Messages of condolence for Roger George

We have received the following messages of condolence for the family and friends of spectator Roger George of Norfolk, UK, who was killed in an accident at the FIA European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway on Sunday 10th September 2006.

As fans ourselves we would like to add our own deepest sympathies to Roger's family and friends to those expressed below.

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I knew Roger George for over twenty years. He was a motor mechanic who had his own workshop in the village of Hingham, Norfolk. Mostly he worked on his own, sometimes he had an assistant, but there was always a constant stream of visitors. When I first met him I lived nearby and got him to maintain my car. Pleased with the friendly and efficient service, I continued as a customer even when I moved further away. If your car developed problems, and the ones I had certainly did, he would do his best to help you. As well as repairs and MOT work he did restorations. He was a genial chap who was always pleased to see you and could usually find time for a chat. Sometimes we talked about what he had seen at Santa Pod. He was a keen race fan though his visits there were infrequent. I had been to the track many times, mostly in the 1980s, and could understand his enjoyment of the sport. Being a mechanic he appreciated the technical details. The workmanship of the race cars, especially the engines, and the professionalism of all concerned impressed him greatly; as well as of course the great spectacle of drag racing itself. I was deeply shocked when I heard about his accident. Roger was well known and respected in the local community. I attended his funeral, and there were many there. We will all miss him. He was a true gentleman. I have been touched by the messages of condolence from the racing community posted on this page.

-- John Watson

Everyone in the 9.50 Bike pits was stunned and shocked when we heard that someone had lost their life on the spectator banking. Our thoughts are with Roger's family at this sad time.

-- Fred Furlong

Just a short note to offer our sincere condolences to Roger George's family following the terrible tragic accident. We found out at the NHRA Championship drag race held in Medford, Oregon last weekend. To his family and friends I hope it gives them a little comfort to know that people across the world of drag racing are thinking of them at this terrible lonely time.

-- Beth and Paul Satchell

My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Roger George, following this tragic accident. As a long-term spectator myself, who has stood on that very part of the bank for many years, I am shocked and upset beyond words that a fellow fan can be snatched from us by the sport we have supported. Although I never knew Roger, I feel that I did, such is the warmth and camaraderie of the drag racing community. I'm certain that not a single heart within that community will be unmoved by this terrible incident, and that no individual spectator, racer or official will ever forget the deep sadness of that Sunday afternoon. Best wishes and kind thoughts to you.

-- Walter Fabeck, Santa Pod fan since 1972

It is difficult to put into words the shock and sadness we all feel at the premature demise of Mr Roger George. The only spectator, in forty years of racing at Santa Pod, to be involved in an incident with a race car, what a fickle thing fate is. All we can hope, is that his family and friends can take comfort in the thought that he was doing something that he took much pleasure in, and that he had just seen what many believe, to be the best days racing ever seen at the Pod.

-- Geoff Martin, Dragrace Tech UK

I was shocked and saddened that drag racing fan Roger George so tragically died late on Sunday afternoon at the Finals. Our sport has a great safety record but unfortunately accidents can happen and when it is a spectator involved it is even harder to believe. My sincere condolences to Roger's family and friends. Please also spare a thought for the emergency services at the track who from what I saw did everthing they could to treat Roger. Rest In Peace Roger .

-- Phil Cottingham

We are enormously sorry that we have lost one of our drag racing fans, Roger George. I can understand the danger for drivers and teams but not this tragic accident with our fan. This is something we newer will forget. In this sad time we are thinking of his family and friends.

-- Patrick Wikström, OFAB Motorsport

I would like to extend my feelings of sadness to the family of Roger George who so sadly has been taken from us while watching our sport. After going drag racing for 33 years I cannot believe that such a freak accident could ever have happened to a fellow fan.We are all fully aware of the dangers of motor racing but for something so out of the blue to happen on the safe side of the fence is very hard to accept. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Roger's family at this very difficult time.

-- Clive

Having been spectators ourselves at Santa Pod for many years, we were shocked and saddened to hear of the tragic death of Roger George in such a freak accident. Our sincere condolences go to Rogers family and friends.

-- Liz and Iain, Jus' 4 Fun Racing

On behalf of the whole of Team Risky Trip we are very shocked and saddened by this whole freak accident and would like to send our condolences to the family of Mr George.

-- Team Risky Trip

We wish to pass onto Roger George's family and friends our shock at this unfortunate incident at drag racing. Our thoughts are with you all, God bless.

-- Lynda, Conrad and Anna Stanley, SG658/JM7

May we take the opportunity to pass on our sincere condolences to the family of Roger following the tragic accident at the Euro Finals. We cannot imagine the empty feelings that they are having to endure at the moment, but we do wish them well. When we consider the number of people that have stood on the banking over the past forty years and enjoyed the experience of Santa Pod, it saddens us to think that this has happened. As you may be aware, we are dedicated to keeping UK drag racing as safe as possible, this dreadful accident has made us even more determined.

-- Glenn and Mandy, UK Event Safety

These feelings come from our hearts. We feel we have lost someone near and dear to us. We never knew Roger personally but he shared a love for something very important to him and in doing so meant he was part of the family of drag racing, not just a spectator but someone very important to us all. That is why we feel like we do, that is why we felt terrible on that Sunday afternoon. That is why we feel you need to know that we are thinking of the man that came to watch enjoy and take part in something he believed in, something we all believe in. Words cannot express your pain now, our pain can never be as great but please believe we do feel the pain, all of us, all of the family of drag racing. May Roger rest now and we will see him later at that strip in the sky.

-- Elizabeth and John, fans

I was extremely shocked when John Price said over the PA on the Sunday that we are on hold as the emergency services are attending a medical emegency up the top end of the track, end of spectator banking. I am still trying very hard to let this tragic, horrible way to end someone's life, sink into me. All of my family, and I'm sure every drag racing fan, send their deepest sympathies out to the family of Roger George. I am so sorry for your loss, and all our thoughts and emotions are with you at this very hard time.

-- Sean Bowe, drag racing fan

No words will ever undo what happened at the Finals. That what started out as a 'trip to the Pod' would end in such a way is unimaginable. However as a devoted fan of the sport since its conception in this country my wife and I just want to let Roger's family and friends know that an awful lot of ordinary folk are thinking of them.

-- Tom and Lesley

I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Roger George.

-- Martin Wilson, drag racing fan

It's always a shock to hear of the loss of anyone involved in this wonderful drag racing family, whatever their involvement. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Roger George at this sad time.

-- Sue Morris

Team Saapola is shocked about the accident that happened at the European Finals event. Seppo Saapola says "This is an accident that shouldn't have happened. We would do everything to reverse it, but it cannot be done. We feel very sad about what happened, and would like to express our condolences to the family and friends of Roger George."

-- Team Saapola

We were so sorry to hear of the tragic loss of Roger George at Santa Pod Raceway, and would like to let his family and friends know that we are thinking of them.

-- Claire and Glyn, drag racing fans

I would like to pass on my sympathy and heartfelt wishes to Roger's family and friends at such a very sad time. The very best to you all. And good luck.

-- Gary Malin

This was a tragic end for a drag racing fan, someone who supported the sport just by turning up to enjoy the spectacle and maybe meet some of the racers. The whole team are deeply saddened by this loss of life and offer our heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones.

-- John Parkinson and the Every Penny Racing Top Methanol Dragster team

Along with everyone else who regularly attends Santa Pod we want to join in offering our sincere condolences for Roger's tragic death at the recent European Finals. As one of the race teams said, they know they are taking a risk whenever they race, but none of us just watching ever think that, to us it's all just innocent. It makes this accident so much harder to bear, we cannot begin to feel and understand what you must be going through. We both hope that these messages of support will provide some small crumb of comfort in these dark days.

-- Simon and Bridget Gurrey

On behalf of Heaven & Hell Racing I would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family of Roger George. We would be nowhere without the people who support drag racing and we can only imagine the huge loss experienced by the family. Our thoughts are with you.

-- Carla and Rick, Heaven & Hell Racing

We were shocked and very upset to hear of the death of Roger George. We all love our sport and are very grateful for the fans who make the trip to see us so often. We all know of the risk we as drivers take but you would not believe a spectator could be killed in such a way! Too freaky. I hope this will not change the way drag racing is watched and attended at Santa Pod. Santa Pod is now turning into a very respected track, not just here in England, but worldwide. I'm sure the family of Roger would agree with this. You have Anna and my deepest condolences and thoughts.

-- Mike Lacey and Anna Metcalfe

Sorry to hear about this sad incident as I was there Sunday up till 4:00 pm.

-- Steve Crossen

We are so sad to hear that a member of the public died as a result of a freak accident at the Pod. What an awful bit of bad luck, our thoughts are with his family.

-- Crossfire Racing

We would like to express our deepest sympathy to Roger's family and friends. We have been drag racers and spectators for years this was a very tragic accident and we're sure all the racers crew and fans would like to offer comfort to you and let you know we are thinking of you.

-- TJ O'Brien and Pat Ginn

We would like to express our deepest condolences to Roger George's friends and family. Such a tragic loss of life, to someone who just came to watch the European Finals. I was shocked when I heard the news that someone had been killed.

-- Andy and Steven Agroment, Black Baron Racing

Although I have not been actively involved in drag racing for many years, as a pioneer of the sport I still feel a close affinity with todays drag racing community - particularly in times of tragedy. Ive always felt that this community included all enthusiasts - racers, organisers and spectators. And in this respect, this terrible accident has resulted in the loss of a member of drag racing's extended family. I don't know whether I ever met Roger, but I feel an affinity and my thoughts are with those close to him.

-- Brian Taylor, Commentator at Santa Pod Raceway 1968-1979

Please send our sincere condolences to Roger's family after this tragically sad accident. Andy was crewing for Danny that weekend and is still stunned by what has happened. It is difficult to convey how shocking the whole drag racing community has found this incident and how sorry we are that this man has lost his life supporting the sport we all love. We accept loss amongst us, its part of the risk and for some, the thrill. This was something unexpected and we are all truly truly sorry.

-- Barbara Kirk and all the Ratfink family and crew.

Just to pass on my condolences to the family and friends of Roger. It just seems incredible that such a thing could happen to somebody who just came to watch and enjoy our sport. It's one thing if your a racer or official, you know the risk, and expect that things will, and do go wrong, but to have one of our spectators involved in an incident like this, is hard to accept.

-- Stu Bradbury

Our heartfelt feelings go out to all of Roger's family and friends at this tragic time, he obviously loved the racing as much as us all, nothing else to say that can make things better, apart from you are always welcome at our pits, whether a big or small meeting, from all of us at the Hooligan pit.

-- Mark, Sharon and Duncan

Having spectated at countless drag race meetings I could hardly believe what happened at Santa Pod on September 10th. It seemed an impossible thing to happen in a sport that has such a huge proportion of nice people. Deepest sympathy to Mr. George's family and friends.

-- Alan Turner on behalf of all at

This unbelievably tragic accident, which took away someone who just came to watch and support drag racing, affected us very deeply. We as racers know that there is a risk for us as drivers or crew. We would never, ever think that someone who came to support us would be harmed in such a unfair way. Hopefully more teams will express their feelings, so that the friends and family of Roger George will know that drag racing teams are thinking of them and feeling for them. Strength is the only thing we can wish for them for now, and they are always welcome in the Pro Dutch pit.

-- Pro Dutch Pro Modified team

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