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Parts for sale

Date: 2/10/2016 5:00:07 PM Ref: 00097729
3 Gallon Jazz pro fuel cell for petrol or methanol. £100.

Ally radiator approx 22" x 13" 10an fittings. £120

Wilwood single pot calipers £50 pair.

Moroso electric w/ pump drive kit, never used. £40

Enderle 80A-1 fuel pump just rebuilt by Enderle flow tagged @ 4000 rpm 6.9 g/h £200

Contact: Steve
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 2/10/2016 4:58:37 PM Ref: 00097728
1 x B & M pro bandit shifter (dragster style) 50 runs used € 300
2 x biondo electric shift solenoid like new € 75 / each
1 x B & M 80883 air shift solenoid new € 150
1 x set SCE copper headgasket bbc 4.5 "bore .043" thick € 250
1 x 9 1/2 FORD 4:30 ratio ring and pinion new silently boxed € 500
1 x Milodon wet sump for bbc new never installed € 500
1 x speed per ring set 4.310 "bore bbc new € 150
1 x deep oil pan Powerglide used € 75
1 x magna fuel fuel pump quick star 275 with regulator 2-4 ports
, 4-12 psi, fuel lines and connectors for a door car like new € 500
1 x set venolia piston for bbc and ring set 4.560 "bore new € 650
1 x moroso 3 stage dry sump oil pump used € 750
1 x richmond 4:11 ring and pinion for chevy 12 bolt new € 250
2x billet shut off valve € 100: st
1x drive shaft spline fine 795mm long and 50 runs € 500 or offer

Ls standalone PCM 24x, complete wiring harness (controls a 4L60E trans) with electronic gas pedal, quick o2 sensor,
mas airflow sensor ........ € 800 or offer

Contact: Sandro
Country: Belgium
Email: click here

Date: 2/10/2016 4:55:53 PM Ref: 00097727
A brand new set of Smith Brothers pushrods,5/16 ball/ball 3/8 tube, 9" long, 4130 heat treated (700 + nose)


Contact: Jon
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07973 329715   

Date: 2/10/2016 4:50:08 PM Ref: 00097726
Indy Hemi water heads, Hemi/440 forged crankshaft
1 - set new in the box 1RA large valve aluminium water heads, fully loaded with 2.4 inlet and 1.94 exhaust they have built in rocker stands and the rocker gear clamps are included, also included are 2 sets of head gaskets over £4500 when purchased want £2500 ono

1 - new forged 4.5 crank has been esp treated, has Chevy rod journals to allow for the bigger throw in a standard block. Includes a full set off bearings for mains and rods £650 ono

Contact: Clive
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07873 709157   

Date: 2/10/2016 4:46:17 PM Ref: 00097725
Ford Cleveland Parts For Sale
Ford 351 Cleveland Australian Race Engine Block.
357ci (5800cc) 4 Inch Bores with +30 Oversize Re-bore.
4 Bolt Mains with Mains Caps and centre ARP Studs.
Cast Iron - Moroso Block Filled for Core Strength.
Oil Restriction Kit fitted.
Not Suitable for Road Use
Suitable for Drag Racing - ready for build and use


2 x Ford 351 Cleveland Bare Engine Blocks Spares or Repair
2 Bolt Mains - (No Mains Caps)
Cast Iron
One Block requires Cylinder Liners - with one Cracked Cylinder Bore.
One Block appears serviceable and without any visible cracks or damage.
Both Blocks are suitable for refurbishment and would be usable once completed.
Can recommend a recognised Engineering Shop that has experience in 351 Cleveland and Cylinder Lining.


Ford Cleveland 351ci Upswept Drag Racing Headers
Ford Cleveland 351ci
Upswept Drag Racing Headers
Mild Steel - Painted
3" 1/2 Diameter collector
2" Primary Tube Diameter
25" Primary Lengths
No Dents - Will need a Touch of Paint
Fitted EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature sensor) Weld In Ports


Ford 351 Cleveland Zoomie Upswept Slash Cut Exhaust Headers
Stainless Steel
Excellent Condition
2" Primary Tube Diameter
21" Primary Tube Length
No dents - minor scratches
Fitted EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature sensor) Weld In Ports


MSD 8952 Shift Light with RPM Modules
Comes with RPM Modules


Computech Systems 4100-2 EGT Plus
EGT Plus Exhaust Gas Temperature Analyser
Monitors Engine RPM
Power Through 9V Battery or 12V Vehicle Supply
Continuous Mode
Simple Maximum
Record Switch Mode
Choose When To Record
Maximum Temp & RPM
Trans-Brake Mode
Launch Temp & RPM
Finish Line Temp & RPM
Maximum Temp & RPM
The Time Maximums Occurred
Notable Time Temp & RPM
Includes 2 EGT Bolt/Weld in Thermocouple Probes


Also on eBay
Please Call and Leave a Message on and I will call back, or Email
Contact: Paul
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 0844 8848489   

Date: 2/10/2016 4:44:56 PM Ref: 00097724
468 big block Chevy
Just rebuilt by Paul Letchford
New bottom end with pistons and rods (10-1 compression) complete Edelbrock performer top end including ally heads, cam and valve train, inlet manifold.

Never run

£5500 Ono

Contact: Stu
Country: UK
Tel: 07900 818848   

Date: 2/4/2016 3:22:22 PM Ref: 00097723
Cylinder heads
Dart iron eagle platinum cylinder heads for sbc
64cc chambers , 215cc intake runners
Straight plugs
Comes with valves(2.050 intake,1.600 exhaust) ,springs,rocker studs,and guide plates.
Still on orange taz racing fiat at moment

Contact: Chris
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07967 673694   

Date: 2/4/2016 3:20:12 PM Ref: 00097722
New BBC JE pistons

New in the box 4.530" with pins and ring supports part no :258239
£650.00 ono

Contact: Joe
Country: UK
Tel: 07775 943867   

Date: 2/4/2016 3:18:48 PM Ref: 00097721
BAE 3 Fathead Top Alcohol Heads and parts for sale
We have a lot of parts for BAE 3 fathead Top alcohol heads.
Stands, rockerarms, valves, valve springs and a lot more.

Also 2 complete BAE 3 Fathead Top alcohol heads with all including.
Take a look at our webside under "Sales & wants" to see what we have.
Send us an email for more information

Contact: Kenneth
Country: Sweden
Email: click here

Date: 2/4/2016 2:31:54 PM Ref: 00097720
BBChevy tunnel ram manifold std deck
Complete with injection hat, manifold drilled for port injection but currently on the hat as photo will split if you need either but rather sell complete £1250 ono
Contact: Mark
Country: UK
Tel: 07850 612455   

Date: 2/4/2016 2:30:53 PM Ref: 00097719
As the title says, Gen V BBC 4 bolt main, with 700R Trans and torque convertor, removed from a Winnie' Call for details.

Located in Kent

Contact: Andy
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 01634 717370   

Date: 2/4/2016 2:27:10 PM Ref: 00097718
Slot mags for sale
Pair of 10x15 appliance slot mags,Good condition £200.
Contact: Mac
Country: UK
Tel: 07624 436727   

Date: 2/4/2016 2:25:14 PM Ref: 00097717
Nitrous bottle, with manual , bracket , gauge £350.00

Barry Grant 1050 double pumper carb £350.00

B AND M TH400 gearbox pan £50.00

Rear spring for model T £offers

Radiator for camaro £100.00
Contact: Roy
Country: UK
Tel: 07867 694163   

Date: 2/4/2016 2:22:54 PM Ref: 00097716
Lenco CS1 3 Speed for sale
Lenco CS1 3 Speed for sale 5.250 €

Trans like new with light kevelar blanket First Gear 1.93 with new spare parts for $2500 Air shift , New Shifter Style

Contact: Norbert
Country: Germany
Email: click here

Date: 1/24/2016 2:28:10 PM Ref: 00097715
Small Block Chevy block
Small block Chevy bored to plus 30 bare block could be rebuilt or ideal for mock up offers
Contact: Frank
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 1/24/2016 2:26:59 PM Ref: 00097714
Richmond Ford 9" Pro Gears Ring and Pinion Set - Ratio: 4.11 as new 5 runs £300

Pro Alloy custom made radiator expansion tank W7” x H5” x D9” £45

67 Camaro original fisher seal plates (used) £10

Dodge Ram –original equipment front & rear Mud Flaps fit 2002/05 (as new) £15 for 4

Contact: Nicky
Country: UK
Tel: 07734 155553   

Date: 1/24/2016 2:26:08 PM Ref: 00097713
Set of scat steel h beam bbchevy rods 6.700.used in 632 cu. In.very good condition. £160.

55 chevy truck fuel tank like new. £100

Bench seat suit truck.48 inches long in brown. £100

Contact: John
Country: UK
Tel: 07748 388468   

Date: 1/19/2016 2:43:08 PM Ref: 00097712
1) long block. Kieth black hemi -500 short 463 cubic inch, block has been windowed but professionally repaired. six runs on rotating assemble, Briant crank shaft, grp rod, je pistons, crane cam, BAE fat head 5 complete with red stands. this engine has run 5.73 et with a wipple charger on a top alcohol dragster at the POD.
price: 16,500 EUROS. shipping included.

2) Long block. Kieth black hemi -500 short 433 cubic inch (no windows) all new main cups, Briant crank shaft 8 runs, je pistons 8 runs, GRP rods 11 runs, crane cam, crane lifters, BAE fat head 5 complete with red stands new springs and retainers. this engine has run 5.9 ET with a roots blower on a top alcohol dragster in divisional lucas oil races in US driven and percuss new by Don Johnson auto motive, after then, has all so run 5.8 ET with a Wipple charger on a top fuel dragster at HAL FAR race way on a soft tune up. this engine has all ways been maintained with new parts and well taken care of.
price:17,500 EUROS. shipping included.
Can all so sand pictures of bout engine.
Thanks for looking.

Contact: Duncan
Country: Malta
Email: click here
Tel: +356 771 758 28   

Date: 1/19/2016 2:41:02 PM Ref: 00097711
Complete engine from pan to carb, was running when removed from car, has been bench tested and had good oil pressure and ran nice and cool. Comes with the following:

2 Bolt Main Block 361959
Heads 3964290 with Comp Cams Roller Tip Rockers
'March Style' accessory brackets
Chrome 1 wire Alternator
Aftermarket 'polished looking' Power Steering Pump
Aftermarket 'polished looking' AC Pump
Ali Water pump
Chrome Airfilter
Fluid Damper
750 vac sec Holley carb
Plug wire seperator loom
Starter motor
Flex plate
All pulleys and belts
£2450 ono

Drop it in and go....

Call me for any other info you might need.

Contact: Andy
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 01634 717370   

Date: 1/18/2016 2:12:51 PM Ref: 00097710
Very well maintained, only a handful of meetings since last service.

Call for details.

Contact: Andy
Country: UK
Tel: 07970 199005   

Date: 1/17/2016 1:21:07 PM Ref: 00097709
Quitting alcohol racing, loads of stuff for sale!
1x AR980 whipple screw blower, like new, with starter cage and starter bracket (impossible to find the cage and bracket as they are not made anymore), Blower has less than 25 runs on it since brand new, restraints and bag with current tag, bustpanel with RCD alu turnup. 70000dkr.
1x KB Magnesium manifold for fuel heads with bust panel and RCD turnup. 9000dkr
1x Funnycar or doorcar wetsump with 16an fitting and oil line for TFX. 3500dkr
1x KB billet oil pumps for TFX with an fittings 16an in and 12an in and out for filter. 3500dkr
2x 1200 enderle pumps both flow within spec with 3 way shutoff and pumpsizer pill holder and poppet. 4100dkr
1x set of black stand rockers with 7/16 adjusters for fuel heads 14000dkr
1x set BAE fuel heads ready togo with valves and springs 7 runs since new seats, guides, springs, and resurfaced valves. These heads interchange with TFX fuels heads stage 1 and 2 15000dkr.
1x set TFX stage 1 heads empty needs guides and resurface valve seats 4000 dkr pr. set.
3x TFX stage 2 heads empty needs guides and resurface valve seats 2000dkr pr head
1x TFX stage 2 head needs repair (welding) 1500dkr
1x RCD early style starter with steel cage, spare starter dog, copper ring, coals, and front. 7800dkr
1x set of black powder coated valve covers for fuel heads with tube, tube retainers, and RCD quick release breather tubes. 3500dkr.
10x new 4.187 pistons for fuel heads 1.1pin will make 10:1 with a 6.968 rod 7000dkr
?x Pullies Many different mainly 14mm both GT and HTD some 8mm both new and used ask 350dkr for used pullies and 650dkr for new.
?x Many fresh resurfaced titanium intake valves and inconel exhaust for fuel heads both intake and exhaust 250dkr for intake valves and 200dkr exhaust valves
1x set new intake valves for fuel heads 5500dkr.
2x set of used TF rods ?dkr
?x Many used springs many are still with good seat pressure. ?dkr
1x Oberg filter with 12an fittings and some used reuseable stianless filters 680dkr
?x jet, nozzels, poppets, pills many, ask ?dkr
2x barrelvalves with poppets and fittings 1500 dkr pr. piece
1x TFX shortblock, TF cam, full set 1 1/16inch lifters, 4.5 bryant crank, TF rods, 7:1 pistons, rings, front cover and fuel pump extention and drive rod, wet sump oil pan. KB billet oil pump, 20an oil line from pan to pump, 6an oil line from pump to rear main bearing, crank trigger brackets, crank trigger ring, titanium crankhub for pully. Ready togo. 60000dkr
1x 48volt starterpack with good batteries, alu box with handels and cable with socket for starter. 2000dkr
1x Willwood dual brake cylinder 500dkr
2x set Willwood brake pads 250dkr pr set.
ca 300x liter of 70wt lucas engine oil. run this in your blowen hemi and you will never have oil issues! 7000dkr
ca200x liter alcohol in 25 liter closed plastic containers
4x big bust panels 2000dkr
32x TF push rods with 7/16 cups 5 needs new cups rest are good togo 200dkr pr. push rod
5x 1 1/16inch lifters (ie 10 lifters) 2000dkr
1x set of head studs for TFX fuel heads 1500dkr
?x Studs, nuts etc for TFX hemis many new ASK! ?dkr
14x new manton 7/16 adjusters for rockers. 2500 dkr
?x multiple sets new rings for 4.187 1200dkr
ca100x many new intake o rings for hemi 500dkr for the bag
1x set main clevlite bearings for Hemi std 600dkr
17x rod clevlite bearings for for hemi alu rods std. 75dkr pr bearing set.
1x FIE 2 wire crank trigger 90 degrees new 850dkr.
1x FIE 2 wire crank trigger straight used. 425dkr.
1x MSD big cap and base for promag44 new 500dkr
2x MSD red coils for promag44 both work fine, but have damage to plastic. 250dkr pr coil
1x MSD promag44 with big cap, red coil, and points box with chip. 18000dkr.
1x TFX magnesium front cover, no gears or fuel pump extention. 800dkr
?x Piston pins 1.1 inch thick walled you will not bend these! 250dkr pr. pin
?x Stage 5 roller intake rockers fresh back from service. 350dkr pr rocker.
1x Crimp tool for injector hoses, 10ft of hose, various feruls, straight and bend fittings. ASK. 4000dkr
1x set MSD spark plug wires for hemi New 1200dkr
1x set MSD spark plug wires for hemi Used 500dkr
?x various spark plug wires for hemi Used 50dkr pr wire.
124x NGK spark plugs B10ES 20dkr pr. plug sold in sets of four.
?x Hemi copper head gaskets new and used, many different thickness. ASK 250dkr for used sets 700dkr for new sets
3x Oil pan gasket steel core. new 300dkr pr gasket.
2x Valve cover gasket steel core new for fuel heads. 500dkr for the set.
2x Spark plug T-wrench for hemi with torque adjustment. 600dkr pr tool
2x Valve adjustment tool 300dkr pr tool
1x Complete racepak 300sd setup with flowmeter, 8 egts, 2 brakepress, 1 fuel press, 2 oil press, 1 manifold press, 1 oil temp, ICQ3 Dash, drive shaft, engine rpm, g sensor, volt sensor etc etc. Smartwire electronic control box (no more relays or fuses), all cables, bulkhead sockets etc etc. includes older IBM laptop with all sofeware installed, new main battery, but needs new BIOS battery installed comes with the battery. 47000dkr
1x Powergird with canbus and transbrake adjustmentbox. and misc wire etc 4500dkr.
1x Sroud 2 piece SFI20 firesuit grey. Needs a wash and new tags. there are no holes in it. 4500dkr.

All prices are in Danish kroner, Shipping at buyers expense. Feel free to ask questions or make bids. I may be interested in trades on 1st gen camaros or other cars like that.

Contact: Sune
Country: Denmark
Email: click here
Tel: +4525153315   

Date: 1/17/2016 5:17:22 AM Ref: 00097708
Stuff for sale
SBC 010 block +30, block filled. Comes with a spare set of billet main caps. Blower/nitrous pistons for the block with rings and pins. Package deal?

Brand new DJ Safety SFI 7.2 Diaper. Tag starts 01/01/16 £200

2 new Simpson 9" x 9" silver chute packs for funny car/fuel altered £150

Stroud Funny car over boots SFI 15 £50

Simpson driving boots SFI 3.3/15 black, size 8, worn once £100

9" Ford Pro gears 4.56 and 4.71 £75 each

Heavy duty yoke to fit above 9" Ford Pro gears

ARP wheel stud kit part number 100-7704, 12 point heads with full 1/2" UNF threads

ARP Chevy or Ford flywheel bolt kit part number 100-2801

ARP Hemi 8 bolt flexplate kit part number 200-2905

Mr Gasket Ford flexplate bolt kit

Mr Gasket Ford V8 balancer bolt kit

Weiand 6 "fuel pump extension for blower engine

A pair of Moon 17" wire wheels, these were originally fitted to Allard dragster's, very rare....

Moon accelerator pedal, new

Pat Cuss topolino body, has had a few owners but never fitted to a chassis. Ideal for a Hillbillies tribute car... £300
Contact: Norm
Country: UK
Tel: 01686 650651   

Date: 1/17/2016 5:16:11 AM Ref: 00097707
B&M Street Super Holeshot Torque Convertor 3200 stall, New Old Stock, works with TH350 and TH400 transmissions, pn20414.

West Malling Kent

Contact: Andy
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 01634 717370   

Date: 1/17/2016 5:13:00 AM Ref: 00097706
Pair of holset 88mm turbos brand new. never used
Contact: John
Country: UK
Tel: 07748 388468   

Date: 1/14/2016 1:46:13 PM Ref: 00097705









Contact: Dave
Country: UK
Tel: 07411 974452   

Date: 1/13/2016 10:54:37 AM Ref: 00097704
BAE 521 Complete hat to pan
Stage 5 heads , new served at BAE
New rods, checked crank
PSI Blower with knut injector
Fuelsystem by Randy Anderson
MSD 44
5,67 sec 408 km/h in TAFC
30 000 EURO
MSD 44 new 1500 Euro
Complete Lenco with airpods and blanket

Contact: Leif
Country: Sweden
Tel: +46 70 555 9166   

Date: 1/13/2016 6:17:56 AM Ref: 00097703
KB hemi and tyres
Stage 6 KB Hemi all refeshed with new pistons and bearings, BAE heads, stage 5 valve train, from pan to intake.
+oil pump with hoses for dry sump
BDS pro charger compleet fuel setup, enderle 110 fuel pump, 4 hole injector, flowed by Hammer superchargers.
KB stage 5 shortblock, plus a lot of spare parts.

All together 22.500.- euro's

MT street radiaal P 315/60/R15 30X13.5/15 2 new tires 400.- euro's

Contact: Marck
Country: The Netherlands
Tel: +31 174 295641   

Date: 1/13/2016 6:16:36 AM Ref: 00097702
2 As new tyres, Khumo 275/30ZR20
Perfect condition, changed due to smaller size fitted to wheels for extra side clearance.
£120 for the pair.

1968 Mustang front and rear bumper, Rear is chrome very good condition, front is painted so not sure what chrome is like but both have no dents or rust.

1968 Ford Mustang propshaft complete with yoke to suit C4 auto box, just had new uj’s fitted and balanced. Had a vibration problem but turns out I needed a different prop for the new manual gear box I fitted £180 (cost me £114 to have it balanced and new uj, new one from states over £300 plus)

Unilite comp 9000 hi performance distributer to fit 1962-1980 289-302 SBF part number 9155101, unilite breakerless ignition. perfect, changed to a tunnel ram and it would not fit £130.

25mm wide wheel spacers, aluminium with extender studs set of 2, outside rim is polished so they look nice when they can be seen through the wheel. £20

3:11 ring and pinion set for Ford 8 inch axle, As new, hardly used, street use only, changed wheel size and had to change gear ratio. £90

D958 Deltron Violet pearl tinter, add to basecoat or clear coat to give a pearl flip to your paintwork, 4 1 litre unused tins, bought too many and I can take them back £30 per tin or £80 for the 4 tins

Edlebrock valve covers 289/302 ford, black cast aluminium with fins, edlebrock signature cast In the top Part number EDE4260. £50 pair

Hartlepool Cleveland area.

Contact: John
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 1/13/2016 6:15:05 AM Ref: 00097701
Csr transmission catch can with billet bracket, new part# csr 850 £50

Biondo # stop electric throttle stop for dominator part# elec pk used one season £200

Biondo fabricated chrome valve covers BBC holes drilled in sides for evac kit one season old £ 100

Dart stud girdle billet ally BBC part# 454/6411001 £175

Csr water neck angled inlet BBC part# csr 99134 £40

Milodon chrome valve covers (pressed steel) drilled for evac kit part# 69785600 £50

Felpro head gaskets x 2 BBC part # 1057 £50 pair

Trick tank 20 “ never used £ 50

Snap on KRA series roll cabs x2 black hard wood tops 3 years old but never used 7 drawer £675 each

Snap on KRA series roll cabs x 2 black hard wood tops 3 years old but never used 12 drawer £675 each

LSM spring pressure checking tool BBC dart heads part# pc100 £150

LSM spring changing tool (on head) BBC part# sc800 £125
Contact: Martin
Country: UK
Tel: 07812 942097   

Date: 1/13/2016 6:13:40 AM Ref: 00097700
(Hemi) parts for sale
New SFI blower restraints 100,-
New & used stageV intake rocker arms new 80,- used 40,-
Used 2.500 & 2.00 titanium valves with tit. retainers, locks, lash caps for veney head
New & used pushrods and adjusters (Manton)
Used velasco crank with crankgear, hub, degreed wheel 4.375 stroke (has a small crack rod bearing 7/8 0.010 undersize) 300,-
New Brooks B2 rods .330 long and .400 long 600,- each
New & used Crane rollerlifters .905 lifter bore 550,- new 175,- used
Used drysump oilpan for BAE/KB block 125,-
Used lakewood steel 8 5/8 with liner bellhousing hemi boltpattern no inspection windows. 600,-
New racepak style pressure transducers 50,- each
Black & Decker valve grinder with cooling and wheel dresser, cabinet. 400,-
Black & Decker valve seat grinders (2 complete sets with pilots,stones dresser,drive motor, etc.) 375,- each
Complete sixshooter timing retard assembly.
Various Hoffer turbine flowmeters
5 used 8mm 1600 75 blowerbelts 7 runs on it. 50,- each
2 big journal roller cams with spec. cards (1 used/ 1 reground) 250,- each
Used MSD promag 44 red coils 10 runs on it. 150,- each
New sparkplugs champion V59C 1,- euro each
Clevite main & rod bearings sets,trays etc.
Casale gear drive assembly raised cam block new & used used 350,- new 700,-
New hemi straight magdrive 450,-
New sparkplug wires
New Tire groove heat knife for cutting pulling tires 100,-
SSi F rotor housing with small crack in the front 100,-
New burstpanels 20,- each
SSI graphite filled round blower strips 10 euro each
Lots off new & used valve cover, oilpan, exhaust, copper headgaskets for veney heads
Used Veney polished high flow injector 1000,-

Prices in euros
Other parts prices and pictures on request everything needs to go

Contact: Aart
Country: The Netherlands
Email: click here

Date: 1/13/2016 6:12:34 AM Ref: 00097699
hemi/wedge/mechanical injection parts
-keith black gear drive,std cam location,complete with cam gear,cam cover(no pump extention),crank gear,torrington bearings:450€
-2 keith black cast aluminum oil pump,good shape,with 12AN fittings:250€ -crank support,magnesium,complete with 6 stands,bearing,mounting studs,crank hub with degree ring(2 keyways),polished:400€ -cast mallory magneto base,with drive for cable driven tach,like new:150€
-2 crank hubs:an old one with well used degree ring(2 keyways):50€
a "like new" one,no ring,2 keyways,crank bolt:85€.
-a hemi camshaft,crane brand,for blown alcohol,part n°:R296/500-251-14:150€ -marine oil pan,cast aluminum,modified baffles,windage tray,16AN pickup and fitting,drain plug:150€ -lakewood big block bellhousing with shield,sfi,perfect shape,350€ -trickflow chromoly pushrods,8.600 long,ball ends,new in bag,30€

injection parts:
-PSI mag low profile injector,polished,perfect shape,with adaptor for roots blower opening:700€ -new bug catcher hard lines:35€ -complete blown alcohol injection system,includes:aluminum bug catcher(3 ribs) with rubber lines,nozzles,K valve,dist block,enderle 110 pump with flow tag,set by performance motorsports in USA for 413-488 cui engine with hat injection only,only 2 passes:1000€

pics of all parts available
shipping cost extra
Contact: Cyril
Country: France
Email: click here
Tel: 06 78 15 46 85   

Date: 1/11/2016 9:20:02 AM Ref: 00097698
511cu BBC FOR SALE /468 BC
Engines for sale
511cu bbc alloy heads carb to pan 10 runs on a fresh build runs 10.20@ 130 in 3100lb car on mild tune phone for spec and price

468cu bbc alloy heads steel rods all steel internals ran 10.49 in 3100lb car at 127mph call for spec and price.

Contact: Matt
Tel: 07980 211869 / 01277 366584   

Date: 1/11/2016 8:17:59 AM Ref: 00097697
Built in 2007 by the legendary Roy wilding out of cds to a spec of 7.50,16 foot long 160'wheel base with a 22'shoulder hoop

Comes complete with steering with new rose joints ect ,spindles and fabricated axle case with big ford ends

Never been painted or built and run no seat or tin work but has tabs for tin work

fully finished steering chassis with axle case ready to fit your motor trans axle internals and body work as new condition in every way.
£3500 ONO
Contact: Matt
Country: uk
Tel: 07980 211869   

Date: 1/10/2016 1:32:42 PM Ref: 00097696
Fire bottles
Dj safety twin 10lb Fire bottles for sale, bottles are out of date. The actuators on both bottles were brand new 2years ago when Martin hills re tagged them. There are no brackets or cable as I will reuse then on my new bottles. £450 Ono
Contact: Lee
Country: UK
Tel: 07854315503   

Date: 1/10/2016 1:23:35 PM Ref: 00097695
Type the heading for your ad here
Nitro Parts For Sale

TFX Block std main 1-1/2” lifter, 3” main 1” lifter.
Cam drive
Oil Pan Dry Sump
Oil Pump Wet sump
BAE #5 Heads
RCD Trigger holder
RCD New Style Pointer
Manifold (Not Set Back)
Sleeve Darton 4,187” x 4,550” BAE/TFX Thick Camshaft (7 & 4 Swap) Lifter 1” and 1-1/6”
Connecting Rods Most Used
Piston Most Used
Wrist Pin New 1,156” x 3,300”
Valve Int & Exh
Valve Spring Manley 221448
Retainer 10°
CeBe Titanium Valve Cower
AFT 9 Stand Clutch
Spare Stands
One Run Floaters Never Grind 6, 8, 10 mm.
Clutch Discs 10,5” x 1-7/8” x 10 New Used Knut Cannon More Reverse W Neutral + Coupler Cower Tube More Input Shaft 1.7/8” x 10 x 1-3/4”x 40 x 13-7/8” + .982P Pulley 14 mm: 25, 27, 28, 29, 31, 40, 41.
Pulley 13,6”: 29, 38.
One Run Blower Belt 14 x 1568 x 84.
SSI Blower F-Rotor
Taylor Blower Restraint + Bag
Carlos Carbon FC Injektor
Waterman Red Fuel Pump 72 gal
Waterman Yellow Fuel Pump 90 gal
Slide Valve
BDK Valve
Mannesmann for BDK and Slide Valve
Fuel Mannesmann 6 Pneumatic Timers
Decker Yes and No
Automan Clutch Mannism 5 Pneu Timers
Automan Pneumatic Clock Box
XRP Mix #8, #10 Y-Block 3 x #10
Port Jet Body in Head Brass and Titanium Fuel System Hat to Head Electrimotion 1/4 miles Antenna Dunn Dual Drive Small Cap + Big Cap Dunn MSD Handcuffs Big Cap Dunn 1” Dual Mag Drive Belt MSD Pro Mag 44 Counterclockwise MSD Electronic Box 8145 MSD Pro Mag Retarder 8971 MSD Pro Mag LCD Terminal 7570 MSD 8,5 mm Spark Plug Wire MSD Spare Cap Big MSD Rotor Repair Set RCD Belt Guard & Starter Brkt 3 Hole Big Starter 36V (Surplus) Clutch Disc Grinder Weld Wheel Beadlock 15,3 Head Stands for Work on Bench

If you don’t find what you're looking for give me a call I might have forgotten some.
Contact: Leif
Country: Sweden
Email: click here
Tel: +46 70 540 48 87   

Date: 1/10/2016 12:53:02 PM Ref: 00097694
Lucas 50 weight oil
1 barrel of lucas 50 weight oil £650
Contact: Bert
Country: Uk
Email: click here
Tel: 07956 343980   

Date: 1/7/2016 4:56:07 PM Ref: 00097693
Pre swap meet parts for sale
Sbc steel flywheel Sfi tagged £180 never used

Twin clutch plates and cover by McLeod Rst £360

gear box is tremec tk3550 five speed with shifter and bell housing for sbf £1000

all parts new a part from five speed please call or text
all parts and car in Kent.

Contact: Rob
Country: UK
Tel: 07702 564469   

Date: 1/7/2016 4:53:55 PM Ref: 00097692
Pre swap meet parts for sale
Sbc steel flywheel Sfi tagged £180 never used

Twin clutch plates and cover by McLeod Rst £360

gear box is tremec tk3550 five speed with shifter and bell housing for sbf £1000

all parts new a part from five speed please call or text
all parts and car in Kent.

Contact: Rob
Country: UK
Tel: 07702 564469   

Date: 1/7/2016 4:46:01 PM Ref: 00097691
Cylinder heads
Dart iron eagle platinum cylinder heads for sbc
64cc chambers , 215cc intake runners
Straight plugs
Comes with valves(2.050 intake,1.600 exhaust) ,springs,rocker studs,and guide plates.
Still on orange taz racing fiat at moment

Contact: Chris
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07967 673694   

Date: 1/7/2016 4:44:49 PM Ref: 00097690
Littlefield supercharger
Littlefield 8/71 polished supercharger complete with snout good condition £1250 ono
Contact: Mark
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07850 612455   

Date: 1/4/2016 2:02:40 PM Ref: 00097689
Chevy motor for sale
This motor was built to go in my Camaro but I am now going the LSX and Procharger route........
Fresh built, un-run, ready to drop in and go!
454 Chevy +.040" bore = 463 cubic inch.
Block casting number 361959, high performance pass casting, has polished valley and is fully cleaned and painted with 2 coats of primer and 3 coats orange engine lacquer, 2 bolt mains which are good for 700HP...... New brass freeze plugs.
All assembly done with proper engine build spray lube.
GM steel crank reground -.010" rods and mains. Factory GM rods.
New TRW 10.5:1 Pistons. New rings.
All new bottom end bearings.
All ARP fasteners throughout.
Factory high performance large oval iron heads, casting number 353049, mild port and polish, new shortened valve guides and teflon seals. Valves replaced as necessary, all reground. New comp cams double springs and retainers, new summit 1.7:1 roller rockers. New large guide plates.
Comp cams 292H hydraulic cam and lifters, all assembled with plenty of moly lube, heavy duty pushrods. Noisy gear drive, one piece polished ally front cover.
New SFI damper.
Fabricated valve covers, these have been flatted back to remove scratches, I was going to get them powder coated black.....
Neoprene re-usable steel core valve cover gaskets.
Moroso high capacity sump, new melling HV oil pump, one piece sump gasket.
SFI flex plate.
Edelbrock performer RPM inlet.
New ally water pump.
Probably other stuff I have forgotten to mention.
Should easily make 500HP on pump gas.
No fuel system, starter or alternator included.
I have available at extra cost a new mini starter and 1 wire alternator, billet Gilmer accessory belt drive (water pump and alternator only, no a/c or power steering) and alternator bracket, new boxed FAST ez efi master kit, please ask for details. If not sold with the motor these will be for sale individually afterwards.
Also have available at extra cost a brand new K&N extreme air filter and a set of brand new BBC ceramic coated headers for 1st gen F body, 1 3/4" primaries 3 1/2" collectors and 3" adaptors........
More stuff available at extra cost, complete MSD ignition setup. New MSD pro billet dizzy p/n 8361, new MSD coil, MSD digital 6 ignition controller with dyno time only......
Also B&M 20412 holeshot converter new….

Contact: Michael
Country: UK
Tel: 07973 740076   

Date: 1/3/2016 9:49:09 AM Ref: 00097688
Monroe Max Air Shocks
2 No. 64-69 Mustang/Falcon Rear air shocks. 6 months old hardly used, all pipe and gauges, extra pipe included, £80.00 (cost £150.00).


Contact: John
Country: UK
Tel: 07837 868543   

Date: 1/3/2016 6:06:16 AM Ref: 00097687
Lenco cs1 3 speed
Whits air pods , clutch,flywheel,Bellhousing,imputshaft
Email prefer !!!!
Can send pics
Uk delivery possible !!!!
Price : 2500 euros

Contact: Renaud
Country: France
Email: click here
Tel: 06 32 745 898   

Date: 12/28/2015 5:30:47 PM Ref: 00097686
Junior Dragster parts
All parts new unless stated otherwise:

Ball end throttle cables £18
Black Crow Arm Restraints £27
Complete fox racing shox £223
8:90 clutch Primary & Secondary (Used 2014) £446
Chain guard £31
Fuel Cell tap £11
Fuel filter £4
Break rod with ends £16
42mm Mikuni Viperizer Carb £414
Mikuni Fuel pump £31
Air filter clip £2
Fuel cell screw cap (half scale) £20
42m carb boot £27
28m carb air filter adapter ring £18
New polar vortex clutch 7.90 Primary & Secondary £623
35m air filter adapter £18
Chrome rear oil breather filter £13
Saftey Shut off switch (spark plug) £80
Blue roll bar padding full set £33
Front wheel cap £13
Scales (clutch weights) £22
Purple Primary Clutch Spring (STOCK) £16
Polar Red Clutch Spring Secondary £16
Polar Blue Clutch Spring £16
Polar Black Clutch Spring £16
Set of clutch weights polar £27
Carbon Fiber Wing & Mounts £530
Custom Wheelie bars £223
1x V2 Pro Helmet USED White Size XS SNELL 2005, with Blue and Clear Visor £75
1x Simpson Bandit USED Helmet white Size Small with HANS mount, clear and blue visor SNELL 2010 £250
1x HANS Device USED Simpson R3 Size Child £300
Red fuel line 5ft x4 £4
Tyre pressure gauge £79
Battery charger (smart) £62
34mm carb boot £24
Child size 4 new race boots £29
G Force Racing NEW Black Trousers only SFI 3.2A/1 Size Child Medium £40
Contact: Andy
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07770 442052   

Date: 12/24/2015 8:21:28 AM Ref: 00097685
nine inch ford gears
brand new motive gear pro gears
4.56 ratio
9.5 " gears will not fit case with standard back,will fit all fabricated back cases these gears give 50% more life over the 9" ring gear diameter £250

micky thompsom slicks part no 3195 35"x15x16" diameter wheel 17 runs £250
Contact: Bert
Country: United Kingdom
Email: click here
Tel: 07956 343980   

Date: 12/21/2015 2:16:55 PM Ref: 00097684
Snap Tite dry breaks
2 X Aluminium -8 (dash 8) Snap Tite dry breaks (quick disconnect) for sale, both complete with male and female couplings and male -8 fittings.
£80 plus shipping.

Contact: Ian
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07470 396685   

Date: 12/16/2015 4:11:22 PM Ref: 00097683
-Lenco drive shaft fine spline ,795 mm long and 50 runs looks like new 500€
-Black 3 way 8an billet shut off valve 100€
-Air shift solonoid for B&M pro bandit shifter new and never installed 150€
-B&M pro bandit billter shifter with electric shift solonoid.Shifter is only used for 20 runs 500€
-Venolia bbc piston set 4.560" bore ,990" pinwith JE rings 650€
-gas /alcohol magnafuel superstar 275 fuel pump 450€
Magna fuel regulator #10 in 2x #6 out,1/8 press port 200€
#10 fuel line with house ends
fuel pump,regulator and lines 650€
Merlin chevy big block (no alu) with std main and cam size,std cam heigt,std deck height,std bore speacing,4.5" bore size
4.375 hemi bryant crank with std main and rod journals 1500€
-Moroso 3 stage dry sump oil pump 650€
-Funny car zoomies headers for bbc like new ,TIG welded and not painted 750€

Contact: Sandro
Country: Belgium
Email: click here

Date: 12/16/2015 2:24:44 PM Ref: 00097682
Funny Car fire boots
Stroud funny car fire boots for sale good used condition £100 + postage

Contact: Jennie
Country: UK
Tel: 07818 602243   

Date: 12/15/2015 8:42:12 AM Ref: 00097681
Piston and ring set
MAHLE Big Block Ford 557/533ci Forged Piston & Ring Set, brand new in box supplied by Summit Racing, for use with 4.5" stroke crank and 6.7" rods for 557ci, or 4.3" stroke with 6.8" rods for 533ci, 38cc dish, 4.44" bore (+0.080). Compression with 74cc heads is 10.3:1, with 95cc heads is 9:1. £350.

Contact: Ian
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07950 875531   

Date: 12/14/2015 5:39:20 PM Ref: 00097680
Strange engineering pro race steel front brake kit

Strange part number B4110 wc
1962-74 gm x body
1967-69 gm f body
1967-72 gm a body

Brand new £750.00

SSBC stainless standard height spindles
1962-74 gm x body
1967-69 gm f body
1967-72 gm a body

Brand new £200.00

SSBC front brake kit to fit above, fitted on a customers car 500 miles ago. Aluminium callipers and new rotors, calliper brackets.

Used £450.00

Contact: Williams Bros Racing (Nic/Dan)
Country: UK
Tel: 07572 096920   

Date: 12/14/2015 11:53:14 AM Ref: 00097678
Brand New Mopar Hooker Small Block Ceramic Silver Coated Headers
Hooker Competition Headers
273-360 CI Small Block Headers
Fit 1967-1982 B, E & F Bodies
1.625 x 34" Primary Tubes
3" x 8" Collectors
1967 - 1976 Dodge
1965 Plymouth
1967-1976 Plymouth


Would make a very useful Christmas present!!!
Contact: Paul Marston
Country: United Kingdom
Email: click here
Tel: 07831 650230   

Date: 12/11/2015 4:25:37 PM Ref: 00097677
The ultimate rear end. Mark Williams aluminium bolt through centre section for Ford 9”. Complete with 4.57 Pro Gears (Big Pinion) and either Strange 33 spline spool or Mark Williams Pro 40 spline lightweight spool. Billet aluminium pinion support. Complete set of shims, new gaskets and seal all stripped ready for inspection. Also even drilled for computer pick up. Really is like new. Just fit and forget, you won’t break this !
£1,000 ono

Self-fill weight bar with screw on cap and all mounting hardware. Supplied by ARRC. Never fitted
£50 ono

MSD Pro Power Coil PN 8201. Brand new in box

MSD Rotor and cap for Pro Billet BBC Dizzy used
Contact: Andy
Country: UK
Tel: 07814 009562   

Date: 12/10/2015 5:31:20 PM Ref: 00097676
A friend has some parts he wants rid of cheap, might be of interest to you Mopar men?? Road stuff not track, Chrysler wedge RB 413-426 iron cylinder heads, complete with vales, springs, all installed, rocker shafts and pressed rockers, pushrods, hydraulic lifters, camshaft, all hardware, pistons, rods, distributor, oil filter/pump, drive shafts. He stripped it years ago intending to bore the block out to 426 but never got around to it and the block etc disappeared. It is all factory std. and the valves and springs were all done but then it all just sat in a lock-up in Chelsea and gathered surface rust but there is no damage, it just wants restoring. Open to offers/swaps whatever! Just want it to go to a good home. It's in Nottingham photos cast # available
Contact: Turbo
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 12/7/2015 4:42:29 PM Ref: 00097674
Spec: - Original Koffel B1 ported cylinder heads flow matched to an M1 single plane manifold 2.30 intake & 1.78 Exhaust valves and B1 rocker covers. T&D roller rockers and shafts, Koffle pushrods and roller camshaft driven by a Jesel Belt Drive & remote distributor head. MSD plug wires and MSD crank trigger. Book Racing Throttle-stop Holley 1150 Dominator carb.

Block: Chrysler 400ci block steel billet mains caps, half block filled. Align bored to large journal for a Crankshaft Specialties 4340 steel custom knife edged lightened Hemi crank. Clevite77 bearings, SFI balancer, GRP rods with ARP bolts. Venolia forged pistons, 12:1 compression Child & Albert 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 rings. 4,375 bore; 4.150 stroke 500ci displacement. Torque plate honed, decked & balanced. O-ringed with copper head gaskets. ARP studs throughout. Ray Barton custom oil pan with a windage tray and Milodon duel oil systems with swinging pick up. System 1 reusable oil filtration system. 1pair of Stahl custom race headers, Exhaust wrapped, ARP header bolts. Evac system into headers. New and used spares parts, Special tools. A Dyno sheet from Ray Barton’s on this spec.

Transmission: SFI, JW ultra bell housing, SFI, JW case & Tail shaft. Transmission Specialities internals.
Input shaft, 8 plate Clutch pack and 1.80 Straight cut gears planetary set, high flow oil pump, Deep Aluminium pan, Red Alto Clutches and steels, Red Alto band, Dual lip-seal servo and high performance gaskets and seals. TCI Trans- brake adjustable release.

Converter: Transmission Specialties Spragless Super 8”racing custom conveter.
Flexplate: SFI, JW Wheel.

ALSO: - Includes a Tunnel Ram manifold matched to heads with twin Holly Dominator 1050 CFM carbs and linkage. .
A spare Transmission Specialties Spragless Super 8”racing custom converter. 2 2x High torque Starter motors.
Has run 8.5 @ 165 mph in a 1400 lbs car in its current spec.
A winning package that has won several championships including the National Super Comp championship.
Moving premises so no reasonable offer refuse. Would consider splitting.
Complete Package £10,500

Contact: Paul
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07821 139945   

Date: 12/7/2015 4:40:25 PM Ref: 00097673
454 bbchevy engine complete carb to pan, some aftermarket parts £2500.

1 pair BAE fatheads £1500 ono.

1 pair BAE rocker covers(need small repair) £450 ono.

copper h/gaskets unused for hemi 1 single 40 thou,1 pair 80 thou £offers.

hemi dual key hub+degree wheel £100.

cs1 lenco air pods x2 £offers.

Bruno main shaft+drum £150.

cs2 ratios 25+28% £550 each ono.

10 mm midplate hemi/Chevy pattern £75.

msd promag kill switch/relay(pn8134) £30.

2 3” harnesses (no tag) £offers.

1 pair 260lb springs for strange struts £offers.

strange spool 35 spline for Dana £offers.

Contact: Mick
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07850 169812   

Date: 12/6/2015 4:20:34 PM Ref: 00097672
496 blown alky big block chevy
4 bolt main std
New callies crank 0 runs
New GRP rods 0 runs
JE pistons+ rings 15 runs
Comp cams shaft+lifters 15 runs
Manton high perf push rods 15 runs
Comp cams dual springs 15 runs
Manley tit retainers 15 runs
Meling oil pump 15 runs
Comp cams valve locks and lash caps 15 runs
Timing gear set 15 runs
Milodon wet sump oil pan 50 runs
RCD crank support 50 runs
RCD blower belt guard 50 runs
Comp cams steal roller rockers 50 runs
Stud girdels 50 runs
Edelbrock victor heads with tit intake valves and stainles exhaust valves
Mallory magneto
Mooneyham 8/71 magnesium blower with set back plate
Bug catcher with K style barrel valve and enderle fuelpump
Bds intake
Verry long list off spare parts and have a jet size calculater program for this engine
Engine has run 7.01 sec @ 307 KMH in a 2340lbs funnycar on a 1/8mile prepped track
Low service combo and very consistent all day long.
18000€ or best offer

Contact: Sandro
Country: Belgium
Email: click here

Date: 12/6/2015 7:38:48 AM Ref: 00097671
various parts
rcd/pluegar dry sump oil pump for chrysler hemi or 440 with adjustable bypass and loop line £475

dan olsen dry sump oil pan for hemi/440 chrysler £250

buy the pump and oil pan for £650

brand new motive gear set 4.56 ratio 9.5" ford will fit case with fabricated back £250

micky thompson slicks part no 3195 35"x15x16" diameter 17 runs £200
Contact: Bert
Country: United Kingdom
Email: click here
Tel: 07956 343980   

Date: 11/30/2015 3:43:45 PM Ref: 00097670
Ford Pro Stock Engine
Ford Pro Stock Engine, 500W
Newly updated and fresh ready to race.
New pistons, pistonrings, manifold, camshaft and bearings. This engine has been built and dynoed in Sweden, so we have fully documentation.
Will go 6.8 e:t in a Pro Stock Chassi. Perfect for comp/top sportsman/ et pro or similar.

We can dyno it together with searious buyer.
20 000 €
Contact: Christian
Country: Sweden
Tel: +46 70 496 47 72   

Date: 11/30/2015 8:54:39 AM Ref: 00097669

Brand New Powerglide Transmission
New 1.80 Aftermarket Gear Set
TH400 Mainshaft
Full Aftermarket JW Bell, Main Case and Tailshaft.
All new internals, this box has never seen a car.
.400 Pro Tree Transbrake.
Oversize clutch pack, etc, etc.
It is surplus to requirements. (we have two spare ones)


Torque Convertors also available.

Contact: Paul Marston
Country: United Kingdom
Email: click here
Tel: 07831 650230   

Date: 11/30/2015 8:39:02 AM Ref: 00097668
Ex Yari Konola Pro Stock Racing Chrysler Wedge 500cu Motor out of PT Bruiser. This motor is complete, fresh and ready to drop in and go racing.
This would be ideal for Comp Eliminator or any car that wants to go real fast.
Just been fully rebuilt, only 10 passes, so just run in.
This is the spec.
Sheet Metal Tunnel Ram
Chrysler NHRA Legal raised cam Iron Block. The block has a standard Mopar Bellhousing bolt pattern. Can take clutch and manual trans or any Mopar Trans or Powerglide transmission. The block has had Bronze lifter bushes fitted throughout. Is ARP studded throughout and is o-ringed for good compression seal.
Chrysler NHRA Legal Spec TS 186 Ally Heads – All porting and development work by Yari Konola Pro Stock Racing.
2.40 Inch Titanium Intake Valves 1.90 Inch Titanium Exhaust Valves.
Jessel shaft rockers throughout, with Alan Johnson Carbon Fibre Rocker Covers – Super Rare!
Compression 15.40-1 Custom Pistons
Knife Edged Crankshaft
Fully Baffled Dry Sump with Moroso 4 stage dry sump and oil Tank.
Custom Grind Roller Camshaft with Cam report, I also have two spare camshafts.
Jessel Keyway .904” super heavy duty roller lifters.
This motor was always run correctly and was never abused. It currently runs with a tune that yields around 1000bhp with a maximum RPM limit of 7300rpm. This can be raised to a full 1200hp if more rpm and larger cam lift used. Yari expected this motor to run 7.1 in a Pro Stock car running gasoline.
The motor comes with full dry sump system, Jessel belt drive camshaft drive and Jessel belt drive distributor and a pair of coated exhaust headers.
It is a water jacketed block and cylinder heads. It has always been a no expense spared motor and I have done my best to make it as maintenance free and user friendly as possible.
Spare parts include, a complete set of higher ratio Jessel Shaft Rockers, spare head gaskets, spare rocker cover gaskets, various spare Jessel seals, Spare Jessel Roller Lifters, Spare valvespring sets new, spare rod set-(used 16 runs). I will also include the special Jessel Valve Adjusting tool and other special tools that I have. It comes with front motor plate still fitted.
I will sell this as a package for £10,995.00
This is bottom line price!!!!

You will never buy 1200 HP of Mopar thats been refreshed and ready to give good service cheaper.
If it does not sell I will keep it, I would never be able to replace it.

Contact: Paul Marston
Country: United Kingdom
Email: click here
Tel: 07831 650230   

Date: 11/29/2015 7:17:26 AM Ref: 00097667

Contact: Rob
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07712 177299   

Date: 11/25/2015 5:30:16 PM Ref: 00097666
Ford manual gearbox
Ford manual gearbox removed from 1965 falcon ( top loader type)
In good working order. Comes with bellhousing/flywheel/clutch & fork
Speedo cable ready to fit small block 302 -289-351 v8.
Just fit & go.
Cast numbers D7DR-700C-AA.
Tag numbers RUG P KG 9
Worcester area.

Contact: Brian
Country: UK
Tel: 07837 985973   

Date: 11/25/2015 1:45:08 PM Ref: 00097665
Billet fabricated tunnel ram for oval port Dart Big Chief heads with twin Dominator top plate £950.00 ono
New in box Turbo Start 16 volt battery #S16VL £200
Dart Big M steal 4 bolt main caps and bolts £100
10x Ross custom forged HC pistons, pins and buttons for conventional port heads 4.560" bore £550.00 ono
8x New Ferrea Stainless intake valves 2.3" #F1224P £110.00 ono
New Clevite rod bearings std full set #CB-743H £60.00
3x Ford 9" gear sets 28 spline pinion 2x 5.66-1 1x 5.83-1 used but in great shape £250.00 ono the lot!
2x Jegs Holley Dominator anti revrsion/shear plates 2" bore £40.00 each
New Moroso billet filler neck kit #63421 £35.00
Moroso oil filter to hose adaptor plate #23683 £20.00
Auto Meter 2 5/8 gauges water temp £35.00
Liquid filled Blower pressure £40.00
Liquid filled oil temperature £40.00
Felpro rocker cover gaskets #1630 new £20.00
1x Felpro head gasket #1093 new £45.00
Moroso steal black rocker covers £35.00
MSD firewall feed-through #8212 new £8.00
MSD two step module #8739 £25.00
EPW remote electric water pump £60.00 ono
2x Mr gasket chrome panivack valves £15.00
110 volt screw in pan oil heater and lead £30.00
2x 3/4" thick wheel spacers 5 stud 4 3/4" PCD £60.00ono
2x helicopter window catches £80.00 ono

Contact: Nigel Payne
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07711 761555   

Date: 11/25/2015 7:56:51 AM Ref: 00097663
TH-400 With GEARVENDORS Overdrive
A TH 400 GEARBOX with Ultra bell SFI front case Chevy bolt pattern but also B.O.P. Pattern too

This is full manual valve body B&M kit with reverse pattern shift kit with transbrake .

This transmission was behind my supercharged 454 BBC in my 57 chevy 700hp
It ran 10.3 @ 130 mph @ 3700 lbs . A strong transmission .

Gearvendors overdrive super strong overdrive which turns the TH400 into a 6 speed box
Turned my 7 to the gal to 10 to the gal on a run
Convertor is 3000 stall 10 inch .

Superb combination for the street or track

£3000 altogether

Contact: David
Country: UK
Tel: 07411 974452   

Date: 11/25/2015 7:48:19 AM Ref: 00097662

Brand New System 1 Oil filter 4 1/4 long universal tread kit £80
Brand New big block Chevy Billet Electric Aerospace water pump £280


Dragster Hedman Husler Big Block Chevy Headers upward facing £100
Ron Toilet kit £500
Dedenbear electric throttle stop £80

Picture available upon request.
I can post all items at additional cost

Location Bedford

Contact: Paul
Country: UK
Tel: 07554 626162   

Date: 11/25/2015 7:45:48 AM Ref: 00097661
Aft 2 disc Clutch. 11inch, 12 adjustable stands 2500,- incl many spares
Trick tit clutch can. 2500,- in very good condition
B&J input shaft for clutch 100,-
EM Digital timing control 200,-
Msd 6 shooter 200,-
Em timer control 100,-
Degree pils
Rpm pils from 3.000 to 10.000 rpm.
Bae stage v rocker set. Without inlet rockers 1000,-
Two step module. 25,-
Adjustable rpm limiter box. 25,-
Seat belts as new 5 point 100,-
Used alu rods. Signed 15,- each
Team T-shirts. 20,- each

Contact: David Vegter
Country: The Netherlands
Email: click here
Tel: +31-653362340   

Date: 11/15/2015 1:07:51 PM Ref: 00097660
1995 Camaro bodyshell
Rust free hardtop bodyshell - engine /gearbox / rear axle / interior have all been removed
All lights / glass / wheels etc in good condition
Was going to build into race car but now changed plans
Reasonable offer accepted
Can help with delivery

Contact: Clive
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07483382840   

Date: 11/12/2015 1:10:32 PM Ref: 00097659
Motor, converter
TFX Hemi with ar980 whipple
TFX billet block
BAE fuel heads with fresh seats and guides
KB mag manifold
Bryant 4.5 crank
4.187 ross pistons 7 runs
Alu Top Fuel con rods
Top fuel 1.1 inch piston pins
BAE front gear drive with snout for fuel pump.
1200 enderle fuel pump, with 3 way shutoff
ar980 Whipple screw blower. LESS THAN 25 runs since brand new!! And full restrain system and bag. with current cert.
Pro mag 44 with point box with rev chip and coil.
Alu Valve covers powder coated black.
Complete fuel system.
Black rocker system with the big 7/16 adjusters
Pullies and RCD idler setup.
Crank trigger brackets
KB billet wetsump oil pump.
Wet sump oil pan
MSD plug wires
Misc. fuel hoses and lines for the engine.
Engine needs nothing and is ready to rock. This is the complete engine out of my car, with fuel setup and everything.
This engine is fully TD capable. I have been running this engine turned way down.
I have loads and loads of spares for this type of engine. I will make a good seperate deal on these. After the engine is sold either to the buyer of the engine or some one else. But only after the engine is sold.
Trades welcome. Looking for 1st gen camaros early 70s Cubas and challangers or maybe dually chevy or dodge pickups.
Price is in Danish Kroner!

Located in Denmark

Price 230000 dkr.

Bradco Bolt together converter up for sale.
Converter has 2 runs on it since it was checked by Danielssons. Converter needs nothing and is in perfect condition. It has TH splines and is setup for a 1200 kg, 1800 hp, blown methanol big tire car.
Only reson for selling is because i am switching to a different style transmission, so i can't use it, othervise i would run is in my car.
This converter was 39000 sek new from bradco. Badass converter!
Price is in Danish Kroner. Shipping is extra.

Located in Denmark.

Price: 14000 dkr.

Contact: Sune
Country: Denmark
Email: click here
Tel: +45 251 53 315   

Date: 11/12/2015 11:39:25 AM Ref: 00097658
Profiler Sniper jr intake
Profiler Sniper jr intake with 4500 flange to fit Big Block Chevy with 9.8 deck. This intake was imported new by me earlier this year at a cost of $650, approx £435 !!! it's in as-new condition but with the advantage of being properly port matched to a Felpro 1275 intake gasket.
Sales blurb tells you that this adds 30hp over any similar intake, my engine dyno'd at EDA proved that it works !!!
Great piece of kit for big blocks in the region of 500>850bhp range

£300 ono

Item located in North Yorks.
Collection preferred but will courier at buyers cost, probably approx £15
Contact: Daz
Country: UK
Tel: 07712 016997   

Date: 11/9/2015 2:19:25 PM Ref: 00097657
Hemi dry sump oil pump
Pleugar / rcd dry sump oil pump for chrysler hemi excellent condition comes with adjustable bypass and loop line £ 475
Contact: Bert
Country: United Kingdom
Email: click here
Tel: 07956 343980   

Date: 11/6/2015 1:34:32 PM Ref: 00097655
Turbo Sale!
2 pc Garrett Turbos GTX4508R,1250Hp each, fast spole up!! all options inkl.11 blade Billet wheel,Billet backplate,stanlessteel V-band light weight exhaust house A/R 1.16 (new price in USA $3759+shippment and taxes) price $2320 each. Now$4000 a pair!
performace 201 meters 4.04/293km/h 1191kg car.
1pc same as above with out housings brand new in box.$2320. with new house has above $4060
AMS 1000 Turbo bost controller $800
4 NOS Pro Race solionoids 450Hp new in boxes ($158) sale $100 each
Bruno spole up kit( $625) $400
Contact: Peter
Country: Sweden
Email: click here
Tel: +46 528 40046   

Date: 11/5/2015 4:47:15 PM Ref: 00097654
Littlefield superchargers
littlefield 8-71 polished supercharger, been restriped, ready to bolt on. got two of them, asking £1600 each, will do a deal for both
Contact: Steve
Country: UK
Tel: 07402 353595   

Date: 11/3/2015 1:40:51 PM Ref: 00097653
All New Steve Schmidt 565 cuin Big Block Chevy
Dart Big M standard deck block with all the correct prep work done
Custom Comp Cams roller cam
Billet True Roller timing set
Polished cast aluminium timing cover
Isky lifters
Comp Cams Push rods
Manley 4.250” crankshaft
Manley H Beam rods with ARP 2000 bolts
JE pistons
Total Seal piston rings
Melling HV oil pump
B&B drag race oil pan
ATI Super Damper
Racing Head Services CNC ported cylinder heads
ARP head studs
Manley valve springs
Comp Cams retainers
Comp Cams rockers
Comp Cams stud girdle
Polished JBRE valve covers
Pro-Filer Sniper intake manifold
Quick Fuel Technology QFX4711 1150 cfm carb
MSD Billet distributor and Moroso 8.85 leads


Contact: Jeff Bull
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07834 381804   

Date: 11/3/2015 1:27:14 PM Ref: 00097652
571 cuin Big Block Chevy
Dart Big M standard deck block with .903” bronze lifter bores and needle roller cam bearings
Custom billet roller cam with torrington thrust bearing
Jesel belt drive
Isky E-ZY Roll 903” lifters
Manton push rods
Callies light weight 4.250” crankshaft
GRP 5200 Series rods
Custom Diamond (coated) pistons
Total Seal piston rings
Melling HV oil pump
Moroso Pro-Eliminator oil pan
ATI Super Damper
Custom Flex Plate
Pro-Filer 12° ported cylinder heads
5/16” Manley Titanium valves
PAC springs
PAC retainers
Jesel shaft mount rockers
Polished sheet metal valve covers
Polished sheet metal tunnel ram intake manifold
ARP fasteners throughout
Dual BLP Dominators set up for Q16 (we do have other metering block options)
4 Port regulator with fuel lines
MSD distributor and MSD 8.5 wires
16 passes on rods and pistons
Ran 7.43 @186 mph in our 2448lb truck

Custom FAB Shop headers and new custom 9” TSI converter available at additional cost
Contact: Jef Bull
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07834 381804   

Date: 11/1/2015 1:29:04 PM Ref: 00097651
Fibreglass hoods
Duster 70 glass hood with 5" Cowlscoop,for Hood Pins or Dzuz,new in primer. 350 €

Mustang 67-68 glass hood with 6" Cowl hood, Hood Pins or Dzuz,new in primer. 350€ Camaro 67-69 glass hood with 6" Cowl scoop,HP or Dzuz, new in primer. 350€

Got pictures,shipping is no problem!

Contact: Tobbe
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 10/29/2015 6:10:43 PM Ref: 00097650
Strange shocks
1 pair new unused strange shocks (s5205 used for set up only) single adjustable £250

Based in reading
Contact: Paul
Country: UK
Tel: 07792 887748   

Date: 10/29/2015 8:38:27 AM Ref: 00097649
One pair of Dart/Total Flow twin plug 426 style hemi heads , part number 87497 , pretty good cond with a set of s/h valves ( ti inlet , stainless ex) £500 ono

One pair of Dart twin plug Magnesium Hemi Rocker covers

One pair of Keith Black single plug magnesium hemi rocker covers , need a couple of small repairs £400

Engle KB -435 hemi 45degree roller cam , good condition £100

2 x Weld Prolite (? - the ones with 8 holes in) , chevy and ford pcds , with good 25x4.5x15" front runners £250

Contact: Wayne
Country: UK
Tel: 07791255857   

Date: 10/28/2015 10:56:07 AM Ref: 00097647
Mickey Thompson 25/4.5-15 front runners. These are brand new and have never been fitted, bought in error, priced to sell £220
Mickey Thompson 24.5/8.0-13 drive slicks, perfect for front wheel drive cars or old school ford racers. Brand new, never fitted, Price £200
Hoosier 34.5/17.0-16 rear tyres from our pro mod car. These tyres have only done 13 runs so have plenty of life left in them. Price £200
BAE billet short motor +.100" (full rotating assembly, ring for details)
Aeromotive billet belt drive fuel pump, will support up to 3600hp on race gasoline or 1800hp on methanol. P/n SKU 11105. Price £300
NOS 'Big shot' nitrous plate (plate only, no solenoids) for 4150 carbs. Price £50
Autometer Volt guage. Price £10
MSD tach adaptor p/n 8910. Price £20
B&M Precision Sport shifter for Vauxhall Monaro/Holden Monaro/Pontiac GTO. May fit other applictions with a T56 gearbox. Price £150

I can post all items at buyers cost, or collect from our workshop.
Contact: Luke
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 01256 880589   

Date: 10/27/2015 1:46:11 PM Ref: 00097645
Clutch & Driveline Parts "Just Give it Away" sale
I have way too much one off clutch stuff taking up room in the shop. Time for it to go!

-2 ea Lenco input shafts for 8 1/8, fine spline CS-1 $80 ea

-20.5" Lenco drive shaft with male coupler. 35 spline. $100 OBO

-32" Pro Mod drive shaft. Looks to have low mileage on it. Measured from ctr to ctr on U-joints. With yoke for Lenco CS2. $100 OBO

-Home built clutch grinder for discs only. Franks style disc cutter. $1000 OBO

-Taylor CS-2 3 speed trans blanket - $100 OBO

-AFT 10.7 6 finger pedal "legal" Lock up clutch for hemi. This is the TAD/TAFC/Pro Mod legal clutch that has 3 standard levers and 3 lock up levers that are spring loaded to make them come in later. It's not the outlaw style multi-stage lock up clutch that uses a solenoid to control the throw out bearing. This unit has low runs. Full round flywheel, Ti donut. This is a pedal style clutch, not a glide $500 OBO

-Crower 10.7 big stand 6 finger glide 3 disc clutch for Chevy/481. Aluminum. With ring gear. With clutch pack- $500 OBO

-2 ea Crower 10" Small stand 6 finger Aluminum pedal 2 disc clutch for Chevy/481. With ring gear. $500 OBO (box of parts available)

11" Raybestos 5191G Material Discs. V cut in each pad for lightening purposes. .364,.308,.305,.367,.351,.357,.356,.359,.355,.320. $250 for all 10 discs!

10.7 Big stand clutch pack. .327, .320, .329 discs, .344, .339 floaters. $100 OBO

10" Raybestos 5167 Discs New - .377, .383, .373 - $120 for all 3

10" Raybestos Used discs - .287 (5135) .284 (5191) .285 (5191) - $30 for all 3

10" Ace New discs. 1 ea from batch 100050-7-1, 7 ea from batch 100070-3-3. $250 OBO for all 8.

All discs for standard alcohol course spline.

Pictures available on request

Contact: Will
Country: United States of America
Email: click here
Tel: +1 979 415 4959   

Date: 10/27/2015 1:44:47 PM Ref: 00097644
Richmond - Ford 9" Pro Gear Ring and Pinion Set - Ratio: 4.11 still boxed as new 5 runs £350

Pro Alloy custom made radiator expansion tank W7” x H5” x D9” £40

Dodge Ram – Mud Flaps original equipment fit 2002/05 (as new) £15 for 4

Contact: Nicky
Country: UK
Tel: 07734 155553   

Date: 10/27/2015 1:42:57 PM Ref: 00097643
!! End of Season Sale !!
Vertex OXC Magneto for SBC/BBC (Vertex Part # 706000) - 12 degrees built in advance has been locked out, comes with two External Coils (one Joe Hunt, one Vertex), Two Caps, Two Rotor Arms and Blue Taylor Vertex leads, recently serviced by Tom Dark Engineering. Would cost around £1000 new, everything goes for £495 ono.

AutoMeter Pro-Comp Tachometer (Part # 6811), converted for Magneto - £100 ono.

Set of 4 (and one spare) 6 x 13" RS style alloys wheels, 4 stud ford pattern - £80 ono.

RJS -15 One Piece Fire Suit in black, will fit driver 5' 8" slim build, never used - £400 ovno.

Pictures can be sent on request...

Contact: Simon
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07813 899956   

Date: 10/25/2015 4:05:16 PM Ref: 00097642
LAMINOVA chargecooler/intercooler cores

I have six brand new genuine cores to build the ultimate chargecooler,
£50 each
Contact: Rob
Country: UK
Tel: 07983 281491   

Date: 10/21/2015 5:08:35 PM Ref: 00097641
Cragar slotmags
I have a pair of 10x15 cragar slotmags with centre caps to fit 4 stud ford with new 295/50/15 bfg tyres still got 8mm also a pair of 51/2x13 wolfrace with centre caps new 185/70/13 tyres all in great condition also got a pair of 81/2x15 era racing slots with bfg tyres these are beetle stud patern but could be redrilled to fit others
Contact: Terry
Country: UK
Tel: 07979 313488   

Date: 10/21/2015 4:39:25 PM Ref: 00097640
Enderle Tunnel Ram Fuel Injection System
Enderle Tunnel Ram Fuel Injection System
Setup for Methanol 351 to 410 cubic inch
Ready to bolt on and run
Complete with BugCatcher - Barrel Valve - Port Nozzles (20/30) - Braided Hoses - Shut Off Valve - Return By Pass Valve
Enderle 80A Fuel Pump
Belt Drive and Crank Pulley
Spare Drive Belts
Spare Port Nozzles (25)
Spare Pills (110 - 170)
Comes with Ford Cleveland 4V Tunnel Ram Manifold
System can be used on any Motor - Chevy Ford Mopar etc with suitable Tunnel Ram Manifold
Complete System
£1350 ono
Cash credit cards PayPal accepted
Also on eBay
Contact: Paul
Country: UK

Date: 10/21/2015 4:32:18 PM Ref: 00097639
Big Block Chevy headers good condition , taken from 454 El Camino , good cond....................£100
Rest of system with flowmaster boxes ....from 454 Camino..........................................£50
TH400 Transmission Chevy pattern .Just removed from 454 El Camino. Working Perfectly....... £500

Pro Form QFT 850 cfm, mech sec. double pump Carb Excellent condition...............................£400

Edelbrock 14" Air Filter Satin Black.........................................................................................£ 20

Contact: Ray
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07503 645899   

Date: 10/19/2015 12:32:55 PM Ref: 00097638
£350.00 EACH

Contact: Ian
Country: UK
Tel: 07885 276269   

Date: 10/17/2015 2:21:59 PM Ref: 00097636
Strange shocks for sale
1 pair new unused strange shocks (s5205 used for set up only) single adjustable £250

based in reading
Contact: Paul
Country: UK
Tel: 07792887748   

Date: 10/17/2015 1:37:08 PM Ref: 00097635
Browell Steel Bellhousing for Bruno Drive.

Fits Chevy and HEMI , inspection plate . Will re-tag.


Standard Bellhousing for Bruno , Chevy pattern .


Contact: Wayne
Country: UK
Tel: 07969 298479   

Date: 10/15/2015 11:52:49 AM Ref: 00097634
Hilborn mechanical fuel injection, stacks, hoses, pump,ect.
complete setup for 440 indy heads. 2500 euro. obo.

Indy tunnel ram for 440 indy heads. Complete setup 2x Quikfuel E85 carbs
Complete pill kit for 2 carbs.
Aeromotive electr fuel pump hoses ect.
Fast air / fuel ratio meter.
Just like new, 2500. euro. obo

Lenco 4 speed big spline. 2.46 - 1.80 - 1.31 - 1.37
Seprate units 1.37 - 1.37 - 1.31 1500. euro. obo

2X KB Hemi one stage 5 and one stage 6 complet from intake to pan
Bae fueler heads ect . see last post two for one price. 15.000 euro. obo

Contact: Marck
Country: The Netherlands
Email: click here
Tel: +31 653 400 718   

Date: 10/14/2015 4:11:27 PM Ref: 00097633
2012 stage 7 almost new undamaged block,
raised cam large journals,
std deck height,
4.310 bore
front timing gear + fuel pump extension
copper head 4.5" pan
crower 4.500" crank
grp plate rods used byt A1 condition
arrias pistons used some new
loads of bearings for rods and mains
1 set of stage 1 AJ heads ready to use
1 set of stage 3 AJ heads ready to use, with spares
loads of pushrods for both heads
stage 5 rocker gear,OILING TYPE with spare screws.
carbon fiber rocker covers
1 set off piston rings new
two cams, one new and been fitted, with cam cards
std deck intake manifold, all studs and burst panels
rcd front crank support
rcd blower belt tensioner
rcd blower guard
x2 head stud kits / all stud and nuts for all the engine
head gaskets new / used
50 and 60 w oil 4 drums
6,off spare liners used
twin mag drive with hold down claw

projacks (original)

as new, used 3 times.
18" lift
chrome finish
x2 jacks
x1 set of hoses
x1 pump


billet forward and reverse selector
fits cs1 and pos others.

Contact: Steve
Country: UK
Tel: 07811 622990   

Date: 10/13/2015 1:15:01 PM Ref: 00097632
SBC street/strip motor
357 CUBS Brodix track 1 cnc heads 208 inlets 160 exhausts crane roller rockers molly push rods and cam by comp cams trw forged pistons lighten and balanced bottom end sold carb to pan just add your starter water pump dizzy 2500

we are in kent
Contact: Rob
Country: UK
Tel: 07702 564469   

Date: 10/13/2015 1:13:37 PM Ref: 00097631
BBC pistons
Big Block Chevy Ross pistons 4.530 bore flat top single valve relief 1.2 c.h including pins and buttons new old stock £450.00 the set
Contact: Russ
Country: UK
Tel: 07949 834622   

Date: 10/12/2015 2:25:27 PM Ref: 00097630
Lenco for sale
Lenco for sale inc browell can plungers and bottle ect excellent condition selling as I have changed direction on this build.
£3300.00 inc

Contact: Ian
Country: UK
Tel: 07885 276269   

Date: 10/6/2015 5:39:46 PM Ref: 00097629
Crower 10'7" pedal clutch
Triple plate clutch
Will tag
4,off new floaters
2,off reground floaters
4,off used floaters

6,off new discs
6,off used discs

Set of new light weight fingers

X2 sets of fly wheel bolts

X2 dti gauges and hand book

Contact: Steve
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07811 622990   

Date: 10/5/2015 3:46:55 PM Ref: 00097628
738cui 5" Reher Morrison Nitrous engine

5" Dart billet block.
Bryant crank
GRP Rods
Venolia Pistons
Diamond tool steel wrist pins
Total seal rings
CFE Heads
Victory titanium valves
Manley titanium retainers
Manley bead lock with lashcaps
T&D shaft mounted rocker arms
Copper head gaskets
ARP Head stud kit
RMRE Billet Rail Sheetmetal Valve Covers
RMRE Custom 2×4 Barrel Sheetmetal Fabricated Intake Manifold
3 Nitrous systems, 2 Speedtech fogger, 1x Speedtech softline
Manton Pushrods
Jesel lifters
Pro Systems 2x Nitrous PRO-IV
Jesel Raised Cam Belt Drive Timing System
MSD Crank trigger
MSD Distributor
Morors dry sump oil pan
Moroso vaccum pump
Peterson 5 stage dry sump oil pump
CSR waterpump
ATI Internal Balance Super Damper
Side exit headers with EGT bungs

Engine has been 4.09 at Tierp this summer
Lots of spare parts.
Have tuneup for unleaded fuel!
Have serveral converters avialable
Pat musi water injection

Call me and we'll talk.

Price £21000

Contact: Michael
Country: Sweden
Email: click here
Tel: +46 730682293   

Date: 10/4/2015 3:08:08 PM Ref: 00097627
£750 (or £650 if you have a 'box to exchange)

CAN PALLET ANYWHERE IN THE UK FOR £40. Pics on Ebay ,search 301745198575.

Contact: Paul
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 10/4/2015 2:36:20 PM Ref: 00097626
Polished 6-71 supercharger for small block Chevy full kit, to make your engine sing.
Dyers inlet with blow off plate, polished drive kit, with 1x 530H300 belt, 2 x 540H300 belts, ½” drive pulleys included 31tooth,32tooth,34tooth,2 x35tooth,36tooth,37tooth,39tooth, so many drive options included,
RCD crank support with twin keyed chrome molly hub, degree ring, single vee pulley for alternator, alternator mounting bracket, all bolt and nuts to fit,
Twin AED 780 blower carbs, boost referenced power valves, 4 corner idle, Endearle side throttle linkage, Areoquip fuel hoses, twin pressure gauges, to twin high output fuel regulators, 2 x Holley black top fuel pumps which are needed,
Comp cams small base circle solid roller blower camshaft, comp cams retrofit solid roller lifters that match the cam, cam and lifters new last year,
All Above is dyno matched so sold as a full kit made my 4400lbs transit van run wheels up @ 10.9. on pump gas. All in A1 condition change of direction forces sale.
All for only £5000.00 cost much more

Contact: Ashley
Country: UK
Tel: 01844 238504 eves and weekends   

Date: 10/4/2015 12:24:34 PM Ref: 00097625
Small Block Chevy 8 Stack fuel injection
Includes 4 x throttle bodies inlet manifold fuel rails and trumpets all as new never run please call for me info. £800.00 ono

Contact: Russ
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07949 834622   

Date: 10/4/2015 8:07:54 AM Ref: 00097624
9" axle case and shafts
9" axle case and shafts narrowed to suit 34 1/2" flange to flange. Shafts are originals cut and re-splined to 31. Flanges double drilled 4 3/4 and 4 1/2". Unique axle ends tuned from solid that includes flange for calipers, all nicely done and TIG welded to new 3" tubes. Email for pics. £400. Located Bourne, Lincs
Contact: Simon
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07979291950   

Date: 10/4/2015 8:05:43 AM Ref: 00097623
P315/60R15 15


Contact: Alex
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07986 849093   

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