and machine work.

Outlaws set for 2015.
12th April: Dave McKenzie writes with an update from the UK's Supercharged Outlaws:

Our annual Presentation Night took place in February preceded by the AGM. Both were very well attended, and the Presentation Night was a great evening with both Outlaws and track crew from Shakespeare County Raceway having a great time.

Everyone is looking forward to the season with a good contingent from Europe again this year. We are hoping to get a round in Europe in the near future, talks are ongoing, any news will be published as soon as we can. There are a number of Outlaw teams returning in 2015 including Dave McKenzie / Mark Windridge with the Team Thing funny car, Ian Hanson and Roy Wilding along with newcomers to the class including Jim Usher. More news on the returning and new entrants at a later date.

The 2014 trophy winners were:

Joint Series winners: Paul Watts and Lee Gallimore
Runner-up: John Reeve
Third place: Andy Osborne
Spirit of the Outlaws: Charlie Chivers
Melanie Dalton Memorial: Andy Hadfield
Best Burnout: Ian Kerr
Best Looking Car: Neil Townson
Wildest Ride: Joe Bond
Most Improved Team: Trace Froome
Best Newcomer: Andy Osborne
Best European: Kirsten van Croonenborgh

The Supercharged Outlaws calendar for 2015 is as follows:

Round 1: Yanks Weekend, Shakespeare County Raceway
Round 2: NSRA Nostalgia Nationals, Shakespeare County Raceway
Round 3: Dragstalgia, Santa Pod Raceway
Round 4: Bulldog Bash, Shakespeare County Raceway
Round 5: VW Action, Santa Pod Raceway
Round 6: NSRA Hot Rod Drags, Shakespeare County Raceway

The Supercharged Outlaws are also pleased to announce our continued association with Good Vibrations Motorsports as Jim Maher has renewed his sponsorship of our Series for a fifth year. Team Thing racing were over at Jim's shop after attending the March meet to receive the sponsorship cheque from Jim (left). The team were guests of Good Vibrations at the March Meet and Jim and the team's hospitality was second to none, whilst there we also met up with Roy Wilding, Lesley Prior and Norm Wheeldon. Again we cannot thank Jim enough for his continued support of the Supercharged Outlaws.

We are hoping to get a new web site up and running before the season starts, again we will let you know all the news via (Thanks - Ed).

Reacting badly? Write your will.
12th April: Regular readers will recall that Eire's own Top Fuel Dragster racer Gabrielle McDonald sought guinea pigs to take reaction tests to help with her thesis. Gabby got in touch to thank everyone who took part:

I really appreciate it! You helped make my final year in Psychology a little more bearable by helping me study something that I love the most.

I want to make sure that people don't get confused when I talk about Reaction Times and Anticipation Times. The type of starting system us drag racers use doesn't actually test reaction times, it tests anticipation time (AT). So whenever I refer to AT I mean the Christmas Tree. It was found throughout that there was no expert and novice difference, which has been backed up by other studies. But what was interesting was that experts were more consistent on the RT task but were slightly less consistent on the AT task, which I found weird as they wouldn't have been experts on the RT task. Novices were just ever so slightly quicker on the Christmas Tree, which could be down to age, as it has also been found that RT decreases with age. So I'm sorry old timers, if your RT and AT are slow you might just be getting closer to your death bed (according to other researchers). 

There were no differences between males and females, females were more consistent overall though. However, males did score higher on most of the self-efficacy statements, which tested confidence.  

Also a very funny finding: those who predicted they were going to do well did significantly worse than those who predicted they would do worse. This goes to show that some have just over- and underestimated their abilities, which goes against majority of the research in Self-Efficacy (confidence). 

I hope to repeat the study with more people and hopefully out on the race track. Thanks again for those who got involved!

Web site updates.
12th April: Not being able to crew for the Timewarp Nostalgia Funny Car due to engine damage did allow Chris Eyre the opportunity to get back behind the camera lens at the Festival of Power and you can check out his pictures at the Eurodragpics web site at

Our good buddy Alan Currans has updated the official web site of the Chaos Fuel Altered with a report and pictures from the Festival of Power together with a video of Nick Davies' 6.1-second pass in the NFCC final. You can check it all out at

Also updating from the Festival of Power is Dick Parnham whose shots can be found at

With four Finnish championships in Pro Harley at his credit, Ismo Mäenpää was ready for a new challenge. The Finn and his team found it in Supertwin. "At first we didn't know what to do, but little by little and with help from other teams we learned, and are still learning every race", he says. Ismo ended the 2014 season with a new Personal Best at Tierp Arena and finished third in the EDRS Pro Nordic Super Twin Championship. "In 2015 we want to do even better and as always, go for personal bests", Ismo says. Remco Scheelings has more on the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Series web site at

The Norwegian National Drag Bike Team was founded in 2013. In co-operation with the Norwegian Motorsport Federation as a new way to help Norwegian drag racers with sponsorship, marketing and all issues they encountered when running their own team. In its third year six riders in three different classes will represent the Norwegian National Drag Bike Team and they will try to attract attention to Norwegian drag racing with outstanding performances. Again Remco Scheelings has more on the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Series web site at

Event entry update.
11th April: Thanks to Ian Marshall for passing us the final version of the official entry list for Big Bang, which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April (racing 25th-26th) and which is a VWDRC and Outlaw Flat Four Championship round as well as a UK National Championship round for Sportsman ET and Lucas Oil Junior Dragster, a Championship round for Outlaw Anglia, JDS Pro and JDS Street, and an SPRC Club round for 8.50 Bike and 9.50 Bike. You can check out the Big Bang entry list by
clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.

Entry is still open for the following round of UK National, ACU UK Drag Bike and other Championships, the Hillingdon Speed and Spares APIRA Springspeed Nationals which takes place at Shakespeare County Raceway on 2nd-4th May. You can download entry forms from the SCR web site at

Thanks also to Ian Marshall for forwarding us Version 1 of the official entry list for The Main Event, the first round of the FIA and FIM European Championships and a round of the UK National Drag Racing Championships for selected classes, which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on 22nd-25th May. You can check out the Main Event entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page. Entry closes on Friday 24th April after which entry, if accepted, maybe subject to a Late Entry penalty. You can download entry forms from the Santa Pod Racers Club web site at

Swift snippets.
11th April: Good luck and stay safe to Sweden's Jimmy Ålund who has extended his racing stay in the USA and is contesting Pro Stock at this weekend's NHRA Nationals in Las Vegas. After day one of qualifying Jimmy is ninth at 6.647/208.07 having set a new track speed record in Q1. Qualifying continues today and you will be able to stay in touch with Jimmy's progress at

Similarly good luck and stay safe to Sweden's Adam Flamholc who is contesting Pro Extreme this weekend's PDRA Spring Nationals in Rockingham. After day one of qualifying Adam is seventh at 3.611/208.33. Again you can stay in touch with Adam's progress at

Santa Pod Raceway Track Announcer and Blogger Colin Theobald asked us to say a big Thank You to everyone who got in touch with birthday wishes yesterday.

Swift snippets.
10th April: Kev Charman and team and Mandy, Jeni, Sarah and Julie have asked us to say a big Happy 50th Birthday to Lizz McCarthy. We're very pleased to do so, have a lovely day Lizz. Also celebrating a 50th birthday today is Santa Pod Raceway Track Announcer, Blogger and all-round top bloke Colin Theobald and Williams Brothers Racing patriarch Keith Williams. Have a great day guys.

Editor's note: Weekend readers will know that Simon is recovering from a back injury and Tog is still under the weather so news updates are being delayed. We will catch up on tomorrow's (Saturday's) update. Please keep the news coming to

Outlaws invited to NitrOlympX.
8th April: NitrOlympX Race Director Jerry Lackey writes that he is looking for at least six quick and fast Supercharged Outlaws interested in appearing at the 30th Anniversary event at Hockenheim on 7th-9th August.

"We want to put together a test class for Supercharged Outlaw cars this year to see if, as I think it will, the class will fit into the NitrOlympX theme of Loud and Fast as Hell", says Jerry. "I am working on a prize and travel money plan which I am sure will be very attractive to Supercharged Outlaw racers."

If you are interested then please contact Jerry at and he will be in touch soon and certainly at Main Event weekend at Santa Pod.

Event entry update.
8th April: Thanks to Ian Marshall for passing us the Version 5 of the official entry list for Big Bang, which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April (racing 25th-26th) and which is a VWDRC and Outlaw Flat Four Championship round as well as a UK National Championship round for Sportsman ET and Lucas Oil Junior Dragster, a Championship round for Outlaw Anglia, JDS Pro and JDS Street, and an SPRC Club round for 8.50 Bike and 9.50 Bike. You can check out the Big Bang entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.

Entry is also open for the following round of UK National, ACU UK Drag Bike and other Championships, the Hillingdon Speed and Spares APIRA Springspeed Nationals which takes place at Shakespeare County Raceway on 2nd-4th May. You can download entry forms from the SCR web site at

Festival of Power results.
6th April: Congratulations to the winners at the Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway:

MSA Pro Modified: Kev Slyfield 10.6105/98.57 bye, Bert Englefield no show
Fuel Funny Car: Gordon Smith 4.9392/257.62 def. Kevin Kent 5.3381/175.08
Nostalgia Fuel Car Cup: Nick Davies 6.1260/230.12 def. Tim Garlick no time hit reflector
Comp Eliminator: Robin Orthodoxou (7.56) 8.967/94.21 def. Rob Smallworth (8.00) 15.8349/57.67 red light
Super Pro ET: Scott Hauser (7.54) 7.5545/176.37 def. Simon Gough (8.46) 8.4467/155.73 breakout
Pro ET: Lee Huxley (9.57) 9.6075/127.29 def. Mike Lacey (9.27) 9.3147/144.74
Sportsman ET: Gillian Medley (16.47) 16.6314/83.63 def. Craig Wright (16.16) 16.2415/83.47 red light
Super Comp: Stuart Doignie 9.6240/103.84 def. Dave Day 10.3555/125.22
Super Gas: Collin Morrice 9.9586/147.69 def. Stuart Doignie 9.9782/122.39
Super Street: Dave Cherrett 11.0608/86.89 def. Karen Stevens 10.8950/125.81 breakout
Lucas Oil Junior Dragster: Matthew Dowdy (13.54) 13.6508/46.79 def. Morgan Wilson (8.15) 8.1441/79.10 breakout
Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator: Stuart Williams 7.6211/182,23 def. Dave Murdoch 9.5483/106.04
The Wild Bunch: Phil James (9.27) 9.3652/140.71 def. Terry Clifford (9.25) 11.9471/64.04
VW Pro: James Hodson (10.20) 10.1976/139.92 def. Jacob Bailey (12.30) 12.0701/101.27 breakout
VW Sportsman: Paul Herbert (13.25) 13.2995/91.98 def. Adrian London (15.24) 15.3026/86.50

Top Fuel Bike: Rene van den Berg 6.6276/189.70 bye
Funny Bike: Dave Peters 7.9766/160.75 def. Bob Brooks 9.6793/136.59
Super Street Bike: Garry Bowe 7.1650/197.16 def. Richard Hann 7.3643/197.26
Comp Bike: Ed Smiley 7.9814/174.39 def. Sean Mills 12.4950/72.61
9.50 Bike: Steve Ashby 9.6212/139.84 def. Mark Hope 9.4720/147.18 red light
8.50 Bike: Jake Mechaell 8.5880/142.93 def. Jay Roe 8.5777/154.73
Junior Drag Bike: Louis Davies (9.70) 9.7500/64.13 def. Blade Dummer (9.74) 9.8322/64.53
Supertwin ET: Fiona Moor (12.30) 14.0213/91.94 def. Phil Cordelle (11.05) 10.8926/122.05 red light

Congratulations also to Mark Todd who set a new Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator ET record of 7.473 seconds, and to Sportsman ET racer Ricky Hale who won the / Bad Habit Racing Perfect Light Award with a 0.000 RT during eliminations. The Perfect Light Award has been reset to £50 for Big Bang at Santa Pod Raceway on 24th-26th April and the /
Gold RV Perfect ET Award, which was not won, has been increased to £75 for Big Bang.

Yo ucan check out out John Woolfe Racing-sponsored reports and galleries by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.

US legends to attend BDRHoF Gala.
4th April: Two more US legends have booked their seats for the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala Dinner at the Saville Court Hotel in Windsor on Saturday 21st November: Blue Max Funny Car super tuner 'Waterbed' Fred Miller and the only man who could really handle the twin Chevy-engined Freight Train gas dragster - Bob Muravez, aka Floyd Lippencotte Jr. Brian Taylor writes:

'Waterbed' Fred Miller is one of the most respected tuners in drag racing and it was in that role that he joined Raymond Beadle on the Blue Max Funny Car Team during the visits to Santa Pod Raceway in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Fred said "I was glad to do what I did in the era of Prudhomme, McEwen, Garlits and Shirley. I think it was a lot more fun back then and I miss hanging out with Raymond. We had great fun during our visits to the UK, and meeting up with Stu Bradbury at the recent International Drag Racing Hall of Fame Awards Dinner in Gainesville brought back a lot of memories.

"I'm really looking forward to attending the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala Dinner with my wife Diane and to meeting up with some old friends from back in the Blue Max era."

Unfortunately we have not seen the second legend racing in the UK. When you talk about the old Top Gas Dragster eliminators in the USA one car comes to mind and that is the fabulous twin Chevy-engined Freight Train dragster owned by John Peters. From its début in 1959 right up to its demise in 1972 it dominated the class. The dragster's most successful driver was Bob Muravez who made over 1,300 passes in the car. Unknown to many at the time, Muravez came from a rather well-to-do family who simply did not approve of him driving any of those dirty drag racing machines. Their disapproval was so strong that for a short period he actually stepped out of the seat to appease them, despite the fact that his driving in 1962 netted the team a win at the March Meet, the first major race for the Top Gas class.

After several other top drivers had failed to get the same performance out of the car Bob was persuaded to return and drove it under the car owner's name for a while. Later, NHRA Race Director Steve Gibbs gave him the nickname Floyd Lippencotte Jr and under this pseudonym he would drive the car to six NHRA national event wins, this in the days when there were only two to three such events each year. He took to coming into the winners' circle in his fire mask and there are some great old ads in the pages of Hot Rod magazine showing head shots of famous drag racers and there was always one guy still in his fire mask.

In 1970 and 1971 Peters teamed up with Walt Rhoades to run the car with Bob still in the driver's seat. They ditched the Chevy motors for a pair of 428 ci Chrysler Hemis. They also painted the car black, a departure from the traditional red scheme it had sported for a decade. Despite the additional weight of the big Chrysler lumps, the car was still unstoppable and the team won the 1971 GatorNationals with this se- up. It was to be the last big win for the car as the class was scrapped the following year and Peters had no interest in going down the Super Comp road.

Bob retired from drag racing at that time and didn't drive again until John Peters restored the Freight Train in 1993 and ran exhibition passes at four national events. The dragster's home these days is the NHRA Museum where is can be seen beautifully restored with Chevys back between the frame rails. Not just a static display car, the Freight Train participates in the CHRR cacklefests.

Bob said "I'm so looking forward to being at the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala Awards dinner in November. We have heard so much about it and it will be a great privilege to meet up with drag racers and racing fans in the UK. Along with my wife 'Big Red' Sharon, I expect my friend Floyd Lippencotte Jr will be with us as well, so watch out for some special photo opportunities."

British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Management Group Board Director Geoff Stilwell said "What can I say? The news just gets better. People asked "How are you going to top the 2014 event?". I think you can already see that the evening is going to be another drag racing milestone so book early is my advice. I think we may well need a longer table for the after dinner autograph session."

Ticket prices for the Gala Dinner will remain as last year at £60 per person. Corporate tables of ten are available at £580. Room prices also remain as last year, £99 for double and £79 for single including breakfast. Complimentary use of swimming pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and free car parking are also part of the package. For advance booking of Gala Dinner tickets contact or telephone Stu Bradbury on 01933 279102. No deposits will be required until the summer but when other plans come together this will again be an early sell-out event. There is more exciting news to come...

For room bookings call the Savill Court Hotel on 01784 472000 quoting Hall of Fame dinner 21st November.

Lucas Oil launch discount scheme.
3rd April: Visitors to the Festival of Power will be among the first to get an opportunity join the Lucas Oil Racer Discount Club. The LORDC scheme is designed to give racing enthusiasts access to racing oils, engine additives, workshop lubricants and car care products at better than retail prices.

'It's a club for racers that will help racers do what they want to do around the track much more economically and much more successfully, too", says Lucas Oil Managing Director Les Downey. "Anybody who races cars, bikes, scooters, karts or trucks anywhere in the UK can become a LORDC member. Members are entitled to exclusive offers and discounts on a wide range of Lucas Oil products."

Posters around the track will direct visitors into the Pod Shop. The scheme will be rolled out UK-wide after the Santa Pod event.

Also in Santa Pod-related Lucas Oil news, Podzilla Monster Truck driver Drew Thornton and the rest of the Santa Pod crew prepared for the Easter weekend's Festival of Power with the help of Lucas Oil.Lucas Oil has agreed to supply products from its ranges of oils and additives to make sure that everything runs smoothly before, during and after all Santa Pod events in 2015. Everything they use will also be on sale from the Pod Shop.

"Anyone who's here to watch the Festival of Power weekend, or plans to run a car in events like Run What You Brung, or Drift What You Brung - and even the FIA/FIM European Championships - can buy and use what the professionals at Santa Pod use in their vehicles", says Les Downey.
Podzilla's oil, and the oil in any engine that needs to generate the kind of power that produces wining performances on the Santa Pod track. Lucas Hot Rod Oil is the brand of choice for many hot rod racers throughout the racing world, but Lucas Oil's additives and oils ranges are just as suitable for everyday cars as they are for cars on the track. The Lucas Oil range of additives includes Octane Boosters, Deep Clean engine products for most types of engine and fuel additives designed to improve fuel economy and reduce engine emissions.

More nitro for the Lion.
2nd April: Maltese Top Fuel Dragster racer Duncan Micallef got in touch to bring us up to date with developments in the Lion's pride:

Allof last year's sponsors are renewed and we are dealing with a big company for a main sponsor. With the help of the additional sponsorship Rune Fjeld Motorsport's boss Rune Fjeld is investing more in the car and with the experience I gained in 2014 I think we could be a bigger force this season. At least, we hope we will be!

Team members Mark and Melvin have stayed on but there will be changes with the diver and clutch man, so this weekend will be a good test for all of us. Weather permitting we will make as many runs as we can this weekend. There is some new stuff on the car so we will also have some help from the States during the season.

I would again like to thank last year's crew of Gary, Mark, Lawrie and Paul but unfortunately this year I am going to be a pain in the ass for you guys! We have a saying: "The lion gets hungrier year after year"!

Swift snippets.
2nd April: UK Super Pro ET racer Billy Gane is almost ready to go after a manic few weeks. "Over the off season the car has had a major update, new 662ci engine, new transmission, new ignition system and data logger, and plenty of other small bits along the way", he says. "Along with that we decided to put a new engine in the coach just to make sure we didn't get bored! I would just like to thank all the people who have helped me get ready over the last few weeks: firstly my Dad Dave for all his help at stupid hours of the evening; Glenn Pallant for relentless amounts of alloy welding and machine work; Jeff Bull for getting the engine up to scratch; Paul and Terry Wratten for the last minute changes to the headers, and Nigel Jenkins at UK Blowers for making the induction scoop in under a week! See you all at the track."

John Hackney has asked us to say a big Thank You to everyone who sent hero cards, T-Shirts, photographs and more for his American buddy AJ who is fighting cancer. "As you can see you have all brought a great smile to AJ's face", says Hackers.

For Swedish Pro Stock Nike racer Kenneth Holmberg drag racing only has positives. As a racer it is fun and gives him the competition he is looking for, as the owner of Swecomposite drag racing is for testing and research and to show customers what carbon products can do, and finally the track is the place to meet his customers and find new ones. You can read more in You can read more in Remco Scheelings' latest feature on the EDRS Pro Motorcycle Championship web site at

Yesterday's news update contained not one, not two, but three April Fools. Cath and Tig Napier's Challenger has quite enough power without adding electric motors, Colin Theobald is not racing one of the Williams Brothers' cars at this weekend's Festival of Power, and (Regrettably - Ed)Melanie Butler will not be acting as a presenter on our webcasts. Thanks very much to Cath and Tig and to Colin for writing their own April Fool news items, and to Melanie for willingly going along with our own idea.

Top Sportsman, Dragster entry open.
2nd April: Paul Marston writes that entry forms will be available from his pit this wekeend for Comanche Race Cars UK Top Sportsman and Tasty Puffs Top Dragster which will be contested at the Back With Mods Scooter and Ska event at Santa Pod Raceway on 12th-14th June.

UK, European and Scandinavian teams are very welcome. Remember that other than safety there are no rules: this is an outlaw event, so you do not need an MSA licence. There are two races over the event. First a fast bracket race with a buyback into round two, and secondly, the Heads Up race, the fastest sixteen qualify in Comanche Race Cars UK Top Sportsman. The Tasty Puffs Top Dragster qualified field will reflect entries as it's the first of its kind. Tasty Puffs Top Dragster also covers Funny Cars, Altereds and Roadsters. There has been a lot of interest in both classes and the organisers expect to see some real top quality Sportsman teams in attendance. This will be one hell of a weekend for everyone involved. It will once again be filmed by Zeon TV and later shown on Motors TV, which incidentally is now available to everyone on Freeview, and plan to webcast the event. A promotional video has recently been uploaded to YouTube and you can watch it at Please spread the word, this really will be one not to miss either as a competitor or a spectator.

Put simply, both Comanche Race Cars UK Top Sportsman and Tasty Puffs UK Top Dragster are the richest payout, roughest, toughest, hardest fought Heads-Up and Fast Bracket Sportsman races on the calendar. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best, this is where you can get it done.

For teams looking to compete please Like the UK Top Sportsman Facebook page where the latest updates are always available, and stay tuned to for more.

Event entry update.
1st April: Thanks to Ian Marshall for passing us Version 4 of the official entry list for Big Bang, which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April (racing 25th-26th) and which is a VWDRC and Outlaw Flat Four Championship round as well as a UK National Championship round for Sportsman ET and Lucas Oil Junior Dragster, a Championship round for Outlaw Anglia, JDS Pro and JDS Street, and an SPRC Club round for 8.50 Bike and 9.50 Bike. You can check out the Big Bang entry list by
clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page. Although entry officially closes this Thursday, Big Bang entry forms will be accepted at this weekend's Festival of Power. You can download entry forms from the SPRC web site at

Travelling via Wollaston?
1st April: The village council of Wollaston have been in touch to ask anyone going to this weekend's Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway and who go through Wollaston not to turn down Hookhams Path, as their Sat Nav may direct, but to continue straight on. A police camera van will be in Hookhams Path on at least one of the three days of the event.

Garlits to cackle at Goodwood.
1st April: Coming close to the Elapsed Time record for stories we had to sit on patiently, it has now been confirmed that Don Garlits will be attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed with Swamp Rat 1. The car will not just be on static display but will be fired up as part of the usual parade in front of Goodwood House. More details about the event, which takes place on 25th-28th June, at

Hyde's unique Bug.
1st April: With less than forty eight hours to go until the first outing with his new set-up, UK VW Pro racer Shaun Hyde thought that now would be a good time to thank all of those who made the long off-season changes possible:

The last two events of the 2014 season were a bit of a disaster, coming home from the Open Sport Nationals early with fuelling issues, then breaking a drive shaft on the start line at the UK National Finals, but it was still an awesome first season for us.

We decided that twenty five pounds of boost was too much for the little Eaton M90 blower we were using, so we started looking for a bigger and better alternative. The first person I would like to thank is Svein Olav Rolfstad of the Rolfstad Top Fuel Bike Drag Racing Team in Norway, whom we contacted to ask for some info on the supercharger they use as we are a similar displacement. Svein Olav was very helpful with all the questions I had and in the end he sold us one of his spare blowers which was brand spanking new, so that was job sorted.

Next we needed a new fuel system as we had nothing but trouble with the four-barrel Edelbrock we ran last year. Enter Mr Mike Chilando of Alkydigger in Nashville, Tennessee. We spoke to him about going down the mechanical fuel injection route and we soon had a 100 mm Enderle throttle body, DSR fuel pump and a range of jets and nozzles turn up in the post. Mike is a brilliant man to deal with and really knows his stuff, his baseline settings worked from the off and were very good considering that we are doing something no-one in the world has done before, i.e. supercharged Subaru in a Bug running fuel injection on methanol. I would like to thank Mike and advise anyone wanting to go down this route to speak to him, he has been at the end of the phone with advice since and is always willing to help us. On a side note I'd like to thank Dick Koster for a brilliant service from Post en Dros for very quick delivery of some extra jets we needed for the new system.

This leads to my biggest thank you of all which goes to my Dad and Crew Chief, Mark Hyde. Most of these crazy ideas are his and he has spent countless hours organising parts and drawing the new inlet manifold on CAD then hand machining most of it from a billet block - it's a work of art in itself. Theres so many changes since last season that it's practically a new car again and I can't wait to get out on the track with him and start to learn how to make a Bug go fast.

Now the last person I will thank is my awesome wife. Like most racers' wives she puts up with these wild ideas and sometimes virtually never sees me while I'm playing with cars, but she is always there at the end of the day so that I can explain to her why I'm late home! 

Here's to another good season with the VWDRC and brilliant people.

Laura gets the keys.
1st April: The UK's Laura Baynton made her first runs in dad Paul's Pro ET Ford Capri at Santa Pod Raceway on Saturday. Paul got in touch to tell us how Laura got on:

For a little while now I've struggled with motivation for racing and I guess that my daughter has been the only one who has made me hang on to the Capri. Laura has grown up with the car, as I bought it shortly after she was born and has always been keen to have a go. Over the past couple of years she has been wanting to learn about the car and help with the maintenance. Last year Martin Curbishley sorted the body and paint and that was really done in preparation for Laura to drive. It's an ideal size car for her whereas for me it's always been a bit cramped.

I had hoped that Laura could get her observed runs completed at the Run What You Brung on Saturday but unfortunately we left home later than planned due to me having a disagreement with some antibiotics (Ow, hope you are OK - Ed). Although we made good time, getting to the track at 10:00 am, by the time we unloaded the car and got Laura signed on it started to rain. As soon as the rain stopped we took a drive around the pits to explain everything to her.

The first run was a planned drive up the track. A lot of wheelspin when Laura launched and a drive-through twenty-second pass. The second run was a 1.80 sixty foot then off the throttle at half track and a 14.35 at 72.98. The third and final run was preceded by a poor burnout which again resulted in a lot of wheelspin but Laura controlled it well and ran through with a 13.85 at 91.57 (See video - Ed).

Laura thoroughly enjoyed her day and is now looking forward to Thursday's Pro Peak Test and Tune Day where we hope that she can make all of her observed runs in preparation for the Festival of Power.

Race on Sunday, recharge on Monday.
1st April: sponsors Tig and Cath Napier fired up the new incarnation of their Bad Habit Challenger for the first time on 22nd March. Having sorted some minor issues with the front motor, they were able to turn their attention to their revolutionary new power adder, which was the subject of Monday's spy picture:

We now have a hybrid motor set-up including electric motors (below right) in the rear axle which can run either in conjunction with or separately from the petrol unit. A couple of PSU fans in the boot floor should provide sufficient cooling for the batteries. The two motors should give another 150 hp collectively.

This is the culmination of a lot of research and work, from finding the electric motors to working out a transmission set-up to remembering to ask if this set-up is actually legal to race! Luckily we were told that nothing in the rules excludes hybrid set-ups and in fact we had a lot of encouragement as this may bring motor manufacturers back into the sport.

We're wondering if this will be the first hybrid car to run in competition in the UK?

If you know the answer to that question then please drop us a line at

Saskia goes West (Ten).
1st April: UK Junior Dragster racer Saskia Fensome Jell has unveiled a new sponsorship for 2015 after an interesting and enjoyable 2014 for herself and brother and fellow Junior Dragster racer Aaron Fensome:

In 2014 we got to experience many new opportunities which we'll never forget. My dad Andy Fensome was asked to crew for the Shockwave Funny Car team and later on in August we were able to travel over to Germany to race at Hockenheim which was an amazing and unforgettable experience, something I had previously dreamed of doing, but then became reality! We met many new people, made new friends and learned lots of new things and the atmosphere out there was electric and exciting. It was without doubt worth every second of the twenty hour hour road trip!

Whilst we were out there, we had the pleasure of pitting next to Shelley Pearson and Kevin Kent of the West Ten Motorsport Funny Car team, who were very friendly and approachable. I've always admired Shelley and what she has achieved in her own drag racing career, which I have followed since I very first went to Santa Pod as a spectator, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent talking with her over those few days.

Since I began racing a few years ago, I'm happy to say I have improved and progressed each year. I'd like to thank my grandparents who helped me financially to buy my car; my dad Andy Fensome who has tirelessly given up his time to dedicate himself to making sure that Aaron's and my cars are running their best; mum Lisa Jell, who is my Crew Chief; and my brother Aaron for all his help and support when we are at race events. I'd also like to thank CB Tuning who refreshed my engine over winter and to WRP Paint and Restoration who sponsored my last race in 2014.

Finally I'm really excited to announce that the West Ten Motorsport Funny Car team are going to be sponsoring me in 2015! When Shelley Pearson first approached me and said she would like to help, I was a little shocked but also very grateful and appreciative that she and the team have shown an interest in my racing. I will be proud to display their stickers on my car and to be associated with such a great team, and I will do the best I possibly can. I feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity and it has only strengthened my opinion that drag racing is like having a second family, everyone is looking out for and supporting each other.

I'm looking forward to this new season more than ever. I'd like to finish by wishing everyone good luck in their class... drive fast but stay safe!

Ready for battle.
1st April: UK Super Comp racer Paul Watson has been in touch to bring us up-to-date with off-season work on his Camaro as he prepares for the Festival of Power:

The car was taken to Gary Springford of Drag Race Engineering soon after the UK National Finals. The motor was removed and the gearbox was checked and recertified. The motor was checked and refreshed; the only problem we found was that the head gaskets were slightly blown so all was looking good. With the motor and trans refitted the car went off to Chris Isaacs Race Cars to modify the front suspension and exhausts and to be re-baselined. We hope that these changes will benefit should be have a a marginal track.

The car was then taken to the paint shop and all the white was re-done so that new logos could be put on by Matt at Image Workx.

We now have a new throttle stop controller which we have our heads around with the help of Dave Day. We tested at the last Saturday Night Special at Santa Pod and ran 9.1 seconds which was a good baseline even though the track was tricky.

We are now ready for the battle ahead, and what a great line up of racers in Super Comp. It won't be easy, that's for sure.

I would like to say a big thank you to Darren Smart of Farm Fresh Speed Shop for all his support; Gary Springford of DRE for all his knowledge and hard work - Gary has supported me from the beginning; Matt at Image Workx for great work as always; and Brad at BTC Moto for everything. None of this would be possible if not for my Super Crew Pixie, Jose and Andy.

See you all at the track.

Upstairs, downstairs.
1st April: Santa Pod Raceway Track Announcer and Blogger Colin Theobald will of course be in the commentary box with Darryl Bradford at this weekend's Festival of Power, but he will be taking a few breaks to fulfil his life-long dream by competing in his first ever Championship event. Colin explains:

Having taken part in the fantastic Dial-in Day with Bruce, my '69 Camaro, the next step was to go into competition. After long discussions with Nic, Dan and Keith Williams of Williams Bros Racing a deal has been agreed for the Festival of Power. I'll be licensing tomorrow at the test day, then hold on tight as I prepare for my first ever adventure into Pro ET. If I manage to go some rounds I will enter for the rest of the season, with the team preparing the car, I'll just come down from the tower for each run, then back to work again straight after.

This of course means that there will now be three Williams Bros cars in Pro ET this weekend.

Massive thanks to the management and staff of Santa Pod for allowing me the time to do this, and I really cannot thank the whole team enough especially as I haven't driven the car before, but I would be foolish to miss this incredible opportunity!

Another addition to the family.
1st April: If you were tuned in to our Webster Race Engineering / Nimbus Motorsport test webcast last Saturday you will likely have noticed improvements in picture quality, an additional camera angle, caption card etc. These were not the only improvements we had planned and we are very pleased to announce that has signed up Melanie Butler as a presenter for our webcasts.

Melanie (left) is well-known within the drag racing and hot-rodding communities for her modelling work including acting as official model for the Allard Chrysler Dragster and her work for Nostalgia Drag World magazine and the Victory Wheelers, and she has built up a reputation for hard work and professionalism. Melanie is of course blown-alcohol racer Joe Bond's partner and mother of recent arrival Hayley. When the team discussed the idea of a presenter for our webcasts it took a frighteningly long time to dawn on us that if we wanted "Someone like Melanie Butler" then it might be an idea to ask Melanie herself.

Luckily the answer was yes and Melanie is looking forward to her first appearance. "Presenting is a logical extension from modelling and I have always fancied trying it", she said. "I am excited and nervous at the same time! Tog has been very reassuring and Joe and Hayley have enjoyed watching me rehearse. Well, Hayley didn't cry!"

Initially Melanie will appear on-screen at the start and end of each day to introduce and close our webcasts but in future she will also record interviews and features to be played in the event of down time. Her first appearance in front of the High Def camera will be at the Hillingdon Speed and Spares Springspeed Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway at the start of May.

Our next Webster Race Engineering / Nimbus Motorsport will be from tomorrow's Pro Peak Test and Tune Day at Santa Pod Raceway.

Picture courtesy and ©Sonia Hammond

Attention UK Junior teams.
31st March: Ian Marshall has been in touch with a very important message for Junior Dragster and Junior Drag Bike racers competing at Santa Pod Raceway this weekend and beyond:

Following the Riders and Drivers Meeting there has been a clarification of safety requirements in the collection area, which constitutes the five pairing lanes marked out beyond the zebra crossing.

From the Festival of Power and onwards, no crew members under the age of seventeen may enter this area. A fence will be erected and positioned to allow Junior crew members to remain close to the vehicles but not actually in the collection area. It is requested that crew members under the age of seventeen, upon arriving at the zebra crossing, make their way to the fenced-off area next to the Signing On office and Media Centre. Junior crew members can remain in this area until their race vehicle moves towards the start line area and then they should make their way to the observation area underneath the pitside VIP balcony in order to continue watching the racing.

We understand that this may upset some of the Junior crews, however your safety is paramount and must be considered at all times. Thank you for your co-operation.

Where the family silver went...
31st March: The UK's Jordan Payne is looking forward to his first competitive outing in Junior Dragster at this week's Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway. Jordan, a second-generation drag racer, got in touch to introduce himself:

I have been at the track since I was born as my father Nigel was racing his 1962 Corvette in Super Modified. I have always been very interested in drag racing - it's sort of hard not to be, when it's been beaten into you - and I can't wait for it to be my turn to take a car down the track.

At the end of last season Dad made me a deal: if I could find the money to pay for half of a car, he would pay the rest. As soon as he said this I was off to work, selling lots of stuff on eBay (I'm sure my parents won't miss their stuff), and with help from my Grandad John I had enough for my part of the deal! We then went and bought Billy Everitt's old car. I was extremely excited.

To prepare the car for this season, we have stripped it down, replaced any worn parts, polished it and put it back together. The car now has a stunning new paint job, and is ready to go.

Thanks to our sponsors
Cam Auto Developments, Nimbus Motorsport, RacePak Data Systems, CTR Developments, Windrush Roofing, Duplex CSA, SC Cooke Engineering, Curbishley Automotive... and my Grandad, but he doesn't have a web site!

You can follow our journey on my Facebook page.

Festival of Power Perfect Awards.
31st March: We are pleased to announce that Cath and Tig Napier of Bad Habit Racing and Derek Flynn of Gold RV have renewed their sponsorship of the Perfect Awards Scheme for 2015. This weekend's Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway is the first event in this season's Scheme and £100 is on offer for perfect performance.

This weekend's Habit Racing Perfect Light Award is £50. The money will be paid in cash to the first racer this weekend to record a Reaction Time of 0.000 seconds. The Perfect Light Award is available to racers in all classes during qualifying and eliminations, but will only be awarded for the first Perfect Light of the event. If not won this weekend then the Award will be increased to £75 for Big Bang; if it is won then it will be reset to £50 for Big Bang. The Perfect Light Award is presented in association with Bad Habit Racing (Cath and Tig Napier, Pro ET).

Decals are not mandatory for the Perfect Light Award but we would appreciate it if decals are carried. decals will be available in the Signing On office or from the office in Race Control (entry via Spectator Bank side stairs only).

This weekend's RV Perfect ET Award is also £50. The money will be paid in cash to the first racer this weekend to run an ET to the thousandth of a second on dial-in or index. The Perfect ET Award is available this weekend during qualifying or eliminations in Super Pro ET, Pro ET, Sportsman ET, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Lucas Oil Junior Dragster (eliminations only), 8.50 Bike, 9.50 Bike, VW Pro, VW Sportsman, the Wild Bunch and Junior Drag Bike, but will only be awarded for the first Perfect Run of the event. If not won this weekend then the Award will be increased to £75 for Big Bang; if it is won then it will be reset to £50 for Big Bang. The Perfect ET Award is presented in association with RV sales and service specialists Gold RV. For more details about the services which Gold RV can provide see Derek Flynn or visit

To be eligible to collect the Perfect ET Award, racers are required to carry decals, one on each side of the vehicle. If you pull this weekend's first Perfect ET but are not carrying decals then there will be no discussion; we will not pay out and the next person to pull a Perfect ET will get the money assuming that they are carrying decals. Decals will be available in the Signing On office from Thursday.

Web site updates.
31st March: In the latest instalment in his Racer Blog presented in association with Hulland Homes Ltd, Dutch Top Fuel Dragster racer Lex Joon brings us up to date with his US venture including a prestigious signing. As ever you can stay in touch with the latest Blog updates by clicking here or by clicking on the Hulland Homes Blogs link on the left-hand side of any page.

There has been a six-month gap but the Allard Chrysler Action Group has published another edition of its on-line magazine ACAG Update courtesy of Nigel Holland of MantisWeb. The forty four pages cover the latest news about the Allard Chrysler dragster restoration and associated events, along with a big resumé of British Drag Racing Hall of Fame activities. You can check it out at

The Mad Welshman has updated his Flickr site with pictures from last week's Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway. You can check out Mad's pictures at

Festival of Power racer update.
30th March: Many thanks to Ian Marshall for forwarding us details of the arrangements for this weekend's Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway:

Thursday 2nd April
08:00 Main gates open
11:00 Signing On open (open earlier for racers booked in to the Pro Peak Performance Day)
11:00 Car scrutineering open
16:00 Bike scrutineering open

Friday 3rd April
07:00 Signing On and scrutineering open
09:30 Track open

Saturday 4th April
07:00 Signing On and scrutineering open
09:30 Track open

Sunday 5th April
07:30 Signing On and scrutineering open
09:30 Track open

Friday's and Saturday's provisional running orders are available and can be checked out by
clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page. Please note that these running orders are subject to change due to weather or track conditions or for any other reason deemed necessary by race officials.

Please remember the curfew under which no race vehicle motors are to be started before 09:00 or after 20:00. Breach of curfew can result in exclusion from the meeting.

Big Bang entry forms will be accepted in Signing On this weekend.

Help urgently sought.
30th March: Due to crew injury Super Pro ET racer Martyn Jones is seeking the loan or hire of a golf buggy at the Festival of Power. If you can help then please E-Mail Martyn at

Event entry update.
30th March: Thanks to Ian Marshall for passing us Version 2 of the official entry list for Big Bang, which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April (racing 25th-26th) and which is a VWDRC and Outlaw Flat Four Championship round as well as a UK National Championship round for Sportsman ET and Lucas Oil Junior Dragster, a Championship round for Outlaw Anglia, JDS Pro and JDS Street, and an SPRC Club round for 8.50 Bike and 9.50 Bike. You can check out the Big Bang entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page. Although entry officially closes this Thursday, Big Bang entry forms will be accepted at this weekend's Festival of Power. You can download entry forms from the SPRC web site at

Sportsman ET ready to rumble.
30th March: The UK's Sportsman ET racers are set for the first of seven UK National Championship rounds at this weekend's Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway. We are indebted to Conor Holt for putting together a season preview:

Reigning Champion Ricky Hale will be hoping to defend his crown this season and will also be the only representative of Redneck Racing in Sportsman ET this year with Nick and Nigel racing in Street Eliminator. Hoping to beat Ricky to the title this year is former UK National Champion Craig Wright who won last year's UK National Finals in the Damn Good Racing Civic. The only additions to the car this year are an addition of a shift light, new valve lashes, and a slightly different look. Craig and the team would like to welcome Team Topspeed Automotive as this season's sponsor. Jon Crawford and the Volkswagen Sharan are back for a second year in the class. Highlights last year included second place in last-year's Dial-in Day, a semi-final finish at Bug Jam and runner-up at the August Bank Holiday race at York. Proudest moment though was being nominated for Most Promising Newcomer by Santa Pod Racers Club. Jon is looking forward to doing more rounds this year, and is also entering selected events in VW Sportsman. Jon is hoping to improve on last year's seventh place finish in the SPRC Championship eighth in the UK National Championship. Most of all though, he is looking forward to having more fun than should be allowed in the still stock-as-a-rock Sharan.

Gillian and Alan Medley will be attempting to contest all rounds this season as they will mainly be racing in American Super Stock at York Raceway. They will both be racing at Festival of Power after Gillian won the Dial In Day in her Jeep Grand Cheroke which offered the prize of free entry to the Easter meeting. Poor health and a lack of sponsorship limit Sean Armstrong to one appearance this season, at Bug Jam. The car is having a new paint scheme which is nearly complete, and the team are slowing the car down for the meantime until they can make the engine mods which they have planned for the end of the year. The mods won't be anything drastic as the car is a proper street car.

Jane McCready (Ben's Mum) will be at the wheel of Ben's Escort Van again this year looking to improve on 2014 in which she had a gentle introduction to Sportsman ET with just two rounds of racing and nowhere near enough track time. This year they will be entering four rounds: Big Bang, SPRC Summernationals, Bug Jam and the UK National Finals. They would have competed in all five rounds at Santa Pod but have a wedding to attend at Easter, meaning they have to skip the Festival of Power. Ben's Van has a new engine for this year and a new tune-up which they hope will improve on the current PB of a high seventeen, but they're not in it to win it, just to have some fun in Ben's memory and raise a little awareness of why they are doing it. The full story can be found at The team are looking forward to a great 2015 and would like to thank all of the Sportsman ET teams for making them so welcome in 2014. You can't miss them as no-one else has Clueless on the side of their race car (or on their crew shirts). They always have free tea and cakes in their pits. Matthew Moxon will be will be hoping to improve on his sixth place last year and to win the SPRC Championship. The Mustang, which usually runs mid to low thirteens, will be largely unchanged.

Stephen Cherrett will once again be doing the full season with no changes to the car from last year. He will also be carrying on his Crew Chief duties on the Dark Revenger in Super Street and Pro ET.

This will be Holly Sanders' first season in racing and she will be contesting all five of the events at Santa Pod as well as going to Shakespeare County Raceway. She will also be running in VW Sportsman this year. Felicity Gibbs will be entering all of the events at Santa Pod and Shakespeare County Raceway in her first full year. She has been going to events since she was eight, crewing for her uncle Dave Ward in Super Pro ET, but it's now down to her to race. Felicity has managed to get two sponsors, All Aces Couriers and Mini Gears.

As we welcome some new drivers others are leaving the class. Tethys will once again be pursuing his career in Top Fuel Dragster with Urs Erbacher and the crew; we know that he won't be a stranger in the Sportsman ET pits, offering his continued support to the teams. We hope that he and Ferret may even be tempted into a couple of rounds this year. Jan Lukes will not be racing this year, however he will be back next year. He says "To run the complete Championship last year took a year and a half of preparation, It's not easy with money and time. We are both working six days a week and rather than do everything quick I made the decision to do everything slowly and properly. That gives us a time to save some money as well". Finally Ethan Lisle has stepped up to Pro ET, however he plans to race at Bug Jam in his daily driver.

The Limited schedule.
30th March: Lynne Coulsell writes that a proud and happy Limited Funz Racing are looking forward to 2015:

Bandit 1 Junior Dragster driven by Harley Coulsell: Harley was very proud and honoured to be announced winner of SPRC's Most Promising Newcomer award. He has been very lucky that Mom and Dad acquired his own Junior Dragster just a few weeks ago. We have since been striving to get it ready for the Festival of Power this weekend. With the help of some very good friends, who have given up their valuable time, we can say that we are ready! With a rush order from the States for parts, some welding, fabrication, general fettling and of course a new paint job - Bandit 1 will be in full LFR black and orange livery - we are good to go. Sadly we haven't tested yet due to Shakespeare County Raceway's cancelled Public Test Weekend so we are going into Festival of Power blind, but at least we will be there. Massive thanks to Steve Cassisi, Daniel Giles, the Marras, Scott Hauser, Ashley Webb and Lee Patrick as without them Harley would not be racing. A small pic attached as Harley doesn't want it all revealing just yet!

Wrathchild Wild Bunch slingshot driven by Rob and Pete Brown: Rob and Pete were lucky enough to grab a day's testing at Santa Pod after a few tweaks over the winter plus another superb paint job by Lee Patrick. Rob made the first run and recorded a 13.38/105, a good three-second improvement from the best time at last years Hot Rod Drags. Pete was up next for his first time ever in Wrathchild! After the initial nerves calmed down, proud Pete took his first timing ticket home reading 16.06/81.99! Some very tired but happy Marra guys and gals put Wrathchild to bed until they début the car properly at NASC Gary's Picnic / Yanks at SCR on 23rd May. The rest of the LFR team were watching at Marra HQ on the superb webcam coverage, thanks team (You're welcome - Ed), and were all cheering the boys on in their beautiful looking FED.

BallBreaker Wild Bunch slingshot driven by Mark Coulsell: the car is still in hibernation until the Nostalgia Nationals on 19th June. She needed more rest after the superb 8.67/152.92 at last year's Hot Rod Drags - we still have to pinch ourselves about that!

As always advance thanks go to all of the staff etc at Shakespeare County and Santa Pod Raceways as without all of them we would not be able to be involved with this amazing sport.

Wiktor keeps the faith.
30th March: At the end of 2013 Bob Rahaim won the Pro Nitrous World Championship and posted the quickest time in the world for a Nitrous car of 3.7 seconds. Trevor Langfield of sponsor Wizards of NOS says that at the same time Swedish Pro Modified racer Mats Wiktor had fully appreciated two things.

Mats' existing motor was totally unsuitable for the amount of nitrous he needed to run to mix it with the top guys in Europe, and he needed the best motor he could get to enable him to make the most of the best nitrous system in the world – his unique Wizards of NOS REVO system.

By good luck Bob was selling the full motor package which had just run the world record at the time that Mats decided he needed to replace his, so money changed hands and Mats became the owner of the best nitrous motor he could buy. Contrary to what some fools have claimed, Mats knew his WoN REVO system was not the cause of his prior engine problems, so he asked me to create another REVO system for his new motor, as the first was specific to and sold with his old motor.

Although Mats started 2014 with the best motor he could obtain, unfortunately he was plagued by other problems relating to his gearbox, suspension and ignition system, all of which prevented him from making any substantial advances. As anyone with any brains appreciates (which rules out those that have made false derogatory statements about his car and my REVO system) it takes every part to play its role perfectly for a vehicle to progress, and it only takes one part to fail to prevent it.

For 2015 Mats has purchased the best gearbox, the best suspension units and three new ignition units, so that any future failure in that department can be rectified immediately. With all his prior problems rectified and his best ever combination of parts, he now looks forward to a more promising race season this year.

Bob Rahaim's original multi-stage Switzer Dynamics kit is now for sale with all jet data recorded. The new price for such a system, fitted, is in the $10,000 region and obviously the time testing the combo to achieve world record settings is invaluable. Mats has asked me to offer the kit for sale on his behalf and he is willing to consider any sensible offer, so please contact me on 01302 834343 if you are interested.

Swift snippets.
30th March: Congratulations to Swedish Wunderkind Jonnie Lindberg on a clean sweep of clean sweeps in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA Four-Wide Nationals at zMax Dragway. Number one qualifier, event winner, new National ET record of 5.361 seconds and new National speed record of 272.01 miles per hour having been the first TAFC racer over 270 mph during qualifying. You have to think that Jonnie's list doesn't have much left on it but whatever is on there, you wouldn't bet against Jonnie achieving it.

The latest spy picture to arrive at the offices of (below left) came with the words "Charged with inbreeding?". If you know more, or if you would like to send your own spy picture, then drop us a line at

Going into this weekend's first UK National Championship round at the Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway, UK 8.50 Bike racer Jake Mechaell (above right) is pleased to announce continued sponsorship from Webster Race Engineering, EPS Motorsport and Bedford and Sons Motorcycles Northampton. "Ready to roll, see you all this weekend" says Jake.

Thanks to the nearly three thousand Eurodragsterholics who tuned in to our Webster Race Engineering / Nimbus Motorsport test webcast on Saturday, especially for your patience as we repeatedly switched the stream on and off to test various settings, and for your understanding about the questionable sound quality which was down to the gale force wind blowing directly into a defenceless microphone (Baffle on order - Ed). Our next planned webcast is from Thursday's Pro Peak Performance Test and Tune Day at Santa Pod Raceway. Stay tuned for more webcast news later this week.

On a count of three...
30th March: Brisbane-based Top Fuel Dragster pilot, UK expatriate 'The Pom' Steve Read wants to make it count when he lines up against five of the toughest Top Fuel racers from around Australia at the 3rd Annual Santo's Cranes Super 3, held at Willowbank Raceway, Ipswich, Australia this coming Saturday, 4th April.

"In 2013, we pulled together six consecutive four-second passes and won the inaugural Super 3, taking home the Louie Rapisarda Memorial Trophy, which means an awful lot to me personally, having raced for Santo for ten years", said Steve. "Racing in Louie's memory is at the centre of everything Santo does on the race track and for the sport of Championship Drag Racing."

Whilst the premise of the Santo's Super 3 is to promote the short, sharp show aspect, this year's version has gone from a two-night event to a Saturday night show – a move which Steve says makes perfect sense over the Easter weekend. "Over the Easter long weekend, a lot of people want to maximise those four days off and do a lot of different things. With the Super 3 event as a Saturday night-only deal this year, I believe it will help boost fan attendance. There's just something special about watching Saturday night nitro at Willowbank. Today's race fans love to go see drag racing, or any live event for that matter, but in a shorter time frame, which I think is a real sign of the times we live in. It means a shorter, high-intensity show – just like a concert – you're in and out of there in a few hours."

Having tasted success at this unique event in its first year, Steve is hungry to make this year's race really count. "We're up against two Rapisarda cars, two Lamattina cars and Mark Sheehan's state-of-the-art new canopy dragster", he said. I'm really looking forward to mixing it up with these guys on track. We have to hit our stride right out of the trailer and be on the pace. The crowd will be in for a hell of a show."

The four-hour program means that Steve and his team need to judge changing track conditions and make tuning decisions quickly, something that The Pom knows can have far-reaching effects. "From fiveo'clock, we're in game mode", he said. "We've won before, and I want this one again. We're racing on a track surface that doesn't play favourites – you either get it right, or you're shaking the tyres and burning up parts."

Steve hinted that the Team RSR Dragster might also feature a piece of Vegas on Easter Saturday. "We found some damage to our main rear wing after the 2014 Australian Nationals in Sydney", he said. "My crew at the workshop have already given the Vegas wing a new nickname – the Hangover- because the last time this rear wing went down the track, it had a bad night in Vegas."

This time around, Read is hopeful that Lady Luck is on his side once again in front of his home-town crowd.

Top Fuel is on track at 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm and 9.30 pm on Saturday, utilising the three-round format. For more information visit

As much fun as a wet weekend.
30th March: Swedish Pro Extreme racer Adam Flamholc is back in Sweden after a wet fornight in the USA:

The first event we planned to go to, in Montgomery, was cancelled two days before the race, due to a really nasty weather forecast. So we stayed down in Florida and worked on the race car and rig for almost an extra week. After a long drive to Ennis in Texas, we made two test runs in Thursday before the next event. They both went according to our plan, and on the second hit the car ran 3.67. Then it started to rain... and it rained until Saturday afternoon. The PDRA staff worked hard, and the track was race ready faster than anyone expected! But just when it was our turn to finally try to go down the track it started to rain again.

On our first qualifying run on Sunday morning I underestimated the track, and the car went in to tireshake. At this point we were not qualified. On the second and last chance we had to get in the field but an oil hose on the filter started to leak. We loaded up the car, and were about to leave when they called us to the lanes as an alternate! We ran against number two qualifier Frankie Taylor. Frankie ran 3.60 to our 3.63 so it was a pretty close race. It's hard to be satisfied with that weekend, but I'm glad we got the last run in. Now I can't wait to go to Rockingham in a few weeks!

Thanks to the PDRA staff for a great event, hanks to my team and family, and please support the companies who support us: MMR Malmo Motorrenovering AB, Amaile Oil, 5 Days Plantation Shutters and Blinds, Performance Plus, HRE Hameetman Racing Engines, Stallningsbyggarna I Skåne AB, VP Racing Fuels and Nils&eeacute;n Performance.

Run What You Brung coverage.
28th March:'s
Webster Race Engineering / Nimbus Motorsport webcam will be broadcasting from today's Run What You Brung at Santa Pod Raceway.

Please note that we will be testing new kit and new software so it is likely that the stream will be stop-start, particularly in the morning, so please bear with us. Also please note a major change for this season, namely that we will no longer webcast rain falling onto an empty track; should it rain then we will instead broadcast a caption card accompanied by Nitro FM or trackside audio. This change is at the request of Santa Pod's management and we were only too happy to agree. Hopefully it will not rain today but we will test the caption card at some point.

Thanks to for the provision of streaming services.

Assuming that webcam testing goes well then we will also post an end-day gallery in association with John Woolfe Racing.

You can tune in to today's coverage by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.

Event entry update.
28th March: Thanks to Ian Marshall for passing us Version 1 of the official entry list for Big Bang, which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April (racing 25th-26th) and which is a VWDRC and Outlaw Flat Four Championship round as well as a UK National Championship round for Sportsman ET and Lucas Oil Junior Dragster, a Championship round for Outlaw Anglia, JDS Pro and JDS Street, and an SPRC Club round for 8.50 Bike and 9.50 Bike. You can check out the Big Bang entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page. Entry closes next Thursday, 2nd April; you can download entry forms from the SPRC web site at

Jerry Cookson tells us that the Notes section of the APIRA Facebook page now holds the official entry forms for the the Hillingdon Speed and Spares APIRA Springspeed Nationals, a round of the UK National and ACU UK Drag Bike Championships as well as rounds of other Championships, which takes place at Shakespeare County Raceway on 2nd-4th May. The official APIRA membership form can also be downloaded from the same section.

Upping the skull count.
28th March: After a long and busy winter the wraps have finally come off nine-year-old Dylan Bradley's RS Repairs Highway 2 Hell Junior Dragster:

Straight after the Flame and Thunder Show the car was stripped bare and sent off for powder coating and new parts ordered from America. Within a week the chassis was back and fully rebuilt so then the fun started. The body went off to our sponsor RS Repairs for the custom airbrushing. We had a brief conversation about design then they got to work. One hundred hours of airbrushing later Highway 2 Hell was born. Three weeks ago we got the call that the body was done, so the team raced around to the workshop and the first response from the driver was "Wow!". The rest of the team thought the same.

Dylan will be contesting his first full season of racing after competing in a small amount of races last season. He is excited to get behind the wheel and gain more experience at the Festival of Power next weekend.

For the 2015 season the Highway 2 Hell team are pleased to announce we will also be running a second car, "She Bad 2 Da Bone", which will be driven by Kaitlan Deevey in Junior Modified.

The whole team is ready for the start of the new season. Pop to the pits and have a close look at the car and try to work out how many skulls are on it!

Finally we need to say a massive thank you to our title sponsor RS Repairs for the awesome custom airbrushed body and crew tops, and to associate sponsors FGR Motorsport and CBM Motorsport.

Weir eyes VW Pro move.
28th March: UK VW Sportsman racer Russ Weir is looking to move his Shiftin' Ghia up to VW Pro this season after a limited calendar in 2014 which had almost simultaneous high and low points:

I took most of 2014 off to apply upgrades, but I still managed to get out at Bug Jam and smash my PB of 16.01 down to 14.77. Unfortunately this hike in performance was not taken lightly by my diff, which made a very good impression of a spool whilst attempting a thirteen-second run.

So, I've gone back to the drawing-board and am in the middle of putting together a new package. The trans is currently being swapped out for a stronger VW Camper unit. Not a straightforward swap, but it also means I can run the stronger Porsche 944 CV joints and driveshafts. Engine-wise I've managed to trade-up some of my existing parts, so although she's staying 2109 cc there'll be stronger rods, more cam duration and lift, higher compression ratio, bigger valves in better heads and a pair of Weber IDA carbs. 

This lot should lift the power from an estimated 135 bhp to approaching 160 bhp. With one eye on making the jump from Sportsman to Pro I should be out later in the year for testing / racing and should have some kind of idea where I can make changes to run into the twelves. 

Updates can be found on my Facebook page, and please take a moment to visit the Volkswagen Drag Racing Club Facebook page for updates on everything else which is going on.

Swift snippets.
28th March: Good luck and stay safe to Jimmy Ålund in Pro Stock and Jonnie Lindberg and Gatornationals winner Ulf Leanders in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the 6th Annual NHRA Four-Wide Nationals at zMax Dragway. After a rain-out yesterday there'll be another shot at qualifying today and you will be able to stay in touch with our heroes' progress courtesy of our buddies at Drag Race Central at

Santa Pod Raceway tell us that there is still time for racers to order their VP Racing Fuels for collection at next week's Festival of Power. You can order your race fuel on-line at

Despite his relative youth Sweden's Kalle Lyrén is one of the most experienced, successful and well known Pro Stock Bike racers in Europe. Always looking for improvements, Kalle had his best ever season last year with new Personals Bests and the first ever Pro Stock Bike title in the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championships. You can read more in Remco Scheelings' latest feature on the EDRS Pro Motorcycle Championship web site at

More Hall of Fame backing.
28th March: As they enter the tenth year of celebrating those who have been instrumental in establishing and growing the sport of drag racing in the UK, the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the addition of two new backers.

The first of these is Aptitude, a Bedford-based full service digital agency that works with a range of companies across the UK. They are currently in the process of developing a new web site for the BDRHoF which will offer visitors an improved experience, as well as allowing them to access information on the go from their smartphones and tablets.

Aptitude's Managing Director Lee Messenger says "During recent years the way we use and interact with web sites has changed dramatically, which is why we're working with BDRHoF to develop a fully-responsive website. The BDRHoF do great work and we are happy to be working with them."

Details about Aptitude can be found at

The second of these new supporters is Ron Hope and Rat Trap Racing who have donated a four-figure sum. Ron grew up in Southern California during the late 1950s and early 1960s and, as a teenager, he was quite active in the dry lake and Bonneville Land Speed Record scenes. Always a Chrysler Hemi fan, Ron is now most known as the owner and driver of one of the most exciting Fuel Altereds in the world Rat Trap. Driving this car he has thrilled spectators in many countries, including the UK when he appeared at Dragstalgia at Santa Pod Raceway in 2014. He was also at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Details about Rat Trap Racing can be found at

As well as his extensive drag racing activities Ron operates Capital Automotive Reconditioning Services, a huge vehicle auction support business which has thirty business units in nineteen states employing 650 people.

Ron said "I have known British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Chairman Stu Bradbury for some time and he was instrumental in arranging for US Automotive to sponsor our 2014 trip to the UK. I was lucky enough to attend the BDRHoF Gala Awards Dinner last year and it blew me away. What a fabulous event and I have already booked my tickets for this year.

The people running the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame are all volunteers and they work really hard to celebrate our history so I am pleased to be able to help keep the wheels turning.

British Drg Racing Hall of Fame Chair Stu Bradbury said It is very rewarding that a growing number of businesses are seeing the BDRHoF as an organisation worth supporting. Our profile has increased tenfold during the last few years and the funds allow us to develop an increased level of professionalism enabling us to compete at a much higher level when promoting drag racing and its history.

"Some very exciting plans are being finalised for this years Gala Dinner at the Savill Court Hotel on November 21st. News will be released soon and I promise you that it will be another evening that you will not want to miss."

Ticket prices for the Gala Dinner will remain as last year at £60 per person. Corporate tables of ten are available at £580. Room prices also remain as last year, £99 for double and £79 for single including breakfast. Complimentary use of swimming pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and free car parking are also part of the package. For advance booking of Gala Dinner tickets contact or telephone Stu Bradbury on 01933 279102. No deposits will be required until the summer but when other plans come together this will again be an early sell-out event.

For room bookings call the Savill Court Hotel on 01784 472000 quoting Hall of Fame dinner 21st November.

SCR call off Test Weekend.
26th March: Shakespeare County Raceway have announced that this weekend's (28th-29th) Season Opening Public Test Weekend has been called off. The Season Opener will now take place on 18th-19th April. Jerry Cookson writes:

Due to very unsettled weather predictions along with forecasts of heavy showers and strong winds, and after consulting with the Met Office and other weather bureaux for the area, we have reluctantly decided to postpone and reschedule this weekend's event. As a business we never wish to postpone an event and we can only work with the forecasts which can be accurate but sometimes wildly inaccurate. The biggest issue is that decisions need to be made at least twenty four hours before an event to allow time to advise as many riders and drivers as possible. This inevitably means taking a calculated decision based upon forecasts and probabilities which can alter twenty four hours later.

We would like to apologise for the short notice and any inconvenience caused. Our next Public Track Weekend is in three weeks, 18th-19th April, when we hope that the weather will be much more appealing!

Festival of Power racer camping.
26th March: As mentioned at February's Riders' and Drivers' Meeting, Santa Pod Raceway will be ensuring that racers adhere to the rules about pitting including motorhomes and caravans at next week's Festival of Power. Darren Prentice writes:

With a great entry of racers entry at the Festival of Power we are going to be ever more vigilant with the room allocated for pitting. We will be ensuring that only one motorhome or caravan per entrant will be allowed into the pits; anything extra will be going into the racers' camping area.

We have arranged for the guys who supply the power to put a generator in the racers' camping area for team members staying in there. The cost of this power will be £55 for the three days. You can pay on the day but it would be helpful if you can let the guys know that you would like to take them up on this service. You can contact Any Occasion Event Equipment Hire at

We will be trialling this at Easter and if it works, and is well-supported, then we may well offer the service at more events in the future.

SPRC membership packs.
26th March: Ian Marshall has been in touch with a message for those Santa Pod Racers Club members awaiting this year's membership packs:

Unfortunately there has been a delay with the memory sticks (which contain the rule book etc) due to Customs clearance. However we have been guaranteed they will be with us today (Thursday) and they will be in the post to all of those members waiting this afternoon. Our apologies for the delay, but we will make sure that everyone has their renewal before setting out to the track later next week. If those members waiting have not receive their membership packs by Wednesday of next week please get in contact with me at 01933 313625 or

Swift snippets.
26th March: The entire Redneck Racing team would like to wish Nick Hale a very Happy Birthday. "We cannot wait to truly celebrate at Easter", says Jemma Hale. Have a great day Nick.

York welcomes Mini Showdown.
25th March:
York Raceway will start its 2015 season with the Mini Showdown on 5th-6th April:

This is a new event for the North's drag strip which celebrates the culture, history and great diversity of the ever popular little car. As well as all-Mini RWYB sessions featuring runs by some of the UK's quickest Minis, the action will also include passes by the Turbonator Jet Mini and its tiny cousin the Jet Peel Trident. The track will also be open for Ultimate RWYB and Test and Tune. A number of Mini Clubs will be in attendance, and all Minis from 1959 to present will receive a warm welcome at The Mini Showdown.

The first round of competition in York Raceway's Championship racing classes takes place on Monday 6th April. The UK's biggest field of stock-appearing American cars will battle it out in American Super Stock. JDM-DRC, which has really taken off in the last two years, will feature bracket racing for anything with four wheels produced or powered by Japanese engineering and Volks-Stock features bracket racing for all VAG based cars, air- or water-cooled. The PDRC bracket and heads-up classes will as always, put on a great show with racing in Pro ET, Sportsman ET, and Super Cup. If any licensed MSA Championship racers should feel at a loss on Easter Monday then maybe they should think about a trip up to York where, for £40 to double enter, they just might have one of the most fun and cheapest days racing they've ever had.

Swift snippets.
25th March: Sweden's three-time FIA European Pro Stock Champion Michael Malmgren says that amongst a lot of talk about FIA approved fuels he has carried out a lot of testing over the winter and says that he still gets the best results from VP Racing Fuels' unleaded fuel. "We have now used VP unleaded fuel for several years and have had no problems whatsoever", says Michael. Every gallon of VP is the same so you can count on it drum after drum. From what I understand most if not all teams will run VP fuel again in 2015". You can find out more at

Hard work, dedication, a never-give-up mindset and love for the sport make Hans Olav Olstad one of the most popular Supertwin racers in the pits. In 2014 the Norwegian got his reward by winning his latest big trophy, the first ever EDRS Pro Nordic MC Supertwin title. So, for at least one season, Thunderstruck is number one again. You can read more in Remco Scheelings' latest feature on the EDRS Pro Motorcycle Championship web site at

Web site updates.
25th March: Nostalgia fans will particularly enjoy the two latest updates to Dick Parnham's Flickr site, namely National Drag Racing Club events at Wroughton in 1975 and Long Marston in 1979. You can check it out at

Anglo Bubblegum.
24th March: Matt Glassup has confirmed that the Bubblegum name will return on Bob Glassup's Ford Capri-bodied Nostalgia Fuel Funny Car:

After thirty years Bob has come full circle and will be back behind the wheel of a Mk1 Capri, so we felt it fitting that we should adopt the name of our first race car.

The car is coming together thanks to Rich Walters who is currently busy on the body, Dave Gibbons who is building up the motor, and Luke and Andy Robinson who are busy sourcing and tagging parts for us. There will be a full update soon but we would like to thank Darren West of Power Race Graphics for his patience and for a superb job working up a subtle and effective paint scheme. Darren has worked up a variety of options for us and this is our personal favourite at this stage, with some potential sponsors coming on board at some point in the near future. 

We are hoping to début the car at a test event prior to Dragstalgia but we will certainly be at Dragstalgia with the finished article. 

There are so many people to thank, and we don't want to miss anyone out, so we will mention everybody in a full update in the next month or so. 

Please feel free to Like our Xtreme Wheels Racing Facebook page at

Warpspeed set for Easter.
24th March: Dale Leeks has been in touch with an update from the Warpspeed Raceteam starting with good news on the sponsorship front:

The team is proud to announce that they will be racing under the MPM Oil flag for another year. We would like to thank MPM for their continued support of our ever-growing team. New on the sponsor list are Acorn Plating Ltd who deal in anodising and hydrographics.

Dale Leeks' Pro Mod Suzuki has undergone a transformation at Acorn Plating Ltd and Warpspeed Racing would like to thank Jay Reich and Steven Barry for the hours of work they put into the new look.

Stuart Crane's Pro Mod Suzuki has also had a transformation, opting for all-new carbon bodywork and seating position moved further back. Both Dale's and Stuart's bikes have updated ignition systems and wiring so a whole new set up for both; Stuart will also be running the new Warpspeed Racing slider clutch system which had very promising results out in the Middle East this winter, going 0.995 over sixty feet on its first pass.

Mark Smith's Pro Stock Bike is also having a full rewire with new ignition system and a new engine which has been built in-house.

John McLean and Ady Catell have already been out testing with their new set-ups. John will be contesting his first year in Comp Bike along with Ady whose first year this is in 9.50 Bike. Young Jordan Kenway has also been testing but unfortunately seized one motor in the process, he is now back up and running in time for Easter.

We are looking forward to Easter and the start of the 2015 Championships. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued support: MPM Oil, Draper Tools, Acorn Plating Ltd, TW Metals, Roger Upperton Racing and Warpspeed Racing.

Tethys' new ride.
22nd March: The UK's Tethys has announced that he is to continue in Top Fuel Dragster this year only with a new ride:

After a début Top Fuel season which had some high points, but which was significantly hampered by weather and mechanical problems, I'm hoping for better in 2015. This year, I'll be driving one of Urs Erbacher's dragsters.

As before, I don't have the financial backing to do a full season, but will be running at limited meetings. I may not be a contender for the Championship, but I'll be doing my best to win those rounds at which I'll be running. The initial plan is to start with some familiarisation passes at the test weekend before the Main Event, and then to contest the Main Event itself.

I took some of my crew over to Switzerland to go over the car, and so far it's all looking good. I'm looking forward to getting back behind the wheel again.

Friström goes for two.
22nd March: Our good buddy Remco Scheelings writes with news of his latest feature on the official web site of the EDRS Pro Motorcycle Championship:

To win a Championship is one thing, but to lead after the first race and take the title in style with a win at the last race at Tierp Arena makes you the real number one! And that's exactly what Björn Friström did. Although he had a far from trouble-free season, the forty four year old Swede was number one in the Super Street Bike rankings throughout last year and won the title in the popular no wheelie bar class.

You can

Swift snippets.
22nd March: Next Saturday's Run What You Brung at Santa Pod Raceway is attracting a number of racers preparing for the new season, which commences at the Festival of Power the week after. Also pre-season testing at Santa Pod next Saturday is's Webster Race Engineering / Nimbus Motorsport webcam. We have new kit and new software to test so be warned the stream will likely be on and off like a belisha beacon at least to begin with. Anyone bitching on Facebook or elsewhere despite this warning will be dealt with appropriately.

The one to watch.
22nd March: After checking out the official entry list for the Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway on 3rd-5th April, Paul Marston writes that one class stands out as the one to watch in the coming season:

Super Comp, which is the fastest Super class with an index of 8.90 seconds, has a very healthy eighteen entries. This is a nice increase on 2014 which still had a very respectable fourteen entries. What makes it even more special is the fact that there are no less than eight National and Club Champions on the list, along with the reigning Champion. I have no idea if that is a record but, it means one thing for sure: it will be one of the most competitive classes in Sportsman drag racing.

Looking at the Festival of Power entry there is the reigning Champion Paul Hudson who returns to defend his title; Paul Watson, double UK National Super Gas Champion; Pete Creswell, multiple winner in both Super Gas and Super Comp; four time UK National Super Gas Champion Jon Morton; twice National event winner Paul Letchford; UK National Super Comp Champion Martin Curbishley; four-time Super Gas National event winner Stuart Doignie; 2013 UK National Super Comp Champion Paul Brown; multiple Super class event winner Dave Day; and UK National Super Comp Champion Paul Marston.

By any measure it's a pretty formidable list and a depth of talent that runs very deep. Put simply there will be no givens and no easy rounds. With new cars from Paul Brown and Paul Marston plus a lot of upgraded machinery, it is simply impossible to pick or tip a favourite. Keep an eye on Super Comp in 2015 as, unlike Formula 1, this class will be far from a foregone conclusion and we could easily go into the UK National Finals with three or four races still quite capable of lifting the title.

Mooneyes sponsor Allard Awards.
20th March: The British Drag Racing Hall of Fame is pleased to announce that the Sydney Allard Media Awards will again be presented at the BDRHoF Gala Awards Dinner being held at the Savill Court Hotel, Windsor Great Park on 21st November. The crystal trophies are this year to be sponsored by Mooneyes, or MQQNEYES as it is now depicted.

Introduced in 2014, the Allard Awards pay tribute to the influence of journalists and photographers in the promotion of drag racing. The recipients of the award will not enter the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame, but their achievements will be honoured and their names entered as BDRHoF Special Award winners.

The first Award will be awarded to the writer of the best book, article, feature or blog on British drag racing published in print or on-line during the twelve months ending 31st July. The second award will be presented for the best photograph featuring British drag racing, either published in print or on-line or unpublished, during the same period. The winning photograph will be featured in Octane magazine.

The Chief Judge for the Writing award will again be Guy Loveridge, author, journalist, publisher, broadcaster and auctioneer as well as Chairman of the Guild of Motoring Writers. Guy said "I'm excited to be involved with the Sydney Allard Awards again. Last year's Gala Dinner was a truly amazing occasion and I met some fantastic people who have become my friends. Recognising the importance of the written word in promoting and describing drag racing – particularly to people who might not have attended a drag racing event yet - is something I am very keen to support. I'm pleased to say that last year's winner Nick-Brooke Langham has become a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers."

The Chief Judge for the Photography award will again be Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, President of Guild of Motoring Writers and classic car collector and racer. He is also a Trustee of the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, an author/publisher, a columnist for Octane magazine and Patron of the Allard Chrysler Action Group. So Nick has a direct link to Sydney Allard. A second judge will be Mark Sommer, the Art Editor of Octane magazine. There were over eighty entries last year so it is a big job. Octane magazine Editor David Lillywhite said "Octane Magazine is pleased to support the Sydney Allard Photo Journalism Award for the second year and this time we plan to give more of the best photographic entries exposure in the magazine. Drag racing is one of the most showy of motor sports and capturing the images successfully is a skill well worth celebrating."

This year these awards are being sponsored by MQQNEYES, a very fitting partnership because the relationship between the company's founder Dean Moon and Sydney Allard back in the early 1960s is embedded in the DNA of European drag racing. Chico Kodama of MQQNEYES said "Along with Shige Suganuma, I would like to thank the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame for inviting us to sponsor these media awards. Our founder Dean Moon was very media aware – something that was crucial in establishing the brand. We are proud to have our logo on these trophies alongside the name of such a legend as Sydney Allard who was instrumental in enabling Dean to bring the MQQNEYES dragster to the UK in 1963. It would be great if we were able to do it again."

Visit for more details about MQQNEYES.

BDRHoF Management Group Commerce and Marketing Director Brian Taylor said "It's fabulous to have MQQNEYES on board this year. The brand is synonymous with drag racing and hot rodding and they have been a willing supporter of the Allard Chrysler Dragster restoration project. The opportunity of broadening the company's involvement in British drag racing was too good to miss.

"We are now asking photographers and journalists to submit entries taken or published since August 2014. This is open to professionals and amateurs and the photographs can be taken trackside, from spectator areas, in the pits, studios or at shows."

Full details and entry forms can be found on the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame web site at Remember that this year's competition covers photos and written pieces starting on 1st August last year so some entries will already be ready to go.

Event entry update.
20th March: Entry is open for Big Bang, which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April (racing 25th-26th) and which is a VWDRC and Outlaw Flat Four Championship round as well as a UK National Championship round for Sportsman ET and Lucas Oil Junior Dragster, a Championship round for Outlaw Anglia, JDS Pro and JDS Street, and an SPRC Club round for 8.50 Bike and 9.50 Bike. You can download entry forms from the SPRC web site at

Entry is also open for the following round of UK National, ACU UK Drag Bike and other Championships, the Hillingdon Speed and Spares APIRA Springspeed Nationals which takes place at Shakespeare County Raceway on 2nd-4th May. You can download entry forms from the SCR web site at

See Webster for Sunoco.
19th March: sponsor Webster Race Engineering are now agents for fellow sponsor Sunoco racing fuels and associated products, and are currently taking orders for the Festival of Power:

We have recently installed a large purpose-built fuel store at our premises on Airfield Road, Podington (right by the gates of Santa Pod - Ed). We will eventually be stocking all of the popular grades of Sunoco racing fuel which can be conveniently collected by our customers en route to the race track.

If any racers are curious about the Sunoco range of fuels and their properties, information is available at

If you intend to order for Easter then please note that prior notice will be required to ensure that sufficient quantities are available. We can satisfy orders submitted up to next Tesday, 24th March. Please contact us on 01234 918301 (outside the UK +44 1234 918301).

Superstock Superstock.
18th March: Peter Walton writes that the fledgling Superstock class will have two outings in the UK in 2015:

On 10th-12th July we go back to Santa Pod for Dragstalgia. Last year was good for us, with over twenty entries in what was only our third year as a class. Let's hope that the suport is still there this year. Now for some more good news, we have a second event which takes place at Shakespeare County Raceway, the NSRA Hot Rod Drags on 11th-13th September.

As a new class finding a way into these busy events is hard, so we were more than happy when Jerry Cookson and the NSRA allowed us in. I hope we can add something to an already-great event (Guaranteed I'd say - Ed).

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an unhealthy fascination with these Stockers, and I have been quite overwhelmed by the support shown by some people out there, but none more so than the man who not only built but races the quickest Pro Mod in the UK,
Andy Robinson who has again agreed to put his name forward as our principal sponsor.

So there you have it: two events for you Stockers, and who knows in another couple of years we might even be taken seriously. If you would like to enter then please contact me at or call 07970 206827.

The lubricious Miss-Guided.
18th March: The UK's Miss-Guided Super Pro ET team are pleased to announce a new sponsor for 2015 in the form of Advanced Lubricant Solutions / Royal Purple Oils:

We have recently started to use Royal Purple's Nitro Plus oil in the 'Vette and are very happy to recommend it to anyone. Nitro Plus oil is a straight-grade synthetic motor oil formulated specifically for use in blown alcohol, nitro-methane or any racing applications which can experience excessive fuel dilution. Designed to withstand even the most severe stress in high-compression engines it outperform all other high performance synthetic oil on the market, and the non-foaming formula provides optimal protection against engine rust and corrosion.

Advanced Lubricant Solutions are based in Newcastle and have built their reputation in the UK for delivering quality custom made exhausts and other products. They have now expanded to become distributors in lubricants for Royal Purple, Bel-Ray and ISEL products. Their product ranges from each of these brands is varied, extensive and expansive and contains something for all racers, if you need any further information, please come and see us in the pits for product / price list, or contact Stuart at

Swift snippets.
18th March: Many thanks to Ian Marshall for sending the final version of the official entry list for the Festival of Power which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on 3rd-5th April. You can check out the entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.

We would like to say a big Happy 60th Birthday and many more of them to our good buddy and Shakespeare County Raceway Track Announcer Barry Bohannon. Have a great day Barry.

Training for your safety.
17th March: Jerry Cookson writes that a lively day of fire and extrication training took place recently at
Shakespeare County Raceway:

There was an excellent turn out of Avon Park International Racing Association marshals and track staff complemented by the Raceway's resident medics CC Medical Services led by Ian Connop and Richard Ashton's Calder Rescue.

In addition to the first aid and fire extinguisher training for the specialist off-track marshals who operate Race Control, Pit Office and the Staging Lanes, the day also features several seminars comprising track education, radio procedures and finalisation of the updated 2015 Marshals Handbook.

The on-track fire and rescue marshals were put through several scenarios by MSA Training Instructor Richard Ashton and Calder Rescue. These included extrication of an injured driver, various cutting exercises and techniques, as well as fire training using extinguishers and fire appliances on a petrol car fire as well as a methanol fire so that everyone could see the hazards of methanol burning with an invisible flame!

Shakespeare County Raceway and APIRA would like to extend their thanks to everyone who participated in making the training day such a success, the volunteer marshals who so freely give up their time and expertise, and also the Motor Sports Association for their help and advice in obtaining funding to enable this vital training to take place. It is heartening to know that drag racing is supported by so many volunteers and has the backing of the governing body of motorsport. Thank you all and see you at the strip!

Unplanned Plan B for 2015.
17th March: 2014 was a fun year for us for UK Comp Bike racer Phil Crossley and Team Bopchop, and 2014 promises to be the same with a new ride and a change of class:

We ran very consistent times throughout the season - twenty five runs of twenty nine being a 7.7 or better - and set three Personal Bests, culminating in a 7.536 at the Open Sport Nationals. We also had some really close races, particularly against Allan Davies, and we swapped the points lead a few times during the season. The Championship was all set to be decided at the last event of the year, and in fact looked set to go all the way to the final before it would be decided as Allan and I were numbers two and one qualifiers respectively. Unfortunately, just minutes before the first round I discovered a problem with the clutch which later turned out to be a faulty gearbox bearing and our Championship hopes ended there. Allan of course went on to win the event and Championship and it's fair to say he earned it.

Throughout 2014 another development was happening deep in the underground workshop of Team Bopchop (aka my sister's cellar!) - I'd started work on building a nitrous-powered Funny Bike. It all began when I acquired a Vance and Hines two-valve cylinder head from NHRA Pro Stock racer Steve Johnson. It had the potential to make a lot of power, and was only going to work well in a longer wheelbase chassis, and so I bought a tube bender and twenty metres of T45 tube and got to work!

When you decide to make nearly everything yourself progress is always going to be slow, however one year on and it's 75% done. It's been on its wheels for some time, and the bodywork is fitted and will soon be ready for paint - we would welcome interest from anyone who would like to showcase their skills and promote their business by painting our bike. Engine parts have been gathered up one by one; all we are missing are some pistons and valve train components.

The plan for 2015 then? Plan A was to start the season in Comp Bike and when the new bike was ready, hopefully around mid-season, we'd change to Funny Bike class. But, at the last minute, I decided to follow my sparring partner Allan Davies and run the whole season in Funny Bike. There are many bikes in the class with the potential to go really quick, and we will struggle to compete, but we don't intend to stand still. I've fitted bigger nitrous components over the winter and revised the whole system. There's almost certainly more to come from the old bike yet.  We can't wait!

This season we are pleased to have support from nitrous supplier On The Bottle who will be providing us with discounted race fuel and nitrous oxide refills. On The Bottle will be attending nearly all of the 2015 season events at Shakespeare County and Santa Pod Raceways and will be available for nitrous refills as well as full nitrous kits, parts and accessories.

We would also love to hear from anyone else interested in supporting our new project. Please visit and like our Facebook page or check out our longtime Blog at for more info and pictures of the build.

All above board.
17th March: Garry Willy, who kindly sent us words and pictures from the Gatornationals at the weekend, was present when NHRA Tech went over Jonnie Lindberg's Top Alcohol FC after his new speed record:

It was very in-depth. They checked everything and I mean everything - the blower, the pullies, stroke, bore size, every ratio you can think of. They even had to remove the valves on one wheel.

It wasn't smiles at first but I asked one of the Tech Inspectors if everything was good his reply was "Everything is real good". So the car passed with flying colours and all was good in the Lindberg camp. They needed a new head and piston, but apart from that the motor looked immaculate!

Swift snippets.
16th March: Congratulations to Sweden's Ulf and Jörgen Leanders on their victory in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA Amalie Oil Gatornationals. Jonnie Lindberg having been the class of the field in qualifying, Ulf wrapped it up for Europe by going all the way and beating Steve Harker in the final with a 5.541/261.47. Thanks to Garry Willy for this great photo; stay tuned for more pictures and a story from the Lindberg pit.

Many thanks to Ian Marshall for sending us Version 8 of the official entry list for the Festival of Power which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on 3rd-5th April. You can check out the entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.

Alison Hackney asked us to say a big Happy 50th Birthday to her husband and our good buddy John Hackney. Our pleasure, have a great day Hackers.

Lindberg's world beater.
15th March: Sweden's Jonnie Lindberg continued his domination of NHRA Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Funny Car with a new national speed record of 268.71 mph in yesterday's third and final qualifying session at the NHRA Amalie Oil Gatornationals in Gainesville. The required 266.02 back-up was taken care of by Jonnie's 267.00 in session 1. Jonnie is #1 qualifier at 5.467 with Ulf Leanders #5 at 5.578/260.61.

Also getting geared up for today's eliminations, Mike Manners of sponsor
Cosmo Residences is #6 in Top Alcohol Dragster at 5.294/271.19 and is carrying not only decals but Ed O'Connell memorial decals. Jimmy Ålund is #10 in Pro Stock at 6.561/211.86.

Many thanks to Garry Willy for the above scoreboard shot and for the below shots of Jonnie, Ulf Leanders, and Fredrik Fredlund who qualified #17 in Pro Stock Bike at 7.015/191.08.

Eliminations take place today and you will be able to stay in touch with our heroes' progress courtesy of our Drag Race Central buddies at

Event entry update.
15th March: Official entry forms are now available for the Hillingdon Speed and Spares APIRA Springspeed Nationals which takes place at Shakespeare County Raceway on 2nd-4th May. You can download the forms from the SCR web site at

Many thanks to Ian Marshall for sending us Version 7 of the official entry list for the Festival of Power which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on 3rd-5th April. You can check out the entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.

SCR seek slicks.
15th March: Shakespeare County Raceway are seeking used drag slicks (no treads) to help to prep the track for this season. If you have any slicks which you would be willing to pass on then please get in touch with Jerry Cookson at or call 01789 720180. Alternately please bring them along to the Public Track Weekends on 28th-29th March or 18th-19th April. "As ever, thanks to everyone for their continued support", says Jerry.

Swift snippets.
15th March: The latest spy picture to arrive at the offices of came with the words "Nearly ready for Easter, thanks Mr Debben". If you know more, or if you would like to send your own spy picture, then drop us a line at

If you are headed to the Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway next weekend then we have been given a tip-off that residents of Wollaston intend to note the number and driving standards of those passing through the village. Please be sure to use signposted routes to Santa Pod and to drive carefully and considerately.

One for your diaries; UK Super Pro ET racer Phil Toppin will be appearing on Racers Reunion Radio on Monday 13th April. You will be able to tune in at

Jackson's new livery.
13th March: UK Super Pro ET racer Brad Jackson has unveiled the colour scheme for his second season in the class. Dad Wayne Jackson writes:

Brad had a great first year in the adult class and learnt a great deal, working with an experienced team such as Nick Good Motorsport in what proved to be a valuable experience. Both Nick and Dave Catton were very helpful to Brad and Cristiann Carlo is a very competent technician within the team.

Brad will still be racing with Lucas Oil Products as his main sponsor. The team have retained sponsorship from D&S signs who have done a fantastic job with the new wrap and decals: the car looks very different in the new livery. Martin Willams Hull are also continuing sponsorship for 2015, they are a very well-respected coachworks company for all types of vehicle and trailer conversions. Pentagon Corporate Fleet are also continuing their sponsorship of Brad for 2015, they are a Midlands-based main dealer group for both retail cars and Corporate fleet supply.

Brad has a new sponsor in HRX, an Italian race suit manufacturer, whose supply in the UK is through Torq Racewear and Equipment. HRX specialise in custom suits and start at a very reasonable £350 plus vat for a three-layer FIA 8856-2000 spec custom suit.

The new team shirts are from Six B Apparel in the USA. We would recommend anyone needing race shirts to check out their Facebook page: they offer a complete design and manufacture of team shirts at a very competitive price.

Over the winter, beside the obvious cosmetic overhaul of the car and teamwear, the car has undergone a few subtle engine upgrades in an effort to maintain Brad's competitiveness within this extremely tight class!

We are very surprised to find that has had 700,000 hits in the first year, surprisingly from all round the world with a large following in the USA. The site has a new look to match the car's new colours.

We are looking forward to the Festival of Power and will be testing at the Pro Peak Test Day prior to the event.

Swift snippets.
13th March: Kristjan Veedler writes that entry is open for the first round of the Estonian Drag Racing Championship which takes place at Haapsalu, Kiltsi Airfield, on 2nd-3rd May. The event, organised by the Estonian Drag Racing Association, hosts both Estonian and Latvian Championship opening rounds, Estonian and Latvian Cup classes plus bikes, Test and Tune and Junior categoriess. "As both Championship and Cup series are open competitions, we welcome drivers and riders from all over Europe", says Kristjan. "More information will be posted soon on our web site at". You can check out the invitation, which contains a lot of information (PDF format), by clicking here. If you have any queries then please drop Kristjan a line at

Today (Friday) is the official closing date for entry to the Festival of Power, which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on 3rd-5th April. Entry after today, if accepted, will be liable to a penalty fee of up to 100%. You can download entry forms on the Santa Pod Racers Club web site at, and courtesy of Ian Marshall of SPRC you can check out Version 6 of the entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.

Good luck and stay safe to Jimmy Ålund in Pro Stock, Roy Olesen and Fredrik Fredlund in Pro Stock Motorcycle, Winternationals winner Jonnie Lindberg and Ulf Leanders in Top Alcohol Funny Car, and Mike Manners of sponsor Cosmo Residences in Top Alcohol Dragster at the NHRA Amalie Oil Gatornationals in Gainesville. Qualifying starts today and you will be able to stay in touch with our heroes' progress courtesy of our buddies at Drag Race Central at

Dial In Day 3: The gender battle.
11th March: Phil Bennett writes that the sun was shining and the classroom was full for Santa Pod Raceway's third Dial In Day:

We ended up with twenty seven keen racers, most of whom were using their daily drivers, with a real mix of first timers and experienced RWYBers.

The day started in the usual manner with Ian Marshall taking the lead and explaining what bracket racing is all about with the help of Craig Wright, Mick Howling and Paul Marston. As ever we would like to say a big thank you to these guys for turning up and helping to make the day such a success. Once the first classroom session was completed, it was out into the pits to warm up the cars!

After two rounds of qualifying there was some early dominance from both the Creswell brothers (first and seventh) and the Medley family (second, fourth and sixth). The semi-finals had the women calling the shots with Colin Theobald being the only one left waving the flag for the men! Unfortunately, Colin had issues on the line and Karen Oates went flying through to yet another final. In an all-girl final Karen pipped Gillian Medley to the line.

The women had the bragging rights going back into the classroom and after another briefing there was a quick lunch break before we went back out to do it all again. After two rounds of qualifying Sam Preston from Banzai magazine was on top of the pile. Eliminations were dominated by the men this time with an all male semi-final. Chris Creswell took the eventual win.

After the final briefing and a quick look at the points tally it was clear that bragging rights for the overall win were going to go down to the wire! With time for only one qualifier there was no room for error.'s own Kirstie Tramm got off to a flying start beating Nikki Skinner and getting a bye into the semi-final before jumping the lights and losing out to Perry Stephenson. On the other side of the ladder it was husband against wife and for a change it was Mike Oates who came out with a smile on his face. Not for the first time it was a 4x4 affair in the other semi with Gillian taking on Mike, Gillian broke out and Mike progressed to the final to face old foe Perry. It was a close race but Perry took the win.

After some number crunching it was revealed that there were just thirty points in it for the win, which is less than the points awarded for a single Championship round win and equates to three qualifying positions! Chris Creswell just missed out on top spot to none other than Gillian Medley who had been there or thereabouts all day. Not only did Gillian receive one of our brand new bespoke Christmas Tree trophies but she will now be racing at the Festival of Power for free!

Amongst noteworthy performances was Rebecca Medley had the best reaction times of the day with a 0.0038 in eliminations, and she also had a 0.0082 reaction! Other notable reaction times came from Chris Creswell with a 0.0065, Dave Grundy with a 0.0088 and Stuart Simons with a 0.0055. Closet to his Dial In was Sam Preston only +0.0038 meaning he qualified in top position. Karen Oates was only 0.0056 off her Dial In during eliminations. The closest race to perfection came from Rebecca Medley who had a reaction time of 0.0082 and was only 0.0388 off her Dial In meaning she was 0.047 off the perfect race. Remarkably this was all done on a bye run!

Swift snippets.
11th March: Many thanks to Ian Marshall for sending us Version 5 of the official entry list for the Festival of Power which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on 3rd-5th April. You can check out the entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page. Entry closes this Friday, 13th March; you can download entry forms on the SPRC web site at

Chris, Mark, Nicole, Jade, Ben, Lee, Sarah, Liam, TJ and Bella have asked us to say a big Happy 50th Birthday to Wild Bunch Race Co-ordinator and all-round good egg Claire Meaddows. We're very happy to do so, have a lovely day Claire and the staff send hugs also.

Steve Dudley tells us that the slot drags planned for Higham this Sunday (15th) have had to be cancelled. The April and May Higham events will however take place.

2015 Top Gas calendar.
10th March: Many thanks to Herman Jolink and Piet Mom for forwarding us the 2015 calendar for the European Top Gas Series, which was agreed at the class' annual meeting last Saturday:

Season Opener: Hoskovice, Czech Republic, 9th-10th May
Race #2: Bechyne, Czech Republic, 30th-31st May
Race #3: Malmö, Sweden, 26th-28th June
Race #4: Drachten, The Netherlands, 10th-12th July
Race #5: Hockenheim, Germany, 7th-9th August
Race #6: Mosten Raceday, Denmark, 28th-29th August
Finals: Malmö, Sweden, 11th-13th September

The best six results count.

"The UK is not on the calendar this year, but we hope some British riders will come to Drachten, The Netherlands in July", says Piet.

"There were sixteen racers at the Top Gas meeting", says Herman. "2014 Top Gas Champion Frederick Schack was not at the meeting but his team, father Rene Kirkhof and Johan, were there. The team will again race the 2750 V-Twin Bike. Harry van Schie is currently in Gainesville, he will race this year after a one-year break. His team were at the Top Gas meeting - his wife Annette van Schie and Crew Chief Jaap Duin with his wife Petra. Harry again race the 1966 Blower V-Twin. Christian Bruhn will participate again with his 1000 SP Turbo Honda. Team-mate Peter Niklas has bought a former Pro Gas Bike from Danewert Racing in the USA. It's a 2580 Deringer V-Twin with a three-speed B&J planetary gearbox, MTC Generation Two clutch, fuel injection and data recorder. I will be racing my Ducati 1198 RS (1266), the team is working on a completely new Ducati Drag Bike but that will take some time. Mats Larsson will now be using a six-speed gearbox on his 2589 Turbo V-Twin; he was at the meeting with mechanic Magnus. Janne Malmberg travelled with Mats as he does for races, Janne will participate with his 2400 two Blower V-Twin which he has had for fifteen years.

Frank Heitmann will be racing on his 2622 V-Twin at Hoskovice in May, July and September. Frank will also be competing in the Czech Championship in National Dragster (600 - four cylinders). Ander Jensen will be at some Top Gas races on his home-built 2000 Blower V-twin. Olaf Menzi will be participating on his 2622 V-Twin, he ran seven-second passes in testing at Kunmadaras last year and learned a lot from former Pro Stock Bike rider Rasmus Olesen. Lars Anderssen has bought a 2622 V-Twin Bike from Cord Albers. Cord will participate on the 2622 V-Twin which he bought from the USA a couple of years ago.

Charly Abrahamson was at the Top Gas meeting with his father after a long journey from Bordeaux. Charly has participated in the NitrOlympX twice but will be contesting the Top Gas Series on his ex-Ricardo Giliberto 2622 V-Twin. Charly's best time of 8.01 seconds was set at last year's NitrOlympX.

Gerd Caspari Germany will compete after ten years out of the saddle, during that time he was Crew Chief for Bernd Niessen. Gerd bought his old bike back from Bernd and has repaired the damaged 2249 mechanical Turbo V-Twin. Tom Krause will also participate in Top Gas, he previously raced in Modified Twin. Chris van Nimmen has finally got his new Hawai frame and some new engine parts from the USA. Chris is working hard to get the bike ready for the new season.

Picture courtesy and ©Piet Mom

PDRC Award winners.
10th March: Al Perkins writes that the Pennine Drag Racing Club recently held their fortieth AGM and Awards Night in Bradford. "The AGM passed off without too many teddies and dummies, and everyone seemed really enthusiastic about the forthcoming season", says Al. "Work parties at York Raceway were arranged not to clash with Mothers' Day, not a good idea if you want a pass to go racing, so are on 22nd and 29th March. Everyone is welcome to come along and help to get things ready for Easter.

"The trophy winners are as follows:

Ronnie Picardo Marshal of the Year - Richard Grainger
Jack Fletcher Most Consistent American Car - Karen Gregory
Competition Secretaries Award Services to PDRC - Angie Perkins
Yorkshire Post Trophy Best Performance by a British Engined Car - Robin Read
Steve Murty Award Enthusiasm for PDRC – Andy 'Bozzy' Bosomworth
PDRC Endeavour Award Sustained Efforts for PDRC - Paul and Tanya Grainger
B&H Autokraft Award Best Engineered - John Sleath
Dave Grady Memorial Award (Superpower) Fastest Doorslammer at York - Andy Hadfield
Pennine Raceway Trophy Most Outstanding Performance - Steve Neimantas
Blue Bar Trophy Entertainer of the Year - Julian Webb
Duggie White Memorial Trophy Crew chief of the Year - Ian Johnson
Chairman's Award Most Promising Newcomer - Andrew Arnold
Rescue Unit Trophy Services to Motorsport - Sharon and Chris Hellas
T.E.S.T Trophy Most Consistent Reaction Times - Lee Chiles
Tony Murray Award Services to UK Drag Racing - John Sleath
Brian Lewis Memorial Raw Horsepower - Dave Billadeau
Racers Choice Racers Choice Voted by Racers – Chris Murty
Danger Zone Trophy Hard Luck Award - Daz Chandler

Sportsman ET Champion - Chris Murty
Sportsman ET Runner-up - Nathan Askey

American Super Stock Champion - Adam Nowak
American Super Stock Runner-up - Lee Chiles
American Super Stock third Place - Mick Elsworth

Shane Shentall Memorial Cup Pro ET Champion - Mia Cavanaugh
Pro ET Runner-up - Chris Nowak

Volks Stock Champion - Adam Proctor
Volks Stock Runner-up - Paul Turner

KC Super Cup Champion - Paul Grainger
KC Super Cup Runner-up - Andrew Arnold

JDM Champion - Phil Davison
JDM Runner-up - Chris Murty

Glen Jarvis Car Points Champion - Chris Murty

"The first meeting at York Raceway is over Easter weekend."

Swift snippets.
10th March: Many thanks to Ian Marshall for sending us Version 3 of the official entry list for the Festival of Power which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on 3rd-5th April. You can check out the entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page. Entry closes this Friday, 13th March; you can download entry forms on the SPRC web site at

Thanks to Jerry Cookson for letting us know that Dave Derry's APIRA Trophy Night presentation photos are now available on the APIRA Facebook page.

APIRA Perpetual Award winners.
8th March: Congratulations to the winners of the APIRA and Shakespeare County Raceway Perpetual Awards, for whom readers had the chance to vote, and who were awarded with their trophies at the APIRA / SCR Presentation Evening in Kidderminster last night:

APIRA Iris Page Memorial Trophy: Detroit Spinner
APIRA / SCR Award for Outstanding Achievement: Bob Hawkins
APIRA / SCR Sportswoman of the Year: Sue Morris
APIRA Endeavour Award: Mark Coulsell
Alan Wigmore Memorial Trophy: Claire Meaddows
McDonald Racing Ireland Best Newcomer: Blade Dummer
Anya Yates With You All The Way Memorial Trophy: Angie Woods

Congratulations also to the following who were presented with special awards:

Award for long-standing service to APIRA and Shakespeare County Raceway: The Schreier Family
2014 Services to APIRA and Shakespeare County Raceway: Mark Blackmore
2014 Services to APIRA and Shakespeare County Raceway: Julie Willcox
2014 Services to APIRA and Shakespeare County Raceway: Mark Coulsell

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Perpetual Awards.

A sponsorship renewed.
7th March: The UK's Isaacs and Tramm Pro Modified team are pleased to announce that Direct Plastics will be returning as primary sponsor of the team for 2015.

Paul Woodhead said "We're excited to be supporting the Isaacs and Tramm Duster Pro Mod again in 2015, the guys smashed all expectations in 2014 despite not all things being plain sailing (usual for drag racing) the new season is just around the corner and we're looking forward to see this amazing car get even closer to fulfilling its potential, keep up the great work guys."

Chris Isaacs added "I have used Direct Plastics for all my race car window and plastics materials for many years now, and have always found them to be immensely knowledgeable, reliable and well priced.  Their delivery is fast and efficient, and being racers they understand what is required for 'our' applications.  I would always recommend Paul and his team, and see no reason to ever go anywhere else."

The team are planning on running all six MSA British Championship rounds and hope to improve on their current bests of 6.59/222. "During this season I will begin my licencing at some of the test days with Chris in the hotseat at the race events", said Spencer Tramm to whom a very Happy Birthday for today (Saturday). "We wish to thank Paul, Fran and all the staff at Direct Plastics for their continued association as well as our associates Speedflow, Przym Paintworks, Lucas Oil UK and Moran Motosports.

Holley's switch.
7th March: UK Junior Funny Car racer Holley Marshall is to switch to a Junior Modified Dragster this season. Dad Ian says that there is a simple reason for the change:

"Holley has kept growing, to the point where, even after lots of modifications to pedals etc, she no longer fits the car. However during Holley's time with the Funny car Andy Wheeler mentioned that if Holley ever fancied a drive in a dragster to let him know. At the time everything was still fine with the Funny Car but getting tighter, then eventually Holley wouldn't fit the car and crew guys Andy and Gordon had to step away from the car as work commitments wouldn't allow them to continue crewing. We'd like to say a big Thank You to Andy and Gordon for everythn they have done.

"Andy Wheeler reiterated his previous offer about Holley driving one of their cars, so following a more detailed conversation it was decided that we would take up the offer of the Prestige green dragster. Holley is getting the first fitting in the car tomorrow, possibly with shakedown runs if everything goes okay.

"Big thanks to Andy and Bob Wallace for offering the use of the car and for taking care of all of the crewing duties whilst Holley races. The plan is to race all rounds of the UK National Championship this season and see where we go from there."

6th March: We are very pleased to welcome as a sponsor of News. Longtime supporter Paul Fischer writes that specialise in finding countryside property in the beautiful rural region of inland northern Croatia:

We offer land plots, weekend houses, homes in a village setting, leafy suburban residences, plots for self-build enthusiasts, ruins, renovation projects, lonely homes far from anywhere... everything for people who have a dream of country living, full or part-time.

At you can see a range of properties, presented by price, and get an idea of how much your money can buy. As is the case of buying property in any country, there are some rules you need to know and some pitfalls which are best avoided. Our information pages will present you with an overview of everything you need to know, there is a free comprehensive information pack available should you decide to look deeper.

Why would anyone want to do this? Take a few minutes to read our main info page and you'll see why so many many are attracted to making the move. E-Mail us at or check out the latest news on our Facebook page.

Swift snippets.
6th March: Frank Johansen tells us that Sweden's Mats Brag Racing is now a dealer for Fogmaker fire suppression systems. "Mats will have Fogmaker systems with him at the FIA races in Sweden and he can refill your empty bottles at his shop", says Frank. For more information E-Mail Mats at and you can see Mats' and son Martin's work on their Facebook page or on Instagram at @mbragweldandconstruction.

Many thanks to Ian Marshall for sending us Version 2 of the official entry list for the Festival of Power which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on 3rd-5th April. You can check out the entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page. Entry closes next Friday, 13th March; youc an download entry forms on the SPRC web site at

Attention Pro car racers.
5th March: Geoff Martin of the UK's Tech Team has been in touch with an important message for racers in Pro car classes:

I would strongly suggest that all racers who run the Electrimotion shut-off system, that is all of the FIA Pro classes including Fuel Funny Car, take a look at the FIA GSR 4.8 Parachute Release revision for this year. It is possible that you need to carry out some re-engineering.

You can find the rule in question on page 115 of the 2015 Technical Regulations and Race Procedures on the
FIA web site.

Swift snippets.
5th March: European fans will have plenty of heroes to cheer on next week's NHRA Amalie Oil Gatornationals in Gainesville with an entry list including Jimmy Ålund in Pro Stock, Roy Olesen and Fredrik Fredlund in Pro Stock Motorcycle, Winternationals winner Jonnie Lindberg and Ulf Leanders in Top Alcohol Funny Car and Mike Manners of sponsor Cosmo Residences in Top Alcohol Dragster. You can stay in touch with the entry list and other Gatornationals business at

Mel Mcclaine's funeral.
4th March: Thanks to Cath Napier for pointing us in the direction of Mel Mcclaine's funeral details, which are as follow:

The funeral service takes place at 12:30 pm next Friday (13th March) at
East Lancashire Crematorium, Cemetery Road, Radcliffe, Greater Manchester M26 4EU (map). A wake will take place at approximately 1:30 pm at Ramsbottom Cricket Club (map).

Dress code is whatever you feel comfortable in especially Mel's style of jeans and Converse footwear.

SFI Tour reminder.
4th March: A last reminder that this year's European SFI Recertification Tour starts tomorrow (Thursday). The full schedule is as follows:

Thursday 5th March - The Netherlands

Dutch Hot Rod Association
Aambeeld 11
1969 NC Heemskerk

Inspections between 08:00 and 12:00

Friday 6th March - Finland

US-Parts Finn Am Oy
Holkkitie 10

Inspections between 08:00 and 12:00

Saturday 7th March - Sweden

Persåkers Speed Shop
Solbergavagen 28
Åkers Styckebruk

Inspections between 12:00 and 16:00

Monday 9th March - UK

Santa Pod Raceway
Airfield Road
NN29 7XA

Inspections between 08:30 and 14:00

APIRA's night out.
4th March: Ticket bookings are now closed for this Saturday's APIRA / Shakespeare County Raceway Presentation Evening in Kidderminster, and everyone is gearing up for a terrific night out.

The evening begins at 6:00 pm in the Valley Suite at the Severn Valley Railway HQ. The buffet will be served from 7:00 pm and presentations are expected to commence at around 8:00 pm starting with the APIRA Championship trophies and then Perpetual and Special Awards. The presentations will be MC'd by Shakey Sounds' very own Barry Bohannon and Paul 'Oz' Wright. There will also be a prize raffle and disco until midnight courtesy of Kenny's Bar DJ Jamie.

"With over 140 people coming to honour our Champions it's going to be a great night", says SCR's Jerry Cookson. "We would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You to everyone for their continued support, and to our advertising and product partners for their generosity with prizes for the raffle."

The winners of the APIRA/SCR Perpetual Awards will be posted on as soon as they have been announced. Thanks to all those who voted.

Any trophies not collected on the evening will be available for collection at the Hillingdon Speed and Spares APIRA Springspeed Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway on 2nd-4th May.

Festival of Power entry.
3rd March: Entry closes on Friday of next week (13th March) for the Festival of Power which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on Friday-Sunday 3rd-5th April and which is the first round of the 2015 MSA British Drag Racing Championship (for Pro Mod), UK National Drag Racing Championships and ACU UK Drag Bike Championships as well as Wild Bunch, Volkswagen Drag Racing Club and Nostalgia Fuel Challenge Cup. Entry after 13th, if accepted, will be subject to a Late Entry penalty of up to 100%.

Entry forms and supplementary regulations can be downloaded from the new Santa Pod Racers Club web site at If you have any queries about Festival of Power entry then please contact Ian Marshall at Santa Pod Racers Club at or call 01933 313625 (outside the UK +44 1933 313625).

Many thanks to Ian Marshall for sending us Version 1 of the official Festival of Power entry list which you can check out by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.

VWDRC back on trend.
2nd March: Volkswagen Drag Racing Club Chair Luke Stevenson writes in anticipation of the new season:

We are on course for another great year of Volkswagen drag racing in the UK, with a great bunch of racers, a bumper crop of rookies joining the Club and some old faces coming out of the woodwork with famous cars from the Club's twenty eight-year history.

Kicking things off will be the
Ultimate Dubs Show in Telford on 14th-15th March. The Club will have a stand and there will be many new or revamped cars débuting, then on to the Volksworld Show at Sandown Park in Esher on 28th-29th of March, again with many new cars to be unveiled.

  So, how does this year's race calendar look? Well as in previous years we have the usual seven rounds but in addition to these there is a new event. Volkslife is a VW-specific event held at Shakespeare County Raceway and the stars on the track will be the VWDRC, as well as a couple of other classes. Our official race dates are:

Round 1: Festival of Power, Santa Pod Raceway, 3rd-5th April
Round 2: Big Bang, Santa Pod Raceway, 24th-26th April
Round 3: Springspeed Nationals, Shakespeare County Raceway, 2nd-4th May
Round 4: Volkslife, Shakespeare County Raceway, 6th-7th June
Round 5: SPRC Summernationals, Santa Pod Raceway, 27th-28th June
Round 6: Bug Jam, Santa Pod Raceway, 17th-19th July
Round 7: Open Sport Nationals, Shakespeare County Raceway, 29th-31st August
Round 8: UK National Finals, Santa Pod Raceway, 19th-20th September

We have a fantastic prize fund available for those competing in 2015. This has only been made possible with the help of our valued sponsors listed below. In order to be eligible for the prize fund you must run sponsor stickers and of course be a VWDRC member.

VWDRC Championship Winner £500 plus 2016 SPRC race entries paid (not including electricity)
VWDRC Championship Runner Up £200
APIRA Champion £100
Number one qualifier £20
Event Winner £50 plus SPRC or APIRA prize fund
Event Runner Up Pound;25 plus SPRC or APIRA prize fund

A huge thanks to the 2015 VWRC Club sponsors:

Bio-Cam (national CCTV and biometrics door entry system supply and fitting); WRP Paint and Restoration (Paint and body shop based in Wellingborough, also race number decal supplier); Herbies Autos (Oxford based mobile mechanic) 07906 601430; Trackstuff Racing Fuel and Tyres (as named, supplier of race fuel and slicks); DC Customs (Birmingham based paint and body shop, vehicle customiser and performance upgrades); Reichspeed Aircooled (air-cooled restoration, race preparation, custom race parts, engine balancing services); Bears Transmissions (performance VW gearbox builders and part suppliers); James Hodson (VW Pro Champion and all-round good guy); Vanology / Rockingham Performance Ltd (T4/5 conversions, custom remaps, rolling road, turbos, intercoolers and more); Brickfield Autos (vehicle paint, restoration, race preparation and custom modifications); and Kleen Freaks (awesome car cleaning products and lifestyle apparel). Finally Fat Chance Racing are proud to sponsor a prize fund for the APIRA Champion. Please use these companies for their products or services (you get a discount at most just by mentioning VWDRC), recommend them if someone else is looking for companies in their area of expertise. Share their pages, tag their products and generally offer support to those that give something back to the Club.

VWDRC Club membership is still just £10. If you have not renewed your membership or know someone who wishes to join then you can become a member through the VWDRC shop at Membership provides you with Forum access, club discounts, social events and more.

With just over thirty days until Round 1 we cannot wait to see everyone back at the track. Meanwhile, if you need a daily dose of VWDRC news, search for VWDRC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and VWDRCTV on YouTube.

Dragging it out, finally.
2nd March: It's not at all unusual for Luke Stevenson to put his Club before himself but he has also been in touch with an update on his return to racing in his dragster:

It was only a few weeks ago when I realised that I have owned the chassis for over three years now. It became quickly became a mythical creature, another Club Unicorn which was rarely seen whilst I was still competing in VW Sportsman class in my VW Golf. After spending 2014 on the sidelines I finally have almost everything I need to build my dream: things are falling into place and I hope to be racing real soon.

I've been racing the hard way (front wheel drive) for many years, so the dragster was never going to be conformist either. It will be running an unusual set-up comprising a 2.8-litre turbocharged V6 engine from a VW Golf. This allows me to compete in VWDRC's top class, VW Pro, and I also hope to dabble in Competition Eliminator when I can and possibly across Europe with my sponsors' support (I will reveal all when all the final details are sorted).

Massive thanks so far to Mario Thau of who is helping with the engine build, and to LugTronics for the engine management side of things. It's fair to say, Esserini Racing, I'm coming for you record!

Swift snippets.
2nd March: UK National Super Comp Champion Paul Hudson asked us to apologise to those who responded to his plea for crew. "I've been out of the country since November except for a few weeks around the SPRC Dinner Dance", says Paul. "I have about five hundred E-Mails in my inbox!".

On behalf of himself, Kirstie and Steve, Spencer Tramm asked us to say a big Happy Birthday to Yvonne Tramm, which we are very pleased to do. Have a lovely day Yvonne. sponsorship 2015.
1st March: We are pleased to welcome some new sponsors to as well as sad to say goodbye to others.

Known worldwide for industry leading motorsports data acquisition products and now celebrating their 30th anniversary, new Home / News sponsor Racepak continues to provide cutting edge products for the motorsports and high-performance aftermarket industry. From entry-level drag race data recorders, such as the Sportsman, to the professional series, Bluetooth enabled PROIII drag race data recorder, Racepak covers all you drag racing and open course data acquisition needs. More than just a data recorder company, Racepak manufactures a complete line of plug and play sensors, designed for the rigors of drag racing, while providing accurate, reliable data, run after run. When it comes to digital dash instrumentation, Racepak's IQ3 and UDX series of dash products can be found in drag racing vehicles, around the world. Sharing sensor inputs from the data recorder, Racepak's digital dash products eliminate the need for duplicate sensors, greatly reducing wiring complexity. Rounding out the Racepak product line is the SmartWire power control module. Designed to eliminate fuses, relays and circuit breakers through the use of solid state electronics, the SmartWire is a fully programmable input / output module capable of trigger all external accessories on your vehicle. Racepak products are available direct from the factory, or through our international dealer network. For additional sales information, visit, E-Mail, or call +1 949 709 5555. Thanks to Tim Anderson for his support.

Netherlands-based new Home / News sponsor Post & Drosoverhauls and tunes motors specialising in American V8 engine blocks and racing engines for tractor pulling, drag racing and Formula 1 stock car but are able to overhaul any engine. The company, owned by Johannes Post and Egbert Dros, and employing Dick Koster, can supply engine parts from a huge list of manufacturers which can be seen on their web site. As a Racepak and MSD European dealership Post & Dros will attend all of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship rounds with in-house testing equipment from MSD and Racepak. Stay tuned for more about Post & Dros.

Simpson Europe has upgraded to a Home / News sponsor. Run by Jan Phersson, Simpson Europe is the Sweden-based European Branch office of Simpson Performance Products whose HQ is in Texas, USA. Simpson Race Products have been in the motorsport safety business since 1959 beginning with drag chutes. In 1967 Simpson was the first company to manufacture Nomex firesuits for racing. Since then Simpson have developed more than two hundred innovative products for motorsports safety and have become one of the leading brands in the World. Simpson have for many years been the leading supplier of safety equipment to the most challenging motorsports in the world such as drag racing, Nascar and IndyCars.

John Woolfe Racing, in their forty eighth year as a major supplier of drag racing performance products, are proud to announce their continuing support of the sport by increasing their exposure on to include sponsorship of its live event coverage, a vital service for racers and fans alike. Woolfe is a name synonymous with drag racing from the early days of Santa Pod. In 1967, John Woolfe first entered his 427 AC Cobra which started his involvement in the sport and to this day the company which carries his name remains strong and active. Looking back is fun, so over the next twelve months John Woolfe Racing will be posting periodic features looking back on all the projects and sponsorship with which they have been involved and will publish some of the old ads and articles for those who have only just got the drag racing bug, as well as seasoned racers and fans. Many thanks to Dave Riswick for his increased contribution.

Hulland Homes Ltd are the new sponsor of Blogs. Hulland Homes is a family-run, well-established NHBC registered building company catering for all types and sizes of building projects from initial concept to final completion and can build anything from a new garage to a house to go with it. They have a superb new range of green oak framed buildings. Hulland Homes mainly cover the Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and South Yorkshire areas but can offer a nationwide service. For further information see their web site at or call 01335 372119. A big Thank You to Mick Pusey for his continued support.

As well as sponsoring Points Standings again this season, OCS Paint are also sponsoring News. Based in Northampton, OCS Paint specialise in motorsport repair and paint. Many of Nic Williams and team's creations can be seen on tracks and the street in the UK and have featured in Best Appearing lists. Stay tuned for a forthcoming feature about OCS Paint.

A huge thank you to all of those existing sponsors who have continued their support into 2015-2016. Please support those who support by considering our sponsors first when shopping for goods or services.

Those sponsors who have not yet responded about their intentions for this year are asked to E-Mail as soon as possible. If you would be interested in sponsoring then it is not too late; please get in touch at the same address.

Finally, goodbye and thank you to departing sponsors Alamo Rent-A-Car, Draper Tools and Vehvac. has had some very generous support from these companies for which we remain very grateful.

Dakota Raceway open for 2015.
1st March: Dakota Raceway, located on the Blackdown hills close to the Devon and Somerset border, is gearing up for a four-event season at the legendary World War 2 airfield formerly known as RAF Upottery and once home of the USAAF Station AAF-462. Lee Child of sponsor LA Racing Parts is now assisting events organiser Trevor Duckworth of Straightliners Events with the drag strip side of the grass-roots Drag and Drift events at the south west venue.

This year's first event at Dakota Raceway takes place on Saturday 21st March. The quarter-mile drag strip will be open for unlimited runs between 09:00 and 16:00, so perfect for test and tune.

Dakota Raceway have added some new features for the 2015 season including a Dakota Raceway Points Series for:
  • Dakota Front Wheel Drive series
  • Dakota Street Muscle (rear wheel drive cars)
  • Dakota Jap Car Series
  • Dakota Vintage Dragster (dragsters and altereds)
  • Dakota Competition Car
  • Dakota Competition Bike
  • Dakota Street Bike
The Points Series will also include the established Dakota Raceway Series:
  • Class 1 : Up to 1600cc
  • Class 2 : Up to 2000cc
  • Class 3 : Above 2000cc
  • Class 4 : Standard Road Bikes
  • Class 5 : Modified street bikes
Trophies will be awarded to all class winners at every event.

Dakota Raceway will be offering a pre-order purchase service for VP Racing Fuels which can be collected on day of the event. Dakota Raceway also hosts the largest drift circuit in the south west and a Show'n'Shine area on a hard standing surface. Club stands also on a hard standing surface.

If your company would like to advertise its products and services at Dakota Raceway then please send a message via the Dakota Raceway Southwest Facebook page or call 07771 590 176. Different options are available, for example lane titles and trackside signage, at very competitive rates.

For more information and current updates visit the Dakota Raceway Southwest Facebook page. For advance Test and Tune tickets offering a £5 saving visit

Help sought.
1st March: Our good buddy John Hackney is seeking hero cards or decals to send to some good friends in the USA. "If you read Yellowbullet you may have read some threads about a young man called AJ who after being ill with cancer and getting the all-clear is facing another long operation next week and more chemotherapy as unfortunately this terrible disease has re-occurred", says Hackers. "He is only sixteen and is going through so much. I know how much he will appreciate any messages, so find the time to post anything to me it would be most appreciated. I will then post him a parcel containing anything I get mailed to me. Thanks in advance for your help and thanks to those whom have contacted me through Facebook". If you can help then please drop John a line at

VP Racing Fuels back EDRS.
1st March: sponsor VP Racing Fuels is the latest manufacturer to sign up for the 2015 EDRS Contingency Award Programme.

"We're really excited about the coming season and look forward to continuing to work with our Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian drag race customers and supporting them with performance award postings" said Jim Kelly, Regional Manager for VP Racing Fuels, European Division. "These racers are a great bunch of highly motivated, talented engine builders and competitors and I have to thank them for continuing to select VP for making maximum power."

In the region, VP Racing Fuels are available for sale direct from:

SCE Engineering Oy
Phone: +358 440 705 835

Jams AB
Phone: +46 705 893 150

Fannrem Motorverksted
Phone: +47 724 82 404

For technical assistance from VP's full-time R&D department please contact Freddie Turza on +1 302 521 1767 or write to

VP is also a 2015 NHRA Contingency Sponsor and provides official fuels for IMSA, Isle of Man TT, Rally America, Pirelli World Challenge, Indy Lights, Trans Am, World of Outlaws, New England Dragway, Atco, Cecil County, Lebanon Valley and many other series and tracks in North America and Europe including Santa Pod Raceway in the UK since 2010. For more information contact your local distributor, phone VP on +1 302 368 1500 or write to

Web site updates.
1st March: In the latest instalment of his exclusive Racer Blog presented in association with Hulland Homes Ltd, Luke Bennett provides an extensive update on the work going on in the workshops of the Bennett Racing blown-alcohol altereds. As ever you can stay in touch with the latest Blog updates by clicking here or by clicking on the Hulland Homes Blogs link on the left-hand side of any page.

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