Tributes to Terry Gibbs

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Racer, promoter, and show organiser Terry Gibbs died on Monday 20th March 2006 at the age of 54.

Terry was first involved in drag racing in the 1980s driving ten-second Street cars at Blackbushe. Later, he set up Camaros Unlimited to import Camaros and Corvettes. The Obsession '69 Camaro was imported in 1993 and Terry decided to race the car in Super Gas, initially with his friend Tony Gransden driving due to Terry's work commitments. From 1994 to 1996 Terry was the driver, with a driving style characterised by wheels-up launches and in 1997 son Craig, who had been crewing for Terry for three years, took over.

In 1997, Terry started to promote drag racing at the then-Avon Park facility. The first race was the Super Slam meeting in August, which was a success and was followed up by four Super Series events in 1998, which were televised by Sky Sports. In 1999, Terry succeeded in including the Super Series events in a ten-round UK National Championship for Sportsman racers, which was a major factor in the growth of this type of racing in the last few years.

Terry's involvement at Shakespeare County Raceway lasted until 2002, when he decided to go on to other challenges. The Xtreme Wheels International shows were one of these challenges and Terry rose to it superbly, creating an event which rivalled the Custom Car shows for displays of state of the art drag, custom and rod vehicles. Shortly before his death Terry had announced a hook-up with Santa Pod Raceway for the European Doorslammer Shootout in July and his son Craig said that only two days previously Terry had been to Great Yarmouth to pick up the bonnet of the family's Obsession Super Mod Camaro from Specialist In Design.

Terry was a very well-known and well-respected figure within European drag racing. Although he referred to himself as "Just an old racer" he had an enviable reputation as a formidable negotiator and organiser and where most of us dream about not taking crap from anyone Terry genuinely didn't. His tenacity, his deep love for the sport, and his wish to develop it got results where others might have given up. Terry displayed the same single-mindedness when he suffered ill-health a few years ago, fighting back and carrying on working to promote the next event.

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Tributes from Terry's family

My Dad was a very special man and had love for everyone. He would moan about things but deep down he had a heart of gold and he would always help you if he could.

He lived for his family and gave us the best he could. I remember when I was having his grandson Albert and he had his heart op about two months before this, he said to me "I'm going to get through this, I am going to see my grandson" and that's what he did. He winked at me after the op to say "I told you". He was a fighter, but bless his heart he couldn't this time.

He used to say "I'm tired of being ill" but he still kept going. I'm just glad I have so many good memories of my Dad and he got to see his grandson, who he loved so much and spent so much time with.

Dad I am lost without you, but I know you will be looking down on me saying "Stop crying, look after my little man, your mum, brother and sis", so that what I'm going to do for you Dad!

God I miss him but at least he's not in pain any more. I love you Dad.

-- Sarah Carter

My Dad and My Friend

My Dad loved many things in life, his family, his friends, his racing, organising things, he loved to be the center of attention, but without all the fuss that went with it. He wasn't a fussy man, just a down to earth person with values and principles that we all grew to love and respect him for. He loved his music with the likes of Bruce Springsteen being amongst his favourites, and I've picked out a few lines from one of his favourite songs:

Racing In The Street

We take all the action we can meet,
And we cover all the northeast state,
When the strip shuts down we run 'em in the street,
From the fire roads to the interstate,
Some guys they just give up living,
And start dying little by little, piece by piece,
Some guys come home from work and wash up,
Then go racing in the street.

Tonight, tonight the strip's just right,
I wanna blow 'em all out of their seats,
Calling out around the world,
We're going racing in the street.

Somewhere tonight my Dad's racing on that street, blowing them all out of their seats, and some day we'll race together again. I am proud and privileged to have been your son, and until that day, you will always be in my thoughts and forever in my broken heart.

I love you Dad!

-- Craig Gibbs

Terry I'm gobsmacked, like everyone else, I didn't expect this. You always were a gentleman to everyone I knew. I was so shocked that I have had to become strong for my family. If we go back times I will always remember when you introduced me to Santa Pod Raceway in the 1970s. I can't remember what I enjoyed most,the weekend racing, or the night out in the pub with you. Since the 1970s have passed and I moved to Cornwall in the late 1980s, we never saw enough of each other like we should have. The last time I spoke to you I was in my boss' car, and asked you the best way to Slough on my way to a conference, from the M3. You told me the best way as usual! I asked you did you fancy a drink in Slough, in the hotel I was staying at, and you told me you couldn't make it, that was the last time I spoke to you Terry! I wish you could've made it. I wish that it wasn't the last time I spoke to you, and that I could turn back the hands of time! That was only two weeks ago! And you were due to come down and see mother, me and the family. I don't know what else to say but your brother Paul and family, are suffering the same as everyone else.

Terry you always made sure that your Dad, Mother, brothers and family were OK!

I will see you with Dad and Stephen one day in Winchester! You will be missed dearly and always loved by your little Bruv Paul!

God bless you Bruv! You will always be sorley missed in my heart.

-- Paul Gibbs, Baby Bruv!

Terry my last message was with your nephew Lee helping me and the rest of the family from Cornwall, this is a personal message by myself baby brother Paul. The family have all gone to bed now but I could not sleep. Terry you never put yourself first, you were always a wonderful brother and such a caring person. Your Mother is so upset but pround of you. You will know that mother and I have a problem accepting this after the lost of brother Stephen and Dad, but I have to be strong for mother. I would just like to say Terry you never forgot about your family that's because the person you were. Terry I don't know what to do next, my stomach is turning, finding it hard to continue writing this tribute. Love you always Brother Terry, Paul your suffering brother.

-- Paul Gibbs

Uncle Terry,

We didn't see each other enough, and now it's too late. I only wish I had made more time to come up and see you and my family a bit more.

You never got to meet your great niece Kaitlin, who you would have loved. I can remember the first time Nan saw Kaitlin and she said that she was the spitting image of you as a baby, and if she turns out like you, a loving and kind hearted person, then I will be the proudest mum in the world.

I can remember living next door and climbing the garden fence to come over and play, which we always did Lee and me. Until one day we couldn't even see over the fence, you'd got a bigger one so that we used the front door. I remember Lee and Katie playing chase in the garden with you, you chased them around the garden with a broom in your hand. It's silly things like that I remember, but at least they're all good memories.

Oh there was one other thing, you let me take the rap for leaving the toaster out with crumbs everywhere. Tina was not happy! Then you winked at me for keeping quiet and said "Good girl".

I will miss you Uncle Terry, we all will.

-- Gemma Gibbs

We didn't always see eye to eye and we had different views on drag racing and people in the sport, but we had a lot of good times and it took maybe four years for us to understand each other but when our relationship was good it was really good! We were close and had lot of respect for each other, I'm gonna miss him.

I'll miss our 'discussions' on drag racing and people, I'll miss our shopping expeditions walking around Woking shopping centre or Bluewater, I'll miss the barbecues on a lovely Sunday afternoon sitting at the farm, I miss going on holiday with him, I'll miss the curries sitting in the little out house at his fabulous home, there's loads I'll miss.

I know one of, if not the most important thing in Terry's life was Albert Terry Carter his Grandson. He totally loved this little man and was such a great Grandad to him, always wanting to cuddle, hold him and spend time with him.

I know that Terry wouldn't have given up, he would have fought whatever took his life all the way. He had so many plans for the future, buying an airfield and making a track, taking little man to Disney Florida and lots of other stuff we talked about.

The day before he died, Sarah, Jan (new crew member) and I went over to the farm to pick up Albert from Terry and Tina, we got there and the house was quiet. I thought "Oh, Terry will be in the garage working on the race car" so I said "Come on Jan let's go down the garage and see Terry", went and the door was locked so pulled, shouted but no one was in there, so we went back up the house and Tina said "No, Terry's in bed not well". I thought shall I go up, stick my head in and say "Hello Terry, want a cup of tea?". Then I thought no, Terry will be OK, I'll see him later - you just do don't you?

I never found the words to tell Terry I loved him, but I did. Love and miss you Terry.

-- Andy Carter

Tributes from racers, friends and colleagues

My condolences go to Tina, Craig, Sarah,and Katie at the unexpected death of Terry. Fond memories of crewing for him back in 1975 in Super Gas, and all the good times we all had in Hockenheim. Sadly missed. Rest in peace Tel.

-- Steve Dowler

I'm sure you won't remember me, although I have a feeling you probably might, I came to visit you a good few years ago now to pick up some bits for a Camaro I was working on, at a central heating shop if memory serves, it was a long time ago, what I expected to be a quick pick up and pay trip turned into one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

I was just another customer, collecting parts and going on about cars, but you truly treated me like a friend you had known for years, we had maybe spoken only twice on the phone and this was my first visit. you invited me into your home and we sat talking for hours about cars and lots else besides, not sure how many cups of tea I got through that day You showed me around the house and took me to see your cars, I was speechless, I'd never seen that many Chevys under one roof, and then a trip over to your mate's barn to check out a huge collection of Fords. I ended up buying a half finished '65 Mustang convertible from him later. Good times.

Your genuine warm-hearted nature and willingness to share your experience with me, a young, wet behind the ears hot rodder, was surprising to me back then and I've thought on the experience more than a few times over the years. I bought maybe a couple of hundred pounds worth of parts that day, I wasn't a bigshot client or anything and you really had no reason to be so unbelievably gracious to me. That day left an impression on me, not just about cars, but also about the goodness within people.

I moved here and lost touch with a lot of people in England, but I saw your name every now and again and it truly bought a smile to my face, "I hung out with that guy once, he's a proper sound bloke".

Farewell mate, thank you for just being such a great guy and making a difference in my life.

-- Tony Saggu, Granada Hills, California

It is with great shock to read of Terry's sudden passing. Drag racing has just been his whole life, outside of being a family man, husband, dad, grandad, uncle. I will miss Terry very much and it is difficult to find the right words that would describe Terry but just one heck of a great guy is a start. Please except my condolences Tina from all of us at Team Czechmate, this news has upset me deeply.

-- Jeff Rainbird, Team Czechmate

I was shocked and saddened to learn that Terry has died. I'm certain he will be missed by all drag racers in the UK. His name and achievements will be remembered by racers forever.

-- Mike Cresswell, WB1 fReQracing

I've just learned of Terry's death. A plain-talking bloke who achieved a heck of a lot, he and his family were always friendly and helpful to me in my time in the sport and for that I'll be eternally grateful. Another Terry will be hard to find.

-- Paul Fischer

I first became aware of Terry when I started to regularly act as the MSA Steward at Avon Park. With Terry organising and Tina Clerking it made my life very easy. Terry was always extremely helpful, always had time for a discussion on any queries I had and ensured I had a pleasant day. It is because of people like Terry that I enjoy drag racing so much; a friendly hello, a smile and a firm handshake, and time for you. The only occasions I can remember being at a meeting at either Shakespeare County or Santa Pod and not seeing Terry was when his illness kept him from attending. The Gibbs family was (is) a true team, both in organising and promoting the sport and in competing. I sincerely hope Tina, Craig and the rest of the family continue with that team, and that their presence will remind us all of a great guy. Tina, Craig, my sincere condolences to you and all your family.

-- Chris Hobson, MSA Steward

I was as everyone shocked to hear of the sad loss of Terry. I first met Terry when I was crewing Fireforce and met up with him again at the first Xtreme Wheels where the NSVA had a stand. We spoke of my car, I had been building it for what seemed for ever, and my dream of drag racing it. Terry said to me to "Keep at it and you will get there in the end". Well I hope to this year and I know Terry will be looking down and patting me on the back. On behalf of the NSVA our thoughts are with Terry's family.

-- Nik Lawson, on behalf of the NSVA

I am very sorry to learn of the death of Terry. My deepest sympathy and condolences go to all the family. A few years ago I needed a transmission for my race car and even though they hardly knew me, Terry and Tina kindly gave me a gearbox so I could race. That allowed me to win the Hotrod Championship at York, I certainly could not have done that without Terry's help, I will always remember and appreciate that generosity.

-- Des Taylor

Like many many others I was shocked to hear the sad news. Terry will be missed by everyone throughout the sport he did so much for.

-- Mike Bentley, Super Street

It was with sadness and disbelief that I heard of Terry's death. Sadness for the pain that Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie must be feeling and disbelief that such a man could be gone. I first met Terry when I entered Super Gas, Terry and Tina were ever helpful and tried to point me in the right direction. The first thing I noticed was the the sign on Terry's Camaro ''The best cars, the best races, the best parties'' and he made sure they were! My last meal I had with Terry, he bought. He made me a cuppa at a Santa Pod on a wet afternoon, so many memories. With Tina by his side they were the hardest workers and the sharpest operators.

-- Roger and Susan Butterworth.

Got to know Terry through Sarah and Andy, and everything that has been said already reminds me so much of the man, a real no nonsense guy. But yet, still a really nice guy. I was in the Gibbs house a few times and I do always remember a good family atmosphere and the strong bond between Terry and Tina. In 2001, Terry and indeed all the Gibbs family were really behind us all the way, our first year doing the whole Championship, and at the end of the first race at the Pod Terry had a real glint in his eye when he thought Andy Carter would have a good year. But he didnt mind telling you how it was, in Finland he thought we were mad to give up lane choice by doing a motor saver run in round one, our bye run. Terry told us the whole way to the start line that we were wrong, and even after the wed won the race he still said we were wrong, what can I say? Terry was a man of his own conviction.

-- Eddie Corr

We just heard the sad news yesterday (news travels slow to Texas). Our deepest condolences to the Gibbs family. We knew Terry from the early eighties in Super Gas. We have fond memories of the great times racing in England and Europe. Terry always had time to talk and had some great ideas for the future of Drag Racing. We will sadly miss him. Our hearts go out to the family.

-- The Kennedy family: Big Andy, Petra and Alexander

We first got to know Terry during the 1986 Bilsport Summer meet at Mantorp Park. We were competing in one of the street classes with Dave Pollen and Tony Gransden. and we all had an excellent time. Tony went on to win, crewed by his mates, Terry and Chris. We have pictures of Terry on the start line with the grip juice, without his shirt of course! Terry was one of a kind, risked his own money to promote drag racing and spent a lot of his time organising some outstanding events and trips. Terry was always very sensitive to the racers needs and strived to make everyone happy. The Super Gas Hockenheim trips were superb, eighteen British cars one year, if Terry and Tina had not organised these trips for us we guess they would not have happened. These trips also made a big impression on the Gasser kids who also had great fun, especially in the Aqua Drome with the Bristol Bombers. Our daughters still ask us to take them back to Hockenheim. We would all like to say thanks for all the good times. Terry will be greatly missed, we are thinking of Tina & the family and offer our sincere condolences at this very sad time.

-- Brian and Julie Pateman and Lenny Masters

I was deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Terry. A true ambassador of the racing fraternity, with his no-nonsense and straight talking attitude he always won the highest respect from all circles. He certainly taught me a few things, especially during his period of promoting the Super Series at Avon Park. He always had time to speak to and to help out others, even when obviously very busy himself. He always believed in me and helped me tremendously with the things I was doing at the time. Terry and Tina were always as one and I'm sure will continue to be so. The last time that I managed to have a good chat with Terry was at the Xtreme Wheels show, and I'm very glad that I managed to do so. I hope that somehow his dreams of achievements for UK racers will come to fruition in the future. My deepest condolences go to his family especially to Tina.

-- Rob Stone

I really don't know where to start and need to apologise now because I know I'll ramble.

I first met Tel in 1976 via Tony "The Messer" (as Tel christened him) Gransden, they were already thick as thieves so when Tony announced to Tel that they were stopping on the way to the Pod at the Watford junction of the M1 to pick someone up he was already pi**ed off because it wasn't on his "schedule". Anyone that knew Tel will know what I mean, planning was everything, so we didn't get off the best start, not only had I broken the "Going racing" routine but there was an impostor in the van!

As usual he couldn't have the strop for long, the air soon cleared, the Three Musketeers had been formed and I was on the way to making what would turn out to become the kindest and closest non family friend I've ever had. Having said that, if I knew then what I know now maybe I should have got straight back out of that van because being the team's official marriage guidance counsellor over the next twenty years for him and the Messer wasn't easy.

So many great memories that have come flooding back over the past week or so, just sitting thinking about all the times we've had on and off the track have had me smiling and in tears all at the same time. Great memories from the track like the great "Street legal" rivalry over several seasons with the Harris Brothers, the Ford Pop boys Andy and Dennis, Brian Pateman plus many more and of course Gary's Picnic weekends, pure "What day is it" magic. We had some fantastic trips to the midsummer festival meets at Mantorp Park too with some of the old rivals along that added to the party, although sharing a cabin on a ferry with Tel for twenty three hours can't go down as a highlight. We then went onto start travelling to the Florida to buy/import cars, Tel had met a guy on his holidays who was a car dealer, "His Mum's got a huge gaff on a lake, loads of spare rooms, it's sorted Boy". All this was of course just an excuse for Tina and my wife Jayne, for Tel and I to go to the likes of Gainesville and Orlando Speed World. Neither of us could believe you could earn money having this much fun.

Away from the track Tina and Jayne, who both shared the "Family is everything" view on life, soon became firm friends. Tel and Tina already had "The Boy" Craig with Sarah and Katie coming along at similar times to my own children so we'd spend many lovely weekends just chilling and even managed to get Tel to take time off work for family holidays, all very, very, fond memories. When Jayne and I bought our first house Tel insisted "It needs sorting", this involved him working tirelessly at weekends (non race weekends of course) to help me knock down walls, fit new kitchen, bathroom, plumbing and wiring, if he wasn't there he'd make sure someone else was. He then decided I needed a proper garage for my cars so he organised the building of one, all this work he insisted doing at cost, in fact he threatened to never speak to me again if I ever mentioned the subject, that was Tel, you were either a friend or an enemy, there was nothing in between.

Finally, little things that I remember that typified the man. Things like telling my Local Council's planning officer that came to inspect the new garage footings and suggested there was a problem that if he didn't "Eff off" he'd be lying in them. In the early days of him going it alone with TPM Heating and Plumbing, money was tight and according to Tel the bank manger was a W. He turned up one day outside my shop not in his old beaten up Bedford CF van but a new, one of the first I'd seen on the road, MK3 Escort van. What's all this then I asked, I thought the bank manager said you'd got to go careful on the spending, "Don't worry about Boy, the BM's sweet, this is the TPM Plumbing and Heating rapid response unit, it'll do nearly seventy in third". With that, on goes the hand brake, the big grin appears and he proceeds to fill the street with tyre smoke whilst bouncing the valves of the new van's engine. That was our Tel.

Having been on overnight "Let's see how quick we can get there this time" visits to Cornwall with Tel "Alright my boooty" with the strongest Cornish accent applied became our standard greeting. I phoned him one day to explain how I'd just found one of the original Ford Pop dragsters in the UK (Wild Thing) in a lock up opposite my parents' house and that the original owner/builder may be persuaded to sell it along with some bits and pieces to a good home. I told him that it was in its original paint, had no engine or box, an old Land Rover rear end that had been shortened one side, hand operated brakes on the rear only a set of factory original Lotus Élan "Wobbly" magnesium wheels with it that are rare as rocking horse droppings. "How much is it" he asked so I told him that the guy said to make an offer, the reply came back "I suggest you explain to the gentleman that if he lived in Woking he would understand that history has very little value". I then explained that the bits and pieces I mentioned consisted of lots of brand new and crated 302 Chevy heads, blocks and cranks etc. all in perfect nick. Tel came back with his best Cornish "Oo Arrh, there's gold in them there boxes my boooty, tell the very nice gentleman that Uncle Tel will be there directly" with that the phone went dead. When he arrived he screeched the van to a halt, jumped out and introduced himself to the owner as "Terry Gibbs, British drag racing enthusiast"

In recent years our time together had become separated by the demands of modern day life. The last time we got together was at Tina's fiftieth birthday party, we spent time reflecting on the usual stuff, where had the last thirty years gone, how the kids are expensive to run etc, etc, and also how we'd missed each others company, by God do I regret letting the past few years slip by now. Despite the fact he'd been very unwell in the past and was extremely frustrated he couldn't operate at his usual pace he was very upbeat about his life. He made it very clear how wonderful it was he'd had time to spend with his Grandson and how very proud he was of his family.

Actually typing this tribute for someone who'd had such an influence on not only mine, but my family's life too, has been without doubt the hardest thing I've had to do to this day and has made me fully appreciate just what good a friend he was.

Love and thanks from Chris Mead and his very grateful family, rest in peace Buddy.

-- Chris Mead and family

I only met Terry and Tina very recently, but they seemed like a very nice couple and I was very shocked and saddened to hear of Tina's tragic loss, my thoughts are with all the family at this terrible time.

-- Simon

I am shocked, my thoughts are with you Tina. I say this from the heart, Terry was a gentleman and a fine man to know.

-- Colin, C & P Hot Rod Ts

I have just returned to hear about Terry's all too early departure from us all. My thoughts and prayers are with Tina and the family on their devastating loss. I had always found Terry to be friendly and always willing to offer help and advice, always straight talking and always a gentleman, God Bless You Terry.

-- Mark Ashman, National Association of Street Clubs

I did not know Terry personally. Although I had seen him at the tracks and knew he was a well respected person, I knew of him for the many good things that he had done for the sport. My thoughts are with Tina and the family at this very sad time. As they come to terms with tragic loss of a this very special man, Terry Rest In Peace...

-- Sandie Gibb and family, Lil Ole 38

Whilst the Street Eliminator class will send a general message of condolence to all of the Gibbs family, I personally wanted to say a few words (having been inspired by the words of Tina Gibbs on Eurodragster yesterday). Terry brought in a great deal of our classic parts for the '56 originally, and from those very early contacts he proved to be knowledgeable, well connected and above all, a fair guy to deal with. I'll go as far as saying that nothing gave him a problem - and certainly we appreciated all the help we could get. His interest towards Sportsman/doorslammer racers was held in the highest regard by many and few people have done as much for our small segment of drag racing than anyone else in the UK. One thing's for sure, you'll be sorely missed Tugger...

-- Colin Lazenby

Here I am, a grown man typing this with a tear in my eye. I was away in Gainesville when I heard the tragic news. I am proud to have known Terry and even prouder to have called him my friend. I will miss you mate God Bless. My thoughts are now with Tina and the family.

-- Barry Sheavills

A great great loss to drag racing, but that pales into insignificance alongside the loss that Tina and the rest of the family must be feeling. A very sad day when we heard the news.

-- Ivan Sansom and Rose Hughes

Terry I haven't known you that long, but you and your family have made me feel so welcome that it feels like I have known you decades rather than a couple of years! It was so sad when I heard on Monday of your passing that I really haven't known what to say to Tina, Craig, Sarah, Katie and the family, words really haven't felt like enough. But in the past week I have had time to reflect on my memories especially the 'road trip' to Santa Pod last season, which always puts a smile back on my face, you told us your life story that night and how your family meant everything to you. And I know you must be proud of how they are all looking out for one and other at this difficult time. I just want to say I feel privileged to have known someone so special you were truly a very kind, caring man, who always made me laugh it really isn't the same without you. Miss you Terry.

-- Natalie Camm - nearly a Glassup!

It's been a week now and I am still feeling numb at the fact that we have lost our Tel. I've tried several times these past few days to put pen to paper and put my thoughts into words...

My first recollection of Tel is when he and Tony Gransden were at the Pod with Tony's big block Camaro. Then Mick Smith and myself went to check out some small block Chevy 302 bits that Tel had bought with a Ford Pop. It was several years later after speaking to Tony about a '69 Camaro he was going to race that my path would cross with Terry's again. The long and short of it was I bought the '69 from Terry and it was from this point that we became good buddies. Later Tel bought another '69 through Maxie and Donnie in Orlando, it was of course Obsession and when it first hit the shores of GB Tony drove it and it was this car that gave Tel the bug to drive in competition again. By this time I had parked up our '69 (In the Red) to start a new venture so this gave me some spare time to 'take care' of Obsession for Tel. I have so many fond and happy memories from this point on that I could write a book but these are just a few...

Being Tel's right hand man in running Obsession in Super Gas, he was a great race car driver and very often a bullshitter when he messed up in a race or lost. Being there when he and Tina recovered the Super Gas Association, it was his dream to get a big field of Super Gas cars out there at that time and he did it. Ask any Super Gasser from that time, we all remember the great parties we had in the pits back then, great times, great memories. The first trip to Hockenheim (and there are two Hockenheims in Germany hey Tina!) what a trip! one big party, with lots of great friends, Tel had pulled it off again! The first Super Slam, it started when Tel, Trev Graves and myself stood at the Pod on the fence line and hatched up The Super Slam plan at Avon Park. Tel pulled all the right strings bar the ones controlling the weather, but a great deal was learnt from this event and he and Tina went on to bring Avon Park to life with the Super Series events. Well done and thank you Tel and Tina for this part in drag racing history. Being there when the famous bottle of Bacardi would come out from its safe place in the camper and then getting into the serious shooting the s**t sessions we had, it hurts knowing I'll never have these times again with my mate Tel. So Craig, I hope you like Bacardi and Coke, 'cos the old boys are not finished yet!

Tel and Tina went on to promote the Xtreme shows and run the Super Mod series but without a doubt Tel's biggest ambition was to own his own race facility. I remember years ago at Orlando Speedworld him saying to me if I could find a place like this back home I would buy it. It was a week ago last Thursday when he called me and told me of his next plan for UK drag racing. He was very upbeat about it and he and Tina were going to look at it on the Saturday with the view to buying it to Give the UK racers another venue to race at (those were Tel's words). We ended our phone conversation in good spirits as always and with the promise of opening the Bacardi at the Pod at the Easter meeting. The rest, as Tel would've said, is history.

So when you see me shedding my tears at Tel's send off, they are not just tears of sadness from losing a good friend, they are tears of happiness, happiness that he has given me and others and tears of pride to have been a part of this great man's short life. Thank you for everything you did for me and others Tel, I will miss you so much buddy.

-- Jeff Bull

Like so many I have loads of happy and funny memories of Terry since I first met him in '89 when Jeff and I went to buy the Camaro. I feel so lucky to have had him as a friend, I'm lucky too to have watched Craig, Sarah and Katie grow into young adults and I know their Dad was so proud of them all. I'm glad we had a chat the other day on the phone Tel but I'm so sorry we never got the chance to say goodbye. I miss you Tel, you'll always be in my thoughts. Now I'm holding on tight to my memories so no one can take them away. Tina, Katie, Craig and Lou, Sarah, Andy and little Albert - thinking of you all. With Love. "B" x

-- Belinda Bull

Terry was my dad's best friend, and consequently a bit like a second father. He was instrumental in helping get my first house, and once we got it made sure it was nice and warm with Gibbs central heating. Terry was always there to talk to, about anything from kitchen extensions to drag racing, Terry had an opinion on everything, and it was always an opinion I valued greatly. It was impossible not to look up to Terry, he was a successful business man, dedicated drag racer with a beautiful home, beautiful cars, and a wonderful family, and he was just such a lovely guy. For some reason the last couple times I saw Terry I had an urge to hug him, but instead just put my arm on his shoulder, I wish I'd hugged him now, I miss him so much. One thing I'm going to miss most is how he would always make me laugh, I couldn't help but laugh with him at his outlook on things and general humour. '"Matt thinks I'm cool" I remember him saying when he last came over, and yes Terry I do think you're cool, and I hope you knew how much more than 'cool' you were to me. I love you and miss you Terry

-- Matt Glassup

Terry raced in many classes during his many years dedicated to the sport. His love was always Doorslammers and we are very proud and honoured to say that he ended his career in ours. With his son Craig behind the wheel of the family Camaro, Terry worked tirelessly to get the most out of a difficult combination with enthusiasm and unfaltering commitment. Qualities that he had established throughout his career. He will be greatly missed by by all his mates in Super Mod. We feel richer for having known him. I will personally miss his strong opinions and gentle guidance. Our love and thoughts are with his beloved family and everyone whose life he touched.

-- Barbara Kirk, on behalf of Super Modified Racers Association

It was with immense sadness that we read of terry's passing, our thoughts are with tina and the family during these difficult times.

-- Mark and Sarah O'Halloran

I like others was devastated at the news. As a fellow Super Modified racer, I've had many a conversation with Terry and I liked his style. Terry is in a better place now so thoughts must turn to Tina and the rest of the family, his legacy will carry on through them I'm sure. Tina and Craig, carry on what you started, things were just about to get interesting. I hope to see you at the track in the future.

-- Paul, Donna and Georgi Brooks

It's taken me some time to write this tribute to Terry since hearing the sad news, time to gather my thoughts and struggle to put them into a few words when I could really fill a book.

There are far few people in this world like Terry, and we were blessed to have him as a colleague within our sport. Tenacious, visionary, passionate, energetic, straight speaking - so many fine attributes that Terry displayed but merely scratching the surface of the qualities that made the man.

Not only a fine racer, but someone with the drive to really 'walk the talk' and make a difference. His stunning success at making Shakespeare County Raceway a place where all racers, Sportsman and Pros alike, could really feel special was the mark of his depth of understanding of what the racer needs. And passionate - who will forget him running around the pits making racers park properly in the pouring rain, or on the start line making us bike racers sharpen up our act to ensure that the race would be done before curfew.

It's a shame his dream of owning his own drag strip will not come to pass - it would undoubtedly have been the benchmark by which all others in Europe would have been measured because he was a racer first and foremost, and he understood...

I'll miss him for many reasons, his support for drag racing, his enthusiasm, his humour, our weekly telephone chats, his support for our team effort but most of all, his friendship.

But despite all these fine words, I do not forget that above all Terry was a family man, and I know how proud he was of his devoted wife Tina and his children Craig, Sarah and Katie. Although he has now left us for a better place, I know his legacy will live on through his fine family.

Till later mate...

-- Ian King

I always appreciated Terry's no-nonsense attitude and the way he persevered against the many obstacles to staging an event at Shakespeare County Raceway such as curfews and limited pit space. The help he gave us whilst building Dave Wilson's new trailer really helped us to get it finished and was much appreciated. My thoughts go to his family and I hope more of his ideas and plans can come to fruition in UK drag racing.

-- Andy Bissett

What a sad loss of such a nice man. Although we did not know Terry for very long, he always stopped to chat with us and made us feel like old friends. We will miss him, our heartfelt sympathy to Tina and family.

-- Iain and Liz, Jus'4 Fun Racing

It was with great shock and sadness to hear of Terry's death before his time, as he had so much more he would have liked to have achieved. It feels strange to think that we will not see Terru around anymore doing his best to promote the sport that he and we all love. But I'm sure his spirit will live on overseeing the development of our sport that he has contributed towards over the years. You knew where you stood with Terry and I had great respect for him for that. Our deepest sympathy and condolences to all the family.

-- Pete and Janet Creswell

We were so sad to hear of Terry's passing. He put up a great fight against his illness, the same as he always put great effort into any project he was involved in big or small. We will never forget the time and effort he put into helping us with the design and fit out of our new trailer, he helped out just because he could without being asked. An honest man, if he said it he meant it. He will be missed immeasurably by his family and drag racing friends alike, I will certainly miss our five-minute chats at the farm that lasted four hours! Our deepest condolences to Tina and the family, Tel may be gone but he will not be forgotten. Love to you all.

-- Dave and Linda Wilson and family

Please accept our deepest and sincere expressions of sympathy, our friendly thoughts go to Terry's family.

-- Fred, on behalf of the French Drag Racing Association ATD

We were so sorry to hear the sad news of Terry passing away. Our thoughts are with his family.

-- Barry and Maureen George

When I was told early this week of the loss of Terry Gibbs, my initial thoughts were with a deep sadness for Tina, Sarah, Craig and Katie. As the week progressed I then began to think about the effect which losing Terry will have on British Drag Racing.

Terry and I only really got to know each other well after I had purchased Santa Pod Raceway in 1996. Prior to that I was busy running the ETFA and the European Top Fuel Series and Terry was very involved in the Sportsman classes and in particular Super Gas. I knew very much of Terry's reputation and he of mine, so in our very early dealings we often came form different viewpoints, but both of us held each other's respect. As the years moved on and Terry and Tina began promoting with Obsession Motor sports, we became quite close and got to know each other well. In fact over the past seven to eight years Terry and I were singing off the same hymn sheet in most issues. Like me, Terry would never suffer fools gladly and told it as it was, like it or not. Added to that Terry always had time for everyone involved in drag racing, be it a Professional or Sportsman racer, official, Track Personnel or just about anybody involved in drag racing. Terry's record and achievements in the sport of drag racing speak for themselves and there are not many people around in the sport today of Terry's dedicated nature. He will be sorely missed by all of us.

Perhaps I would also say that I always saw Terry and Tina Gibbs as one, and almost inseparable, truly supporting each other in all situations, something many of us can only envy and dream about. Terry was a true racer, drag racing enthusiast through and though, but most of all a marvellous family man, who lived for his family and had worked so hard all his life to give his beloved wife and family what they so richly deserved. I am so pleased that my oldest daughter Alice, now five years of age, was also able to get to know both Terry and Tina, and they both spoiled her rotten. But that is just what you would expect from two people like Terry and Tina Gibbs.

I sincerely hope that if they do decide to and are ready, Tina and her children will in the future, carry on flying the Gibbs family name in drag racing, either racing, promoting or whatever...just keeping Terry Gibbs' legacy alive!

My deepest sympathy goes out to Tina and her family at this very difficult time.

-- Keith Bartlett, CEO, Trakbak Racing, Santa Pod Raceway, Power Racing Promotions

I didn't know Terry very well but when I met him I thought what a lovely man. I am very sorry for your sad loss, thinking of you all at this sad time. Katie - love you lots and I am always here for you.

-- Natalie Warren

A racer to the end. I only knew Terry from speaking to him at the tracks, but had a genuine respect for him after taking on the promotion at Avon Park all those years ago and how he tried to put a good meeting together for all the racers. He always had time for a chat even when he was obviously busy, the team will sadly miss him and I feel I have lost a friend even though I did not know him that well. I am genuinely touched and shocked at his passing. Sympathies go out to Terry's family, he will be sadly missed.

-- Mark Watkins, Nick Kerswil, Dave Watson, Team Nippon Super Street

I had a lot of respect for Terry as a person and as a Super Gas racer. Deepest sympathies.

-- Ashley Bell and family

Everyone at Santa Pod Raceway was shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Terry's recent passing. Terry has supported Santa Pod for many, many years, both as a racer and events organiser and he will be missed greatly. We hope this year's Doorslammer event will be a suitable tribute to all that Terry worked for.

-- Everyone at Santa Pod Raceway

I was so shocked to read of this terrible loss on on Tuesday 21st April, in the morning in my ICT lesson, even though I wasn't allowed to. Sadly, I never got to meet Terry, but all that I heard about him was positive, so to all his family and friends, I'm so sorry. I know that he'll always be watching down on us Drag Racing freaks. Let there be Drag Racing in Heaven! God bless you Terry, from a fan. My kindest regards go to all of his family.

-- Sean Bowe

Sorry for the sad loss, our hearts go out to Katie and the family. God bless you all.

-- Jill and Steve, Gavin and Natalie, Lisa and Luke Flynn

Everyone at American Car Imports wants to wish Tina and her family our sincere condolencies for Terry's passing. We have very fond memories of Terry at the track and he was a gentleman to do business with. Terry will be sorely missed by us.

-- Anthony Cohen

It was with great sadness that we heard about Terry's passing on Monday. I didn't really know him that well but he always took the time to say hello. My best memories of Terry are those associated with the Super Series, which set a new standard for the quality and organisation of a drag racing event. Reading through some of these messages has made me realise what a special bloke Terry was and I am sure he will be sorely missed. Our sympathies go to Tina and family in this tough time. I hope to see you all at track.

-- Stuart and Rachael Doignie

What an awful shock to read of the passing of Terry. I didn't know him too well before the Super Series, but when Anthony, Terry, Tina, Trevor and I met for our first chat about putting something together for the future of Avon Park his passion and commitment was like planting an acorn then watching an oak tree flourish. Thank you Terry and Tina for everything you did. Sent with deepest sympathy for Tina and her family.

-- "H" and Steve Read, Australia

Dear Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie, just a short note to say how very sorry we were to hear about your sad loss. Terry will be truly missed. Thinking of you all.

-- The Huxleys, Top Banana

What more can we say that has not been said already. God bless Terry sleep in peace. Much love to Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie our thoughts are with you at this very sad time.

-- Dave Leigh and Kirsty Pearce

We are very sorry to read the sad news of Terry's passing on Monday. He will be sadly missed in the pits. He always made everybody feel welcome and special. Our thoughts are with Tina and the family. Everyone who know Terry will only have fond memories of the time they knew him.

-- Paul, Allan, Andrew and Bob, B-Sting drag racing team

I remember one summer in the late 1970s when I had the Johnny Come Home Cortina in middle modified and Terry ran the tunnel rammed 427 Black Magic Camaro in Top Modified. Terry won his second round and returned to the pits, on walking past his pit I noticed some frantic work going on around the front end of the Camaro I saw Terry and said "What's up mate?". He said "This" and showed me the top of No 1 piston which had broken in two. I said "So why all the rushing around then?". Terry smiled and said "We get twelve quid a round so we are taking No 1 rod out and running on just seven cylinders just to get our round money". I smiled and walked away. I had to run against Black Magic in the next round. I smiled to myself thinking the next round will be easy. Terry holeshot me and I lost! Wheels up mate and God speed! My fondest thoughts to all his family and friends.

-- John Everitt, Alien

Just read the very sad news - the drag racing community has lost one of its greatest assets. Agree with Terry's ideas or not, he could move mountains to make good things happen for drag racing. Terry's dedication to the sport he loved was second to none and he will be very sadly missed. Thank you for all of your hard work for all of us racers. Our deepest condolences to Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie.

-- Carla and Rick McCann, Heaven and Hell Racing

Terry, you always had time to stop and say hello, no matter what. You will be sadly missed.

-- Nigel and David Anniwell

Our thoughts are with all the family at this most difficult time. We will miss Terry's friendly chats in the pits. He was a great assest to the sport. Our deepest sympathy.

-- Roger, Kim, Scott, Lewis and Payton

We are so sorry to hear the news of Terry Gibbs. Our thoughts are with Tina and the family.

-- Tony Betts and all at Venom Racing

Terry will be missed, always helpful to us Super Street Bike boys.

-- Mark Watkins

Shocked to hear the tragic news. Our thoughts are with Tina and all the family. Terry will be sorely missed in the Drag Racing community. RIP Terry. Heartfelt condolences.

-- Bob, John, Jo and the Showtime team.

It was with the deepest shock, sadness and sheer disbelief that we learnt of Terry's passing on Monday having only shared Terry and Tina's company on Saturday afternoon at which time Terry was in the finest fettle, full of his usual banter, he was looking well and was positive and enthused about the season ahead. Tel was alive too with ideas around another new venture that he had up his sleeve and we both have no doubt that this new project would have been further inspirational to British Drag Racing and Motorsport in general. Terry certainly had the ability and foresight to make things happen. Indeed it was Terry that inspired our transition from spectators of this great sport to competitors in the early 1990s when we all met for the first time through one of Tel's passions at the time, Camaros Unlimited. We can safely and honestly say that we have been poorer than church mice ever since but certainly richer for having known Terry, sharing in his experiences and enthusiasm for the sport the good times and the bad times, through good health and ill health. Terry may be gone from our lives and our sport but not from our hearts and we send our sincerest and deepest condolences to our good friends Tina, Craig, Sarah, Katie, Albert and all the family. May Terry live on in the Sport for many, many years to come.

-- Jon and Sharon Hogarth

We are still stunned about the sad news of Terry passing away. What a great guy he was. Our thoughts go out to Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie. We know it isn't easy Craig but stick with it he's with you all the way from the the Pairing Lanes to the run off road. You can hang up your guns now Tel and have a well earned rest. We'll meet again someday and carry on with our little chats. God Bless.

-- Vic, Margaret, David and Ann Jones, Dublin-Up Drag Racing Team

Such a sad loss, Terry was a true gent. He was responsible for so many quality cars arriving on these shores (my old Camaro included). Organiser of so many events, and shows, and of course lets not forget those great days we had in the Super Gas meets in the early 1990s. He will be missed by all in the sport/hobby. RIP Tel. Condolences Tina, Craig, Sarah, and Katie, my thoughts are with you.

-- Andy Oliver

I know we never always saw eye to eye with one another Terry, but the one thing I always respected, you were an ambassador to our sport your dedication was second to none. Whatever you did you succeeded or went on to achieve more, it would have completed your dream, I am sure to have had your own track as I know this was a very strong wish for the future. You were the first promoter to encourage and give the Junior Dragster class the opportunity to start drag racing in this country and must have been very proud to see so many compete today. My deepest sympathies to Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie.

-- Wendy Talbot, Avon Park International Racing Association

It still hasn't sunk in that Terry has gone. We first met him and Tina when they became involved at Avon Park, I was an APIRA marshal and Darren was with FAST. At the Super Series events we respected him and what he was doing for drag racing which led to a great friendship being built with him and all the Gibbs family. Maybe that's why we ended up as crew members for Obsession and getting involved in many of his more recent projects, his enthusiasm and drive just swept you along. On several occasions in the lead up to this year's Xtreme Wheels when things didn't go to his plan he jokingly blamed us for it going ahead, it would have even if we hadn't been helping, when he knew something was worth doing he put his all into it and made it happen. What an honour and privilege it has been to have known Terry, to have been part of his team and have so many good memories. Our deepest condolences go out to Tina, Craig, Sarah, Katie, Terry's mum and all the Gibbs family.

-- Marie and Darren Herbert-White

My first introduction to drag racing in the UK was Avon Park Raceway and a Super Series event on a sunny Bank Holiday. Sitting in the grandstands taking it all in was not enough and I had to get involved. I worked with Terry on several occasions at Shakespeare County Raceway, and I would like to offer my condolences to Tina and family.

-- Osmond Ewing, Race Director, Shakespeare County Raceway

Having recently experienced Terry's energy, passion and forward-thinking approach to the drag racing and hot rodding scene in the UK at Xtreme Wheels, it's with great sadness that I heard of his passing. I speak on behalf of the whole Custom Car team when I offer our heartfelt condolences to Terry's family and friends.

-- Grant Wilson

Very sad to hear of the loss of Terry. Just come back to the sport after nine years away and Tel was one of the people who welcomed me back with open arms. I had many a race against Tel in Super Gas and he always made it a race to remember. Top guy on and off the strip...RIP Terry.

-- Psycho Phil

Our thoughts are with Tina and the family. Words seem inadequate.

-- Alan Martin and all the Hot Rod Drags team

It was with very great sadness that we heard about Terry's passing on Monday from a distraught mutual friend. It's so difficult to find the right words to express our thoughts and feelings at this time but above all we will miss him as a friend. We will miss the long workshop chats with Terry about racing, business and his plans for the future along with a whole range of other subjects. Terry could sometimes be very optimistic and sometimes very pessimistic but he was always hatching a new project into which he would put all his energy and enthusiasm. Drag racing will be much the poorer for losing a friend with such vision and the ability to make his plans come to life. Our sympathies go to Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie who are doubtless having a very tough time coming to terms with their sudden loss.

-- Andy, Kate Luke and Stefani Robinson

We were very shocked and saddened to hear the news of Terry's passing, far too early. He was one of the great characters and personalities of Drag Racing and did so much for so many classes and the sport in general, a truly great promoter always seeking to further the sport and encourage its growth. We from the Wild Bunch will always be grateful to him for being instrumental in giving our class an entry into MSA events by including us in the very successful Super Series, which we had the privilege of taking part in. Many thanks, Terry. We admired and respected him for his organisational skills, his commitment and hard work getting things done, and the events he got off the ground through sheer determination and vision, giving so many people the opportunities to race or show their cars. We were pleased for his recent successes with the Xtreme Wheels shows, another great concept already an institution. And so sorry that he did not get the chance to see the undoubted success of the new Doorslammer event this summer, and most importantly to watch his kids further develop their Drag Racing careers. He will be much missed, and leaves a great legacy to Drag Racing and to his family and friends, and our deepest sympathy and thoughts are with Tina, Sarah, Craig, Katie and Albert. He will always be with you.

-- Chris and Claire Hartnell and family, Backdraft team

I was sorry to hear of Terry's passing away, and would like to offer my sincere condolences and sympathy to Tina and her family at this time of sadness. After only meeting Terry on a few occasions, mainly at Hockenheim, I feel the sport of drag racing has lost one of its true exponents and he will be truly missed by us all.

-- Andy Thetford, Artful Dodger crew

We were shocked and saddened to hear such sad news from Eurodragster. Terry was an inspiration to us all in Super Gas and he will be missed throughout the sport. God bless you mate...

-- Stuart Peck, Team Rat Rage/Mac Tools

When working with the APIRA I remember standing on the guard rail at Santa Pod and asking Terry if he would be interested in promoting a meeting at Avon Park and so the super series started. The rest is history. Terry was a true ambassador for the sport and will be sadly missed by all. It was a pleasure to have known and worked with him. Our thoughts are with Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie.

-- Trevor, Wayne and Scott Graves

We are very shocked and saddened at the news of Terry's passing. Each one of us has a story to tell and a memory to carry, which means although he is no longer with us in body, he is truly still here in his indomitable spirit. God bless and our thoughts are with Tina and his family.

-- Claire and Brendan Clancy, Vic and Margaret Jones, Paul and Tracey Chandler, Dublin-Up Drag Racing Team

Terry was extremely influential for me starting in Junior Dragster. It started when I was invited to get my licence at the Party in the park Junior Dragster event which was promoted by Obsession Motorsports back in 1998/1999. I drove one of the Hauser rent a cars and everyone who organised the event made me welcome and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to start racing at a young age! Although I was only really involved with Terry through my father, you could always tell a genuine person when you saw him, and Terry never faltered in that first impression. I think everyone will agree with me that without his passion and sage council, British Drag Racing wouldn't be how it is right now! I never got to personally thank you for everything you did Terry, but I appreciate it immeasurably! Thanks again Terry. I send my deepest sympathies to Tina and the family.

-- Joe Bond

Thanks Terry, the sport owes you a lot. You will be sadly missed.

-- Paul and Simon Williams

What a great loss our sport has suffered. Terry was a truly dedicated Drag Racer, who knew what the racers wanted and his Super Series events showed that. The Hockenheim Super Gas Tours of the late 80s were inspirational. Our thoughts go to Tina and family.

-- Conrad, Lynda and Anna Stanley, RCS Racing

A firm handshake and a steady gaze, you know where you are with a man like that. Terry had them both, Drag Racing is missing him already. Sincere condolences to Tina, Craig, Sarah, Katie and the family.

-- Geoff and Pauline Martin and the Team, Drag Race Tech UK

I am so shocked to hear the news about Terry. He was a great fighter and always impressed me with his determination not to let his problems defeat him. He will be a great loss to Drag Racing. Everything Terry did, he did with a professional attitude and commitment that made tremendous difference to the way Drag Racing was presented to the public. Terry is one of the true pioneers of our sport whose input has made a significant contribution to enable Drag Racing to get the coverage it has today in the press, and on TV. You only have to read the tributes on this page to see how much he was admired and loved by others. All my sympathy to his family and friends, he will be greatly missed.

-- Stu Bradbury

It was with great sadness that I read of Terry's passing. Friends since the late 70s (Woking Cruise...Terry's blue '69...burger van - fond memories), Terry was probably a major influence in my decision to make the leap from spectator to competitor. Always a great ambassador for Drag Racing and especially doorslammers, he will be greatly missed both personally and in the Drag Racing family. Jon and I send our deepest sympathies to Tina and the family.

-- Steve Dunn, Team Tokyo Toy

I am shocked and deeply saddened by the untimely news about Terry. I can honestly say that through all my dealings with Terry over the years I knew him to be a genuine guy who had an almost unlimited enthusiasm for American cars and the sport of Drag Racing. He was also not afraid to put up his own money to promote the sport. Most of all however, I and the rest of our team will remember him as always having a genuine welcome when we rolled into Avon Park for the Super Series events and making all the effort (and he knew what was required as a racer himself) worthwhile. My deepest sympathies and condolences to Tina and the rest of Terry's family at this difficult time.

-- Lindsay Deuchar and the LA Racing team

Drag racing has lost one of the latter day pioneers within the sport. Terry was never afraid to put his money where his mouth is and will be remembered for may innovative ideas he brought to drag racing, both within the UK and Europe. Terry was also a true friend to me and my family, as well as many others he came into contact with, and he helped many, many people within the sport, and outside it. On this sad day, I have many fond memories of 'Tel' and some of the great races and good times we shared over the years. Our deepest heartfelt condolences go out to Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie. Terry, you said it like it was, and I admired you for that. Wheels up Tel, we'll miss you. You relax now mate.

-- Kevin, Debbie and Mitchell Moore, ex-Super Gassers

Farewell Terry. You were in my mind one of the most inspirational figures in European drag racing I've ever met. Your promotion of the Super Series at Avon Park put the place back on the map. Your dedication to Super Gas turned it into the most professional class on the circuit,and the Black Magic Camaro blew a teenage boy's mind back in the late seventies, thank you Terry.

-- Ritchi Smith

We were absolutely stunned to hear of Terry's death, only last week he was saying how much he was looking forward to the coming season. I had the greatest respect for the man, and all that over the years he has done to advance the cause of our sport which he clearly loved so much. Our deepest sypathies go to Tina and family. RIP Terry, thanks mate.

-- Steve and Trudie Rawlings, Super Modified

All of us at Team Fang would like to express our sincere condolences to the Gibbs family on the sad passing of Terry, a great loss to the sport. We'll never forget those happy days spent at the Super Series events, thanks Terry.

-- Carl Wadkin-Snaith and family.

I didn't know Terry Gibbs but I would like to offer my condolences to his family. He made a massive contribution to UK drag racing, his untimely passing is a loss to us all.

-- Pete Moore, Outlaw Anglia

I am deeply shocked and very sad to hear about the passing of Terry. He was always a great competitor in Super Gas races and was always modest in victory and gracious in defeat. He always had a good word to say and I enjoyed many interesting conversations with him on a variety of subjects. His views were valuable to me and could often be applied to other aspects of life. My sympathies to Tina, Craig, all his family and friends.

-- Shaun Saunders

It was with shock and great sadness that we heard the news of Terry's passing. A drag racer through and through, we shared many a day and night at the track talking about the sport he loved. His drive and enthusiasm will be sorely missed. Lets hope that where he's gone, the skies are always clear and the tracks are always sticky. Our thoughts are with Tina, Craig, Sarah, Katie and all the Gibbs family.

-- Andy, Barbara, Lee and Charlotte Kirk

What a shock! In the short period I knew Terry, I quickly learnt he was a man of action and not just words. A great competitor and someone who said black is black and white is white, a man who knew exactly what he wanted from life. Heartfelt sympathy goes out to Tina, Craig, Sarah, Katie and family from all of the CRAP Conversions team.

-- Kev Taylor and team, CRAP Conversions

Terry you were a true gent, I miss you already. We always had a laugh didn't we. This is a real shock, make sure you book a cloud over Santa Pod so I know when I look up you will be looking down. I will see you again one day and I will join you on the cloud looking down.

-- Rob Faulkner, Crossfire

Shocked to hear the bad news about Terry. Our thoughts are with Tina and the family at this upsetting time. Terry will be missed as his heart and soul was in drag racing and he did a lot for the sport in many ways.

-- Scary Jane and Dave, OPM Racing

I would like to offer my deepest condolences to Tina, Craig and family. Terry sourced my black '69 Camaro way back in the early 1990s, and those great times we all had in the early Super Gas wars with Terry always in the thick of things I will never forget. Terry will be sorely missed!

-- Billy Macdermid

Very sad news, the man we have to thank for our National Championship as we know it today. Our thoughts go out to Tina and family.

-- Andy, Maggie and all the WildChild crew

My condolences go to Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie at the death of Terry. Fond memories of crewing for him back in 1975 for Super Gas and the good times we all had in Hockenheim. Sadly missed. Rest in peace Tel.

-- Steve Dowler

I can't find the words to say how we feel, Nicky, Kate, Jac and myself send Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie our deepest sympathy and condolences at this sad time. It's said many times, and not always meant, but we really will miss him. To say we are shocked would be an understatement. Terry was the reason both Jac and I left the stands and became racers. With out his drive and enthusiasm Junior Drag Racing would never have left the start line. Jac put it quite simply: "Without Terry I would never have started racing, Junior drag racing gave me the best childhood I could have ever asked for". I've met many people in my life, and formed many friendships but none like Terry. He always had time for to talk, and more importantly listen. He always gave sound advice, a very wise man. In the short time we knew him we realised he brought a special magic to our sport, which can't be replaced. We're going to miss him! He was without comparison, one in a million. God Speed Terry.

-- Pete, Jac, Nicky and Kate Hewitt

What a sad, sad loss. Terry and I worked very closely together in recent months and I have a great respect for all he has achieved in his life. He was so dedicated and tireless. You always knew where you stood with Terry, he spoke frankly and would never say anything behind your back, he would always say it to your face. Our thoughts are with Tina and the family.

-- Dave Biggadyke, on behalf of the National Street Rod Association

Terry will be missed as he did so much for the UK Hot Rod and Drag Racing scene, never forgetting the Sportsman racer, a true ambassador for our sport. Our thoughts and condolences are with Tina and family.

-- Aidan and Chris Kenny

Very sad news. Terry always did a lot for the sport. I always found him very interesting to talk to and we had a lot of laughs. My best to Terry's family.

-- Gary Page

Please pass on our deepest sympathy to Terry's family and friends. Terry was truly a rare breed. He was motivated by a genuine love of the sport and based his business dealings on honesty, trust and integrity. He will be genuinely missed. But remember - energy never dies and so he's done with this place and moving on. His word was his bond and he helped us out with the Supercharged Outlaws and always paid up! Terry always believed in me and knew I would make it in Top Fuel - I bumped into him and Tina all over the place including Pomona! When I think of Terry I think of truth. Rest well my friend, you will be missed. I also got a tear in my eye writing this! Thanx for all your input. Half revs

-- Smax Smith and family, team and crew

We would like to offer our sympathy to terry's family. Terry took a lot of flak, and kept smiling.You will be sadly missed by all. Rest in peace.

-- Bob and Debbie Wood

Street racing, muscle cars, drag racing, yanks, the custom scene - all running through this man's veins! A true doorslammer man on the street and strip, and a man of vision. Whether it was leaning against the Armco thinking up the successful Super Series, or having the bravery and vision to bring an outstanding custom and modified car show back to London. Terry had a steely determination and the know-how to get things done. A big mover in the continuity of the Super Gas class, organising trips to Hockenheim - replicated last year with his involvement in Super Mod. For sure drag racing will miss Terry's ambition, ability and dreams for the future. Terry was an earlier supporter and believer in my business Power Race Graphics and for that I'm truly grateful! It's a big loss to Drag Racing. My thoughts and condolences are with Tina and family.

-- Darren West, Power Race Graphics

Sincere condolences to Tina and family, Terry was a an inspiration to us all.

-- Al and Linda, Team Rainy City

It is with genuine sadness that I hear of the sudden death of Terry. Whilst we may not have always seen eye to eye I always respected him for his enthusiasm and commitment to the sport. My most sincere condolences to Tina and the rest of the family.

-- Richard Warburton

In this great sport of ours some people stand head and shoulders above the rest due to their integrity, dedication, enthusiasm and the legacy that they leave when we lose them. Terry was such as person. He is and was an irreplaceable part of European drag racing. It goes without saying it came as a great shock to everyone at Paul Marston Racing that we have lost Terry, but he was obviously needed elsewhere - maybe the drag racing in heaven needed someone of Terry's calibre to organise it for them...God can't do everything. I had the privilege of racing against Terry in Super Gas, competing in the Super Series Events promoted by Obsession Motorsports, and most recently working closely with Terry and the rest of Xtreme Team at Xtreme Wheels. I was looking forward to the Doorslammer events that Terry was looking forward to promoting in 2006 but most of all I always admired Terry as despite his problems he always gave 110% to the sport. He was a good friend and we will all miss him. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie.

-- All the Drivers and Crew at Paul Marston Racing.

Words really cannot express my sorrow at hearing the awful news about Terry. My thoughts, and deepest sympathy go out to Tina, Craig, Sarah, and Katie. Terry's passing is a great loss to all of us who were privileged to know him.

-- Geoff Myers

I was shocked to hear of Terry's untimely death. For many years I have worked along side Terry and Tina at the many committee meetings that go on all year to ensure the continued growth of UK drag racing and I will miss his wisdom and counsel. Terry was a man who really put his heart and soul into our sport, not to mention considerable amounts of time and money, and even when his health was not the best he would still be there for everyone who needed his help or advice. It was only last Thursday night that we sat together in a committee meeting and during a break in the proceedings we discussed the forthcoming doorslammers event at Santa Pod. His enthusiasm and dedication to the racing fraternity came shining through and I take some comfort that my last conversation with my friend Terry was about the satisfaction and enjoyment he was getting out contributing to this new Drag Racing venture. Finally on behalf of myself and my family I would like to offer heartfelt condolences to Tina and all of the Gibbs family at this sad time.

-- Philip Evans

Hot Rodder, Racer, Promoter, Business Man, Family Friend. God! Are we gonna miss him! All our love to Tina and all the family.

-- John, Debbie and Laura Price

Both Lorna and I are deeply saddened to hear the news of Terry's early passing. He was always straight-talking, honest, and great to work with. Being part of the Super Series team were some of the best years I've had in the sport...the very best, and they will always be remembered with great fondness.

-- John Andrews, Motorgraphic

A great loss to the wonderful close-knit family that is Drag Racing. My sincere condolences to Tina and all of Terry's family. There is no shadow of a doubt that Terry will be sadly missed by all.

-- Sue Morris, Santa Pod Raceway Media Centre

Turning on the PC this morning to learn of the sad passing of Terry has sent a shiver down my spine and to say I'm saddened is an understatment. What can you say that hasn't or won't be said. We all owe a small debt to Terry and I am proud to say he was a friend to me and always gave me encouragement and also concern when we went Top Fuel. You sir are a true gent and will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with Tina and the family at this sad time. God speed mate.

-- Chris Hannam (Cannon)

Shocked and stunned doesn't even begin to describe our reaction to this very sad news. I first met Terry at SCR when I was crewing on the B'Sting team, at times struggling to get to grips with running a racecar, procedures etc. etc. which was all new to us and he encouraged us. He was a fine man, a true gentleman and we shall miss him. Sincere condolences, in deepest sympathy to Tina and the family.

-- Barry and Alison Bohannon

It's hard to take in the sad news of Terry's death. I knew him since the Chelsea Cruise days in the 70s, burnouts in Kings Road and all that, through his Camaro racing days, Super Series events and more recently Xtreme Wheels. I saw him at last year's Gatornationals and given the previous ill-health he had suffered it was good to see him enjoying the racing. What I liked was that he spoke it as it was. A sad loss and a hard act to follow.

-- Herb Andrews and family

Hey Terry, I can't say I really knew you, but I can say that you really made a differance to UK drag racing. You certainly impressed me with your enthusiasm and love for the sport. All our thoughts are with your family right now. God bless you Terry.

-- Wayne and Belinda Nicholson and Boys

What a shock to hear such sad news. Our deepest sympathies go out to Tina and his family.

-- Nev and Libby Mottershead

I was shocked and upset to hear about Terry's untimely death. My condolences to his family. He will be sorely missed as an enthusiast and major contributor to the American scene.

-- Rich Nicholls

British and European drag racing has suffered yet another devastating loss in the death of Terry Gibbs. I really didn't get to know Terry well until the very first Super Slam event at Shakespeare County in 1997. He was a down to earth guy, spoke his mind in more ways than one, and above all he was a dedicated racer, and it wan't all for himself. His enthusiasm extended to not just his immediate friends, but to every racer associated with the two organising clubs. His never say 'give in' attitude brought life and prosperity to the Super Series concept and beyond, and in that time it has been both a privilege and honour to have worked with Terry in his promoting days at Shakepeare County. God Speed mate. I'm sure you are looking down on us right now with an opinion to be shared. Our thoughts and deepest sympathys are with Tina, Craig, Sarah, and Katie at this time.

-- Jerry Cookson and Julie and Andrew Willcox

What can I say that has not already been written. I cannot believe it, I was only speaking to Terry at Xtreme Wheels a few weeks ago. Nothing anyone writes is going to take away the loss and hurt from Tina and family, so I won't try. This is a shock, our deepest condolences to all his family and friends, RIP.

-- Bennett Racing

We are so sorry to hear that a great man has sadly gone from a great family. Our blessings go to Tina and family, Terry will be missed in the world of drag racing.

-- Pat and TJ O'Brien

We were shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Terry's untimely death. He was a lovely bloke who always had time for people. Drag racing and in particular Shakespeare County Raceway owe a lot to him and he will be sorely missed. It's so very unfair that someone like him should have had to endure such a hard time, even though he coped with it better than most of us would. Our thoughts are with Tina and the family at this awful time.

-- Dick, Carol and Dan Sharp and the Dorset Horn team

Shocking news, our thoughts are with the family at this sad time. We only knew Terry and Tina though the Xtreme Wheels show, they have worked very hard to bring back a great indoor show. A sad loss to the sport.

-- Nigel Lockley and family

I was most shocked to learn of Terry's death. I had the pleasure of working with him when he was promoter at Avon Park/Shakespeare County Raceway and I must echo the sentiments already expressed. Honest, straight-talking, and approachable - his handshake was bankable. You knew where you stood with Terry and I respected that enormously. He always had time to talk racing and had a wealth of experience that he was happy to share. I owe him a debt of gratitude that I won't have chance to repay and I'll miss his smiling face. You will be sorely missed. My deepest condolences to Tina and the family.

-- Dave Alexander

What a shock. Only last Thursday I sat with Terry, Tina and Craig at a Super Modified meeting watching Terry use his usual charm to hammer home a point, wave a finger at anything un-just and reminisce about the old racing days...all in the first five minutes! What an undeniable character who will be sorely missed by UK drag racing. Myself and Paula would like to send our deepest commiserations to Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie at this very sad time.

-- Tim and Paula Garlick, Super Modified

One of the only men I knew to put his money where his mouth was, even if he knew it would cost him the money. Passionate for sport, if it wasn't for Tel most of us would only be racing in the UK, not being able to afford to go to Europe. A true gentleman. Our love and thoughts goe out to tina and the rest of the family, and I'm sure Terry's passion for the sport will live on. We love you Tel. RIP.

-- Ray and Jacky White

One of drag racing's perpetual promoters, Terry deserves a place in the Hall of Fame. He had a passion for the sport that would inspire anyone, I've known him since the eighties. Outspoken, controversial at times, always willing to take an interest and advance any class he entered, one of the good guys. My condolences Craig, Sarah, Katie and Tina.

-- Mick Coombs, fellow Super Modified racer

Jill and I are very saddened to hear of Terry passing on. We knew him as someone who wanted to promote Drag Racing at every oportunity. Extreme Wheels is an example as is his plans at Santa Pod. We send our condolences to Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie, Much Love and Respect.

-- Les and Jill Sanderson

I'm sitting here with a tear in my eye writing this. Terry was such a great bloke. Life just isn't fair is it? Our deepest sympathies and thoughts are with Tina and all the family.

-- Chris and Angella Orthodoxou

Thanks for letting me oil down your track with new combinitions. Thanks for giving me the track to do it on.

-- Cliff Gould

We are all shocked to hear of Terry's death. Our thoughts are with Tina and her family at this time.

-- All at Woollatt Racing

I was saddened and shocked to hear the news today of Terry Gibbs' untimely death. I cannot claim to have know Terry well but had spent some time with him at displays and shows as well as at drag racing events. His 'get it done' attitude and boundless enthusiasm to push forward the development of our sport were, and remain, an inspiration. Terry's passing is a great loss to our community. The thoughts of myself and all at FB Racing are with Tina and the rest of Terry's family. RIP Terry.

-- Ian Hook and FB Racing

Terry's death is another tragic case of someone good going before their time and his loss will be felt deeply by the entire drag racing community. It was Terry and Tina who first gave me the opportunity in 2000 to become involved as joint points co-ordinator of the UK National Championship, a role that has given me great pleasure since then. Watching Terry at work at Shakespeare County, I was impressed by his flair as a promoter and lack of fuss in organising meetings. Nothing ever seem to faze him, even when we were up against the dreaded curfew and some poor racer's engine chose to expire all over the track at the most critical moment in the proceedings. His dedication to the sport was tremendous and he was always keen to take things to the next stage of development. He was not one to let health problems stand in the way of him attending meetings or marketing the sport to the wider audience. My deepest condolences go to Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie.

-- Simon Groves

Just to say he will be missed loads and loads. I didn't know Terry but have seen him at a lot of meetings...gone but never forgotten.

-- Abby from Birmingham

So shocked to hear about Terry Gibbs! that smiling face, great tips and conversations will be sadly missed with such a great organiser/drag racer/person. Our deepest sympathies go out to Tina and family.

-- All of the ex-Black Topper Drag Racing Team and Carolina Classics

Sorry to hear this. Always had time to talk to me. A real gentleman.

-- Tony Byng

Going sideways down a country lane, the Black Magic Camaro with an evil grinning Terry behind the wheel. Back in the club house his only comment was "It's going better now - I'm getting four miles to the gallon". Terry at his best! Racers and rodders alike will miss you Terry. Our thoughts are with Tina, Craig and the girls.

-- The Surrey Street Rodders.

Please pass on our sincere condolences to the Gibbs family. The National Association of Supertwins has run at many of the events promoted by Terry, and we would like to record our appreciation of all his hard work and dedication over the years. It's difficult to find words to say about someone not known personally, but I am sure that all of the Supertwinners will feel that something significant has been lost from the world of UK Drag Racing. Our thoughts are with you Tina and family.

-- Don Irvine (Chairman), on behalf of the National Association of Supertwins

It was a shock to hear about Terry, it is a great loss to the sport he supported for so long. We are thinking of you in this time of sorrow.

-- Tony, Linda and the Cunning Plan team

Sorry to hear of your loss Tina and family. I still remember the times we all had with Black Magic, York Raceway Street Racers, Ally Pally early years. RIP Terry.

-- Dave Worron, ex-racer

I and many of the Super Modified racers were devastated to hear of the loss of a man who has become part of us and fiercely protective of us as a class. A man who always had time for anybody and anyone. I feel privileged to have shared many a beer and many a laugh with Terry. You'll be missed mate.

-- Graham Ellis

I was privileged to work with Terry during his involvement with Shakespeare County Raceway, he was a great ambassador for the sport and will be truly missed. My sincere condolences to Tina and all the family. My thoughts are with you.

-- Tracy Cowen

Another good man gone ahead too soon. The whole team are shocked and dismayed to hear of Terry's passing. We offer the entire family our deepest sympathy at losing him so soon.

-- John Parkinson and crew, Every Penny Top Alcohol Team

I am so sad to hear about Terry. From our early days in Super Gas, he was always a true racer and has gone on to promote SCR and what a great job he did with Tina. My condolences go to Tina, Craig and Katie my thoughts are with you.

-- Paul Watson

Deepest Sympathies to all the family. Terry will be sadly missed as a man as well as an important racing promoter and organiser. He gave many of us a chance to race and show our cars. Thank you.

-- Alec Coe and all at Mad'r's Drag Racing.

We were deeply shocked and saddened to hear of Terry's passing. He was one of a kind. We will always remember him as straight talking and honest, qualities not always appreciated by all, but he always got the job done. And we can hear Terry voice now telling us that it was never just him, it was Tina, the family, friends and the crew around them that made it happen, but for once Terry just take the credit! You will be remembered for your contribution to British drag racing. We remember your 'Take me as I am' attitude, and we did Terry. We valued your friendship, enthusiasm and vision, and we'll always remember you with a smile. Somewhere there is an awesome drag strip run and raced on by an amazing group of people no longer here with us. Today they have a new and wonderful member of the team. God speed Terry, we'll miss you. With love and respect, and our deepest sympathies to Tina, Craig, Sarah, and Katie.

-- Bruno and Sophie Sanderson-Brown, FAST

We were shocked and saddened to hear of Terry's death. He is such a familiar sight at all the tracks it will be strange not to see him there, and we have lost a true ambassador and supporter of our sport. Our hearts go out to Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie. RIP Terry, you will be sorely missed.

-- Anne Peck and Zane Llewellyn

All at Shockwave racing are devastated to hear of the passing of Terry. He has been a great asset to the sport for many years and will be very much missed We all pass on our condolences to Tina and family.

-- Gordon Smith, Shockwave Racing Fuel FC

Our condolences to Tina and family. Terry was key in getting us involved in drag racing and will be sorely missed, he was a larger than life character who just loved drag racing.

-- From Derek, Fiona, Gary and all the Gold RV Team.

Terry was never too busy to say hello and will be sadly missed by everyone.

-- Fred Furlong, 9.50 Bike

Really saddened to hear of Terry's death. Our thoughts are very much with Tina, Craig, Sarah and Katie. Drag racing has lost someone who was passionate about the sport he loved, stood up for what he truly believed in and put in a massive amount of time and effort to benefit as many as possible. He'll be greatly missed.

-- Darryl and Sarah Howells

I am very sorry to hear about Terry. He did an amazing job on the Xtreme wheels shows, and promoted the Super Series very well. I didn't know him that well but I ate lunch and dinner with him a number of times at the Xtreme Wheels pit. RIP Terry, thank you for your contribute to drag racing.

-- Peter Walters and the J & W team

Sorry to hear the sad news...we will miss him.

-- B + J Race Cars

It is with great sadness that I hear of the loss of a great man, a man who has done so much for the sport of drag racing in this country. Terry we will all miss your ever-smiling face.

-- Danny Allen, VW Pro

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