Fifth Birthday Greetings

It hardly seems possible but Eurodragster reaches its fifth birthday on 26th February 2003. The site had existed for a very short while before that, but the publication of our first news item on 26th February 1998 (for the record, an update on Andy Carter's progress in the USA) marked the beginning of what has become the daily news service for which Eurodragster is most known.

We would like to thank all of the racers, promoters, club and track officials, sponsors, fans, other web sites, and everyone else who have helped to make Eurodragster what it is today - Europe's biggest drag racing web site. We look forward to the next five years!

We have received the following Fifth Birthday messages, the most recently-received is at the top.

If you would like to add your own greetings then please send an E-Mail to

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Long Hair and Mini Me
Happy Birthday to you!

Rob Faulkner and the Crossfire Racing Super Comp team, UK

Didn't realise it has been so long. Many congrats you guys and thanks for being the best customer-getter we ever had, Eurodragster helped our business through those tough start up few years, we'll never forget that and will be back one day.

Fay and Paul Fischer, Speedflow, UK

Hi, wish you all well at Eurodragster. Hope you have a good 5th birthday this year and keep up the good work.

Graham Motler, 'Gadget Man', UK


Everyone at Santa Pod Raceway would like to congratulate Eurodragster making it to their 5th birthday! Of course, it's not just congratulations but a big "Thank You!" as well for much hard work over the years and providing the sport with a such a valuable and comprehensive tool.

"We've found the site extremely useful to find out all sorts of information and it's got us out of some tricky situations many times! You guys have also allowed us to freely communicate news from Santa Pod and often at very short notice! Thanks for making life easier and keep up the good work." Your girls! - (Caroline Day & Kelly Ingall)

"Congratulations! You've done a great job - hope Eurodragster sticks around for many more years to come! (David Lloyd-Jones)

"To work with you and exchange information so efficiently means a great deal. Our almost daily communications are very valuable in this fast-moving environment of Drag Racing. You are stars - keep it up!" - (Kjell Pettersson)

"Not only has Eurodragster allowed more information to reach more people with regards to the FIA and UEM European Drag Racing Championships, but Eurodragster is now the site that everyone connected with drag racing reads to get information on the Championships....from the USA to Australia and back to Europe...drag racing needs do a brilliant job! - (Keith Bartlett-CEO)

Happy Birthday Eurodragster, it seems a long long time ago when we had the initial debate over or .com - I think the latter suffix has proved prescient in describing the truly professional job the site has become. Looking forward to a long future for the best and most reliable source of European drag racing news (credited and far too often uncredited) out there.

Ivan Sansom, Dragster Australia European correspondent, UK

Happy 5th birthday Eurodragster. You do a fantastic job keeping us up to date with what's going on. Best wishes for the future

Rick Cooke, Talbot Racing, UK

A very very Happy Birthday to You! You have really set the standard of drag racing on the net. We really hope that you will continue to entertain and inform us for a very very long time! Best wishes from your friends in Sweden

Peter, Monica, Linda, Conny and Glenn Axeldal, Little Big Racing, Sweden

Happy Birthday Eurodragster; It has been a pleasure to work with you guys for the first 5 years and I hope that I will have the pleasure to work with you guys for at least the next 20 years. You are the stars of European Drag Racing and without your effort and dedication, the knowledge of the European Drag Racing Scene would not be the same. I have drag racing business partners and friends all over the world and most of them have told me that they are visiting everyday to get an update on the progress of Drag Racing in Europe. You are an excelent information source. Keep up the good work Tom and Andy! You are the best! Once again Happy Birthday and Thank You for all the good work you are doing for European Drag Racing.

Kjell Pettersson, Chairman, Svensk Dragracing; FIA European Championship Co-ordinator; Santa Pod Raceway track manager

Many happy returns to Eurodragster! Tog and Sharkman have produced the essential and authoritative web site for European Drag Racing. They have in no small way contributed to the growth of popularity in the sport over the last five years. Long may you thrive!

Simon Groves, Avon Park International Racers Association Points Co-ordinator, UK

Happy Birthday Eurodragster! Congratulations and our best wishes to you guys! Thanks for all your work and we are looking forward to another five years of excellent reports on a great web site.

Peter Beck, Top Fuel Team Switzerland

Wish you all the best for your 5th birthday. Even if I'm kind of retired now I read the news at least once a day to keep my self updated. It's the best source for information of European Dragracing around so it's with the same excitement I open it every morning and read to my morning coffee. I sincerely hope you'll continue for ever so I don't have to change my morning routines. Tog and Sharkman, best of luck for the future!

Pelle Lindelw, P & G Racing, Sweden

Happy Birthday Eurodragster...Congratulations to having published drag racing news continously for 5 years. Creating a fancy web site and losing interest in updating it after 6 months is a much too common practice today. Daily news for 5 years takes dedication and strong character.

Anders Magnusson, Andreasson Motorsports Top Methanol FC team, Sweden

Happy Birthday Eurodragster. Keep up the great work! Full revs

Smax Smith, Fuel FC, UK

Gratulerar p fdelsedagen och fortstt med erat utmrkta jobb.

Gordon and Susanne Callin, Callin Racing, Sweden

Happy Birthday to you. Keep up the good work.

Gerda Dijkstra, Lex Joon Racing Top Methanol FC, Holland

A very happy birthday to and all of you! To paraphrase your own writing in the Eurodragster Chronicles, without you, European drag racing would not be the success it has become. Keep up the good work.

Christer Andersson, Sweden

Let me express my deepest admiration for you guys keeping up the excellent work day after day, week after week and year after year. The very happiest fifth birthday! You're the best!

Erik Zettervall, Svensk Dragracing, Sweden

Keep it up fellas, there really is no site quite like Eurodragster anywhere in the world. The European racing community is very lucky to have you guys. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday.

Chris Parker and everyone at the Europe vs Australia Online Racing Series

Congratulations on five big years!

Bill Pratt, the Drag Racing List, USA

Hi Eurodragster Team, Congrats on your fifth birthday from Krivan Drag Racing Team. Thanks for all the hard work you lot put in! Eurodragster keeps me in touch with the scene, see you at the Pod

Steve Wilson, Krivan Drag Racing Team (Top Methanol FC), Switzerland

Happy Birthday to the team. Still the best web site around!

Peter and Jac Hewitt, UK

Happy Birthday Eurodragster. Five going on fifty five!

Kay Rogers, aka Mrs. Tog, UK

Happy birthday to Tog and Sharkman for their excellent work over the past five years. Without you guys helping us, we would not know what to do. See you in the pits.

Magnus Cato, AC Delco/Malmgren Racing Pro Stock, Sweden

Happy 5th Birthday! Great Job! Great Site! What would we do without you! Thank you for the instant news.

Håkan and Viveca Averstedt, Averstedt Racing Top Alcohol Dragster, USA

A very Happy Birthday to Tog and Sharky, your commitment to the sport and your coverage of all the events is second to none. Keep it up guys. With best regards

The Dealer Top Fuel Bike Team, UK

Tog, are you really only five? You look much older! And I know that Sharkman sulks like a five year old if we don't give him a beer on a Saturday night! Happy Birthday guys, you'll always be our 'homepage'.

Zane, Wendy, Chevy and Louis, BootSoop Racing and Bristol Doorslammers, UK

From The DRAGRACE TECH UK TEAM. Birthday Wishes and Keep Spreading The Word.

Happy 5th Birthday, I have enjoyed reading all the news and updates about all the classes in the fastest sport in Europe. I hope you can continue yor coverage for the next 5 years. Best of luck for the future.

Craig Hannis, Shell Racing Top Methanol Dragster, UK

Well done and thanks for the last five years, all the best luck for the future.

Steve Woods, UK

Many happy returns to the web site! Keep up all of the good work and promoting that you guys spend so much time doing and thanks for all the support over the last year or so. Have a good one!

Stuart Dempsey, CCSE fan site, UK

It seems incredible that it has only taken five short years for to become such an intrinsic part of the sport in Europe. The guys at Eurodragster were the first to recognise the potential of the internet to provide an unparalled daily news service, and they remain the standard against which all other racing web sites are measured. Congratulations to Tog and Sharkman on reaching your fifth birthday.

Santa Pod Racers Club Press Office, UK

A very Happy Birthday to ED - thanks for keeping European Drag Racing on the map!

Ian King, ACU UK Championship Co-ordinator and Top Fuel Bike racer, UK

Never a day goes by without us checking out Eurodragster, it's a focal point, a talking point and we love it. Happy Birthday Guys, superb, keep it going, tea and cake all round!

Jon and Sharon Hogarth, Specialist In Design and Super Modified racers, UK

Happy 5th birthday. You are definitely the European Champions in Information, News, Event Coverage... We would like to say 'thank you' for all your work and enthusiasm.

Gittli Koller, Peter Schöfer Racing (2002 FIA European Top Methanol Dragster Champions), Germany

Happy birthday Tog and Sharkman. You guys do a brilliant job, which saves me having to crank out news, and means I can start every day (it's the first site I go to every morning) with a good fix of the world's best motorsport. And they don't look a day over 5, do they ? Well Tog doesn't . Cheers!

Dave Alexander, Competition Co-ordinator - MSA British Drag Racing Championship, UK

I'd like to say thank you and happy 5th birthday ! I really do appreciate the the instant news from you guys because it helps me keep up with my "family" of cars in Europe. I wish you guys the very best!

'Uncle' Bob Meyer, Meyer Race Cars, USA (Builder and tuner of Europe's first five-second Top Methanol Dragster)

Thanks for all the fantastic effort you put in to furthering this great sport, we would be lost without you.

Andy Carter, Carter Motorsport First National Telecom Top Fuel Dragster, UK

Here's to a very happy fifth birthday. Well done on providing the best web-site for drag racers, with up to the minute news even when you can see two laptops (Tog's quote the morning after the Dinner Dance). Thanks for five years of excellent news, views and information.

Malc , Marcie and everyone at the Spellbound Drag Race Team, UK

Happy 5th birthday. Keep up the good work. We visit every day for the best up to date information. Great pictures, great reports, here's to the next five years! All the best

Mark and Clare, Limited Funz Racing, UK

Greetings! I didn't know you had been on for five years, but most of the time I use Europe's currently best all-over-Europe internet magazine (that's you) as I have been writing about drag racing since 1968 (Sweden's "First Go") and professionally since 1975 (Bilsport Magazine's drag racing page). As often as I can, credit for your text is put into my writing. Hope to see you in 2008, too.

Stellan berg, Bilsport Magazine, Sweden

Happy 5th anniversary! Congratulations on Europe's best and most visited Drag Race web site. You will always be in my 'Favorites'.

Monique Pels, Zodiac Top Fuel Harley Drag Race Team, Holland

Congratulations on your fifth birthday! That's a great achievement. We love reading Eurodragster - especially the event coverage. Many Happy Returns

Andy Robinson Race Cars, UK

1825 days and great work! Congratulations! Ill hug you next summer.

Hanski, Finnish Hot Rod Association 'webmistress', Finland

Congratulations to Tog and Sharkman on five years' sterling work. I was lucky enough to start racing in Super Gas at the same time Eurodragster started and you have successfully managed to inform the world of all the times I have broken the car! Here's to many more years of excellent reporting and to one day when I'll make a live update for all the right reasons!

Spencer Tramm, Quantum Leap SG24, UK

Well guys what an excellent achievement and very well done. Eurodragster, the only way to start a morning! Here's to beer and pizza this year at Shakespeare County Raceway, have an excellent 2003 season.

Ozzy Ewing, Wizzard Technical Designs, UK

A Very Happy Birthday to all at Eurodragster. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. The single most entertaining and informative site on the web. Well Done and Thank You!

Alan Grimes, UK

A big Happy Birthday to Tog and Sharky. Well done. You have supported us throughout our drag racing days, albeit most of it has been spectacular top end crashes but hey that's drag racing! And we'll be back for more. On a serious note, without you guys none of it would have come true, and we thank you for that. All the best from the Upside Down Club! (Who said drag racing is gravity biased!)

Gary and Lin Malin, Super Pro ET, UK

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Eurodragster
Happy birthday to you!

Thanks for spreading the word - Keep on rocking n' rollin'

John and Lesley Wright and the Wildside Inc Top Fuel Dragster team, UK

Congratulations Eurodragster on achieving your fifth birthday. Long may you continue.

Team Predator Racing, Funny Bike, UK

Only five years, it seems a lot longer! Keep up the good work.

Nigel King, Jim, Charlie and Dave Draper, Karen Waller, UK

Happy birthday guys! How quick five years go by when having fun. It is absolutely great to have you guys around, both on the net and when we have the possibility to meet in person. We'll have to discuss that "Europe's biggest drag racing web site" over a beer this summer! Go for another five, and another five and another...

Christer Abrahamson, Svensk Dragracing, Sweden

Congratulations on five years of Eurodragster. You have made history.

Simo Patoharju, Mad Bomber Racing Top Methanol Dragster, Finland

So, happy birthday Eurodraggies, great work by you both, I know how many hours and how much effort you put into the site and all for love. You have done great things for our sport in the last five years, just remember that you are appreciated by the people that matter! Go have a beer on me, CHEERS!

Ian 'Turbo' Turburville, photo-journalist, UK

Happy Birthday for the 26th - I can see a lot of hard work goes into the site, so congrats for keeping it informative and lively. Well done to both of you and here's to many more years.

Richard Nicholls, Editor, Street Machine and American Car World Magazine, UK

Happy Birthday Eurodragster! The only site I look at every day. I know how hard you two both work and all I can say is keep it up. Tog - have one of my 'special' hugs, and love ya Sharkman!

Anne Peck, Team Rat Rage Super Street, UK

Can it really be five years? It seems so recent, yet Eurodragster seems as much a part of my daily life as anything else. And how many fantastic moments must you have brought to those unable to be at the race track within that time? Congratulations on all you have achieved over the years, I really do feel you have done a wonderful job for European drag racing with a site regularly read by fans and racers alike. Keep up the good work!

Martin Gleadow, Time Machine Racing, UK

Congratulations on your upcoming 5th birthday. Unlike most babies it appears that Eurodragster is taking up more and more of your time, but at least it is growing healthily!

Jim Broome, British Nitro FC Championship Co-ordinator, UK

In my 30 years in motorsport at all levels, I would like to say that Eurodragster is now a permanent daily fixture in my routine. It is one of the best web sites in the world, let alone racing sites. It is friendly and very informative. May we at Fatsams, JFDI and Icsunonove Corse wish Eurodragster, Sharkman and Tog many happy returns and very best wishes for a very successful future. With the growth of Drag Racing in Italy, you never know, we may be back!

Mike Kason, UK

Congratulations, I love the site and read it every day at work.

Rob Cook, UK

Happy Fifth Birthday to Eurodragster. I have enjoyed my many visits over the years, looking forward to many more to come. A great site; drag racing with attitude and a sense of humor, what else could anyone ask for?

Ed O'Connell, USA

I am a reader of your site every day. It's great to have people like you who give us informations about our sport day to day. So thank you and best wishes for the next five years.

Maurischat Racing, Comp Eliminator, Germany

Congratulations on your 5th birthday guys. Knowing how much time it takes to run a web site I am full of admiration for the sterling job you do. Your hard work and tireless dedication to this great sport of ours is a shining example to us all. I hope you know how much we all appreciate what you are doing. Keep it up and here's to the tenth anniversary. Cheers!

Chris Dossett, Trakbytes UK Drag Racing History, UK

A Happy 5th birthday to ya. May there be lots of birthdays in your future.

Andy Frost, Custom Car Street Eliminator, UK

Well done - in this world, five years of anything is pretty good. Here's to another ten.

Phil Minion, UK

Greetings and congratulations. You have been doing a great job and please keep up the good work. Always visit your site to see what is going on.

Chris, Houndog Drag Racing web site, UK

Congratulations on five years of Eurodragster.

Phil Cottingham, Dragsterworld, UK

Happy Birthday Eurodragster. Great job you're doing Tog and Sharkman, best site on the net. Hope it all carries on for another many years to come.

Adam Gleadow, Time Machine Racing, UK

Happy Birthday Eurodragster. Five years old already, just about the same age as me, well mentality-wise anyway.

Pete Bellenie, Super Street Bike, UK

Running an Internet site for five years is nothing special. But giving us Eurodragster is something to congratulate you with. Eurodragster keeps us up to date, brings us everything we want and need to know on European drag racing. Eurodragster is as important to me as a rule book, tool chest or well prepared car. And maybe the most important, you give it a human touch. THANKS!!

Hans Brings, Joosten Racing Pro Mod, Holland

One of the best, unbiased drag sites on planet Earth. Good luck with the next five years.

Johnny "Mental" Hall, The Happening Supercharged Outlaw, UK

Well done to all at Eurodragster, fantastic job. Hope to put the same message up in another five years. You are great ambassadors for the sport we love. Thanks for helping me through the raceless winter months.

Cliff Gould, CC Racing Top Methanol FC, UK

Happy 5th Birthday, well done and keep up the excellent work.

Andy Oliver, Custom Car Street Eliminator, UK

Well done on five years of bringing us all the news, and many happy returns.

Alan Currans, The Acceleration Archive, UK

I'd just like to say a really big thank you for providing us with a never ending supply of brilliant photographs and info. It just gets better, so think where you'll be in five years' time! Keep it up!

John Andrews, Motorgraphic, UK

Keep up the good work.

Bernie Hepworth and Borg Brothers Racing, Top Methanol Dragster, Malta

Who would have known that from such a simple idea something so intrinsic to the European drag racing scene would grow. Here's to many more years !

Andy Marrs, TSI Timers Europe, UK

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