's Tenth Birthday celebrated its tenth birthday on 26th February 2008. Our "Official birthday" is 26th February 1998 which was the date of the first news item we published, from UK Top Fuel Dragster racer Andy Carter.

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What would we all do without you. Well done, keep up the great work and godspeed to you all.

-- John Everitt and the Alien crew

Happy 10th Birthday, I found your site by chance four years ago, you revived my interest in drag racing that had been dormant for 20+ years. I can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work, I look for the news every day.

-- Syd McDonald

Thanks for a great job for the last ten years. Here's to the next TEN..Well done to everybody at Eurodragster, past and present.

-- Paul Wing

You have always been there for us! Happy Birthday and many more years to come!

-- Hanski

I can't believe it's been ten years already. My name is Marty VanHeule and I was a crew member for Peter Wackers Roofer's Toy '57 Bel Air Pro Mod when we took the title at the Main Event in 2004. We qualified 11th and took out the #1, 2, and 3 qualifiers during elims including the mega burn down in the second round against Fast Freddy Fagerström and his wild pickup. I still have the video from the starting line and I love how the starter reacted by throwing his hands up in the air. That was a great victory especially for an unsponsored NITROUS car against all the blown heavy hitters from Sweden. We were atleast .40 slower than those cars but we managed to keep it together for four solid rounds. Of course it didn't help any that Peters reaction times were .03 all day long. Us folks here in the states depend on you guys for all the European action and updates as it happens. Keep up the good work and maybe I'll see you at the Pod or Hockenheim sometime.

-- Marty VanHeule

My most memorable moment is actually a bit older than 10 years. It was when you initiated a meeting at Santa Pod's VIP area, where you presented your idea and vision. I knew right there and then that this was going to be good. And I'm very pleased indeed that I was right. Thanks for a wonderful 10+ years my friend!!!

-- Erik Zettervall

Happy Birthday Eurodragster!!! Just when US drag racing was getting a bit too predictable, Eurodragster introduced me to European drag racing and kept my interest in the sport alive. Thanks.

-- Ed O'Connell

Congratulations on your birthday buddies!

-- Christer Abrahamson

Just to shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I don't need to say anymore, you know how much you contribute to drag racing. Bloody well done a thousand times.

-- Stu Bradbury

Congrats on this achievement. I don't remember when I first became aware of the site, but it seems like I've been a reader forever. Keep up the fantastic work! It's nice to have a 'specialist' site like this with a great mix of humour, knowledge, and accuracy, with no big egos.

-- Mark Fawcus

A very happy 10th Anniversary to Eurodragster. Where would we be without you all? Keep up the good work and have a great season.

-- Sy and Rog Cooper (Super Street)

HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY EURODRAGSTER!!! To all the team behind Eurodragster, HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY!!! WELL DONE!!! Keep up the good work!!! Many happy racing days to come, so we're all relying on you to put up all the great info you're doing now and much more!!! BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE!!! See you at the track!!!

-- Grace and Colin Roaf

Happy 10th birthday to Keep up the good work guys.

-- Holger Dueholm

Happy birthday to all at Eurodragster, What would we do without you?

-- Tim Ingman

Many congratulations on your 10th Anniversary! Great achievement! And many thanks for all the news and photos over the years. You are all an invaluable service! Here's to the next 10 years!

-- Claire Meaddows and Chris Hartnell

What a significant milestone yes indeed. Happy Birthday!!

-- Colin Lazenby

Happy B'day guys - you are doing a great job.

-- Simo Patoharju

Congratulation on your 10th Birthday. I for one appreciate all the hard work that everyone puts into the site, I would be lost without it! Hope to see you at the track this year.

-- Iain Burns

Happy Birthday, and bloody well done for sticking at it. Heroes, the lot of you!!!

-- Peter Knight

To you all. I'm impressed with how this site has taken over the day to day life for us readers as well. Best damn site on the net and a must as soon as the computer has started.

-- Magnus Cato

Just to say grateful thanks for a terrific job. As a journo myself I really do appreciate what you do. Ten nitro-scented candles?

-- Alan Turner

Happy Birthday Eurodragster. Thanks for all your hard work over the years. Best regards to you all.

-- Jon Spoard

We're looking forward to 10 more years. All the best.

-- The team at

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