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Wikström takes it easy.
31st March: NDRS Bilsport Pro Modified Champion and European ET record holder Patrick Wikström has announced that he is to run a limited schedule in 2006 to "Charge the batteries" for 2007.

"We just need to stop for breath after last season which was very hard to pull through for all of us in the team", says Patrick. "We went through too many freak engine failures over the season, almost an engine every race! That hurts both your wallet and your energy. You must certainly be at the very top in every respect to be able to win the NDRS Championship as we did last year and now I've noticed that it has not been as easy as before for both myself and the crew to get motivated to work on the OFAB Camaro.

"The crew have their own project cars which need some attention too, Top Fuel Tore has his Mustang with Jack Roush Cleveland and Tommy Aga has his monstrous '78 Lincoln Mark V with a Jon Kaase 632 ci engine - both cars haven't seen daylight in years. And of course we also have families, and "Goofy" Ulf became a dad last year."
Patrick spends most of his time in Stockholm where he works, so he cannot join the team in "The Best Damn Garage In Town" in Gothenburg in as much as he would like. "We need to overhaul the OFAB Camaro and also work on the finish with new chroming and new paint job", he says.

The popular OFAB team will be running a limited series of races this season. "We'll probably race at Mantorp Park and at the FIA European Finals at Santa Pod, and maybe Hockenheim too", says Patrick. "It's also very important for us to race at the local
Gothenburg Drag Racing Festival on 14th-16th July to support that project which is looking good for the future - they will even relay the asphalt this year.

"So we'll take an easy season this year to build some energy for a full season in 2007."

Enter the dustbin gourmets.
31st March: Dave Evans' personal bests of 9.4/141 in the historic Coco Connection Super Gas Camaro remained unchanged in 2005 due to breakages but Coco could be out agan soon, says Andy Bennett of Never Again Racing.

"Dave Evans made his best efforts to lower the ET to the holy grail of an eight-second pass - Crossfire Rob, we are hot on your heels boy", says Andy. "Since the Never Again boys have had Coco it has undergone a vast transformation. Every item, and we are now talking every item, has been replaced apart from the body panels. A new roll cage has just got Coco tagged, so 2006 could maybe see Coco out 'officially' although finances dictate.

"Last year Coco had a massive breakage at the Pod in which the prop yoke let go and the prop smashed into the 400 box and destroyed the prop and box in glorious fashion. Luckily Andy Frost was on hand to build a bulletproof new box and converter over winter, Geof Hauser stepped in to provide a new prop and Dave is back on bread and water, living in a cardboard box, and rummaging in dustbins for discarded bags of chips for his tea.
"The very last item left on the list was the MSD ignition, this has probably given ten years' service but finally gave its last puff of breath this week. Wallets out again and now I join Dave at the tea time bin feast, fighting each other for chips which have not gone mouldy.

"Hopefully if we have not both had to sell the shirts off our backs, and have shoes to put on our feet, we will be out soon: pushing tubs of coal with your head ain't no fun when you work down pit like us good ole Northern lads, Dave's gonna have to start "Turning tricks" to pay this all off, interested anyone (Include me out - Ed)?"

Coco Connection now has a new gallery web site at full of great shots of the car throughout its history.

Supertrapp partner Pels.
31st March: SuperTrapp Industries, a leading performance exhaust manufacturer, is known for its support and domination in professional AMA flat track racing. However, in recent years SuperTrapp has lent its racing support across the pond as well. 2006 will be the fifth straight year that SuperTrapp sponsors Zodiac Racing's Ton Pels in the FIM/UEM European Championship, SuperTwin class.

Pels is also the general manager of Zodiac International BV, one of the world's top suppliers of high-quality aftermarket performance parts and accessories, making the partnership a natural fit for SuperTrapp.

"Zodiac is the largest distributor of V-twin aftermarket product in Europe", said SuperTrapp race coordinator Ted Bradley. "We have established a partnership with them over the years and this has served us well in promoting Supertrapp's brand awareness in Europe with this relationship. It's a great honour to be on Ton's team. We look forward to another great season with the Godfather."

2006 will mark Ton's 36th year in motorcycle drag racing. His long tenure in the sport has earned him the nickname 'The Godfather' from industry peers. Pels and Zodiac Racing team were the 2004 European Champions and placed third in 2005.

"Today, in the European Harley aftermarket, SuperTrapp is the biggest name in performance exhausts", said Ton Pels. "We use SuperTrapp on nearly all of the bikes that we build for shows and testing because the pipes really work for added performance. We also use their X-Pipes by Paul Yaffe on our kit bike because a lot of our customers like the modern design."

The 2006 FIM/UEM European Championship kicks off on 26th-29th May at Santa Pod, England. For more information on the Zodiac racing team visit

For more information about SuperTrapp's racing teams, visit

Web site updates.
31st March: UK NFAA racer Joe Bond has launched a web site at Although in its early stages the web site already features details on the blown-alcohol Altered, photographs, race calendar and more.
The latest additions the Drag Rod and Classic Review web site include news of the latest Cadillacs, which go on sale in April, plus there's a report from the NHRA Museum where So Cal Speed Shop auctioned various wares for the benefit of the museum. Billy Gibbons paid $12,000 for an original pith helmet once owned by So Cal founder Alex Xydias. Additionally, the web site features the second part of Back to the Future - the build up of the DRCReview project Model A hot rod. Check it out at

Toyo post £17600 prize fund.
30th March: Toyo Tyre have announced that they are to sponsor UK Super Comp and Pro ET with a prize fund worth a staggering £17,600, demonstrating the biggest possible commitment to the sport. The sponsorship coincides with the introduction of the new DRR1 drag slick which was launched at Autosport International (see
Tuesday's news).

The winner of Super Comp and Pro ET at each of the eight UK National Championship rounds will be awarded £500, with the runner-up receiving £300. Toyo are also offering a £150 prize to both losing semi-finalists.

To qualify for the prize money, competitors need to be running on Toyo tyres and to display a Toyo decal on either side of their car. To order tyres or to obtain decals contact one of the Toyo DRR1 Drag Slick dealers:

Gordon Appleton
Wheelgame Ltd
Mulfords Hill

Telephone: 01189 813404

Geof Hauser
Hauser Race Cars
Unit 10
Midland Business Centre
Midland Road
Higham Ferrers

Telephone: 01933 312735

Proxes R888 road legal track tyres are also available from a range of key dealers. For more information visit Toyo's web site at or contact Alan Meaker at or on his mobile on 07879 813915.

Power Nationals running order.
30th March: Many thanks to APIRA Race Director Ozzy Ewing for sending us the provisional running order for Saturday's qualifying at the Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway. You can check out the running order on our Power Nationals event coverage index which you can view by clicking here, or by clicking on the Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.
Please note that the running order is provisional and is subject to change due to weather or track conditions, or for any other reason deemed necessary by race officials.

Weekend absentees from SE.
30th March: Two cars have dropped out of the first round of this year's Real Steel Street Eliminator Championship at the Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway, one for lack of paint and another for lack of an engine, says Ian Hook.

"Jason Weir's '52 Suburban is still in the paint shop so the début of what promises to be a stunning new car has had to be put back by a couple of weeks", says Fatty. "Meanwhile, Al Simms' blown Big Block Chevy (replacing the previously-incumbent nitrous Rover V8) is not yet ready to be installed in the bay of his 1966 Vauxhall Cresta.

"Two other racers are known to be burning the midnight oil in an effort to ensure their attendance. Reigning champion Colin Lazenby has travelled many miles in the last few weeks arranging and assisting with the rebuild of his '56 Chevy. The car is now in the workshops of Robinson Race Cars where it is being fitted with new headers and a humungous five-inch exhaust system. Ian Hook and the Fat Boys have also taken the dual approach to their candle burning! The '34 is running but at not much above idle. The new lifters have led to a valve train geometry problem and the team are waiting delivery of fresh parts from the States. We'll put it together at the track if we have to, and if the parts don't arrive I've a mind to take a chance anyway! Despite losing the two cars above we're confident that Colin and Ian will make it."
Joining this weekend's absentee list is Pete Smith, who is still awaiting the return of his crank from the USA. "The crank is due back tomorrow", Pete told this morning, "but the engine won't be built in time. I will be at Shakespeare County Raceway this weekend crewing with Ray Tucker, and then my 'Vette will be at the Easter Thunderball."

Cajun close to Ragin'.
30th March: Elliott Jones of Northern Quarter Racing tells us that the Jones family's Wild Bunch altered (right) is coming along just fine, and that it has had a change of identity since we last heard from him.

"The car's looking good", says Elliott. "Body and chassis are both painted, although we're just making a few alterations to the paint on the body. The rear axle just needs spraying before we put it back on. The engine is almost complete and we're just waiting on a few gearbox goodies to arrive from the States.
"Perhaps the biggest change that has occurred of late is the car's name. Some may or may not be aware that in the sixties there was a little known Bantam altered by the name of Between Heaven and Hell which used to run with Pure Heaven and Pure Hell. When we decided to use this name we wanted it to be with the blessing of that car's owner Lee LeBaron. Unfortunately we have been unable to make contact with him and so decided not to use the name.

"This left us facing the dilemma of what name to use to retain the nostalgia theme of the car. As some may know a Bantam is a breed of chicken, and from this we finally managed to derive and agree on the name Ragin' Cajun, following which we made a quick phone call to Chris Frogatt of Atomic Highboy to design a new logo for the car."

You can find out more on the Northern Quarter Racing web site at

Swift snippets.
30th March: UK Super Comp racer Paul Knight's MotorShack sponsorship for 2006 will be in the name of Home and News sponsor VP Racing Fuels, says Steve Wood of MotorShack. Steve adds that MotorShack will be supplying Klotz, VP Racing Fuels and new for this season Nitrous refills at all major events in 2006. For more information check out the MotorShack web site at and don't miss the News page which includes a great video clip of Paul on a test run.

Only yesterday, Super Mod racer Graham Ellis was telling fellow combatant Tim Garlick to "Bring on" his REHM-sponsored Cortina at this weekend's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway. We have received some spy pictures of Tim and his team getting ready to do just that (click on picture for large version)...


Dave Taylor, Crew Chief for UK Super Pro ET racer Nigel Turner, says that the team have a few surprises to spring on some of their competitors at this weekend's Power Nationals. "One is a new colour scheme - it looks good, even if I say so myself", says Dave. "Keep an eye and ear out!"

UK Pro Mod racer Ray White has asked for the help of readers to find a new home for his rig. "It looks like I'm going to lose my current parking spot for my rig", says Ray. "I would like to hear from anyone in Eurodragster Land who has a yard or a parking spot which I can can rent. I'm based in Sidcup in Kent so the closer the better but beggars can't be choosers. The rig is 4.5m high and normal Artic length". If you can help then please drop Ray an E-Mail at

Another call for help is from Gary Hawes, son of UK Pro Comp Funny Car racer Graham Hawes (right), who we were very sorry to hear died suddenly in Spain in mid-February. Gary would like to track down Graham's crewman Clive. If you're out there Clive, or if you know of Clive's whereabouts, then please drop Gary a line at

Sleath sponsors NSCC.
30th March: With the 2006 National Street Car Challenge about to commence, HotRod Gazette are delighted to announce the introduction of John Sleath Race Cars as sponsors for the season.

“John Sleath has always had very close ties with the series, competing in both his Rover-powered Alfa and 427-powered Saab over the years", says HotRod Gazette Editor, Shaun Wilson. "This year John wanted to put something back into the class, which attracts an exceptionally diverse range of street legal machines running anywhere between nine and seventeen seconds.”

The entry list for the 2006 series already looks strong, with a couple of new entries which have been built at John’s Doncaster-based workshops. Heavy-hitters for this year’s series will include Nigel Parkin in his 502ci XJS, Jon ‘Moose’ Hollingworth in his supercharged 501ci Cortina and Russ Pursley in the Chevy-powered Dutton. All cars have to prove their street legality by taking part in cruises and shows as well as race meetings, a factor which always levels the field and allows the slower cars in the class to have an equal chance in the Challenge.

The first round will take place at Shakespeare County Raceway on 15th-16th April. You can find more information at and

Ellis: Bring it on.
29th March: Graham Ellis of UK National Super Modified Champions Ellis Racing says that he and his team will be very busy in the next few days to get his Oldsmobile back in one piece for this weekend's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway - just the time when you need an injured hand, and one which will keep Graham out of the cockpit. But Graham says that the multiple Championship-winning team will be ready to take on all comers.

"As we near the Power Nationals, Ellis Racing is still in a disorganised state", says Graham. "Due to various problems over the winter, the can is still being upgraded at Andy Robinson Race Cars, the heads are still at ICE Automotive, the tyres are still on order, and the datalogger spares are still uncollected at Rooster...great start from a Championship winning team!

"Friday will be busy for the team, my hand is getting better but I can't wear gloves yet so Kev Perkins will be in the hot seat, a position he thoroughly enjoys for some reason. Rob Millward alias Stig will be on the spanners, assisted by Gareth Ellis who gets really frustrated at my efforts to swing a spanner without using my thumb. Even today in the garage he commented under his breath "This is sad". Apart from these small setbacks, the Ellis Racing Oldsmobile will as usual be there, and we thrive on pressure.
"Due to an engine prematurely expiring mid season last year, we have not freshened the motor or made any changes. We have the parts on the shelf at ICE Automotive to do this mid season and also to make a small change in the displacement, as we always seem to be very overweight and no one can be bothered to remove the weight bars. The Ellis Racing Olds Cutlass has so far done without any of the trickery seen on other teams cars, for example on-track timing changes and fuel lean-outs. We have seen how this has been gone about and have looked at the results and formulated our own "weapons". These will appear at the same time as the new engine. It's my mandate to the team that, as well as trying to repeat our Championship-winning ways, we will now try to set the performance levels to a height never envisioned by anyone in the class since its inception.

"This will be our last year in the class as it's time for a move, and we want our names on those records for years to come. With this in mind, the Championship could be at risk, as we will really lean on it the last half of the year. So, all being well, we will get the car together for the upcoming meeting and will do whatever is necessary to win. Whatever the opposition bring to the track, we can cover it easily. We know we have low 7.5s with just a jet change, so we will try to get the jump on the others while they are finding their feet.

"Remember, we have Rob Smallworth back this year with an ICE Automotive nitrous engine. Never forgetting what Danny (Cockerill - Ed) did, Rob was the first man in to the 50s and the next highlight was Danny's 40s, so it doesn't need a rocket scientist to see what we are going to shoot for...oh, and the car is legal for sub-7.50 passes. So the gauntlet is laid down and the Cortina is going for it. Bring it on Tim...with the others, and it will be the best year yet for this class!"

Fast Jayne keeps dad busy.
29th March: UK Junior Dragster racer Jayne Kay is all set for the new season in her new NHRA-spec dragster Hyperactive after a successful Test and Tune session at Shakespeare County Raceway last weekend, says dad Gary.

"Those who were there will know how bitterly cold it was and that the track has been in better shape", says Gary. "Jayne's first runs on Saturday were cautious in view of the fact that this car is new to her. After a warning that the track was very slippy, Jayne put in three good runs of 9.82/54, 9.65/69.97, and 8.9/79.79 mph.
"On Sunday, full of confidence, Jayne was raring to go, and did she! She put the pedal to the metal each run and ran consistent 8.5s and 8.6s at 79-80 mph on each run. With some great burnouts at the start line and driving faster than she has even been before she had a great time and can't wait to meet all her pals in competition this weekend.

"As for Dad, he got to do some work now - oil changes aplenty and fuelling up after every trip! We would love to hear from any one interested in sponsoring us this season - all donations, however small, will be welcome. I will shortly start building the chassis for my new Top Fuel-spec slingshot dragster. There's a lot of work to do and we are still sourcing parts, but all being well we should have made great progress by the end of the summer."

Third time lucky for Doignie?
29th March: UK Super Gas racer and Wright Security sponsorship contest winner Stuart Doignie is wondering how much bad luck he can have after sustaining serious engine damage in the last two outings in his BMW.

"Back at the UK National Finals the engine spun a bearing which resulted in a bent crank and two damaged rods", says Stuart. "Having spent the long cold winter repairing the engine we attended the Run What You Brung at Santa Pod last weekend, and just before our fourth pass we were pushed back from the start line when a marshal spotted a small amount of fluid on the track.

"We took the car back to the pits to see what was wrong and Laurie of the Canto Top Fuel crew brought along a piece of metal he saw the crew sweep off the track. It was the battered tip of a valve, and it was still warm. I got the tape measure out and - yes, you've guessed it - it measured the same size as the exhaust valves in the engine. After a big gulp we loaded the car back on the trailer and headed back to the garage.
"We stripped the top end to find that the engine had dropped an exhaust valve, which has hammered the piston, cracked the block and badly damaged the head. We have not yet stripped the short motor and we are just praying the crank and rods have not sustained any damage.

"Having won the Gleeson Wright sponsorship money on, I contacted Matt Wright to let him know that I was unable to honour my end of the deal as I will definitely be out for the first two events of the year. Matt replied that he would stick by me and that he and Gary would still pay me for the first two events to help out with the repairs. I was completely taken back by this and did not expect this amount of generosity. I would like to thank Matt Wright and Gary Gleeson for their support and I will be back at the track as soon as I can.

"I'm now going to call the car Third Time Lucky!

"I would also like to send a plea to all readers as I need to find another four bolt main 454 Chevy block. I have placed an ad in the Parts wanted section of the
Swap Meet; if anyone can help out please let me know."

First chance to be Perfect.
29th March: This weekend's Power Nationals at Shakepseare County Raceway is the first eligible event in the 2006 Perfect Awards scheme. A total prize fund of £100 is available.

£50 is on offer in the first Perfect Light Award of 2006. The money will be awarded to the first racer this weekend to record a perfect Reaction Time of 0.000. The Award is open to all classes and is available during qualifying or eliminations, but will only be awarded for the first Perfect Light of the weekend. The Perfect Light Award is jointly presented by and high-performance hose and fitting manufacturer Speedflow, whose web site you can find at If the Award is not won this weekend then it will be increased to £75 for the Easter Thunderball at Santa Pod Raceway; if the Award is won this weekend then it will be reset to £50 for the Easter Thunderball.
£50 is also on offer for the first Racing Parts Perfect ET Award of 2006. The money will be awarded to the first racer to run to the thousandth on their index or dial-in during qualifying or eliminations. The Award is open to all ET classes, all Super classes, Junior Dragster, 9.50 Bike, the Wild Bunch, all VW classes, and Junior Drag Bike, but will only be awarded for the first Perfect ET of the weekend. The Perfect ET Award is jointly presented by and performance supplier LA Racing Parts, whose web site you can find at If the Award is not won this weekend then it will be increased to £75 for the Easter Thunderball at Santa Pod Raceway; if the Award is won this weekend then it will be reset to £50 for the Easter Thunderball.

We're sure that everyone will join us in thanking Fay Fischer of Speedflow and Lee Child of LA Racing Parts for their continued support of the Perfect Awards scheme.

Power Nationals coverage.
29th March: and will be covering this weekend's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway. will be reporting live from Shakespeare County Raceway in association with American Car Imports. Our coverage will consist of frequently-updated reports on the on-track action during both days, and a Photo Gallery at the end of each day.

The Webster Race Engineering/MPM Oil webcam will be on-line and will be scheduled to broadcast a picture every two minutes.
We will of course post a direct Home Page link to our coverage as soon as it commences on Saturday, but in the meantime you can view our Power Nationals event coverage index page, which includes the official entry list, by clicking here or by clicking on the Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page.

Our good buddy Gareth Evans will be updating his UK1320 web site with a Photo Gallery at the end of each day, which you will be able to view at If you've not visited UK1320 before then don't wait for the weekend to check it out, as it features some great drag racing photography, a UK race calendar and more, and is one of the best-designed sites you'll see.

Swift snippets.
29th March: Lizz McCarthy has been in touch to ask us to wish a very Happy Birthday to racer, driving tutor, team owner, regular contributor and News sponsor Paul Marston (Tired, emotional and happy, right). "A Happy Birthday from the Supercrew!" says Lizz. Have a great day, Paul.
Rick Cuthbert of Trakbak Racing says that the weekend's Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway went very well. "We had a massive turnout considering the weather predictions", says Rick. "The news item on inviting racers to make exhibition runs attracted some superb demos from top drivers, and in fact I was turning people away in the last few days!". The Fast Show web site at has been updated with a report, pictures and timing data.

Power Nationals racers' tickets.
28th March: APIRA Club and Race Secretary Wendy Talbot has been in touch to tell us that due to circumstances beyond her control she will not be able to mail out racers' tickets for this weekend's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway.

"All racers' tickets will be left at the gatehouse at the track from 12:00 noon on Friday", says Wendy.
If you have any queries then please call Wendy on 01379 740100 or E-Mail

NGK Spark MFR title bid.
28th March: UK Super Pro ET team Mark Flavell Racing will be using the ultimate in spark plugs this year as NGK Spark Plugs will be supplying the blown-alcohol dragster throughout their 2006 campaign.

"Thanks to Craig Collantine who set up the deal", says Mark. "The reality is we'd have used NGK anyway even if they hadn't come on board to sponsor the spark in our 475 blown Chevrolet. It needs to be a special kind of equipment to keep up the punishment metered out in today's high-compression Methanol engines. Since switching to NGK it's proven to be another area we don't have to worry about in the race car preparation. If we can burn it then Total Seal will hold it."
Mark and the team had a successful driveline test at York Dragway last Saturday and Mark says that they are ready to rock and roll at this weekend's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway. "2005 was a year of R & D with the new car, but this year we intend to hit the track with the Super Pro Championship our principal target", he says. "That isn't to say we haven't stepped things up a bit along the way to a consistent race car - we're still chasing that six at 200 mph and just watch for the party when that happens.

"Ian Tubb and Kenny Coleman at EDA Racing are good friends, but when the lamps turn green we'll be doing everything possible to sour their Super Pro hat trick."

It's the Burnout Bonanza!
28th March: This weekend's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway will include the first Moving Parts Burnout Bonanza, a burnout contest for the Outlaw Anglia racers, says 2005 Champion Paul Wright.
"The Moving Parts Burnout Bonanza will be staged during the second qualifying session at each Outlaw Anglia points round", says Paul. "It will be judged by the track announcer with the assistance of the race fans. The winner will receive a £75 Moving Parts voucher to redeem against their parts shipping service. Many thanks to Steve Borland from Moving Parts, who will be on hand to cheer on the participants and to present the voucher.

"The Power Nationals sees ten Outlaw Anglias entered, including the first competitive outing of John O'Sullivan's Mr Mopar and the welcome return of Steve Wells."

Barlow fired up.
28th March: One of the Outlaw Anglia racers doubtless looking to take a piece of the Burnout Bonanza this weekend is Simon Barlow whose Orange Pop now has its engine back in place and fired up ready for the Power Nationals.

"Simon, Phil and I were there all day Saturday putting in the engine", says team member Jason Yates. "We fired it up and it sounded very very strong. It fired straight away with no problems at all and we were all happy to have it up and running again. Our good friend Richard of Topnitro was there to video the firing up of the engine and he took a few pictures as we were getting ready to fire it.

"All we have to say is roll on Friday when we will be heading to the track!"

Power Nationals preview.
28th March: The first round of the UK Championship will take place at this weekend's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway and the racers attending can make a useful step towards gaining an advantage in this year's Championship race. Simon has taken a look at through this weekend's entry list and here is what has caught his eye:

In Super Modified, there is a field of returning cars some of which have been repaired from last season (Ian Marshall) or have major new engine parts (Rob Smallworth and Tim Garlick). Super Pro ET sees a field of nine dragsters, one altered and a roadster out of a total of eleven entries, a sign that doorslammers may be concentrating their efforts on other classes as the dragsters home in on six seconds and 200 mph.

Super Comp is one such class, especially given that some entries like Malcolm Francis's Air Sea Logistics Grand Am are capable of running sevens. Notable entries include multiple Championship-winning Tim Adam returning to the track after two years away and his former crewman Matt Gatland making his Shakespeare County racing debut and Super Comp début. With 2004 champion Shaun Lathan and defending champ Chris Johnson attending, this should be a highly competitive class.

Tim Adam and Matt Gatland are entered into Super Gas too, and join an eleven-car field that has two class débuts in the persons of Paul Marston Racing's Tethys (ex-Pro ET, in Grumpy's Dodge) and Dave Catton (moving up from Super Street in the Whoopass Monza). No doubt they will fancy their chances in the smaller class but the competition will be stiff with multiple champions Tim Adam and Frank Mason and 2004 Champion Conrad Stanley. A welcome return to Brendan Clancy, appearing at SCR for the first time in several years and Stuart Doignie, who is back for the first time since 2004.
In Super Street, Michael Howling is also running Grumpy's Dodge, but the remaining entries include the top five from last year's Championship, making for a tough field.

Pro ET's sixteen-car entry includes one car début, that of Gary Springford's self-built Paul Marston Racing Dodge Raider (aka Mitsubishi Shogun) called Hulk Shogun after a certain star of the grunt'n'grapple circuit. This unique short-wheelbased creation is expected even by its builder to be extremely lively in the handling department. A welcome back to Jimmy Hibberd, who has been absent from Championship meetings for a few years and Andrew Chilton whose last Championship appearance was in the 2003 Power Nationals. Andrew and his family will be in the lap of luxury after he won a Peugeot Camper Van in a recent competition run by the Daily Express.

Sportsman ET sees driver debuts for Anna Metcalfe in her yellow 2006 Mustang, as seen at Xtreme Wheels International, and Sean Armstrong in a Rover V8-powered Sierra.

In Junior Dragster, Anna Stanley and Vicki Molden have both moved up to Junior Modified and Jayne Kay now has a Junior Modified Advanced dragster.

Real Steel Street Eliminator UK has much greater depth in car numbers than for a few years and debuts from Ray Tucker, Jason Weir and John Walden show how big the car construction scene is.

The Outlaw Anglia scene is also thriving and John O'Sullivan's potent KB-powered machine will hopefully have the ignition bugs sorted out. Dean White makes his Ultimate Power Championship début, having run the last two Outlaw Anglia events of the 2005 season at non-permit events. A welcome return to Steve Wells, who was out for most of 2005 following his top-end spill at Santa Pod.

The VW classes, now in their third year at SCR, see an Ultimate Power début for Simon Longman and Championship début for 'Tinker' Bell in VW Pro. In VW Sportsman, several competitors are returning after a year away and there are SCR competition débuts for Chris Kouzaris and Abi Tether.

The Wild Bunch sees the competition début of Luke Bennett's neat '23 T.

In the bike classes, Paul Watson returns in Pro Stock Bike after a gap, as does Kevin Charman on his Suzuki Comp Bike. A strong field of Funny Bikes sees battle rejoined between the top five in last year's Championship, and with Tim Blakemore running so strongly towards the end of the season, we can expect some great racing. Super Street Bike sees the first SCR appearance for Ady Lockley in this class after his début at last year's UK National Finals. In 9.50 Bike, seven out of ten of the top points-scoring riders from 2005 are appearing.

The Supertwins see the competition début of Ian Turburville's awesome new Fuel Bike Mr Spokehead, and the welcome return from the sprint world of Duncan Hocking who has run in sprints and drag racing since the 1960s and brings his Weslake-powered machine to the Fuel class. Chris Stebbings is set for a busy weekend as he does double duty between his Fuel Bike and the début of the new Harley Davidson V-Rod, a bike which has run nine seconds straight from the showroom floor in the US.

Qualifying starts at 10 am on Saturday 1st April, and Eliminations at 11 am on Sunday 2nd April.

Toyo launch drag slick.
28th March: Tyre giant Toyo have re-affirmed their commitment to drag racing with the launch of a dedicated quarter-mile tyre.

The new Toyo DRR1 Drag Slick (right) launches with no less than thirteen sizes in order to optimise traction, gearing and fitment: from 25.0 x 4.5-15 up to a colossal 33.0 x 17.0-15.

Toyo's Technical Engineer Alan Meaker explained the tyres' ethos at the official launch at Autosport International at the NEC. "We've gone for three basic criteria with this tyre", he explained. "Traction, traction...and traction! This is a tyre designed without compromise to provide ultimate start line grip and mid-run stability."

Early testing on European drag strips has shown the DRR1 Drag Slick achieves uniform temperatures after burning out or staging, allowing drivers to find their perfect set-up and stick with it, essential for bracket racing classes where consistency is king.

The UK launch of the tyre bolsters Toyo's deep involvement with the UK drag scene. Already the arena sponsor of Santa Pod, Britain's premier quarter-mile venue, the company also worked with Super Gas racer Malcolm Francis to develop the tyres in the UK. Toyo also work with Sumo Power who broke the European record for the fastest 4WD in 2004 with their Skyline GTR.

Aggressively priced, the ever-expanding range is bound to find its way onto some of this season's winners. The tyres are available from:

Wheelgame Ltd
Mulfords Hill

Telephone: 01189 813404

Hauser Race Cars
Unit 10
Midland Business Centre
Midland Road
Higham Ferrers

Telephone: 01933 312735

A PB for
28th March: With another three full days yet left in March, the all-time record for the number of visits to in a single month has been broken.
The previous best of 165,986 unique visitors was set in May 2005 - which of course included the 2005 FIA Main Event - but that record was surpassed this morning (Tuesday). At the time of writing has had over 167,000 unique visits this month and we are now registering over six thousand visits on a daily basis, even at weekends which have traditionally seen a drop in visitor numbers.

For this record to be broken before the 2006 season gets going is quite an achievement and thanks are due to all of our readers, our sponsors, racers around Europe, race officials, Clubs, promoters and everyone else who has contributed to the success of

Web site updates.
28th March: Tying in very neatly with this weekend's Power Nationals, promoter LA Performance Services has launched a web site for the Ultimate Power Drag Racing Championship at The Ultimate Power web site tells you everything you need to know about the series at Shakespeare County Raceway including news, calendar, entry, trader and club booking forms, photo gallery, links and more.

Our good friend Alan Currans has updated his excellent Acceleration Archive web site with a tenth page in the Peter Jones Galleries. "Peter's tenth gallery contains a varied mixture of pictures from the amazing Swedish Hemi-powered Jeep Competition Altered, through the Funny Cars of Allan 'Bootsie' Herridge, Chris Filsell, Bill Sherratt, Dave Stone and Harlan Thompson, to the Top Fuel dragster of Dennis Priddle", says Alan. We've already checked this one out and as ever it is well worth a look. You can find the Acceleration Archive at
The usual thanks to our good buddy, the eagle-eyed Patrik Jacobsson for letting us know that Swedish Top Doorslammer/Comp Eliminator racer Micke Nord from has a new website at The very nice-looking web site currently contains picture of Micke's six-second blown-alcohol doorslammer, clues to the identity of the team, and sponsor links.

The magazine has been updated with news of expat Tony Thacker's appointment with the NHRA, news of a terrible accident involving the Nanook Fuel Altered, and a feature on the amazing '34 Ford Hot Rod of Kevin Foster. Check it out at

TF111 meets the public.
27th March: Multiple FIA Top Methanol FC Champion, Switzerland's Urs Erbacher, fired up TF111 (right, click on pictures for large versions) for the first time at his Nitroday in Arlesheim on Saturday. "It sounded great and the crowd loved it", says team member Andrea Wucher, "and the party went on and on until the sun rose yesterday morning."

Andrea says that Urs feels comfortable in the Top Fueller. "He loves it and he is ready to get out there", she says. "From the moment Urs first hit the throttle in Mooresville in January he was looking forward to doing it again."

The great paint job on the Top Fueller was applied by Dieter Löffler. "There will be some small modifications next week but more or less everything is ready to go", says Andrea. "With Uni-Fit and Art Baner we welcome two new sponsors in our team. Midland Oil of Switzerland, Techno AG, SCS IT Procurement, Ricks Motorcycles and RCM Ricks CNC Machining are great sponsors who have won three FIA Top Methanol Funny Car Champion titles with us and would like to celebrate more.

"Also the bike has a new paint job in the same colours as the dragster (right), the trailer and the truck. Lo and his crew have worked on some clutch and ignition modifications over the winter and have put a stronger belt drive on the bike. He did warm up and two burn outs in the "back yard" of our workshop. Now the bike team is no longer the rookie team in our stable: they have all the routine and experience to go into the new season relaxed. It could well be that there will be a second drag race bike on the Erbacher Racing stable during the year. We will see..."
The focus of the team's efforts over the next couple of weeks will be the rebuild of the trailer. "There is still a lot to do", says Andrea. "New awning, kitchen, sleeping areas, storage space and more. The trailer, truck, bike and dragster have all the same paint job (right) and as we know that the Top Fuel class attaches great importance to a proper appearance the whole crew has the same outfit now. We started with the sunglasses, let's see what comes next."

Urs' Championship Top Methanol Funny Car is still for sale. "If anybody thinks spring is a good time to start a new hobby, this is it", says Andrea. "As you have probably read in our Swap Meet ad we are looking for a Super Street car or a Super Gas car as well. So if somebody wants a trade in, then please contact us."

The new web site of Urs' Top Fuel operation can be found at and has been updated with more pictures from the Nitroday.

Dahlbloms' simple target.
27th March: Sweden's Dahlblom Dragracing Comp Eliminator team have a simple aim in 2006 - to run fast, says Thomas Dahlblom. The team are currently working on the 357 ci engine of the Olds Cutlass, which is driven by Ola Dahlblom, after damaging it in qualifying at Mantorp Park last year.

"The engine was built by Jeff Taylor who is the current NHRA Comp Champion", says Thomas. "He has helped me out a lot with the engine and the car. At the Veidec Festival last year we dropped a valve on the second qualifying run, so now we are trying to rebuild the engine to get it to run smoothly with unleaded fuel - it's a hard task. Jari Konola has helped us with the cylinder heads, and My best friend Conny Johansson, who is a crew member on the Nilsson Motorsports team, has helped me out a lot with construction on the race car and at races. I really appreciate his help.
"We had also tried out the Meca track in Malmö one Wednesday, the best track I have ever been to - a lot of people and a really nice track crew. We also tested the car at Rinkaby Dragway in my hometown of Kristianstad. Last season was very short for us, but we had some really good sixty foot times so we have a lot of confidence in the car, and I know that the horsepower is there in the engine. We are not running any series this seasson, we will race when we have time and feel like it. Our target this year is to run fast."

Another Pro ET sponsor.
27th March: Martin Newbury's company PsycleWorkz has become the latest to join the UK Pro ET sponsorship scheme, says Sponsorship Co-ordinator Carl Burton.

"PsycleWorkz produce one-off billet CNC parts", says Carl. "Martin, who has done work for Supertwin Fuel rider Chris Stebbings, spoke to me at the Dinner and Dance about sponsoring Pro ET as he is getting more and more work for car racers. Martin will present a billet CNC machined trophy to any racer to qualify #1 twice in one year. Not an easy task with a large class such as Pro ET but a great target for the season."
For details of the Pro ET Sponsorship Scheme including how to get involved with the Class' biggest purse yet, check out the official Pro ET web site at

Swift snippets.
27th March: will again be sponsoring Real Steel Street Eliminator UK this season. The top three finishers in the street-legal racers' Championship will be presented with framed photographs at season's end. "Street Eliminator are very pleased to welcome back as a class sponsor", says Ian Hook. "The association with Europe's premier drag racing news site is one which we're proud of - let's face it, where's the first place you go to check out what's happening with your favourite driver, track or class?". Couldn't have put it better ourselves, Fatty. You can stay in touch with the latest from Europe's quickest and fastest street-legal racers on their web site at
As we will be at Shakespeare County Raceway this weekend covering the Power Nationals, we will not be perpetrating an April Fool this Saturday. In any case we would have to go some to beat last year's April Fool, when every news item we published was a Fool.

Thanks from Tina Gibbs.
26th March: Tina Gibbs has been in touch to thank everyone for their support after the death of Terry Gibbs on Monday:

"I would like to thank everyone for their cards, flowers and thoughts on the Tribute Page, everyone has so many memories about Terry and each person will keep them with them. Since Monday we all have taken each day as it comes and I wasn't sure if I could carry on without him, but yesterday I had a long chat with Terry's Mum Mavis and she gave me a reality check just as Terry would have done and it made me realise that when I look at our children I can see a part of Terry is each one of them.

"In Craig I can see the person who would do anything for anyone and Craig puts others before himself, in Sarah I can see Terry's fiery temper, and in Katie I can see Terry's sensibility and logic and between them all, they make up Terry and in little man Albert I see Terry in miniature. Terry loved life and lived it to the full even when it got tough and I think he would say to everyone that if you have a dream then live it.

"We as a family will try and keep Terry's dream alive in some way, he was so looking forward to going to Shakespeare County Raceway to race next weekend.

"Again thank you all, it has helped with your memories."

The Tribute page for Terry is of course still open. If you would like to send a tribute to Terry then please E-Mail

Power Nationals pitting.
26th March: Lee Child of LA Performance Services has sent us the pitting diagram for next weekend's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway.
Click here to see next weekend's pitting diagram. Racers are asked to follow the instructions of marshals, to pit in the correct place, to place trailers and caravans on the grass, and not to take up excess space.

Feature: NHRA Gatornationals report.
26th March: If you can't wait until 6th April to see the TV coverage on Channel 5, then the latest in's occasional series of features has kindly been provided by UK photo-journalist Roger Gorringe who has again kindly sent us a report and some great pictures from last weekend's AC Delco NHRA Gatornationals at Gainesville.
Click here to view Roger's report and pictures, or click on the Features and Interviews link on the left-hand side of any page.

Swift snippets.
26th March: Roger Gorringe is still seeking help with notes for some classes for the Easter Thunderball event programme. If you can help with notes for Super Modified, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Super Pro ET, VWs, Top Fuel Bike, Funny Bike, Pro Stock Bike, Comp Bike and Super Street Bike then please drop us a line at as soon as possible and we'll put you in touch with Roger.

Web site updates.
26th March: FIA European Top Fuel Dragster Champion Lex Joon has sent another entry to his exclusive Racer Blog. Prompted by a question from reader Brian Cattle, in this week's Blog entry Lex explains the function of the clutch pedal in a Top Fuel Dragster. You can view Lex's Blog by clicking here, or by clicking on the Racer Blog link on the left-hand side of any page.
Patrik Jacobsson has drawn our attention to some great pictures of Swedish Pro Mod racer Freddy Fagerström and team at their annual sponsor we understand what was going on in the Duty Free shop at Bahrain Airport! Check it out at

Terry Gibbs' funeral update.
25th March: Craig Gibbs has been in touch to update yesterday's news item about Terry Gibbs' funeral. Craig tells us that flowers, or donations to The Pituitary Foundation in Terry's memory, can be sent to the Funeral Director:

The Pituitary Foundation
c/o Robert Ayling Funeral Service
The Old Post Office
107 Aldershot Road

Telephone: 01483 567333

Craig also tells us that he has had a number of enquiries about joining Terry's funeral cortège from the family's Woking home. Craig says that anyone wishing to drive in the procession would be very welcome to do so. The procession will be leaving at 9:30 am. You can find the address of the Gibbs' home by
clicking here; the Obsession Motorsport address (also the Gibbs' home) is on the left hand side of the page.

Barry Bohannon has been in touch about the minute's silence for Terry to be held at 11:00 am on the Sunday of next weekend's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway. "Ali and I will not be at SCR but will be observing the minute's silence at home", says Barry. "Perhaps all racers and fans not attending can do likewise?". Sounds like a great idea to us, Barry.

Graham Ellis tells us that the prize money which he was to post for Super Modified at next week's Power Nationals will now be donated to The Pituitary Foundation in Terry's memory. "I am sure that this decision will be supported by all the Super Modified racers", says Graham. "It's just a small token of the esteem in which we all held Terry for his efforts to better our class - and for being Terry."

Storming the Power Nationals.
25th March: UK Jet Funny Car pilot Roger Goring (right) has announced that the Firestorm Jet FC team will be appearing at next weekend's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway with sponsorship from Del-Tech Engineering of Rotherham. Amongst Del-Tech Engineering's services are steelwork, trailer modifications, towbars for motorhomes and one-off work.

"Derek Langton of Del-Tech Engineering is one of the good guys", Roger told "Derek has been involved with us from the start on both cars, and it's an understatement to say that he has been a great help. He will be with us next weekend to have some fun and he will be starting to race himself soon, I have been helping him put a bike together. Del-Tech Engineering is the only name we carry on the car and I am very proud to have it there."
Roger is keen to get out on the track again after successful testing at Shakespeare County Raceway last weekend. "The car is really picking up its skirts", he said. "I was very pleased. From where I was it was going ballistic and it scared Helen to death - in a nice way of course - and our new crew member Juggy didn't know what to think! After last weekend I am eager to carry on our progress, so I persuaded Lee Child to let me come! If conditions are right then I will be going out the back door next weekend and if I'm going to set new Personal Bests then it will be great to do it at Shakespeare County Raceway because they have been very good to me.

"Also I am excited for our fans - we were not originally going next weekend and I felt that I was letting everyone down when they were looking at our calendar and asking where we were."

Easter Thunderball entry closed.
25th March: Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary Paula Marshall has been in touch to tell us that Race Director Darren Prentice has closed entry to the Easter Thunderball because of the number of entries already received. "Apart from those who had contacted me by the end of play yesterday no more entries can be accepted", says Paula. You can view the current Easter Thunderball entry list by clicking here.

Bennett's chilly début.
25th March: UK Wild Bunch racer Luke Bennett made his first outing in his Model T altered at Shakespeare County Raceway last weekend, putting in some gentle test runs to get a handle on the car. Luke got in touch to tell us how his weekend went.

"Anyone who was there will know how cold it was on Saturday", says Luke. "We left the car inside the trailer as we still had a few bits to do and thought it best to do it in the warm! For the eagle-eyed out there you will have noticed that the car was not totally done: I still need to paint the wing struts and the wheelie bars, and plumb in the gauges. I want to get the dash anodised, but other than that it's pretty much done.

"On Sunday the only thing we had to do was bleed the clutch. I owe my younger brother Adam a big favour as he brought a nice big bottle of brake fluid up for me! Thanks! When we fired up the car it sounded sweet, we didn't worry about adjusting float bowls and getting the timing accurate as I wasn't going to go and try to set records, just get used to the car.

"As soon as the motor had heat in it we towed down and I had my first run, which was a 13.6/71, but the track was slippery and, as Sharkman has caught in one of his photos, the arse end was a bit skittish. But all was well and I was happy. As soon as motor had cooled down we went for another run, this time a lot harder launch but still only at about 3000 rpm. I had wheelspin off the line and even a bit of tyre shake which made me laugh! But it did run 94 mph at the eighth so there is definitely a low ten in the car. The last run was at about 4:30 pm and the track was dead, as soon as I touched the throttle it was everywhere so I listened to my old man's advice and got off it and cruised through to a 14.5 - there is always another race.

"Overall we had an excellent weekend and got to grips with the car a bit better. It definitely handles like an altered should. Thanks again to all of Bennett Racing's sponsors, as without their help I'd still be building the car in my garage."

Those sponsors now include, a new name in silicon hoses but a company with a thirteen-year history in the development of engineered components and performance engine applications. Their mission is to have the largest and most comprehensive stock of silicon universal hoses in the world, and an unbeatable customer service ethos which means that they can despatch customers' within twenty four hours. For more information check out the company's web site.

The Bennett Racing web site at has been updated with details of the new sponsorship as well as pictures of Luke's altered on its first outing.

Finally Luke asked us to say a big Well Done to his brother Adam who made his first trip down the track in his red RS turbo, running 15.4s. "Not bad for a standard turbo!", says Luke. "I'm glad that Adam was there, you never know I might let him in my T!"

Web site updates.
25th March: Thanks to our good buddy Patrik Jacobsson for letting us know that Sweden's S & H Racing Top Doorslammer team have launched a web site at The Flash-based Swedish-language site includes team listing, news, photo gallery, and more.

Terry Gibbs' funeral details.
24th March: Craig Gibbs has been in touch with the funeral details for his father Terry Gibbs, who died on Monday.

"Firstly we want to thank everybody for their kind words and support, they really have been of comfort to us over the last couple of days", says Craig. "Reading people's own memories of dad has made us realise even more just how special he was, not just to us but to so many people, and we thank them for sharing those memories with us.

"The earliest that dad's funeral could be arranged was next Friday, 31st March. We tried everything to get it sooner but it wasn't possible. My father wanted a burial service to take place at Winchester, his birth place. This will be followed by a Service of Thanksgiving for his life, which will be held back in Woking, and then an opportunity for people to get together and reminisce about the old days at Chobham Golf Club. A bar will be open for drinks, and there will be a finger buffet provided.

The times and places are as follow:

11.00 am: Service of Committal, Winchester Cemetery, Magdalen Hill, Winchester

1.00 pm: Service of Thanksgiving, St John's Church, Church Road, St John's, Woking Map

2.00 pm onwards: Chobham Golf Club, Chobham Road, Knaphill, Woking Map

"All are welcome to attend all of the above, and I know that dad would appreciate all of the support that everyone has shown.

"As you are probably aware my dad suffered from Cushing's Syndrome, any donations or flowers of any kind would be gratefully recieved and should be sent to:

The Pituitary Foundation
c/o Robert Ayling Funeral Service
The Old Post Office
107 Aldershot Road

Telephone: 01483 567333"

Minute's silence at Power Nationals.
24th March: Lee Child of LA Performance Services has been in touch to let us know that there will be a minute's silence for Terry Gibbs on the Sunday of next weekend's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway.

The minute's silence will be held on the start line at 11:00 am, before the start of eliminations.

Racers please ensure that all engines are shut off just before 11:00 am to allow the silence to be observed.

Power Nationals entry list.
23rd March: We are indebted to Avon Park International Racers Association Club and Race Secretary Wendy Talbot for sending us the official entry list for next week's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway, which features the first round of the UK National and ACU UK Drag Bike Championships, Ultimate Power Drag Racing Championship, Real Steel Street Eliminator UK, National Association of Supertwins, Outlaw Anglia, and Volkswagen Drag Racing Club Championships.
Pro ET carries on last year's record of Biggest Class with sixteen entries, with Junior Dragster not far behind on fourteen and 9.50 Bike on twelve, and a number of other classes in double figures.

Click here to see the Power Nationals entry list.

Racers: It's not too early to send your Power Nationals previews. Drop us a line at and we'll publish it here.

Millie the pink.
23rd March: UK Junior Dragster racer Millie Bond's dragster will be sporting a new look for 2006. The team have spent the off-season giving the car a clean up before its new colours were applied.

The new scheme (right) by Peter Walters Race Design and applied by J & W Automotive consists of pink and black stars, the pink coming from the ever-succesful Pineapple clothing company, and will make its début at next week's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway.
"I am very happy with the final paint job", says Millie. "I love the colours and I am looking forward to being seen in the car next week. I would like to thank Peter Walters for the design, and Richard Walters from J & W Automotive for the paint and bodywork". You can contact Peter Walters Race Design at or on 01278 663804 and or on 01278 453568.

Swift snippets.
23rd March: 12:15 Further to last week's news about the planned restrictions on petrol generators at Santa Pod Raceway, Glenn Ramsden of UK Event Safety has been in touch to let us know that he is working with the Local Authorities on an exemption for petrol generators built into vehicles (campers etc). If this exemption is granted then the only issue will be with portable generators. "Because we're working with Local Authorities this is not going to happen overnight, but we're working on it", Glenn told

With little time left before the start of the season after purchasing the late Bernie Hepworth's Top Fuel Supertwin, Greek racer Zman is sharpening his big tyre riding techniques at the first Rally Raid of the season, a 200-mile off-rod race in Attica, on board his heavily-customised Polaris Sportsman 500 HO (right, picture courtesy and ©Cuspid). This is Zman's second Raid after coming fourth in the Quad category in Patras in December. "The 800 lb quad with independent suspension feels and rides a lot like a Top Fueller on a bumpy track, and the ten-hour practice and race sessions have worked me out just fine", says Zman.

Racers please note that official entry closes tomorrow (Friday) for the Easter Thunderball which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on 14th-17th April. After official entry closes tomorrow, late entry will be double the normal entry fee. Entry forms are available on the Santa Pod Racers Club web site at

Lee Child of joint Links sponsor LA Racing parts has been in touch to advise racers that there will be a small increase in the cost of Mickey Thompson tyres on 1st April due to rising raw material costs. "There is plenty of stock in the country of different size MTs", says Lee. "If you want to beat the price increase then order before April. Orders before the 29th March can be delivered to the Power Nationals by LA Racing Parts". You can contact LA Racing Parts via their web site at or by phone on 01803 554308.

Thanks to everyone who has sent tributes to the late Terry Gibbs. The number of tributes has now gone into three figures but of course there is plenty of room for more, so if you would like to send your own tribute to Terry then E-Mail
Trev Gardiner of Team Scoop Motorsports has been in touch with the UK's Channel 5 about their NHRA TV coverage after the Gatornationals was mistakenly placed in last week's schedule. Channel 5 told Trev that NHRA coverage will resume with the Gatornationals at 04:20 on Thursday 6th April, and added that they had been "inundated" with thanks from grateful drag racing fans for showing the coverage.

We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to 2005 FIA European Top Fuel Dragster Champion and Blog contributor Lex Joon. Hope that you have a great day, Lex.

Web site updates.
23rd March: Sweden's Dahblom Dragracing Comp Eliminator team have launched a new web site at The very professional-looking web site is presented in Swedish and features details on the Dahlblom brothers' Olds Cutlass, news, picture and video galleries, sponsor page, links and more.

Single figures for
22nd March: Following a tough winter's work on both of their race cars, all at UK Pro ET team were jubilant when Chris Hodgkins proved the new engine of the Direct Gas-sponsored dragster by running the team's first ever nine-second passes at Shakespeare County Raceway at the weekend.
"Chris had long had his heart set on running down into the single figures, and backing that up with a second nine proved that this was no fluke!", says Slinky. "The new engine performed faultlessly, although the cold on Saturday morning gave us some interesting warm-up teething troubles!

"Big thanks have to go out to everyone at Shakey for their encouragement and hard work over the weekend. The weather and temperature was against them, but the track certainly came round. Roll on the warmer weather!"

...Double figures for SE kick-off.
22nd March: No less than eleven entries have been confirmed for next week's first round of the 2006 Real Steel Street Eliminator UK Championship, writes Ian Hook. In just under two weeks' time some of the quickest street legal cars in Europe will be gathered at Shakespeare County Raceway for the Power Nationals where they will kick off what looks like being a great season for the country's premier street and strip class:

Amongst the eleven entrants are some new faces (as well as some very old ones!) with three débutant racers and cars. Jason Weir will be making his first appearance at a race track in his '52 Plymouth Suburban - a stunning-looking car well worth a close look. Also out for the first time is Ray Tucker. Looking almost like the twin of Pete Smith's 'Vette, Ray's red racer is a fresh import. Last on the list of SEUK rookies is John Walden. John must be unique in the fact that his race car was once his dad's car. John had wanted to get into SEUK for some time and has dabbled in some street legal racing in a blown Viva but was pointed in the direction of the very clean 'Tina which fitted the bill perfectly. Amazingly his brother recognised the number plate and a little investigation proved beyond doubt that the tubbed out V8 street machine was once his own family's daily driver! Check out our the New Cars section of the Class' official web site at for photos of all these cars and more.

Returning after a year's sabbatical is long time racer Alan Simms. Along with Ian 'Fatty' Hook Alan has one of the longest associations with the class having lived through the eras of ten and nine second barriers being broken and may yet get to see another one go in 2006! His formerly Rover V8 powered Cresta was the smallest engined car to run an eight in street trim. Now with blown big block Chevy power look out for some strong numbers from this racer once he gets a handle on the tune.

Another returnee is everyone's favourite Lenny Henry impersonator Jerry Charles. Jerry's Pro Mod-powered Capri had some transmission troubles last time out but with those sorted this is another car that should become a regular eight-second runner (BTW Fatty wants his clutches back! - Ed).

Back from last year are Jon Webster (MG Coupe), Ray Comer (Camaro), Ron Haslett (Cortina Estate), Pete Smith (Corvette), Ian Hook ('34 Ford) and reigning Champion Colin Lazenby ('56 Chevy). The last two are in a race against time - lifter compatibility problems on Colin's rebuilt 706 have meant a return for the engine to Clive Bond's Ultimate Race Cars for urgent modifications. The '56 (currently still in Scotland) and the engine should get together at Andy Robinson's later this week and be ready for collection next Thursday - a very tight schedule and many miles for Colin up and down the M6! Ian 'Fatty' Hook doesn't have the travelling problems of Colin but, as many of you will know, Ian and the Fat Boys do all their own work - late parts and an overrunning building project at Ian's home means that the engine is currently no more than a block and crank. The new billet crank and lifters for the 545 Ford have also had compatibility issues with last minute machining being carried out by some of Fatty's mates!

Here's hoping that all concerned make it to Shakey for 1st-2nd April. Make sure that you are there too – it's lookin' good!

The Venom kicks in.
22nd March: Since Tony Betts of the UK's Venom Racing announced his return to Fuel Altered here on back in February, the team has not stopped, says Dave Ainsworth.

"The Venom Racing altered has undergone a total strip and rebuild and is in the final stages of completion", says Dave. "This work has been undertaken at a rapid pace with a massive amount of people showing an interest in the team and their progress. Even though our web site a is at an early stage the feedback and response to the team has been great - stay tuned to the web site for the latest news as it is constantly being updated.
"Venom Racing can also proudly confirm that the team has been sponsored by Teng Tools, Torco, Venolia, and P M Jacksons. Without their sponsorship we would not be in the position we are in today, and we hope to confirm more sponsors very soon.

"We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has made this possible and we are looking forward to the coming season. A special thank you goes to Ian Plumb at Customart for the work he has performed on the Venom car, and for sponsorship."

A fine set of pipes.
22nd March: UK Outlaw Anglia racer Simon Barlow's Orange Pop has has a new full exhaust system installed by Nigel at Altiss Engineering and team member Jason Yates says that the team are very happy with the job.

"Nigel has put in a lot of effort and the exhausts look wonderful!", says Jay. "We are all very pleased with them and we would like to thank Nigel for the work and for getting them done in such a small amount of time. The engine is off to the dyno at Knight Racing today to be set up for the Power Nationals, which we are all looking forward to.

"Once again thanks to Nigel at Altiss Engineering for the time and effort with the work he has carried out for us."

Job vacancy at new Rathbone shop.
22nd March: Due to continued expansion, Jon Rathbone Racing has a vacancy for a fully-qualified fabricator/tig welder at their new Stoke on Trent premises (right).
"Candidates must have the ability to produce quality workmanship in all aspects of race car fabrication", says Jon Rathbone. "They must be trustworthy and dedicated to the job - there is good pay and rewards for the right person. In the first instance please send your CV to the address on our web site at on which you can also find detals of the products and services which we provide."

Swift snippets.
22nd March: UK Wild Bunch racer Alec Coe is auctioning a crew spot on his blown-alcohol slingshot at next week's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway. The auction opens at £50 and can be found on E-Bay by clicking here.
The NASC are looking for ten race cars to make demonstration runs at Gary's Picnic at Santa Pod Raceway on 15th-16th July. If you would be interested in running at Gary's Picnic then please send car details and a picture to us at and we will pass them on to the NASC.

Web site updates.
22nd March: Photo Editor Sharkman has updated his personal web site Sharkman's Top End Tales with pictures from the weekend's Test and Tune weekend at Shakespeare County Raceway. You can check out Sharkman's shots at
©> News Editor Tog has also posted a large number of weekend pictures from Shakespeare County Raceway at

Terry Gibbs.
21st March: We are very sorry indeed to report that racer, promoter, and show organiser Terry Gibbs has died at the age of 54. Terry's son Craig contacted us to say that Terry collapsed at home yesterday morning (Monday) and that despite the best efforts of the emergency services he had passed away before he could be got to hospital.

Terry became involved in UK drag racing in the mid-1970s, firstly as a racer but also actively contributed to the organisation and development of the sport, for example with the Super Gas Racers Association, promoted events at Shakespeare County Raceway, most recently the Super Series which also included involvement in the setting-up of the UK National Championships, took the UK Super Modified racers to Hockenheim last season and had made arrangements for the same this year, and organised the three Xtreme Wheels shows at London's Alexandra Palace, all side-by-side with wife Tina from whom he was inseparable. Only last week Terry announced a hook-up with Santa Pod Raceway for the European Doorslammer Shootout in July. Craig told us that on Saturday Terry had been to Great Yarmouth to pick up the bonnet of the family's Obsession Super Mod Camaro from Specialist In Design.

Terry was a very well-known and well-respected figure within European drag racing. Although he referred to himself as "Just an old racer" he had an enviable reputation as a formidable negotiator and organiser and where most of us dream about not taking crap from anyone Terry genuinely didn't. His tenacity, his deep love for the sport, and his wish to develop it got results where others might have given up. Terry displayed the same single-mindedness when he suffered ill-health a few years ago, fighting back and carrying on working to promote the next event.

We have set up a tribute page so that you can send your own thoughts and memories of Terry.
Click here to view the tributes to Terry or click on the Tributes to Terry Gibbs link on the left-hand side of any page. If you would like to send your own tribute to Terry then please E-Mail it to and we will post it on the page.

We are sure that everyone will join Tog, Sharkman and Simon in sending their very deepest sympathies to Terry's wife Tina, his children Craig, Sarah and Katie, and to all of his family and friends.

SCR take the Gold lane.
20th March: LA Performance Services, who promote events at Shakespeare County Raceway, have announced that
Gold RV are to sponsor the left lane at Shakespeare County Raceway. The minimum two-year deal starts at the Power Nationals on 1st-2nd April.

Gold RV are one of the UK's leading companies for RV sales, service and spares. They are sole UK agents for the Canadian Triple E range of motorhomes and authorised dealers for Roadtrek and Pleasureway Class B motor homes and Viking Hard Top Folding Campers. Gold RV also carry a large stock of used Canadian and American motorhomes covering all price ranges and specialise in matching RVs to customers' specific requirements. Managing Director Derek Flynn races in Super Pro ET himself and fields a Junior Modified Dragster driven by Arlo Reddick as well as sponsoring other teams.

"It started when Lee used a picture of my dragster to promote the Power Nationals", said Derek Flynn. "We already have advertising boards at Santa Pod and when I spoke to Lee about advertising at Shakespeare County Raceway he said that a lane sponsorship was available. I thought it would be neat to have a lane of my own - when I get lane choice and my opponent asks me which lane I want I'll say "My one"!"
"I am very proud to have Gold RV involved at Shakespeare County Raceway because of their association with drag racing through track and team sponsorships", said Lee Child who jointly sponsors's Links pages through LA Racing Parts. "The Gold RV Racing Super Pro ET and Junior Dragster teams are always professionally turned out and when I visited Gold RV and Derek gave me the tour I was not surprised to find this professionalism reflected in the facility, vehicles and services which Gold RV offer."

Derek told that his existing involvement in drag racing has already led to a number of motorhome and spares sales and that he is very pleased with the exposure Gold RV receives. "The commentators at both tracks do a great job of crediting sponsors and the Gold RV lane will increase our exposure still further", he said. "Drag racers have already proved to be some of our better customers and so we are very proud to support UK drag racing further by sponsoring the Gold RV lane at Shakespeare County Raceway."

You can find out more about Gold RV's services on their web site at, and you can stay in touch with all the latest from the Gold RV Racing team on their web site at

Swift snippets.
20th March: Lawrie Gatehouse says that the chassis of his Chaos Fuel Altered has been painted (right) and is now ready for final fitting out. "The body just needs its final coats of lacquer, which will take a couple of days", says Lawrie. "Next week is scheduled for the motor build and final assembly, we are still awaiting a few pieces, but we remain on schedule for the Easter Thunderball début and, with luck, the Performance Day Test and Tune on the 8th April."
Anna Stanley enjoyed her outing in her new Junior Modified Dragster at Shakespeare County Raceway yesterday, says dad Conrad. "Anna is looking forward to the 2006 season and welcomes on board her new Crew Chief Collin Morrice", he says. Meanwhile Conrad himself is at the helm of a new car, Trevor Graves' Super Gas Honda, which Trevor and Conrad are "Sorting out to get it running competitively".

York seeking demo doorslammers.
20th March: The UK's York Raceway is seeking doorslammer racers willing to make demonstration passes at Modified and Import events, says PR Howard Holmes.

"York Raceway's promoters and the Pennine Drag Racing Club are always keen to promote our sport of choice as much as we can", says Howard. "This includes the promotion of drag racing to a wider range of spectators and of course participants who come to some of the events for 'modern' cars. Don't be fooled, some of these cars are fine pieces of modifed engineering and running some very quick and very impressive times.
"However, we still like to give the spectators - and racers - a taste of The Real Thing. For this reason, we want to keep in touch with a handful of racers who have the confidence and right touch to handle a ballistic doorslammer. The guys who can throw a blistering burnout in an awesome-looking car and blast it through the eighth mile, putting on a show and being a hero! And there's contingency for some appearance money.

"Not a bad day out if all you want to do is a shakedown and to have some fun!"

If you are interested then call 07813 440 440 or E-Mail

Web site updates.
20th March: FIA European Top Fuel Dragster Champion Lex Joon has sent another entry to his exclusive Racer Blog. In this week's entry Lex reveals how a last-minute phone call announced the return of one of Europe's most popular Pro Mod racers, looks forward to the Pro Mod début of another Dutch racer, and also reflects on Top Fuel numbers at the FIA Main Event. You can view Lex's Blog by clicking here, or by clicking on the Racer Blog link on the left-hand side of any page.
SCR Test Weekend pictures.
19th March: Pictures from both days of this weekend's Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket Race/Test and Tune are now available in association with
American Car Imports.

Click here to view our coverage from Shakespeare County Raceway, or click on the Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any page. If you are still seeing the "Pictures will be posted" messages on the Gallery pages then either click on your Browser's Refresh button or press Ctrl and R.

Swift snippets.
19th March: UK Supertwin Fuel racer Ian Turburville said that he was very pleased with the first outing on his new bike Mister Spokehead. "The clutch locked up because we'd started it three or four times", said Turbo. "But it felt and sounded great, and we learned all we wanted to learn. It was a very successful weekend and now we are looking forward to running at Santa Pod next week."
Congratulations to Sharon Norris of Santa Pod Raceway's timing crew on the birth of son Morgan Samuel who arrived yesterday afternoon. Jemma Harrison tells us that Morgan was born at 1:30 pm and weighed in at 7 lb 5 oz.

Big year in Denmark.
18th March: From the Bella Center in Denmark comes this picture of Danish Top Fuel Dragster racer Rene Hersland's race car on display at Denmark's biggest car exhibition (right, click on picture for large version). "The exhibition opened on Thursday and seems from the start to be a huge success", says Rene. "It is expected that more than 100,000 visitors will be there through the weekend."

Rene says that drag racing is expanding very rapidly in Denmark, with 2006 expected to be the biggest year ever. "The National Dragracing Club has joined forces with the biggest car magazines Bilmagasinet and V-max for races", says Rene. "The biggest will be 'Danmarks hurtigste bil' or in English Denmark's Fastest Car on 2nd-4th June. It normally attracts more than twenty thousand people and three hundred competitors, and this year it will be even bigger, since several drag racing classes have been added.
"Another great event, also for English racers, is on 11th-13th August. Take a look at last year's race at and to enter the race go to

"As well as the exhibition there will be the possibility to have a ride with some of Denmark's most famous racing drivers. Jan Magnusson and Nicholas Kiesa, who have both competed in Formula 1, and everybody's favourite Jason Watt, will be there together with some of their colleagues, to give the crowd a real joy ride. The money from the Race Festival will all be donated to UNICEF's work for children worldwide."

Carter's exci-Teng sponsor.
18th March: UK Top Fuel Dragster team Carter Motorsport are proud to announce a new sponsorship deal with Teng Tools.

"We are excited to welcome Teng Tools to the team", says Carter Motorsport PR Dan Welberry. "Teng have previously been involved with European drag racing and we are very pleased that they have chosen our team to carry the Teng brand for the forseeable future."

Teng Tools offers a range of more than 2200 products. All are fully stocked at source and by local distributors with additional stocks at Teng Tools Europe giving unique possibilities to support both large and small quantity demands with fast service, competitive prices and specified quality. The new catalogue contains several completely new ranges as well as many new additions and updates to the existing product groups. New products that make Teng Tools an even more sensible choice for the professional user in the industry and the automotive trade.

To find out more visit

Carter Motorsport hope to post further news of another sponsor very shortly.

Swift snippets.
18th March: We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to our good friend Barry Bohannon. Barry can't be at Shakespeare County Raceway this weekend but is doubtless tuned in to the webcam. Hope that you have a great day, Barry.

Persåker's options.
17th March: Swedish Top Fuel Dragster and Pro Stock racer
Jöran Persåker says that the silly season is affecting him more than most, but that he has plans for this season and also looks forward to fulfilling a dream. "I am doing a lot of thinking and a lot of working", says Jöran. "Right now I am working on the new catalogue for my Speed Shop, that needs to be ready for the Bilsport Performance Show at Easter."

Jöran says that he would like his own Top Fuel Dragster, but that he cannot currently afford it. "I have been to England to look at Peter Knight's car and I have also looked at a car in the USA", he says. "I have a dream to run Top Fuel at an NHRA event so I will try to make the money during the summer, buy a car in the USA and run it there in the Autumn, and bring it over to Europe in the Winter."

Jöran says that he may run his Dodge Avenger Pro Stock as he needs to do something during the summer. "My Crew Chief Jari Konola wants to build a new motor", he says. "I won't be making any money that way but I will be making more horsepower. My Crew Chief Dockor Ernie will also restore my Twin Turbo Trans Am, and if anyone beats my European Turbo record of 6.95 then we will run faster. I will also be driving one of Knut Söderquist's Top Fuel Dragsters at one event this year, I would like that to be at Mantorp Park."

Whatever he ends up driving this season, Jöran has won sponsorship from Quaker State oil. "I will let you know more as soon as I know", he adds.

DIY by Pels and Son.
17th March: FIM/UEM Supertwin Champion Ton Pels and Crew Chief and son Vincent have not been resting on their laurels during the off-season, says Monique Pels.

"Ton and Vincent have equipped the Zodiac Top Fuel Harley with new cylinders and novel state-of-the-art long rods", says Monique. "As usual Ton and Vincent made the new parts themselves. The nine-inch rods running on a 5.25-inch crank with splined output shaft, combined with the 4.6-inch bore pistons result in a robust 175 ci (2868 cc). Last weekend we fired # up the 'Long Rod' engine for the first time and it sounded strong.

"Our 2006 bike has the latest McClure Overkill cases (right) with "Splined Output" Crankshaft. They are brand new on the market - in fact we have the very first case which was manufactured.

"Ton has renewed some sponsorship deals and the Zodiac Team is proud to be supported by the following companies in 2006: Zodiac International (Main sponsor), Supertrapp Accel and Spectro, and part and product sponsors Goodridge, Midwest, Performance Machine and Vanson.

"We look forward to the 2006 European Championship - after some testing and tuning at the Easter Thunderball."

You can stay in touch with all of the news form the Zodiac Racing pit on the team's web site at

Swift snippets.
17th March: Racers please note that there is one week left before official entry closes for the Easter Thunderball which takes place at Santa Pod Raceway on 14th-17th April. After official entry closes next Friday (24th March) late entry will be double the normal entry fee. Entry forms are available on the Santa Pod Racers Club web site at

Tabone's tuning success.
17th March: Malta's Sieheb Racing Team is coming along quite well lately, with most of the cars tuned by Joseph Tabone achieving record times in their respective classes, says Malta Drag Racing Association President Anthony Borda:

Joe builds most of the engines he tunes. He has no less than eight competitive cars in his hands right now and more are coming along. A new competitor is Keith Grima, who was the first competitor to managed to break the eleven-second mark in the PS and CA2 Classes, with the help of Joe Tabone is-Sieheb. Keith, who owns a Modified Escort Mk1 fitted with a Ford 2.1 litre OHC engine, managed to clock an impressive 10.9 seconds during the last event held at Hal Far Raceway. This team is over the moon with this time achieved, since every competitor in this class have been trying for some years to break the eleven-second mark.

Another competitor in the Sieheb Racing Team is Karim Cassar, who in his Super Street Escort fitted with a 2.1 litre Ford OHC engine managed to clock another impressive time of 11.4 seconds. For a Super Street Car, such an elapsed time with that engine is fantastic. Karim has been the record holder of this class for some time now and he's planning to stay there for a while too.

Joe has many cars he tunes for drag racing. Joe achieved his utmost on a two litre Ford OHC fitted with a turbo and assisted with nitrous. This car belongs to Rodrick Pulis who last year managed a great elapsed time of 8.8 seconds in a modified Ford Escort. He can say that he has a very rapid car for the class.
Joe's future project which he is building from scratch is a dragster fitted with a Toyota six-cylinder turbo engine. This dragster belongs to Gary Curmi, a well-known person in the drag racing scene. We have to wait until the next event to see how fast this dragster will go, since it will be ready for that race.

Another competitor who is waiting for Joe to put an engine in his car is Rennie Zammit, who built a very good OHC engine for the PS/CA 2 Classes. Rennie will have a good car with the expertise of Joe Tabone and with the money he has spent on the car. We will have to wait and see, but for a fact he will do well with his newly-painted Escort and his new engine.

I personally would like to say well done to Joe for the performances he is achieving with his tuning expertise. Keep it up Joe!

An extra seat for Charity.
17th March: Santa Pod Raceway helped to raise over £1500 at a Charity auction at London's Guildhall last night, says Rick Cuthbert of Trakbak Racing.
"Santa Pod's donation of a ride in the new Two-Seater Dragster had some of the UK's top businessmen locked in a bidding war to take the price to a staggering four figure mark, and then a whole bunch more on top of that!", says Rick. "The money raised will go to the RMCC, who do important work for sick children. You can find out more about the RMCC and the event at

"The staff of Santa Pod Raceway are delighted that the donation was so popular and helped to raise so much money for this cause."

PMR nurture the Two-Seater.
17th March: On the subject of Santa Pod Raceway's Two-Seater Dragster, News sponsor Paul Marston told us the story behind the track's new acquisition:

I had been looking on behalf of Santa Pod for a while; twin seaters are very rare even in the States and only come up for sale occasionally. When I learned that Edmond Richardson had their NHRA and IHRA National Event-legal Two Seater up for grabs I jumped on a plane, flew over to Nashville to Richardson Brothers Motorsports to meet with Edmond and Scotty Richardson, and did the deal with Santa Pod's blessing.

Let me tell you now, it is a truly awesome piece of kit. On the way to the port we stopped by Adel Raceway in Georgia, a brand new facility built from scratch in 2003, where the NHRA Pro Stock teams were holding a private winter testing session. Warren and Kurt Johnson, Greg Anderson, Jason Line, they were all there. Edmond Richardson is a very well-respected racer in these parts and had very kindly arranged with the track owners for me to drive the Two Seater Dragster to run full systems check and to make sure I was happy with everything. As I expected, everything was just perfect and we reloaded it back into the trailer, transported it to the Port of Jacksonville and waved it goodbye.

Together with Mark of Drag Racing Engineering I recently made the trip down to Southampton to collect the car. I was a little apprehensive but upon seeing the trailer on the dockside with no damage I felt sure everything was OK, which indeed it was. It must have been the smoothest crossing ever, absolutely nothing had moved an inch in the trailer. We delivered the car to Drag Race Engineering (0208 597 9484) where it was given a thorough check-over, then refilled with fluids, fired up and taken through a full systems check. There was a little initial concern that the fuel mixture would need changing because our air is different to that of the States, but everything was fine.

Last weekend Paul Marston Racing and quite a few other intrepid RWYB racers braved the cold, a huge Thank You to all the Santa Pod staff for all the hard work to get the track up to such a high standard considering the temperatures. We laid down some passes and the dragster drove extremely well considering we had no right to get down such a cold track in the first place! It was arrow straight and gave me no cause for concern, a good day in the office. We are looking forward to a very busy season in this wonderful race car, there is a lot of interest in what must be one of the fastest passenger ride experiences on Earth!

The Two-Seater Dragster belongs to and is entirely the property of Santa Pod Raceway. PMR are flattered to be invited to run and maintain the car on their behalf. As most readers will already know, for the past three years Paul Marston Racing pioneered running their own Doorslammer Passenger Ride Experiences and Doorslammer Drag Race School Driving Course programmes including hiring the School race cars for National Events. Over the past three seasons, we have helped numerous fans and drivers make their dreams come true and are proud to help Santa Pod Raceway to make many more fans' dreams come true.
Running the Two-Seater Dragster for Santa Pod will in no way affect the Passenger Ride or driving courses currently offered by PMR. On the contrary, it will complement what PMR currently offer. We would like to acknowledge that we could not have achieved anywhere near the amount of success our Driving and Passenger Ride programme has enjoyed without the constant support of Santa Pod Raceway and their staff.

On the racing front, April's Power Nationals at Shakespeare County raceway will see a clutch of firsts for PMR: the competition début of Drag Race Engineering's first turnkey doorslammer Hulk Shogun, our return to Super Gas with a double whammy: Grumpy's Dodge returns to her spiritual home with Tethys at the wheel and the Whoopass Monza with Dave 'Racing Snake' Catton makes it two. And to make life easier for the Clubs and timekeepers, from now on all PMR cars will be team entries, so points go to the race car and not the driver to allow the individual drivers to share in team successes. Complementing our Super Gas drivers are Gary Springford in Pro ET, myself in Pro ET, and Mick Howling in Super Street making our driver count five.

As usual the PMR super crew are all present and correct: Crew Chief and fun size stats man Anthony Middleton, Mad Mick Pusey, Pit Crew Lizz and Sefton 'Mr Fuelflap' Whitlock, Dean Inskip, Dean Martin, Mark of DRE, and the rest of the cast of thousands! We could not do any of this without you guys, we owe you big!

I would also like to say a big Thank You to Terry and Tina Gibbs and all the team involved in the Xtreme Wheels International Show at Alexandra Palace. The set new standards, broke previous attendance records and was in our opinion a fantastic success. Hulk Shogun, was very well received, in particular the rolling slide show of the complete build of Hulk Shogun from the ground up, which was shown on the stand all thru the weekend. Gary Springford is naturally now itching to get the testing underway ASAP. Gary would also like to apologize for looking a little green on the Sunday due to the side effects resulting of eating the equivalent of approx 24000 calories. Boy does that sugar rush make him talk (Him? - Ed)! He now has a now deep seated distrust of so called friends bearing doughnuts, namely Peter Fearn and myself and a little side bet: two boxes of Krispy Kreme and an initially very willing champion doughnut eater!

We would like to also thank Lecia from Choice FM, Blackwood and Kat for all their hard work and efforts in hosting the Main Stage run of course by one of Paul Marston Racing's major sponsors Black Box Sound and Lighting (0208 597 4575). We are already looking forward to next year's Xtreme Wheels and beginning to look at what we could possibly have ready to take there.

Web site updates.
17th March: Norwegian Junior Dragster racer Bjørn Jørgensen has launched a new web site at Bjørn's Flash-driven site includes biography, photo gallery, links and more.

Petrol generators at Santa Pod.
16th March: We have now received the promised statement on petrol generators at Santa Pod Raceway from Glenn Ramsden of
UK Event Safety:

As you will be aware petrol powered generators present much more of a hazard than diesel or LPG units. These hazards are compounded by hot generators being refuelled, smoking nearby (what, us?) and the storage of the fuels. The majority of venues in the UK are now in the process of outlawing the petrol generators in favour of the alternative described above.

There are a number of pieces of legislation and codes of practice (Event Safety Guide, Electricty at Work Regs 1989, PUWER 1998, DSEAR 2002) that make it almost impossible for the venue owners to allow the use of petrol units on site, however the management team at Santa Pod Raceway also recognise that there is a need to be reasonably practicable with all health and safety issues.

There are also major health and safety issues surrounding the storage of fuels - the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regs 2002 (DSEAR) did away with many of the regulations associated with licences to store and dispense fuels but did introduce a risk assessed approach.

Therefore you do not need a licence to store small amounts, but anything above two ten-litre metal containers and the regulations kick in. It is the duty of the venue owner to ensure that measures are provided to eliminate or reduce risks.

Following discussion with the local authority officers, a formal agreement has been reached that will allow a gradual phase out of petrol units by the start of the 2008 race season. At the initial discussions, the Council were adamant that the generators had to go by 2007 and any in use had to be in a secure area (fenced) and all fuel storage to be centralised.

Once again we have strived to reach a workable agreement that all parties agree to. This restriction will be in force throughout the UK by the 2008 target date, so it is not just Santa Pod Raceway who are enforcing this.

The key is once again a sensible approach, please no mess-ups with petrol generators or I am sure that we'll all be sat in the dark quicker than you realise!

Stay safe!

A welcome return.
16th March: The SFI Inspection team headed for Hockenheim in Germany on Tuesday and a number of European racers were pleased to see them, says our good friend Gittli Koller of German Top Methanol Dragster team Peter Schöfer Racing.

"The SFI tour didn't stop in Germany last year, so we were very happy that Arnie Kuhns, Murf McKinney, Tim Hyatt and Andy Robinson (right) managed to come back to Hockenheim this year", says Gittli. "I informed the racers and Rico Anthes kindly arranged everything at the Hockenheim Sachs Haus. Jürgen Schomann picked the SFI team up from the airport and drove them to the Hockenheimring - the American guys were lucky that he was not driving them in his race car.

"Lex Joon and Gerda Dijkstra came from Holland and they brought several parts from other Dutch racers, Öcsi (formally known as Dezsoe) Krivan was the Swiss representative and had parts from several Swiss teams together with his own parts. On the German side there were Jürgen Nagel, Peter Ritscher, Jürgen Schomann, Rico Anthes, and Peter Schöfer - I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.
"Luckily we had great weather. When we left home in Bavaria early in the morning it was minus fifteen degrees and it was difficult to drive the eleven metre long trailer, but the further north we came the more springlike it was. At Hockenheim it was ten degrees (right now we are not used to positive temperatures) and we had beautiful sunshine.

"Thanks again to Arnie Kuhns, Murf McKinney, Tim Hyatt, Andy Robinson and Mike Burnett for inspecting the chassis, clutches and bellhousings and making us ready for a safe 2006. We hope to see everyone again next year."

Lose the weight, find the grunt.
16th March: As it appears that no-one makes it their winter ambition to make their car go any slower for the approaching season, the UK's Rehm Welding/Heliarc Technology Super Modified team made the decision that their Rover-powered Cortina would have to go even faster to catch a certain nitrous-assisted Big Block Chevy combination, says driver Tim Garlick.

"With a little damage to the bottom end following a hotly-contested UK National Finals final round, we decided to ship the engine off to the lads at ICE Automotive to see whether anything could be done to make the little Rover even more robust for the oncoming season", says Tim. "Once again, they were able to oblige with some enterprising suggestions, and a quick rebuild and several dyno pulls later the results were encouraging to say the least.
"As the engine was at Silverstone, why not leave the car there to see whether ICE's new chassis shop was as enterprising as the engine business? We thought we would get ahead of the game and upgrade to the new 25.4 chassis spec and use the opportunity to lob a load of weight out of the car. Why not? Same grunt, less weight means faster car, right? 100 lb lighter and a newly-tagged car on schedule and on budget.

"Roll on April Fools day. Where's that pesky Cutlass?"

Twistin' the dyno away.
16th March: Real Steel Street Eliminator UK racer Andy Frost has had the first dyno session with his new turbo-equipped engine and it sounds as if he almost did the dyno a mischief.

"The 2000 hp dyno at Knight Racing Services could not hold the power enough to get proper HP and torque readings from the engine", says Andy. "This is due to the huge amount of torque present at almost all rpms. We could only get a reading at 6000+ rpm of 1600hp and 1330 ft lbs (You said "only"? - Ed) but it was still failing to hold the full power.
"Fortunately we have mapped the engine sufficiently to be able to run at a fair pace straight away with only a little bit of trimming to do. Thanks again to Steve Szczpanski of MPS Canada, Nigel Colwell of Altiss Engineering, Malcolm and Pete at Knight Racing Services for their sterling efforts for the last five days, Nimbus Motorsports for all their Torco Oils and Heat Management products, and Holset turbos for their incredible Turbo Chargers.

"Now for the real work - getting it all to the track."

Finch's back SEUK.
16th March: Real Steel Street Eliminator UK are pleased to announce that Finch's Fleet Services are to continue their support of the Championship in 2006.

"Based in Cambourne, Cornwall and operated by brothers Andy and Paul Finch, the company's main area of business is the service and maintenance of commercial vehicle fleets from HGVs on down", says Ian Hook. "Additionally they also provide breakdown and service cover for motor homes of all shapes. Finally, and of more interest to those in our hobby/sport they also offer a fabrication service and are able to make anything you need from a bracket to a full street or strip chassis. Finch's can be contacted on 01209 613252.

"Finchs wanted to see some recognition for those whose efforts often go without reward and to this end have funded an additional award to go to the driver and/or team who display the commitment to, and appreciation of, the spirit of the class. As Andy and Paul will be able to attend few meetings this year they have asked that the award, to be named Spirit of Street Eliminator, should be voted on by all participating drivers at the end of the season.

"Andy and Paul hope to be competing in the class themselves within a few years as the Finch workshop is home not only to the visiting commercial vehicles which compose the day job, but also to a 100E and Camaro both of which are being built to Street Eliminator spec. We look forward to seeing them on the strip sooner rather than later guys!"

Swift snippets.
16th March: UK Junior Dragster racer Dan Giles will be getting a taste of Junior Modified Advanced Dragster at this weekend's Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket Race/Test and Tune at Shakespeare County Raceway in the Gold RV Racing JMA/Dragster with a view to driving the car at the Shakespeare Nationals and Custom Car Magazine Allstar Nationals. Dan's sisters Rachel and Claire will be taking a turn in Dan's Junior Stock Dragster. Super Pro ET racer Derek Flynn, who kindly sent this news, will be testing the full-sized blown-alcohol Gold RV Racing dragster at SCR this weekend and plans to take part in the Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket Race.
Also participating at Shakespeare County Raceway this weekend will be Ian Turburville whose Supertwin Fuel bike Mister Spokehead burst into life yesterday and weighed in at 700 lb. Ian tells us that the bike is doing just fine.

Real Steel Street Eliminator UK racer Ron Haslett says that his wild Cortina passed its MOT yesterday but not before he found a problem. "The rocker girdle was left loose after the dyno session and we had a rocker work its way loose", says Ron. "Luckily it was spotted before I could give it any revs, and we really need to think about starting as it's not straightforward anymore. I've got to say a huge thanks to the lads for all their help over the last couple of months, as it's been a lot of hard work. Now the fun begins." will be providing Event Coverage from this weekend's Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket Race/Test and Tune at Shakespeare County Raceway in association with American Car Imports. We will be posting a Photo Gallery at the end of each day, and the Webster Race Engineering/MPM Oil webcam will be on-line both days and is scheduled to broadcast a picture every two minutes.

Rick Cuthbert of Trakbak Racing has asked us to thank those racers who have already responded to yesterday's call for demo runs at Santa Pod Raceway's specialist events in 2006. "Even if you are not ready to run now, you will also be able to volunteer to run at events as the year goes on", says Rick.

Jim Broome has asked us to say a big Happy Birthday to UK Wild Bunch racer Tony Smith, and also for yesterday to Chris Parker of the Fansfueler project. Hope that you are having a great day Tony, and that you had a great day Chris. Also celebrating a birthday today is UK blown-alcohol Altered racer Frank Bennett who according to son Luke has not let his age affect his Reaction Times. Have a Happy Birthday, Frank.

Web site updates.
16th March: Our good buddies at Svensk Dragracing have updated their web site with an interview with NDRS Junior Dragster Champion Jennifer Gustafsson. You can check out the interview at

SPR petrol power OK in 2006.
15th March: As promised on yesterday's news update we have spoken to Glenn Ramsden of
UK Event Safety about what appeared from the wording to be a ban on petrol-powered generators in the pits at Santa Pod Raceway.
Glenn has promised us a full and detailed statement for News which we will hopefully have for tomorrow, but in the meantime he has told us that petrol-powered generators are not currently banned from the pits at SPR, nor will they be this season. The plan is to phase out the use of petrol generators over the next two years with diesel- or LPG-powered generators the preferred alternative.

Stay tuned and we will bring you Glenn's full statement tomorrow.

MDRA opens 2006 account.
15th March: The Malta Drag Racing Association started the 2006 season with a Drag Race Event last weekend, writes MDRA President Anthony Borda:

Although the weather wasn't that good, with rain showers each day, we still managed to finish this event as scheduled. During this event, everything went nice and smoothly without any accidents at all, and the best thing to come out of this event was that a few drivers achieved some great Elapsed Times. We Maltese can say we have the fastest four-cylinder pump fuel cars in Europe.

This year we are sure that we will see improved times from certain teams, since they have made a lots of modifications to their cars and engines. We were expecting some special elapsed times at thie event since we saw many improved cars running some nice elapsed times during testing. I must mention one of the great drivers on the Maltese scene, Alan Zammit, who drives Emanuel Mangion's Ford Modified Cosworth Escort (above right) and who ran a record time of 7.684. Charles Camilleri of Zoqdi's Racing Team and everyone involved with Emanuel's car were over the moon with this great elapsed time, which was achieved in the final run of the D6 Class. This ET will be broken again at future events since I was told that this car has still got more to offer.
Another competitor who I thought achieved a miracle was Jason Camilleri, who drives a Modified Escort fitted with a 1600 RS Turbo engine, and who ran a stunning 9.2. For an engine this small this car performs miracles, thanks to Jason's tuners Mark Farrugia and Lawrence Mifsud.

I could keep mentioning names all day long but I have to stop here and thank every driver and owner who participated at this first event and to all those people who helped us to make this event another successful one. For more news and results, visit our web site at

Swift snippets.
15th March: UK Jet Funny Car pilot Roger Goring will be testing the Firestorm JFC at this weekend's Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket Race and Test and Tune at Shakespeare County Raceway. "I have some adjustments to test so I will start with launches and I'll be happy if we can make a couple of full passes", Roger told New crew member Juggy will be joining the team for this first time this weekend. Roger also plans to attend the Peak Performance Test Day at Santa Pod before appearing at the Easter Thunderball.
The official entry forms for July's European Doorslammer Shootout at Santa Pod Raceway are now available on the Entry Forms page of the Santa Pod Racers Club web site at

Entries are now being accepted for the 14th Drag Power Show which takes place at Chambley in France on 22nd-23rd April. The Drag Power show features Championship drag racing over the quarter mile as well as Jet cars, Rocket Bike, US car and bike show and more. For more information or to enter check out the Duck Team Organisation web site at or E-Mail

Proving yet again that an appeal on yields results, Nobby Hills' Houndog Fuel FC will be attending the Easter display at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum after last week's request from John Challen. You can read about the Easter booking and stay up-to-date with the latest news from the Houndog pit on the team's official web site at

SPR invite racer demos.
15th March: As Santa Pod Raceway's enthusiast events grow in both size and quality, Rick Cuthbert of Trakbak Racing tells is that Santa Pod would welcome demo appearances from National and European racers this season.

"The demos play an important part in promoting drag racing events to a wider audience and getting better value for your sponsors", says Rick. "In addition, we usually offer entry and sign-on free to the right sort of vehicles and you will be treated to a Pro Pit area in most cases.

We are looking for demo vehicles at the following events:

Sunday 26th March: The Fast Show - All fast cars and bikes
Sunday 14th May: The Redline Rumble - Fast doorslammers preferred
Sunday 4th June: The Performance Vauxhall Show - Vauxhall/GM preferred
Sunday 11th June: Classic Ford Show - Ford preferred
Sunday 25th June: JapShow - Jap bodied/engined cars and bikes only
Sunday 2nd July: Classic and Retro - 1960s- and 1970s-bodied cars only
Friday-Sunday 4th-6th August: Ultimate Street Car - Fast doorslammers preferred
Saturday 23rd September: Ultimate BMW Show - All fast cars and bikes
Sunday 8th October: JapShow Finale - Jap-bodied/engined cars and bikes only
"Ian Turburville has just announced that he will be running his amazing new Top Fuel Twin for the very first time at The Fast Show. If this bike goes anything like as good as looks, then this will be a demo that will stun the crowd!

"If you are interested in attending any of these shows, please E-Mail with your name, phone number, and vehicle details."

Web site updates.
15th March: The official web site of July's Bug Jam at Santa Pod Raceway has been updated with a new look for 2006 and all the new event information. Check it out at
Hot on the heels of the last update to Alan Currans' excellent Acceleration Archive comes Readers' Gallery sixteen which Alan says "Features the work of a little known photographer. Correction - that should read "A little, well-known photographer" - none other than Andy Rogers, aka Tog of this parish. Tog has compiled a selection of twenty five very interesting shots from his huge collection of pictures and has made my job even easier by writing the captions himself. There is something for everyone here from Stock to Top Fuel, Scandinavia to the USA, behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, you name it he's got it. Please visit this page in large numbers or I gather the likelihood of future plugs for the site on is not brilliant (A vile calumny - Ed)". Check it out at

Santa Pod offer pitside power.
14th March:
Santa Pod Raceway has teamed up with specialist power company ELP to provide electrical power hook-ups for race teams during all major drag racing events at Santa Pod during the 2006 season. If the project is well-supported and is beneficial for all involved parties in 2006, it is the aim that ELP will provide power to visiting teams for years to come at Santa Pod Raceway.

"ELP who are renowned for Broadcast Power Distribution and Television lighting have now taken on the contract offering power to teams in the paddock/pit area at Santa Pod Raceway and will be offering supplies from 16 amp upwards with twenty four hour backup generators and personnel on site during the events", says Ronan Wilson, Managing Director of ELP.

Prices start from £55 per event for a 16 amp single phase supply if booked twenty one days in advance but ELP can also provide much larger supplies if required. For more information about ELP visit

ELP also confirm that:
  • Power will be running twenty four hours with no interruption and on-site backup
  • Power will be provided by ELP with manned twenty-four hour on-site cover
  • A 200% surcharge applies for any power required on the day which has not been booked in advance
  • Power will be connected on the day before each event and disconnected the day after each event
  • Power must be booked at least 21 days in advance
  • Output will be on CE form sockets. Adapters can be hired to convert to other outlets including schuko
Booking forms for the Easter Thunderball, Big Bang, FIA Main Event, SPRC Summernationals, European Doorslammers, Bug Jam, FIA European Finals and UK National Finals are now available from the Entry Forms page of the the Santa Pod Racers Club web site at

For technical enquiries, you can contact the following ELP personnel:

Tim Shotter 01480 443896 (outside the UK +44 1480 443896)
Chris Griffith 01480 443897 (outside the UK +44 1480 443897
ELP 01480 443800 (outside the UK +44 01480 443800)

Or you E-Mail

Santa Pod Raceway's contact for enquiries and booking queries is Darren Prentice on 01234 782828 (outside the UK +44 1234 782828) or E-Mail

The management team of Santa Pod Raceway hope that this service will be appreciated by the teams as it is forming part of the ongoing development of Santa Pod Raceway and of the events and the services which Santa Pod Raceway are trying hard to provide. This service is also in line with the new regulations from the Health and Safety authorities which prohibit the use of petrol-powered generators and any other petrol-driven service equipment in the paddock/pit area of Santa Pod Raceway.

McKinney explains SFI 2.3M.
14th March: Whilst at the UK SFI Day at Santa Pod Raceway on Friday, Simon spoke to race car builder and SFI Committee member Murf McKinney about the new SFI specifications for Top Fuel and Top Methanol Dragsters. The new SFI spec does not apply in Europe in 2006 but will be put before the FIA Commission in September for consideration for 2007.

"Prior to August 2005, the category had gone for nine years without a chassis failure or cracking", said Murf. "After Tony Schumacher's Seattle incident, where the back half of his chassis broke under load, NHRA decided they wanted a higher safety margin in the chassis specification for Top Fuel. The margin they aimed for is to allow twenty five per cent increase in material yield strength. At the US Nationals, a meeting of relevant officials agreed this margin and decided on the method of modelling the size and type of tube to be used.

"The computer model we used takes into account engine and wheel torque, wing load, driver dynamics, tyre loading and other relevant factors. We also looked at the impact of a tyre coming apart. The result of this work carried out by the SFI Committee, SFI engineers and verified by independent engineers was that the specifications were not strong enough in some areas of the back half of the chassis. We were faced with two choices. We could either make the 4130 chrome moly tubing material stronger by heat treating it or use slightly thicker 4130 tube. The proposal was for this to be required on the back half only.

"Our tests showed that appropriately heat-treated tubing could take the additional loading and in addition we analysed the property of welds in a stress situation."
"The new Top Fuel chassis specification, SFI reference 2.3M (and 2.1 for Top Methanol Dragsters) became effective on 1st November 2005. The effect of this is that all cars in the Top Fuel category were required to have their back half replaced with Rockwell "C" 25 - 30 heat treated tube or thicker tube 4130 from the start of the 2006 season. So far, all the modified cars seen have had heat-treated tube. It is true that the thicker 4130 tube would result in a heavier chassis, but the increase in weight is reputed to be only twenty pounds out of 2300 lb total weight for the car.

"It is very important to consider that SFI rules represent the minimum safe requirement and constructors are at liberty to build exceeding these specifications."

"We have employed a harness test to verify that the tube used had been heat treated. As a matter of record, all McKinney chassis built since 1997 have used heat-treated tube."

The FIA Commission will look at this change in the SFI specification and recommend whether to adopt it for the 2007 season at its meeting in September. Based on previous changes, there is a probability that the SFI 2.3M will be adopted for Top Fuel chassis, which will then require checking and modification as necessary.

Editor's note: Thanks to UK Tech Inspector Geoff Martin for proof-reading and clearing this news item.

Cougar Racing plans changed.
14th March: Our good friend Adam Charnley of UK Pro ET and Wild Bunch team Cougar Racing has had to change his 2006 plans after an unfortunate accident totalled his altered.

"Two weeks ago we were on the way to get the chassis painted ready for inspection in the next few weeks when the trailer carrying the car was hit by a van, destroying the race car", says Adam. Luckily a lot of the parts weren't on the car at the time so some of it could be salvaged, but the chassis is a complete scrapper and unfortunately with a tight budget there is no way we can replace it. So as you can imagine we're all a bit bummed out right now.
"However there are plans in the pipeline to buy a mid-80s Camaro and race-prepare it for Sportsman ET, but this depends on whether we can raise the funds. At the moment we have half the budget we need but we are looking for another two to three thousand pounds. That, together with selling the parts off the altered which we no longer need, should see us out next year but it really depends on raising the cash. Look out for a lot of brand new stuff at cut prices on the Swap Meet and do us a favour by buying it - you'll be helping us to get out there and race!

"If anyone can help us by sponsoring the team then please contact me at"

Xtremely Pink.
14th March: UK comp Bike racer Sandra Chaplain and team have been in touch to say a big Thank You to all everyone who gave so generously to the Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness collection at the recent Xtreme Wheels Show at Alexandra Palace.

"We raised almost £200 for this worthy cause and the generosity of both visiting public and exhibitors was heart-warming", says Sandra "Thank you very much on behalf of Cancer Research UK.
"A second huge Thank You is extended to all those who voted for the Think Pink Race Bike which this year received two awards - one in the Competition Bike category and a second in the Custom Car-sponsored People's Choice.

Swift snippets.
14th March: Lee Child of LA Performance Services would again be pleased to hear from any racers who have used slicks which they can donate for track prep at Shakespeare County Raceway. "We have been sledding like crazy over the last few days ready for this weekend's Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket Race and Test and Tune" says Lee, who together with Ampar sponsors's Links pages through LA Racing Parts. "If anyone has any more slicks which they no longer need then please call 01803 554308 or E-Mail"
Lawrie Gatehouse tells us that the paintjob (right) on his new Chaos Fuel Altered is almost complete. "It is expected to be finished this week", says Lawrie. "The chassis will also be painted by the weekend and the motor build commences in the next day or so. Then final assembly and fitting out can take place by The Mob crew and that is when we find out which of the 101 little things we have forgotten! The schedule is still tight but we expect to make it for the Easter Thunderball, the start of an interesting season."

From Lawrie's car to a team he sponsors as UK Top Fuel and British Championship-holding Top Methanol Dragster team Turner Motorsport are pleased to announce the continuing support of Lawrie Gatehouse of Process Systems International for their Top Methanol Dragster this season, together with Rushden Graphics and Eternal Image Tattoo of Rushden. "We are also in the process of finalising new sponsors, which will be announced shortly", says Carmel Turner. "Please note that we also have a new E-Mail address, you can now contact us at We are looking forward to the new season, competing in both Top Methanol and Top Fuel, and wish all our competitors a safe and fast year."

Many thanks to our good buddy Patrik Jacobsson for letting us know that pictures of the progress of Swedish Pro Mod racer Jörgen Karlsson's new ride are available on the Mölndals Dragracing Förening web site at The car is looking just great and it's good to see Jörgen back where he belongs.

Further to Saturday's news item, Real Steel Street Eliminator UK racer Andy Frost writes to let us know that his turbo-equipped engine (right) has been installed on the dyno at Knight Racing Services. "The engine has been started and run in courtesy of Steve Szczpanski of MPS (Canada)", says Andy. "Today the serious mapping of the engine starts. Special thanks go to Malcolm at Knight Racing Services, and Nigel Colwell and Steve Szczpanski for their time over the weekend. Within the next two days I should know the engine output."

Our good friend Gwynn Clark tells us that Ken Blomer is fitting a Billet Racing Engine motor in his Razor Edge Karmann Ghia doorslammer, although "only" on methanol and a blower. "It should be bulletproof in that configuration", says Gwynn. "Martin Taylor is in the process of placing a VW Paradise-based engine in his Beetle, and I heard he is going to mix it up with the Street Eliminator guys. So hopefully there is some good stuff to come from the Flat Four crowd". A BRE v VW Paradise match race took place in the USA at the weekend with VW Paradise taking the win although the BRE car recorded the quicker ET. The UK's new Outlaw Flat Four Racing Club has launched a web site at, and you can find Gwynn's excellent photography at

New claws for the Wild Cat.
13th March: Real Steel Street Eliminator UK racer Steve Nash and his Crew Chief Mick Franklin have announced that they have joined forces to create the Wild Cat Racing Team and to field a new race car in 2007. Steve explains that the new car has been necessitated by rule changes due to come in next season.

"We have been very successful with the present Wild Cat Cougar over the last two years and we would like to thank Rob and Nick of ICE Automotive for their expertise and input in developing the new concept of the 598 ci twin turbo", says Splinter. "We would also like to thank all the race fans for their support and enthusiasm.
"Rule changes which are to take effect in 2007 do not allow us to run under 8.50 seconds with our current specification. As you know the Wild Cat has run down into the 8.1s and consequently with these ETs we would not be able to legally race under the new rules. With Mick's and my commitment to the Street Eliminator class, we have thought long and hard how to take things forward. We are pleased to announce that Mick and I have decided to join forces to create the Wild Cat Racing Team.

"Chris Isaacs Race Cars has been commissioned to build us a new chromoly chassis to Heavy Pro Mod spec 25.2, for 7.49 and quicker ET and weight up to 3200 lb.

"This new venture will not allow us to commit to a full racing season in 2006, but we are very hopeful that we will be racing at some of the meetings in order to support Street Eliminator UK Racers Association Ltd. We apologise to the fans and supporters of Street Eliminator and Wild Cat that we will not be at every race, but we can assure you that you will not be disappointed when we come out to race in 2007. Please bear with us this year - it will be worth the wait."

Splinter has promised to send updates so stay tuned.

Don't mess with Dirty Diana!
13th March: Ima Rhebok has again been in touch from Holland with this week's workshop update from
Jan Smit's Power Parts (click on any picture for large version). This news update is not for readers of a nervous disposition, for so many reasons.

"As promised last week, here are the picture of Roel Koedam's Top Fuel Bike", says Ima. "Roel, Chucky and Alien are talking about the design of the bike. The Kings of Airbrush came up with a very good idea: "How about spraying your Crew Chief Marius naked on your bike? Then you will have a lot of female fans, and that's good for the sport. The more girls come to the races, the more guys come with them to the races, more spectators is better for the sponsors, better for publicity, so better for everyone". Marius, the Naked God of Top Fuel. Very good idea guys, it's stupid that no-one came up with such a wonderful idea before. They are still working on a new design...sorry Marius, and sorry for all his female fans.
"As you can see from the pictures, the bike is naked - more than Marius - and unblown. The blower has been taken off the bike, maybe because the bike was going too fast, maybe because Roel is not twenty one years old any more, maybe they are trying to make things better (like Phillips).

"All of the JSPP team are working real hard on the airbrush workshop of Alien Versus Chucky Productions. Toby and Mike were trying to make a new flat concrete floor in the spray room. After two hours watching the guys, our friend 'Dirty Diana' couldn't handle it any more. "What the hell do you guys think you are busy with? You can build the fastest bikes and cars in the world, but you can't make a simple flat concrete floor? Let me do this". Half an hour later, there was a beautiful flat floor. After that, Toby still had a big mouth. Two low kicks, a knee in his stomach and an elbow on his nose later he understood why people call her 'Dirty Diana'. Diana worked as a prison warder, was a carpenter, kick-box fighter, tattoo model, and is now working in security again, and from now on is a JSPP team member. Bye bye Toby...

"Last week Toby was working on a Honda Blackbird cylinder head, he was busy all week porting the intake side. He didn't sleep, didn't eat, didn't speak, and all because another company made a better cylinder head than he did. Every single day he worked on the Superflow bench. On Saturday, Jan Smit assisted Toby because he felt sorry for him working so hard porting the head. After Jan worked some magic on the valve seats, the cylinder head flows six cfm more than the best they ever measured. Jan was happy, Toby was very happy, and I was happy because I have to live with Toby! Next week I will send you some pictures of the Superflow project."

Paranoia fit and ready.
13th March: Further to Thursday's report from Mark Norton about the UK Northern Chassis Day, Herb Andrews has sent an update on Martin Holgate's Jaguar-powered Paranoia altered.

"Two years ago, Martin (in the middle, with Roy Wilding left and Mark Norton right, click on picture for large version) asked Mark Norton's advice as to what chassis improvements were necessary to allow him to race at MSA sanctioned races", says Herb. "Although well-engineered when built by Brian Thomas and Alan Loten in 1981, regulations have moved on which meant that the chassis rails from the motor plate back had to be replaced. The original roll cage remains, as its still over spec even today. Roy Wilding carried out the chassis upgrade and this will be fully-documented in a forthcoming article on Alan Currans' excellent Acceleration Archive web site. Not only was the chassis inspection a success, with Mark certifying the chassis down to 8.50, but with minor modifications to the back axle mountings the Altered will receive a 7.50 sticker."

"We went on to Trevor Langfield's Wizards of NOS so that Trevor could check over Martin's nitrous set-up, which he supplied, and to perform a static test", says Martin. "Trevor was very accommodating and although a number of minor faults came to light, they have already been put right and it was far better to find them then rather than at the track".
"The seven hundred mile round trip was worthwhile", says Herb, "being a softy Southerner it was great to see the snow on the Pennines."

With the combined effort put in by Martin, Herb, Roy and Ralph, the question is whether Paranoia will run better than the 8.77/156.5 which it recorded when Brian last drove it, which still makes it the quickest and fastest British-engined altered in the world. "Only time will tell, but it will not be from the want of trying and having some fun at the same time", says Herb. "Martin has offered me a drive during the year but I am reluctant at present, as the next thing for me will be going to Germany to find my old Magum Force 27T altered, which is still racing, and to start match racing Martin". Martin plans to run in the Wild Bunch series as soon as the car is dialled-in.

Herb, who finished in third place in the Championship, six points behind Team Paranoia, in 1983 has been crewing for a Canadian friend, Ralph Hope, at NHRA races in the US for at least the past six years. "Working with Ralph I could see so many improvements I could have applied to my own car", he says. "When Martin advertised for crew on's Swap Meet, I wanted to bring some of that technology to a British-built car, so I willingly offered my help. I came back from the Gatornationals last year with the best part of an ex-Larry Morgan Pro Stock five-speed air-shifted Liberty gearbox in my suitcase, and Ralph followed in May with the missing internals. After the US Nationals in September I found room in my well-travelled suitcases for a seven-inch twin-plate ACE slider clutch and numerous other speed parts, which Roy allowed for during the chassis upgrade, whilst also increasing the wheelbase by five inches to 125 inches."

Swift snippets.
13th March: Congratulations to Sophie Jones who has won our contest to win a passenger ride in Santa Pod Raceway's Two-Seater Dragster. Sophie correctly replied that it is Santa Pod Raceway's fortieth birthday this year, that Allan Herridge was the first inductee into the UK Hall of Fame, and that the Richardson brothers built the Two-Seater Dragster. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest; if you didn't win then don't forget that you can book yourself a ride in the Two-Seater Dragster by clicking on the logo in the right-hand column. A big Thank You to Jo Harris of Santa Pod Raceway for putting up the prize.
UK Super Street Bike racer James Curnick returned to the track at yesterday's Run What You Brung at Santa Pod Raceway checking out his new bike. Amongst other racers spotted at Santa Pod yesterday were Paul Marston testing Santa Pod's new Two-Seater Dragster (right, click on picture for large version), Dan and Heidi Page with their Pro ET Camaro, and the ex-Conrad Stanley Vega and ex-Mark Pointer Mustang in the hands of their new owners.

Jerry Cookson writes that this month's issue of Hot Wheels magazine features a two-page colour factfile about NHRA Nitro Funny Cars. Published under the tag line "These Dragsters are faster than F1 cars" (What isn't - Ed), the feature carries several photos of the John Force stable. Hot Wheels is available from WH Smith at £1.85. Oh, and a free Hot Wheels whoopee cushion comes with every issue.

Web site updates.
13th March: FIA European Top Fuel Dragster Champion Lex Joon has sent another entry to his exclusive Racer Blog. In this week's entry Lex tells how the MPM Top Fuel Dragster has been tagged for 2006, talks about work on the car, and has some nice words for one of his fellow Top Fuel teams. You can view Lex's Blog by clicking here, or by clicking on the Racer Blog link on the left-hand side of any page.
Our good buddy Anders Envall has updated the Team Blackout Fullsize Racing web site with a very entertaining account of his return trip to Florida to work on the engine of his ten-second street-legal Impala SS at Autoshop Racing Engines. Check it out on the News page at

Perfection at the BIC.
12th March: Carbon By Design Top Fuel Dragster team owner Knut Söderquist says that everything is perfect at the Bahrain International Circuit where Micke Kågered and Thomas Nataas are pulling demonstration burnouts and launches in front of the Formula 1 Grand Prix crowd. "It's twenty seven degrees, sunshine, a perfect track, what more could we want?", Knut told from Bahrain yesterday.

"Micke, Thomas, Rune, our crews and I love it here in Bahrain. Everyone at the race track has made us feel very welcome, especially Kareem. They have organised everything we need and more, and the track looks very good. They have scraped all the glue off and put rubber down on the track and the cars hooked up very well on the launch. But we got complaints from the celebrities here yesterday that it smelt funny when we started the car up!"
Knut said that something very interesting happened on Friday. "Ali Aryan, the top driver here in Bahrain, came over and checked out dragster out", he said. "He ended up sitting in the car for a warm-up and I can tell you he likes it! We put the nitro needle in Ali's arm and he sat there looking like a nitro junkie. If everything is OK then Ali will make checkout runs in the car tomorrow before we ship our cars back to England. Rune and I hope to have the cars back for Easter at Santa Pod which is going to be the biggest Fuel race ever!"

Knut put out a request on behalf of one of his crew members. "Animal is still looking for Jordan", he said. "If anyone sees her then please call him!"

Stay tuned for photographs and more news after the event. You can also find reports from Bahrain on the Kågered Racing web site at

UK SFI Day pit notes.
12th March: We managed to catch up with a number of racers at Friday's SFI Day at Santa Pod Raceway and they kindly told us what they have been up to and what they have planned for 2006. Here is what we found out, in the order in which we spoke to the racers:

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Steph Milam said that she will be running She Devil in the first round of the MSA British Drag Racing Championship at the Easter Thunderball. "We have had to do a little repair work after the blower belt came off at the Flame and Thunder show", said Steph. "It bent the top of the belt housing which in turn damaged the body. The damage was not too serious". The car has been stripped and rebuilt, with no major problems encountered. "Dave's main job is an engine and race car builder and has been so tied up with his work for customers that he has to work on our car in his spare time", said Steph. "We are looking to run more consistently this year, and the Championship will be down to those teams who will be running."

Top Fuel Dragster and Top Methanol Dragster Crew Chief Steve Turner said that he has acquired the services of Cliff Gould (formerly Crew Chief for Doug Ripley and crew member for Jöran Persåker) to head the crew on the B & Q Power Tools Top Fuel Dragster which Rob will drive at selected events this year. "The car is virtually complete and we are having the final chassis inspection soon", said Steve. "It's owned by Andy Carter and was the chassis which he ran in 2003. The motor is similar but not the same as Andy's as it has a bigger fuel pump. We will be tuning the car independently from Andy's team on a softer basis and are looking for reliability and consistency. Rob will be making his licensing runs at Santa Pod on 9th April and then will compete in the Pro Fuel Shootout at the Thunderball. Meanwhile we will continue to run the Top Methanol Dragster and plan to attend all FIA rounds. Our thanks go to sponsors Fuchs Silkolene Lubricants, NGK Spark Plugs, G-Max Racing Fuels, GRP Connecting Rods, James Lister Performance Hoses and Fittings, CT Autoparts of Rushden and Gold RV, and we hope to announce some new sponsors shortly. I would also like to thank both the Top Methanol and Top Fuel crew for their hard work getting it all together".

John Bolton, crew member for The Mob Fuel Altered team told us that Lawrie Gatehouse's new Chaos car is progressing well. "The chassis was built by Phil Cornish and car put together by Frank Griffin", said John. "The motor internals are interchangeable with The Mob. John Wright will be the driver and the team will include Rudi from The Mob and Danny who worked with Nick Stevenson. The Mob crew, with Ollie Burn as Crew Chief, includes driver Jim Usher, Mike Pearce, Andy Gregory, Tush and myself. The NFAA is growing steadily this year and, including Chaos, we expect to have at least three new cars in the category."

Fuel Altered racer Neil Townson had the Northern Spirit's chassis (right) and clutch checked and both passed with no problems. "The chassis is painted and I am also painting the body, it will be black with flames", said Neil. I've got a new 500 ci Stage Ten engine. The only problem is that nothing we've got fits any more! But we couldn't turn down the deal. Weve got stuff from John Wright and stuff from Ollie Burn. We will show the car at Billing and then run at the NSRA Nostalgia Nationals."

Top Methanol Dragster racer John Parkinson said that he would make the Easter Thunderball no matter what, and with a new crew member. "Dave Branch is joining us this year, he is a bloody good engineer", said John. "You only have to look at the starter motor he did for us. We're up to speed on nuts and bolts but Dave is the engineer. The engine has been rebuilt, we have a new oil pan, we've had the mags re-checked, and Tom Dark Engineering of Whitney found that a transformer was letting us down, it was going down at 5000 rpm. Tom Dark Engineering can test distributors and magnetos and they do a great job."

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Trev Capewell said that his TMFC is for sale but at the same time he is pursuing some large sponsors. "I might be out, I might not", said Trevor. "I have been completely self-funded for two and a half years. Top Methanol is very expensive and I just can't do it on my own any more: you can run on a shoestring but things go bang". Trevor added that he has not touched the car since its return from Bahrain. "We damaged the body in Bahrain when the blower burst panel blew", he said. "But we had a great time in Bahrain, the organisers did well, and the shippers did well getting the car there and back". If you are interested in buying Trev's TMFC then you can find out more on's Jeff Bull Race Engines and Performance Parts-sponsored Swap Meet.

Pro Modified racer and Home and News sponsor Andy Robinson was busy inspecting bellhousings (right) but told us that he is building a new trailer. "The Studebaker is at Gordon Appleton's", he said.

Fuel Altered racer Tony Betts said that he is getting there with his Altered acquired from Jim Seward. "The body is painted, I'm getting a new engine from Gary Burgin, and I've got a computer to go on", said Tony. "I just have the last few bits to do. I'll be there at Easter but I am aiming to test the weekend before."
Pro Modified racer Bill Weston is aiming to test at the Peak Performance Days at Santa Pod Raceway in April and May and then to contest the FIA Main Event and FIA European Finals. "I would still love to see a Nitrous car beat all those blowers!", said Bill.

Peter Knight said that his Top Fuel Dragster is still for sale but that he has not ruled out reconstituting his team of merry rapscallions and bringing Jon Webster back in to drive the car at the FIA Main Event. "I don't want to break the car up, but I might start to sell some of the spares since the car runs OK and we're not hurting anything", he said. "I'll be honest, I love running at those big FIA events."

VW Alternate Engine racer Wayne Allman brought along the chassis of his new race car which is set to be one of the wildest race cars we've ever seen, best described by us as a 135" wheelbase VW pick-up/Top Methanol Dragster hybrid and by Wayne as a rear-engined Top Methanol Funny Car! "It's a split-screen VW Crew Cab pick-up with a ten-inch roof chop", said Wayne. "The engine is a 526 ci Keith Black with Total Flow billet heads, 14-71 blower, Enderle fuel system and three-speed Lenco. There is plenty left to do, because I am doing it all myself, but I hope to be out this year". We asked Wayne what performance he was expecting from the car. "I'll get it to the top end first before I start thinking about the performance!", he said. Wayne added that he is working on race cars for others including a Karmann Ghia with a twin-turbo Small Block.

Top Fuel Dragster owners Stuart and Richard McDonald said that they plan to run the FIA Main Event and FIA European Finals with Smax Smith again in the hot seat. "We had management system failures last year", said Stuart. "It's about getting the car from A to B and making sure that everything works, then we'll start looking at what we can do."

Jet Funny Car pilot Martin Hill told us that he will have a busy Easter Thunderball as he will be driving both the Fireforce 1 and Fireforce 3 FCs. "I want to see you run them side-by-side!", joked Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary Paula Marshall.

Swift snippets.
12th March: Marc Smith of Jerryatric Drag Racing tells us that Jerry Smith's recently-imported Plymouth Roadrunner is headed to Shakespeare County Raceway to test next weekend. "We plan to test and to get in some licencing passes, and then we have entered Pro ET at the Easter Thunderball", he says, "We won't be running with nitrous in competition for two reasons: to keep the costs down on fuel and breakages and for consistency. We may run on gas next weekend if everything is OK after a few checkout passes, but we will definitely be going flat-out at the Mopar Nationals in July."
23:59 UK tonight (Sunday) is the deadline to enter our Contest to win a passenger ride in Santa Pod Raceway's Two-Seater Dragster. For your chance to win a ride, check out the official Contest page which you can view by clicking here or by clicking on the Win a passenger ride! link on the left-hand side of any page. For more details about booking rides in Santa Pod's Two-Seater Dragster click on the logo in the right-hand column, and for Doorslammer passenger rides click on the Paul Marston Drag Racing School logo also at right.

Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary Paula Marshall tells us that the second Joint APIRA/SPRC Dinner Dance and Trophy Presentation has been booked for 3rd February 2007, again at the Northampton Park Inn.

We would like to wish a big Happy Birthday for yesterday to Wolfgang Schöfer of Germany's Peter Schöfer Racing Top Methanol Dragster team. Hope that you had a great day, Wolfi.

Web site updates.
12th March: Dutch Pro Mod racer Robert Joosten has updated his web site with a report and pictures from his team's recent trip across the Atlantic to visit Jim Oddy's shop and G-Force Race Cars, as well as to shoot a few things and do some sightseeing. Check it out at

Return of the Doorslammers.
11th March: Obsession Motorsports and Santa Pod Raceway have announced a brand new Doorslammer event at Santa Pod on Saturday 8th July. The European Doorslammer Shootout promises an abundance of competitive side-by-side runs from Sportsman racers old and new including Pro Mods, the ever-popular VWs, and some of the fastest Japanese Street Cars. The Fireforce Jet Funny Car will also be in attendance for demo runs during the day.

Event Organisers Terry Gibbs and Darren Prentice remember the similar style events held at Santa Pod some years ago. "The Doorslammers weekend used to be one of the best events in the Santa Pod calendar and to be given the opportunity to resurrect it is an absolute honour", says Terry. "To see full-bodied race cars which our race fans can really identify with certainly gives this event a different angle."

"Some of the 'new' drag racers from the Sports Compact scene are running cars down into the eight-second bracket these days and one of our aims has been to help them get licensed to race competitively at events just like this", adds Darren. "We hope that more interested street racers will come along to the event, meet the top race car builders and find out how they too can get involved."

"This event is just what's needed to fill the gap!", says Phil Evans, Managing Director of event sponsor Oil Control. "Oil Control are proud to be involved and we have great expectations for the event's long-term future."

Doorslammers will battle it out in five Shootout classes all promising great prize funds, including the inaugural outing of the Top Sportsman demonstration class:
  • Outlaw: 8.00-8.99 (Heads-up, all run)
  • Top Gun: 9.00-9.99 (Heads-up, all run)
  • Sportsman: 10.00-10.99 (Heads-up, all run)
  • Street: 11.00 seconds and slower (ET Bracket, all run)
  • Top Sportsman: 6.00-8.99 (Top sixteen qualify) Entry is open to all MSA-licenced cars with doors including Pro Mods, drag race and street cars. Entry forms will shortly be available on the Santa Pod Racers Club web site at or on 01933 313625.

    Prize funds are in place for each Shootout class but more postings are welcome, and Event sponsorship packages also available. Contact Terry Gibbs at or on 01483 236262. Trading plots are also available and can be booked with Charlie Gibson at Santa Pod at or on 01234 782828.

    Tickets are available now from £12 if booked before Friday 30th June (£1 booking fee applies). Under-16s go free (up to two under-16s per paying adult) and free camping is available on the Friday night (7th July). Book on-line at or call 01234 782828.

    Enter UK Top Sportsman.
    11th March: Home and News sponsor Malcolm Francis and Swap Meet sponsor Jeff Bull are pleased to announce the launch of a Top Sportsman class in the UK. The class' first demonstration outing will take place at the European Doorslammer Shootout at Santa Pod Raceway on Saturday 8th July.

    "Following several months of discussions with drag racers, promoters and track owners, we are now very pleased to be in a position to move forward with this class", say Malcolm and Jeff. "We would like to thank fellow drag racers who have contributed in one way or another, Terry and Tina Gibbs of Obsession Motorsports, and Darren Prentice, David Lloyd-Jones and Kjell Pettersson of Santa Pod Raceway, without whom we would not have made it to this stage.

    "The inaugural Top Sportsman race will be held in conjunction with Santa Pod Raceway and Obsession Motorsports on 8th July 2006 at Santa Pod Raceway. The class format is 6.00 to 8.99 seconds, qualifying will be heads-up with quickest sixteen cars qualifying. Eliminations are run on dial-your-own ET with a minimum of 8.99 and handicap start to the slower car. Top Sportsman will race using a Pro Tree with a blind restricting sight to opponents bottom three amber bulbs. Racers in eliminations may not dial slower than 0.1 second from their qualifying time but they may dial quicker with no limit.
    "Sponsors already include Air Sea Logistics, Jeff Bull Race Engines, Lucas Oil, Doug Herbert Performance, Transmission Specialties, Andy Robinson Race Cars, Wheelgame Ltd, Gleeson Wright Security, Curbishley Automotive, Chris Isaac Race Cars, Engine Data Analysis and AGS Plumbing. The prize fund for this event is currently £2500.

    "Rules and regulations will be posted shortly. Anyone with any questions, or companies wanting to get involved with sponsorship for this event, should contact Jeff Bull at or Malcolm Francis at"

    Set to trigger earthquakes!
    11th March: Yesterday was scheduled to be momentous for Real Steel Street Eliminator UK racer Andy Frost as after three months of hard work his 572 ci twin turbo monster engine (right) was set to be unleashed.

    "Over the next six days we will see how all this work will turn into the horsepower we need to run the numbers in Real Steel Street Eliminator in 2006", says Frosty. "Without the help of certain companies and inividuals there is no way that we'd even be half way there by now. Firstly thanks to Nigel Colwell at Altiss Engineering who has literally spent seven days a week since January on the project. There is no question that his work rivals anything available in the world right now. Thanks to Webster Race Engineering for all the parts and advice on the build; Knight Racing Services for the top quality engine parts,machining and of course the dyno service; Steve Clark at Nimbus Motorsport for the Torco oil which we will of course be using on the dyno as well as on the race track; DEI and ThermoTec heat management products; Cryo2 CO2 coolers and Hyperco coil springs; Steve Szczepanski of Mechanical Power Systems of Canada who has made two trips to the UK to wire the Electromotive TEC3R EFI and to map the EFI on the dyno even with jet lag; Marty Chance of Neal Chance Racing Converters who is putting together a ultra-special converter together for the new combination; Hutch Transmissions for his bullet-proof gears and input shaft (now available from us for the ultra serious competitor); Paul Webster who got me out of two scrapes with some parts I needed as soon as possible; and last, but definitely not least, Deb who hasn't seen me for two months and is still here (I think I just made what James Burke used to call "A Connection" - Ed).
    "If you're in the Midlands next week and you feel the Earth start to rotate, it's not the ground - it'll be turbo Armargeddon."

    Carter announces sponsors.
    11th March: UK Top Fuel Dragster racer Andy Carter is proud to announce his full list of sponsors for the 2006 season:

    B&Q 0845 609 6688
    Lucas Oils 0808 1003259
    NGK Spark Plugs 0144 282 1000
    Wynn's 0118 950 4090
    Binamic 0144 224 4833
    Pioneer Print 0208 505 1552
    Crane Cams 001 386 252 1151
    K&N Filters 0192 563 6950
    BMRS 0175 355 3610
    Gold RV Sales and Service 0142 054 4482
    Sigma Signs 0189 527 3268
    Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery 0132 389 4140
    Motorgraphic 0198 372 1041
    Rainbow Conference Sets 0189 544 8102
    3t Creative 0120 247 0170
    RCS Cables 0123 434 2511

    "We are delighted to release our full list of sponsors for 2006", says team PR Dan Welberry. "We simply couldn't do this without the fantastic support from our sponsors, many of whom are now close friends. A number of these names have been on board for many years and we would like to thank them all for their continued support.

    "We welcome the new names to the list and will do all we can to obtain maximum exposure for you all. It's going to be a great year!"

    UK Junior Dragster race numbers.
    11th March: Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary Paula Marshall has asked us to remind UK Junior Dragster racers that their race numbers change at the start of each year depending upon where they finished in the UK National Championship the previous season.

    "Most of the entry forms I am receiving still have 2005 race numbers on them", says Paula, "but they should be as follow:
    JMa1 Jay Hauser
    JMa2 Nicholas Mugridge
    JMa3 Collin Morrice
    JMa4 Holly Mitchell
    JMa5 Ross Norris
    JS6 Daniel Giles
    JM7 Anna Stanley
    JMa8 Scott Hauser
    JMa9 Peter Walters
    JM10 Tom Watts
    JM11 Charlotte Watts
    JM12 Matthew Seamarks
    JMa14 Arlo Reddick
    JS15 Amelia Bond
    JM16 Jayne Kay
    JMa17 Kane Jones
    JS18 Joe Kellett
    JS19 Zak Johnson
    JS20 Andrew Herron
    JM21 Vicky Molden
    JS22 Becki Evans
    JS23 Jordan Keelan

    "If any new Junior Dragster racers wish to compete in 2006 then they should contact either myself at or 01933 313625 or Wendy Talbot at or 01379 740100 and they will be allocated a race number."

    Swift snippets.
    11th March: The UK SFI Day took place at Santa Pod Raceway yesterday (Friday). Arnie Kuhns, Tim Hyatt, Murf McKinney and Home and News sponsor Andy Robinson (Tim and Murf, right) inspected a total of forty four items at Santa Pod, up from thirty nine last year, and today move on to Sweden, then Finland and Germany. UK Tech Inspectors Geoff Martin and Mark Norton also checked out a couple of chassis at the track. Simon and Tog are currently typing up their extensive notes from all of the racers to whom we spoke yesterday and we will publish those on tomorrow's news update.
    We understand that the line-up for the Pro Fuel Shootout at Santa Pod Raceway's Easter Thunderball could consist of six Top Fuel Dragsters and three Fuel Funny Cars, with other Top Fuel Dragster racers at the event for licencing.

    Many thanks to the several readers who have been in touch to let us know that their appreciative E-Mails to Channel 5 for showing the NHRA TV coverage have received the reply that Channel 5 will be showing the entire NHRA season in the early Thursday morning slot. Channel 5 have the Gatornationals listed for next Thursday morning which will be quite some feat even for them since the race doesn't take place until next weekend.

    We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to UK Wild Bunch Co-ordinator and inveterate exclamation mark enthusiast Claire Meaddows. Claire's partner Chris Hartnell and all of the Wild Bunch have asked us to wish Claire a very special day, which we are very pleased to do.

    We would also like to wish a big Happy Birthday to UK Super Street Bike racer Graham Dance. Hope that you have a great day, G.

    Web site updates.
    11th March: Our good buddy Alan Currans has been in touch to let us know that a fifteenth Readers' Gallery has been added to his excellent Acceleration Archive. "The Readers' Gallery update features some pictures dating back to the 1960s as well as some which were only taken last year", says Alan. "There is a bit of everything on this page from Jaguar-powered dragsters and a twin-engined digger to Fuel Altereds and even engines in mid-air". Check it out at

    Race car sought for Easter show.
    10th March: Derek Todd has been in touch to let us know that John Challen of Shropshire's
    Ironbridge Museum is looking for a race car to go on static display to support their Easter activities.

    "The museum is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and a World Heritage Site", says Derek. "They are putting on a special Easter programme called Wacky Wheels. To support the 'Design a buggy' activity John wants to support the workshops with a static exhibit of a dragster. This would sit alongside an 1800s steam car and a solar-powered car to give a range of what is possible!

    "In an ideal world John would like a Funny Car, but as most teams will be racing over the Easter period, he is happy to talk to anyone.
    "The arrangements will be to deliver to site in Ironbridge on 10th or 11th April with a pick-up from 24th to 27th April. The car will be under cover for the whole period, supported by security and barriered off from the public. John expects around ten thousand visitors for the holiday period.

    "The museum is a charity and can offer to cover transport costs."

    If you can help, then John Challen can be contacted by E-Mail at

    Swift snippets.
    10th March: Racers please remember that official entry closes today (Friday) for the Power Nationals which takes place at Shakespeare County Raceway on 1st-2nd April. After official entry closes today, late entry will be double the normal entry fee. Entry forms are available on the Shakespeare County Raceway web site at
    Could UK Super Gas racer Graham Allen please get in touch with us at, thanks Graham!

    More News for
    9th March: We are very pleased to announce that the UK's Motorsport News has joined's team of sponsors. The UK weekly newspaper, which this week launched a redesign and which recently opened a web site, has come on board as a News page sponsor.

    "Motorsport News is Britain's only weekly motorsport newspaper and now our web site at provides up-to-date motorsport news and discussion forums too", says Publishing Manager Nairn Miller. "Motorsport News is widely seen as the voice of British motorsport. It covers the entire spectrum of the sport, from the grass roots of karting right up to Formula One and WRC."
    "The Sporting Scene page is the home of drag racing news in the paper every week and we will be carrying reports by Roger Gorringe on all the big events of the year", says journalist Jo Holland, who regular readers will know has won drag racing much additional exposure in the newspaper. "Motorsport News is privileged to be a sponsor of and we thank Tog, Sharkman and Simon for all their help during the year."

    Motorsport News is published every Wednesday and is available from newsagents for £2.10. The Motorsport News web site at, or click on the logo at right, features news, forum, additional columns by the staff, competitions, on-line subscription for MN, and more.

    We would like to thank Nairn Miller and Jo Holland very much for their support and we are sure that our readers will show their appreciation of Motorsport News' support of drag racing by continuing to purchase the newspaper and visiting its web site on a regular basis.

    MT help S/SS wheelies!
    9th March: Jan Phersson has been in touch to let us know that Mickey Thompson Tires, through their Swedish Distributor Pro-Imp AB, are to support and sponsor the rapidly-growing Stock Super Stock Series in Sweden. "The Stock and Super Stock class have a real challenge in getting traction, so the support from Mickey Thompson is very welcome", says Jan.
    "The Swedish Stock Superstock Association has over the last few years grown and established itself as a spectator-pleasing Sportsman class, loved by spectators, racers and photographers (Oh yes - Photo Ed) for its huge wheelstands. The 2006 season will be bigger, better and faster than ever. With many new cars imported directly from USA and a few cars built new in Sweden there will be more than fifty Stock and Super Stockers in the coming season."

    Ampar Bracket Race update.
    9th March: Further to yesterday's news item, we are indebted to Shakespeare County Raceway Press Officer Jerry Cookson for sending us more of the organisational details for the Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket Race series, the first of which takes place at Shakespeare County Raceway on Saturday of next week (18th March).

    Entry to the Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket Race is open to all at a fee of £50 per rider or driver. Based on a minimum of sixteen in each group £500 will be awarded to the winner and £250 to the runner-up, but prize money will increase with entries. Buybacks will be £20 for first round losers.
    There will also be a Dash for Cash. This is a new concept in which participants pay £20 into the prize fund and then each has one shot to run as close as possible to their dial-in. The racer closest to dial-in takes the prize money, with the pot being split in the event of a tie. A minimum of sixteen entries is needed for a £300 prize fund.

    The track, prepared to National event standard, will be open on Saturday for general Test and Tune from 10.00 am until 3.00 pm before it is opened to the Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket race between 3.00 pm and 6:00 pm. Sunday 19th March is a normal Test and Tune day open to all cars and bikes. Admission to the track is £10 on Saturday and £12 on Sunday, and sign-on for Test and Tune is £20 per day for unlimited runs or £35 for two days.

    Lee Child of LA Performance Services has asked us to say a big Thank You to Simon Groves for his input and ideas for the Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket Race.

    If you have any queries about the Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket Race series then please call LA Performance Services on 01803 554308.

    Chassis, tea and cakes.
    9th March: UK Tech Inspector Mark Norton tells us that he inspected six cars at Saturday's Northern Chassis Day at Martin Hill's workshop in Fishlake. Mark adds that attendees were well-catered for by Martin.

    "Martin Holgate brought along the freshly-updated Paranoia car (right)", says Mark. "Next to turn up were Chris and Clayton Round of Fuel Altered fame with Chris's sweet-looking Ford Pop, followed by Jerry Smith with his freshly-imported Plymouth Roadrunner which should run in the high eights when they get to grips with it.
    "Also present was an interesting late 1970s/early 1980s Funny Car chassis which Richard Bruton had purchased off E-Bay which with a few mods is destined for the growing Fuel Altered class. The last car to be inspected was the revamped Co-Co Connection Camaro of the Never Again race team, looking very nice after its chassis work.

    "I would like to thank Martin and family for their amazing hospitality and effort on behalf of myself and the racers who attended. Everyone who came had at least one cup of coffee. The early risers got bacon and egg sarnies and there were afternoon teas and cakes. Watch out Boaters (Maybe that's why Boaters won't be at SPR this season - Ed)! Thanks again Martin."

    Web site updates.
    9th March: News sponsor B+J Race Cars have updated their web site with the latest news from the Crow Lane Skunk Works as well as a great report from last week's Xtreme Wheels International at Alexandra Palace, at which many of the race car builder's wares were on show. Check it out at
    UK Junior Dragster racer Peter Walters has launched a Junior Dragster forum at "This is just a temporary forum", says Peter. "When the Peter Walters Race Design web site is created in May, there will be a forum on there for the Junior Dragster drivers. Hope you enjoy the site, so go register and start chatting!"

    A family on tour.
    8th March: 2005 NDRS Junior Dragster Champion, Sweden's Jennifer Gustavsson (right) will start her title defence at the Easter Thunderball at Santa Pod Raceway, says Team Manager and father Christer Gustavsson. Christer's son-in-law, Super Street racer Jonas Dantanus, will also be racing at the Easter Thunderball which is the first round of the 2006 NDRS Series.
    "Jennifer starts the Stay on Top Tour 2006 with the race in the UK, and will race ten events in the 2006 NDRS Series", says Christer. "Jonas is updating the chassis of his Dodge Challenger at ME Racing Service, and the engine and transmission are being overhauled in preparation for the season to improve upon the third-place finish in 2005.

    "The team are going to Gainesville under my supervision to get the last parts and to find that extra inspiration to be winners in 2006."

    Ampar bracket race rules.
    8th March: In response to queries from many interested participants, Lee Child of LA Performance Services has sent us the provisional rules for the
    Ampar Saturday Sunset Bracket Race series, the first of which is to be held at Shakespeare County Raceway on Saturday week, 18th March, and then on Saturdays 10th June, 14th October, and 28th October as part of SCR's events on those weekends:

    Construction: All cars and bikes must be scrutineered and if they are Class Championship vehicles, then the rule book must be adhered to.

    Electronics: Throttle stops, delay boxes, rev limiters, transbrakes, linelocks etc will be allowed, due to the difficulty in policing any ban on these.

    Brackets: As already announced there will be a single bracket for cars, and a separate single bracket for bikes.

    Qualifying: Time trials will be run during the day. However, as pairings will be drawn at random, runs will not be made against dial-ins.

    Pairings: Will be drawn totally at random (including bye runs) for all rounds up to and including semi-finals.
    Ladders: Will be based on random pairings in each round, as racers are not qualified on ETs.

    Handicaps: Dial your own ET, which must be displayed on left hand side and rear of vehicle on a vertical surface. Rule book applies regarding breakouts, first or worst, etc.

    Tree: A 0.500 Sportsman tree will be used.

    Buybacks: The number of buybacks into the race depends on the field size. Provisionally, they will be restricted to round one losers only if the field is greater than thirty two cars or round one and two losers with a field size of eight to thirty two cars.

    Points: To be shown as a separate column in results table. Points for eliminations will be based on Ultimate Power Championship rules - however, no points are awarded for qualifying, as pairings are by random draw. Points are still awarded for buybacks. "All-rounds bonus" points are only awarded for the three Ultimate Power Championship rounds.

    SEUK: It's the Real thing.
    8th March: The UK's Street Eliminator class has announced that Real Steel will again be title sponsor of the Street Eliminator UK Championship in 2006. "A big thank you goes to the company's owner, Charles Pinion, for his continuing support", says Ian Hook. "As in 2005, Europe's premier street-legal drag racing class will be racing under the banner of Real Steel Street Eliminator UK.

    "The well-established company based in Uxbridge has been supplying V8 enthusiasts with parts and advice for many years now and have a long association with heads up doorslammer racing - who can forget the Rover wars when the Real Steel Rover V8 challenge was in full swing. Originally concentrating on the venerable Rover V8 engine, these days Real Steel offer a huge range of parts, literature and services for many manufacturers and covering far more than engines alone. They can supply anything from a tube of gasket sealer to a full-on turn key race engine and can offer balancing, building, head work and dyno testing for street, strip or both! Real Steel They can be reached on 01895 440505 or at

    "The 2006 Real Steel Street Eliminator UK Championship kicks off in just a few weeks at Shakespeare County Raceway's Power Nationals on 1st-2nd April. Amongst those vying for the first victory of the new season and a share of the Real Steel sponsorship will be three reigning champions - Colin Lazenby, 2005 RSSE Champion and double record holder, 2005 World Street Race winner Steve Pateman, and Ian Hook, the Toyo Tires 2005 King of Europe. On top of that there are new cars and new combinations due to début throughout the season and the return of some old favourites. 2006 is shaping up to be a classic season. And that's before we even mention the ongoing possibility of Europe's first seven on street tyres!"

    Nimbus backs students.
    8th March: The University of Huddersfield's 2006 Formula Student race team would like to thank Steve Clark of Nimbus Motorsport for supporting the team this year with Nimbus Motorsport products, writes Mark Hope. "The car will now be lubricated by the new amazing Torco SR1 10W40 oil, the ultimate lubricant for high-performance road vehicles", says Mark. "The oil not only protects the engine components so superbly, but it also offers an increase in power, which in a project where so many restrictions apply makes all the difference. Initial engine lubrication protection will be provided by Torco Assembly and Cam lubes.
    "The team will also be wearing the protective mechanic gloves made by Ringers Gloves and supplied by Nimbus. The team hopes these performance products should help give them an edge over other University race teams.

    "It's great to see a high quality, reputable business backing the grass roots of what will eventually develop into the future stars of this country's Motorsport engineers and design specialists."

    2006 SFI Tour reminder.
    7th March: We have been asked to remind racers of the dates for this year's SFI re-certification tour, which starts in the UK this Friday:

    Friday 10th March Certifications from 10:00 to 15:00 at:

    Santa Pod Raceway
    Airfield Road
    NN29 7XA

    Phone: 01234 782828

    Inspections will take place in the Media Centre behind the grandstand.

    Sunday 12th March Certifications from 09:00 to 17:00 at:

    Persåkers Speed Shop
    Solbergavägen 28
    640 60 Åkers Styckebruk

    Phone: 0159 - 133 70

    Monday 13th March Certifications from 11:00 to 15:00 at:

    Finnish Hot Rod Association
    Tiilenvalajantie 6
    02330 Espoo

    Phone: 09 - 2515 250
    Tuesday 14th March Certifications from 13:00 to 15:00 at:

    Postfach 1106
    D-68754 Hockenheim

    Phone: 062 05 95 00

    The Inspection staff will be Arnie Kuhns (SFI Foundation Inc), Tim Hyatt (Hyatt Racing Services), Murf McKinney (McKinney Race Cars), Danny Gracia (NHRA), and Andy Robinson (Andy Robinson Race Cars, UK and Sweden only).

    Items to be certified are:

    Clutches (SFI Specs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5)
    Bellhousings (SFI Specs 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3)
    Rigid Automatic Transmission Shields (SFI Spec 4.1)
    Flexplates (SFI Spec 29.1 and 29.2)
    Wheels (SFI Spec 15.1, 15.2, and 15.3)
    Flexplate Shields (SFI Spec 30.1)

    JSPP workshop update.
    7th March: Ima Rhebok has again been in touch from Holland with the latest workshop update from Jan Smit's Power Parts (click on any picture for large version):

    "The Funny Bike belongs to Junis Iradi, a friend of ours from Curacao", says Ima. "We are working on this bike now to make it ready for the season. The bike is powered by a 1640 cc JSPP Pro Stock Engine with nitrous oxide injection controlled by a Schnitz Nitrous Controller. The fuel comes through four Fast by Gast Lectron 44 mm carburettors. The ignition is a Dynatek 4000, and data logging is done by a Revstore computer. Junis wants to race with this bike this season, and then next year we are going to build a whole new chassis with a turbo engine. But first we will try to get this chassis into the sevens. In April we are coming to Santa Pod with Funnybike Mike Olie's new Funny Bike and we are almost certain that Junis will be coming with us to test his yellow submarine.
    "Right now Jan Smit, Mike and Toby are working on a complete new Suzuki Funny Bike chassis, and that one is for sale. I will send you pictures when that chassis is ready. I have also got some pictures of Roel Koedam's Top Fuel Bike. Roel was here last Saturday to talk with the Kings Of Airbrush, Alien and Chuck, who who are going to paint his bike. We have some good news about these guys: on 1st April they open their new airbrush and paint shop in the JSPP building. We are working hard to get the complete new studio ready for the opening in April. I'll send you more information and pictures as soon as possible."

    Organised mayhem and Chaos.
    7th March: Lawrie Gatehouse tells us that work is proceeding apace on his new Chaos Fuel Altered. "We are down to the little things now - but there seem to be so many of them!", he says.

    "The Topolino body has had its first base colour coat of paint in Dave May's paint shop, and this week should see the graphics and other colours being applied", says Lawrie. "The chassis mods are ninety eight per cent finished and we hope to get Geoff Martin to review the work this week, so that the chassis can go for painting.
    "Ollie Burn and The Mob crew members - Jim (right, welding headers), John and Andy have been working like Trojans in an unheated barn, where the temperatures were only just above freezing. In fact, early on Saturday morning it was discovered that the water left overnight in the obligatory kettle was still frozen solid.

    "We are still on schedule - just - for the Easter Thunderball, but we have to continue to burn the hours to make sure that we meet our target."

    Update 14:15: Lawrie has been in touch to let us know that UK Tech Inspector Geoff Martin has now inspected the AA/FA's chassis and that it has "Passed with flying colours".

    Truly Performance Unlimited!
    7th March: The 2006 season took a major step closer for UK Super Pro ET racer Mark Flavell and crew Craig Owen, Stevie Metcalfe, Mally Rigg and Sam the 'buggy' man on Sunday when Crew Chief Craig fired a shot of gas into the injector hat and fired up the dragster's freshened 475 Blown Big Block Chevy.

    "The winter has seen us put in twice as much effort as originally anticipated due to the wheelstanding incident at the Flame and Thunder Show", says Mark. "What looked like a dramatic but not too far out of the norm wheelstand left us with a major rebuilding programme as the chassis was extensively damaged. Even the mid-mount motor plate was torn off its frame mounts. The first thing we did was to invest in some advice and a wheelie bar kit from Webster Race Engineering - now there's a surprise!"

    Mark says that when you have run a couple of 7.0s you can almost taste the six-second pass. "We've re-stripped the blower and fitted port injection, not to mention a data recorder, so hopefully we're ready to go", he says. "The motor received a new crank, for insurance more than anything else. The stock GMC unit was originally designed to handle five hundred horsepower, fourteen hundred we've been demanding of it. We magnafluxed it and found it's perfect so it's a good spare. Besides that the motor was just freshened up as all looked well. On inspection the Trans was as good as the day it was built.
    "So with out further ado we lit the fire and warmed it through with no major dramas, other than a load of silly grinning men stood about looking at it and looking forward to our 2006 Championship campaign. The plan now is to get out testing as soon as possible so that we arrive at Shakespeare County Raceway with a competitive set up.

    "I cannot thank my team enough for the hard work and enthusiasm they all bring to Mark Flavell Racing. Anybody who races at this level knows that it's a team sport and the driver is only the front man representing a cumulative effort."

    Mark and the team face a busy 2006. "We intend to run the full UK Championship, the Total Seal Drachten Internationals in July, and York Raceway in August, but if anything else appears when we're not racing we'll no doubt give that a shot too. Look forward to seeing you all at the track."

    SCR Swap Meet II.
    7th March: LA Performance Services' second Swap Meet of the year takes place this Sunday (12th) at Shakespeare County Raceway and Lee Child says that all are welcome whether needing to sell or looking to buy.

    "The series of Swap Meets, which take place once a month, is to generate income for the Raceway to purchase and maintain equipment" says Lee, who jointly sponsors's Links pages through LA Racing Parts. "Private sellers and traders are all welcome, and there is no limit on size of the stand. Entry is a great £15 per seller and admission for the general public is £5 per car. Gates open at 7:00 am for sellers and 8:00 for the general public."
    If you need make some room in your workshop then Lee tells us that more drag slicks are needed for track preparation. "We will take slicks all season", says Lee. "I must thank those who have already offered their tyres, it has been a great help."

    You can find Shakespeare County Raceway's location on the track's official web site at

    Seeking Sportsman scribblers.
    7th March: Our good friend, photo-journalist Roger Gorringe has written in his capacity as Editor of Santa Pod Raceway's event programmes seeking input from Sportsman racers to the Easter Thunderball programme. "I would like to include a paragraph or two of news and information about each Sportsman class", says Roger, "so I would be grateful to hear from someone in each class who would be willing to help".
    If you would like to write about your class for the Thunderball programme then please drop us a line at and we'll put you in touch with Roger.

    Swift snippets.
    7th March: We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Volkswagen Alternate Engine and Super Gas racer, honorary staff member, and general good egg Spencer Tramm. Hope you have a great day, Spencer.

    Maurischat's Pro Mod coming along.
    6th March: German Pro Mod racer-to-be Marco Maurischat is about a month away from finishing the chassis of his '53 Corvette Pro Mod, but he says that he will now be sitting out the whole of 2006.

    "We got all of the parts to build the car from Tim McAmis Race Cars last August", says Marco. "The first thing we had to do was to build a good jig where we could build the chassis. Our plan back then was to have the main chassis work done from December to January, and my goal was to have the car ready in the middle of 2006 and go to some races at the end of the year.

    "As you can see from the picture (right, click on picture for large version) things didn't work out as we had hoped. A few years ago I also built my dragster chassis, all panels and everything else from the ground up, but what we had to learn this time is that building a Pro Mod car with doors is different. Anyone who has ever built something like this knows that this is only one piece of a big cake when you build a complete race car in-house. That's why we decided to sit out this season."

    Marco says that his aim is to build a first-class race car. "You have to do it even better when you build it by yourself", he says, "because people will take a critical look at what we have done. Pro Mod is a very expensive class and most teams have state-of-the-art race cars. So it's very important for me to build it professional, safe and fast."
    On the parts front Marco says that the team is nearing completion. "We have a TFX block, and a B&J transmission with some different ratios", he says. "New Brad Anderson Stage 5 heads and a Crower clutch are on the way from BAE. Two expensive things I have to look for are a Kobelco Blower and an MSD 44. BAE will also build the fuel system for us."

    One of the factors which is keeping Marco from finishing the car in time for this year is that his business is keeping him busy during the daytime. "I am the owner of a powder coating and car paint shop", says Marco. "Since the end of last year I have also been offering all kind of high temperature thermal barrier coatings such as Ceramic Exhaust Coating in polished Chromex and different colours such as black, grey, gold inside and out. We also offer internal coatings for pistons, combustion chambers, valve faces and all kinds of Solid Dry Film Coating for bearings, pistons, and oil pans to gain more horsepower and save parts. We use the same material as big companies like Edelbrock and most of the Nascar Teams in the USA. Our coatings work very well from Top Fuel to Street Rods and motorcycles. Fellow Pro Mod racer Robert Josten will take care of our business and customers in Holland and Belgium, but we are looking for somebody in Denmark who will work in this area for us. You can find out more about thermal barrier coating on our web page at"

    You can stay in touch with the construction of Marco's Pro Mod and take a look at his new workshop on his web site at

    Syd shelves the stretch.
    6th March: UK Super Pro ET racer Martyn Jones says that he has shelved plans to extend the chassis of his seven-second dragster and will probably have a new chassis built in readiness for 2007.

    "We were hoping to have put another couple of feet into the chassis in preparation for the addition of a blower and to have a new body, wings and paint", says Syd. "But after removing some of the less essential bits of steelwork, it wasn't practical to extend it in the way we wanted to. We will probably end up having a new chassis built during 2006 to be ready for 2007 which will give us more options if we decide to go for a different motor combination."

    With the postponement of these plans the only change to Syd's dragster is the addition of a Racepak data logging system which is also in preparation for the move to a blower. "Sodd's Law says that the moment we buy one direct from Racepak, the contingency money is announced if you buy one through Dave Beck Racing!". says Syd. "But at least I got to have a few beers with Racepak's tech guy Henry Walther at Bakersfield on the Nostalgia TF team he works on. Boy, those guys know how to 'relax'."
    Martyn is currently in Belgium and he says that he is very grateful to his Crew Chief Crunch and crew Scotty for rebuilding the dragster's engine in a freezing workshop in Lincolnshire. "At the moment, we're still not certain to make the first meeting", he says. "We are awaiting transmission parts which hopefully will be on a plane from Canada today - but I will believe it when they are in my hands."

    Martyn is looking forward to July's Super Pro ET Tour to Drachten which he says should be the highlight of the year. "Mark Flavell has done a marvellous job", he says. "It's about time there was a Sportsman-oriented racing 'holiday' and Drachten is a very friendly place to be."

    Swift snippets.
    6th March: Don't forget that you have until this Sunday (12th) to enter our Contest to win a passenger ride in Santa Pod Raceway's Two-Seater Dragster. For your chance to win a ride, check out the official Contest page which you can view by clicking here or by clicking on the Win a passenger ride! link on the left-hand side of any page. For more details about booking rides in Santa Pod's Two-Seater Dragster click on the logo in the right-hand column, and for Doorslammer passenger rides click on the Paul Marston Drag Racing School logo also at right.
    Many thanks to Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary Paula Marshall for sending us the official minutes of the recent UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting. You can view the minutes by clicking here.

    Perfect Award scheme expands.
    5th March: We are very pleased to announce that will again be running its Perfect Award Scheme in 2006. The Perfect Light and Perfect ET Awards have each paid out hundreds of pounds of prize money to racers since their inceptions, and in association with our scheme sponsors
    Speedflow and LA Racing Parts we look forward to awarding Perfect performance again this year.

    We are also very pleased to announce that by arrangement with the eXplosion Drag Racing Club and the kind agreement of our Perfect Award Scheme sponsors we are adding the Drachten Internationals to this year's Perfect Award Scheme. Both Perfect Awards will be open to all car and bike classes at the mid-July event in The Netherlands which includes the UK Super Pro ET tour.

    "We would like to thank, Speedflow and LA Racing Parts for this offer", say Jaap and Henriette Selles of the eXplosion Drag Racing Club. "We hope that with this initiative more English racers will come over to Holland and experience the Dutch way of drag racing!"

    The Perfect Light Award is again sponsored by high-performance hose and fitting manufacturer Speedflow, continuing an association with company owner Fay Fischer who has been a practical and moral supporter of since it started in 1998. We are very grateful indeed to Fay for her continued support.

    The 2006 Perfect Light Award will run to the same rules as in previous seasons, with a cash prize being awarded to the first racer at an event to record a perfect Reaction Time of 0.000. The Award is open to all car and bike classes and is available during qualifying or eliminations but not open practice. The prize fund will start at £50 and will grow by £25 per event if not won; if the Award is won at an event then the prize fund will be reset to £50 at the next. The Perfect Light Award will be posted at the following events:
    • Power Nationals, Shakespeare County Raceway
    • Easter Thunderball, Santa Pod Raceway
    • Shakespeare Nationals, Shakespeare County Raceway
    • FIA Main Event, Santa Pod Raceway
    • SPRC Summernationals, Santa Pod Raceway
    • Drachten Internationals, Drachten, The Netherlands
    • Veidec Festival, Mantorp Park, Sweden
    • Custom Car Magazine Allstar Nationals, Shakespeare County Raceway
    • FIA European Finals, Santa Pod Raceway
    • UK National Finals, Santa Pod Raceway
    For full information about Speedflow's range of hoses and fittings, check out the company's web site at or call 0870 225 0097.
    The Racing Parts Perfect ET Award is again sponsored by performance product supplier LA Racing Parts, joint Links sponsor with Ampar. As with Fay Fischer, Lee Child of LA Racing Parts is a long-standing supporter of and we are very grateful to him for his further backing.

    The 2006 Racing Parts Perfect ET Award will run to the same rules as in previous seasons, with a cash prize being awarded to the first racer at an event to run to the thousandth on their class index or dial-in. The Award is open to all index and dial-your-own car and bike classes and is available during qualifying or eliminations but not open practice. The prize fund will start at £50 and will grow by £25 per event if not won; if the Award is won at an event then the prize fund will be reset to £50 at the next. The Racing Parts Perfect ET Award will be posted at the following events:
    • Power Nationals, Shakespeare County Raceway
    • Easter Thunderball, Santa Pod Raceway
    • Shakespeare Nationals, Shakespeare County Raceway
    • FIA Main Event, Santa Pod Raceway
    • SPRC Summernationals, Santa Pod Raceway
    • Drachten Internationals, Drachten, The Netherlands
    • Veidec Festival, Mantorp Park, Sweden
    • Custom Car Magazine Allstar Nationals, Shakespeare County Raceway
    • FIA European Finals, Santa Pod Raceway
    • UK National Finals, Santa Pod Raceway
    You can check out LA Racing Parts' products and services on the company's web site at

    Swift snippets.
    5th March: After waiting most of last season for a custom-built torque convertor and camshaft (right) to be made, UK Pro ET racers Iain and Liz Malcolm tell us that their Jus' 4 Fun dragster is ready to be fired up on first warm day - "If there is one!". Iain and Liz hope to be ready to test at the Peak Performance Day at Santa Pod on 8th April.
    UK Pro ET sponsorship co-ordinator Carl Burton tells us that after a number of orders to class sponsor Inkwell Printers (01832 273745), he will be delivering hero cards to racers at the track so that they have them for race weekends.

    We would like to wish a very Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary to Gerald and Joan Cookson who celebrated that mark on Friday. "Mum has supported Dad at nearly every drag meet since 1966 at Santa Pod, Long Marston, Blackbushe and all the other great places they have been to and raced at in the UK", says Jerry Cookson. "Winning Championships is one thing but reaching a golden milestone like this is another". We're sure that everyone will join us in congratulating Gerry and Joan and in wishing them many more years together.

    Phoenix power for Bennetts.
    5th March: UK NFAA and Wild Bunch team Bennett Racing have announced a product sponsorship with Phoenix Generators.

    "Phoenix Generators have very kindly supplied us with a brand new SDMO SD6000E diesel generator (right)", says Luke Bennett. "The basic specification of this model is 6 kVA, single phase, Yanmar 10HP motor, twenty six-litre tank, electric start, and a 19.6-hour running time on one tank of fuel, which is very handy at the race track."
    Phoenix Generators offer model ranges from 1.0 kVA to 26 kVA including portable petrol and diesel, super silent diesel and petrol generators. They are celebrating their seventeenth successful year of trading in 2006, moving their Midlands operation into a brand new twenty thousand square foot purpose-built facility following two years rapid growth and are currently enjoying record levels of business. The company's new web site is currently being constructed and should be up and running by April.

    "We are very grateful to Phoenix Generators for their contribution to our growing list of supporters, and as always we will strive to promote and make people aware of them, as with all our sponsors", says Luke.

    Magazine update.
    5th March: The April issue of American Car World magazine, sponsors of this year's UK Street Eliminator Championship, is a bumper edition for drag racing fans writes Jerry Cookson.

    November's events in Bahrain receive a four-page colour report courtesy of international photo journalist Andy Willsheer, and there are features on Billy 'The Kid' Macdermid's '69 Z28 Camaro street racer and Rolf Amman's Blown Nugget '38 Chevy Pro Mod. Show reports include the recent Autosport International and Detroit Shows plus the Big Daddy Mopar Show written by UK Mopar guru Tony Oksien.
    There is also important information concerning the forthcoming Muscle Car Mania, Power Nationals and ACW Nationals, all taking place in April at Shakespeare County Raceway, plus an interim photo of the new Street Nights drag strip at Henstridge Park.

    The April issue of ACW is available at all leading newsagents priced at £3.50.

    Web site updates.
    5th March: The web site of Home and News sponsor Power Race Graphics has been updated with new customer paint schemes for two Street Eliminator entries and a NDRS Super Gasser, new team logos, and T-Shirt designs for Gordon Appleton's Wheelgame Racing Pro Mod and Nev Mottershead's Valvoline-sponsored Toyota Supra. "I've got a few new ideas in the pipeline", says Darren West. "I've been working hard on an exciting range of new templates for prospective customer paint schemes and hope to have more news on that in the next week or two". Check out the updates at

    On-line entry for Drachten.
    4th March: Henriette Selles of The Netherlands' eXplosion Drag Racing Club has been in touch to let us know that on-line entry is now available for racers who wish to enter this year's three events at Drachten:
    • Drachten Nationals: 16th-18th June
    • Drachten Internationals: 14th-16th July
    • Goodridge Drachten Finals: 18th-20th August
    You can find the on-line entry form for these events at

    "Entry for Super Pro ET is for Drachten Internationals only, where we welcome the Super Pro ET tour organised by Mark Flavell", says Henriette. "With a stunning eighteen or more competitors it will be a great experience for Dutch drag race fans! English-language information on hotel arrangements, camping and more can be found at

    "An extra bonus at the Goodridge Dutch Finals is the Top Fuel Bike Match Race, where we will see some great names on the temporary Drachten track. From England no less than Ian King and Steve Woollatt, and defending their home track Ton Pels, Roel Koedam and Joey Bon. More information will be sent to Eurodragster about that (Thanks! - Ed).

    "Racers have asked us to publish our classes, so they know where to fit their vehicles in:

    Street Bike: index 10.500
    Ultimate Street Bike: index 9.500
    Super Street Bike
    Street Twin
    Super Street Twin
    Supertwin Top Gas
    Funny Bike: all bikes not competing in other bike classes and except Nitro
    Top Fuel Bike
    Junior Dragster
    Street Machines ET/A: 11.50-13.99
    Street Machines ET/B: all cars slower than 13.99
    Super Street Cars: index 10.900
    Super Gas: index 9.900
    Super Comp: 8.900
    Competition Eliminator: indexes will be published before the first race
    Pro Modified

    "If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us at"

    Clark turns Outlaw.
    4th March: Martin and Cindy Newbury team have confirmed the rider of this year's addition to the UK's Psycle Workz bike team. Former ACU UK Pro Stock Bike and Super Street Bike Champion Tony Clark will be riding the Outlaw Suzuki in Comp Bike whilst Martin races the team's Pro Stock Bike.

    "The deal has now been finalised and Tony will be joining the team for the season, both at the track and other events through 2006", says Cindy Newbury. "The Outlaw is a 74" wheelbase Suzuki with a one-piece Hayabusa body. We are hoping for a good year developing the bike with Tony."
    Cindy adds that the team have another development for the pits, which should entertain racers and spectators alike. "We will release details as soon as possible, along with pictures of the Outlaw bike", says Cindy. "You can check out for the latest developments on these news items and other events on our web site at"

    Swift snippets.
    4th March: Ellis Traction Services, the company owned by 2005 UK National Super Modified Champion racer and Team Owner Graham Ellis, will be posting prize money at the Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway on 1st-2nd April. The winner in Super Modified will receive £250 and the runner-up £100.
    Showing just what a news item on can lead to, 2005 FIA European Top Fuel Dragster Champion Lex Joon has announced that former Anita Mäkelä Racing team member Sami Lehtimäki has joined the MPM Top Fuel Team. Sami has several years' experience in both Top Fuel and Top Methanol Dragster. You can read more in Lex's new Racer Blog entry which you can view by clicking here, or by clicking on the Racer Blog link on the left-hand side of any page.

    Web site updates.
    4th March: Our good buddy, UK Supertwin Gas racer Les Harris has launched a web site at The excellent web site by Scott Price of Adecs already includes news, history, photo gallery, sponsors, links and more, with a lot more to come.

    Runaway returning.
    3rd March: UK Outlaw Anglia racer Bob Hancox tells us that the Runaway Ford Prefect is coming along well after its top end crash last year.

    "Most of the hard work is now done and we are getting the car ready for painting - the paint guy coming to give advice tomorrow", says Bob. "There are a few other jobs which need finishing such as wiring, then we put it all together.
    "To get this far we have had some top quality help from top quality people who are all worth a mention again: Roy Wilding, Jim Usher, Pete Tigg, and Alan Amiss. Thanks guys, without your help I would have given up a long time ago. The one who has put in more hard graft than anybody has got to be my daughter Debbie who not only has full time and part time jobs but an evening college course, but she still finds time to work on the car. She has taken the whole body back to bare metal.

    "We are all looking forward to getting back to the track, hopefully in May, Debbie will be driving as well as me."

    Carter proud to attend XWI.
    3rd March: UK Top Fuel Dragster team
    Carter Motorsports were proud to have been invited back to take pride of place at last weekend's Xtreme Wheels International, says Team PR Dan Welberry.

    "The 'Ultimate Power Tool, our 7000 bhp B & Q Power Tools dragster was on display, along with our full truck and trailer and merchandise stand", says Dan. "By the time I arrived on Saturday morning, the show was in full swing. The aisles were full of visitors, keen to get up close to the fantastic collection of vehicles on display. The thing that sets Xtreme Wheels apart from others is the sheer diversity of machinery on view. Whether you were into Hot Hatches, Dragsters, Hot Rods or Bikes, there really was something for everyone!

    "From a personal point of view, it was amazing to see the new Havoc altered. This car really is the most incredibly detailed piece of kit (What do you expect from a sponsor - Ed) and I hope is the start of a new racing trend! Throughout the show, we were kept very busy talking to fans, other exhibitors and the gathered press. It was great to meet Grant Wilson, the new Editor of Custom Car magazine, and Features Editor Mike Pye. We are really looking forward to forming a great relationship with these guys as the magazine has always been a great support to our team.
    "Andy was in constant demand for autographs and interviews, as well as many of the Super Crew, and did a great job informing the public of what it's really like to drive the B & Q Power Tools Car.

    "By the close of play on Sunday, it was clear to see that the show had definitely seen numbers increase once again and had been a very worthwhile outing.

    "We would also like to thank our sponsors for their support at the show. Our guests included B & Q, Pioneer Print, Wynn's, Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery and BMRS Hoses. We would like to thank Terry and Tina Gibbs for having us back and look forward to Xtreme Wheels 2007!"

    Swift snippets.
    3rd March: Racers please remember that there is one week left before official entry closes for the Power Nationals which takes place at Shakespeare County Raceway on 1st-2nd April. After official entry closes next Friday (10th March) late entry will be double the normal entry fee. Entry forms are available on the Shakespeare County Raceway web site at
    UK Funny Bike racer Steve French tells us that his French Injection now sports a new Upperton Vortex head with valves which "Look like dinner plates, paired with larger 46 mm carbs. The usual stupid quantities of nitrous will be curtailed for the first run or two, but not for long after that". The bike also has new paint (right, click on picture for large version) and detailing. "Thanks go to Sefton Whitlock for the stunningly detailed filler cap", adds Steve.

    Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary Paula Marshall has been in touch to remind SPRC members that the Club's Annual General Meeting takes place at the Ibis Hotel in Wellingborough on Wednesday 15th March, starting at 8:00 pm.

    Jemma Harrison is asking for readers' help with the history of a red Camaro which used to race at Santa Pod Raceway. "The Camaro was called Red Devil or Red Rage, something along those lines", says Jemma. "It's now owned by one of my mates who has put it back on the road. He would like any information on the car for an article he is putting together". If you can help then please drop Jemma a line at

    Web site updates.
    3rd March: This week's edition of the Drag, Rod and Classic Review magazine features a report from Xtreme Wheels International with the focus on rods, customs and drag racing vehicles. Check it out at

    Kågered shows the circuit guys.
    2nd March: Swedish Top Fuel Dragster racer
    Micke Kågered is to give Formula 1 fans a taste of proper motorsport as he has been booked to make demonstrations at next week's Bahrain Grand Prix. Micke will be pulling burnouts on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the GP weekend in the car which Susanne Callin drove at last November's Drag Racing Festival. Norway's Thomas Nataas is scheduled to run alongside Micke.

    "Micke sees this as a can't-miss opportunity", says Team Manager Åsa Kinnemar. "He is happy to be part of the show, and as he was not in Bahrain in November as he had other commitments he is very interested to see the drag strip and meet the organisers. Hopefully there will be time for a glance at the F1 action too!"

    Åsa says that preparations are going very well for the European Championship season. "The Top Fueller is close to ready, we are just focusing on the little things at the moment", she says. "As do many of the other Top Fuel teams, we want to start early by entering the Easter Thunderball at Santa Pod. We will take everything home after that, as we have a road show in Sweden for our sponsor Bahco at the beginning of May."
    The Bahco-sponsored team ended strongly in 2005 but Åsa says that there were many things which didn't work out as well as they had hoped. "We know the reason for some of the failures we experienced last year and have tried to eliminate what we can, and will just have to work on a strategy based on how the car performs at Easter", she says. "One good thing is that Göran 'Emil' Edman, who was in charge of the Top Methanol Funny Car, will now spend all his time working with tuner Alan Jackson on Micke's dragster. We are also bringing over some of Funny Car crew to work on the Top Fueller.

    "We know we that are battling against teams who have bought cars and knowledge from the USA, which we have not. We have complete confidence in Mats Eriksson, who built the car, and we hope that what will work in our favour is that we have a car and set-up which we know work excellently from time to time - we just have to work on the consistency. With the competition we have in Top Fuel now, it is essential to do well even to get a spot in the ladder!"

    The team's Top Methanol FC is still for sale, and if not sold then Åsa says that the car may make an outing at the Veidec Festival at Mantorp Park in July. "Nothing is decided", she says, "it depends on how things go for us withthe Top Fueller at the start of the season. That is our main priority, and with one car to focus upon instead of two, we hope to make it work!"

    More SCR sponsorship.
    2nd March: Lee Child of LA Performance Services has been in touch to let us know about a number of contingency sponsorship schemes at Shakespeare County Raceway in 2006.

    "Our series of Saturday Sunset bracket races is to be sponsored by Ampar and will be known as the Ampar Saturday Sunset bracket races" says Lee, who together with Ampar sponsors's Links pages through LA Racing Parts. These races take place on 18th March, 10th June, 14th October and 28th October. "Ampar decals must be carried to qualify for the prize money.

    "John Woolfe Racing will be sponsoring the Ultimate Power Championship which takes place at the Power Nationals on 1st-2nd April, Shakespeare Nationals on 29th-20th April, and the Custom Car Allstar Nationals on 26th-28th August. Classes involved are:

    Super Pro ET: £75 winner, £25 runner up
    Super Comp: £75 winner, £25 runner up
    Super Gas: £75 winner, £25 runner up
    Super Street: £75 winner, £25 runner up
    Outlaw Anglia: £75 winner, £25 runner up
    "John Woolfe Racing decals must be carried to qualify for the prize money.

    "Federal Mogul will be sponsoring #1 qualifiers at Ultimate Power Championship events. Classes involved are:

    Super Pro ET: £50
    Super Comp: £50
    Super Gas: £50.00
    Super Street: £50.00

    "A bonus of £100 will be paid for the first car to qualify three times in the number one position. Decals for Federal Mogul-related products must be carried to qualify for the prize money.

    "I would like to thank Dave Riswick for co-ordinating these sponsorship deals and for his continued support since we started to promote events at Shakespeare County Raceway." reader offer.
    2nd March: As a proud sponsor of the, Adrenaline Race and Performance are offering readers a special 20% discount on all Aeroquip fittings and adaptors during March, says Tom Rayner. Simply call 01933 315191 or E-Mail quoting Eurodragster and all orders received by 31st March will benefit from the discount.

    High Five for NHRA coverage.
    2nd March: As announced here on Eurodragster on 22nd February, UK terrestrial channel Five broadcast highlights of the NHRA Winternationals from Pomona this morning. This marks the first time in almost twenty five years that NHRA drag racing has been shown on UK terrestrial TV (excerpts were on ITV in the early 1980s). British drag racing fans will now be more easily able to keep up to speed with events over the Pond, and also the sport as a whole in Europe stands to benefit from increased broadcast coverage in addition to the series of programmes from the FIA and UEM European Championships.

    The best news about the coverage is that the picture quality is superb, as the shows are shot using High Definition equipment for ESPN's HD channel. This has the welcome effect of the picture for Europe's TV standards being much sharper in definition than we are used to for any US motorsports. The other good news is that Five have kept the original commentary and interviews, important parts of the presentation that were casualties when other European sports channels edited them out, with disastrous consequences for continuity and accuracy.
    The camera-work, interviews and editing by ESPN set a Gold Standard for racing coverage. All races are shown from at least three angles, including a head-on shot from the end of the track and a bird's eye view from the Sanyo Blimp. In-car cameras are utilised liberally. Close-up full-face shots both in interviews and on the start line clearly convey the emotions being experienced by the racers and their teams. Captions are accurate, sometimes including reaction times during replays and incremental times. Ladders are shown with the racetrack as background rather than a blank screen and lane choice indicated. Of course all this costs money and time, but it seems that there are considerable benefits to quality when the original broadcaster's resources are able to be invested into the product.

    Five have had to edit the two hour long original slightly to fit the ninety five minute slot (early rounds of Funny Car missing a few races), but the advantage of the early morning time means that advert breaks are negligible. So a vote of thanks to Five on for buying up the programmes and to Sunset + Vine productions for ensuring the quality of the original has been maintained.

    The next round to be shown is round two, the Checker Schuck's Kragen Nationals from Firebird Raceway which airs at 4:30 am on Thursday 9th March.

    Feature: NHRA in Phoenix.
    2nd March: ...And if you can't wait until next week to see the TV coverage, then the latest in's occasional series of features has kindly been provided by UK photo-journalist Roger Gorringe who returned from the USA yesterday and without stopping to get over his jet lag kindly sent us a report and some great pictures from the weekend's NHRA Checker Schuck's Kragen NHRA Nationals in Phoenix.
    Click here to view Roger's report and pictures, or click on the Features and Interviews link on the left-hand side of any page.

    Sevens at Shakespeare County.
    2nd March: Shakespeare County Raceway is pleased to announce that the event scheduled for Saturday 10th June will now feature the Fastest Caterham in the World drag race in addition to the Sunset Bracket Race and Dash for Cash, writes Press Officer Jerry Cookson.

    Lotus 7 Club GB representative David Jackson reports that the interest in this special competition for one of Colin Chapman's finest is very high indeed with at least sixty cars already estimated to appear at the Warwickshire venue.

    "I can't think of a better 'marque' to see who indeed has the quickest Seven in the UK let alone the world", says Jerry. "As far as I can recall, the last real Seven to grace a drag strip was way back in the early seventies when Jim Whiting ran an original black and gold Super 7 in the Castrol-backed National Championships at Blackbushe and Santa Pod, so I'm eagerly awaiting for this event to get to Shakespeare County. Who knows, once the word gets around we might even top 100!"

    Jerry also tells us that the first competitive Lotus 7 actually took part in the 1957 Brighton Speed Trials, driven over the kilometre by Edward Lewis in 29.7 seconds.
    © 2006-7 sponsors.
    1st March: The first day of March being the start of's sponsorship year we are very pleased to announce that all of our existing sponsors have renewed for 2006-7 and that nine new sponsors have joined us, many of whom have been patiently sat on our waiting list for a considerable period of time.

    Our longest-standing sponsor ICE Automotive returns as one of's two Main Sponsors. Now in its third year at the Silverstone Grand Prix facility, ICE Automotive has continued its diversification into other areas of motorsport, although still considering drag racing the area of primary interest. Customers across the spectrum of drag racing have come to rely on the benefits of Superflow dyno testing, unrivalled success in UK heads-up drag racing engines and a regular and reliable parts supply business.

    For more information about ICE Automotive and the services which it provides, check out the company's new web site at

    American Car Imports is again doubling up as's second Main Sponsor and sponsor of our Event Coverage. With sixteen years' experience, American Car Imports is the European market leader in providing an unrivalled turn-key service in the import and supply of American vehicles to order. With an American base and office and showrooms in London, ACI provide a trusted and professional approach to the supply and ownership of vehicles not normally offered by the US manufacturers in Europe. ACI also have the largest stock of new and late-model American vehicles available for viewing view in the UK. ACI are never knowingly undersold, pricing vehicles exactly on their Dealer Pricing system, and then locating or ordering it directly from the manufacturer. The company also proudly boasts a 100% pass rate on Single Vehicle Approval tests courtesy of its in-house Type Approval and Electrical Engineering laboratory, and is affiliated to or authorised by every major industy body.

    You can find full details about American Car Imports and its services at

    VP Racing Fuels has been manufacturing the best fuels for motorsports since 1975. Now with more than sixty unique blends, VP has fuelled champions in virtually every racing category and class - from drag racing, circle track and road racing to off-road, off-shore and even aeroplane racing. VP's fuels have earned a reputation for superior power and consistency as illustrated by the NHRA Pro Stock Champions who have made VP their fuel of choice for thirty consecutive years, a record unmatched by any major sponsor in the industry. VP Racing Fuels also produce the spec fuel for FIA Pro Stock in Europe and have today announced a deal to continue to supply fuel to NHRA until 2009.

    More information can be obtained from VP Racing Fuels' web site at

    Air Sea Logistics Ltd, whose head office is based at London Heathrow Airport, is a multi-modal freight forwarder providing air, ocean and road freight import and export services on a global basis. Air Sea Logistics has been providing chassis builders, parts companies, race teams and racers with import and export services from the USA and Europe since it started in 1994.

    You can find Air Sea Logistics' web site at

    Andy Robinson Race Cars offers every kind of fabrication service necessary to build a complete race car. The company's speciality is Drag Racing but it also builds circuit cars, historic sports cars and even bikes. Services include axles in all sizes and strengths, roll cages for everything from an Austin A35 to a Ferrari Testarossa, and the supply of components if you wish to build your own car. ARRC represents many US companies in the UK and ships parts in monthly. Andy Robinson fields his own self-built race car, a blown-alcohol Studebaker Pro Mod, and the company is also a contingency sponsor of UK drag racing.

    Andy Robinson Race Cars' web site at gives full details of the company's products and services.

    Paul Watson bought Dynospeed Developments from Brad O'Connor in 2003. DynoSpeed Developments tunes street bikes via Dynojet kits and Power Commander custom mapping of fuel injection. DSD has been in business for nine years and was the first in the country to use the Dynojet 250 dyno with the eddy current brake and real time air/ fuel ratio, essential for mapping fuel injected bikes. DSD is also a Dynojet-authorised Power Commander tuning centre. The company has worked with everything from basic 600 cc to BSB bikes and made over 500 bhp with Turbo Hayabusas. DSD is also a dealer for Akropovic, Yoshimura, Micron, R & G, Gilles, MTC, and BTC Moto Electronics who make dry nitrous kits and quickshifters.

    You can find the DynoSpeed Developments web site at

    ATI Titanium International is a dedicated titanium stockist which has been supplying and supporting the motorsports industry worldwide for over thirty years. All materials are fully tested and certified under our ISO9001 quality systems. As well as supplying material, metallurgists and engineers are available to offer technical support and advice as appropriate. TIL were first introduced to drag racing by Dave Holland when he acquired his Pro Mod Bike in 2000, and have continued their support Dave ever since. In the past couple of years the TIL name has also appeared on the Showtime Fuel Funny Car. John Spuffard and Bob Jarrett have always kept up with the latest developments in US racing and one of these has been the increasing use of titanium by the top US teams, so it seemed a natural link up.

    You can find out more about ATI Titanium International on the company's web site at

    Gleeson Wright Security was founded in 1999 by Gary Gleeson and Matthew Wright to supply man-guarding and security solutions to the commercial property market and building trade. With over twenty years' joint experience in pub and club security, Gary and Matthew are constantly expanding the company to meet the needs of their clients needs old and new, which include local government and large blue chip property owners in the City. Local pubs and club nights are catered for by the licensed door supervisor team, and event security, mobile patrols, cctv and security consultancy are also provided.

    Gleeson Wright Security will soon be launching a web site but in the meantime you can contact the company to discuss your security requirements on 01992 767164 or Fax 01992 766349.

    "Drag racing really is making big progress in Europe", says Darren West of Power Race Graphics. "The quality of the machinery and professionalism the teams bring to the race track is very impressive indeed! Power Race Graphics are committed to delivering USA standard design and illustration services to European racers. With a style to suit all tastes, our pro design services offer good value for money and a look to enhance any race operation both in the pits and along the quarter mile! Established in 2003, Power Race Graphics is focused on supplying the best creative services to the American motor sport markets. Power Race Graphics are delighted to continue our support of the hugely successful Eurodragster website, and look forward to another season of great event coverage. Power Race Graphics wish the best of luck to all racers for a safe and successful year!"

    The Power Race Graphics web site can be found at We are very grateful to Darren West for providing a number of the new sponsor logos on the News page.

    Blueprints for Travel are organising every drag racing fan's dream holiday, a trip to America taking in the final two rounds of the 2006 NHRA Powerade Championship at Las Vegas and Pomona, the Sema Show in Las Vegas, a visit to the headquarters of John Force Racing, a trip to the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, and more.

    For more information or to book your holiday, check out the Trip to America web site at

    We are pleased to welcome new two new Home and News sponsors. The first is Dansk Auto HiFi, one of Denmark's leading in-car entertainment companies. Dansk Auto HiFi has a chain of six shops in Denmark supplying all in-car entertainment from sound to DVD and navigation systems, importing sound systems themselves to keep the price down for customers. Services include on-line ordering and in-store installation, with free cabinets for subwoofer speakers. The company sponsors the annual Db Dragracing sound system contest as well as Dan Larson's Top Methanol Funny Car.

    For more information take a look at the Dansk Auto HiFi web site at

    Hihg-performance hose and fitting supplier Speedflow, already title sponsor of the Perfect Light Award, have also now joined as a new Home and News sponsor. "Most racers want a quality product, they want it at the right price, and most importantly they want the polite and knowledgeable service which sets Speedflow apart from the other plumbing specialists", says Fay Fischer of Speedflow. "Everyone knows that an enquiry made to Speedflow will result in the correct parts being specified and demonstrable levels of service and care. We are proud to sponsor and wish you all well."

    You can check out Speedflow's range of hoses and fittings on their web site at or call 0870 225 0097.

    We are also pleased to welcome a number of new News page sponsors:

    Specialist in Design specialise in creating one-off paint schemes certain to win over race fans both on and off the track. The SID team understand racers' priorities and are happy to work with their customers within agreed time scales and budgets. SID can create race replicas and sponsors' colours and execute some of the wildest and trickest paint schemes imaginable. SID hold over four hundred custom colours in stock, including some of the hottest and coolest colours on the planet and are happy to show them off and give advice. Whether you want to freshen up existing paintwork or create a whole new look give SID a call.

    You can find the Specialist In Design web site at

    B+J Race Cars offer an enthusiastic and friendly car and chassis building service in Romford, Essex, offering car construction in Steel or Chromoly up to any spec including Funny Car. Chassis kits, wire wheels, spindles etc can be supplied for the home builder. B+J Race Cars also offer a hard-core drag race parts service with monthly shipments from the USA.

    For more information about B+J Race Cars, check out their web site at

    German-language Dragracer magazine reports about drag racing events, cars, bikes and teams every two months. With a colourful mixture of fascinating pictures, stimulating reports and technical information Dragracer informs its readers about the fastest motorsport in the world. Subscription outside Germany is €38.40 (just over £25).

    For more details or to subscribe on-line check out

    Adrenaline Race and Performance are a new and up-and-coming race car fabrication and parts supplier. Customers already include Andy Carter, World Street Race runner-up Jeff Meads, Redline magazine, Turner Racing, Rod Tarry (World's fastest Cosworth at 206 mph) and a number of up and coming Import car drivers. Adrenaline aim to continue their growth and to offer their customers their best efforts.

    For more of an insight visit Adrenaline Race and Performance's web site and forum at

    Stitchncards is a new company supplying cross stitch, cardmaking and scrapbooking to all craft enthusiasts. Orders can be taken on-line, over the telephone on 01707 272730, or at the Stitchncards shop at 62 Hatfield Town Centre, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 0JJ. Stitchncards are pleased to announce that they will be sponsoring John Everitt's Alien altered in Super Pro ET in order to pursue more Championships in 2006, and watch out for the new Alien Fuel Altered in 2007.
    You can find the Stitchncards web site at

    Racers and race fans are assured of a warm welcome and great food at the Bakers Court Café in Basildon. Run by Kathy Taylor, the Bakers Court Café features drag racing pictures on every wall and can be found at Unit 2, Paycocke Road, Basildon SS14 3EH. Breakfast and lunch are available at Bakers Court Café between 6:30 am and 2:00 pm on Mondays to Fridays and between 6:30 am and 1:00 pm on Saturdays.

    The Paul Marston Racing Drag Racing School, based at Santa Pod Raceway, is Europe's first and so far only drag racing school, established in 2002. The School provides unforgettable passenger rides for fans, and for the more serious drag racing driving courses, from half-day to full day, up to licence grade. Race car hire is also available for UK National Championship event competition in all Sportsman categories.

    For more details check out the Paul Marston Racing web site at

    Returning as Swap Meet sponsor, Jeff Bull Race Engines and Performance Parts specialises in custom-built performance Chevrolet engines to suit all budgets, and is the UK leader in carburetted Methanol engines, offering a complete engine machine shop and crankshaft balancing service. The company is also a supplier of performance parts and products from leading brand names in the industry, with regular shipments from the US. The UK dealer for Transmission Specialties, Jeff Bull is able to provide racing transmissions, torque converters and related parts. As well as sponsoring, the company pays contingency money to winners and runners-up of UK National and Club Championship rounds.

    You can contact Jeff Bull Race Engines and Performance parts on 01787 227789 or E-Mail

    Webster Race Engineering and MPM International Oil Company have renewed their sponsorship of's webcam, which has become a very popular feature during events at the track.

    Webster Race Engineering prides itself in creating race vehicles to the highest possible standards and specification. Its four thousand square foot workshop five miles from Santa Pod Raceway houses the state-of-the-art equipment required to meet customers' demands and aspirations. WRE-built or -maintained vehicles have won Championships and set records in many classes. Company principal Jon Webster has been involved in numerous high-profile vehicles including the world record holding the four-cylinder Ford Focus built for Ford USA, Chrysler's first PT Cruiser race car and Bentley's race car program. WRE also manufacture and supply the highly-successful and race-proven Power Pour fuel additive.

    You can find out all about Webster Race Engineering on the company's web site at

    MPM International Oil Company sponsor's webcam via Lex Joon and Gerda Dijkstra. MPM are of course the primary sponsor of the Top Fuel Dragster driven by 2005 FIA European Top Fuel Dragster Champion Lex Joon, who writes an exclusive and very popular Racer Blog for

    You can find the MPM Oil web site at and the MPM Oil Top Fuel team web site at's Links pages are again jointly sponsored by LA Racing Parts and Ampar.

    LA Racing Parts has been in business for almost seven years, with one outlet at the moment in Paignton in Devon. LA Racing Parts specialises in race and performance parts, tyres, restoration parts and diecasts, and is a distributor Mickey Thompson tires, Strange Engineering, Blower Drive Services and many other high-quality parts manufacturers.

    You can find the LA Racing Parts web site at

    Ampar, whose mission statement is Keeping American vehicles on the road, is a nationwide network of dealers stocking parts for American cars, vans and light trucks. Dave Riswick of Ampar has been involved with drag racing for many years, firstly involved as a racer, then as a sponsor, and most recently as a continuing contingency sponsor of the Ultimate Power Championship at Shakespeare County Raceway.

    The Ampar web site at contains full details of the company's services.

    We are very grateful indeed to all of our sponsors for their support. We are very pleased to greet our new backers as well as to welcome back those existing sponsors, all of whom have remained loyal to for a number of years - probably a record in itself. All of our site sponsors are prestigious names with the highest reputation for service, professionalism and quality, and confer that prestige upon through their association.

    At the same time as keeping up-to-date with the latest drag racing news, it is possible to come to and acquire anything from a nut or bolt to a ground-up race car or bike, to buy its power plant, to fuel it up and lubricate it, to have the vehicle's paint scheme designed, to buy a tow vehicle or a new car, to have crew wear designed and supplied, to have an event or property secured, book a dream drag racing holiday and more, courtesy of our sponsors. In addition if you are craft-minded you can find hobby supplies and get yourself an excellent meal thanks to our non-automotive sponsors.

    Many thanks to our new sponsors for their patience whilst on our waiting list, and also to those companies who are nominally in competition yet are happy to put that aside to support

    We are sure that all of our readers will repay our sponsors' support by using their services.

    Stay tuned as we will shortly be publishing details of this year's racer Award schemes.

    The new kid's in town...
    1st March: Multiple FIA Top Methanol Funny Car Champion Urs Erbacher's Top Fuel Dragster arrived in Arlesheim in mid-February and Fat Attack team member Andrea Wucher tells us that Urs and the crew couldn't wait to get it out of its container.

    "The Top Fuel Dragster arrived on Valentine's Day, and everything was unloaded and checked that same evening", says Andrea. "We think that the driver and dragster fit very well and seem to made for each other (right, click on picture for large version). The dragster and trailer will be repainted over the next few weeks."

    On 25th March Urs is holding a Nitro Day for fans, sponsors and media at the Fat Attack workshops where the team's Top Fuel Dragster, Supertwin and trailer will be on show. "They'll know that there is a new kid in town!", says Andrea.

    Urs plans to make licencing passes at the Easter Thunderball whilst Lorenz Stäuble will make as many runs as possible on the Supertwin to check out the new parts on the bike. "At the Test Weekend before the FIA Main Event we will prepare for a Top Fuel season which will probably be second to none", says Andrea. "With so many cars, and the competition tighter than ever before, we will keep the same goals as during our years with the Top Methanol FC: to be consistent and fast.

    "Our longtime great sponsors Midland Oil of Switzerland, Techno AG, SCS IT Procurement, Rick's Motorcycles and RCM Ricks CNC Machining are on board for a new thrilling nitro season."

    Ragin' Ray gobsmacked!
    1st March: UK Pro Modified racer Ray White has expressed himself "Gobsmacked" at winning Best Engineering and coming runner-up in Best Competition Car with his Lethal Zephyr 2 Pro Mod (right) at Xtreme Wheels International at the weekend.

    "It's not often I have nothing to say", said Ray. "To win being surrounded by some of the best rods and race cars in England feels quite an achievement. All the mad hours I've put in over the last months to get the car ready for the Show all seem worthwhile, and the response I've had is totally amazing.
    "I'd like to thank all the people who that have helped along the way: Lee Raymond Engineering, Riart, Superstyling, Prosign and of course Andy and Kate Robinson of Andy Robinson Race Cars. And of course to the crew who are always the unsung heroes and without whom there wouldn't be any race cars: Steve 'Vinyl' Matthews, Chris '777' Manning, Jeff 'Bitter and Twisted' Willet, and last but not least a very special thanks goes out to Crew Chief Big Steve Dowler who has spent every spare hour with me and without his help the car would never have been finished for Xtreme Wheels - thanks Steve, you're a star. A special mention to John 'Madman' O'Sullivan, thanks for all your support, we can make these small cars work. We will see you all at the track."

    A good outing.
    1st March: Luke Bennett says that the appearance of the Bennett Racing blown-alcohol altered at Xtreme Wheels International went well.

    "My brother Adam and I spent the whole of Thursday cleaning the car from front to back and it looked a lot better for it", says Luke. "On Friday we loaded it all up - we decided that the lorry was not needed as we only really needed to take the car, so we used my tilt-bed trailer and this turned out to be a good idea as we loaded the car in about fifteen minutes. We set off for the show on Friday night, unloaded and set up our stand. On Saturday morning I had to drive to the head office of my sponsor Konica Minolta to collect the lectern and brochure stand they wanted me to use. They were fully aware that a car show is not the best place to have a copier brochure stand, but they wanted awareness of their sponsoring Bennett Racing for which are very grateful.
    "Sunday was a lot busier and went faster, it was really good to talk to fans and racers alike. On Sunday I had another sponsor visiting the show, RPI Engineering, which was great as we had a good chat and they brought along a few photos of the Marlin which they are building to drag race very soon. It looks like it's coming along very well. The lorry they will be using to transport it will be interesting, it's a flat bed lorry featuring a rebuilt 427 Big Block Chevy! Should turn a few heads for sure.

    "My 23T altered is almost there, I was gutted that we didn't have it done in time for the show but I would rather wait than rush and bodge things. Eurodragster have kindly offered to do a feature on the car when it is complete and then the début event will be the Test and Tune at Shakespeare County Raceway on 18th-19th March."

    Swift snippets.
    1st March: Colin Lazenby tells us that entry has had to be closed for the Street Eliminator racers' meeting which takes place in Stafford this Sunday (5th March). "All the racers who have spoken to me via E-Mail or phone have had their attendance confirmed", says Colin. "Agenda points will be mailed out to attendees today or tomorrow at the latest, and all appear to look forward to a postive and lively meeting. SE members will of course be informed of the outcome of the meeting in due course, and certainly before the end of next week."

    Earlier news