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Dave Beck, TVR Power Pro Stock Bike team 5th December 2011
Luke Bennett, Bennett Racing Top Methanol Funny Car team 19th March 2018
Brams Racing, JDS Pro team 20th August 2012
Andy Carter, Lucas Oil / Andersen Racing Top Fuel Dragster team 7th July 2010
Jon Crawford, Sportsman ET 9th April 2014
Elsom Motorsport, Super Modified team 24th April 2012
Adam Flamholc, Glueharbor Racing Pro Stock team 8th July 2008
Derek Flynn, Gold RV and the Go Gold Crew 1st February 2019
Andy Frost, VXR Drag Racing Pro Modified team 4th October 2014
Will Hanna, Islanders Top Methanol Dragster team 15th April 2010
John Hunt, My Drag Racing Story 29th July 2020
Lex Joon, Lex Joon Racing Top Fuel Dragster team 1st March 2019
Rob Loaring, Apache Nostalgia Funny Car team 23rd October 2015
Karl Lyrén, Veidec Pro Stock Bike team 24th June 2013
Paul Marston's twin-turbo Cortina 15th February 2019

Stories of UK drag racing pioneers:
Derek Metcalf 22nd February 2021
Bill Haynes 8th March 2021
Mick Wheeler 15th March 2021
Tony Anderson 29th March 2021
Keith Stacey 5th April 2021
John Smith 12th April 2021
Richard and Martin Jarman 19th April 2021
Russ Carpenter November 2014

Super Street Bike 2011 FIA Main Event Blog 31st May 2011
Super Street Bike 2010 FIA Main Event Blog 1st June 2010
Brian Taylor, author and Allard Chrysler Action Group Chair 13th October 2014
Colin Theobald, Santa Pod Raceway track announcer 15th February 2014
Paige Wheeler, Alamo Rent-A-Car Junior Dragster 17th September 2013

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