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2014 March Meet

Click on a picture for a large size image.

Bill Grace's 1960 Pontiac Ventura is definitely one of the rarer vehicles on the property.

The staging lanes were chock-full early Saturday morning. The ambulance at the front of the queue is in fact a race car...

Syl Schied was putting on a great 'Spectical'.

In the first round of D/Gas Harold Binsfield was against Anthony Bandy.

Also in D/Gas, Ron Danly in the Anglia panel van was against the 'True Blue '37 Ford of Dan Martin.

The Willys of Tim Avila against the '55 Chevrolet of Jamie Burt.

Ken Brown's '52 Chevy Business Coupe approaches the burnout area.

Eddie Plazier's '48 Anglia pulls another wheelie.

Gabe Woods' Topolino is powered by an injected Big Block Chevy of 454cu in.

In B/Gas, Boyd Ferry's '74 Camaro with a 632cu in engine faced Casey Treur's '33 Willys powered by a 565cu in Chevy.

In NEI, Jimmy Morosan's Team Desperado slingshot is powered by a Donovan 417cu in engine. He went out in round one.

Camping at Famoso Raceway is very popular, but we didn't see many tents.

Steven Densham's Nostalgia Funny Car shares the trailer with father Gary's NHRA Funny Car. Steven qualified no.2 with 5.692.

Roger Garten qualified no.14 with a 5.848, a time that would have been good for 6th place in 2013's event. Roger went out to Jason Rupert (Bays & Rupert Camaro) in round one.

No.8 and 7 qualifiers were Jesse Adams (5.801) and Del Worsham (5.787). Both went out in round one.

Jason Rupert was 2013 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series Champion and is into Sunday's round two after a close race in round one.

Steve Easton in Bob Godfrey's '72 Cuda failed to make the cut with a best of 6.009. The bump spot was 5.904.

Rick McGee qualified no.4 at 5.753/240 in his Donovan motored Top Fuel Dragster and won against Bill Dunlap in round one with a 5.879/232.

Newly licensed Dusty Green in the Bob Richardson owned “Circuit Breaker” Top Fueler qualified no.10 with a 5,940 at only 200mph and went through to round two when opponent David Hirata broke.

David Hirata, who has raced in Top Alcohol with an A/Fuel car in NHRA, has joined the Heritage Series and qualified 7th with a 5.82/223 before mechanical problems in round one of eliminations.

The rear engined Top Fuel Dragster of Mike Stewart and Brad Thompson appears as a sole exhibition runner at Heritage events with Mike driving. Unusually for Top Fuel, the car has a Powerglide transmission.

In an A/Gas match of unusual vehicles the '56 Nash Metropolitan of Gabe Wood, which bounces on its suspension as the blown engine 'hunts', was against the familiar-sounding Voodoo Hemi, KB-engined '35 Airflow of Richard Wilson. .

The 1951 Kaiser Henry J owned and raced by Chris Beanes suffered sub-par times in qualifying but can run mid sevens in A/Gas.

The '41 Willys of Jim Godec has a Dart 500 engine and qualified eighth.

Rafael Quiroga's '57 Bel Air qualified 20th.

A standard bodied '56 Chevy of Pete Cogswell runs a supercharged alky engine in A/Gas.

Mark Tarabochia is from Oregon and his Cuda runs in 7.0 Pro category, where he qualified 13th with 7.15.

Brad Denney's '32 Bantam has a KB 517cu in engine and he qualified 10th in 7.0 Pro with a 7.123.

Rick Frye's '32 Willys powered by a 572cu in Chevy qualified 30th in NE1 with 8.207/175.

No.1 qualifier Dan Horan's Mustang ran quickest time of the round with 5.683/258 to defeat Dale vanGundy's 5.904 in his Quarter Pounder Challenger.

Steven Densham's advantage over Garrett Bateman in their first round matchup is from a 0.088 RT and 5.685 ET to Garrett's 0.149 RT and 5.893 ET.

Brad Thompson in Jailbreak won against Jesse Adams in round one of Funny Car and faces Dan Horan in round two.

In Top Fuel round one, Ron August had a holeshot victory over Terry Cox, 5.873 to 5.816.

Adam Sorokin in the canopied 'Batmobile' Top Fueler ran a 5.783 when Jim Murphy stage fouled.

In Saturday's second round of Fuel Altered qualifying Dean Oberg in the Toplino ran under the 6.0 index carding a too-quick 5.77 and Dan Hix is no.2 with a 6.385/209.

Keith Wilson remains no.1 qualifier in Fuel Altered with a 6.26 at only 164mph.

Pure Hell driven by Ron August Jnr will be racing in the UK in July and this iconic car is not to be missed.

Pure Heaven III of Leon Fitzgerald driven by John Weaver is in fourth place with 6.797/201.

Report and pictures ©Simon Groves. Feature ©

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