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SPRC Committee expands.
2nd October: Thanks to
Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary Ian Marshall for letting us know about an expanded SPRC committee:

Santa Pod Racers Club has recently added three new members to its Committee. From time to time it's important to have a fresher perspective and understanding from our younger members and racers. Andy Dibley, Jake Mechaell and Pete Walters fit this bill perfectly, and we would like to take the opportunity to welcome on board Andy, Jake and Pete, and look forward to working with them to move our sport forward.

All of these names will be familiar to our SPRC members and racers as they have very distinguished careers in not only competition but also provide products and services to the drag racing world.

Andy Dibley started racing in Sportsman ET half way through the 2015 season after doing the Dial-in Day and helping out crewing with Tom Atkinson in Super Pro. His first full season was in 2016, racing my 1989 Camaro Iroc-Z, where he won the National and SPRC Championship in Sportsman ET.

In 2017 he won the National and Shakespeare County Raceway Championships. In 2018 he was the runner up in the Sportsman ET Championship and was his last year before stepping up to Super Gas. Andy's dad purchased Jon Morton's 1969 Camaro and since 2019 they have raced the full season in Super Gas, apart from 2020. In 2022 he won the SPRC Championship in Super Gas.

Being the son of Clive and Lorraine Mechaell, Jake Mechaell was born into the world of drag racing, attending his first meeting “Big Go” at Santa Pod Raceway just 3 weeks old. Brought up with a Nitro Fuel Altered “The California Kid”, Jake got to know Knut Söderqvist and drove a Jnr Dragster for him at the age of 9, which was his first time up the race track. Jump forward to 2009 when he decided to buy a 9.50 bike to have a go at a few meetings, running a perfect reaction and perfect ET at his first event, which helped in being awarded most promising newcomer in 2009!

After 2009 Jake was hooked and stayed in 9.50 bike for two more years gaining 9 event wins and the 2010 and 2011 National Championships. Winter 2011 he decided he wanted to give 8.50 bike a go so decided to fabricate a turbo kit along with some other upgrades to be competitive. He stayed in 8.50 bike from 2012-2018, gaining 13 event wins and National Championships 2015, 2017 and 2018.

After riding Alex Hope's Super Street bike at the Main Event in 2018, he knew this was the class for him, in so sold his 8.50 bike operation to start his journey to Super Street bike. 3 years later having saved funds, and started his business, JKE Race Works he debuted his Superstreet Bike in 2021 running 6.95 on his 20th pass.

Peter Walters started racing Junior Dragster in 2001 aged 10, moved up to Super Pro in 2008 aged 16, the first person to go straight from juniors to big cars without a break. Pete licenced and tested in Dave Wilson's A/fuel car in 2014, running a best of 5.635@246mph. He has raced in Super Pro solidly since 2008, also having the odd spell in Sportsman ET, winning an event in 2020.

Pete has also been responsible for the new SPRC websites and all of the functionality within, and continues to upgrade and refine our entry system on a constant basis. He is also responsible for many race vehicle and crew uniform designs seen across the racing world.

Sjödin Motorsport Tierp Arena race report .
2nd October: Thanks to Pro Mod racer Andreas Sjödin for sending his race report Tierp Arena and Summit Racing Equipment Internationals August 2023! Andreas's viewpoint is his own...

What a crazy year...Now after the season is over for real, I’ve got some well-needed vacation, found some spirit again and I’m back at work, I felt it was time to sum up the last event for the year in Pro Modified with Jörgen Berg 's Chevrolet Corvette '79 at Tierp Arena! It turned out to be the worst and most disappointing weekend at a race track this year.

Me, Sofi, Jörgen and Benkt went to Tierp Arena for the last race with Jörgen's Pro Mod Vette for 2023 on Wednesday after 2 rainy days at Jörgen's shop. The plan was to service the Vette during Monday and Tuesday after the race at Gardermoen but, due to bad weather, the car was still like brand new when we left Norway.

Anyway, the trip from the Bat Cave in Ludvika was pretty simple and we arrived to Tierp Arena around 13:00 on Wednesday! As soon as I went out from the truck we got some rain, that’s pretty amazing! Haha! And then after a lot of arguing with the wind trying to put up the tents in our pit space for hours then team Old 51 arrived and saved us by blocking the really powerful winds with their bus!

Benkt and Krille started to do some small adjustments on the Vette in the driver’s area that I wanted to do after the Norway weekend, this car was not built for me so it takes some time to adjust all small stuff to make me satisfied with it.

No racing for us on Thursday because that’s the day for the sportsman classes only. So, our plan was just to relax, finishing up some details on the Vette and get her inspected for the qualifying that started on Friday. Thursday was a rainy day at Tierp Area and it was cold on top of that. In the afternoon the qualifying got cancelled due to the rain. It was a really bad day for all the sportsman racers and I felt sorry for my fellow buddies in Top Doorslammer who sitting there all day waiting for nothing to happen.

Jörgen and Krille serviced the Vette and checked the rod bearings during the morning. Me and Benkt diagnosed and fixed some air shift issues that we had the weekend before in Norway by changing out the Co2 air regulator that for some reason didn’t give enough air any more.

Friday started with a cold and cloudy morning at Tierp Arena. When I got the running order for the first qualifying round it looked to be around 12:30-13:00 I assumed. We waited 4 hours until it was time for Q1 for us. I looked at the weather forecast and I did hope that it was wrong, because it did not look good at all. Q1 got delayed. We did have a couple of classes before us and unfortunately a Top Fuel Bike crashed (Neil Midgley - Ed). We were ready to go but more rain came, so we were on hold again. After many hours delay, and more rain whilst we were in the lineup we got a round that was enough to get some decent data to start work from.

After the adjustments in the driver’s area, I found out that it was even harder to see the tree when I was in the right lane, especially seeing the pre stage and stage lamp and getting into stage. I needed to listen to Micke when he went up on his 2-step so I could do the same. So, the reaction time wasn't that great, haha, but I held the pedal to the floor until three seconds out when I started to shake some and I was off the throttle. I think the round got delayed at least three hours. The Vette got serviced and we were ready again.

It looked like we would go out again pretty much directly after that against Gullan, but then we got some drizzle in time for Q2, but we once again got some rain in the lineup, that’s two times in one day. Sitting there in the lineup we could actually see a rainbow in the sky, not sure if that is how I want it to be on a race track. Our second qualifying round was at 20:00 in the evening.

It was even better than Q1, but I needed to add more power! We did not have enough time to change transmission in the car, but I was happy now that I'm was closer to find a tuning window even though I'm still way low on power. It's a HUGE difference between a roots and a screw blower when it comes how much fuel you can give it or how much timing you can take out, but I`m learning and I really miss my screw blower which would help me find the window quicker.

So, a long day of waiting again out on a race track, but one really good thing is that the camshaft is still ok. After Q2 at this race it has made 6 launches without any issues compared to the one that only made 2 before it broke. Still the manufacturer tells me that the stuff he sold me (the cam that broke) is all ok. Well, I assume this will be something to continue arguing about during the coming winter. After that we did serviced the Vette, switched to a new transmission to get some more wheel speed, and we also put together another trans so we could add even more ratio after the first pass, because I'm pretty sure that we would need it. For me it is a “low power roots blower engine”, compared to what I’m used to when it got a screw blower on top.

On Saturday morning at a chilly and cloudy Tierp Arena, the Vette was ready to warm up when it was time and I assumed that we would be called in about 2 hours. The bad weekend continued, startin with a clean up after an oil down and then some light rain delay. Following a change of schedule, Pro Mod ran passes after the bikes rather than Pro Stock. After more hours of waiting in some drizzle on and off in the line-up, we finally made our Q3 round against Roger Johansson around 14:30 in the afternoon! The car was happy with a more aggressive first gear and ended up with a good 60ft of 0.9793! But a good 60ft is nothing if the car goes into shake after it! It’s hard to sort out all parts down the track with so few rounds in the car and when it's cloudy, cold and rains on and off it is tricky conditions to test a car that has never made a real pass. I was getting closer, but I'm also starting to get really frustrated about this now.

Q4 was the last chance to make a pass to get into the ladder, I was pretty sure that the changes I made to the car won’t be enough but it’s the last test round for the year for us so let’s just try. I felt that this must be the worst year ever since I started racing 20 years ago when it comes to bad luck and bad weather. When we rolled out from our tent it felt like you can cut through the moist outside and the whole car fogged up!

We were third pair out in this session against Patrik Wikström, but it turned out to be a solo round because he had some problems with the engine. When I went up to the starting line to look at the mess it of course also started to rain again and when I looked out on the track, I could see a half track clean up after an oil down at the same time! What a strange racing weekend, and like I said earlier the worst ever since I started racing!

Finally, the weekend was over for us. I think we made the pass around 19:30 after sitting in the lineup for I don’t know 1 or maybe 2 hours. You could feel the moisture in the air and the car was almost wet from it, when I put the helmet on and closed my visor it fogged up. It did not feel good but I was happy to have a solo round so I won’t mess up someone else car if something happens. The burn out felt it was like making a burn out on grass, then for first time ever I got wheel speed in the Corvette, however it was from spinning the tyres immediately on the launch. The change from the round before when we were way low in wheel speed was to move a little weight in the car and a little shock change, but we had no runs to talk about because a slick car has nothing to do on a wet race track.

In my view, the fourth qualifying pass should have been cancelled before they told us to roll down from the pits. Some crew members were not allowing their driver to make a pass, and others decided not to run on Sunday. Should it be like that?

Sunday was just one more rainy day at the track after raining all Saturday night! We ended up at spot nineteen in the qualifying list and due to one car before us already loading to leave we were second reserve. I decided on Saturday evening that I was not going to sit and wait again in the lineup for the third day in a row, so we started loading up everything that wasn’t wet already after breakfast on Sunday morning.

It was still raining on Sunday at 10:10 and they cancelled all the sportsman classes pretty early due to the weather. When we were about to leave around 15:00, they held an extra drivers meeting to see if any racers would like them to continue to work on the track and make it ready to start the eliminations, good for the ones that are there to get points in the series they couldn't finish the race completely because they are not allowed to make noise long enough in the evening, but that is how I feel about it, and I was on my way home anyway.

Oil downs are time consuming, however oil downs are caused by the racers, so I think that the correct place to start complaining is to the racers having their cars in order and also that there should be harder rules when it comes to engine diapers and fines when it comes to oil downs.

I think that the crew did an amazing job all weekend trying to get the track dry because it was raining on and off more than ever before! Great job guys and girls. Me and Krille left Tierp Arena and maybe 15-20 minutes later the sun came out, the first real sun since Wednesday or so, so typical and frustrating! Back at our ÅBM shop we got clear blue sky, sun and 22 degrees Celsius!

It was kind of hard not getting angry after four days at the race track in rain, cloudy sky and no sun and on top of that it was cold with heavy winds. Directly after we arrived at the ÅBM shop we we started to prepare for the weekend after at Dala-Järna and an exhibition race with the Chevelle after letting it sit in the shop for almost a year.

I want to say thanks to all involved during this unsuccessful test year in Pro Modified, Jörgen first of all that trusted me and gave me the opportunity to drive his brand new Pro Modified car! Dad (Ake), Sofi, Max, Krille, John the Sneaky Snake, Marcus, Dennis, Benkt, Katrin, Ludde, Moa and Mike Canter for a lot of input when it comes to the fuel system.

Then I want to say a special thanks to my partners that supported this test year, our own shop of course Åkes Bil & Motor, Peter and Patrik at Rörmekano, Tobbe at T.Grundström Plåtslageri, Christer at Alwerco Svets & Smide, Kaare at ICA Gärdet, Micke at Clearwrap East Coast, Nicke at Nicclast and Leif at Catch with Care!

Let’s see what 2024 will bring us, we got no plans yet.

Swift snippets.
2nd October: Happy Birthday for today to Street Eliminator racer Mark Sheridan,radio presenter and former Nitro FM DJ Nigel Fitzmaurice, former 9.50 Bike racer and Billy Gane team member Jak Hylton, and former Junior Dragster racer Joe Holland-Villa. We hope you all have had a great day.

Dakota Raceway gallery.
30th September: Thanks to Kieran for supplying a gallery of pictures taken at yesterday's Dakota Raceway run what ya brung held at Smeatharpe Airfield.

You can see Kieran's gallery, sponsored by John Woolfe Racing, and a link to his Youtube video at this link or via the Event Coverage page in the menu above.

There were a wide range of vehicles making passes including hot rods, the Scoobybits Subaru driven by Jamie White, the Gasser Circus Falcon of Patrick Hobbs and some quick street machines. Bikes included several National Sprint Association entries and Wild Bunch member Chris Hartnell's Backdraft II historic machine.

This was Dakota Raceway's closing event of 2023, watch out on for 2024 dates to be published at the start of the year.

Swift snippets.
30th September: Happy Birthday for today and congratulations to 2023 Wild Bunch Series Champion Dan Wilson who has topped the final standings, as reported by co-ordinator Claire Meaddows on the Wild Bunch web site at this link. Although there was a tie in points for championship place with Pete & Rob Brown's Rebel team, Dan won by virtue of his two wins over the Marras' one.

At Santa Pod Raceway today, Das GTI Show will be taking place and there are a variety of activities including RWYB, jets, drifting and stunts. The main competition element is VWDRC Heads Up for VAG vehicleswith a upper cut-off time of 11.99. You can see results updated during the day at this link and spectator and rwyb tickets are still available at this link.

Good luck and stay safe to European racers racing in the US today. Well done to Dale Leeks for qualifying #1 in a field of 10 Pro Xtreme bikes at the eighth-mile XDA Fall Nationals at Maryland International Raceway. Dale's qualifying time was 4.032/183.02 and he vows he will be leaning on his Suzuki 1700cc Funny Bike for eliminations.

Also doing well in the US are Lex Joon who qualified on the bump spot for Top Fuel at the NHRA Midwest Nationals with 3.920/314.09, and Dmitry Samorukov who qualified #3 in a field of 18 cars in Pro Modified, with a time of 5.756/245.76. We will bring results in tomorrow's update.

Melbourne Raceway's Northern Finals.
30th September: Melbourne Raceway's final event of the year is going to be a cracker, says PR Andy Flavell. Northern Finals will be taking place on 7th and 8th October and all cars and bikes are welcome.

The programme includes fireworks and two Jet Cars, Lee Dennick`s “Reign of Fire” Jet Funny Car and Julian Webb`s one and only ”Spiderman” Jet dragster. There is also live music performed by the cracking duo ”Undercover!”

The event will be racers' last chance for RWYB this year too with the signing on fee only £35. No pre-booking is required, after entrance you just pay on the day at the signing on office. Just remember a crash helmet is required.

The Northern Finals will be round 8 of the Straightliners championship with the final round to take place a fortnight later at Santa Pod Raceway. The usual car bracket classes are taking part, Pro Comp Heads Up (5.89 or quicker in the eighth), Pro Extreme ET (5.90-6.89 on a sportsman tree), Pro ET (6.90-7.89), Sportsman (7.90 or slower), NSCC, Junior Dragster and Karts. For Bikes, there are No Mercy Shootouts for Bikes, Scooters and Juniors, and heads-up classes for 6.00 index, Race Legends (over 70 years of age), Nostalgia Pro Stock, Old School USB, Stock and Two Stroke, and NSA championship classes.

You can see the updated Straightliners championship points, courtesy of Martyn Greathead, on the Straightliners results repository. For car points click here, for bike points click here and for and for scooter points click here.

Class entry fees can be seen at this link at which you can enter for racing, and spectator entry which is only £15 per day or £30 for the weekend including camping. Under 16s entry is free and there will be a bar and live band on Saturday night.

For new racers, there is a useful Facebook post on tips to follow at the track at this link.

Former editor Tog will be at the track posting on-track and off-track galleries and results. You will be able to see Tog's coverage by clicking on this link.

The postcode for Melbourne Raceway is YO42 4SS, For anyone traveling to Melbourne from the A19 from Selby, the bridge at Bubwith is closed for repairs. From the M1,M18,M62, exit at Howden, take the left lane and then join the B1228 from Howden.

Thanks to Graham Watkinson for help in coding this article.

Melbourne NSA galleries.
30th September: Thanks to NSA photographer Carol Jenkinson for providing galleries of Saturday and Sunday action at the recent Pennine Classic event at Melbourne Raceway. You can see Carol's pictures via our event coverage page and then clicking on NSA pictures. Pictured is Andrew Langdon, whose Honda VFR 748cc was quickest NSA entrant with a 6.72/115 on Saturday.

The NSA is having a busy end to its 14-event season with three events in as many weekends, Smeatharpe today, Melbourne next weekend and their double points season finale at Santa Pod Raceway on 15th October (RWYB available on 14th October).

Swift snippets.
30th September: Happy Birthday for today to Top Fuel Bike racer-in-waiting Phil Crossley, VW Sportsman racer Morgan Wilson, Outlaw Street racer Matthew Southcott, classic Ford racer Danny Wilson and, from Sweden, Street class racer Jan Ekström and webmaster Anders Magnusson. We hope you all have a great day.

Good luck and stay safe to Funny Bike racer Dale Leeks who is competing in the eighth-mile XDA Fall Nationals at Maryland International Raceway. Dale will be in the MaxxECU Pro Xtreme class and we hope to bring you results from the race at its conclusion and comments from Dale.

We also hail expat Europeans Lex Joon who will be competing in Top Fuel at the NHRA Midwest Nationals taking place this weekend, and Julie Nataas who is now leading the Top Alcohol Dragster Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series national points after winning the betway NHRA Carolina Nationals last weekend. Good luck also to former FIA Pro Mod racer Dmitry Samorukov who is competing at the NHRA Midwest Nationals. We will publish reports on them over the next few days.

UK National Drag Racing Tech committee meeting.
29th September: Thanks to
Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary Ian Marshall for letting us know that a National Drag Racing Tech committee meeting will be taking place soon.

"A National Drag Racing Tech committee meeting will take place at the Holiday Inn Northampton, the meeting will commence at 10am on 15th October 2023. Should anyone have items for the Tech meeting agenda, please could you email Items must reach the SPRC office by 6th October for inclusion in the agenda.

"Those wishing to attend the meeting should also contact the SPRC office by email as above or phone on 01933 313625, again by 6th October please.

"Those who have attended meetings previously please note this is a different hotel from the one used previously. The address details are:-

The Holiday Inn Northampton
Tudor Rose Suit
Bedford Road,

Dakota Raceway this Saturday.
14th March: Dakota Raceway at Smeatharpe Airfield, Devon, hosts its final event of 2023 event this Saturday:

Get ready for a day of high-speed fun and excitement at an incredible event featuring the best of drag racing and drifting!

Take the wheel and feel the rush of adrenaline as you put your driving skills to the test on track with 7 hours of non-stop action. Whether you prefer the straight-line speed of a 1/4 mile drag strip or the sideways thrills of drifting, you’ll have plenty of track time to make the most of your ability.

If you’re not feeling like driving, you can still soak up the excitement as a passenger or spectator, cheering on your mates as they push themselves to the limit on the track. With a wide variety of high-performance vehicles and a fantastic atmosphere, experience the thrill of high-speed racing at Straightliners Drag and Drift. Crash helmets must be worn by all participants & passengers.

This test and tune facility with the drag strip open from 09.30 until the 16:00 curfew. The entry system has been streamlined thanks to our permit provider NORA92, so we will have you signed on and out on track in an instant.

The National Sprint Association is attending on the bike side as well with entry for their event at this link, with lots of classic bikes and close racing for the spectators.

Entry is just £50 to enter your car or bike, or £40 for passengers. If you want to enter online, the link is here or click on the picture. Spectators are welcome and its pay on the gate £10 per person with no charge for kids.

Smeatharpe Airfield is located in Devon at EX14 9RF, 20 minutes drive from the M5.

Another Pro Mod for sale - driver not quitting.
30th September: Thanks to Remco Scheelings for sending us news that his countryman Michel Tooren has put his 5.8s Plymouth Cuda Pro Mod up for sale as a rolling chassis.

Michel has assured Remco that he is selling only because there is something new on the horizon. "It’s the rolling chassis for sale, exactly the same as the car that raced in September at The European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway. Because only the engine is still needed for the new project, the rolling chassis with all spares and extras, including clutches and gearboxes is for sale.

"The Cuda, originally built by Tim McAmis Race Cars, is capable of running 5.7 seconds at 250 mph. Michel reset his personal bests at this year’s The Main Event to 5.814 seconds at 250.85 mph. The Cuda is also a proven FIA Pro Modified race winner as Michel claimed the win at the 2022 NitrOlympX at the HockenheimRing. The Cuda is 100% FIA Pro Modified legal."

If you're interested,contact Michel Tooren for more information and details at or read the story on at this link

Zerbst race this weekend to decide DMV Championship.
29th September: Many thanks to Andrea Kloss who has sent a preview of the Club sport drag racing event at Zerbst, near Berlin, Germany which takes place this weekend:

The 1st AMC Dessau e.V. is organizing a club sport event on the quarter mile in Zerbst, for automobile classes: Junior Dragster, Public Race, Sportsman ET, Super Gas, Pro ET, Sport Compact and Super Comp as well as motorcycle classes: Junior Drag Bike, ET Bike, Super Gas Bike and Super Comp Bike. The final points for the DMV Drag Racing Championship as well as the Drag Race Union Pro ET Challenge can be grabbed this weekend.

The final entry list has already been published and comprises over 161 competitors and can be seen by clicking here.

With club sport in Germany limited for drag racing classes to 8.50 seconds on the quarter mile, the quickest classes to run in Zerbst are Super Comp and Super Comp Bike. With the quicker classes not being able to run in Zerbst, the DMV Champions of those classes have already been decided. in the automobile classes those are Walter Strobel in Pro Modified, Robin Sattler in Competition Eliminator, Alain Dürr in Super Pro ET and Thomas Ranft in Extreme Outlaw and in the bike classes Christian Jäger in Super Twin Bike and Thomas Joswig in Funny Bike.

The championship leader in Super Comp is Gerd Habermann (below left) who will be competing in Zerbst, but with his points lead he is practically uncatchable, so in Zerbst it is all about the last points for places 2 to 8, with 11 racers contesting. After the AMP Hills Race in Italy, Janine Petzold of Schumann Motorsport leads the Pro ET class in the DMV Championship. In Zerbst Janine will have to defend her points lead against Gerd Habermann and Magnus Sommer, in order to end the season as the champion - however all three will have to be on their game with 37 participants in Pro ET.

Photo credit: Sietse Visser (Dutch Dragrace Photos), Harry Czekella (

In Super Gas, Stephan Blauwitz of Schumann Motorsport (above right) has well earned his points lead this season with victories in Clastres I, Clastres III and the NitrOlympX as well as a second place at the club sport event at Raceway Lärz! In Zerbst five Super Gas drivers will compete. Despite Stephan's big lead, Marianne Wisotzke could still score enough points to challenge him for the championship title. Since Clastres II in June, the Sportsman ET class has been led in the DMV Championship by Sascha Herrmann in his VW Lupo GTi. In Zerbst, 9 drivers are competing in Sportsman ET, four of which being DMV members who want to grab that championship title for themselves. We are eager to find out if Dieter Langner, Kevin Faßbender or Sven Krone will be able to stop the 402-Lupo?

Junior Dragster driver and DMV member Liam McDonald (below left) has an unassailable lead in the MSJ Junior Drag Racing Championship. No one can challenge Liam for the 2023 title anymore, in Zerbst it will be all about 2nd and 3rd Place and there will be 13 juniors competing.

In Super Comp Bike, Jörg Braune (above right) leads Lars Günther by 33 points. With 26 competitors in SCB, Zerbst will be challenging. In Germany the SCB class has seen the most growth of all classes in recent years, which is down to an 8.50 index and a pro-tree making it a very attractive class.

In ET Bike last year’s Champion Rainer Hescher is currently leading the DMV Championship, ahead of Marie-Madleen Rosen and Bernd Thomer. In total 21 ET Bikes will be competing and plenty of DMV members to challenge Rainer for the championship title.

Leif-Erik Braune from the 75 Speedshop Drag racing Team is currently leading the Junior Drag Bike class. With his participation at club sport event at Raceway Lärz in May and the NitrOlympX, Leif-Erik has been able to score well in this growing class in Germany. In Zerbst Hugo Leistner will be challenging Leif-Erik for the title but both will have to get past the other four contestants.

At Zerbst, drivers will not only be collecting their last points for the DMV Drag Racing Championship but also for the Drag Race Union Pro ET Challenge in which Ronnie Mercer is leading in front of Janine Petzold and Martin Weikum either of whom could catch Ronnie. Also, we would like to congratulate Angel Romero from Spain, who raced recently at Santa Pod Raceway, who has won the DRU Super Pro ET Challenge with Alain Dürr as runner-up.

The points in the DMV Drag Racing Championship can be found by clicking here. The champions of each class will be honored at the DMV Gala of Champions on November 11th in Suhl in Germany.

The points for the Drag Race Union Challenges can be found by clicking here. Challenge winners will be honored at the DRU Season End Party on Oktober 21st in Bad Kissingen in Germany. Thanks again to Graham Watkinson for help in coding this article.

Swift snippets.
29th September: Happy Birthday for today to Al Smith team member and former Super Mod racer Andy Kirk, Street Eliminator racer Paul Morton, Gasser Circus racer Billy Jones, Angry Bird 2JZ Falcon racer Darren Hussey, and coding assistant and GW Media webmaster Graham Watkinson. We hope you are all having a fantastic day.

British Drag Racing Hall of Fame MC Tony Thacker has been busy recently writing a Dragstalgia 2023 review for US publication Gasser Wars Magazine, and fettling the historic Dos Palmas dragster for it to be in motion once again, driven by Tony himself. Tony commented "Imagine lusting after a car, the Dos Palmas Machine Spl., for 60 years and finally getting to drive it—amazing. Next stop Nitro Revival. Thanks to all our which you can see along with video of Tony's first drive in it at this link.

SPRC points update.
28th September: Many thanks to SPRC National and Club Drag Racing Championships co-ordinator Yvonne Tramm and SPRC webmaster Pete Walters for updating the championship points after the STP National Nationals.

You can see the latest championship points by going to
this link on or via our Points Standings page which you can reach from our main menu if you click on News.

We're sure all SPRC racers will join us in sending a Big Thank You to Yvonne and Pete for their work on the points this year.

Team Force of Nature 2023 season review.
28th September: Thanks to steam powered rocket bike rider Graham Sykes for a review of a highly successful season:

Well, that’s the end of our season with the “Force of Nature" Steam Rocket Bike.

We have had many highs and a few lows. We started the 2023 season with a 5.09 in the standing 1/8th and finished up with an end of season 3.4 second 1/8th at 185.8 mph and a 6.1 second 1/4 coasting from the 1/8th! Our best 60 ft time was 0.91 seconds. I stand to be corrected, but from what we can work out this makes the Force of Nature the second quickest accelerating motorcycle in the 60 ft 330 ft and 660 ft second only to the fantastic Eric Teboul and his Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket Bike. only 0.007 seconds off the fastest ever bike 60 ft.

We have learned so much this year with the bike making gains at every meeting. The power of Water and Vegetable oil when used correctly is phenomenal! The time has come to learn from our experiences and over winter re-design the motor so we have much better flow. This has been holding us back all year. We have a solution which will allow us to run much faster and for longer, allowing us to hopefully unleash the true power of the bike’s potential and the power of steam.

Thanks must go to:
  • Trevor Duckworth
  • Straightliners and Melbourne Raceway
  • Santa Pod Raceway
  • Hockenheim Circuit
  • Eurodragster (thanks! Ed.)
  • Nitro FM
All the companies that have supported the team over the season and had faith in what we said we could achieve.
  • IMI
  • Morgren
  • Thorite
  • Mial Coach Builders
  • CPE Pressure Vessels
  • Firebird Burners
  • Hansell Composites
And my ever-hard-working team Diane, my wife, Billy Hudson, Jim Dickman who without their input there would be no team or results

Thanks to all the people and spectators who have given us massive support throughout the year at tracks throughout the UK and Europe. It’s really appreciated.

Let’s make 2024 the Big one Target 200 mph Plus and 5 second runs on steam. Steam it’s not big but it is clever. To infinity and beyond!

Yam Yam Monday Drag Club gallery.
28th September: Thanks to Kieran for photography at Monday's Yam Yam Racing Drag Club private test at Santa Pod Raceway organised by Scott Lewry. You can see Kieran's gallery, sponsored by John Woolfe Racing, and a link to his Youtube video at this link or via the Event Coverage page in the menu above.

Kieran wrote: "The awesome Overkill Performance Mazda 4 Cylinder Doorslammer made it's debut on track with some test hits, this will be one to watch in the future, destined for Comp Eliminator.

"We also saw the return of two Mk1 Escorts that haven't been out in a long time! Jay Elvy's Mk1 Escort hasn't been on track for 9 years and is now Cosworth YB power, This will certainly be deep in the 9s when it's dialled in. Dan Warren's Cosworth YB Mk1 Escort was also back after 2 years running a new PB of 9.1 and sounding as strong as ever."

Well done to FWD racer Carl Monks running his GarySpeed Performance built Honda Civic to a new PB and his first nine, 9.916@146.72mph. Carl is one of 32 cars entered for the Sports Compact Shootout at JapShow Finale 2023 on Sunday 8th October.

You can also see a Facebook album by Santa Pod Raceway New Media Coordinator Callum Pudge at this link.

Satan's Lady 2023 season review.
28th September: ET Bike team member Suze Morris has written in with her perspective on the 2023 season of partner Phil Pratt:

What a season 2023 turned out to be! After taking "Satan's Lady" to JKE Raceworks for some upgrades over the Winter, we went into the new season knowing we'd be on a learning curve, and likely to have to hand over the No.1 that we'd carried since 2017. Bearing that in mind, we set ourselves the, hopefully, realistic aim of finishing the year in the top 10... so to finish in 4th is just fantastic!

It was definitely a season of discovery for us and we think (hope) we've reached the peak of learning so we can move onwards and upwards in 2024.

We'd like to say a massive congratulations to new ET Bike Champion Blade King and Runner-Up Liam Holgate who both had amazing seasons. It certainly was fun to see racers in the pits swapping numbers after racing. Blade was wearing our original, 6-year-old, No.1 like a Super Power, whilst Liam laid claim to Gary Hester's long standing No.2, Dave Grundy was happy to collect the No.3 plate from Scott Collier, but was even more delighted to finally get rid of the No.4 plate, excitedly handing it over to Phil.

A great season, great racing and great camaraderie from the ever-increasing ET Bike Class.

Massive thank you to Santa Pod Raceway and SPRC for providing us with such an amazing venue, to track crew, marshals, tower, signing on staff, and of course eurodragster, who work tirelessly on our behalf.... you're all stars! Here's to 2024 and getting used to a new number. ETB4!

Thanks again to Graham Watkinson for help in coding today's articles.

Shout-out for UK fans at Nitro Revival.
28th September: Nitro Revival sponsor Geoff Stilwell has been in touch to let us know that Bob Beck, the main commentator at Nitro Revival, and a previous host of Bench Racing at the BDRHoF Gala, has offered to interview for his show any Brits attending Nitro Revival at Irwindale Raceway on 3rd-5th November.

Bob says "My co-host on my show Talking About Cars, Randy Kerdoon, and I are excited about doing a group show with everyone who is coming from the UK to Nitro Revival - we will put it on Powertubetv which can be seen worldwide." Anyone interested, please drop a line to

Fans shouldn't forget that if they are attending Irwindale for Nitro Revival, they can also attend the Thursday night drags, more information is available by clicking here.

Swift snippets.
28th September: Happy Birthday for today to Supercharged Outlaws racer and Wild Bunch founder Roy Wilding, Swedish former TA Funny Car racer Björn Ardin, and Junior Dragster racer Jack Taylor. Have a great day all.

Think there has never been motorsport in Switzerland? Think again! Thanks to the Spanish photographer Arinka Foto Racing who has sent in a link to his recently uploaded album for the 2005 Dragster Challenge 1/4 mile drag race at Turtmann in Switzerlandwhich you can see by clicking here.

Jan Ericsson to retire from drag racing.
27th September: Three-time European Pro Mod Champion Jan Ericsson is hanging up his helmet and retiring from drag racing. The native of Västerås, Sweden, has been competing in Pro Mod since 2017 when the team took the decision to spend three years fully focused on winning the FIA Championship starting with 2019.

It has been mission accomplished to say the least, as Jan has been the winning force not only in FIA competition, with three back-to-back Championships, but also wins in the Nordic series and Santa Pod Raceway’s Doorslammers events.

“I love drag racing, but the planned three years of focus have come to an end”, says Jan. “Time-wise it took five years as Covid cancelled two seasons, but the team can no longer combine this level of dedication with our regular jobs and family life. I race to win and to chase points, and when you have been dedicated full-time to the task of winning all three Championships then there are no backward steps to take other than to retire.”

Jan would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the sponsors and team members who have made his Pro Mod journey possible, as well as the race fans and supporters along the way including his club SMF Västerås.

Jan’s whole racing operation will be up for sale shortly.

Acknowledgements: Bilsport Magazine for story and Glyn Dennis for photos.

Gasser Circus Finale – Hot Rod Drags.
27th September 2023: Many thanks to Nick Brooke Langham for sending in a report on Gasser Circus at the National Finals:

The 20th Anniversary year celebrating the Gasser Circus, reached its final round over the Hot Rod Drags weekend at Santa Pod. With 29 Gassers entered a 32-car ladder was on the cards and with 7 Gassers mathematically still with an opportunity to take the 2023 title, you could not have had a more finely balanced conclusion. Nerves were a plenty amongst those still in contention and a sense of an opportunity to influence the outcome for the other Gasser Drivers.

Friday kicked off with a fully sold out RWYB and little wonder as it was one of the last chances to give your car a thrash before the cold and wet descends. Out on track it was really uplifting to see Niamh Smith back behind the wheel of her ‘Nogbad the Bad’ Austin. Having already suffered two engine losses earlier in the season, a freshly built 351 sat between the chassis rails, and sitting right across Niamh’s face and Jake's at the end of the day were huge beaming smiles, as not only had she concluded several runs without issue, but she had set a PB for her and the car with a 11.99 @ 103mph.

Another returnee with a new engine was Paul Dominey with his 640 Austin Dorset now powered by a Norwegian built small block which produces over 500 horsepower. Paul after a few problems with all things his dipstick, began running PBs with a 10.50 @ 125mph his best on Friday. Someone who was not having a good weekend was Ian Turburville along with Laura and Chris, as they were stranded on the motorway, with their Dodge pickup broken and in need of rescue. Ian did eventually make it to the Pod on Saturday, but his Gasser was by then safely tucked up at home.

Qualifying began for the Gasser Circus at 10.30 on Saturday morning, which itself was a glorious day, with the sun rapidly burning off the early morning mist. It was a glorious sight as the pairing lanes were filled by Gassers and their crews. Amongst these was a surprise entry as it had been a decade since Rob Kilham had raced with the Circus, come Saturday morning he was in the lanes and ready to race his Plymouth once again.

The first round of qualifying was peppered with breakouts with 11 in total, amongst these were 2 of the top four which brought a new level of apprehension to their day. Sat at the top was Lee Pike, with current points leader Chris Layram in second, Nick Brooke-Langham in at number 3, with third in the points Jason Pickett qualifying in 4th.

Second Round got underway in the afternoon at 14:20 with some drivers making up for a poor showing in round 1. Most notable of these being Billy Jones in his Grumpy Grizz Willys as he ran an outstanding 10.52 on a 10.52 dial a perfect run. It was also a good day for Martyn Hallam, with his rebuilt Hemi, as ran a fine 9.79. At the conclusion of Round 2 the top 5 were Billy Jones, Chris Layram, Patrick Hobbs, Lee Pike and Ray Turner, with the other main title rivals Jason Pickett in 6th and Simon Prest in at number 13.

At 7 o’clock the Gassers were once again in the fire up road and as darkness took over, we were set for a bit of twilight qualifying. At 20 past the Gassers took to the track, Nervous Nick in the ‘Traitor’ Anglia and Jason Pickett in his ‘Cherry Bomb’ 55 Chevy. Jason was on it running a 10.66 on a 10.65 dial which would keep him in number 6 qualifier. Nick had a problem keeping the engine running on a slowing a 12.01 the issue soon identified and resolved as the distributor had slipped and with that went the timing.

Tony Pearson in his 56 Chevy ‘The Guzzler’ performed one of his stellar rolling burnouts, and lined up against current Gasser Circus Champion Ray Irish who was behind the wheel of his ‘Gas Junkie’ Willys pickup. At the end of their runs Tony moved up from 11th to 9th with Ray occupying 14th.

As Chris Layram and John Gibson came round to run, John was in 17th and Chris current points leader had slipped to 3rd, so needed a good run, as displacing Billy Jones was now all but impossible. Following the burnouts John was ready to go, Chris however was not as his Ford Pop lost fire and had to be pushed back. John was on a solo and ran a superb 10.613 on a 10.61 which moved him into 3rd knocking Chris down another spot. In fact, Chris would drop another 2 spots by the end of qualifying with him in 7th, not where the Championship leader needed to be!

At the conclusion of qualifying the top 11 were separated by 0006 – 02 confirming if any were needed just how competitive the Gasser Circus is.

The top 4 contenders were not being given an easy ride to the Championship by their fellow drivers as they tried to spoil the party. The top 4 in the Championship lined up at number 5 with Ray Turner, number 6 with Jason Pickett, number 7 Chris Layram and Simon Prest at number 10.

Sunday was going to be a battle with Chris Layram still holding a very slender advantage. It of course was not outside the realms of possibility that a late charge at the title by a driver inside the top 7 could be on. What would Sunday bring, a grey day was the answer with rain forecast to arrive around 3 in the afternoon.

Round 1 Eliminations

The fire up road was once again packed full of Gassers, with the first pair called forward being Sam Glenn driving his father’s ‘Straight Shooter’ Austin Pickup and Nick Hewison in his ‘Short Fuse’ Fordson. Nick advancing as he took the win with a 10.01 on a 9.98 dial in.

Next duo had one of the contenders in it with Ray Turner and his ‘Green Onions’ 55 taking on another 55 Chevy this one the ‘Not so Mellow Yellow’ Gasser of Adam Kruzynski. Everyone knew that Ray had to win this one or his Chase of the Championship was over. The drivers lit both sets of bulbs and as Adam prepared to launch, he rolled the lights popped a cherry and Ray advanced.

Next pair had Graham Barton in his ‘High Anxiety’ Devon pulling round to burnout, but no one followed him, as Jason Darling was not in the fire up road, Graham soloed into the next round.

Multiple Champion Sean ‘Chili’ Milsom was up next in his ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ Morris van, with Lee Pike in the for sale ‘Honky Tonkin 2’ Nova. Sean dialled 10.10 with Lee 9.38. Sean should have left first and he did, with Lee right behind him, but too soon leaving a cherry on the tree, Sean moving on to round 2.

A Ford affair followed with Andy Cobb in his ‘Bad to the Bone’ Model A and Nervous Nick in his ‘The Traitor’ Anglia. Nick dialling 11.48 with Andy registering a 10.56 Nick left first and stayed there until the finish line taking the win with 11.82.

Harvey Turner lit the slicks up on his ‘Nurse Stoner’ Chevy, as next to him Pat Hobbs did the same in his Falcon. As the car came into full stage and the tree activated Harvey reacted with a 0.063 to Pats 0.097, the hole shot providing the deciding factor with Harvey going to round 2.

Next up was a big one, as Chris Layram ‘Outa Gas’ Pop having sorted his electrical problems from final qualifying, came to the line with Niamh Smith in her ‘Nogbad the Bad’ Austin, Chris needing the win light. The gantry showed that Chris had dialled 10.14 and Niamh 11.58, just over 10 seconds later it also soon showed the win lights in Chris’s Lane with him running 10.18.

Rob Kilham was behind the wheel of his Plymouth, which he driven to the track that morning. He was lining up against Tony Pearson. Rob dialling 12.60 and with Tony on a 10.40 this meant he would have to wait 2 seconds before giving chase. And give chase he did all the way to the line taking the win with a 11.26.

A pair of Willys cars warmed their slicks, with Billy Jones and Ray Irish at the respective steering wheels. Ray dialled 10.06 and Billy 10.52. Their race was a green light one, with the lights finally going on in Billy’s Lane as a quick glance at the gantry confirmed Ray had broken out running 10.01. A big win for Billy as he then had a bye in the next round.

Another of the title contenders was up next, with Jason Pickett ready to race Steve Matthews. Jason dialled 10.70 to Steve’s 9.55. As the tree activated Jason was off followed moments later by Steve with one of his customary wheelies off the line, and the race was on. The Tri Chevy’s were side by side as they dipped under the gantry the scoreboard showing Steve had put out Jason with a 010 advantage. Jason had been exceptional during the years racing, and had looked odds on at one point, was now out of the Championship.

Watching the previous race was Simon Prest in his ‘The Rocket’ Mercury who was still a contender and Paul Dominey in his Austin Dorset ‘640’. As both drivers edged toward the beams, the start line crew spotted something wrong with Paul’s car and he was directed to back away, and his weekend was over. Simon soloed to the next round.

We had experienced the battle of the Willys and Chevy cars, and now we had the battle of the brothers, as John and Brian Gibson waited patiently as the track prep was undertaken following Paul’s problems. Once good to go, Brian brought his ‘Identity Crisis’ Dodge alongside Johns ‘High Roller’ Falcon. Eager to not lose to each other they were both on it as the tree activated, Brian a bit too soon leaving a glowing red light on his side of the start line.

Final pairing had new father Martyn Hallam in his ‘Hallam Hallam & Couch’ 33 Willys preparing to race Dean Maudsley in his ‘Defiant One’ 38 Chevy Coupe. Dean performed a hug burnout filling the air around the start line with copious amounts of tyre smoke. Dean dialled 11.45 and Martyn 9.79. A good race followed with the win going to Martyn with a 9.82 to Deans 11.61.

Round 2
Chris Layram knew he just had to keep going rounds and the 2023 Gasser Circus Showdown was his. As he came to take on Graham Barton in Round 2 of eliminations, Graham knew this too. Chris dialled 10.14 and ran a superb 10.17, but Graham who had dialled 10.58 and ran 10.73 took the win with a hole shot with a 0.10 to Chris’s 0.30. Points leader Chris was out but had he done enough.

John Gibson in ‘High Roller’ was on a solo pass as Championship contender Simon Prest could not make the next round due to insufficient time to repair a blown gasket. Simon took it well, and reflected on the epic season he had had.

The pairing of Sean Milsom and Tony Pearson pitted two good friends against each other, and as they both thundered down the quarter mile, all was not right with Tony’s 56 and he backed out Sean taking the win with a 10.16 on a 10.06.

Now all eyes were on Ray Turner especially Chris Layram's, as Ray could now overhaul Chris in the points. Ray first had to get around Nick Hewison whose wheel standing Fordson had been running mean all weekend. Ray dialled in 10.78 with Nick choosing 9.83. As the cars activated the tree Ray was off swiftly followed by Nick, we had a green light race with Ray ahead but at ¾ track Nick was alongside and as the dipped under the gantry Nick took the win running a 9.94. Ray was out and surely the Championship had been taken by Chris. However, there was still one driver left in who could mathematically take the title, Steve Matthews who had mounted a superb last event charge. Steve was half of the next pairing as he prepared to race Nervous Nick in his Anglia. To have a chance he needed to beat Nick, win the event and set a perfect dial in run.

Nervous Nick dialled 11.40 and Steve a 9.55. We were once again treated to a green light race, with Nick ahead until just before the finish line when Steve came around him, taking the win he needed with a 9.68.

Three cars left to finish of this round with Billy Jones on a bye and Martyn Hallam and Harvey Turner set to do battle. This race had an epic start, with Harvey breaking the beams with an 0.0002 red, Martyn advancing to Round 3 where he would get a bye.

As round 3 eliminations got underway the dark clouds in the distance gave everyone the hurry up.

First pairing had Nick Hewison and his Fordson slotting alongside Billy Jones Willys, with Nick showing a 9.90 dial in and Billy a 10.55. As Billy left his reaction time came up a 0.23, Nick was soon after him showing a 0.05 the hole shot was on and at the end of the quarter mile it was a done deal, Nick advancing.

Now could Steve Matthews continue his drive to the Championship if he was then he had to beat 3-time Champion Sean ‘Chili’ Milsom. Steve edged his 57 towards the line with 9.61 on the back window, Sean also had his numbers on the left back door window 10.06. Sean launched fractionally ahead of Steve and the chase was on, throughout the run Steve edged up and then was ahead taking the win courtesy of the hole shot Steve had pulled with a 0.077 reaction time to Sean’s 0.146.

‘High Anxiety’ with Graham Barton at the controls and John Gibson driving ‘High Roller’, were both around 10.6 with a 10.66 for Graham and 10.68 for John. This was a close race with both drivers equally determined to win, at the end of the side by side run it was Graham who took it with a 10.68 to John’s 10.81.

Martyn ‘Marv’ Hallam was the final Gasser to end round 3 eliminations, and he did this on a bye. Little did we know at that time that he had just undertaken the final run of the Gasser Circus race season, as the rain soon followed and after 30 minutes or so of the wet stuff and the radar showing it was here for a while, the event was called.

A few tense moments followed whilst the Ringmasters checked the points before Chris Layram was confirmed as the 2023 Champion and Martyn Hallam the event winner by virtue of being the highest placed qualifier still left in competition.

In the pouring rain, the Gasser Circus drivers and their crews gathered under a gazebo and the awards were handed out. Billy Jones picking up the NSRA Reaction Award, £100 for best reaction time and another £100 for his perfect dial in. Martyn Hallam was delighted with the event win and even more delighted to add another superb Neil Melliard pin to his collection.

Chris Layram and his dedicated team were delighted with taking the Championship, and he was running out of hands when he had the Championship Trophy and the perpetual trophy handed to him. It was a superb win under difficult and challenging circumstances.

What a year we had with a different winner at each round, with numerous PBs at every meet and a wonderful group of people to go racing with. We couldn’t do it without all our crew and the Santa Pod crew who look after us and keep us safe.

The Gasser Circus want to thank all their sponsors for their continued support: - Neil Melliard Modern Lettering, Rocket Racing Team, the NSRA, Serck Services, Williams Brothers Racing and VP Oils. We also want to say a big thank you to Simon at Eurodragster and his team as drag racers know their value, as we rely on them so much.

A special year came to a close, and with 2024 being our 21st we are looking forward to when we once again arrive in the pits, and fire the new setups and yes, a few new Gassers for the first time.

See you all next year, when the Circus comes to town.

Sportsman ET at the National Finals.
26th September:
Thanks to Clare Lake for sending in a report of Sportsman ET whose championship came to an exciting conclusion at the National Finals:

As we went into the last event, anyone in the top 9 on the points table could statistically place 2nd and any of the top 4 could get 1st. We had two regular racers sit the round out due to mechanical issues,Ashley Symondsand Debbie Taylor. Steve Mellors didn’t show, so was unable to defend his 7th position. However, we did have 2 late entries from former Sportsman ET champion, Ricky Hale (Audi A6), and Junior Dragster champion, Matthew Dowdy (Chevrolet Nova), who was also entered in Nostalgia Superstock.

Once again there were mixed fortunes during qualifying with the first day being cut short by rain. The next day was much better with good progress made. It wasn’t until the final run of that day that several racers hit, or came close to their predicted time, that the ladder changed drastically which set it and also the potential championship outcomes. After the points for qualification were taken into account, only Gary Lake (Pontiac Trans Am), or Kirstie Tramm (Chevrolet Camaro), could win the championship, and the second-place contenders had shrunk to Felicity Gibbs (Ford Mustang), Brian Huxley (Ford Focus) and Holley Walters (Ford Mustang).

In round 1 Holley Walters had her first opportunity to step towards second place in the championships as she faced Kirstie Tramm, who held second place going into this event. Kirstie had a perfect race and was through to the next round, dashing Holley’s hopes. Gary Lake needed to keep up with Kirstie to ensure he kept his championship hopes alive. He was paired against Matthew Dowdy and despite a good run, he had unfortunately already redlit with a -0.0006 light. He was now out of the competition and his lead rapidly evaporated. His fate was now in the hands of the other racers and Kirstie, who now had to make it to the finals to win the championships.

George Miller (Audi TT), on his first outing in the class, had an excellent reaction time and managed to beat Chris Creswell (Ford Fiesta ST). Simon Swarbrick (Ford Pop 103) did a great job making up the time after trouble getting off the line but Chris Winn (Alfa Romeo Mito Veloce turbo) took the win.

Also, through to the next round was Troy Attree (Chevrolet Camaro Z28) in his race against Matt Halsall (Ford Escort MK2). Matt had an amazing 0.0054 light but problems with his gears meant he struggled down the track. He had a fantastic weekend of racing, so he will hopefully be back next year having resolved the issues that have plagued him this season.

Jane McCready (Mk4 Escort Van) unfortunately continued the trend she had in qualifying of having excellent lights but breaking out! The car is running really well, and both Jane and Clive making it fly, but unfortunately this time it handed the win to Jago Stokes (Nissan Skyline).

Seasoned racer Rob Creswell (Ford Fiesta ST) took the win against another new entry in the class Adam Davies (Ford Cortina MK1). Adam, who was driving Don Yardley’s car, had a similar reaction to Rob and crossed the line 1st, but unfortunately broke out by the smallest of margins. A great first competitive run from Adam, and we hope to see him again next year.

Also through was Geoff Cowley (Chevrolet Camaro Z28) having had a bye run for being number 1 qualifier. James Grew (Chevrolet El Camino) had a great reaction against Stef Pateman (BMW 435i), but she managed to cross the line first in a tight race. Georgina Smith (Toyota Supra) went much slower than she thought and unfortunately, she couldn’t catch Felicity Gibbs who took the win, and won “The Bounty” for beating the previous event winner.

The matchup between Brian Huxley and Steven Giles (Subaru Forester) should have been close with both having similar predicted times. Steven had a great start at the lights but seemed to have an issue as he ran more than 3 seconds slower, cruising to the end of the track.

A surprisingly competitive race for two cars that were on the track for the first time was between Bill Wilson (Dodge Ram 1500) and Michael Franklin (Land Rover Discovery). Bill had broken a piston at the Euro Finals on his F100 so was using his daily car instead. Both were unsure about the capabilities of the vehicles, but Michael had a great reaction and a perfect elapsed time, taking him through as he crossed the line first. Ricky Hale struggled off the start line, so Richard Palmer (Jaguar XKR) managed to get pass him to secure his place in the second round against Brian.

Unfortunately, this was not the race either thought it would be as Brian seemed to have a gearbox leak as he left the burnout box and was pushed back giving Richard a solo run into the quarter finals The same occurred in the matchup between Chris Winn and Matthew Dowdy. Matthew seemed to have a leak in his previous run in Nostalgia Superstock, and this problem was still evident so he too retired. Michael had a scheduled bye run so another quarter finalist was decided. Felicity and Kirstie had similar reactions and it looked like Felicity may cross the line first, but Kirstie managed to catch her and was through to the next round and a bye run. Rob Creswell went through having caught Geoff despite Geoff’s 0.0043 reaction. Our final set of semi-finalists were decided when both Troy and Stef broke out, so George was matched against Jago.

In the quarter finals Kirstie had a bye run, but her next competitor in the semifinals would be either Rob or Chris Winn. It was decided by Chris’ foot slipping off the clutch and him sliding through stage resulting in Rob filling the space facing Kirstie in the crucial semi-final. The other would be between Richard and Jago. Although George had a better light Jago passed him to take the win and Michael was first over the line but broke out by 0.0039 in an exceedingly close race with Richard only being 0.0037 off his dial.

An extremely close semi-final between Richard Palmer and Jago Stokes, which could prove to be the winner of the Bad Habit Racing prize this event for the closest finish. Richard managed to secure his first final, with his better reaction. Rob and Kirstie are both extremely experienced and accomplished racers and as you would expect it was a spirited contest. Both broke out, Kirstie going sub 12 seconds by breaking out by 0.0060, but Rob having broken out by less at 0.0039 took the place in the final.

In the final, experience showed and although Richard was closer to his predicted time, he was slow off the start and couldn’t catch Rob, who was this year’s winner of the National Finals in Sportsman ET. Congratulations to both Rob and Richard for taking home the trophies this event- you both took on the Herculean task and came out victorious!

The racing at this event was the closest it’s been, and it has been tight all year. This is illustrated by they`re having been 11 different finalists and 5 different winners. Gary having been the only racer to be in 2 (consecutive) finals and win them in the class at the beginning of the year, and somehow this carried him through to the Championship win - despite his best efforts to sabotage this through the year and with so much talent in the class. He will need to look out next year…he may not be so lucky! A massive congratulations to Kirstie who if the qualifying had fallen differently would have taken the championship. She chased all of us in the class, quite literally down the track, and in the points table the whole year.

Thanks also to all the racers and supporters, new and old, for the exciting racing all year, and we hope to see you all back in the new season and with your friends in tow! It’s incredibly easy to start racing in our class, but we strongly recommend Dial in Day. Both Gary and Kirstie are Dial in Day winners, and many graduates have picked up trophies this year including Richard Palmer.

As always, we like to thank the Dibley family for sponsoring and supporting the class, Bad Habit Racing for making it interesting and helping us improve with the various prizes. Of course, everyone at Santa Pod, it was a bit challenging particularly for the track crew, and lastly, but not least Eurodragster (Simon, Diana, Julian) (you're welcome - Ed). Now it’s time for winter in the garage tinkering with our cars!

Many thanks to Graham Watkinson for his help in coding today's update.

Malcolm Frost funeral details.
27th September: Thanks to SPR Events Co-ordinator Max Frost for sending details of his uncle Malcolm Frost's funeral.

"Malcolm Frost’s funeral will be on Monday 2nd October 2023 at 11am Redditch Crematorium. All are welcome to join the family after at The Meadow Farm, Redditch.

"Flowers are welcome and there is no dress code. Malcolm was a T-shirt and jeans man, so a bright t-shirt/Pink Floyd/Rolling Stones/The Who/drag racing etc will be great.

"There will be a live webcast available for those that can’t make it in person on the day. Details are available by messaging Max Frost either on Facebook or at"

Chris Hannam.
26th September:
We were shocked to hear of the death, at the age of 57, of Chris Hannam aka Cannon in a road accident whilst on holiday in Spain on Friday. An accomplished engineer, bike builder, rider and team manager, Chris brought his talents as well as an outsize personality to British drag racing and eventually became a well-known character on both sides of the Atlantic.

Chris wrote that his interest in motorcycles started when he was as young as 7 years old, and the passion only grew over the years. He bought his first bike at the age of 13 and in 1989 started drag racing on a Yamaha FRZ1000 in the Ultimate Street Bike series across the UK.

He switched to a GSXR 1100 in 1990 and modified it to run in the 9.90 Bike class, becoming runner-up in the ACU Street Bike championship in 1992. After a fruitless year working on a turbo 1500cc engine, he switched to nitrous and had a chassis built to run a 1340 GSXR engine in Super Street Bike.

After finding that combination was not competitive enough, he bought a turbo nitrous GSX Suzuki from double Super Street Bike champion Roger Turner. In 1995 Chris was 3rd in the ACU Super Street championship with a best time of 9.01 at 161 mph at Santa Pod Raceway. Wanting to get into the eights, he fitted slicks and wheelie bars and ran in Comp Bike to a best of 8.46 seconds at 170 mph in 1996.

During 1997 he returned to Super Street Bike with a GSX 1500 turbo and was 3rd in the ACU Championship. He also broke a world wheelie record in Jurby of 167.8 mph, however the record only lasted 15 minutes because close friend Jarod `Jack’ Frost took it to 172.6 mph.

The following year Chris who was employed in a gear cutting company set up his business as Cannon Engineering in his shed in the Leeds area, subcontract gear cutting in his spare time until the business grew to a full-time concern, and he took on his own employees. Chris recently sold his business but was retained as a consultant by the new owners.

Whilst building the company up, his interest turned to Funny Bikes and planned to build one with the help of Andy Dawson but when the offer of the impressive Murdoch Racing Enterprises (MRE) bike of Tom Perry came up for sale he and Andy purchased it. He rode this bike in the 2001 ACU Funny bike Championship and in Comp bike the following year. This connection to MRE led to Chris's first trip of several to the US to sample racing over there, and his friendship with Jay Regan before a further purchase of the later MRE Funny bike that Tom Perry built. Chris sold both his Funny bikes to fellow Funny bike rider Neil Midgley.

Chris and his team made many an annual trip over to the Prostar (later MFC) Finals in Gainesville and later Valdosta in November, the premier US drag bike race at which many nitro-fuelled machines competed.

He then agreed a deal to purchase the Puma Top Fuel Bike that Jon Morton and Pete Davies built, riding it a few times and in 2004 crossing a personal milestone at the Prostar MRE Nationals in Gainesville by cracking into the six-second barrier for the first time ever with a 6.98 at 193 mph, before selling it to Athol Williams in New Zealand.

Business beckoned though and Chris concentrated on Cannon Engineering until 2009 when he brought the DOHC blown Super Twin nitro Bike originally built and ridden by Rob Van Geffen and Pau van Eeten which he ran for the first time at Santa Pod at Easter that year.

A year after his first Super Twin runs, Lucas Oils sponsored Chris and his teams in 2010 and it was a close and long relationship that continued until his death. He continued to compete on this machine until 2012 after which he also sold this bike to his friend Neil Midgley.

In 2015 he had a brand-new nitro Super Twin created for him by Johnny Vickers of Hawaya Racing and rode it for its first races at the Man Cup in Rockingham before selling the bike to Gert Jan Laseur. In 2017 Chris made the switch from rider to team manager of Cannon Motorsports with former Funny Bike Champion and team member Neil Midgley in the saddle.

Chris joined forces with Ian King of the King Racing team in 2022 when Neil Midgley acquired the record-breaking multi-Championship winning Puma Top Fuel Bike (that Ian had built and developed) from Filippos Papafilippou. This combined team effort led to Neil leading both the FIM-E and ACU UK Top Fuel Bike Championships in his first full year until Neil's accident at Tierp in August. However Neil had accumulated enough points to be declared ACU champion at the National Finals and finish 3rd in the FIM-E Championship.

Although he never ran records, won events, or gained championships on nitro, his dedication to the sport, having a good time at the track and being a petrolhead was compensation. He frequently turned up at the track in his latest supercar or on a superbike, the spoils of his business success. He radiated good humour and was generous in his hospitality for his racing friends - which were many. His final visit to Spain was a typical road trip that he made with friends in many countries including Vietnam and India, and in this latest adventure he was riding a classic GS1000 Suzuki not dissimilar to the one he had first raced over thirty years previously.

Chris's joint team members have all had stellar careers in British drag racing including not only Neil Midgley but also Al Smith, Mike Vickers, Nick Pepper, Ian Carruthers and Ian King. Advice in his nitro adventures were provided by 12 Time FIM European Champion Ian King, and his original Puma Engineering co-owner Gerard Willemse and latterly the King Racing team’s Marius van der Zijden and Martin Brookman.

Former editor Tog writes: "Another member of our community taken far too soon. A classic example of the “If you can’t get it then make it yourself” or “I’ve got it but I’ll make it better” engineer-racer. A gentleman. A sportsman. A record-holder. A legend on both sides of the Pond. Unfailingly upbeat, funny and down-to-earth. Never left you in any doubt what he thought either in person or on-line, but always did so in a friendly manner. A life well-lived and now a huge gap in our sport. Chris Hannam, we salute you."

We send our deepest condolences to Chris's brother Harry, his partner Julie, his friends and colleagues. He was a unique character who will be much missed at and away from the track.

Thanks to Ian King for his help in editing the article and to Tog for photos.

T.C. Christenson.
26th September: We were sad to hear of the death of US drag bike racer T.C. Christenson last Friday. He was known for his feared 1,620cc nitro-burning twin Norton Hogslayer, with which, for most of the early-to-mid-1970s, he was the fastest drag racer on the planet. Whilst mainly racing in the US, he made three visits to the UK, running in five meetings across the country and providing motivation for European competition to match his outstanding performance back in the day.

T.C. Christensen came over to the UK in September 1974 on his new twin Norton Top Fuel Bike for the International Festival of Drag Racing at Silverstone on 14th-15th September. On his second ever run on the bike, with Mick Butler in the other lane, he became the first rider in the UK to break the nine second barrier with an 8.98/160. Christenson won all three rounds of a match race challenge against Butler. In Top Bike eliminations, Christenson won his round over John Clift with an easy 9.27/149 to John's 9.63/149 before the meeting was abandoned due to heavy rain.

Christenson's next race was the NDRC Finals held at Snetterton on 29th September, the first NDRC meeting at the Norfolk venue. In the held over Silverstone Top Bike elimination, Christenson took the win with an 8.84/146 to a 10.29/123 from Parnell. He then proceeded to run a new European best of of 8.81/156 and defeated Mick Butler's Super Cyclops twin Norton in the final.

In 1975 American drag bike racers upped the ante with Christenson being joined by Danny Johnson on a double Harley with 3500cc. Running for Santa Pod for the first time in the September Internationals, both ran time trials in the 8.6s. In eliminations, Christensen defeated Johnson, who suffered a broken engine sprocket, with a 8.47/165 and in the final he overcame a John Hobbs holeshot to record a 8.37/153.

Later in September 1975, Christenson and Johnson both raced at Santa Pod's G-Max Trophy Meet. This time, John Hobbs had stepped up the Hobbit to run 170mph as a terminal speed in 8.47s, a faster terminal than the Americans, who embarked on a series of match races. In these Christenson showed his domination as he won the series 3-0 and recorded the best ET of 8.37.

In 1978, Christenson returned to Santa Pod for the Festival of Speed on the May Day bank holiday weekend. Christenson was this time joined by Marion Owens on a twin engined Harley. This was the event in which Dutch superstar Henk Vink showed that he, as well as John Hobbs, was truly world class, as he outqualified both Christenson and Owens with 8.17/178. Henk ran even quicker in eliminations with a 8.12/180 defeating Christenson, and going on to be runner up to Owens in a final held on a damp track.

You can read a full tribute to T.C. Christenson at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. We send our deepest condolences to his family, friends and racing colleagues.

Pictured: TC racing Keith Parnell at Snetterton Drag Strip in 1974. Photo by Dick Parnham from Jerry Cookson collection. Thanks to for the information.

Swift snippets.
26th September: Happy Birthday for today to Santa Pod Raceway chief starter and SPRC official Ian Marshall. We hope you have a great day Ian! Birthday wishes to Supercharged Outlaws racer Kirsten van Croonenborgh and former Super Modified racer Simon Farmer, here's hoping your day is special!

STP National Finals results, national and club champions.
25th September: Congratulations to the winners at the STP National Finals held at Santa Pod Raceway from 22nd-24th September, and to the SPRC National and Club champions:

Motorsport UK Pro Modified: Jean Dulamon 5.9180/241.45 (new PB) def. Wayne Nicholson 12.2863/69.84 DQ red
Track Worx Comp Eliminator: Nic Williams (8.85) 8.2450/150.04 def. Dan Williams (11.21) 10.7063/114.17
FastR Super Comp: Leah Kellett 8.9057 def. Stu Doignie 8.8936/154.68 break-out
Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas: Stuart Morrice 9.9793/129.78 def. Mark White 10.0456/131.04 DQ out of bounds
Peter Nee Super Pro ET: Joe Kellett (7.42) 8.6718/100.72 def. Barry Giles (7.46) 7.4974/174.38 DQ red
Modurstang Pro ET: Simon Innes (10.67) 10.6571/120.86 def. Marc Huxley (9.85) 9.8278/133.60 DQ red
Hutchinson & Dibley Sportsman ET: Rob Creswell (14.80) 14.9212/88.38 def. Richard Palmer (13.52) 13.5413/102.77
Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator: Andy Bond 18.3647/55.97 bye.
Springbridge Direct Wild Bunch: Bob Hawkins (6.75) 6.9775/192.98 def. Phil James (9.59) 9.4760/138.13 break-out
VP Racing Lubricants Nostalgia Superstock: Don Scott (9.79) broke off line def. Vic Parsons (9.81) 9.8086/135.25 break-out
VW Pro: Ed Keech (12.25) 12.4258/96.71 def. Abi Tether (12.87) 12.9104/103.72
VW Sportsman: Steve Metcalf (16.48) 16.3710/78.27 def. Paul Robinson (14.70) 14.8216/91.92 DQ red
Outlaw Flat Four: Adam Lowe 10.9351/121.11 def. Mark Pascoe 12.2084/110.84
Lucas Oil Junior Dragster: Ellie May Brown (8.15) 8.1936/78.00 def. Liam McDonald (8.40) 8.5562/60.19

Leeks Landscapes Funny Bike: Roger Moore 7.4428/175.07 def. Aswin Le Noble 8.2580/156.87
Taylors Trophy Super Street Bike: Alan Morrison Jnr 6.7640/217.17 def. Jake Mechaell 6.8473/214.91 Comp Bike: Mark Dainty 7.2047/197.18 def. Danny Cockerill 7.2862/194.61
JKE Race Works 8.50 Bike: Dan De'ath 8.6122/148.12 def. Gary Malone 8.5584.151.61
Atlantic Fluid Tech 9.50 Bike: Carl Thomas 9.5387/139.10 def. Zoe Hallett 9.4402/131.67
Blood Cancer UK ET Bike: Liam Holgate (9.67) 9.6514/137.77 def. Peter Harrison (10.88) DNS broke Junior Drag Bike: Grace Pollen (8.65) 8.6983/77.23 def. Maggie Smallman (9.66) 9.7892/66.12 DQ red

2023 SPRC National Champions

Motorsport UK Pro Modified: Bobby Wallace
Track Worx Comp Eliminator: Nic Williams
FastR Super Comp: Leah Kellett
Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas: Morrice Boys
Peter Nee Super Pro ET: Alan Didwell
Modurstang Pro ET: Leigh Morris
Hutchinson & Dibley Sportsman ET: Gary Lake
Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator: Andy Bond
Lucas Oil Junior Dragster: Liam McDonald

JKE Race Works 8.50 Bike: Dan De'ath
Atlantic Fluid Tech 9.50 Bike: Carl Thomas
Blood Cancer UK ET Bike: Blade King

2023 SPRC Club Champions

Outlaw Anglia: Wayne Power
Springbridge Direct Wild Bunch: Phil James
VP Racing Lubricants Nostalgia Superstock: Spencer Tramm
VW Pro: Ed Keech
VW Sportsman: Paul Robinson
Outlaw Flat Four: James Wotton

Banks Night Club Top Fuel Bike: Neil Midgley
Leeks Landscapes Funny Bike: Dave Peters
Taylors Trophy Super Street Bike: Alan Morrison Jnr Comp Bike: Mark Dainty Junior Drag Bike: Leah Morrison

The event was held in largely dry conditions, with Friday's second qualifying session held over to Saturday and all scheduled qualifying sessions able to be completed thanks to the efforts of the track crew.

As well as the last UK championship racing event of the year, the National Finals also saw completion of the three final rounds unable to be run at the FIA/FIM-E European Finals for time reasons. Congratulations to:

Peter Nee Super Pro ET: Collin Morrice (8.74) 8.7194/152.57 def. Peter Walters (7.74) 7.7402/172.27 DQ red.
Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas: Stuart Doignie 9.9760/142.02 (0.0041 RT) def. Stuart Morrice 9.9837/147.70
Lucas Oil Junior Dragster: Harley-Coulsell (8.10) 8.0195/78.82 def. Luke Mugridge (8.09) 8.0674/79.09 DQ red

Congratulations to Blood Cancer UK ET Bike racer Nicholas Playdon who won the Habit Racing Perfect Light Award of £75 supported by Cath and Tig Napier in the first qualifying session after it had went unclaimed over the FIA/FIM-E European Finals. Congratulations also to Peter Nee Super Pro ET racer Peter Walters who won the Racing Perfect ET award of £50 supported by Andy 'Fadster' Hadfield.

Congratulations also to Atlantic Fluid Tech racers Carl Thomas and Josh McLean who won the Bob's Photo Finish Award of £50 each posted by sponsor and longtime supporter Bob Roberts for the closest finish of a green light and non-break out race. Carl and Josh's finish line margin was 0.000042 seconds or 1 inch.

Thanks to David Anniwell of the Santa Pod Timing Crew for sending us detailed timing data, including test day results, which we have posted to our
timing data area which you can see by clicking on Data, then Timing Data at the top of any page. Official results can be seen at Santa Pod's Official Results Site.

You can check out our John Woolfe Racing-sponsored FIA/FIM-E Main Event reports, results and galleries by clicking here or by clicking on the Event Coverage link at the top of any page. We should repeat our new policy that the watermarked photos from our galleries can be downloaded and may be used in social media posts but please do not crop or modify them, in particular we need the watermark retained.

Please join Simon in thanking Julian and Diana for their hard work over the three days of the event.

We look forward to publishing car racer comments on the event on Wednesday.

Sywell Pistons & Props gallery.
30th September: Many thanks to Dave Evans, son of Mad Welshman Paul, for supplying a gallery of photos from last Saturday's Pistons & Props event at the Sywell Classic which you can see by clicking here. Dave writes:

"Pistons & Props at Sywell Aerodrome offered up the usual eclectic mix of machinery on the track, in the show field and in the air, but as ever one of the highlights was the drag racing vehicles putting on a great show.

"A good representation across a variety of classes and vehicle types, with some wild wheels up launches (who said there's no grip on a No Prep surface?!) and some close racing...although sometimes the racing was a bit too close when Adam Skinner in the yellow Taz Racing Fiat decided he wanted a spectator's eye view in the middle of a race! If you haven't been before, make sure it's on your calendar for next year!!"

A wide variety of race cars were present including members of Outlaw Anglias (pictured: Phil 'Ginner' Middleton), Gasser Circus, Nostalgia Superstock, Taz Racing and Outlaw Street, many of which had been at the Hot Rod Drags the previous weekend. Click on the photo above to check out Dave's gallery.

Crew member wanted for Super Comp team.
25th September: Super Comp dragster racer Paul Hudson has written in with a position vacant for a new crew member: "After 8 years on my crew one has decided to call it a day due to time pressures. So I’d like to ask if anyone is interested in crewing for me for the 2024 season and beyond.

"I’d like 2 new crew members to build up a team on the solid foundations that both Connor and Jordan have laid down. Full ”on the job” training will be given on the use and interpretation of the weather station and throttle stop, as well as startline procedures and maintenance of what is admittedly a car that can be fickle, but is consistant when it wants to be!

"I won’t sugar-coat the job,the hours can be long and the pay is miserable (ie £0.00 per hour) and I would like someone that is reliable and can come to all meetings for the year as well as the odd test day, also to be at the track the day before racing to set up the car.

"If you have car maintenance experience that would be great but not essential.

"On the plus side there are entry tickets available for 2 crew and 1 vehicle pass which may have to double for a tow car! Also if you wish up to 2 family members to be there then arrangements can be made to accommodate them (I may rope them in too!!)

"If you would like to be part of a friendly team that is a potential championship winner then drop me a line at"

Swift snippets.
25th September: Happy Birthday for today to SPR Thrill Ride two seater driver Paul Brown, former Junior Dragster racer Kaitlan Deevey and VW Sportsman racer Connor Jones. We hope you all have a fantastic day.

Photographer Ashley Booth-Dale has written to say that his pictures of the Pennine Classic held at Melbourne Raceway on 16th-17th September are now available to view on a Facebook album and on his Flickr account.

STP National Finals coverage.
22nd September: From today (Friday) to Sunday, the final round of the SPRC National and Club Drag Racing Championship takes place at Santa Pod Raceway with 292 entries taking part. You can see our assessment of the potential championship outcomes in
Tuesday's update. will be covering the event with a live report on Saturday and Sunday, and on-track and off-track photography from Julian and Diana. You can follow our coverage sponsored by John Woolfe Racing by clicking here.

Lucas Oil Junior Dragster prize giving ceremony.
22nd September: Thanks to Graham McDonald for an update on the Lucas Oil Junior Dragster prize giving ceremony taking place at the STP National Finals on Saturday evening after racing concludes:

"Hi to all the British dragracing community. This year's Junior Dragster prize giving ceremony will again take place at the STP National Finals.

"We would like to ask the wider drag racer field of British competitors to consider offering team shirts etc towards the junior prize giving ceremony. We are trying to push the junior class to bigger and better things in the years to come. I would ask you all to offer any idea as to moving this class forward.

"You can contact us through the British Junior Dragster Club Facebook page. If you wish to see a future for drag racing then please support the youngsters. If you would wish to contact via E mail then please do by contacting Edel or Graham at

Again we will be pushing to make the class FIA, which was to come into effect in 2021, but due to circumstances that we all know, it did not come about. This would move the class to a more professional level and help to promote the class.

Again we are asking for help to push the class forward, so if you want to offer any advice or pointers, then we would be more than pleased to hear from you. Thanks, Graham McDonald.

Photo taken of record entry at Euro Finals courtesy Mike Kraaij

STP National Finals Perfect Awards.
22nd September: £225 is up for grabs at this weekend's STP National Finals courtesy of and our sponsors.

This weekend's Habit Racing Perfect Light Award has been increased to £75 after it went unclaimed at the FIA/FIM-E European Finals. The money will be paid to the first racer at the event to record a Reaction Time of 0.000 seconds. The Perfect Light Award is available in all classes during both qualifying and eliminations, but will only be awarded for the first Perfect Light of the event. The Perfect Light Award is presented in association with Cath and Tig Napier of Modurstang Pro ET team Bad Habit Racing.

Decals are not mandatory for the Perfect Light Award but we would appreciate it if decals are carried. decals are available in Signing On or from staff.

The Perfect ET Award supported by Andy Hadfield and the Twister Race Team has been reset to £50 after it was won at the FIA/FIM-E European Finals by Modurstang Pro ET racer Dave Rudd. The money will be paid to the first racer at the event to run +0.000 on index or dial-in. The Perfect ET Award is available in Peter Nee Super Pro ET, Modurstang Pro ET, Hutchinson & Dibley Sportsman ET, Fast R Super Comp, Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas, Springbridge Direct Wild Bunch, VW Pro, VW Sportsman, Lucas Oil Junior Dragster, JKE Race Works 8.50 Bike, Atlantic Fluid Tech 9.50 Bike, Blood Cancer UK ET Bike, and Junior Drag Bike, but will only be awarded for the first Perfect ET of the weekend. The Perfect ET Award is presented in association with Andy 'Fadster' Hadfield of the Twister Race Team.

Decals are not mandatory for the Perfect ET Award but we would appreciate it if decals are carried. decals are available in Signing On or from staff.

Bob's Photo Finish Award, which is presented in association with sponsor Bob Roberts, will award £50 each to the racers involved in the closest race of eliminations at this weekend's event. At the FIA/FIM-E European Finals the Award was won by Fast R Super Comp racers Leah Kellett and Stuart Doignie.

The closest race will be decided upon distance rather than time since, for example, 0.001 seconds at 230 mph is further than 0.002 seconds at 110 mph. For this reason the official timing data will need to be consulted so the winners will be announced here on as soon as possible after the event and the winners will then be contacted for their preferred method of payment. The award will be paid on green light drag races only, and not on bracket races where there is a breakout.

Bob's Photo Finish Award is open to all classes during eliminations only and although decals are not mandatory we would appreciate if it they are carried. decals are available in Signing On.

Jade Racing update.
21st September:

Thanks to Jade Racing's Scott Collier for sending an update on the team's plans for 2024 with sister Skye.

"We at Jade Racing would like to wish Skye Collier good luck as she moves into her uni accommodation this weekend, it’ll be the first event of mine she’s not been at so she is going to be missed!

"Skye has had an exciting year, with the uni news along with her next Drag car developing. She’s acquired a ex Super Pro ET rear engined Dragster project with big thanks to family friend Baz Rathbone.

"Along with that she’s had a number of sponsors come onboard to get the project moving, one being Ben Rushforth at Engine Data Analysis for helping us with an engine for the car, another being Tony Morris and Dave Gibbons for supplying the Alcohol Carburettor from TMC/RDR Perfromance Carburetors and George Laycock at GLS Engineering for the machine work.

"We can’t wait for the car and Skye to make an appearance at the track next season and see how she likes playing with the full 1/4 mile!

"From us all at Team Jade Racing by Projoint, let’s finish off 2023 with a bang and we’re looking forward to 2024 already!"

Monday Drag Club following Nationals.
21st September: Scott Lowry of the Yam Yam Racing Drag Club has announced that their planned test day on Monday 25th September will be taking and already 60 cars have signed up.

Racers who are competing at the National Finals will be welcome to sign up. The cost will be £100 vehicle entry with 4 crew passes, £10 per person camping, £10 per person Spectators. Payment or further enquiries should be made to

Full terms and conditions can be seen at this link (private FB group).

Kieran will be taking photos for and video for Mk1Kieran at the event on Monday - Ed.

Hills Race results and media.
21st September: The AMP Hills Race took place at Rivanazzano Raceway, Italy on 8th-10th September and the results are in courtesy Dragracing Info, the Facebook page for Drag Racing Deutschland.

The main classes were Super Pro ET, Pro ET and three index racing classes. There were also jet funny car exhibition passes.

In Pro ET congratulations to the winner Robert Vos. Robert, who qualified 18th after six rounds against 15 other racers, defeated Nick de Kruif in round one, Lauret Romain in round 2, # 1 qualifier Oliver Carli Sacco in round 3, Armin Widmann in the semi final and then came up against Janine Petzold in the final. Oliver Carli Sacco's qualifying time in his Chevrolet El Camino was a +0.0019 on a 10.82 dial at 202.44kph.

Although Janine Petzold who races for Schumann Motorsport was runner up at Rivanazzano, she has reached the top of the DMV Drag Racing Championship in her V8-powered Mercedes CLK in the Pro ET class with one round to go. With 37 participants at the final round in Zerbst, it will be a close contest between Janine Petzold, Gerd Habermann and Magnus Sommer at Zerbt.

In Super Pro ET, congratulations to Emanuele Gilioli (Chevy Pickup) who defeated Steve Okkerman (Chevy Camaro) in round 1, Steve Marcanato (Ford Mustang) in round 2, Alex Halter (Plymouth Road Runner) in the semi final and Erik Mathis (Chevy Bel Air) in the final. #1 qualifier out of 16 was Johannes Nold (Ford Mustang) who ran a perfect +0.00047 on his 8.40 dial at 264kph.

Also racing were index racing classes A1 Pro (11s index) with 20 contestants, A2 Pro (12s index) and A3 Pro (13s index) each with 8 entered.

The only incident was the Barracuda of Chiara Stanzial suffering a wheel shearing off, her car heading left, just missing the tree, with Chiara's mood no doubt reflecting the Mad Furious lettering on the car.

You can see photos of the AMP Hills Race from Franz Weise whose Facebook posts to the Hills Race Facebook page can be seen by clicking here and you can also see his work on Instagram. Youtube video compilations by MAX Racing can be seen by clicking here and here, and by Fabio Cocco can be seen by clicking here.

Wild Bunch championship decided.
21st September: Thanks to Wild Bunch co-ordinator Claire Meaddows for announcing the winners of the 2023 Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series after the final round of the Series at the 35th Hot Rod Drags on 15th – 17th September. Congratulations to:

1st Place: Dan Wilson, ‘Antique Toy’, 18 points (one win)
2nd Place: James Auld,‘Little Fauss’, 18 points
3rd Place: Pete & Rob Brown, ‘Rebel’, 17 points
4th Place: Phil James,‘Rampage’, 12 points

You can see full results at this link on

Claire has also published a detailed account of the class at the 35th NSRA Hot Rod Drags which you can see by clicking here. Her report includes team-by-team updates, the top 4 trophies and 8 spot prizes, with a list of PBs.

A big Thank You to Claire for providing information on points and personal bests for each event to both the commentators and us, much appreciated!

7707 in 2024.
21st September: Many thanks to Nitro Revival sponsor and Land Speed Racer Geoff Stilwell for sending an update about his plans for 2024:

"Looking forward to 2024, the SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) have published the dates for 2024.

"Any looking to make a trip to the US in 2024 might like to include some Land Speed Racing either at El Mirage just outside Los Angeles or Bonneville Speedway in Utah which is just 2 hours from Salt Lake City.

"The 7707 Land Speed Team will be at El Mirage on 18th-19th May and 9th-10th November, plus other dates yet to be confirmed. Bonneville Sped week is 3rd-9th August, and there will be an additional date of 28th September - 1st October.

"In addition to all the racing, the 7707 Land Speed Team in association with Mick's Paint will be on display in Hall 4 at the Grand National Roadster Show (click on poster for more information) which is happening the weekend of 2nd-4th February at the Fairplex situated at the Pomona County Fairgrounds in Los Angeles.

"In addition to 7707, the historic dragster Dos Palmas will also be with us. Consisting of 6 halls, this is one of the biggest Hot Rod Shows with around 800 plus hot rods on display plus the Hot Rod drive-in on the Saturday. In 2023 there were over 700 drive-in cars on display and this will enable you to enjoy the California sunshine before the racing season starts."

Swift snippets.
21st September: Happy Birthday for today to British Drag Racing Hall of Fame member and former Jet driver and timekeeper at SPR Steve Horn, also to Outlaw Anglia racer Dave Sidaway, to Nostalgia Superstock racers Lola Cavey and Connor Hall and to Supercharged Outlaws crew member for Aaron Windridge, Meghan Evans. We hope you all have a great day.

Important: nitrous supply at SPR.
20th September: Thanks to Santa Pod Raceway Track & Events Coordinator Dan Melrose for sending an update about supply of nitrous oxide at the track:

"Due to issues with customs from our suppliers, we have an extremely limited supply of nitrous through the Santa Pod Garage for the time being. We’re unable to provide a definite timeframe, however we’re working with our suppliers to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

"We advise all racers that need nitrous to seek alternative supplies and bring their own to the track until the situation is resolved."

Joe's eventful HRDs.
20th September: Thanks to Supercharged Outlaws racer Joe Bond for an update after an eventful Hot Rod Drags:

We had a indifferent Dragstalgia as we were (again) plagued with valvetrain issues, and then some throttle problems meant the car didn't behave as it usually should, resulting us finishing a disappointing 5th place. We knew we had a car that could mix it with the funny cars and altereds in the Cannonball. We came away from Dragstalgia very disappointed and then most of the team came down with Covid...chalk that one up to experience.

Over the off season we wanted to try something new for 2023, and after some research and assistance from some of the teams out in the States, we decided to go the route of running Nostalgia Top Fuel style 16x12 wheels with narrow tyres. A set of wheels and tyres were sourced and after some issues with freight and import, we didn't see these until late August. We decided to try them come Hot Rod Drags!

The first two runs gave us a lot of tyre shake, and further investigation said we needed to have a step change in how we setup the car with these tyres. We made some adjustments and the car handled better on the Saturday evening, running a pedaling 6.41 but at a very good 226mph. We knew we had a few more tuning adjustments we could make and were in good spirits.

Sunday morning dawned and the weather was a lot cooler, and we made the run. The tyres needed a bit more heat so I made a stronger burnout, but after launching the car drifted left, hit horrendous tyre shake and before I could pedal or short shift, the car went hard right up on two wheels and stuffed me into the wall, knocking me unconscious for a moment.

I have a few different recollections of what happened next, all very surreal, but the safety crew on the quad pulled alongside me and told me to shut the car off. The safety crews were fantastic and did their protocol to get me out of the car safely. I must say a huge thank you to them for looking after me throughout the entire process. Also a big thank you to Keith Bartlett who made the trip up to the top end on the scooter to check on me. I'm 99% sure I said thank you to you at the time, but if I didn't I appreciate it. It was a bit of a blur.

It's been a few days and I'm glad to say I was able to walk away relatively unscathed bar a lot of bruising and a thumb that went back in when it was at a very unnatural angle. All the safety equipment on the car did it's job, and considering the HANS post on the left hand side of the helmet is partly dislodged, showed how much of an impact it took (and also how much energy it took out of the blow). The HANS definitely saved my life, and anyone who races without one at any speed should make it their highest priority to get one.

I just wanted to say thank you to the team for giving me a great race car that kept me safe, and sorry for putting through the mill when it all happened.

As for the future, we will be looking at the car in the coming weeks and formulating a plan to hopefully return at some point in 2024.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with best wishes and support. See you soon.

Swift snippets.
20th September: Happy Birthday for today to former Comp Bike racer Ken Cooper, Wild Bunch racer Tim Roy and German TTK Performance Golf racer Markus Welte. We hope you are all having a great day.

Nostalgia Superstock organiser Don Scott says "the 'Bird makes a comeback! After finding problems with the Monte Carlo's transmission, I've decided to bring the Superbird back out of retirement for this coming weekend, cant wait to be back in the hot seat again!" It will be great to see the Superbird back out to add to the 11 car field already entered.

2023 UK Championship outcomes.
19th September: In 2023 the SPRC National and Club Drag Racing championships have once again been hard fought with up to six rounds of racing for each class. Bar three individual final rounds at the FIA/FIM-E Euro Finals, all rounds have been able to be completed and our hat goes off to the work of the track and SPRC staff under sometimes extraordinarily difficult conditions. As in past years, some championships are finely poised at this point, others have already been decided. Our guide below takes you through each class.

Champions in FIA/FIM-E European classes and the Funny Car Cup were listed in our update on
11th September.

In one class, Outlaw Anglia SPRC Club Championship, the final round was held at the Green Light Nationals in August and congratulations to Wayne Power on the title.

Motorsport UK Pro Modified has been sewn up by Bobby Wallace, who has won three of the five rounds. Wayne Nicholson has also secured the runner up spot.

Track Worx Comp Eliminator has Spencer Tramm and Nic Williams tied, both having won two events. Williams Bros Racing team-mate Dan Williams is in third position, but with an entry of seven, too few points are available for him to move up.

B Fast R Super Comp is almost secure in the hands of Leah Kellett with a substantial lead over Stuart Doignie. Leah only needs to qualify at least last but one to secure the championship.

In Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas Morrice Boys Racing (Stuart driving at this event) has the lead over Stuart Doignie. To secure the championship, Stuart Morrice needs to win two rounds of racing and qualify at least last but one. If however he goes out first round, Stuart Doignie will need to win the event to secure the championship.

Peter Nee Super Pro ET Alan Didwell has the lead over Tom Atkinson. To secure the championship, Alan needs to qualify near the top and go four rounds. On the other hand, if Alan goes out in round 1, Tom still needs to qualify near the top and be in the final to take the title.

ModUrStang Pro ET has Jess Bishop in the lead, with former multiple Super Street champion Leigh Morris less than one round behind Jess (who attended the Main Event but broke on the test day). Others in the fight for the title are Dave Rudd, Amy Watkins and Neill Watkins. This championship could well go down to the wire.

In Hutchinson & Dibley Sportsman ET, Gary Lake has a lead of three rounds over Kirstie Tramm who needs to qualify better than him and go at least three rounds further to secure the championship. If, perish the thought, Kirstie goes out early, then Felicity Gibbs could take over runner up position by going a long way in the eliminations.

Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator has Andy Bond in a strong position, and is master of his own destiny. His nearest competitor, Al McSweeney's best hope is for Andy to have a problem that prevents him from qualifying well or going rounds - admittedly an unlikely situation, made worse for Al by his all-too-visible transmission woes at the Euro Finals which we hope he has solved to contend for the title.

Following the final not being run at the Euro Finals, Lucas Oil Junior Dragster comes down to Liam McDonald or Luke Mugridge who is a couple of rounds or so behind Liam, Harley Coulsell, in his final year in the class, would have been in contention had he won the final against Luke, but sadly for him, it was not to be. Liam can secure the title by qualifying better and going two rounds further than Luke, who in turn will have to hope that Liam goes out in round 1 or 2 and wins the event, having qualified well.

SPRC Club Championship classes

Congratulations to Phil James for winning the Springbridge Direct Wild Bunch championship again. Alan Loten has an advantage over third placed Steve Field by attending all rounds, however he will need to win the race or go to the final to secure runner up spot.

In VW Pro reigning champion and points leader Graham Fairhead has his contenders closer to him than last year with Ed Keech less than two rounds back and multiple champion James Hodson also in the mix. Providing he qualifies well, James could become champion if both Graham and Ed go out first round and he wins the event.

VW Sportsman is very close between points leader Andrew Bambrick and 2022 champion Paul Robinson. With a large field, there is a chance that Jerry Sadler, Polly Judge or Phil Jones could rise up the standings but they would have to rely on Andrew or Paul going out early.

Congratulations to Outlaw Flat Four racer James Wotton who has won the championship over Adam Lowe who can only cede the runner up position if he goes out early and Darren Shephard wins the event.

In VP Racing Lubricants Nostalgia Super Stock, championship leader Spencer Tramm can secure the title by qualifying. In contrast, Ash Rawson, Don Scott and Stuart Thompson are all in close contention for the runner up sport

Bike classes

In ACU Banks Night Club Top Fuel Bike, with only two riders entered the race will not count for points, so Neil Midgley is assured of the championship even though he is not in a position to race after his August Tierp accident. It was good to see Neil in good humour at the Euro Finals and we hope his recovery continues to go well.

ACU Leeks Landscapes Funny Bike Dave Peters has an unassailable lead over Roger Moore, having won four out of the five races contended this year. Well done to Dave; Roger still needs to qualify well and go one round to secure runner up position ahead of Lorcan Parnell.

ACU Taylor's Trophy Super Street Bike is led by 2023 FIM-E champion Alan Morrison Jnr. Jake Mechaell, in second position, will characteristically be trying as hard as possible to qualify top and go far in eliminations, Jake could take the title by qualifying better, getting bonuses for quickest ET and fastest speed and going two rounds further than Alan, who can secure the title by qualifying well and going to the final.

In ACU Comp Bike, we wish Garry Bowe a speedy recovery from injuries sustained at the Greenlight Nationals. Garry not competing at the National Finals opens the door for Paul Hambidge and Mark Dainty, although Mark is more than two rounds adrift and will have to qualify much better than Paul and go two rounds further to take the title from him.

The ACU Junior Drag Bike will be Leah Morrison's second championship of 2023, alongside her FIM-E title, if she qualifies and goes one round, otherwise Grace Pollen and Richard Willcox will come back into contention.

The JKE Race Works 8.50 Bike championship is close between defending champion Dan De'ath and Brad Head who is one round behind. Both will undoubtedly concentrate on qualifying at or near the top and there should be some exciting races to decide the championship with a field of 16 bikes.

In Atlantic Fluid Tech 9.50 Bike, Rick Sawatzki has had stiffer competition this year, all seeking to prevent him from his eleventh title. Carl Thomas has a mathematical chance, but only if Richard has a nightmare race - which would be highly unusual.

Blood Cancer UK ET Bike is a shootout between leader Blade King and Dave Grundy, who is less than a round behind. With 21 bikes entered and five rounds of racing, it will be fascinating to see who qualifies higher and goes further in eliminations.

You will be able to experience all the drama live at the track if you go to and buy tickets to attend the event. You can also see the current points by going to our points page.

Colin's wee HRD blog.
19th September: Many thanks to Outlaw Anglia organiser Colin Millar for sending a 'wee blog' after the weekend's NSRA Hot Rod Drags:

The season is at an end for Outlaw Anglia and The Flyin Fyfer after the final event that was the Hot Rod Drags, but wow what a fantastic weekend we all had, 21 cars entered with a couple of casualties over the weekend ending up with 19 cars qualified which meant we had three alternates being available for the first round of eliminations on Sunday.

Dalton Scarlett who had ramped up the points in just two rounds was sitting in 2nd place and had the opportunity to take the championship if I did something silly and Wayne Power was also not far away.

There was only three teams who were awarded the 100 point bonus for attending all six rounds, Doug McClure, Ben Kennedy and Wayne Power, well done boys, great commitment, and with this Wayne Power came out as the SPRC Outlaw Anglia Champion for 2023, absolutely fantastic, couldn’t have went to a nicer bloke family and team.

It was all to play for and being the last event everyone was going to throw the kitchen sink in and turn it up, whats to loose, it’s the last event of the year and if you break it you have all winter to fix it.

My plan after running Greenlight Nationals and then Hockenheim without any Nitrious was to head to the European Finals and try and dial the Flyin Fyfer into a 7.60 so we can actively compete in the 7.60 class next year and maybe just maybe head over to Sweden and take in an event there as we have never been and after watching Billy Gane have a lot of fun its on the wish list (why is my wish list not getting smaller as I get older ??) its harder than it looks as we either run the car flat out with no gas and dial in a 7.90 or flat out with gas with a dial in on 7.00, we chipped away and managed a 7.64, not great but not too bad me thinks.

A fantastic week away on a narrow boat on the Grand Union Canal gave us some much needed R&R as we had been globetrotting in our ever trusty Toyota Land Cruiser.

The scene was set and we arrived early doors Friday for The Hot Rod Drags, the car was set up with the BIG TUNE and we were as ready as could be, Saturday morning and Q1 was upon us, launched the car and boy did it rattle the tyres and pointed us in the totally wrong direction with a high 8, this wasn’t what we needed or wanted, scratching heads and the need for a fresh tune was badly needed as we had been fighting the car all season, due to taking so much weight out of the car it was a totally different beast, we needed to tame it!

With the great help of both Aaron Springford and Jedd Guy they tweaked the tune and actually took power out of the car and changed the timings for when the nitrous would be initiated after the launch, fingers crossed we went out for Q2 with a tail wind and air that wasn’t particularly good and BOOM, it felt so good but I had NO idea that we had runs so fast until a very excited Aaron Springford met me at the bottom of the track with the fabulous news we had run a new PB in both speed and ET, I was gobsmacked but on a complete high jumping about like a 18 year old, it was like old times, I came round the corner screaming my head of and who was there?, my old sparring partner Cliff Griffin who was crewing for Gary Bird, I could see him laughing at me, just like when we used get together at the end of good old Shakey !

6.90 @ 199mph, boy what a way to end the year, us being us wanted to do it again so later that night the tail wind was still there the air was fantastic and we thought this is it, this is the opportunity to light the touch paper and get that bloody 200mph record we so wanted, deep down everyone was confident but not a lot was said and we went about our business as normal ready for Q3, apprehensive but also confident but as soon as we launched I realised it was not to be and it would have to wait until Sunday to try again.

A quiet night on an OA scale was had (lol) and we got ourselves ready for E1 with a no gas pass against Shane Bird to get us through with no silly red light or something else that might spoil our chances after all we still want the championship, why are we here doing what we do, to win, simple as that!

Onto E2 and with Ben Kennedy running a new PB into the 8’s we had to be ready, so a bit of gas similar to the 7.60 tune was done and we pulled through, massive congratulations to Ben for his new PB against me on this run of 8.7109 and the presentation of his OA 8 second sticker, wooo hooo.

The semi final was set, Rob Brindle and myself and Jon Webster against Dalton Scarlett, but mother nature had other ideas and we were unable to complete the event, is it fate who knows but we got wet, shook hands and went back to the pits, booooooooo!

Another great year for the class and for me finishing with the new PB gives me so much inspiration for 2024 and that bloody 200mph barrier lol!

Congratulations to Andy Cunningham (above left) for winning the most consistent ET over the three qualifiers on Saturday with a very impressive difference of just 0.08 seconds, Jon Webster (above second from left) for winning the fastest reaction time for the 1st round eliminations and Ben Kennedy (above second from right) for running his eight.

To Alex Strike (above right) who brought out his Anglia for the very first time at HRD and netted a new 11 second sticker and also won the Outlaw Anglia Bracket trophy with the great help of Aaron Bird and Douglas McClure, he doesn’t realise it yet but he is now hooked for life and will spend every minute and every penny trying to go faster, it’s a great disease to have lol.

As always huge thanks to all at Santa Pod Raceway for providing us with a great facility and all the marshals who look after us and keep us going faster and faster.

To my Lynn for allowing me to do what I do and to all our friends fans and supporters see you all in the new year, take care xx

Kenny's Bar Reunion.
19th September: Thanks to Dave Smith, publisher of Hot Rod Gazette, for letting us know about a reunion to remember a popular and much missed social gathering place for drag racers.

Kenny's Bar Reunion will take place on 21st October, at the Pear Tree Club, Rugeley, Staffs, WS15 1NT, with entry by advance tickets only at £10.

Dave says "It’s an evening for those of us who remember the fun (and occasionally riotous) evenings in Kenny’s Bar at the much-missed Shakespeare County Raceway. It’s happening next month, there’s a DJ, live rock band, food on site, and there may possibly even be a guest appearance from Kenny himself! Advance tickets only, no on-the-door tickets. Contact me by e-mail at or on 07715 350259.

Herman's Mosten report.
19th September: Many thanks to longtime Super Twin Top Gas racer Herman Jolink for sending a report on Mosten Raceday which took place at Mosten Raceway, Ørsted, Denmark from 31st August-3rd September:

"There were 113 riders at the Mosten Raceday and a very good Organisation by Mosten MC. As usual there was a lot of live music and a big biker meeting with a lot of Motor Cycle Clubs attending, no problems and a very nice atmosphere. The racing was an 1/8 Mile (201 m) sprint.

"Results were as follows:

Top Fuel Bike: 1st and King of Mosten: Rikard Gustafsson (Sweden) (above left) on his 1500cc blown nitro Top Fuel Bike, with his clutch repaired after Hockenheim. Rikard did two eighth mile runs of 3.984/312 kmh and 3.9529/312 kmh.
2nd: Thomas Petersson (Sweden) on his Turbo Methanol Suzuki (above right) with a very good run of 4.4525 sec.
3rd: Hans Henrik Thomsen with a 4.8596 sec on his electric motored machine.

Super Twin Top Fuel: 1st: Marcus Christiansen (Denmark) (pictured right) on his 3050cc PRP home built V-Twin first run a 4.4088 sec and a best from 4.22/280 kmh
2nd: Chris van Nimmen (Belgium) on 2400 Nitro V-Twin (ex Svein Gottenberg) 4.6/256 kmh.
3rd: Frank Aaslund (Norway) 60 degree V –Twin 4.9587/240kmh.
4th: John Rolfstad (Norway) on 60 degree V-Twin 5.1072/248kmh.
5th: Svein Olav Rolstad (Norway) on 60 degree V-twin 5.6879-151 kmh Svein Olav is the father of 17 year old John.
6th: Marc van den Boer (Belgium) on 3000 V-Twin, his frame home built over 10 months with his son Jimmy, the engine built in Sweden, the back wheel made by Jaska Salakari Finland. Marc had a nice burnout but then not enough oil pressure.

Funny Bike: 1st: Marcus Lauer (Germany) (pictured right) on his Turbo Methanol Suzuki with a 4.5827/258kmh (1.1697 sec 60 ft). After the Nitrolympx, Lauer had tested in Hungary but suffered bad grip and made just three runs, for the first time on Methanol.
2nd: Mogens Lund (Denmark) on his Super Street Bike ran 5.008/223 kmh (1.3153 sec 60 ft)
3rd: Roberth Haggblom 5.0760/241 kmh 60 ft 1.3443 sec
4th: Tobias Stage 5.4315/223 kmh
5th: Sven Fagan (Denmark) Turbo Methanol Kawasaki 6.1586/205 kmh
6th: Hans Erikson 9.0082/84 kmh.

Super Twin Top Gas: 1st: Jörg Lymant (Germany) on his 2622 V-Twin 4.7266/236 kmh.
2nd: Conny Karlsson (Sweden) on 2000 Turbo V-Twin (pictured right), 7.52 sec on quarter mile, a new PB.
3th: Olaf Menzi CH on 2622 V-Twin 4.8516/233 kmh.
4th; Janne Malmberg (Sweden) on 2600 Blower V-Twin 4.9670/223 kmh.
5th: Horst Petersen (Germany) V-Rod Destroyer 6.1704/176 kmh.
6th: Herman Jolink (Netherlands) Ducati Panigale-1 Drag Bike (1408) 6.4092/177 kmh first time out.
Best wishes to Gerd Caspari (Germany) who was taken to hospital shortly before the Nitrolympx with a burst appendix, also to Jako Metiennen (Finland) who did not get his badly needed parts in time and was unable to attend.

Herman said "We had a Top Gas Meeting at Mosten, with Petra Christiansen (partner of German STTG racer Sven-Ole Schleichert) appointed as class representive. She will be planning for 2024 which will be a new start for Euro Serie Super Twin Top Gas."

"My own bike (pictured left) has a frame designed and built by me, the crankshaft and connecting rods are also home made. We use four carburretors gas and the throttle system is designed and made by Team Jolink.

"When I shifted into the next gear the computerised ignition cut out as the computer did not understand what to do. (I can understand this problem - Ed). We changed it after Mosten, we now just cut the pickup when we shift gear. The last run at Moster was a 60 foot of 1.3834 sec, with a 6 years old M-T Drag Slick!"

Photo credits: Top, Top Fuel Rider Rikard Gustafsson Sweden checking the well-prepped track; Thomas Petersson (Sweden) on his Turbo Methanol Suzuki.

Right top: front, the new 3000cc Nitro V-Twin of Marc van den Boer, background 3050cc Nitro V-Twin of Marcus Christiansen (Denmark), with Crew Chief and father Claus 'Speedy' Christiansen. Right middle: Funny Bike racer/builder Marcus Lauer (Germany) and Sven Fagan (Denmark) with his Turbo Methanol Suzuki Funny Bike. Right bottom: Conny Karlson (Sweden) with his Top Gas Bike. All copyright Herman Jolink.

Left: Herman on his 3rd run on his home built Ducati Panigale-1. Photo copyright Piet Mom.

Swift snippets.
19th September: Happy Birthday for today to 8.50 Bike racer Brad Head, Kejja Motorsport's Jake Wray and Cannon Racing crew member Michael Vickers. We hope you are all having a great day.

There may be a brief outage of the event coverage part of the site tonight as the domain name is transferred over to the new, larger, server. This has been timed for midnight BST.

NSRA Hot Rod Drags curtailed.
18th September: After two and a half days of mostly glorious weather and racing, the rain came once again to put a premature end to the 2023 NSRA Hot Rod Drags at Santa Pod Raceway. However much racing was carried out over the three day event, and we counted 1,011 run what ya brung passes. Invited classes had three sessions on Saturday and two rounds on Sunday, and two championships were decided.

Congratulations to Colin Millar for becoming Outlaw Anglia 2023 champion, to Outta Gas (Chris Layram) for winning the 2023 Gasser Circus championship, and Clive Charles for being the 2023 100e Challenge Champion. You can see the final Outlaw Anglia standings via our points page.

Many new PBs were set at the Hot Rod Drags. Well done to Colin Millar for a great 6.9068/199.00 in session 2 of Outlaw Anglia qualifying, also to Dalton Scarlett for a 7.1541/192.14 in round one of OA eliminations, after tyre shake issues in qualifying. Ben Kennedy who had battled lifted heads and a broken valve during the season, got his turbo Lexus V8 Pop into the eights and ran a 8.710/140.82 in round 2 of eliminations.

In Supercharged Outlaws, a bumper field saw some exceptional runs but also the sole incident of the race, Joe Bond escaping largely unhurt (see below). Wayne Allman in his Mental Breakdown VW Bus had his first 200mph timing ticket with a 7.1571/201.67. Robbie Grabham ran a PB for the A35 version of Freddie's Revenge at 7.1513/196.40. Mick Hannah drove the Haggis Hunter Donovan powered slingshot to a new PB ET of 7.2141. And Jim Usher drove the historic Hemi Hunter slingshot to a new PB of 7.2765/185.83, the car's new PB after a gap of nearly 50 years.

Paul Dale took his supercharged Ford Anglia 105e to a new PB of 7.8162/174.38 on Saturday during a session of match races with fellow Ford Anglia 105e racer 'Rocket' Ron Bartlett, a special guest to the SOs as he runs nitrous rather than blown. Ron won the match-up 2-1 with two holeshots and ran new PBs of 7.9020/174.41.

In Gasser Circus, team Hallam, Hallam & Couch with Martyn Hallam was adjudged winner. Well done to them, and to Billy Jones who qualified #1 with a perfect +0.0006 ET on his 10.52 dial.

Modified 100e Challenge ran a closest-to-dial competition and whilst Clive Charles became champion of the closest to dial competition, congratulations go to class organiser Scott Collin for a new PB of 8.4755/160.77 in his twin turbo machine.

We will post a link to Claire Meaddows' Wild Bunch report on the event and the final positions in their championships over the next couple of days. We congratulate Alan Lloyd driving Gonzo the Great to a new PB of 7.5945/172.42 and Allan Schofield on a new PB of 7.5986/172.22 in his Model T altered, and all others who ran new PBs.

Well done to Nostalgia Superstock racer Dan Williams of Williams Bros Racing for winning the remaining elimination rounds held over from the Mopar Euro Nationals. Dan defeated Vic Parsons in the final round.

Commiserations to Supercharged Outlaws racer Joe Bond whose Bond, Hannis & Osbourne slingshot contacted the right wall on a wild ride which left Joe with bruising and a suspected dislocated thumb. Joe and wife Melanie send a huge thank you to the team at Santa Pod for looking after him. We hope Joe makes a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing the car repaired and back on track in 2024.

Commiserations also go to the Gasser Circus team of Ian and Laura Turburville with Christian Wilson, whose tow vehicle let them down and they were unable to make it to the event, also to Good Guys Steve Clarke and Nigel Rigden with transmission woes which prevented them joining the Supercharged Outlaws party.

Thanks to David Anniwell of the Santa Pod Timing Crew for sending us detailed timing data from the Hot Rod Drags, which we have posted to our
timing data area which you can see by clicking on Data, then Timing Data at the top of any page. Official results can be seen at Santa Pod's Official Results Site.

You can check out our John Woolfe Racing-sponsored NSRA Hot Rod Drags reports, results and galleries by clicking here or by clicking on the Event Coverage link at the top of any page. We should repeat our new policy that the watermarked photos from our galleries can be downloaded and may be used in social media posts but please do not crop or modify them, in particular we need the watermark retained.

Please join Simon in thanking Julian and Diana for their hard work over the three days of the event.

We look forward to publishing car racer comments on the event in due course if you would like to send your story, please contact us via

Melbourne Raceway Pennine Classic results and galleries.
18th September: Congratulations to the winners of eliminations at the weekend's Pennine Classic race held at Melbourne Raceway:

Pro Extreme: Nik Wilson (Quartermixer dragster), unopposed
ET Eliminations: Pete Eborall (VW Golf Gti 1.8 Ltr)(9.30) 9.62/80 def. Peter Lane (Plymouth Barracuda 6.3l) (7.90) 8.13/84
NSCC (Sunday): Ian Walley (Ford Cortina Mk II 1968) (pictured) 6.56/114 def. James Murray (Ford Cortina Estate 1970) 7.20/106
NSCC (Saturday): Phil Winstanley (Morris Minor) 6.74/107 def. Ian Walley (Ford Cortina Mk II 1968) 6.91/113

Straightliners No Mercy Shootout: Andy Higham (Deofol 500cc) (7.53) 7.58/97 def. Phil Gilson (Kawasaki ZZR1400) (6.85) 7.06/110
Scooters No Mercy Shootout: Eric Cope (Lambretta 248cc) (8.30) 8.54/70 def. Paul Gurney (Lambretta GP 244cc) (9.00) 9.59/73
Juniors No Mercy Shootout: Jack Taylor (Spiderman) (10.69) 10.83/59 def. Amy Wolstenholme (Gilera DNA special70cc) (10.73) 10.91/59
6.00 index Bike class: Peter Slater (Hayabusa 1300cc) 6.23/135 def. Maxine Taylor (BMW 1000RR) 6.95/132
Race Legends class:Colin Fallows (Kawasaki ZZR 636cc), unopposed

Full results are at the Straightliners results repository.

Congratulations to Force of Nature Steam powered rocket bike racer Graham Sykes (pictured) for breaking the track record twice. On Saturday Graham ran a new track record of 3.90/165 and bettered it still on Sunday with 3.68s at 185mph (0.97 60ft) which compares to his eighth mile times at the Euro Finals of 3.63/176.

Many thanks to Tog for covering the event providing photo galleries and best times of the day. You can see our coverage of the event sponsored by John Woolfe Racing by clicking here or by clicking on the Event Coverage link in the main menu above.

The next race at Melbourne will take place on 7th-8th October. You can enter the race or get tickets at this link.

Euro Finals' unrun final rounds to be run.
18th September: Thanks to Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary Ian Marshall for letting us know that the three finals not completed at the European Finals (Super Pro, Super Gas & Junior Dragster) will all be completed during the second session of qualifying at the National Finals.

` Ian says "This is purely for prize fund and trophies, no further points will be issued for the winner and runner up as regulations don't allow for that." The scheduled time for the finals is between 13:00 and 14:00 on Friday but this could vary with conditions.

Swift snippets.
18th September: Happy Birthday for today to World's Fastest Shed constructor, racer, featured on Have I Got News For You, Kevin Nicks and former Super Gas and Pro ET racer Steve Dunn, we hope you are both having a great day.

STP National Finals racer information.
16th September: Many thanks to to
Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary Ian Marshall for sending us details of track opening and signing on at the STP National Finals being held on 22nd-24th September, including scrutineering times.

The main gates to the track will open at 9am on Thursday, 21st September.

Thursday, 21st September:
12.00-18:00 Signing on open
13.00-18.00 Scrutineering for bikes
13.30-18.00 Scrutineering for cars

Friday, 22nd September:
07.00 Signing on open
07.00-18.00 Scrutineering for bikes
08.00-18.00 Scrutineering for cars
09:30 Track open for qualifying

Saturday, 23rd September:
08.00 Scrutineering and signing on open
09:30 Track open for qualifying/eliminations

Sunday, 24th September:
08.00 Signing on office open
09.00 Scrutineering open
09:30 Track open for eliminations

The detailed running orders and entry list can be seen in our event coverage page.

National and Club Points updated.
15th September: Many thanks to SPRC Championship co-ordinator Yvonne Tramm and SPRC webmaster Pete Walters for posting the latest SPRC National and Club Championship points after the FIA/FIM-E Euro Finals.

You can see the current points, via
this link or via the SPRC website.

We will be analysing the points and publishing our outcomes piece on Tuesday.

NSRA Hot Rod Drags preview.
15th September: We will be covering the NSRA Hot Rod Drags this weekend. An excellent field of class entries and one of the best RWYB entries for the year will be making hundreds of runs at Santa Pod Raceway from today until Sunday.

Our coverage will consist of a summary list of racers making runs on Friday, together with numbers of runs and best time and speed recorded. On Saturday and Sunday we will report live on class qualifying and eliminations, together with end of day galleries from Julian and Diana on each day. Coverage, sponsored by John Woolfe Racing can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the Event Coverage link at the top of any page.

The Wild Bunch sponsored by Springbridge Direct will have 28 cars competing. Wild Bunch co-ordinator Claire Meaddows writes:

"The original 29 entries has been reduced by one, as Gary Atkinson has sold his ‘Timelock II’ Topolino. However we welcome young former Junior Dragster driver Frankie Taylor who will be joining us on a ‘guest’ basis in her stunning new Banshee Topolino altered! Dad Mick will be driving it on Friday in the RWYB, just to make sure all is good.

"The car was built and updated by Randy Winkle of the Famoso Mob in California! The reason why she is just running as a guest, is that the altered is unusually off-set steer, and we only recently amended our rules to only allow ‘centre-steer’ vehicles. But this car was just so stunning and historic that the committee voted for them to run with us at this event, just so that Frankie could make her debut and learn the ropes, as part of a club, before running in another class with it next year. As you may have seen in photos from the Silverstone Festival, where it was first displayed in public in the UK, it is just beautiful!

Also, we have the welcome return of the 1966 Charles Bang Special with Gavin Meanley and Pete borrowing it from the owner Dean Butler to give it another outing. There is a certain other flathead team that is excited to match race with the car again! We also have the return of Terry Clifford in the Ratcatcher Resurrection, so we are pleased to see him back out again.

This weekend is the 3rd and Final round of the 25th Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series. Here are the current Top 10, with the ones participating this weekend, shown in red:

1st & 2nd could go either way, with a few others having a mathematical chance! We award trophies for the Top 4 in that Series, so 3rd & 4th still in contention too!

The Supercharged Outlaws have one of their biggest entries at 26, with a number of returns to the track, BDRHoF inductee Roy Wilding in his slingshot hoping to run a six at 200mph, Kirsten Van Croonenborgh from the Netherlands in her Suzy Q '70 Cuda, Mark Flavell in his new Steel River Hot Rod III Mustang Funny Car, Elaine Hancock with her Zany Zephyr and class chair and Perfect ET sponsor Andy 'Fadster' Hadfield who has installed a larger engine in his Twister altered. The class also welcomes Dougie Hill, new driver of the exciting Motor Mouse slingshot dragster. There will also be match races between the 7 second 105e Anglias by Paul Dale and special guest Ron Bartlett.

Outlaw Anglia traditionally have the Hot Rod Drags as the final round of their club championship, Colin Millar is in the lead from Dalton Scarlett after the Greenlight Nationals. A field of 21 cars will ensure some tight qualifying for a 16 car field and spectacular racing.

You can read Nick Brooke Langham's Gasser Circus preview in yesterday's update, they will be racing a 16 car field with 28 cars entered there will be some frantic qualifying action.

Add to this Pre-1973 RWYB, the final two rounds of Nostalgia Superstock carried over from the Mopar Euro Nationals, the exhibtion dragsters of Julian Webb, Robin Read, Norm Wheeldon and James Charman, bands on Friday and Saturday respectively, Cracklefests and a Saturday Fireworks Display, and you have an cracking nostalgia event. Tickets, including RWYB, are available from at this link.

Euro Finals media.
14th September: Thanks to our good friend Remco Scheelings for links to his articles on the FIA/FIM-E European Finals. First up, you can see Remco's report on at
this link. From the links on this page you will be able to see reports on Friday and Saturday qualifying.

Remco has also written reports for Dutch website You can see Remco's race report at this link and a Behind The Scenes report with snippets and pit photos at this link. The text in Dutch can be translated using any modern browser.

Photojournalists Ivan Sansom & Rose Hughes have published a comprehensive report on FIM-E motorcycle classes on at this link, including ladders, points summaries, great photos and race descriptions.

Dutch photojournalist Mike Kraaij has produced a report on the bike classes including many interesting snippets plus championship presentation photos which you can see by clicking here (pdf format).

Santa Pod Raceway's resident photographers Dave 'DJ' Jones and Callum Pudge have both contributed to a Facebook album at this link. You can see hi-res versions of Santa Pod's photos on at this link. Others who have posted on social media include: If you have any posts you would like us to include, please write to

Banzai Cobra's 6 day weekend.
14th September: Thanks to Pro ET racer and Perfect ET award winner Dave Rudd for sending in a write-up of his eventful FIA/FIM-E Euro Finals:

Wow, what a great 6 day weekend that was. The drive down and set up on Wednesday was uneventful apart from being hot very hot. The heat and air quality was the main theme of the weekend.

Thursday morning rolled round, and it was hot with air quality we had not seen before. Also, we had fitted softer rear springs after the Summer Nationals so the dial in was a total guess. We were not far off with 0.0585 over ending up 9th after Q1. Q2 came round quickly and with a closer run being 0.0267 over, but as is usual others had improved so ended up 10th. Q 3, 4 and 5 I had terrible runs so ended up at the end of the day qualifying 21st. However Banzai Cobra was launching and running great down the track.

In Q6 on Friday morning we ran a 9.7274 and after much discussion on whether to put a 9.72 or 9.73 on the board we decided on a 9.72 for Q7 and boy am I glad we did. A very nice smooth and uneventful run until I got to the ticket collection office and Yvonne who had a huge smile on her face mouthed to me "you're number one" looked at my ticket and saw 9.72 (0.0006) at the top. To go number 1 qualifier on a perfect ET at The Euro Finals, just wow! Needless to say I wallowed in the glory for the rest of the day.

After collection of the £50 off Simon at Eurodragster, thanks to the Perfect ET sponsorship by Andy Fadster and Team Twister, we chilled out and went to watch some racing and as they never ran our Q8 in the afternoon (what a shame) got to see the rest of the day.

The evening round of the Pro Session (Night Show) was fantastic with a fantastic atmosphere and great racing finished off with a fireworks display, followed by huge BBQ in the Pro ET pits arranged by Pete Dodd and Warren Watts. Well done gents. Q8 on Saturday morning, we ran slower than expected for no apparent reason so dial in for E1 in the afternoon was a lottery again! We were up against Warren Watts.

Following the last qualifying round we had our Pro ET presentation where I received my first trophy and the prize money for No.1 Qualifier. Thank you to all the Pro ET class sponsors.

Im elimination round 1, I had a good launch 0.0387 RT and run 0.0215 over. For some reason I never looked up at the finish line gantry as I usually do because if I had I would have seen the win light on in my lane as Warren pulled a cherry. Warren came steaming past me at the stripe but I saw my little yellow win light come on as I went past. (For those that don’t race there are yellow win lights on each side of the wall approx. 100 yards past the finish line).

Onto Sunday morning and E2 next and up against Jess Bishop. It should have been a good race but my reaction time was terrible (tbh hers wasn’t much better but she past me before the stripe and peddled to the line. Game over for me. Jess did go onto to win in Pro ET however, so well done Jess.

As we were planning to stay over till Monday we had planned to spend the rest of the day chilling and watching the racing with a little bit of packing! Err, Mother Nature put a stop to that BIG style! There was some rain forecast mid afternoon and as it started to get dark past the shutdown area we decided to put Banzai Cobra in the trailer, as I switched her engine off there was the pitter patter of rain drops on the trailer roof, those that were there know what happened next and for those that don’t within seconds we had the most horrendous downpour and squalls I think I have ever seen. Luckily there were quite a few people near the pit who grabbed the Gala tent and hung on it for dear life and saved it. Thank you to you all.

Amazingly the track crew got the track dried off and they very nearly got all the Finals (apart from 3, I think) done by the extended curfew of 21.00.

Well done and thank to all the staff and crew at Santa Pod for a fantastic weekend of racing. Thank You Eurodragster for keeping us all up to date and the fantastic pictures (you're welcome - Ed).

Finally from me, a huge thank you to my Family and Friends for all the help and support on and off the track. My little team isn’t doing too bad considering it's our second season. The top of the points table in Pro ET is going to be stupidly close after this meeting so it’s going to be an interesting STP National Finals in a week and a half time. Good Luck everyone.

Pelle's championship 30th anniversary.
14th September: Thanks to former Top Fuel champion and British Drag Racing Hall of Fame member Pelle Lindelöw who has reflected on events now compared with 30 years ago:

Congratulations to Ida Zetterström racing for the FIA Top Fuel Championship. As everyone knows (and me in particular) this is not a one-man(or woman)-show. It is, and always will be, a team effort so equally big CONGRATS to the people around Ida! Very well done!

We can see how teams are struggling to be able to finance a season, I'm full of admiration for the teams that actually do the full tour. From a Swedish standpoint the weak Swedish currency, cost of logistics, Brexit etc, doesn't make it easier to finance another season. Let's hope for a fruitful hunt for funding for 2024!

Actually reading about Ida's achievements, I realised that it has been exactly 30 years since we (P&G Racing) clinched the European Championship title. Even if it those days wasn't a "true" FIA title we did 6 races in five countries, won 4 of them, one semi-final finish and one race was cancelled due to the weather conditions. Everything on a shoestring budget. It would never have worked without everyone in the team contributing with what they could, financially and many and long hours in the raceshop. Thank you again guys!

This shot was taken by legendary photographer Karl-Anders Alfeld at Santa Pod in September 1993 just after the final. We sort of knew the outcome of the series so we brought all the trophies we had gained earlier that year. That also includes the hat I'm wearing in the picture, a traditional piece fram northern Sweden given to winners at the Piteå race.

Gasser Circus Hot Rod Drags preview.
14th September: Thanks to Nick Brooke Langham for sending in a Gasser Circus preview to their Final Showdown of 2023 at the Hot Rod Drags this coming weekend:

The 6th round of Gasser Circus racing at the Hot Rod Drags, is once again a finely balanced situation with the Championship still yet to be decided. Any one of the top 4 Gassers can take the title, and after a hard fought season, it is a befitting climax.

Sitting in pole position is Chris Layram in his ‘Outa Gas’ Pop with 2230 points. Just 70 points behind is 2 time Champion Ray Turner in his ‘Green Onions’ 55 Chevy with 2160 points. In third sits another 55 Chevy this one owned and raced by Jason Pickett ‘Cherry Bomb’ with him amassing 2040 points. The final Gasser left in contention is the Mercury of Simon Prest ‘The Rocket’ with him having a total of 1980 points.

The weekend for these 4 will firstly be about qualifying, before then focusing on going as many rounds as they can, with the ultimate aim of going further than their rivals. This means the racing will be epic, as on site this weekend will be a further 21 Gassers all aiming to take their own win, and if that means taking out a Championship contender then so be it.

The Hot Rod Drags not only signals the end of the Gasser Circus Showdown, but also the conclusion of this our 20th Anniversary year. To all the drivers that race and have raced in the Gasser Circus we salute and thank you all, and for all those that will race in the future, get back in the garage and finish off your Gasser.

If you are visiting the event, then make sure you drop by the Gasser Pits, and checkout the Gassers, you are assured of a warm welcome, and whilst they last an Anniversary sticker.

A big thank you to all our sponsors, Neil Melliard (Modern Lettering), the Rocket Racing Team, the NSRA, Renegade Fuels, Serck Services, VP Oils and Williams Brothers Racing.

Gasser Circus – Racing the Dream.

Swift snippets.
14th September: Lesley Field of the Black Pig Too Super Comp dragster crew, writes "Steve and I from Black Pig Too would like to welcome our newest crew member for 2024. Huge congratulations to our fantastic crew, Chris and Nicole on the birth of Cassidy Gene. Nicole you're a star, still towing the race car 2 weeks before the happy event." We all at send congratulations to Chris and Nicole and welcome to Cassidy Gene (pictured left).

Happy Birthday for today (Thursday) to Nostalgia Funny Car racer Ricky Gowen, ET Bike racer and new mum Jayne Kay, Good Guys Supercharged Outlaw racer Steve Clarke, Sportsman ET racer Rob Creswell, Pro ET and Nostalgia Superstock racer Vic Parsons. Belated Many Happy Returns to Pro Modified legend Fredrik FastFreddy Fagerström, Super Street Bike racer Mathias Bohlin whose special day it was yesterday.

Melbourne Raceway's Pennine Classic.
13th September:
This weekend, Melbourne Raceway hosts its Pennine Classic, the sixth round of its season which is the sixth event in the Straightliners Championship. Racing takes place this weekend, 16th-17th September with the track open for camping from Friday afternoon 15th September. Run What Ya Brung is available on both days for which you can pay on the gate an all-in charge of £50 per day.

The usual car bracket classes are taking part, Pro Comp Heads Up (5.89 or quicker in the eighth), Pro Extreme ET (5.90-6.89 on a sportsman tree), Pro ET (6.90-7.89), Sportsman (7.90 or slower), NSCC, Junior Dragster and Karts. For Bikes, there are No Mercy Shootouts for Bikes, Scooters and Juniors, and heads-up classes for 6.00 index, Race Legends (over 70 years of age), Nostalgia Pro Stock, Old School USB, Stock and Two Stroke, and NSA championship classes.

Class entry fees can be seen at this link at which you can enter for racing, and spectator entry which is only £15 per day or £30 for the weekend including camping. Under 16s entry is free and there will be a bar and live band on Saturday night.

For new racers, there is a useful Facebook post on tips to follow at the track at this link.

Former editor Tog will be at the track posting on-track and off-track galleries and results. You will be able to see Tog's coverage by clicking on this link.

The postcode for Melbourne Raceway is YO42 4SS, For anyone traveling to Melbourne from the A19 from Selby, the bridge at Bubwith is closed for repairs. From the M1,M18,M62, exit at Howden, take the left lane and then join the B1228 from Howden.

Gardermoen Drag Finals results and report.
13th September: Many thanks to photographer Lena Perés for sending a photo gallery from Gardermoen Raceway's Drag Finals held on the 8th-10th September which you can see at this link:

Congratulations to the winners:

Top Doorslammer: Jan Brännvall ('68 Chevy Camaro) 4.342/266.5 def. Stian Rusanes ('41 Willys Coupe) no-show
Competition Eliminator match race: Mathias Stenström (Ford Escort) 6.860/239.6 def. Christer Adeen (Volvo S60)
Super Gas: Bent Arild G. Strøm (Chevrolet Camaro Z28) 9.936/203.8, unopposed
Super Street: Åke Törnqvist (Camaro) 11.070/175.9 def. Kent Forschner-Hell (Pontiac Trans Am) 10.890/195.1
Super Pro ET: Mats Arntzen Wanvik (Suncoast Dragster) 8.916/215.8 def. Kristoffer Andersen ('92 Pontiac Firebird) 7.828/255.9
Super Pro ET Summit Shootout: Isak Lagg (Dragster) 8.699/225.4 def. Tindra Christensen (M&M Dragster) 8.501/250.4
Pro ET: Kristoffer August Nordin (AMC Pacer) 11.485/185.5 def. Jonas Larsson (Dodge Coronet STW) 10.222/200.9
Pro ET Summit Shootout: Anders Larsson ('69 Plymouth RoadRunner) 10.606/206.5 def. Ilkka Junnila (Chevrolet Camaro) 10.234/216.0
Pro Street: Angelica Larsson (Chevy Camaro) 7.717/249.2 def. Emile Höglund ('88 Chevy Camaro) 7.667/279.7
Street (match race): Magnus Johansson (Pontiac GTO) 8.680/236.6 def. Øyvind Kvilhaug (Ford Mustang Foxbody) no-show
Small Tire Stock Suspension: Thomas Hauge (Ford Mustang) 8.953/240.6 def. Alice Hauge (Ford Mustang) 10.737/197.0
SVDA: Gabriel Sjøgren ('55 Chevrolet Bel Air) 8.992/240.7 def. Janne Hauge (Slingshot dragster) 23.611/149.3
Junior Dragster: Linus Leander 9.011/114.4 def. Adrian Bårdevik 8.068/127.3 breakout

Super Twin Top Fuel Bike: Frank Aaslund 7.858/211.8 def. Trond Jostein Høiberget 13.942/94.4
Super Street Bike match race: Dag Wagenius (Suzuki Hayabusa) 7.670/304.3 def. Wille Skinnars (Kawasaki ZX14) 7.850/285.8
Pro Comp Bike: Peter Rundström (Honda GreenBird) 7.643/260.8 def. Robert Nygrean (Suzuki GSXR1000 K3) 7.899/296.5
Super Comp Bike: Samuel Rundström (Honda Fireblade) 8.504/253.2 def. Peter Svensson (Kawasaki ZX12 turbo) 8.607/258.4
Super Gas Bike: Peter Lund (Suzuki GSXR) 9.994/193.9 def. Sarah Nevra (Suzuki GSXR 1000) 9.453/224.1
Classic Dragbike: Ronny Arnegård (Harley Sportster) 10.304/204.4 def. Nicolai Ryen Christianse (Suzuki GS1000) 9.597/217.1
ET Street Bike: Tor Ivar Breisnes Waerdahl (Triumph Sprint ST 1050 Daytona) 10.569/222.6 def. Arve Myrbostad (Suzuki GSX 1100 EF) 10.267/223.1
Junior Drag Bike (JBA): Leevi Kortelainen (Suzuki Hayabusa Pro Stock) 12.952/83.0 def. Ole Kristoffer Steen Aas (Kayo) 6.356/176.9

Lena has sent some snippets, linked to photos of the respective cars:

Janne Brännvall (pictured top) did a straight Q1 run at 4.19 after struggling to get to Gardermoen. Arriving two days later than scheduled, due to a problem truck, he finally arrived at the track and can now relax in to be No 1 position in the Top Doorslammer Summit Racing EDRS Series 2023! Congratulations to the Series win team Pro Mod King.

Runner-up in the Top Doorslammer Summit Racing EDRS Series 2023 is Team Stefan ”Myggan” Jansson (pictured above). He had to do one qualifying run to secure the no 2 spot. He did a couple of rounds before the engine broke. But that was ok as the runner up spot was saved. Congratulations guys, well done!

Pro Street racer Birgitta Lindström (below left) is back on track after her crash earlier this season. She is happy to get into the new car that have been built during the summer. We wish her good luck for 2024.

Super Pro ET racer Siri Johansson (above centre) has got a brand new Scott Shafiroff engine that she tested this weekend at Gardermoen Raceway and Drag Finals. A great way to finish the season.

Super Pro ET racer Isak Lagg (above right) took home the win in the Summit Racing Super Series 2023 cash shootout in Super Pro ET. As the semifinals and finals rained away at Tierp Arena a few weeks ago, the shootout was concluded here at Drag Finals. Isak defeated Pontus Garefelt in the semi final and Tindra Christensen in the money run.

Pro Street racer Angelica Larsson (pictured here) secured the Summit Racing EDRS Series Championship. Angelica also made runs to upgrade her license this weekend and thanks her fellow racer and mother Annika.

The weather was just perfect. Cloudy and a slight breeze and around 20-22 degrees (hmmm - Ed). Saturday it was party at the “happy street” here at Gardermoen Raceway. All bikers have a traditional dinner every year at this time. Very cosy.

Euro Finals FIA racer comments.
12th September: We present below racer comments following the FIA/FIM-E European Finals:

FIA Top Fuel: In the Friday night show, Ida Zetterström put down a solid 3.86 at 307mph in the dark to take the provisional #1 spot. She said "It’s just something special about seeing these things with all pipes lit going over 300mph in the dark! We held on tight to that #1 position to close out qualifying. I ended up with a solo run in the semifinals as our opponent couldn’t make it, made a clean 1/8 mile pass and clocked in at 4.06, which was good enough to earn us lane choice in the finals.

"We doubled up by winning the European Finals with a 3.91 in the dark and taking home the European Championship title. I'm incredibly proud of my Rune Fjeld Motorsport team and the performance we have shown this year, loosing only one round all year, numerous nr 1 qualifiers, running consistently and taking home the European Records for both speed and ET and the overall Championship victory. Thank you to all our partners for an incredible year."

FIA Top Methanol: 2023 Champion Linn Fløysvik wrote: "We headed home from the Hockenheimring after reclaiming the championship lead! But we knew the Euro Finals would be very exciting and nerve-racking as I held only a slim 16 point championship lead. Three contenders including us were vying for the championship. Victory against Tony Bryntesson was the ticket to our championship dream. It’s kinda unreal, but we proved that we are the best top methanol team in Europe."

The teams will however need to watch Johnny Oksa in 2024; in his first race at Santa Pod he took the event victory in dominant fashion, running a series of 5.55s runs in his favoured right lane as his opponents, Linn in the semi final and championship hopeful Sandro Bellio in the final, suffered traction issues.

Pro Modified: Congratulations to first time event winner David Vegter. In contrast, David's car builder and sponsor Andy Robinson had a wretched event. The team wrote: "On our first run, we had some tyre shake and then in the 2nd session we unfortunately lost brakes in the burnout meaning an aborted run. After a reasonable 6.01 at 242 mph in Q3 we had an unplanned rapid engine disassembly in Q4 at around 1.8 seconds into the run. A total of 4 connecting rods parted ways with the crankshaft leaving a trail of destruction in their path. Our sincere apologies to the hardworking Santa Pod Raceway crew for the oil spill on the track. We already have rebuild plans so don’t worry, we will be back!

Pro Stock: Stefan Ernryd wrote: "A good season is over, we finished no 2 in the FIA European Drag Racing Championship, in the semis we were short 2 hundreds at the finishline,hurts when i had an 0,0018 light,but congrats to Michael Malmgren, his been racing Pro Stock for 30 years so it was his time to seal the championship. I want to thank my supercrew Simon Renevall, Ian Hart, Rob Stanley, Conrad Stanley and my love Cecilia Cia Holmberg. A special thanks to my former crewchief Ulf Wagnhester for great support. The photo shows the difference between no 1 and no 2 in the championship at the finish line at 207-209mph (333-336 kph).

Kevin Kent undefeated in 2023!
12th September: Kevin Kent and the West Ten Team completed a perfect season with a Win at the European Finals, but it was not without drama along the way.

In the first qualifying session points leader Kent, who only needed to qualify to wrap up the title, had a wheel come away from the car mid run due to rear axle failure. the wheel crossing lanes and making a glancing blow on the side of the Gladiator Car of Jason Phelps. Kent miraculously managed to straighten up the car and keep it in his lane and both drivers were ok, The same could not be said for the West Ten Car and bodywork so a backup car was needed to try and re qualify. After a lot of hard work the team were back on track the following day and qualified the for Sunday’s eliminations.

It was Patrik Pers topping the qualifying order for the first time in the competitive debut of a new car with a PB (4.401) but despite a Semi Final exit to Kent the Speedghost team look to be a strong contender in 2024.

Another personal best came in round 1 competition when defending series Champion Steve Ashdown defeated Jason Phelps with career best numbers of 4.281/264.60mph to secure second place in the standings for 2023, this set up a final that was delayed well into the evening after a storm rolled through the area, after an amazing effort by the Santa Pod crew the Final between Ashdown and Kent was decided on the start line when the red light came on in Ashdown's lane, handing the victory to Kent who ran 8.461/90.68mph and securing an undefeated season.

2023 saw new records set, personal bests and improvements all round, the 2024 season is already looking to be one of the most competitive yet!

Betts wins Nostalgia FC at Euros.
12th September: Well done to Nostalgia Funny Car racer Tony Betts for a win at the Euro Finals against 2023 champion Tim Garlick. Tony wrote:

"Not sure where to start but a 5 second run at the last meeting and now winners at the European Finals it does not get much better. The spectators enthusiasm for Venom helped the crew give me an improving hot rod with every run even in blistering heat.

"Two night runs were awesome all be it a bit scary when the visor demist never worked. The girls kept everyone fed and watered all weekend. Now to work on getting another few tenths out of Venom over the next 6 months.

"A massive thanks to all the kids that have drawn pictures of Venom. See you all in 2024.

Nitro Revival - be there!
12th September: Thanks to Nitro Revival sponsor and Land Speed Racer Geoff Stilwell who has sent us a reminder about a special event in South California at the start of November:

So with the Euro Finals done and racing winding down in the U.K. how about coming to the world famous Irwindale Raceway in Los Angeles on the 4th and 5th November.

So many racers that have been to Santa Pod will be there..Don Prudhomme, Waterbed Fred Miller, Bob Muravez, Marvin Graham, Randy Bradford, Ron Hope, Joe Schubeck, Carl Olson, ISKY, Tommy Ivo and so many other famous racers.

How about the “One O’Clock Thunder” with all the fuel cars lined up and running at once!! Last year something like 80 plus fuel cars running…oh boy you don’t want to miss that. Then you have the All Star Autograph sessions, Exhibition runs on the track and then on Saturday is the “Hot Rod Hang Out” and I will have my 34 Roadster there. Plus Tony Thacker will have the Brit favourite “Dos Palmas” dragster on display and running.

Oh and let’s not forget that the Nitro Revival Team have arranged for the “In n Out” Cookout truck to be at Irwindale Friday Evening. Trust me you will not want to miss this event…..then stay over as I will be racing the 7707 Blown Fuel Roadster at El Mirage the following weekend, plus it’s the NHRA finals at Pomona as well. A real feast of cars and racing.

Come on everyone….make that trip…you know you want to. Plus we need to sell some Dos Palmas T Shirts! See you there.

FIA/FIM-E European Finals results.
11th September: Congratulations to the winners of the FIA/FIM-E European Finals, held at Santa Pod Raceway from 7th-10th September:

FIA Top Fuel Dragster: Ida Zetterström 3.9171/271.80 def. Susanne Callin 4.4178/187.00
FIA Top Methanol:Johnny Oksa 5.5580/263.55 def. Linn Engan Fløysvik 20.4618/27.01
Nitro Funny Car Cup: Kevin Kent 8.4614/90.68 def. Steve Ashdown 5.8746/139.49 DQ red
FIA/Motorsport UK Pro Modified: David Vegter 6.6348/230.50 def. Mats Eriksson 17.7191/49.71
FIA Pro Stock: Simon Ekengren 6.6995/206.95 def. Michael Malmgren 6.6221/208.16 (holeshot win)
Nostalgia Funny Car: Tony Betts 6.2247/238.56 def. Tim Garlick 6.3552/220.38
Track Worx Comp Eliminator: Dan Williams (11.25) 10.6834/114.75 def. Spencer Tramm (11.68) 11.3242/114.05
FastR Super Comp: Stu Doignie 8.9335/155.78 def. Leah Kellett 8.9378.173.71 (MOV 0.0025 or 7.6 inches)
Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas: Finalists Stuart Doignie and Stuart Morrice
Peter Nee Super Pro ET: Finalists Collin Morrice and Peter Walters
Modurstang Pro ET: Jess Bishop (9.29) 9.4812/128.30 def. Ronnie Mercer (9.02) 9.0472/147.15
Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator: Andy Bond 7.3710/202.56 def. Rob Carter 8.1937/167.29
Lucas Oil Junior Dragster: Finalists Harley Coulsell and Luke Mugridge

FIM-E Top Fuel Bike: Rikard Gustafsson 5.9211/237.43 def. Stuart Crane 6.2888/201.68
FIM-E Super Twin Bike: Marcus Christiansen 6.4153/173.72 def. Chris van Nimmen 6.9854/193.03
FIM-E Pro Stock Bike: Bertrand Maurice 7.4023/NS def. Martin Newbury 7.2206/182.77 DQ red
FIM-E Super Street Bike: Al Morrison Jnr 6.7752/220.27 def. Jake Mechaell 7.4384/214.84
FIM-E Junior Drag Bike Cup: Leah Morrison (11.80) 11.9168/48.98 def. Hollie King (8.20) 8.3504/72.65

2023 FIA Champions

FIA Top Fuel Dragster: Ida Zetterström
FIA Top Methanol: Linn Floysvik
FIA/Motorsport UK Pro Modified: Jan Ericsson
FIA Pro Stock: Michael Malmgren

2023 FIM-E Champions

FIM-E Top Fuel Bike: Rickard Gustafsson
FIM-E Super Twin Bike: Marcus Christiansen
FIM-E Pro Stock Bike: Bertrand Maurice
FIM-E Super Street Bike: Alan Morrison Jnr
FIM-E Junior Drag Bike Cup: Leah Morrison

2023 Funny Car Champions

Nitro Funny Car Cup: Kevin Kent
Nostalgia Funny Car: Tim Garlick
You can see final points tables for the above classes via our
Points Standings page.

The event was held in baking hot conditions which descended into a massive storm on Sunday afternoon. The indefatigable track crew, who had previously dealt with a number of oildowns and a jet fuel spillage over the whole length of the track and shutdown area, cleared the deluge of water after the storm. The track was ready by 19:00 and the remaning elimination rounds, bar the three finals listed above, were all run by the extended curfew time, a few minutes after 21:00.

Andy Marrs has confirmed that no individual records were set at the weekend but the following class records were set:

FIM-E Super Street Bike bump spot for an 8-bike field, 7.1084
FIM-E Super Street Bike tightest field for an 8-bike field, 0.4438

Thanks to Andy for supplying a list of European bests which you can see at this link.

Congratulations to Modurstang Pro ET racer Dave Rudd who won the Racing Perfect ET award of £50 supported by Andy 'Fadster' Hadfield. The Habit Racing Perfect Light Award of £50 supported by Cath and Tig Napier went unclaimed and increases to £75 at the STP National Finals.

Congratulations also to Fast R Super Comp racers Leah Kellett and Stuart Doignie who won the Bob's Photo Finish Award of £50 each posted by sponsor and longtime supporter Bob Roberts for the closest finish of a green light and non-break out race. Leah and Stuart's finish line margin was 0.0025 seconds or 7.6 inches.

Thanks to David Anniwell of the Santa Pod Timing Crew for sending us detailed timing data, including test day results, which we have posted to our timing data area which you can see by clicking on Data, then Timing Data at the top of any page. Official results can be seen at Santa Pod's Official Results Site.

You can check out our John Woolfe Racing-sponsored FIA/FIM-E Main Event reports, results and galleries by clicking here or by clicking on the Event Coverage link at the top of any page. We should repeat our new policy that the watermarked photos from our galleries can be downloaded and may be used in social media posts but please do not crop or modify them, in particular we need the watermark retained.

Please join Simon in thanking Julian and Diana for their hard work over all four days, plus the test day, of the hot (and on Sunday, wet) race event.

We look forward to publishing car racer comments on the event on Wednesday.

Mooneyes 1963 - Part 2.
11th September: Today the 60th Anniversary Special Events Stories feature the continuing story of the Mooneyes Dragster visit along with surprise late entry Mickey Thompson.

The Mooneyes/Allard series moved to Brighton seafront on Saturday 14th September 1963 but nobody was expecting drag racing and land speed legend Mickey Thompson to turn up with his AA/Fuel Dragster. Mickey became an instant thorn in officials’ sides, telling them “You’re doing it all wrong” But despite this both Thompson and Dante Duce put on a great show of wheelstands, smoky starts, parachute popping and setting hay bales alight, completely blowing the minds of the huge crowd of spectators and the motoring press.

The following weekend saw the series at Church Lawford and Debden allowing full quarter blasts, leaving fans gawping as the American dragsters thundered down the strip ahead of a wall of tyre smoke recording the quickest and fastest times outside the USA. The fans went home happy having experienced for the first time the true meaning of nitro power.

This is part two of the Mooneyes 1963 story. It contains many images kindly scanned by Shige Suganuma of MOONEYES from their Archives.

You can read the story, written by Nick Pettitt of British Drag Racing Historians, at this link or by clicking on the above image of Dante Duce in Mooneyes firing up along the Madeira Drive, Brighton (photo: Robbie Smith collection).

British Drag Racing Historians is open to anyone who writes about the history of British Drag Racing and has been published through the internet or print media. John Hunt founded the group by contacting those in the group and others in early 2020 asking if it was a good idea to operate under one banner as a group of like minded individuals who are dedicated to the History of British Drag Racing. The Group aims to promote the history of our sport through websites, Facebook, books and magazines. The group operates as an association and is not formally registered as an organisation.

Swift snippets.
11th September: Happy Birthday for today to Straightliners bike racer and Junior Drag Bike constructor David Taylor, and for tomorrow to Turner Racing's Vicky Reid and Team Banzai's Steven Russell and Frankenstien nostalgia racer Simon Devos.

Aplogies for the server outage on our event coverage server earlier today (Monday). There will be a further outage between Midnight and 08:00 British Summer Time as the data is moved to a larger server.

Mooneyes 1963 - Part 1.
10th September: Today the 60th Anniversary Special Events Stories feature the story of Dante Duce and the Mooneyes Dragster coming to England.

September 1963 saw the first American dragster arrive in England when Dante Duce, Dean Moon and crew turned up with the beautiful chrome and yellow Mooneyes dragster for a duel with Sydney Allard at Silverstone. Endless correspondence between automobile organisations in the USA and England for similar ventures had so far failed after getting bogged down in red tape but when Dante Duce read an article about Allard’s dragster and a lack of competition in England he simply picked up the phone and called Sydney asking if he brought a dragster over would he race him? Sydney said he would but pointed out that there would be quite a few problems bringing a car to England. He sent Duce a list of possible dates, Duce picked one and said “I’ll be there...”

This is part one of the Mooneyes 1963 story. It contains many images kindly scanned by Shige Suganuma of MOONEYES from their Archives.

You can read the story, written by Nick Pettitt of British Drag Racing Historians, at this link or by clicking on the above image of Dante Duce adding oil to his dragster with pioneers looking on.

British Drag Racing Historians is open to anyone who writes about the history of British Drag Racing and has been published through the internet or print media. John Hunt founded the group by contacting those in the group and others in early 2020 asking if it was a good idea to operate under one banner as a group of like minded individuals who are dedicated to the History of British Drag Racing. The Group aims to promote the history of our sport through websites, Facebook, books and magazines. The group operates as an association and is not formally registered as an organisation.

Friday Evening Nitro Session, 8th September
6th September: Thanks to Donna Finnegan, Santa Pod Marketing & Communications, for an invitation to racers and crew members attending the FIA/FIM-E Euro Finals:

Racers and crew members are welcome to watch the Friday Evening Nitro session from the main Grandstand free of charge at the forthcoming FIA/FIM European Finals.

Free entry will be permitted from 5pm (Fri 8th Sept only) with access through gates 196-215 & 216-248.

A racer ticket or startline pass will need to be shown to the grandstand steward before entering.

N.B We also politely remind you that the Grandstand operates a strict NO SMOKING policy.

Demo Applications for Flame & Thunder now open.
5th September: Thanks to Santa Pod Raceway Track & Events Coordinator Dan Melrose for an invitation to apply for drag racing demos for the Flame and Thunder season-ending race.

Santa Pod is on the lookout for Demo race cars and bikes for our season-closing Flame & Thunder event on October 28th. Any cars will need to have run 11.99 or quicker, and all bikes 9.99 or quicker to be considered for first batch entry (Junior Dragsters & Junior Drag Bikes are exempt from the ET requirements). To apply, please send an email to, including personal best ET and photos of the vehicle.

Please note for this event spots are not necessarily first-come, first-serve, as we have a quota for the different types of cars and bikes we would like to have. Anyone that doesn’t get a spot in the first batch will be put on a waiting list and will be invited as spots open up. If your vehicle doesn’t meet the ET cutoffs, we’ll also put you on the waiting list for consideration.

FIA/FIM-E Euro Finals preview.
5th September: At the FIA/FIM-E Euro Finals, the championships for the FIA/FIM-E classes will be decided.

In Top Fuel, if no further Top Fuel entries happen, Ida Zetterström is already champion over second placed Susanne Callin who is assured runner up status by signing on and passing scrutineering. In Pro Modified, Jan Ericsson is in an unassailable position however the other placings have tight permutations between David Vegter, Bruno Bader, Andres Arnover, Marck Harteveld, Michel Tooren and Mats Eriksson. Top Methanol is a three way battle between leader Linn Fløysvik, Silvio Strauch and Sandro Bellio, Pro Stock the same between Stefan Ernryd, Michael Malmgren and Robin Norén.

In Bike classes subject to ratification we have three confirmed champions, well done to Rikard Gustafsson in Top Fuel Bike, Marcus Christiansen in Super Twin Bike and Bertrand Maurice in Pro Stock Bike. In Top Fuel Bike and Pro Stock Bike, the runner up position is yet to be decided. In Super Street Bike, however the contest is still open between Alan Morrison Jnr, Daniel Lencses and Mathias Bohlin.

In addition to these classes there are the two Nitro Funny Car classes, the championship in the Funny Car Cup being secured by Kevin Kent at Bug Jam, and in the Nostalgia Funny Car Cup, Tim Garlick needs to qualify and win one round of racing to secure the championship.

There will also be sportsman racing in a huge field with Track Worx Competition Eliminator, Peter Nee Super Pro ET, Modurstang Pro ET, Fast R Super Comp, Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas, Lucas Oil Junior Dragster.

You can read all about the FIA/FIM-E Euro Finals including a live test day report tomorrow, by going to our coverage page sponsored by John Woolfe Racing.

You can read Remco Scheeling's preview at this link on

FIA/FIM-E Euro Finals Perfect Awards.
5th September: £200 is up for grabs at this weekend's FIA/FIM-E Euro Finals courtesy of and our sponsors.

This weekend's Habit Racing Perfect Light Award has been reset to £50 after it was won at the STP Greenlight Nationals by Hutchinson & Dibley Sportsman ET racer Rob Creswll. The money will be paid to the first racer at the event to record a Reaction Time of 0.000 seconds. The Perfect Light Award is available in all classes during both qualifying and eliminations, but will only be awarded for the first Perfect Light of the event. The Perfect Light Award is presented in association with Cath and Tig Napier of Modurstang Pro ET team Bad Habit Racing.

Decals are not mandatory for the Perfect Light Award but we would appreciate it if decals are carried. decals are available in Signing On or from staff.

The Perfect ET Award supported by Andy Hadfield and the Twister Race Team has also been reset to £50 after it was won at the STP Greenlight Nationals by JKE Race Works 8.50 Bike racer Dan De'ath. The money will be paid to the first racer at the event to run +0.000 on index or dial-in. The Perfect ET Award is available in Peter Nee Super Pro ET, Modurstang Pro ET, Fast R Super Comp, Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas, Lucas Oil Junior Dragster and FIM Junior Drag Bike, but will only be awarded for the first Perfect ET of the weekend. The Perfect ET Award is presented in association with Andy 'Fadster' Hadfield of the Twister Race Team.

Decals are not mandatory for the Perfect ET Award but we would appreciate it if decals are carried. decals are available in Signing On or from staff.

Bob's Photo Finish Award, which is presented in association with sponsor Bob Roberts, will award £50 each to the racers involved in the closest race of eliminations at this weekend's event. At the STP Greenlight Nationals the Award was won by Dutch Blood Cancer UK ET Bike racers Gerald Williams and Patrick Merite.

The closest race will be decided upon distance rather than time since, for example, 0.001 seconds at 230 mph is further than 0.002 seconds at 110 mph. For this reason the official timing data will need to be consulted so the winners will be announced here on as soon as possible after the event and the winners will then be contacted for their preferred method of payment. The award will be paid on green light drag races only, and not on bracket races where there is a breakout.

Bob's Photo Finish Award is open to all classes during eliminations only and although decals are not mandatory we would appreciate if it they are carried. decals are available in Signing On.

Bob has let us know that he has updated his Flickr account to include photos from 1971 and 1973 at Santa Pod, and a collection from 1985 at Shakespeare County which you can see by clicking here.

Drag racers win at Brighton Speed Trials.
5th September: The Brighton Speed Trials, organised by the organised by the Brighton and Hove Motor Club with the Sprint Section of the Vintage Motorcycle Club, is the world's longest running motor event starting in 1905. This year is the 50th anniversary of a number of drag racers entering and taking the all time record for the quarter, the late great Dennis Priddle running a 7.69 in his Mister Six slingshot, smoking his tyres for the full run. Dennis was joined by fellow racers Owen Hayward in Nobby Hill's Houndog 7 STP Funny Car and oger Bishop in the Stripteaser Jag powered Mini van, watched by a crowd of thousands who were thrilled by the sight.

Fast forward to 2023 and drag racers are still leading competitors although the nitro powered cars are no longer permitted. But drag racers are still leading lights at the event. Well done to Outlaw Street racer Simon Paul for his success at last weekend's event. Simon writes:

"In addition to racing at RWYB and Lifestyle events at Santa Pod I have taken part in The Brighton Speed Trials since 1991. Last Saturday was the 27th time I have competed in this event – which takes place on Madeira Drive in Brighton – the ultimate ‘No Prep’ surface!

"I was racing my 1140bhp street legal Nissan GT-R and I was delighted to run a best time of 9.84seconds @ 144mph to win Class 4. I was even more delighted to discover that my time was also Fastest Time of the Day!

"The win was one of the highlights of my 47 years taking part in motorsport!"

The other notable long time drag racer taking part and winning was Dave Gibbons who not only came first in the class for Racing & Sports Cars constructed pre-2020, but also introduced his son, ex-Junior Dragster racer Scott, and wife Alli to participating in the event:

"Once again I was fortunate to come home with fastest in class 13 in the 1929 Stinson Special, in the process smashing half a second off of last years time with a 15.57 run at 85mph. (I have no idea what I did to make it quicker) I have to admit that being bounced out of the seat several times as it goes across the finish line is more than alarming!

"Alli and Scott had a great day in the Rough Diamond Jedi. It wasn't as quick as I'd expected it might be, but then it has only 600cc to its name, and was never going to be threat. Scott was disappointed not to get into the twelves with a 13.09 at 95.1mph, while Alli wasn't far behind with a 13.62 at 92.4mph. To be fair, Alli hadn't driven the car until she got it to the start line, and has been out of the seat of a single seater for fourteen years.

Special thanks to Paul Moon, without whose truck (and his driving) we couldn't have got the Stinson there, and along with Maurice Takoor served as our valiant crew bouncing between the two cars as necessary. We're also most grateful to Blaise Lewis for loan of the trailer.

Finally, I must thank Gavin and Amber McHamish for allowing me unfettered use of their car - 'The World Famous Stinson Special'. It's a privilege to be allowed to drive and care for such a fabulous machine, and we were pleased that Amber and Astra made it to Brighton to watch.

You can see the full results of the 2023 Brighton Speed Trials at this link and British Drag Racing Historian Nick Pettitt has produced two Youtube videos of the best of the action at the event which you can see at this link (part 1) and this link (part 2 - Simon Paul's practice run is from 5 mins 42sec)

HOFtalk covers SEMA trophy history.
4th September: Thanks to British Drag Racing Hall of Fame director Jerry Cookson for sending details on a new story on the Hall of Fame's website:

The HoFTalk section of the all new BDRHoF web site has been updated with two new stories about the history of the SEMA Challenge Trophy written by British Drag Racing Historian (BDRH) Nick Pettitt and the story behind the Hot Rod & Custom UK sponsored Funny Car Eliminator Trophy contested at Santa Pod Raceway's World Series meet in 1980 won by BDRHoF member Harlan Thompson, and its safe return to the UK lead by racers Matt Seamarks and initially Jon Crawford.

Both trophy's were on display in the Dragstalgia Historic Marque by kind permission of its owners. These stories and many more can be accessed from this link edited by BDRHoF director Jerry Cookson.

FIA/FIM-E Prize giving banquet.
4th September: Thanks to Santa Pod Raceway Commercial Manager Caroline Holden for sending details of the FIA/FIM-E Championship Prize Giving taking place this Sunday 10th September after racing at the European Finals.

Winners, second & third place FIA/FIM-E Championship teams are invited to celebrate with their team and collect their trophies at this free event. Each team finishing in the top three championship positions for all FIA/FIM-E classes, will each be given a table for 10 guests/wristbands to attend the event. Teams unable or not wishing to attend the prize giving banquet may donate their tickets to other FIA/FIM-E Championship teams if they wish.

The prize giving will take place in the VIP Hospitality Village. Doors are open from 8pm and food is available from 8.30pm, with all drinks at half price. The evening will be open to all teams after 10pm (or after presentations whichever is earlier) with bar and disco open till late! You can download the event invitation by clicking on
this link.

Santa Pod Raceway and Trakbak Racing wish all riders and drivers good luck this weekend!

BDRHoF taking Gala bookings, welcomes new sponsors.
4th September: Thanks to British Drag Racing Hall of Fame director Robin Jackson for an update on the 2023 Gala and sponsors:

Booking is now open for the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame’s 2023 Gala Awards Dinner, which takes place on Saturday 18th November at Oatlands Park Hotel in Weybridge, Surrey. The occasion celebrates the induction of this year’s new Members, Roger Gorringe, Rod & Anne Pallant, Eric Teboul and Roy Wilding, and includes the presentation of the Stuart Bradbury Junior Drag Racing Awards to the season’s Junior Dragster and Dragbike champions.

To request a copy of the booking form containing details of the event and the chosen menus and dietary options, please email

The Hall of Fame could not exist to celebrate drag racing’s history and achievements without the support of our sponsors, and we are delighted to welcome new essential contributors.

Steve Ashdown’s name is familiar to all drag racing enthusiasts, and the Undertaker Funny Car and Ashdown Bulk Haulage are together offering their support. Ashdown Bulk Haulage provides emergency tankering for the water utilities industry, mainly in the south-east but, when required, throughout the country. The company also carries out CCTV work checking for, and jetting, blockages, while storm tank cleans, digester cleans and cesspit cleans are just some of its daily routines.

The Hall of Fame is indebted to Pete Dodd for introducing two more sponsors.

W.A. Watts Automotive provides quality vehicle repairs and MOTs in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, and stocks Millers Oils and Morris Lubricants. State-of-the-art facilities allow maintenance and repair of vehicles ranging from 1950s classics to modern hybrids and can cater for mid-season racecar requirements. Watts Automotive Racing’s 1967 Camaro competes in Pro ET. Click here to visit the company’s website.

In 2016 Three Brothers Brewing Company took an old car showroom in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, and built an 1800L microbrewery and taproom. As the company name implies, it is a family-run operation. Three Brothers delivers both traditional and craft beers and lagers, including gluten-free and vegan choices, and can supply supporting materials and equipment for beer festivals, events and bar hire, including bespoke-labelled bottles and cans to mark special occasions. For further information, click here.

The Hall of Fame is delighted to add these latest sponsors to its distinguished array of long-term supporters whom we welcome back for another year: Santa Pod Raceway, SPRC, US Automotive, Straightliners, NSRA, Team Twister, VP Racing Fuels, Atlantic Fluid Tech,, Peter Walters Race Design, Paul Whitehouse Art, Julian Hunt Drag Racing Photography and Shakespeare County Relics.

VW Action report and galleries.
4th September: Congratulations to the winners of the Saturday Night Shootout at VW Action held at Santa Pod Raceway over the weekend:

Class A (RWD)
1st Mark Eltringham 10.72
2nd Vito Versluys 10.80
3rd Ian Shorrock 11.30
4th John Brewster 12.02
5th Michael Mooney 12.10

Class B (Vans)
1st Jake Tipping 11.67
2nd Jay Turnock 13.87
3rd Paul Frost 16.30
4th Kaz Collins 20.51
5th Wayne Stevens 21.34

Class C (AWD and FWD)
1st David Henderson (right top) 8.61
2nd Ben Mace (right bottom) 8.67
3rd Mike Whittaker 9.56
4th Chris Waterhouse 9.73
5th John Daley 10.22

Class D (Alternative engine)
1st Ian Dale 12.73
2nd Jake Fronda 13.17
3rd Phil Swell 13.71
4th Michelle Wallington 15.35
5th Wayne Stevens

Thanks to Julian and Kieran for supplying photos for galleries over the weekend at VW Action which you can see by clicking here. Coverage is sponsored by John Woolfe Racing.

The event was the end of an era, being the final VW Action organised by the NAS team of Brian Burrows who has been organising UK drag racing events for 30 years. We wish Brian and colleagues all the best for the future, and thanks for the great events you have overseen.

New personal bests were set over the weekend. The quickest time for a VAG car was set by Dave Henderson whose class-winning Audi RS3 on Sunday ran 8.6033/163.05. Ben Mace scored a great 8.66/150mph with the Audios 20vt Bantam Altered.

Notable VAG PBs were also set by Vito Versluys (above left) (10.4845/128.09) Carl Mionceez (10.97/131) and Wayne Gill (yellow-wheeled Golf R) (10.019/138mph). Waldek Cars from Germany brought a team of 3 cars, their FWD Golf performed a stoppie (or endo) coming out of its burnout, all 4 wheels came off the ground. See this link for Kieran's video - but don't try this at home...Team member Uwe Waldek ran a best of 9.18 with the 4 Motion Lupo (above right).

In addition to all the VAG cars on site there was a great showing from the Supercharged Outlaws. Allan Schofield brought his new blown alky altered (ex Lee Gallimore) to SPR for the first time and recorded a superb 7.6596/170.44 (1.0829 60ft). Paul Dale's Acute Angle made five outstanding passes of which four were in the sevens, his best ET 7.8586 and best speed 173.75. Aaron Windridge ran a best of 8.1306/164.88 in the Reaper blown SBC altered. German visitor Dirk Peiler brought out his Dodge Dart prior to running at the Euro Finals in Comp Eliminator and ran a checkout 8.8967/167.93. Keith Freeman ran four consistent passes with a best of 9.3831/144.35. Commiserations to Simon Boot who suffered a broken rear axle and diff damage on his first and only launch of the event.

The Gasser Circus was represented by 15 qualified cars. Championship leader Jason Pickett qualified #1 and went one round before red lighting against Chris Layram. Chris became runner up in the final against Simon Prest, who was #2 qualifier and defeated Adam Kruczynski, Steve Matthews and a red-lighting Sean Milsom before the final. Well done to Simon for winning a competitive event which sets up an exciting championship finale at the NSRA Hot Rod Drags in two weeks' time.

Outlaw Street and Taz Racing were the other elements of the event on track. Around 20 from Outlaw Street were headed by Sally Woolner's Camaro (8.6683/161.93) and Russ Pursley in his Dutton (8.9637/152.65). Arnie Pamment ran his AMX to a bests of 9.0009 and 149.56, whilst Matt Southcott's Scamp had a best of 9.0927/153.17. Outlaw Street points are based on improvements from the previous events and we will post a link in due course.

Taz Racing had seven cars with Dave Arnold ('77 Pontiac Firebird) the quickest at 9.338 145.77 with Darren Scannell's Mk1 Escort at 9.6044/147.21 and Chris Skinner at 9.6243/124.42.

As well as our galleries you can see Santa Pod Raceway's own Facebook album at this link. Kieran's Youtube video of the Run What Ya Brung is at this link.

Malcolm Frost.
3rd September:
We were sorry to hear of the passing of competition altered racer Malcolm Frost. Nephew and SPR Events Co-ordinator Max Frost wrote: My uncle Malcolm is the man that was responsible for my addiction to drag racing, since watching him for the first time as a toddler as he raced 'Firecracker' at Avon Park Raceway.

Born and educated in Chichester, Malcolm raced Firecracker from 1989 to 1998. The car based on a Reliant Regal was built by Ritchie Brooks and Joe Grout out of Felton and originally known as Stripper. It started life powered by a supercharged Jaguar V12 cylinder engine with four SU carburettors, however this was changed by Malcolm for a Chevy 455ci engine that would have been easier to tune. Malcolm was one of the early members of the Wild Bunch and was in the championship for 1997 and 1998. After Malcolm sold it it was renamed as Luvverly Jubbly before being broken up about a decade later.

Others who posted tributes include Fire Marshal Ossie Osbourne who said "Malcolm was a gentleman who would help anyone out if he could, will be solely missed". We send our deepest condolences to Malcolm's family and friends.

Funeral details for Malcolm will be announced here when they are finalised.

JT calls it a year.
3rd September: Pro Modified and Super Pro ET racer John Tebenham has announced his withdrawal from the FIA/FIM-E European Finals and will not be contesting the STP National Finals. He told us:

"Along with engine problems on my Pro Mod, after working on the Pop this weekend we have found issues, so we are going to not run again this year. Thanks to SPRC and Santa Pod, especially Ian and Darren, but it’s just too late in the season to throw another bunch of money at a meeting.

"We are already planning for next year's Doorslammers and FIA/FIM-E Main Event. In the meantime, watch my videos - we tried hard."

Pro Mod fans - don't be too disappointed, we understand the entries of Freddy Fagerström and Jimmy Ålund are in the post, making a total of 23. Patrick Wikström has sadly reported that his new engine was damaged at Tierp and there is not enough time to repair it but he has vowed to come to Santa Pod next year.

Ljungdahl opens VP Racing store at Mantorp.
3rd September: VP Racing Fuels, Inc., regarded worldwide as the leader in racing and performance fuel products, motor oils, and additives, announced today that it is collaborating with Ljungdahl Racing to make VP Racing fuels available at Mantorp Park.

"We are excited to bring our industry-leading race fuels to Mantorp Park motor track," said Alexej Borscs, Director of Sales & Operations, Europe for VP Racing. "Working with our distributor, Ljungdahl Racing, we will assure that racers at Mantorp run on the best fuel, giving them the best chance to make the podium."

Mantorp Park’s fuel station is available during all driving activities on weekdays and during our public events. For the best service, teams can order fuel in advance, but of course, a large range is available in stock on-site. To place a pre-order with Ljungdahl Racing go to

Since its inception in 1969, Mantorp Park has been one of Sweden's leading motor tracks. From the highest-profile racing events to a variety of activities occurring almost daily during the summer months, Mantorp offers a full agenda for the racer and race enthusiast.

As part of the arrangement, VP Racing and the fuel program will be promoted on Mantorp Park's website, in their social media and mailings, and at trackside.

For more information about VP Racing International and its products for racers, enthusiasts, and general consumers, visit this link at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Swift snippets.
3rd September: Happy Birthday for today to former NFAA racer Paul Wratten, Top Fuel crew member Paul Spaxman, Pro Stock/Funny Bike racer Karl-Heinz Weikum, FWD Corsa racer Ian Milne and Schumann Motorsport head Udo Schumann who celebrated 15 years in racing by a Super Gas win with Stephan Blauwitz. We hope you are all having a great day.

FIA/FIM-E European Finals racer information.
2nd September: Many thanks to to
Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary Ian Marshall for sending us details of track opening and signing on at the FIA/FIM-E European Finals being held on 7th-10th September, including scrutineering times.

The main gates to the track will open at 8am on Wednesday, 6th September.

Wednesday, 6th September:
08.00 Signing on open
09.00-18.00 Scrutineering for National Classes

Thursday, 7th September:
07.00 Signing on open, scrutineering for cars
08.00-14.00 Scrutineering for National Classes
09:30 Track open for sportsman qualifying
10.00-18.00 Scrutineering for Bikes at the Scrutineering building
15.00-20.00 Scrutineering for FIA Classes

Friday, 8th September:
07.30 Signing on office opens
08.00-20.00 Scrutineering for Bikes at the Scrutineering building
09:30 Track open for qualifying

Saturday, 9th September:
08.00 Signing on office opens and scrutineering for cars
08.00-close Scrutineering for Bikes at the Scrutineering building
09:30 Track open for qualifying/eliminations

Sunday, 10th September:
08.00 Signing on office open
09.00 Scrutineering open
09:30 Track open for eliminations

The detailed running orders and entry list can be seen in our event coverage page.

VW Action gallery.
2nd September: Thanks to Julian for supplying photos for a setup and off-track gallery at VW Action yesterday which you can see at this link, sponsored by John Woolfe Racing. We will be posting on-track and off-track galleries by Julian and Kieran today and will summarise the event in Monday's update.

Brad Head wins at Hockenheim.
2nd September: Well done to Super Comp Bike (aka 8.50 Bike) racer Brad Head on his victory at Hockenheim in a 16 bike qualified field, defeating fellow Brit Carl Thomas in a close final, 8.555 to 8.562. Brad posted:

Honestly don’t know where to start! To say this is a dream come true is an understatement! I’ve been watching the NitrOlympx ever since I was young and always dreamed of racing there, never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d end up winning it. What a weekend - the bike was on song from start to finish. Can’t thank everyone enough for their support, their kind comments and the different videos and pictures going around, they all mean so much to me as these are memories you keep for life!

On to the thank yous, Tony Underhill, Chloe Jade Carter, thank you so much for coming out all this way to help me, I could not do it without you. Will Clark for the pushing duties, despite his weekend starting terribly due to the French customs, muchly appreciated mate!

Julia Sivén for some great camera footage over the weekend, Jake Mechaell for building me a badass bike, and finally the whole British contingent for putting on a great show out there!

It's gonna be a hard one to come down from but some big business to be done at the National Finals! Bring it on!

Meet Team Carcaine's Scrapvelle.
2nd September: Thanks to Thorsten "Skorpion" Appel who has send in a link to an entertaining video about his latest build, targeted for Doorslammers 2024:

Last Wednesday, Team Carcaine went on a little road trip to pick up our new race car - meet the Scrapvelle. It’s a 1967 Chevelle Series 300 Deluxe Station Wagon. Originally it came with a 287 V8 and a Powerglide transmission. Obviously that’s not enough - we were able to acquire a virgin LS6 BBC which will be stuffed with all forged internals to handle the 500 hp nitrous shot.

The more then capable Andy Frost will be building us a TH400 and the Intergalactic Custom Shop will be adding some bars for the 8.50 cage.

In between we will keep the car a street car obviously. We are trying to have this ready for Doorslammers to take on the True Street class and some more street racing.

If you like, you can follow the build on our YouTube channel at this link.

Thanks to our team sponsors Penn Autos, Intergalactic Custom Shop, Knight Racing Engine Service. See you all next year.

Where's Dennis?
2nd September: Fans of FIA Top Fuel racing will notice the absence of Swedish racer Dennis Nilsson of Autoart Motorsport from the entry lists since the Main Event. However Dennis has confirmed he will be continuing to race in the sport's premier class when his spare parts situation improves. He said:

"The season is now over for us. A lot of work on the car, the trailer and everything around awaits us this fall/winter and a lot of spare parts need to be purchased.

"We ran a test in Malmö on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August, it was a warm and sunny weekend, the rain that was promised to come fortunately stayed away and it was full of action at Malmö Raceway, lovely audience and staff.

Autoart Motorsport is constantly looking for new collaborations and sponsors in order to continue racing! We are open to all suggestions and opportunities.

"Do you want your logo on what is in my opinion Europe's most beautiful car and trailer? On team clothes or hero cards? Constantly visible on our social media? You can, don't doubt it!

"A big thank you to my sponsors for this year, Autoart Motorsport, Dækimporten - Wheels and tires for American cars, Mec Com sheet metal contractor and The Seal in Borlänge. "Big thanks to my wonderful team for this year, I hope we can run more and faster in 2024."

Swift snippets.
2nd September: Happy Birthday for today to Nitro Revival organiser Cindy Gibbs, Top Fuel crew member Laurie Bamford, Street Eliminator racer Jason Weir and Top Doorslammer racer Mattias Wulcan. We hope you have a fantastic day.

STP National Finals entry closes today.
1st September: A reminder for racers wishing to attend the STP National Finals that race entry closes today, 1st September. Also please note that the event is a three day race event from Friday 22nd September to Sunday 24th September - we have corrected our event page to reflect this and apologise for the confusion. Thanks to those who pointed out the inaccuracy.

You can see the current entry list for the STP National Finals at
this link on the SPRC website.

The event includes all SPRC Championship classes apart from Outlaw Anglia which had its final SPRC round at the STP Greenlight Nationals, congratulations to Wayne Power who is this year's champion.

Drag Race Union supports the NitrOlympX.
1st September: Thanks to Drag Race Union committee member Markus Münch for an article on the background of the excellent pit marshalling we saw at last weekend's NitrOlympX:

As in previous years, members of the Dragrace Union (DRU) have been involved in the organization of NitrOlympX 2023 as pit marshals. A pit marshal ensures that the participants in a class are always up to date on what is going on in the race, when is the next qualifying session, who is their opponent in the next race round, or if there are any other questions to be clarified.

DRU is an Austrian club that has been uniting Germans and Austrians in their love of drag racing for years. The association has set itself the task of supporting European drag racing. On the one hand, the club has been offering “challenges” for various classes for many years.

On the other hand, members of the DRU have been on European drag strips for years to help as pit marshals or in other ways with the organization, like in Bitburg, Bad Sobernheim (Phoenix Dragway), Zerbst, or at the NitrolympX.

The classes Pro ET and Super Pro ET, as well as Super Gas and Super Comp and Competition Eliminator were entrusted to the DRU this time. The DRU guys did a good job, and had good feedback both from the participants and from the race management. It's always nice, and exhausting, to be there for our sport. In this case it was: Hans Niesner, Lukas Seppi, Wolfgang Seppi, Robert Rauch and Markus Münch. Greetings and see you soon, your DRU.

Keep up to date with the latest from the Drag Race Union challenges at their website.

Swift snippets.
1st September: Happy Birthday for today to Super Street Bike racer (and future Street Eliminator racer?) Steve Venables, Banshee Outlaw Anglia racer Mick Taylor, Sportsman ET racer and Junior Dragster crew member Chris Barnes and Åland-based Super Comp Bike racer Kim Hilander. We hope you all have a fantastic day.

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