Drag Racing Unplugged XI

With the 2009 season over we are, for the eleventh year in succession, pleased to bring you the finest comments from the year's event coverage on Eurodragster.com - and other quotes we didn't publish at the time.

We open with the Quotes of the Year of the 2009 Eurodragster.com coverage team:

Tog's Quote Of The Year

"Never saw any 'private' E-Mail from you but then I would have to assume that my junk filter did its job"
-- Put-down of the Year delivered by Showtime Fuel FC Crew Chief Bob Jarrett

Simon's Quote Of The Year

"I guess we will do the FIA tour next year if God permits. The crew's wives will be ecstatic"
-- Pro Modified racer Graham Ellis mentions two deities in two sentences

Roger's Quote Of The Year

"This is Rose Hughes, who took all the photographs you used and this is Ivan Sansom, her assistant"
-- Swedish photojournalist Stefan Boman introducing photographer Rose Hughes to a publisher

Kirstie's Quote Of The Year

"Driving Pro Mods isn't easy - just ask Melanie Troxel"
-- That'll be the Melanie Troxel who crashed a Pro Mod in the USA but who was at Hockenheim and stood in front of European drag racing's loudest PA system when colour commentator Darryl Bradford mentioned it

Ed's Quote Of The Year

"Spencer Tramm is one of those people whom you could put in any car and they'd run the numbers. Like Jon Webster only uglier"
-- A passing comment of Tog's broadcast via Nitro FM which caused Ed to spit coffee three thousand miles away

Christer's Quote Of The Year

"I don't know when it was, but we drove on the left back in those days"
-- Pro Modified racer Freddy Fagerström tries to remember when he last qualified in number one spot

Spencer's Quote Of The Year

"I'm afraid I don't speak any Swedish"
"Don't worry, if you say anything interesting I'll translate it"
-- Colour commentator Darryl Bradford cops the sharp end of track announcer Christer Abrahamson at Mantorp Park

And the rest of the 2009 Drag Racing Unplugged collection in chronological order...

"I ask them to tell me what car or bike they have. If it's a racer then they will go on so much about their car that after half an hour I'm looking at my watch"
-- Simon Barker of Eurodragster.com sponsor Nitrous Oxide Supplies knows how to tell a Nitrous user from a Nitrous sniffer...

"One guy asked me "I've got a Suzuki Swift, what should I put on it?". I told him "A For Sale sign"!"
-- ...but Simon always stands ready to offer advice

"Very professional and we've never had anyone better. That's why we extended the deal. He does a lot of work which no-one knows about and he is very highly regarded in America"
-- Les Downey of Eurodragster.com sponsor Lucas Oil Products explains his company's backing for FIA European Top Fuel Dragster Champion Andy Carter

"That was Tuesday night and how you found out about it on Wednesday morning I don't know!"
-- Andy Carter does a deal to race Top Fuel in the USA, but is unaccountably surprised that Eurodragster.com got the story

"Engines are making so much load now that ordinary titanium isn't enough"
-- Until Nigel Hoskison of Eurodragster.com sponsor Allegheny Technologies told us, we didn't know that there was a non-ordinary titanium

"They had a machine there to analyse golf swings. That's not really racing is it"
-- Barry Miller of Brown and Miller Racing Solutions identifies a possible problem with the PRI Show

"You could easily see ten of them. They are interested because of the travel"
-- Top Methanol FC racer Leif Andréasson tries to attract US racers to Europe

"We were snapping driveshafts for England but we got down to a 9.9"
-- Import racer John Bradshaw gets into single digits...

"We are still gobsmacked how difficult it is to go in a straight line!"
-- ...but is still learning

"The new crankshaft is what we call pork chop style rather than round"
-- Supertwin racer Anders Karling knows that you can get the attention of any Eurodragster.com staff member by mentioning food

"We are changing all sorts of things on the car to catch up with Andy Hone!"
-- His 2009 strategy, by Super Modified racer Nigel Payne

"We have had a lot of people E-Mail wanting more of the same after the race with Thomas Nataas at the National Finals. It's nice to hear from people like that because it makes it all worthwhile"
-- Fuel Funny Car racer John Spuffard appreciates the fan mail

"There is a certain amount of monkey-see monkey-do in motorsport so we quickly started to supply others"
-- Chris Brown of ARP Racing Products was of course talking about circuit racers

"You find an answer to a problem and it might not be the ideal answer, so you try other things at the next race and you end up realising that there might not be an ideal answer"
-- Top Methanol Dragster racer Dave Wilson gets into injected-nitro

"As the owner of a company one of whose main operations depends upon the weather it's not just frustrating but hurts the pocket big time"
-- At the start of 2009, Santa Pod Raceway CEO Keith Bartlett is still licking his wounds after a very wet 2008

"The bottom line to all of this is that if motorsport doesn't look to the future and the huge environmental changes in the next couple of years and make the change in direction required, then government and legislation will make the changes for us"
-- Like it or not, Keith Bartlett keeps a weather eye on the green revolution

"We can win races, and that's why I want to start today!"
-- The problem is that Top Fuel Dragster racer Micke Kågered is speaking in January

"You look like Tog only higher up"
"Well, we often train in the same restaurants"
-- Top Fuel tuner Karsten Andersen encounters Eurodragster.com US Correspondent Ed O'Connell at Pomona

"This is Andy Rogers, who likes to be known as Tog. He tells me that he recently signed a cheque for thirty billion pounds"
-- Madam President of Wellingborough Rotary Club introduces a talk about Santa Pod Raceway...

"It's very kind of you to applaud me when all I have done is to stand up"
-- ...Tog starts said talk

"I needed more leg room in the car as my knees were almost touching my chin"
-- Why Pro ET racer Antony Wilkins went from a Model A van to a Morris Minor Traveller

"Last year the car had a self-built Small Block but before the exchange rate got too bad we acquired a Scott Shafiroff 555 cubic inch Big Block crate engine"
-- Shrewd fiscal planning by Pro ET racer Dan Williams

"I've pulled my hair out already"
-- Then that's a lot of aggravation Pro ET racer Carl Burton must have had

"The engine preparation left me with nothing to do"
-- The US' Nasty Dave Benjamin works with the Chaos Fuel Altered team

"Usually we go through three sets of slicks in a season but with the weather last year we only used up one set"
-- You can be sure that Super Pro ET racer John Everitt tried to make it two or three with his burnouts, though

"The new body cost us less than the repairs to the old one"
-- More shrewd fiscal planning, this time by Top Methanol Funny Car racer Danny Bellio

"We got the call at three o'clock yesterday afternoon and had to cancel our sightseeing plans"
-- Konrad Ree's, Rune Olsen's and Tor Larsen's phones ring after Linda Thun Tønseth's Top Fuel Dragster crew fell ill

"I give you Exhibit A"
-- A member of the Eurodragster.com staff when a blown-alcohol Top Methanol Dragster produces header flames

"The car felt good but in conditions like this you have to drive with your head"
-- Top Methanol Dragster racer Timo Habermann pedals anyway

"It felt fine off the line but as it went into high gear it swung like a pendulum. The next thing I knew I was across the track"
-- You don't need us to tell you that it's a Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association driver speaking: in this case Joe Bond

"As we were on a bye run we were not too concerned when the car changed lanes and knew it was better to stay in the other lane and see what it would do at the top end under load"
-- We can see a pattern emerging here: blown-alcohol altered Crew Chief Terry Wratten

"I am in Super Gas without a throttle stop so my driving will be tested"
-- ...and Super Gas racer Paul Foote didn't do too badly at all this season

"I was surprised to see a seven come up as it didn't feel such a good run"
-- Super Street Bike racer Garry Bowe learns that sometimes the ordinary runs aren't

"Gerard Willemse of Puma Engineering came up with an emergency fix involving baking tray aluminium"
-- Blue Peter to the rescue for Pro Modified racer Robert Joosten

"This is what happens when you have the best car in the pits, everyone congregates around it"
-- Pro Modified racer Graham Ellis doesn't do humble (unquote)

"On the first run the bike spun the tyre and was on and off the wheelie bars but at least I didn't break anything"
-- Pro Stock Bike racer Len Paget in "Looking on the bright side" shock

"We decided the new colours had to match our crew shirts, as we're a bit tight on cash"
-- John Spuffard explains why the Showtime Fuel Funny Car team reverted to their previous body

"I need more runs to get good practice in the car, about twenty to thirty at Santa Pod after this event would be nice"
-- Anita Mäkelä returns to Top Fuel Dragster

"My visor was steaming up and after leaving the floodlit startline your eyes can't adjust to the gloom in time. Drivers who run in the dark deserve medals"
-- Blown-alcohol altered racer Bob Glassup lines up for his George Cross

"I have surprised myself how quickly I have got back into driving a race car"
-- Belinda Bull returns to the track and moves up to Super Modified after a year out

"We spent the first fifteen years chasing the Championship but now do it for fun"
-- 2009 was Pro Modified racer Henri Joosten's twenty fifth year in competition

"I don't have a dyno but I do have a big shed"
-- Comp Bike racer Nick Daniels has all he needs

"I really want to race more but I have my degree exams in Economics soon and sponsorship is hard to come by in the present financial crisis"
-- Here's hoping that things loosen up for Top Fuel Dragster racer Linda Thun Tønseth

"We are still doing sideways burnouts and need to find out how to avoid them"
-- Not a Fuel Altered racer this time, but Pro Modified Crew Chief Dave Moore

"We didn't necessarily want to qualify well but I needed one more run to see that the changes we made would have worked"
-- Mats Eriksson tweaks the Green Goblin Pro Modified

"At least we proved that the traction is there"
-- Super Pro ET racer Mark Bishop tries for Earth orbit in his altered

"It's been one of those weekends because our van had a flat tyre too"
-- This was on top of a broken crank for Super Street Bike racer and Eurodragster.com sponsor Jamie Sneddon

"I saw sky, tarmac, sky, tarmac, sky, concrete, sky, tarmac and then blood all over my visor and I thought "I wonder if I'm going to get out of this?"."
-- Pro Stock Bike racer Richard Gipp recounts his top end crash at the Easter Thunderball

"You're small and full-fat aren't you. And what about your coffee?"
-- Tog's Team Leader in his day job starts to get the idea

"I would have gone further at the Big Bang but had a bad start after getting water on my boot"
-- We never realised that 9.50 Bike racer Steve Coombs got that nervous

"The car is not damaged and I have cleaned the feathers off"
-- Super Comp racer Dave James hits a pheasant

"We won the last Super ET Championship before the class was discontinued so I suppose we are still reigning Champions"
-- Super Pro ET's Bob Doyle finds one way of looking at it

"I get breakfast"
-- What happens when Pro ET racer Chris Hodgkins' dad Nick is Crew Chief

"We tried to run by changing the fuel system round but in the end we were getting desperate"
-- Probably not something you'd see Super Street Bike racer Graham Dance admitting on the 200mph bike forum

"I thought I could correct it by getting out of it and then nailing it but when I hit the throttle it just snapped back and went into the wall a second time"
-- Bob Glassup, blown-alcohol altered, you know the rest

"In the shut down area there was an organic error when I went to put the trans into park and pulled the wrong lever and the bottles emptied out"
-- Super Pro ET racer Mark Flavell, not one for claiming "I don't know what happened"

"What about that tenner he owed me?"
-- The late Paul Rose would have been the first to laugh at this comment made as his ashes were scattered at Santa Pod Raceway

"On our second pass yesterday some fluid on the track caused the car to go off-line and it hit the foam block at the top and it also hit a bird, which the aerodynamics sent over the top of the car"
-- Nigel Payne...Super Modified, not Fuel Altered

"I could feel the heat coming through my helmet so I knew it had a problem"
-- Ian Turburville's Supertwin goes bang

"I won the Cock of the Year award in 2008 and am the current holder of the mascot. It will change hands after each meeting to the person that is judged to have made the greatest cock-up. After his red light in round one, Spencer Tramm will receive it for the next race"
-- ...but Spencer never did get his hands on Ian Jackson's cock (the Sportsman ET mascot)

"We got away with it this time"
-- John Wright...it's a Fuel Altered, you know what he has got away with

"The engine was still running at the end of the track even with the broken crank"
-- Bob Glassup's blown-alcohol altered can do things other race cars can't do

"I have followed European racing season for years but to actually be here gives me new respect for fans and racers"
-- US tuner John Smith spends a weekend at Santa Pod Raceway

"I hope today's pass is sufficient to count for the licence"
-- Tommy Rostgaard rode out a stuck throttle, engine fire, burned chutes, a trip off the end of the track and a roll, but all he wants to know is whether his Top Fuel licencing pass got the Race Director's OK

"The car should run 7.4s without gas and be capable of embarrassing Pro Mods with gas"
-- But Brendan Clancy is staying with Super Pro ET right now

"I have always followed the sport, I have also been into hot rodding but found sitting in fields was getting a little boring"
-- Roy Walker enters his immaculate Cortina in Pro ET

"I was off the the throttle getting ready to pull the chutes and the car got a mind of its own and went over"
-- Super Pro ET racer Lee Cohen was minding his own business

"If all else fails, bring out the bacon sarnies"
-- Brain food for the S&K Racing Super Pro ET team as they deal with a leaking fuel system

"I launched in second gear but I suppose you're allowed one like that early on"
-- Collin Morrice gets his Super Comp licence then gets a visit from the Shag Up Fairy

"I managed to find a body kit for sale and with the help of my crew John Davies we fitted it and it almost went on first time"
-- Ray Debben makes a quick return from a Pro Stock Bike crash

"It goes straight some of the time"
-- Dan Larsen dials in his new Top Methanol Funny Car

"If the officials are smart, they won't change as there is good equality between the cars"
-- US tuner Keith Stark likes using 97% nitro on Esko Raisvuo's Top Methanol Dragster

"It did a 0.99 sixty foot time and on landing unloaded the chassis and I was on and off the throttle three times. It gave me a bit of a headache"
-- But Timo Habermann also got a Personal Best out of his Top Methanol Dragster

"Look, I've cut my thumb!"
-- Martyn Jones crashes his new Super Pro ET dragster...

"I have never hit anything before in a race car and now this"
-- ...there's a first time for everything, Syd

"We will aim for five seconds and then see whether that is too much to go for"
-- Pro Modified racer Patrik Wikström sets a nice easy target for his new motor

"That was an awesome pass. I guess I'm still employed"
-- Len Paget is happy with his Pro Stock Bike, and we are there to record it

"The bike went to the right and I tried to lean on it and push with my leg to get it back in the groove. I ground down the sole of my boot in doing so"
-- Directional stability issues for Matti Vahasaari's new Supertwin

"No other class is as close to the performance level in the US as Pro Stock which makes me proud because it means we are the best in getting the latest data and parts from the US racers"
-- Richard Sundblom blasts his Pro Stock into the 6.7s

"The Fat Lady hasn't sung yet!"
-- Risto Poutiainen runs a Personal Best in Top Fuel Dragster qualifying

"We can't understand the cause of the lack of power, but it is getting worse and worse"
-- Urban Johansson, one mystified Pro Modified racer

"Charlie Cong doesn't take another hour in bed, young man"
-- Eurodragster.com US Correspondent and Vietnam vet Ed O'Connell tries to rouse Christer Abrahamson from his pit

"That was a good race but my engine had a hard time"
-- The Fat Lady sang for Risto Poutiainen's motor in Top Fuel Dragster eliminations

"My story is simple. We left Cannes with two working magnetos but arrived here with only one working"
-- If it was good enough for Don Garlits when he came to England, it was good enough for Top Fuel Bike racer Eric Teboul

"It is a totally new set-up but I am never in any doubt that my crew will get to the bottom of it, they are doing a fantastic job"
-- The rebuilt Andersen Racing Top Fuel Dragster is giving Andy Carter less physical feedback

"The launch RPM of 6600 is like a tiger on a rope"
-- Fred Hanssen struggles to keep his Top Methanol Dragster in stage

"Lex owes us one as we fixed the damage from his wheelie in 2005 and then he beat us"
-- Eurodragster.com sponsor Jon Webster expects payback in Top Fuel Dragster eliminations

"Jonesy, next time you're mine. I'm going to walk a lot slower. Mr A Pheasant"
-- Supertwin Gas racer Dave Jones hears from the pheasant he met in the shutdown area

"It would take forever to tell you"
-- Brad O'Connor's crew cops out of telling us what you do to a Super Street Bike between races

"We didn't know whether the chutes would come out because they are in a bit of a dead area air-wise. But they didn't come out simply because John could not reach the lever"
-- Lawrie Gatehouse, owner of the Chaos Fuel Altered...again you know how it goes

"It's a great track but it has a camber - you probably saw me take a hard left"
-- US Pro Street Bike racer Walter Sprout gets into the swing of racing in the UK by delivering an excuse worthy of the 200mph bike forum

"Maybe that's the problem - I need more nitrous!"
-- Funny Bike racer Dave Bailey detonates pistons, and guess what the solution is

"It's like Woolworths in there, there's a lot of pick and mix"
-- Crew Chief Snappy inspects the broken motor of Ashley Bell's Super Pro ET Cobra

"When we got back to the pits there were tell-tale lumps in the oil pan which turned out to be bits of a rod"
-- Yet more bad luck for Super Pro ET racer Mark Flavell

"I run on a variety of tracks in the US - Gainesville, Valdosta, Commerce and Indy - and Santa Pod is as good as any of them"
-- A creditable save by US Pro Street Bike racer Walter Sprout the next day

"I have had some interesting runs between the wall and the centre line and have been getting steering practice"
-- If it sounds like a Fuel Altered it must be...no, it's Rene van den Berg's Top Fuel Bike

"You can still make progress in other areas with weak parts by changing the tune-up"
-- Supertwin racer Ian Turburville balances the scales

"We leaned it out a bit but I have to say the better time is due to the new rear end ratio as it cost me two thousand pounds"
-- Graham Ellis' preferred explanation for an improvement in his Pro Modified Superbird

"When I got there, Darren Prentice pointed at the firesuits and said "Choose one, you're going in it"."
-- Scrutineer Amos Meekins is lured to the Two Seat Dragster pit

"We heard that it can be a very fast track when you figure it out!"
-- Terje Håkonsen takes his Pro Modified to Alastaro for the first time

"We run the car on SV05 racing gasoline rather than methanol on principle"
-- Comp Eliminator racer Mika Eloranta thinks that real race cars burn gas

"One of the things I noticed is that I could see out of it better than a modern Funny Car"
-- Driver Harlan Thompson likes Johnny Nilsson's Tre Kronor Nostalgia Funny Car

"We set the new shocks up differently and the car hauled ass"
-- Pro Stock racer Michael Malmgren changes the suspension

"John wants the Championship and his pay depends on how we do in the points"
-- Stig Neergaard again has John Smith tuning his Top Fuel Dragster

"I go to European meetings as they are less hectic than the US"
-- US tuner Jim Brissette works with the Lucas Oil/Andersen Racing Top Fuel Dragster team

"Because it wasn't so much fun any more"
-- Why Pro Stock racer Bo Pettersson moved from Super Street

"My race number PM13 is a bit ironic"
-- Pro Modified racer Mattias Wulcan between crashes number two and three

"We smoked the tyres in both lanes so at least we are consistent"
-- Top Fuel tuner Eddie Corr looking on the bright side

"The accident looked worse than it actually was"
-- Richard Sundblom shrugs off a crash in his Pro Stock

"We have the cheapest engine and bike but are happy to be racing the big guys with more money than us"
-- Gabriella Nikolovska enjoys Pro Stock Bike

"We are having a good day since the first round which was a bit of a three-ring circus"
-- By the second round, Top Methanol Dragster racer Dave Wilson had it down to two rings

"Don't call me Grumpy, just Slightly Miffed. Losing makes you feel bad and it's not just the headache after shake"
-- Pro Modified racer and Eurodragster.com sponsor Andy Robinson goes out in round one of eliminations

"I'm a fighter but have to admit I was angry about it"
-- A rear main bearing breaks and ruins Leif Andréasson's day in Top Methanol Funny Car eliminations

"It shook down the track, but I don't care this time"
-- Dan Larsen's Top Methanol Funny Car blasts into the 5.8s

"It felt good, there was no shake, and I did not have my heart in my mouth like last year"
-- Pro Modified racer Mats Eriksson runs Low ET of eliminations

"Our best times are in the right lane which is more bumpy, so we won't be too upset if he puts us there"
-- Micke and Magnus Lindahl don't have lane choice in round two of Pro Modified, but it's not a problem

"It's affected two of my qualifying passes, never had it before and it's too much of a coincidence that it happened twice"
-- Top Methanol Dragster racer Krister Johansson has a problem with a cylinder head

"I am against Dennis in round one and despite my points lead we will definitely be racing"
-- The Habermann brothers meet in Top Methanol Dragster eliminations

"I just want to win"
-- Does Miia-Maria Vepsäläinen prefer Pro Stock Bike or Top Gas?

"He will tell us when we need to mend things"
-- Tami Brander's function on Richard Sundblom's Pro Stock team

"Remember we are only practising this year; next year will be the works"
-- Esko Raisvuo lays down a marker for Top Methanol Dragster in 2010

"Some say we have almost clinched it but we run race by race and just want to win all of them"
-- Jimmy Ålund nears yet another Pro Stock Championship

"This is a beautiful car but I have only made thirteen runs and it is getting expensive"
-- Marc Meihuizen's new Pro Modified is involved in a three-car crash and then the motor explodes

"It felt really nice and I would love to do more. There are a lot of fuel Funny Cars for sale in the US right now..."
-- Tommi Haapanen has a go in the Showtime Fuel Funny Car

"Hurrah for Hoosiers!"
-- Super Pro ET racer Vince Gibbs into the sixes after changing the tyres

"I feel for John Sleath as he cannot set records with the drag radials that were allowed back for this year"
-- And now let's have a vote on whether B&H Automotive/LA Racing Parts Street Eliminator racer and speed record holder Colin Lazenby really means that

"I guess it's the Pro Mod racer in me coming out"
-- Super Gas racer Jon Giles breaks out

"I have got more used to the Sportsman tree this time but the other car coming past at almost two hundred miles per hour was a new sensation"
-- Dave Catton switches from Super Comp to Super Pro ET

"I am just getting used to the extra power and trying to overcome the traction issues with careful use of the throttle pedal"
-- B&H Automotive/LA Racing Parts Street Eliminator racer Jason Weir has a new motor

"What we thought would be a three thousand pound rebuild to have a bit of fun turned out to be thirty five thousand pounds with a full chassis and new front end"
-- A pricey return to Pro ET for Pel Norman

"This is not our first race but it is the first time we went down the track"
-- Greger Johansson gets to grips with his Supertwin

"I knew we were on a great pass because the final clutch stage coming in was really strong"
-- Peter Svensson clocks a five-second pass on the Team Kendall Racing Top Fuel Bike

"You couldn't have written the script better"
-- Pro Stock Bike racer Dave Beck takes number one spot off the trailer

"I had T-Shirts printed with 6.09 after Hockenheim and will need to get them changed now!"
-- Mats Eriksson runs the first five-second pass in European Pro Modified

"It's a bit boring like that. The bike left fairly soft and then went completely straight"
-- Not what Lorenz Stäuble is used to on the Team Erbacher Supertwin

"It's ladies first - until we get to the start line"
-- Risto Poutiainen is a gentleman before Top Fuel eliminations commence

"That's eighty runs this year"
-- Norbert Schneider double-enters Super Pro ET and Super Comp whenever he gets the chance

"I like running both Top Fuel and Pro Mod better than running either of those classes"
-- Jöran Persåker on double duty

"This run felt quick but sometimes you can't tell"
-- ...then Pro Modified racer and Eurodragster.com sponsor Marco Maurischat's team told him that he had run a 6.1

"We've been fighting everything, the engine, clutch, trans, driver"
-- It would probably be easier for Pro Modified racer Graham Ellis to tell us what is working

"It's going really well, it's just your voice which is spoiling everything"
-- Santa Pod Raceway CEO Keith Bartlett has one of those didn't-come-out-how-I-meant-it moments in conversation with hoarse track announcer Darryl Bradford

"When we fired it up we discovered the oil tank had split and if we hadn't found that out then we could have either have had a massive problem standing in for Lorenz or even at our next event, the National Finals. So there is a God after all!"
-- Hopefully Supertwin racer Chris Hannam will forgive us if we don't join him in church

"Ulf Ögge said he would run a 7.09 and I replied I would run a 7.08"
-- ...and that's just what Pro Stock Bike racer Dave Beck did

"Now we have won the Championship it feels so much more relaxed and we can enjoy the rest of the race"
-- Per Bengtsson take the Supertwin title and saves his fingernails

"We have not had much work to do on our car or on others' either, it is like a vacation this weekend and I will always remember it"
-- Having run the first five-second Pro Modified pass in Europe, Mats Eriksson takes the Championship in a leisurely manner

"I have been up against Andy for a couple of races and will try to beat him. It's my turn now!"
-- Linda Thun Tønseth lays down the gauntlet to Andy Carter before Top Fuel eliminations

"I love just about everything about this country, but to call this a hot dog just isn't right"
-- Eurodragster.com US Correspondent Ed O'Connell does lunch with Honorary Staff Member Grace Roaf at Santa Pod Raceway

"Sooner or later I might get it right"
-- Dave Wilson's Top Methanol Dragster burns a piston on one run and then smokes the same piston the next

"We are testing and that includes my patience"
-- Fuel Altered racer John Wright has a multitude of changes to cope with

"This is the seventh run we have made and something has gone wrong on each one"
-- ...but we all know Funny Bike racer Dave Bailey's likely answer, don't we?

"We get a really great welcome here, the track is fantastic and the staff work so hard"
-- Why Super Street Bike racer Thomas Granica likes Santa Pod Raceway

"It's too late to be playing with the clutch in the pairing lanes"
-- Pro Modified racer Graham Ellis worries about the track cooling during a period of downtime

"I will run both classes to get more track time but at this stage even the logistics of getting the car here are all new to me"
-- Super Comp and Super Gas rookie Dave Rapier runs his first competitive event

"I might be Mister Slow, but at least I drive the car on the street almost every day"
-- As it happens, Sportsman ET racer Ian Jackson is thinking of Street Eliminator

"A spare engine will go on our shopping list so that we can have the pleasure of going back home to change it"
-- Pro ET racer Carla Pittau tempts fate

"Having rodded the block and sump the diaper held sixteen litres of oil and two gallons of cooling fluid without a drop on the track - spending three hundred dollars on a diaper could avoid having your car on its roof and my experience proves why everyone needs one"
-- Super Modified racer Nigel Payne's paean to the rules

"We saw the 800 number on the car and guessed you must be from somewhere foreign, like Canada"
-- UK Sportsman ET racer and Honorary Eurodragster.com staff member Spencer Tramm races in Las Vegas

"I'd rather watch myself urinate than photograph the $%*&%$ class"
-- Veteran US photographer Steve Reyes

"Are you a couple?"
-- A Tourist Information rep in Arizona asks the very last question you should ask a pair of men which includes photo-journalist Andy Willsheer

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