ENTRY LIST: 2002 Super Series Fallnationals

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APIRA Super Series Falls Nationals 24th/25th/26th August 2002
APIRA Super Series Championship Permit No:CH02486
MSA Permit No: National "A" 11734                                                                ACU Permit No:06377
MSA Permit No:National "B" 11738                                                                 ACU Steward: Mr W Robinson
MSA Steward: Mr C Hobson                                                                         ACU Bike Scrutineers: Mr D May
Senior MSA Car Scrutineer:Mr G Stockton                                                          Paramedic Units+Doctor
Secretary of the Meeting: Mrs W Talbot                                                           A.P.I.R.A. Marshals
Clerk of Course:Mrs T Gibbs                                                                      Fire & Safety: FAST
Assistant Clerk: Mr S Talbot                                                                     Chief Marshal:
Safety Officer: Mrs T Gibbs                                                                      Bruno Sanderson-Brown
Chief Starter: Mr S Talbot

Competitors Listing

Race No                  Drivers                Home Town           Vehicle Name                 Vehicle / Engine Size

Top Fuel
TF 1                     Andy Carter            Gerrards Cross                                   Top Fuel Dragster
TF 393                   Susanne Calin          Sweden              Nitro Express                Dragster 500ci

Fuel Funny Cars
AAFC 1                   John Spuffard          Northants           Showtime                     Dodge Avenger 500ci
AAFC 7                   Gordon Smith           Sussex              Shockwave                    Pontiac Firebird 500ci
AAFC 69                  Smax Smith             Lancashire          Mainline Menace              Oldsmobile 500ci
AAFC 445                 Gary Page              Hertfordshire       North Herts Engineering      Dodge Avenger 484ci

Top Methanol
TMD 1                    Rob Turner             Northants           Net Call Telecom             Dragster 463ci
TMD 2                    Doug Bond              Cheltenham          Shell Racing                 Dragster 426ci
TMD 3                    David Wilson           Hampshire                                        Dragster 452ci
TMD 9                    James Deuchar          Barnsley            LA Racing                    Meyer TAD 461ci
TMFC 271                 Stephanie Milam        Sussex              She Devil                    Dodge Daytona C/Black 526ci
TMFC 274                 Doug Ripley            Kent                C C Racing                   Ford Probe 517ci
TMFC 666                 Dennis Wratten         Essex               Dirty Harry 3                Pontiac Firebird

AA/Fuel Altered
AAFA 108                 Wendy Baker            Reading             The Mob                      Fuel Altered 23T 446ci
AAFA 719                 Jim Seward             Langport            Harry The Spider             Fuel Altered Ford Model T 500ci

Super Modified
SM 52                    Team Highlander        Northants           Highlander                   1955 Chevrolet Camaro 555ci
SM 55                    Rob Smallworth         Herts                                            1955 Chevrolet Belair 588ci
SM 240                   Tim Garlick            Essex                                            Ford Cortina Mk111 3.5Litre
SM 362                   Danny Cockerill        Essex                                            Rover 220 Coupe 540ci
SM 369                   Graham Ellis           Essex                                            Oldsmobile 565ci
SM 403                   Andrew Hone            Middlesex                                        Ford Granda 461ci

Super Pro ET
Su/Pro 38                Philip Englefield      Surrey              Hot Rod from Hell            Ford 1938 Coupe Chevy 706ci
Su/Pro 76                Paul Jackson           West Midlands       Proteus 3                    VW Dragster 2.8Ltr
SuPro 142                Ian Tubb               Lincolnshire        E.D.A                        Dragster Chrevrolet 500ci
Su/Pro 200               Steve Johnson          Southampton         Motor Mouse                  Dragster Chevy 509ci
Su/Pro 233               Michael Cheley         Birmingham                                       Vauxhall Calibra 471ci
Su/Pro 245               Alan Golding           St Albans           Grounds For Divorce          Vauxhall Fireza 452ci
Su/Pro 256               Paul Davis             Coventry                                         R/E Dragster Chevrolet 460ci
Su/Pro 340               Pat Talbot             Cheshire            Talbot Racing 111            Dragster 599ci
Su/Pro 440               Moore Brothers         Essex               Shakespeare Engineering      Triumph Herald 400ci
Su/Pro 453               Martyn Jones           Netherlands                                      R/E Dragster George Cathey 509ci
Su/Pro 472               Nick Stephenson        Warwickshire                                     Corvette Chevrolet 550ci
Su/Pro 777               Wayne Nicholson        Wakefield           Born 2 Run                   BMW 3 Series Coupe 540ci
Su/Pro 823               Gary Malin             Hertfordshire                                    Dragster 468ci
Su/Pro 2000              Paul Marston           Essex               PT Cruiser                   PT Cruiser Chrysler 500ci

Super Comp
SC 1                     Tim Adam               Basingstoke         Blitzkieg                    Brodie Roadster Ford 27T 355ci
SC 165                   Zane Llewellyn         Bristol             Boot Soop                    BSR Dragster 460ci
SC 386                   Martin Curbishley      Chesterfield        Martin Curbishley Racing     Brogie Roadster 468ci
SC 456                   Shaun Lathan           Nottingham                                       Vauxhall Calibra 461ci
SC 461                   Double Trouble         West Sussex         Double Trouble               Chevrolet Roadster 502ci
SC 528                   Paul Knight            Middlesex                                        Pontiac Trans am 451
SC 551                   Mark Flavell           Cleveland           Limited Performance          R/E Dragster 427ci
SC 594                   George Chiarella       Nottingham          Straight to the Point 2      37 Ford 350ci
SC 2000                  Paul Marston           Essex               PT Cruiser                   PT Cruiser Chryslet 500ci

Super Gas
SG 1                     Tim Adam               Basingstoke         Blitzkieg                    Brodie Roadster Ford 27T 355ci
SG 2                     Frank Mason            Newcastle-on-Tyne   Not Fade away                Chevrolet Monza 454ci
SG 3                     Martin Curbishley      Chesterfield        Martin Curbishley Racing     Brogie Roadster 468ci
SG 4                     Dave Townsend          Northants                                        Ford Mustang 69 Fastback 466ci
SG 113                   Peter Lane             Morden                                           Camaro
SG 151                   Paul Hudson            Derbyshire          Money Pit                    Chevrolet Camaro 431ci
SG 451                   Ron Bartlett           Warwickshire        Sweet FA                     Ford Anglia 474ci
SG 460                   Malcolm Francis        Surrey                                           Chevrolet Camro 468cc
SG 461                   Team Double Trouble    West Sussex         Double Trouble               Chevrolet Roadster 502ci
SG 710                   Richard Gilbertson     Bristol             Team Ted                     Ford Seria 461ci

Super Street
SS 25                    Team Top Banana        Worcester           Top Banana                   Ford 32 Roadster 460ci
SS 66                    Ian Brown              Berkshire           That adoo Racing             67 Chevrolet Camaro 355ci
SS 79                    Dave Cherrett          Worcester           Dark Revenger                Ford Model A Van Mopar 440ci
SS 277                   Team Flying Doctor     Northampton         Team Flying Doctor           Ford Anglia 462ci
SS 293                   Mike Bentley           Lancashire          Brute Force                  Ford Serra 460ci
SS 365                   Martin Green           Cheshire            Rods"N"Rockers               Ford Consul 454ci
SS 366                   Cliff Griffin          Leamington Spa                                   Ford Pop 350ci
SS 409                   Bob Lees               Bristol                                          Ford Mustang 466ci
SS 450                   Cliff Puddle           Banbury                                          Ford RS 2000 466cc
SS 562                   Mark O'Halloran        Devon               2nd Choice                   Chevrolet Camaro
SS 569                   Leigh Morris           Nuneaton            Green with envy              Jaguar E Type 3800cc
SS 658                   Conrad Stanley         Gwent               Bristol Doorslammers         Chevy Vega 355ci
SS 666                   Mark Watkins           Gloucester          Team Clarkson Evans          Datsun 28oz8 461cc

Pro/ET 1                 Team Tokyo Toy         Surrey              Tokyo Toy                    Toyota Celica GT 454ci
Pro/ET 2                 Team Heavan & Hell     London              Heaven & Hell                Chevrolet Camaro 383ci
Pro/ET 10                Russell Fellow         Chester                                          Volkswagen Bettle
Pro/ET 12                David Baldwin          Worcester           Forty Below                  Austin A40 340ci
Pro/ET 25                Team Top Banana        Worcester           Top Banana                   Ford 32 Roadster 460ci
Pro/ET 34                Ian Hook               Cheltenham          F B Racing                   Roadster Coupe 477ci
Pro/ET 50                Jim Smith              Cheltenham          Plain Lazy.Com               VW Beetle 2442cc
Pro/ET 66                Ian Brown              Berkshire           That adoo Racing             67 Chevrolet Camaro 355ci
Pro/ET 69                Ali Southcombe         Northants           Nail It                      VW GP MK1 Beach Buggy 2387cc
Pro/ET 77                David Napier           Darlington                                       Dodge Challenger 528ci
Pro/ET 127               Rob Elsom              Nottingham          RSE Racing                   Chevrolet Camaro 454ci
Pro/ET 161               Steve Saunders         Cleveland           Hi speed Gas                 Ford Zephyr 460ci
Pro/ET 205               Jimmy Hibberd          Berkshire           Boston Brawler               33 Willy's Coupe 429ci
Pro/ET 236               Ken Britton            Stroud              Pozzessed                    Morris "Z" Van 4800cc
Pro/ET 290               Bill Mason             Leicester                                        Plymouth Duster 440ci
Pro/ET 292               Neil Hunter            Derbyshire          7Year Itch                   Ford Capri Mk1
Pro/ET 298               Steve Wells            Hertfordshire       Team Orange                  Ford Pop Pick-up 4500cc
Pro/ET 315               Robert Doyle           Essex               Z Case                       Datsun 260Z 330ci
Pro/ET 388               Rob Faulkner           Hampshire           Crossfire                    Chevrolet Camaro 461ci
Pro/ET 420               Kevin Taylor           East Sussex         CRAP Conversion              Ford Cortina Mk1 408ci
Pro/ET 435               Andrew Williams        Gloucester          Eight Mis "B" Haven          Ford 32 Roadster 460ci
Pro/ET 439               Tresa Lee              Spalding            Blown it Team Orange         Ford Escort Van 355ci
Pro/ET 451               Ron Bartlett           Warwickshire        Sweet FA                     Ford Anglia 474ci
Pro/ET 518               Ricky Carter           Middlesex           "Get Carter"                 Ford Escort 3500cc
Pro/ET 519               Steve Good             Berkshire           Pulse Rate                   Vauxhall Cavalier 4.500cc
Pro/ET 524               Bob Molden             Yorkshire           White Noise                  Peugeot 205 410ci
Pro/ET 542               Keith Herbert          Middlesex           Pot Less Racing              Plymouth 64 Sport Fury 440ci
Pro/ET 543               Jack Brewster          Dorset              Just Mustard                 Camaro GM 470ci
Pro/ET 564               Rick Jolly             Bromsgrove          Sister of Mercy              Volkswagen Bettle 2387cc
Pro/ET 570               John Everitt           Gt Yarmouth         Talbot Racing                Toyta Celia 1977 350ci
Pro/ET 590               Aiden Kenny            Bristol                                          Ford Pop 427ci
Pro/ET 645               Malcolm Motler         Middlesex           Spell Bound                  Morris Minor Step-side Pick-up 355ci
Pro/ET 710               Richard Gilbertson     Bristol             Team Ted                     Ford Searia 460ci

Sportsman ET
SP 1                     Al Platt               Manchester          Rainy City Lightning         Chevroley Camaro Z28 346ci
SP 14                    Stephen Lee            Suffolk             Split Personality            VW Beetle 1776cc
SP 29                    Marc Huxley            Worcester           Can Do 3                     Ford Mexico
SP 35                    Natasha Garcia         Buckinghamshire     The Custard Tart             VW Beetle 1598cc
SP 44                    Cath Bishop            Worcester           Rosie                        VW Beetle 1641cc
SP 55                    John Parker            Somerset                                         Ford Mustang GT 5.0cc
SP 56                    Wayne Allman           Eversham            Phunky Phantom               Volkswagen Bettle 460ci
SP 66                    Neil Davies            Wolverhampton       Headstraight                 VW Beetle 1584cc
SP 77                    Martin Ayton           Surrey              Homers Revenge               Volkswagon Scirocco 1595cc
SP 107                   Team Czechmate         Essex               Czechmate                    Skoda Estelle 2300cc
SP 153                   Martin Lewis           Hertfordshire       Nova Blaze                   Vauxhall Nova SR 1600ci
SP 175                   Paul Bishop            East Sussex         Pink Mischief                Ford Cortina Mk4 2.1cc
SP 176                   Chris Newsam           Derbyshire          Back with Avengeance         Chrysler Avenger 215ci
SP 209                   George Greves          Solihull            Lightning                    Ford F150 5400cc
SP 315                   Darren Hulkes          Bedfordshire        Close Call                   Chevrolet Camaro 402ci
SP 404                   Nick Griffin           Dorset              Precious Metal               Chevy Chevelle 404ci
SP 454                   Mark Anderson          East Sussex         CRAP Conversion              Ford Mk1Capri 302ci
SP 584                   John Parkinson         Berkshire           Every Penny                  Chevy Dragster 468ci
SP 619                   Stephen Richards       Bedfordshire        Rattler                      Ford Capri 4000cc
SP 677                   Paul Voyce             Middlesex           Loose Cannon                 Ford Escort Mexico
SP 731                   Rick Denny             Peterborough                                     Pontiac Firebird 389ci
SP 763                   Ian Jackson            Birkshire           Shoe String Racing           Jaguar Sovereign 350ci
SP 771                   Richard Davis          West Midlands                                    Willy's 1941 Coupe 455ci

WB 1                     Peter Yates            Bristol             Ramraider                    Slingshot Dragster Chevy 355ci
WB 2                     Chris Hartnell         Bristol             Backdraft                    Slingshot Dragster Chevy 355ci
WB 3                     Andrew Murphy          Rochdale            "B" Sting                    Fiat Topolino C/A 350ci
WB 4                     Joe Stevens            Nottingham          Back in Black                Altered1923 T 454ci
WB 9                     Sarah Howells          Glos                Nut Cracker                  Slingshot Dragster Ford 2 Litre
WB 15                    Keith Charman          South Wales         Alkymist                     R/E Dragster 440ci
WB 20                    Mark Coulsell          Southampton         Limited Funz                 Slingshot Dragster 305ci
WB 24                    Mark Turton            Bedfordshire        Growler Still Smitten        Altered Fiat Topalino 355ci
WB 43                    Martin Holgate         Leeds                                            C/A 1933 Plymouth 3.8Litre
WB 44                    Chevy Osbourn-Chaman   Mid Glamorgan       Odditee                      Altered Model T 427ci
WB 67                    Darryl Howells         Glos                Wheels of Fortune            Ford Pinto Slingshot 2000cc
WB 86                    Dick Sharp             Dorset              Dorset Horn                  Austin A35 428ci
WB 96                    Tony Smith             Tony Pandy          The Cunning Plan             Mini Van 360ci
WB 110                   Nick Conner            Reading             Barking Mad                  Altered 32 Model "B" Ford 350ci
WB 146                   Ian Roddy              Manchester          Ex Chariots of Fire          R/E Dragster 455ci

Junior Classes
JS 3                     Tom Watts              Milton Keynes       Full Throttle                Junior Dragster 5HP
JS 4                     Nicholas Mugridge      Surrey              Rolling Thunder              Junior Dragster Superlite 2002 5HP
JS 13                    Charlotte Watts        Milton Keynes       Full Throttle 2              Junior Dragster 5HP
JS 21                    Team Matrix            Norwich             Team Matrix                  Junior Dragster 5HP
JS 24                    Peter Walters          Somerset                                         Junior Dragster 5HP
JS 30                    Ronan Headley-Smith    Preston             Micro Menace                 Junior Dragster 5HP
JM 2                     Jonathan Bond          Gloucester          Shell Racing                 Junior Dragster 5HP
JM 7                     Ricky Emms             Rushden             Cool Green Racing            Junior Dragster 350cc
JM 8                     Staurt Morrice         Cambridgeshire      Morrice Boys Racing          Junior Dragster 350cc
JMA 5                    Adam Gleadows          Bishop Stortford    Time Machine 3               Junior Dragster 325cc
JMA 6                    Holley Glassup         Surrey              Bubble Gum                   Junior Dragster 5HP

Custom Car Street Eliminator
CCSE 1                   Steve Pateman          Hertfordshire                                    Calibra
CCSE 2                   John Sleath            S/Yorkshire                                      Audi Quattro 508ci
CCSE 3                   J Mead                 Essex                                            Ford Pop 500ci
CCSE 5                   Jon Hollingworth       Cheshire                                         Ford Cortina Mk5 460ci
CCSE 25                  John Hales             Northampton                                      Chevrolet 56 Belair 698ci
CCSE 30                  Alan Simms             Bedfordshire                                     Vauxhall 1966 PC Cresta 243ci
CCSE 32                  John Rickette          Bournemouth         Team Lawbreakers             Ford Anglia                      Ford Anglia 502ci
CCSE 34                  Ian Hook               Cheltenham          F B Racing                   Roadster Coupe 477ci
CCSE 41                  Richard Homewood       Oxon                                             Willy's 41 Coupe 383ci
CCSE 69                  Tony Hill              Northampton         Adrenalin O.D                Lotus Elite 273ci
CCSE 400                 Allen Curtis           Buckinghamshire     No Manners                   Ford Thames 300E
CCSE 434                 Sue Jackson            Surrey                                           Chevrolet Corvette 434ci
CCSE 540                 Andy Frost             Wolverhampton       Red Victor 2                 Vauxhall VX4/90ED 540ci
CCSE 572                 Steve Neimantas        West Yorkshire      Gold Finger                  Aston Martin Vantage 572ci

Outlaw Anglias
O/A 1                    Cliff Griffin          Warwickshire                                     Ford Pop 350ci
O/A 2                    Rob Stone              Telford                                          Ford Pop 440ci
O/A 19                   Paul Hencher           Somerset
O/A 59                   Jeff Mead              Essex                                            Ford Pop 500ci

Bike Competitors

Top Fuel
T/F 1                    Ian King               Hertfordshire       King Racing                  Puma 1327c
T/F 2                    Steve Woollatt         Garston             The Dealer                   P.B.R. Puma 1327cc

Funny Bike
FB 1                     Tim Blakemore          Bristol                                          Kawasaki 1428cc
FB 2                     Ken Cooper             Middlesex           Team Cooperized              Suzuki RF900 1500cc
FB 4                     Chris Hall             Solihull            Wot No Turbo?                Suzuki GSXR1100 1588cc
FB 5                     Shaun Branch           Oxon                Special Branch               Suzuki GSX1100EF 1128cc
FB 7                     Mike Chislett          Bristol                                          Suzuki GSX 1327cc
FB 9                     Neil Diggens           Hertfordshire       Queezyryder                  Kawasaki ZXR 1428cc
FB 10                    Paul Knapp             Coventry            Valkyrie                     Suzuki GSX 1327cc
FB 14                    Neil Midgley           Alrwford                                         Suzuki GSX1100FJ 1428cc
FB 15                    Gary Jones             West Sussex         Extreme Electrical           Suzuki Katana 1400cc
FB 16                    Dave Holland           West Sussex         Titanium International       Suzuki GSX Pro Mod 1425cc
FB 22                    Stu Chamberlain        Wiltshire           Predator                     Suzuki GSX Turbo 1400cc

Pro-Stock Bike
PS 2                     Chris Hope             East Yorkshire                                   Suzuki 1570cc
PS 3                     Martin Bishop          Kent                                             Suzuki GSXR 1570cc
PS 4                     Ray Debben             Hampshire                                        Kawasaki ZX7R 1500cc
PS 5                     Paul King              London
PS 7                     Leonard Paget          Southampton         Robwillshire M/Cycles        Suzuki Hayabusa1572cc
PS 8                     Nick Pepper            Wisbech             Straightline Racing          Suzuki GSXR750 1570cc
PS 9                     Ian Burns              Cleveland                                        Suzuki GSX 1500cc
PS 10                    Alan Cook              Liverpool                                        Suzuki Hayabusa 1640cc
PS 15                    Helen Curran           Middlesex                                        Suzuki GSXR 1570cc
PS 22                    Martin Newbury         Peterborough                                     Kawasaki 1500cc

Super Street Bike
SS 1                     Tony Clark             Berkshire           Lethal Weapon                Suzuki GSX1100ET 1500cc
SS 2                     Graham Dance           Wroxham             G Sign Suzuki                Suzuki Hayabusa1325cc
SS 4                     David Bailey           Kent                Brute Farce                  Suzuki GSXR1100H 1255cc
SS 5                     Steve Venables         Wiltshire           No Fuss Racing               Kawasaki ZXR 1500cc
SS 6                     Matt Nixon             Essex               Viagra Express               Suzuki EFE1260cc
SS 7                     Richard Stubbins       Scunthorpe                                       Suzuki GSXR Turbo 1260cc
SS 8                     Geoff Conner           Coventry            Team Breakout                Suzuki GSXR 1340cc
SS 10                    Mark Fisher            Kettering                                        Suzuki GSXR750H 1216cc
SS 12                    Dave Smith             Suffolk             Enterprize                   Suzuki Hayabusa 1300CC
SS 20                    Rachel Pattison        Swindon             Team Pants                   Suzuki Bandit 1157
SS 21                    Paul Watson            Essex               Grumpy's Bandit              Suzuki Bandit1200cc
SS 22                    Fiona Moor             Derby                                            Suzuki RE600 1260cc
SS 24                    Ivan Birch             East Sussex         Ignorance with Conviction    Suzuki GSX 1327cc
SS 26                    Pete Cameron           Surrey              Rough Mix                    Suzuki GSX1100EF 1230cc
SS 27                    Peter Bellenie         Kent                                             Suzuki Hayabusa 1363cc
SS 29                    Karl Larcombe          Kent                Krazy Kat 111                B.O.S. Suzuki Katana 1400cc
SS 31                    John Roerts            Bristol                                          Suzuki GSX Turbo 1327cc
SS 32                    Paul Newman            Cambridge           Team Pants                   Suzuki GSX 1135cc

Competition Bike
CB 2                     Andy Newcombe          Warwickshire        Riceburner                   Yamaha FJ1200 1188cc
CB 3                     Sarah-Jane Head        Selby               OPM Racing                   Suzuki GSX 1260cc
CB 4                     Philip Leamon          Berkshire           Leamon Brothers Vehvac       Suzuki GSXR 750 1290cc
CB 7                     Tim Whetton            Tamworth            K.W.Transport                Suzuki gsx 1428cc
CB 9                     John Roberts           Bolton                                           Suzuki GS1000 997cc
CB 10                    Vaughan Foster         Bournmouth                                       Suzuki GSX 1170cc
CB 12                    Eddie Galvin           Eire                                             Suzuki GSXR 1500cc
CB 15                    David Hughes           London              Reptile Racing               Suzuki EFE 1327cc
CB 16                    Barry Holland          Oxon                Team Flying Dutchman         Kawasaki Turbo Z1000 1075cc
CB 18                    Carl Needham           Lincolnshire                                     Suzuki GSX 1398cc
CB 19                    Robert Brooks          Norwich             Yellow Metal                 Suzuki GSX1568ci
CB 20                    Klaus Sarembe          Germany             High Octane                  Suzuki Katana 1428cc
CB 21                    Klaus Brinkmann        Germany             Naked Truth                  Suzuki Katana 1428cc
CB 22                    Jerry Collier          Chesterfield        MB Motorsports               Kawasaki H2 750cc
CB 23                    Chris Hannam           Leeds               Holeshot Racing              Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc
CB 24                    Lucy Thorn             Cambridgeshire      Zebra                        Suzuki GSX 1200cc

9.90 Bike
SB 2                     Jamie Sneddon          Kettering           Pure Horse Power             Suzuki GSXR 1127cc
SB 5                     Andy Stephens          Swindon             Team Pants                   Suzuki GSXR 1100cc
SB 162                   Paul Hambidge          Wiltshire                                        Kawasaki ZX12R 1198cc
SB 251                   Brian Bowen            Essex               Fat Kat                      Suzuki Katana 1260cc
SB 261                   M Hammond              East Sussex                                      Suzuki Hayabusa 1298cc
SB 279                   Steve Ingham           Kettering           "R" Tist                     Suzuki GSXR 1216cc
SB 444                   Shaun Jones            Gt Dunmow           Fosters Bandit               Suzuki Bandit 1216cc
SB 469                   Wayne Hobbs            Somerset                                         Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc
SB 565                   Ady Reade              Dorset              Team Law Breaker             Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc
SB 600                   Chris Reed             Essex               Hyena Drag Racing Team       Suzuki GSXR 1109cc
SB 738                   Ian Warren             Stevenage           Shy-Tot                      Suzuki GSXR 1260cc
SB 760                   Paul Morris            Suffolk                                          Suzuki GSXR 1127cc

10.90 Bike
SP 2                     Lewis Honey            Kent                                             Suzuki GSXR 1105cc
SP 3                     Fred Furlong           Somerset            Dunlop Motorsport            Suzuki GSXR 1127cc
SP 4                     Darren Winnard         Wigan               Team Breakout                Suzuki GSXR 750cc
SP 5                     Sandra Chaplain        Cambridgeshire      Motoring & Leisure           Dymag 1100cc
SP 10                    Glenn Randles          Kettering           Team Horse Power             Honda Fireblade 918cc
SP 214                   Steve Coombs           Essex               Hyena Drag Racing Team       Suzuki GSXR 1127cc
SP 246                   Martin Walker          London              Hyena Drag Racing Team       Suzuki Bandit 1216cc
SP 380                   David Warren           Stevenage           Little Shy-Tote              Suzuki GSXR 750cc
SP 485                   Chris Wheeler          Wigan               Team Breakout                Suzuki GSXR 750cc
SP 410                   Carl Gray              Essex               Hyena Drag Racing Team       Triumph T99SI 995cc
SP 537                   Matin Carter           West Sussex         Team Lawbreakers             Suzuki GSXR 750cc
SP 590                   Lee Baxter             Bournemouth         Team Lawbreakers             Suzuki Katana 1135cc
SP 757                   Jon More               Essex               Hyena Drag Racing Team       Triumph T59SI 995cc
SP 777                   Nick Holland           Oxon                Team Flying Dutchman         Kawasaki Z1000 1015cc
SP 822                   Bernard Dorgan         Eire                                             Suzuki GSX EFFE 1030cc
SP 840                   T.J Obrien             Essex               Its My Life                  Suzuki TL1000R 1000cc

Supertwin Fuel

STF 5                    Jamie Millership       Derbyshire          Southern Rock Two            Classic Custom Southern Rock 2600cc

Supertwin Modified
STM 1                    Dave Bartz             Ipswich             Lingerie Lizard              Harley Davidson 1760cc
STM 4                    Tim Boutle             Hampshire           Turbo Tim                    Honda Turbo CX650 677cc
STM 7                    Nigel Mason            Surrey                                           Suzuki TL1000CC
STM 69                   T.J O'Brien            Essex               Its my Life                  Suzuki TL1000R 1000cc
STM 121                  Lando Beugelsdijk      Netherlands                                      2002 Modified Harley 1575cc

Supertwin Gas
STG 2                    Rick Davis             Staffordshire       Carbon Copy                  Jade "4" 424cc
STG 3                    Nick (Shaggy) Daniels  Loughborough        "Scooby"                     Yamaha RD350LC 390cc
STG 4                    Andrew Smith           East Yorkshire      Taz                          Yamaha RD400 430cc
STG 5                    Ric Naylor             Hertfordshire                                    Yamaha RD400 430cc
STG 6                    David Hirst            Sheffield           Fluffy                       Yamaha RD 400 430cc
STG 8                    Mick Bubb              Leicester           Team MPG Racing              Yamaha RD 400 430cc
STG 9                    Barrie Gregory         Chesterfield        Purple Haze                  Yamaha RD 430cc
STG 11                   Ian Worthington        Bolton                                           Suzuki GT500cc
STG 14                   Sefton Whitlock        Bedfordshire        Jade                         Jade 430cc
STG 15                   George Laycock         North Yorks                                      Suzuki TL 1000cc
STG 16                   Don Irvine             Derby               The PYP                      Honda VTR 100- Firestorm 996cc

Supertwin Street
STS 1                    Les Harris             Norwich             Tilly Two                    Avelease Suzuki TL1000SR 1000cc
STS 2                    Dave Jones             London                                           Harley Davidson Sportster 1375cc
STS 4                    Alec Widden            Kent                                             Puma Triumph 960cc
STS 5                    John O'Sullivan        London              Balls out Racing             Buell White Lightning 1200cc
STS 6                    Brian Udall            Essex                                            Harley Davidson Sportster 1200cc
STS 10                   Neil Dickson           London                                           Buell SI Lightning 1200cc
STS 11                   Chris Mott             Buckingham                                       Buell Lightning 1200cc
STS 12                   Chalky Guerrero        Norwich             Black Racer                  Harley Davidson Sportster 1200cc
STS 14                   Chris Stebbings        Wisbech                                          Harley Davidson Sportster 1200cc
STS 18                   Paul Coombs            Essex               Hyena Drag Racing Team       Buell SI Lightning 1200cc
STS 20                   Mark Earrey            Ipswich                                          Honda SPI 1000cc

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