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2014 March Meet

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John Minor's '32 Ford Roadster runs in the Hot Rod division. .

Mike Lawless's 65 VW Karmann Ghia is in D/Gas and is qualified seventh with +0.008 over the 10.60 index. .

Ron Danly's D/Gas '51 Thames is powered by a Ford 347cu in engine. He is qualified 13th of 42 in an all run field. .

Bob Williams's C/Gas '48 Anglia is powered by a Chevy 496 cu in engine and Bob is in 10th place with a 0.033 on the 9.60 index. .

Dan Barrie's '62 Nova powered by a 427 cu in Chevy could not get under the index and he is in 42nd place with 0.155 under. .

Miguel Lomas's '32 Bantam is leading Nostalgia Eliminator II with 0.001 over the 8.60 index.

Kevin Riley's '67 Cuda is leading B/Gas qualifying with a perfect 8.600.

Hans Jakob's Hansen-Chevy dragster ran a thousandth below the 7.60 index and now he has to accept being in 34th place with eliminations starting tomorrow morning.

Terri Lynne Brewster's Neils & Park Chevy runs in NE1 and is placed 18th, 0.140 above the 7.60 index. .

Phil Lukens Donovan 460 cu in-powered '48 Topolino is in 25th in NEI with 1.213 over the index. .

Ryan Tietz in a Chevy 565cu in powered '32 Bantam is in 32nd out of 36 with a 0.061 under the 7.60 NE1 index.

Jesse Adams in the Nitro Nick Vega Funny Car ran a best of 5.87/244 to go 13th out of 27 qualifiers.

The Crop Duster driven by Anthony Bronga had an engine explosion in the lights launching the burst panel high into the air.

Rian Konno is the driver of the Kazanjian Gems-sponsored Mustang and a 5.932/229.20 put him on the bump spot with one more qualifying session to go.

Rick White is qualified second in Top Fuel with a 5.691/241.45.

Mike Chrisman ran a 6.994 in Junior Fuel and is qualified second as he is plus 0.104 to his 6.89 index. .

Jerry Kumre Jr is in fifth place in A/Fuel with a 6.526/205.76. .

Kin Bates is qualified second in A/Fuel with a 6.241 to Les Davenport's 6.238.

Peter Gallen is in 10th place in Funny Car with 5.829 and no doubt the team will try to improve on that tomorrow.

James Day is in 9th place with 5.819.

Dan Horan's performance continues to dominate the Funny Car field with an outstanding 5.668/257.83. The only other car in the 5.6s range is Stephen Densham.

Mark Sanders could not get down the track and is placed 25th.

John Hale is not in the competitive Funny Car field after the first day of qualifying, although his best is 5.965.

Dennis Swearingen's '79 Omni hit the timing reflectors on its only pass of the day.

Ron August in Mike Fuller's Forever Young Top Fuel Dragster ran a 5.862/224 to qualify seventh.

Tony Bartone is qualified no.1 in Top Fuel with 5.630/241.

Keith Wilson is qualified no.1 in AA/FA with a 6.26/164, the altereds running on a 6.00 index.

Leon Fitzgerald's Pure Heaven III was suffering fuel problems going down the track .

At the end of Friday the crowd were treated to match racing jets including the MATV/Lucas Oils Missile and Terminal Velocity.

This '56 Chevy had about the highest wheelie of the day.

Lindsey Lister is no.1 qualifier in NEIII in his dragster powered by amall block Chevy.

Ed DeStaute is no.2 in NEIII with +0.009.

This dragster driven by Dwight Garland Jr was originally raced as a Top Fuel car in 1969 by Bill Wigginton. Body panels are new for 2014.

Rafael Quiroga in his 732cu in powered Bel Air is 0.272 over the index. .

Steve Faller runs this blown 540cu in '63 Vette in A/Gas and is in seventh.

Roger Garten ran a 5.848 to go 12th place.

Tom McEwen was on site signing copies of the Snake & Mongoose DVD.

Adam Sorokin will be looking at improving the Top Fuel car's performance after he was only able to muster a 6.29 to go twelfth.

Report and pictures ©Simon Groves. Feature ©

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